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Top Travel Insurances for Bahrain You Should Know in 2024

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Bahrain is a desert country that's popular with some visitors and expats. It's well-known as a business hub with modern cities, impressive architecture, and a blend of old and new. Although travelling to Bahrain can be an accessible holiday destination for many people, out-the-pocket healthcare costs in the country tend to be expensive, so it's a very good idea to arrive there with travel insurance under your belt.

Luckily, online global insurances (known as 'insurtechs') specialize in cost-savvy travel insurance to Bahrain and other countries worldwide. Our list below explores the four services we believe provide the best deals for young travellers, adventurers, everyday holidaymakers looking for comprehensive but affordable coverage, and longer-term expats.

Bahrain Insurance Profile

Here are a few of the many factors influencing the scope and cost of travel insurances for Bahrain:

Best Travel Insurances for Bahrain

  • 01. Should I get travel insurance for Bahrain? scroll down
  • 02. Best medical coverage: VisitorsCoverage scroll down
  • 03. Best trip insurance: Insured Nomads scroll down
  • 04. Best mix for youth and digitial nomads: SafetyWing scroll down
  • 05. FAQ about travel insurance to Bahrain scroll down

Heading to Bahrain soon? Don't forget to check the following list before you travel:

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Do I Need Travel Insurance for Bahrain?

No, there's currently no legal requirement to take out travel insurance for travel to or through Bahrain.

However, regardless of whether or not it's legally required, it's always a good idea to take our health insurance before you travel — whether to Bahrain or anywhere else. For what's usually an affordable cost , taking out travel insurance will mitigate most or all of the risk of financial damage if you run into any unexpected troubles during your trip abroad. Take a look at the top five reasons to get travel insurance to learn more.

With that said, here are the top three travel insurances for Bahrain:

VisitorsCoverage: Best Medical Coverage

Among the internet's best-known insurance platforms,  VisitorsCoverage  is a pioneering Silicon Valley insurtech company that offers comprehensive medical coverage for travellers going abroad to Bahrain. It lets you choose between various plans tailored to meet the specific needs of your trip to Bahrain, including coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and travel disruptions. With its easy online purchase process and 24/7 live chat support, VisitorsCoverage is a reliable and convenient option if you want good value and peace of mind while travelling abroad.

Get a quote 🡪

  • Coverage 9.0
  • Quality of Service 9.0
  • Pricing 7.6
  • Credibility 9.5

VisitorsCoverage offers a large variety of policies and depending on your needs and preferences, you'll need to compare and explore their full catalogue of plans for yourself. However, we've chosen a few highlights for their travel insurance for Bahrain:

  • Policy names: Varies
  • Medical coverage: Very good. Includes coverage for doctor and hospital visits, pre-existing conditions, repatriation, mental health-related conditions, and many others.
  • Trip coverage: Excellent - but only available for US residents.
  • Customer support: FAQ, live chat and phone support
  • Pricing range: USD 25 to USD 150 /traveller /month
  • Insurance underwriter: Lloyd's, Petersen, and others
  • Best for: Value for money and overall medical coverage

Insured Nomads: Best Trip Coverage

Insured Nomads is another very good travel insurance option, especially if you're adventurous or frequently on the go and are looking for solid trip insurance with some coverage for medical incidents too. With Insured Nomads, you can choose the level of protection that best suits your needs and enjoy a wide range of benefits, including 24/7 assistance, coverage for risky activities and adventure sports, and the ability to add or remove coverage as needed. In addition, Insured Nomads has a reputation for providing fast and efficient claims service, making it an excellent choice if you want peace of mind while exploring the world.

