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The Great Electric Quest Concert Setlists & Tour Dates

The great electric quest at the pour house, paso robles, ca, usa.

  • Wicked Hands
  • Of Earth, Pt. 1
  • Madam Elbib
  • Flesh-Seeker
  • The Madness
  • Rockin' Rollin' Ramblin'
  • Feeling the Poisen
  • Beers in Hell
  • Ruling This World
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The Great Electric Quest at Record Junkee, Sheffield, England

The great electric quest at desertfest 2023, the great electric quest at psycho las vegas 2022, the great electric quest at maryland doom fest 2022, the great electric quest at brick by brick, san diego, ca, usa, the great electric quest at count's vamp'd rock bar & grill, las vegas, nv, usa.

The Great Electric Quest setlists

The Great Electric Quest

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Most played songs

  • Of Earth, Pt. 1 ( 8 )
  • Highway Star ( 6 )
  • Seeker of the Flame ( 6 )
  • Wicked Hands ( 5 )
  • (I Hope They Serve) Beers in Hell ( 4 )

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Marquee memories: jesse mccartney.

  • Jesse McCartney
  • Apr 9, 2024
  • Apr 8, 2024
  • Apr 7, 2024
  • Apr 6, 2024
  • Apr 5, 2024
  • Apr 4, 2024
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great electric quest tour

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The Great Electric Quest

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The Great Electric Quest live.

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The Great Electric Quest live.

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The Great Electric Quest

The Great Electric Quest

Latest setlist, the great electric quest on september 8, 2023.

The Pour House, Paso Robles, California

NBC 7 San Diego

Embark on the Great Electric Quest

Oceanside rock & rollers great electric quest prove the hustle is real, by dustin lothspeich • published may 17, 2017 • updated on november 30, 2019 at 1:13 am.

When it comes to "making it" in the music biz, most bands are encouraged to produce mountains of content, tour as far and as often as possible (even if/when no one shows up), always be hustling -- and maybe, someday, they'll catch that all-important break. Of course, no one needs to be told it rarely happens. The breaks these days are fewer and farther between (do they even exist anymore?), and the bands willing/able to truly grind it out seem almost as rare. But when it comes to Oceanside "doom/stoner/shred/rocker doods" Great Electric Quest , they're all in.

When they're not on the road, the band (which is comprised of guitarist Buddy Donner, bassist Jared Bliss, drummer 'Mucho Drums,' and vocalist Tyler Dingvell) is churning out records, working on their Glory Or Death Records label, or playing huge metal festivals like Psycho Las Vegas. In other words, these guys aren't sitting around waiting for a break to come to them -- they're out there making it happen. As Donner explained in a recent email: "We just all have this 'sleep when we're dead' disease."

great electric quest tour

Case in point: Great Electric Quest are heading out on their biggest tour yet (dubbed the "Squeelin' Wheels Tour") -- with a kickoff show on May 24 in Phoenix, Arizona. According to Donner, the jaunt (which makes 26 stops around the country in nearly as many days) is almost more about soaking up great music than dishing it out.

"We love traveling and meeting new people, checking out the sites when we get a chance to breathe between gigs. One of the best parts is definitely checking out all the hundreds of bands we get to share the stage with on the road, and partying with them. It is surreal man…The fun meter is maxed out the entire time."

When's the last time you heard a touring band say the best part of the road was meeting other bands along the way? That's one of the great things about the Quest. They're incredibly supportive of their metal/rock scene in general (local bands, take note) -- and Glory Or Death Records (which is run by Donner, Dingvell, and Kook bassist Jeff Wilson) is proof of just that.

