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Here at Go Thailand Tours, we have two passions – Thailand and travel – and over the last 35 years, we have put our all into making sure that our knowledge, expertise and partnerships create extraordinary experiences for travelers to Thailand.

And while each journey is individual and carefully curated to suit your desires – they have one thing in common; they are all delivered with passion, integrity, sensitivity, style and with the environment and local communities in mind.

We believe that travel is one of life’s greatest privileges. With a vast knowledge of Thailand at our fingertips, we specialize in tailor-made experiences based around exactly what’s important to you. We ensure that you experience Thailand on your terms – this is your trip, your way!

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Tailored Made Experiences

Every traveler is different, so it makes sense that each trip should be different. We use our insider knowledge to craft beautifully planned journeys throughout the kingdom. 

Your time is precious so we will make sure that each journey is planned with thoughtfulness, care and attention to detail to ensure every moment counts. Over the years, we’ve brought together a team of professional design consultants – and these are the people who’ll plan your trip, from the small details to the most extravagant. When it comes to your dream holiday, the reassurance of first-hand knowledge and on-the-ground support is essential.

Our bespoke itineraries include the must-see elements of each destination along with authentic, hidden gems so you can discover the true essence of Thailand. Whether it’s mastering the skill of cooking a sensational Pad Thai, bonding with elephants as a mahout, meditating alongside monks in a peaceful pagoda or eating freshly cooked fish on a powder-soft beach – nothing is beyond our imagination and expertise.

Plan Your Journey

The land of endless opportunities

It is not only the friendliness of the ‘Land of Smiles’ that has made Thailand such a popular destination. The vast choice of hotels, diversity of destinations and value for money attract families, solo travelers, adventurers, wellness seekers and beach lovers of all budgets – time and time again.

The coastlines of the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea offer sparkling seas, silken sands and secluded islands. Dive beneath the azure waters and swim alongside exotic fish, sharks and even the occasional dugong. The northern regions are home to rugged mountain ranges, emerald rice paddies and colorful ethnic villages. National parks boasts thunderous waterfalls and rushing rivers where wild elephants come to bathe. Bustling Bangkok with its shimmering skyscrapers and decadent nightlife is a world away from laid-back Chiang Mai where monks collect alms outside ancient temples.

And let’s not forget the food – whether sampled from a steaming street food stall or relished in a Michelin-listed restaurant, be prepared for zingy flavors and spicy chilies. This entire country will leave you with a taste for more.

Why book with us

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Personal Service

Your personal experience starts from the moment you enquire! Your dedicated Travel Designer will listen, ask questions and keep refining your bespoke itinerary until you’re completely happy. All you need to do is give us your wish list and we’ll piece it all together – it’s that easy!

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Expert Experience

We have travelled extensively throughout Thailand to refine the right skills and abilities to curate impactful, immersive and authentic experiences. We also know all the criteria of travelling to Thailand, such as obtaining visas, traveling between destinations and understanding local customs.

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Trustworthy Partner

We are fully licensed with a full range of transport and accommodation options and highly trained multilingual local guides. Combine this with our travel industry experience, deep destination knowledge and operational expertise and you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality possible.

go holiday tour thailand

Stress Free Travel

We are committed to ensuring your travel journey is delivered seamlessly – from the first point of contact until you depart Thailand. We’re always there – even when you can’t see us – taking care of all the details to ensure you have a worry-free and seamless holiday.

Southern Adventure: The Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman Sea

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Two women talking with their guide next to the buddhas at the WatPho temple

Thailand is an idyllic paradise, where jungle-covered karsts plunge into aquamarine waters and the sand is sugar white.

But no matter how clichéd the fantasy, Thailand delivers in spades. The water around Krabi and Ko Tao really is that deep, cool shade of blue. Phi Phi’s limestone karsts really do look like some alien world. And the food? Let’s just say your local Pad Thai has nothing on Chiang Mai’s street stalls or the floating markets of Amphawa, where little old ladies do things with fish sauce and chili you never thought possible. From the waterfalls of Erawan to a homestay with the hill tribes of the Golden Triangle, these adventures go beyond the tourist traps. Buckle up.

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Learn more about Thailand

Best time to visit thailand.

Thailand's climate is generally hot, humid, and at times (like other South East Asian countries) monsoonal. The seasons differ from coast to coast, so depending on which areas you're visiting, the weather can vary.

Thailand's mainland region is great to visit from November to February when the weather is cooler and dryer.

If you are planning on visiting the Gulf Coast (east), avoid the northeast monsoon that brings rain from October to January. For destinations like Phuket on the west side of the peninsula, the best time is November to April to avoid the other monsoon which causes Thailand's wet season from May to October.

Read more about the best time to visit Thailand

Culture and customs

Often considered the epicenter of Buddhism, religion permeates daily life in Thailand. Sprinkled throughout the country are thousands of golden temples, where you’ll find Buddhist monks in orange robes walking the streets. Young men are expected to spend some time as a monk as it bestows honor on their families. Visitors should be respectful of monks and dress modestly when visiting a temple (cover your knees and shoulders and remove your shoes).