Get a quote 🡪

  • Coverage 7.8
  • Quality of Service 8.5
  • Pricing 7.4
  • Credibility 8.8

Insured Nomads offers three travel insurance policies depending on your needs and preferences. We go through them below:

  • Policy names: World Explorer, World Explorer Multi, World Explorer Guardian
  • Medical coverage: Good. Includes coverage for doctor and hospital visits, pre-existing conditions, repatriation, and many others.
  • Trip coverage: Good. Includes coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, lost or stolen luggage (with limits), adventure and sports activities, and many others.
  • Customer support: FAQ, live chat, phone support
  • Pricing range: USD 80 to USD 420 /traveller /month
  • Insurance underwriter: David Shield Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Best for: Adventure seekers wanting comprehensive trip insurance

SafetyWing: Best Combination For Youth

SafetyWing is a good insurance option for younger travellers or digital nomads because it offers flexible but comprehensive coverage at a famously affordable price. With SafetyWing, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you're covered for unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellations, lost or stolen luggage, and more. In addition, SafetyWing's user-friendly website lets you manage your policy, file a claim, and access 24/7 assistance from anywhere in the world, and, unlike VisitorsCoverage, you can even purchase a policy retroactively (e.g. during a holiday)!

Get a quote 🡪

  • Coverage 7.0
  • Quality of Service 8.0
  • Pricing 6.3
  • Credibility 7.3

SafetyWing offers two travel insurance policies depending on your needs and preferences, which we've highlighted below:

  • Policy names: Nomad Insurance, Remote Health
  • Medical coverage: Decent. Includes coverage for doctor and hospital visits, repatriation, and many others.
  • Trip coverage: Decent. Includes attractive coverage for lost or stolen belongings, adventure and sports activities, transport cancellation, and many others.
  • Pricing range: USD 45 to USD 160 /traveller /month
  • Insurance underwriter: Tokyo Marine HCC
  • Best for: Digital nomads, youth, long-term travellers

How Do They Compare?

Interested to see how VisitorsCoverage, SafetyWing, and Insured Nomads compare as travel insurances to Bahrain? Take a look at the side-by-side chart below:

Data correct as of 4/1/2024

FAQ About Travel Insurance to Bahrain

Travel insurance typically covers trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost or stolen luggage, travel delay, and emergency evacuation. Some travel insurance packages also cover medical-related incidents too. However, remember that the exact coverage depends on the insurance policy.

No, you'll not be required to take out travel insurance for Bahrain. However, we strongly encourage you to do so anyway, because the cost of healthcare in Bahrain can be high, and taking out travel insurance will mitigate some or all of the risk of covering those costs yourself if you need medical attention during your stay.

Yes, medical travel insurance is almost always worth it, and we recommend taking out travel insurance whenever visiting a foreign country. Taking out travel insurance will mitigate some or all of the risk of covering those costs yourself in case you need medical attention during your stay. In general, we recommend VisitorsCoverage to travellers worldwide because it offers excellent value for money and well-rounded travel and medical benefits in its large catalogue of plans.

Health insurance doesn't cover normal holiday expenses, such as coverage for missed flights and hotels, but in case you run into medical trouble while abroad, it may cover some or all of your doctor or hospital expenses while overseas. However, not all health insurance providers and plans offer coverage to customers while abroad, and that's why it's generally best to take out travel insurance whenever you travel.

Although there's overlap, health and travel insurance are not exactly the same. Health insurance covers some or all of the cost of medical expenses (e.g. emergency treatment, doctor's visits, etc.) while travel insurance covers non-medical costs that are commonly associated with travelling (e.g. coverage for missed flights, stolen or lost personal belongings, etc.).

The cost of travel insurance depends on several factors, such as the length of the trip, the destination, the age of the traveller, and the level of coverage desired. On average, travel insurance can cost anywhere between 3% and 10% of the total cost of the trip.

A single-trip travel insurance policy covers a specific trip, while an annual one covers multiple trips taken within a one-year period. An annual policy may be more cost-effective for frequent travellers.

Yes, you can sometimes purchase travel insurance after starting your trip, but it is best to buy it before the trip begins to ensure maximum coverage. If you do need to buy insurance after you've started your trip, we recommend VisitorsCoverage , which offers a wide catalogue of online trip and medical insurance policies, most of which can be booked with immediate effect. Check out our guide to buying travel insurance late to learn more.

Yes, you can most certainly purchase travel insurance for a trip that has already been booked, although we recommend purchasing insurance as soon as possible aftwerwards to ensure all coverage is in place before your journey begins. Check out our guide to buying travel insurance late to learn more.

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How to Buy Thailand Travel Insurance from Bahrain

Legal Advisor

Travelers from Bahrain understand the beauty of pearls. Pearls are linked closely to their culture and history. Countries are like pearls; beautiful, unique, and shaped by their surroundings.