"Our obsession with new bands/tunes is the main reason we’ve gotten into this new label," Donner said. "For some reason we can’t stop going out to shows when we should really be getting some rest at some point in our lives. There is just always some killer band doing some gig somewhere within an hour or two of us and we cannot justify missing it for any 'real life' bulls--- ... We definitely feel the passion of bands trying to make something happen and that’s where creating a label came to plot. It’s just a way to tie together all of our connections, turn it into one giant machine, and utilize everything we have, to do our best to spread the music we enjoy out to the world. I know what these bands are capable of and they need to be experienced by all."

great electric quest tour

SpaceX rocket set for morning launch from Santa Barbara County coast

great electric quest tour

La Mesa police identify man who was found shot to death in car

Take the label's upcoming release, for example: "Bow To Your Masters Volume 1: Thin Lizzy," the inaugural release in a forthcoming series of tribute compilations that, along with Great Electric Quest and Kook, features some of the buzziest (and fuzziest) names in the metal/psych-rock genre -- Mos Generator, Egypt, White Dog, Slow Season, Red Wizard, Mothership, Sacri Monti, and Harsh Toke.

When asked why they began with Thin Lizzy, Donner said: "What could possibly be a more classic start? A band loved by all with countless masterpieces that could be morphed to fit many different styles of the bands involved. We love the idea of honoring the rock gods and doing our part to keep their music alive. Nothing gets you more involved and 'in-tune' to a song than to learn it and jam it live with your buds. It’s the closest you can get to the feeling of what the artists felt when they performed the songs originally."

great electric quest tour

The compilation ( which is available for pre-order here ) is just one piece of the ever-growing musical pie -- Great Electric Quest are hard at work on their own sophomore full-length album (a followup to 2016's "Chapter I" fittingly titled "Chapter II").

"We are constantly learning bits and pieces of all the different ins and outs of being a band," Donner said. "Constantly making more friends and connections to make us sound better and constantly pushing ourselves to be better at our instruments. Without a doubt, 'Chapter II' will be better than 'Chapter I.' If not, then we are not doing our jobs. We also are not pushing for a deadline and are absolutely not rushing anything. A record is forever… So we want to make sure we take the time to make everything exactly how we want it to be for our listeners."

The hard work seems to be paying off. After playing Psycho Las Vegas (arguably the biggest metal fest in the states) in 2016, they were invited back to play it again -- this time at its official pre-party (as metal blog the Obelisk recently hailed "a fest unto itself") at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Aug. 17 with Pentagram, Conan, Ruby the Hatchet, Sasquatch and more. Not exactly shabby. Donner agreed.

"Psycho Las Vegas is unreal…The ultimate rock n' roll party experience. What’s more dreamy than a Pentagram pool party kicking off an all-weekend party festival with 60-70 acts, half of which I consider to be headlining bands? Insanity…And that’s exactly what last year was. Unless you were there, you cannot imagine how incredible it was. My condolences to those who missed out. Poor, poor souls."

Great Electric Quest Squeelin' Wheels Tour Dates  

May 24: Phoenix, Arizona -- Valley Bar

May 25: El Paso, Texas -- Boomtown

May 26: San Angelo, Texas -- Dead Horse Saloon

May 27: Dallas, Texas -- Reno's Chop Shop

May 28: Oklahoma city, Oklahoma -- Blue Note

May 30: Louisville, Kentucky -- Highlands Tap Room

May 31: Indianapolis, Indiana -- Taps Live!

June 1: Chicago, Illinois -- The Cobra Lounge

June 2: Fort Wayne, Indiana -- Skeletunes

June 3: Ruth, Michigan -- "Burnin Turf II"

June 4: Baltimore, Maryland -- The Depot

June 5: Richmond, Virginia -- McCormack's

June 6: Raleigh, North Carolina -- Slim's

June 7: Charleston, South Carolina -- Tin Roof

June 8: Atlanta, Georgia -- Masquerede

June 9: Nashville, Tennessee -- Springwater

June 10: Birmingham, Alabama -- The Nick

June 11: Texarkana, Arkansas -- Arrow Bar

June 12: Houston, Texas -- White Swan

June 14: Nashville, Tennessee -- The Cobra

June 15: Saint Louis, Missouri -- Sinkhole

June 16: Lawrence, Kansas -- The Replay Lounge

June 17-18: Denver, CO -- Electric Funeral Fest with Acid King, Mountain, the Well, Slow Season, the Munsens, Electric Citizen, Goya, Glitter Wizard, Lords of Beacon House, Greenbeard, Red Wizard, Cloud Catcher, Monarch and more.