Like other Asian nations, the concept of ‘saving face’ is important. This means avoiding conflict or embarrassment in order to preserve social standing, dignity, and honor. Thai people will go out of their way to avoid ‘losing face’. Losing your temper or raising your voice are surefire ways to lose face and can be perceived as volatile or rude.

Eating and drinking

Thai food has everything from spicy dishes packed with chilis to milder coconut-based curries. With street stalls and night markets all over the country, it's really easy to pick up a snack wherever you are in Thailand. On many Intrepid trips, you'll be given the opportunity to have dinner with a local family – this offers a great chance to see how meals are prepared and learn more about the local culture. Go a step further on our 8-day Thailand Read Food Adventure to watch, eat, prepare, and present tasty and traditional Thai cuisine.

Things to try in Thailand

1. Pad Thai (Phat Thai)

A well-known dish but for good reason. This delicious plate of stir-fried rice noodles garnished with peanuts is full of flavor and can be served with fresh prawns, chicken, tofu, or vegetables.

2. Tom Yum (Tom Yam)

Usually prepared with stock, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and chili, this soup is widely available in Thailand and has been popularised around the world. 

3. Green curry

One of many curries that Thais do so well. Green curry consists of chicken, Thai eggplant, and chilies bathed in a coconut milk-based sauce.

4. Som tam (green papaya salad)

This northern dish of shredded raw papaya, cherry tomatoes, and green beans is a tantalizing mix of sweet, spicy, and sour flavors.

5. Coconut water

For a super fresh thirst quencher, try coconut water straight from the husk.

6. Tropical fruit

Fruit shakes and fresh fruit juices are widely available from markets and restaurants – make the most of all the tropical fruits of Thailand.

Geography and environment

Sharing borders with South East Asian neighbors  Cambodia ,   Laos ,   Malaysia   , and   Myanmar   (Burma), Thailand's natural environment varies greatly from region to region. From the steamy jungles and misty highlands in the north to the white sand beaches and picturesque islands of the south, Thailand's everchanging landscape has been fascinating and entertaining travelers for centuries. 

The capital, Bangkok, is a heaving, urban jungle with skyscrapers, street vendors, markets, cars, tuk-tuks, bicycles, and masses of people all competing for space. Despite this, there are pockets of quiet beauty to be found with parks, temples, and traditional shop fronts scattered throughout the city. 

Rural areas in the north are typically quieter, with locals living a more traditional way of life; the frenetic pace of the city giving way to a more slow-paced, agricultural-based lifestyle. Houses are simple, there's more space and less of the modern conveniences. Jungles, rivers, bamboo huts, and teak houses are more commonly seen here, and birds and other animal life are more abundant.

History and government

Early history.

Communities based on agriculture (such as rice growing) inhabited Siam (Thailand) as early as the 6th century. In the following centuries, Siam came under the influence of the Khmer, Dvaravati, and Malay cultures, with some temples and monuments in modern-day Thailand showing evidence of this influence. In the 13th century, the city of Sukhothai in northern Thailand became an important capital. The ruins of the Sukhothai Historical Park (a UNESCO World Heritage site) feature remnants of the royal palace, temples, and other buildings and highlight the artistic and architectural features of the era. 

Ayutthaya rose to prominence as the new capital in the 14th century and was considered a powerhouse of South East Asia as one of the most important centers of trade in the world. Enduring many battles, invasions, overthrows, and coups, Ayutthaya's far-reaching trade with other regions ensured a flourishing influence of art, weaponry, religion, and cuisine. Much wealth was generated by this enormous empire, with grand palaces, ornate buildings, and huge temples featured throughout the city. All this came to an end when the Burmese invaded in the 18th century, bringing the kingdom to ruin and resulting in the loss of many artistic and cultural treasures. Despite this, the ruins of the city are still standing, have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, and are a great day trip from Bangkok. See the sights of ancient and recent Thai history during a 3 day River Kwai and Ancient Thai Kingdoms tour.

Recent history

Thonburi was established as the capital of Siam by General Taksin in the late 18th century, yet this didn't last long with Taksim being deposed and executed not long after. Bangkok was then named capital by General Chakri, who became Rama I - the first king of the Rama Dynasty.

Over the years, Siam (Thailand) remained the only South East Asian country to remain free from European colonization. In 1932, the Siamese Revolution resulted in a constitutional monarchy being formed, and in 1941, Thailand invaded French Indochina, overpowered the French, and claimed Laos.

In the last thirty years, Thailand has seen political power change hands many times, often due to coups, revolutions, and protests. Despite this, Thailand’s economy continues to grow due to its strong tourist industry. Enduring all this, the much-loved King Rama IX has reigned as the Head of State since 1946 - claiming the title of the longest-reigning monarch in the world and providing Thai people with a stable figure to rely upon.

Top 10 iconic Thai landscapes

Whether you're traveling by tuk-tuk through the crazy streets, cycling along backroads, or taking a longtail through the khlongs, the journey in Bangkok is definitely half the fun. Drop into the stunning Grand Palace, see the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, and wind your way through floating markets.

Start and finish an incredible 30 day South East Asia Loop in the exciting epicenter that is Bangkok.