Like searching for pearls, now is the perfect time to go searching for countries. Thailand is a unique country, offering beauty that a traveler from Bahrain will not find at home.

The COVID-19 pandemic hindered travel for over two years. If people wanted to leave their country for any period of time, they were required to jump through hoops, organize many documents and seek approvals. Thailand was the same. In order to control the spread of Covid-19, they introduced several control measures for foreign visitors. Things have changed.

From July 1st, 2022, Thailand has lifted its travel restrictions. It is easy for Bahraini travelers to search for and experience beautiful things in their holiday destination; Thailand.

Travel Insurance for Bahraini Travelers

One of the biggest pain points for travelers during Covid was the requirement to provide proof of a valid Covid Insurance policy. Though this is no longer required to enter Thailand, any traveler knows that before Covid, Travel Insurance was important. It protected travelers from situations like:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Personal injury & accidents
  • Missed or delayed flights
  • Damage to belongings
  • Lost luggage

It is important to know that foreign visitors cannot receive free medical care in Thailand. If something should happen, whether it be an accident or personal injury, a citizen of Bahrain will need to cover any medical expenses themselves. If they lose their luggage, or a flight is delayed, they have to cover any personal costs. Depending on the severity, this could be hundreds, if not thousands, of Dinar.

Covid has not gone away. If a traveler from Bahrain is diagnosed with Covid, they will still need to look at potential quarantine and medical care. But Covid is no longer the focus. We travel and hope that nothing goes wrong, but we are again dealing with situations that existed before Covid.

If the unfortunate should happen, isn’t it best to protect yourself? People want to focus on positive experiences when traveling. They don’t want to worry about things that “might” happen. A bit of prior preparation can save you this worry.

AXA Thailand: AXA Sawasdee Thailand

AXA Sawasdee Thailand is a well-known and respected insurance company in Thailand that caters to travelers from around the world. Their policies are straightforward and trusted by Thai authorities and medical institutions.

You may get the best Travel Insurance here:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

Benefits of AXA Sawasdee Thailand

It is possible to organize Travel Insurance through your home country, but there are many advantages to using an international company that is based in the country you are visiting.

Thai Approved

Using a local insurance company that is respected and trusted can simplify processes in the unfortunate event you need to make a claim. AXA staff are familiar with medical institutions in the country and are trained to deal directly with these institutions. AXA staff speak the Thai language and are familiar with local laws.

Using an insurance company from your local country may present issues internationally, or have certain exclusions when making a claim in Thailand. AXA Sawasdee is designed for Thailand.

Offered Packages of Travel Insurance

Many travelers have different levels of comfort for traveling and protection. AXA provides multiple packages to cater to any traveler’s needs. Bahrain travelers can choose between 2 insurance packages for their trip:

  • AXA Insurance Package 1
  • AXA Insurance Package 2

Each package offers a different level of cover and claim amounts.

No Waiting Period

Many insurers will have a 14-day waiting period for their conditions. This means that you either need to purchase your insurance weeks in advance or risk not being covered until the day you finish your vacation.

Because AXA understands that Bahrain citizens want to feel safe from the moment they land in Thailand, they have removed any 14-day waiting period, so visitors are protected from day one.

Choice of Policy Duration

Many insurance companies offer limited choices for the length of their policies.

Holiday makers want to know they are covered until they safely land home, so visitors from Bahrain can select the duration of their AXA Insurance policy.

Whether you stay for 15, 30, 60, 90, or 180 days, you are covered while visiting. If you are looking at Thailand as a potential relocation or long-stay destination, AXA has coverage for those looking long-term.

AXA knows plans change, so if you decide to extend your holiday you don’t have to worry about canceling and reapplying. Just call them and extend your existing policy.

Days in Quarantine and Covid Diagnosis

If you are diagnosed with Covid while in Thailand, AXA Sawasdee Thailand covers days spent in quarantine. If you require medical attention while in quarantine, AXA Sawasdee Thailand can assist with organizing professional medical care and emergency transport.

Though many insurance companies now include Covid cover as standard practice, some companies will place exclusions if a traveler is diagnosed as Asymptomatic. This is not the case with AXA Sawasdee. You can make a claim on your policy if you are diagnosed as Symptomatic or Asymptomatic.