June 19: Albuquerque, New Mexico -- Moonlight Lounge

June 20: Tempe, Arizona -- Yucca Tap Room

Aug. 17-20: Las Vegas, Nevada -- Psycho Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino with Mastodon, King Diamond, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gojira, Sleep, Neurosis, Swans, Ace Frehley, Earthless, and more.

great electric quest tour

Dustin Lothspeich  books The Merrow , plays in Diamond Lakes,  and runs the music equipment-worshipping blog Gear and Loathing in San Diego . Follow his updates on Twitter or contact him directly .

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great electric quest tour

Live at Freak Valley Festival 2019 Netphen Germany

By great electric quest.

great electric quest tour

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Great Electric Quest San Diego, California

INSTAGRAM; @GreatElectricQuest Classic Metal/Doom/Stoner/Shred/Rocker Doods Hailing from San Diego, CA Playing and Partying across the Earth...



great electric quest tour

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great electric quest tour

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supported by 9 fans who also own “Live at Freak Valley Festival 2019 Netphen Germany”

Fantastic album from front to back! Incredibly catchy, fuzzy riffs, great songwriting and powerful lyricism. A classic of modern heavy psych / stoner music! Brett

great electric quest tour

Bow to Your Masters Volume One: Thin Lizzy by Glory or Death Records

Everything on this album is good. Some of it is great. Goya’s version of cowboy song took me by surprise. I’m gonna have to dig deeper on them. Highly recommend. 6lood6ucket6-

great electric quest tour

Regenerator by King Buffalo

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The flac version of this sounds great in my truck... not a crunch, clip or boom to be heard. That, in itself, gets this major points. This is a lovely combination of early Floyd, U2 and a few San Francisco bands from the '60s with a heavy dose of Helmet tossed in. It's definitely best of breed when it comes to modern psych stuff. Even without a Hammond B3, it gets an easy A+... rick-taylor

great electric quest tour

Strange, Strange Times by The Ugly Kings

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great electric quest tour

Wet Cactus - Magma Tres by Electric Valley Records

A stoner-rock opera with dystopian themes, the Italian band's third LP fuses apocalyptic fury with psychedelic splendor. Bandcamp New & Notable Nov 29, 2023

great electric quest tour

This Heathen Land by GREEN LUNG

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great electric quest tour

TURNED TO STONE Chapter 2: Masamune & Muramasa by Howling Giant / Sergeant Thunderhoof

Cinematic and precise. Really enjoyable metallic tinged prog. Seems like a legit labor of love too. kingmaxwell

Bandcamp Daily    your guide to the world of Bandcamp

great electric quest tour

As Cut Worms, Max Clarke Makes ’50s Doo-Wop & Country Sound Radical

great electric quest tour

Casa Fantasmes is the Finest Homemade Recording Studio in San Juan

great electric quest tour

Scene Report: Rock in Cleveland, Ohio

On Bandcamp Radio

great electric quest tour

Writer Emma Warren guest hosts plus poet Ma Moyo and a mix by Anja Ngozi.

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Stoner rock stalwarts the great electric quest's new album combines the best of sabbath, thin lizzy & priest.

The Great Electric Quest have a reputation as road warriors. Now they are hitting us with their finest record to date!

' src=

We want to invite you to a killer party! There's gonna be cavemen, interstellar aliens, Egyptian deities, temptress women, A crazy dealer of fate dude and a whole bunch of different humans coming together. It's a celebration where you can leave your concept of time and reality at the door. There's too much of that stuff all over the place and it just gets in the way of a good time. Chapter II is just another journey on our "Great Electric Quest," the quest to keep true rock 'n' roll alive. We aim to do our part, as Judas Priest says, we are, "defenders of the faith!" Anyways, just make sure you RSVP July 6th because there's limited seats on this sonic journey.