24/7 Dependable Service

AXA Sawasdee Thailand’s insured travelers have access to their 24/7 helpline. At any time of the day, helpful staff are available to address your concerns and offer assistance.

They pride themselves on the quick service you can depend on. If you need the insurance policy and certificate quickly, AXA Sawasdee Thailand can do that.

Certificate of Insurance

Foreign visitors are no longer required to provide proof that they have insurance when in Thailand. But in the unlikely event, that a citizen of Bahrain needs to make a claim or provide insurance documents to a doctor or hospital, the last thing they want is to be searching through a multi-page policy.

Travelers from Bahrain will receive a convenient 1-Page Certificate of Insurance when they purchase Travel Insurance with AXA Sawasdee Thailand. The certificate contains all relevant policy details and can save time and frustration in a stressful situation.

You can get a full refund of the insurance premium if the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulates do not accept your AXA Sawasdee Thailand insurance. You must provide proof that the policy was not accepted by the Embassy, e.g. a web page of the Embassy listing the requirement, or a leaflet with the Embassy header/logo.

How to Buy Travel Insurance from Bahrain

There are many insurance companies to buy Travel Insurance from. Axa makes organizing insurance for your trip fast and simple.

Thailand Travel Insurance Plan 2

  • Go to the AXA Sawasdee Thailand website and apply.
  • Pick between the 2 packages: AXA Insurance Package 1  or  Package 2 .
  • Pay for your policy.
  • Receive the insurance policy and certificate by email moments after your payment.
  • You can then print your 1-Page certificate if you like to carry a hard copy.

Tips to Make Sure your Insurance is Approved

Before traveling, it is always best to check the details of your policy. You want to make sure that:

  • Incidents relating to COVID-19 are not excluded.
  • Your policy covers your entire stay in Thailand.
  • Your details are correct.

Making sure you have good insurance coverage will ease your mind and allow you to soak it all in without having to worry about “what ifs” and “maybes”.

Thailand is the perfect country to explore and find unique experiences. With delicious food, long beaches, lush jungle, and a unique culture unlike anything you will find in Bahrain, it is a wonderful choice to go searching and enjoy an extended holiday at a fraction of the cost.

Royal Thai Embassy in Bahrain

For travelers who have questions and need updates about traveling to Thailand, please visit or contact the Royal Thai Embassy in your country.

  • Royal Thai Embassy, Manama
  • Address: Villa 132, Road 66 Block 360, Zinj Area P.O. Box 26718, Manama, Bahrain
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Contact No.: (+973) 1 727 4142
  • Social Media Page: Royal Thai Embassy, Manama
  • Business Hours: 8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Get your Travel Insurance here:

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Choosing the Best Health Insurance for Couples Retiring in Thailand

COVID-19 Health Insurance

How to Buy Thailand Travel Insurance from Hungary

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Why should I purchase Travel Insurance? 

Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway  or a month-long adventure, unexpected events can happen. An AXA protection plan can help ease your mind and help safeguard your trip, offer reimbursement for covered medical costs, and provide travelers with 24/7 access to assistance services, among other benefits.

Need to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen event? 

Get coverage for your trip against illnesses, injuries, and natural disasters. Travel insurance can reimburse you for your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs.

Was your luggage lost or stolen? 

Our travel plans can offer reimbursement for the value of your belongings, up to the policy limit. This includes coverage for lost or stolen passports, visas, or other important travel documents, as well as any necessary expenses related to replacing these items.

Stranded due to unexpected travel delays?

Whether it’s rebooking your flight, finding alternative transportation, or providing a place to stay, our 24/7 travel assistance team is here to help!

Is domestic and international medical coverage provided?

Our travel plans can provide up to $250,000 in medical coverage domestically and internationally for emergencies and accidents while traveling.


Best for Domestic Travel

  • 100% of Insured Trip Cost for Trip Cancellation
  • $25,000 Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical
  • $750 Baggage & Personal Effects

Best for Cruise

  • $100,000 Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical
  • $1,500 Baggage & Personal Effects


Optional Cancel For Any Reason Coverage

  • $250,000 Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical
  • $3,000 Baggage & Personal Effects

Compare Our Silver, Gold, Platinum Plans

Axa travel insurance benefits.

Medical Travel Insurance

Medical Travel Benefit

AXA offers coverage for certain emergency medical expenses that result from an accidental injury or illness while traveling as well as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation. Learn more

Cancellation Travel Insurance

Trip Cancellation

We can reimburse you up to the maximum benefit of your selected travel plan, that is due to an unforeseen event including illness and inclement weather and other covered reasons. Learn more

Emergency Evacuation image

Emergency Evacuation

AXA Offers coverage for medically necessary evacuations and repatriation as directed by a physician to the nearest adequate medical facility or your home. Learn more

Bagge loss Travel Insurance

Baggage Loss

AXA offers reimbursement coverage in the event your baggage or personal effects are lost damaged or stolen during your trip. Learn more

Cancel for any reason travel insurance

Cancel For Any Reason

AXA offers coverage up to 75% of your prepaid nonrefundable trip costs if your trip is cancelled for any reason. Learn more

Travel Interruption

Trip Interruption

AXA offers coverage for your non-refundable trip costs in the event you cannot continue on your trip due to a covered reason. Learn more


My Trip companion AXA app

Not just a travel app but a comprehensive travel assistant that enhances your travel experience.

Frequently asked questions about travel insurance, what is travel insurance, what does travel insurance cover on a cruise, why choose axa, how much does travel insurance cost, what is a pre-existing medical condition, does travel insurance have covid benefits.

axa travel insurance bahrain

Travel Assistance Wherever, Whenever

Speak with one of our licensed representatives or our 24/7 multilingual insurance advisors to find the coverage you need for your next trip. From Medical Coverage to Trip Cancellation Protection, our team of travel experts will help you choose the right coverage.

Make the most out of your travels. Get AXA Travel Insurance and travel worry free!

axa travel insurance bahrain

Over 20 Years of Experience | Located in 30+ Countries | 24/7 Travel Assistance

Common concerns about travel insurance.

axa travel insurance bahrain

  • It is a clever idea to purchase travel insurance If you are willing to protect your trip from variety of common travel-related incidents, including trip cancellations, flight delays or cancellations, lost or stolen baggage, and medical emergencies.

axa travel insurance bahrain

  • Travel insurance provides coverage against medical expenses, reimbursement for lost or stolen luggage, compensation for expenses incurred due to travel delays and more while you are travelling.

axa travel insurance bahrain

  • Travel insurance is to provide financial protection to travelers in case of unexpected events. Without adequate insurance coverage, travelers may face significant financial losses and hardships if they encounter any unforeseen circumstances while traveling in the Schengen Territory.

axa travel insurance bahrain

  • A good option for travelers who are concerned about unforeseeable events or who want the freedom to cancel their trip for any reason. When you purchase CFAR coverage, you can cancel the trip without losing your entire prepaid, nonrefundable vacation expenses. Exclusive to Platinum Package holders.

We are processing your request. Please wait.!

axa travel insurance bahrain

Do you really want to cancel plans?

Let us know the reason for not purchasing, travel insurance.

Our annual family policy covers your entire family all year long, for multiple trips and across the world, with a wide range of benefits and for BD 63.180 per annum only.

  • Multiple trips
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Insured, spouse children
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Personal assistance services

As an Individual, we can offer you the same coverage as well.


Why our Travel Insurance is ideal for you ?

  • Worldwide cover including USA and Canada
  • Meets shengen visa requirements
  • Annual cover for multiple trips during the year (any single trip not exceeding 92 consecutive days)
  • Family: Insured, Spouse and children from 3 months to 17 years old
  • Annual Premium for the whole family is BD 63.180 only
  • Coverage for individuals available as well

Coverage includes

  • Emergency medical expenses up to $ 50,000
  • COVID 19 cover up to $ 35,000
  • Emergency Dental Care
  • Compensation for in-flight loss of checked-in baggage
  • Compensation for loss or delay of luggage
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Personal Civil Liability
  • Loss of cash, credit and/or debit card
  • Trip cancelation due to the occurrence of certain events


  • Travel Insurance

axa travel insurance bahrain

Whether on vacation or on business, Travel Insurance will provide you with the peace of mind in case of any unexpected eventualities. Travel Insurance is also required by some embassies for the purpose of granting visas.