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great electric quest tour

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Label Limelight: TOTEM CAT RECORDS Interviewed By Recently Signed GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST; Tour Dates

great electric quest tour

Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

For the second installment of my ‘ Label Limelight ‘ column, I’m already switching the format (might happen each time, who knows) ! We have an interesting way to highlight the label, this time in an interview with Totem Cat Records owner Ewenn Padovan , by one of his newly signed acts – Great Electric Quest !

San Diego, CA’s quartet of tour hellhounds are modern-day Vikings, in both my and their own opinion. It’s not an unrealistic claim. Great Electric Quest is a relentless touring band – have road (and beer), they will travel. They’re ruffian road dog maniacs, sure, but they’re also disciplined, resourceful, determined, remarkably talented (individually and collectively), and rather honorable men.

I’m not merely typing niceties to butter you up. This is evident and also obvious to anyone who knows them. ( Just don’t take their beer.) However, that first part – ruffians and maniacs – GEQ are indeed Viking Madmen, they put on one hell of a live show. As much as I enjoyed spinning their first release ‘Chapter I’ , their live show is something else entirely. It’s not merely a musical performance, it’s a display of wanton madness and exhilaration thrown on top of all the blissfully heavy music… and heavy they are.

great electric quest tour

Beyond all their road journeying for the perfect heavy rock and roll metal experience, these are not four caveman heathens behind the wheel. They’re well-spoken, considerate, and don’t rush into anything except saying yes to another tour. In their Quest for the right label to release their next album, ‘Chapter II’ ,   they set into motion a methodical process to learn more about the intentions of those labels, until the felt it was a great fit with their musical intent.

Tyler ‘T-Sweat’ Dingvell , the vocalist for GEQ, mentioned to me a month or so ago that they were signing on with France’s Totem Cat Records . He also mentioned that during their research into labels he had asked Ewenn Padovan , owner of Totem Cat,  a series of questions that helped the band determine this was the proper label for their music.

Tyler and I thought it would make for a great segment in my ‘Label Limelight’ column and we have the resulting interview here. Being a vinyl record collector for more years than my bank account cares to remember, I’ve been a shopper of Totem Cat Records, and am always pleased with my record deliveries. They’ve put out beautiful products from bands I enjoy, such as Goya and Dopethrone.

Many congratulations go to both Great Electric Quest  (Tyler Dingvell – vocals, Buddy Donner – Guitar, Daniel ‘MuchoDrums’ Velasco – Drums, and Jared Bliss – Bass), and to Totem Cat Records ! You can learn how this partnership came to fruition as you hear GEQ’s latest track ‘ Ruling This World’ via the Bandcamp stream below. Check out Halsey’s Review here.

great electric quest tour

GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST: How did you come up with the name Totem Cat Records?

TOTEM CAT (Ewenn):   Before doing Totem Cat, I started a small distro in 2010, named The Outer Limits, which paid direct tribute to Voivod. I quickly felt like I needed to find something more personal, something that wouldn’t relate to any particular genre. About a year later, the name Totem Cat came up as I was driving, and I instantly knew this would be the definitive name for the label.

I sent pictures of my cats to Johan Jaccob and he created the logo. The reason why the label is called Totem Cat may come as a disappointment to some, but yeah, I guess I just wanted to pay tribute to my furry friends.

GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST: What made you create a record label?

TOTEM CAT :   The reason why I started the label was basically because I was super frustrated that the début album from Stonehelm wasn’t coming out on CD. There’s a defunct label called Dead Earth Records that was supposed to put it out back then, but it never happened. I was in contact with the band and felt very frustrated to only have mp3s, so I asked them if they would be interested in putting it out with Totem Cat. 

Money was definitely an issue back then so I didn’t even think about putting it out on vinyl. I pressed 300 CDs and it went okay for a first release. I sold some copies, traded what was left and a few months later it was sold out.

GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST: What kind of music does Totem Cat represent?

TOTEM CAT : Right now I tend to represent Doom, Sludge, Heavy Psych, Metal, Hard Rock, you name it. I’m not going to put out anything and everything, but I don’t feel limited to a particular genre. There will always, I hope, be some tangential releases out on the label, and I need to try some new stuff and get out of my comfort zone.

The music represented by the label covers some of my tastes, but definitely not all. There’s a few different things I’d like to try in the future, but it’s too soon to say now. I’m pretty happy with the variety of bands I worked with in five years. If you take for example Gold & Silver, and The Disease Concept, there’s pretty much no links between what these bands are doing, but there’s still a good amount of people who like both and I’m really happy with that.

GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST: What is your selection process for bands you want to work with?

TOTEM CAT : Instinct, I guess. When I hear something special, the first thing I do is to check out if they are currently working with or signed to another label. I won’t get in touch with a band that’s already committed to another label.

GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST: What are some of your favorite releases that you have put out, and why?

TOTEM CAT :   I have a personal relation to every single release I put out. It may sound sentimental, but every single one is special to me. For various reasons, the Stonehelm début will always remain one of my favorites. The fact that I started Totem Cat with this one is highly understandable. Prior to the release, I needed someone to help me with the graphic side of things for the label, that’s when I met Flog , who was also a huge Stonehelm fan, and offered me to help with the layout and templates. He’s the second man at Totem Cat and has been helping me since day one. Three years after the CD release of Stonehelm, Flog created a new artwork for the vinyl version.

Another one of my favorites is the second album from The Disease Concept, “Your Destroyer”. The band consists of members from bands that made me start listening to this kind of stuff: Blood Farmers, Fistula, Solace… I cannot even put to words the amount of heaviness this record delivers. 

The Wo Fat / Egypt split is very special to me, as well, because I worked closely with the bands and Flog did all the artworks and layouts. Same goes with Dopethrone – III, which was the first release we did together. I’m amazed to see what they have achieved since and the popularity they gained.

RIFF RELEVANT: What’s happening with Totem Cat in 2018 and beyond – new bands and releases?

TOTEM CAT : There are quite a few things planned for Totem Cat this year! I will be releasing the new album from the San Diego-based Heavy Rockers, Great Electric Quest . That album is called “ Chapter II ” and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it, these guys will tour heavily to support the album and people will hear a lot about them in the coming months.

I’m also putting out the third record from The Disease Concept, it’s called “Pain Clinic” and it was recorded a few years ago. Jason Barnett is currently doing the cover.

I will also release Fistula’s “Idiopathic” for the first time on vinyl. Dopethrone’s “Dark Foil” and “III” are currently at the pressing plant, reissues of both were long due. One last project I’m sharing at the moment is the reissue of Aquilonian’s debut “Symphonica de Levita” for the first time on vinyl. It’s currently being remastered and Flog Diver is doing a new cover art. For those who don’t know about Aquilonian, it features two members of Bongzilla and the album is a 30 minutes song.

There’s also three new bands to be added to the Totem Cat roster, all our plans will be revealed in due time.

To supplement the interview, we also have press info from GEQ with all the tour information and some extras:

Great Electric Quest signs with Totem Cat Records and announce their ANUBIS COMPELS TOUR double shot – SXSW invasion III and Pacific North West Canadian Invasion .

Over the coming months of March and April, Great Electric Quest is set to play a ton of premiere SXSW festivals, an SXSW Official Showcase, and take their high energy performance and Beer Antics into the great North of Canada, while stopping off in some staple Pacific North locations. Hop on the Journey of Rock and Roll and Metal with Great Electric Quest, heavy tunes and good times are a given!