If you are a traveler looking for single trip insurance or a frequent traveler shopping for an annual travel insurance cover, we can provide you with the best travel insurance on the island.

Some of what’s covered is:

  • Emergency medical and hospitalization expenses.
  • Transport or repatriation in case of illness or accident.
  • Repatriation of family member traveling with the insured.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains.
  • Locating & forwarding of baggage and personal effects.
  • 24-hour Worldwide Assistance Line.

* All features are subject to terms & conditions.

axa travel insurance bahrain

  • Medical Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Home Insurance

axa travel insurance bahrain

Travel Insurance

Travel with a peace of mind. Our Travel insurance provides you with the financial protection you need in case of suffering from a sudden illness or an accident while on a business trip or a vocation abroad, by settling all related medical expenses.

Get A Quote

Insurance form, policy wording, travel plan.

Other services under the plan include travel assistance, legal assistance, lost luggage assistance, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, medical translation services, delivery of essential medicine, arrangements of compassionate visits, convalescence expenses and others.

Travel Benefits & Limitations

* worldwide: provides worldwide cover except the country of residence.

** worldwide I: provides worldwide cover except the country of residence, USA and Canada

*** Europe: provides cover within Schengen area plus all European countries.

Additional Information

1) Family: Participant, spouse and unlimited dependent children (up to 18 years).

2) Children are covered for 10% of the Participant sum covered and up to a maximum of 10,000 USD

under death due to an accident.

3) Children up to 18 years old are charged 50% of the contribution.

4) Additional coverage: Winter Sport 100% additional contribution.

5) Period: up to a maximum of 92 consecutive days abroad per trip.

6) Annual cover: trips not exceeding 92 consecutive days.

What insured should do for assistance?

By dialing our emergency number, Insured will be required to provide following information in order to get prompt Travel Assistance:

  Passport or Identity card number

  Insurance Policy number

  Ticket Number

  Complete Name

  The cause of the Call

  The place where the insured is located i.e. (Hotel/City/Address/Phone number)

Spoken languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish .

Contact Detail

Arabic, English, French and Russian : +202 330 11 444

Spanish, English: +34 90 20 2800 7

WhatsApp: +20 10000 4 83 93

Fax: +202 330 11 412

Email:    [email protected]

Hajj & Omrah

When you go on a pilgrimage, you answer the call of almighty allah to visit holy lands, and with our plan which is specially answered the call to provide you with suitable protection during your holy trip by covering injuries and accidents (death or disability) sustained during such holy trips, and providing you health care and medical treatment when needed free of charge.



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Haj & Omra

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Domestic Servant

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  2. AXA Travel Insurance


  4. AXA Travel Protection Plan for 2024 SPRING Vacations

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  1. AXA Bahrain I Travel Insurance

    Enjoy your Summer Holiday and spend your time with your loved ones worry-free! Buy AXA Travel Insurance at the lowest price online in just a few minutes and explore a world of valuable benefits and services. BUY NOW. Our team is available around the clock for any Medical Emergency Assistance you may need worldwide. CALL +971 4 429 4000.

  2. Travel Smart Leaflet

    AXA Insurance (Gulf) B.S.C. (c) A company registered with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Kingdom of Bahrain under Commercial Registration No. 22373 and holding Insurance license No. LII/008 issued by the Central Bank of Bahrain. Never stop exploring Travel Insurance Travel Smart Car insurance Health insurance Home insurance Travel ...

  3. ️ Holiday & Travel Insurance

    With AXA travel insurance you benefit from assistance throughout your trip: before, during and after and everywhere in the world. Take advantage of our comprehensive guarantees: coverage of your medical expenses abroad, 24-hour medical assistance, teleconsultation, travel cancellation insurance, repatriation insurance and loss of luggage. ...

  4. GIG Gulf Travel Insurance Quote Generator

    Look no further than GIG Gulf! We offer a variety of plans to choose from, including Travel Smart, Travel Schengen, Inbound Travel, and Inbound Travel Plus. With over 500,000 customers, GIG Gulf is a trusted name in travel insurance. Our 24/7 worldwide medical emergency assistance ensures that you're covered no matter where you are in the world.