Glory Or Death Records ‘ announced their first release from their Bow to Your Masters series of tribute albums. Check our news about this release . Pre-order is up for ‘ Bow To Your Masters Volume I: Thin Lizzy ‘    [order here]


SXSW INVASION III 3.7 – Tucson AZ – House of Bards 3.8 – El Paso TX – Rock House Bar & Grill 3.9 – San Angelo TX – Deadhorse 3.11 – Dallas TX – Gas Monkey 3.13 – Austin TX – SXSW Black Smoke Conjuring, Lost Well 3.14 – Austin TX – SXSW Stoner Jam, Spiderhouse Ballroom 3.15 – Austin TX – SXSW Stoner Daze, Texas Mist 3.15 – Houston TX – Acadia Bar 3.16 – Houston TX – Groove and Vibe Festival 3.16 – Austin TX – SXSW SHOWCASE @ 720 Club 3.17 – San Antonio TX – (RIPPLE) SELL YOUR SOUL 2018 @ Lime Light 3.18 – Marfa TX – Lost Horse Saloon 3.21 – Tempe AZ – Yucca Tap Room

PNWC INVASION 4.12 – Carlsbad CA – Boars Cross’n 4.13 – TBA 4.14 – TBA 4.15 – Everett WA – Tony Vs Garage 4.16 – Seattle WA – Central Saloon 4.18 – Spokane WA – The Pin 4.19 – Calgary AB, CAN – 420 Music and Arts Fest @ Distortion 4.20 – Kalispell MT – Rocky Mountain Riff Fest 4.21 – TBA 4.22 – South Lake Tahoe CA – HARD ROCK CASINO Spring Meltdown Metal Fest 4.23 – Long Beach CA – Black Light District Lounge

Great Electric Quest :  Facebook | Bandcamp | Webstore

Totem cat records :   facebook | bandcamp | webstore.

great electric quest tour

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The Great Electric Quest formed in 2010 as a project between four friends with a means to jam and play stoner rock. Playing shows around the California area the band would eventually release their first single in 2013 entitled Beers In Hell . A five-track demo followed the next month as the band followed with more performances and shows outside of California. A single for new song at the time entitled Madam Elbib was released in June 2014.

A demo entitled Prelude would see release in 2015 leading into the band's tour with Red Wizard as the band had begun writing and recording more material. Going into 2016 the band would establish further touring and make an appearance at Psycho Festival but notably on 10 June 2016 the band would release their first album Chapter I on their own Glory Or Death Records. In 2017 the band would tour the south leading up to appearances at SXSW and perform a full United States tour entitled Squeelin' Wheels in support of Chapter I while playing new material for a second album in the works at the time.

After a series of short tours, The Great Electric Quest would announce their second album Chapter II for a 6 July release on Totem Cat Records. [1] On 4 February 2020 it would be announced that The Great Electric Quest would sign with Ripple Music and be set to release a live album culled from their 2019 performance at Freak Valley Festival on 27 March. [2]

In early 2023 it would be announced that Mucho would step down from his drum role in an amicable departure, with Shane Kepler ( Red Wizard ) taking over. [3]

Discography [ ]

Studio albums [ ].

  • Chapter 1 (2016, Self-Released)
  • Chapter II - Of Earth (2018, Totem Cat Records)

Other Releases [ ]

  • Beers In Hell (Digital Single) (2013, Self-Released)
  • 2013 Demo (Demo) (2013, Self-Released)
  • Madam Elbib (Digital Single) (2014, Self-Released)
  • Glory or Death (Split with Red Wizard ) (2014, Self-Released)
  • Prelude (Digital Single) (2015, Self-Released)
  • Wicked Ladies (Split with Lords of Beacon House ) (2017, Glory or Death)
  • Ruling This World (EP) (2018, Totem Cat Records)
  • Live At Freak Valley (Live Album) (2020, Ripple Music)

Members [ ]

Current lineup [ ].

  • Tyler "T-Sweat" DIngvell - Vocals
  • Buddy Donner - Guitar
  • Jared Bliss - Bass
  • Shane Kepler - Drums

Past Members [ ]

  • Daniel "MuchoDrums" Velasco - Drums
  • Glory Or Death Tour (With Red Wizard ) (2015) [4]
  • Sign Of The Sinner (2016) [5]
  • September 2016 Mini-Tour (With Kook ) (2016) [6]
  • SXSW Invasion II (2017) [7]
  • Squeelin' Wheels Tour (2017) [8]
  • Anubis Compels (2018) [9]
  • Red, White 'n' Brew (2018) [10]

External Links [ ]

References [ ].

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Moscow Metro Tour

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Moscow metro private tours.

  • 2-hour tour $87:  10 Must-See Moscow Metro stations with hotel pick-up and drop-off
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  • Metro pass is included in the price of both tours.

Highlight of Metro Tour

  • Visit 10 must-see stations of Moscow metro on 2-hr tour and 20 Metro stations on 3-hr tour, including grand Komsomolskaya station with its distinctive Baroque décor, aristocratic Mayakovskaya station with Soviet mosaics, legendary Revolution Square station with 72 bronze sculptures and more!
  • Explore Museum of Moscow Metro and learn a ton of technical and historical facts;
  • Listen to the secrets about the Metro-2, a secret line supposedly used by the government and KGB;
  • Experience a selection of most striking features of Moscow Metro hidden from most tourists and even locals;
  • Discover the underground treasure of Russian Soviet past – from mosaics to bronzes, paintings, marble arches, stained glass and even paleontological elements;
  • Learn fun stories and myths about Coffee Ring, Zodiac signs of Moscow Metro and more;
  • Admire Soviet-era architecture of pre- and post- World War II perious;
  • Enjoy panoramic views of Sparrow Hills from Luzhniki Metro Bridge – MetroMost, the only station of Moscow Metro located over water and the highest station above ground level;
  • If lucky, catch a unique «Aquarelle Train» – a wheeled picture gallery, brightly painted with images of peony, chrysanthemums, daisies, sunflowers and each car unit is unique;
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  • Have fun time with a very friendly local;
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Museum of Moscow Metro

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Fun facts from our Moscow Metro Tours:

From the very first days of its existence, the Moscow Metro was the object of civil defense, used as a bomb shelter, and designed as a defense for a possible attack on the Soviet Union.

At a depth of 50 to 120 meters lies the second, the coded system of Metro-2 of Moscow subway, which is equipped with everything you need, from food storage to the nuclear button.

According to some sources, the total length of Metro-2 reaches over 150 kilometers.

The Museum was opened on Sportivnaya metro station on November 6, 1967. It features the most interesting models of trains and stations.

Coffee Ring

The first scheme of Moscow Metro looked like a bunch of separate lines. Listen to a myth about Joseph Stalin and the main brown line of Moscow Metro.

Zodiac Metro

According to some astrologers, each of the 12 stops of the Moscow Ring Line corresponds to a particular sign of the zodiac and divides the city into astrological sector.

Astrologers believe that being in a particular zadiac sector of Moscow for a long time, you attract certain energy and events into your life.

Paleontological finds 

Red marble walls of some of the Metro stations hide in themselves petrified inhabitants of ancient seas. Try and find some!

  • Every day each car in  Moscow metro passes  more than 600 km, which is the distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg.
  • Moscow subway system is the  5th in the intensity  of use (after the subways of Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai).
  • The interval in the movement of trains in rush hour is  90 seconds .

What you get:

  • + A friend in Moscow.
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Metro - Electric palaces

Metro Station in Moscow - electric palaces - photo by yeowatzup /

  • Archstoyanie Festival (July 26-28)
  • Introduction to Russian Architecture

Russian Playground - Soviet Backyard

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Elon musk’s factory in china saved his company and made him ultrarich. now, it may backfire..

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Mara Hvistendahl, an investigative reporter for The Times, explains why, now, that lifeline may have given China the tools to beat Tesla at its own game.

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Mara Hvistendahl is an investigative reporter for The Times focused on Asia. More about Mara Hvistendahl



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