  5. Travel Insurance for Bahrain: The Best Options in 2024

    However, we've chosen a few highlights for their travel insurance for Bahrain: Policy names: Varies. Medical coverage: Very good. Includes coverage for doctor and hospital visits, pre-existing conditions, repatriation, mental health-related conditions, and many others. Trip coverage: Excellent - but only available for US residents.

  6. GIG Insurance UAE

    GIG Gulf (previously AXA Gulf) is the place to get comprehensive travel insurance for your visit. We offer travel medical coverage in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. Our inbound travel insurance gives you the security you need to enjoy your travel, whether it's Dubai, Manama, Muscat, or Doha. We pride ourselves on thousands of positive ...

  7. Buy AXA Travel Insurance Online in 1 minute

    With over ¾ million policies sold in the UAE and 20,000+ 4.5 star Google reviews, we are also the most popular. BUY AXA TRAVEL INSURANCE NOW. Our Sales team is available around the clock for any medical emergency assistance or questions on our Travel Inbound, Travel Smart, Annual Travel insurance or Business Travel insurance. CALL +971 4 429 4000.

  8. How to Buy Thailand Travel Insurance from Bahrain

    AXA Sawasdee is designed for Thailand. Offered Packages of Travel Insurance. Many travelers have different levels of comfort for traveling and protection. AXA provides multiple packages to cater to any traveler's needs. Bahrain travelers can choose between 2 insurance packages for their trip:

  9. AXA Insurance Bahrain I Boat & Yacht Insurance

    Yacht Insurance. AXA Sail Master Plus is a flexible product, locally developed and improved through the years to cater for boat owners' requirements. Our comprehensive cover option responds to accidental loss or damage to your boat and protects your liabilities toward third parties.

  10. Travel Insurance |Travel Medical Insurance| AXA Partners US

    Travel Assistance Wherever, Whenever. Speak with one of our licensed representatives or our 24/7 multilingual insurance advisors to find the coverage you need for your next trip. From Medical Coverage to Trip Cancellation Protection, our team of travel experts will help you choose the right coverage. 855- 327- 1441.

  11. AXA Insurance Bahrain I Health Insurance

    For AXA Healthcare Members Find your product type on your Healthcare Membership Card and download your Health Policy Documents here. In case you require any medical assistance, please feel free to contact us anytime on +971 4 429 4000 mentioned on the back of your medical card.

  12. Travel Insurance

    Quotation Details. Date of birth* Policy holder age should be more than 18. Please select date of birth. Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (GIG Bahrain) is the leading insurance provider in Bahrain and Kuwait. Buy insurance online today!

  13. Schengen Europe Travel Insurance

    AXA is the number one provider of travel insurance for trips to Europe and offers assistance 24/7, as well as other options and tailor-made products. Other coverage available includes our Europe Travel insurance, costing €33 per week, or Schengen Multi Trip insurance, which is perfect for regular travelers and available for €328 for a year ...

  14. GIG Bahrain

    Travel insurance. Our annual family policy covers your entire family all year long, for multiple trips and across the world, with a wide range of benefits and for BD 63.180 per annum only. Multiple trips. Worldwide coverage. Insured, spouse children. Emergency medical expenses. Personal assistance services.

  15. Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance is also required by some embassies for the purpose of granting visas. If you are a traveler looking for single trip insurance or a frequent traveler shopping for an annual travel insurance cover, we can provide you with the best travel insurance on the island. Some of what's covered is: Emergency medical and hospitalization ...


    1) Family: Participant, spouse and unlimited dependent children (up to 18 years). 2) Children are covered for 10% of the Participant sum covered and up to a maximum of 10,000 USD. under death due to an accident. 3) Children up to 18 years old are charged 50% of the contribution. 4) Additional coverage: Winter Sport 100% additional contribution.

  17. GIG Gulf

    With more than 500,000 customers, GIG Gulf provides 24/7 worldwide medical emergency assistance, instant cover, and extensive multi-cover protection to ensure your peace of mind no matter where you travel. Travel Smart Insurance is the best travel insurance product in the market, providing coverage for any medical and travel inconvenience ...