2. Chiang Mai

This northern capital is overflowing with experiences. Temple-hop through some - or all - of its 300 temples, take a cooking class to learn the secrets of Thai cuisine, and explore the Night Bazaar for delicious food, designer goods, and a foot massage to die for.

Experience the magic of Chiang Mai on our 4 day Chiang Mai Adventure

If you ever wondered what was below Thailand's turquoise waters, this is the place to look. Learn to dive or pull on snorkeling gear to discover the fish and reefs that call this coastline home. Shark Island is close by for adrenaline seekers.

Choose your Ko Tao adventure on a 10 day Thailand Beaches: Bangkok to Ko Samui tour.

4. Hilltribe Country

Thailand's north is home to many of the country's minority groups. A hike along buffalo tracks will take you through colorful H'mong, Karen, and Lisu villages. Spend a night as their guest for a unique insight into their life.

Spend a night as their guest for a unique insight into their life on our 5 day Thailand Hilltribe Trek.

5. Ayuthaya

Modern meets ancient in Ayuthaya. The current city intertwines itself with the remnants of what was once one of Asia's great capitals. Walk the streets in search of clues to its imperial past and hire a bike to ride through the countryside, exploring the area's ruins.

Enjoy this historical park for yourself during a 10 day Highlights of Thailand tour.

6. Sukhothai

This former capital is a history buff's heaven. Nicknamed the 'Dawn of Happiness', Sukhothai still recalls Siam's golden age with its superb statues, marvelous monuments, and lotus flowers in full bloom. A trip to the night market is a real eye-opener; try everything from fried rice to fried bugs.

Stop by Sukhothai on our 8 day Explore Northern Thailand adventure.

The waters surrounding Krabi are dotted with hundreds of limestone karst islands. Kayakers and rock climbers will love exploring them, while others can travel to the nearby floating villages or just relax on one of the region's perfect beaches.

We've made sure to stop by Krabi on our incredible 28 day Bangkok to Bali adventure - you'll thank us later.

8. Golden Triangle

The area where the Thai, Laotian, and Burmese borders meet has long been associated with colorful cultures and illicit opium trade. The opium may have gone but the color hasn't and the markets offer all sorts of amazing local handicrafts.

Set your sights on this incredible part of the world on a 3 days Chiang Mai and Golden Triangle.

9. Khao Sok National Park

For a real jungle experience, spend a couple of days in Khao Sok National Park. Thick rainforests, limestone cliffs, waterfalls, and mountains make a wild playground.

Hike, swim, explore caves, and sleep to the sounds of exotic birds and animals during our 8 days Essential Southern Thailand trip.

10. Kanchanaburi

This tranquil town is the jumping-off point for visits to the infamous Hell Fire Pass and River Kwai. Be sure to take a ride along the tracks of the Death Railway and reflect on the atrocities of war at the Jeath War Museum.

Take a reflective walk through the history of Kanchanaburi on a 15 day Beautiful Northern Thailand tour.

Top places to visit in Thailand

1. chiang mai.

Visit a park that provides a sanctuary for elephants – many of which have been rescued from the cruel practices of the elephant riding industry.

Add our 3 day Chiang Mai & Elephant Experience to your Thailand trip to learn about these incredible animals.

Spot schools of colorful tropical fish as you snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of Ao Nang.

Finish off a 9 day Cycle Southern Thailand tour on the stunning limestone cliff beaches of Krabi.

Dive into the warm waters of Phuket and experience a little bit of paradise.

Spend a couple of days exploring all that Phuket has to offer on a 9 day Thailand Beaches: Bangkok to Phuket adventure.

4. Erawan National Park

Cool off in the waters of Erawan National Park or simply stand back and watch the idyllic waterfalls.

Enjoy the beauty of Erawan National Park on our 12 day Premium Northern Thailand tour .

Follow the scent of chili and lemongrass to one of Bangkok’s many delicious food markets.

This city is the perfect place to start an incredible 22 day Epic Bangkok to Singapore tour.

Pedal around ancient temples and ruins built as early as the 13th century at the World Heritage-listed Sukhothai Historic Park.

Walk through one of Thailand's first capital cities on our 17 day Classic Thailand East Coast adventure.

7. Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is perhaps one of Thailand's most recognizable gems. Kayak around the green waters, admiring the sheer limestone karsts that jut dramatically out of the sea.

Coast through the must-see sights of Phang Nga Bay on our 8 day Phuket Sailing Adventure.

Bustling street markets filled with colorful vendors selling an assortment of goods can be found in small villages and large towns throughout the country. Luxurious, multi-level shopping malls that rival those in European cities are increasingly popping up. 

The Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok is perhaps the largest and most extensive market in the world. Here vendors sell everything you can think of, from ceramics to Thai silk to vintage clothing. Bartering is expected at markets and most small vendors. As a rule of thumb, if the price isn’t listed, it’s negotiable. But remember, Thais appreciate friendliness and a sense of humor. The more aggressive you are in trying to get a deal, the less likely you are to get one.

Things to buy in Thailand

  • Vibrant fabric cushions, tablecloths, and hammocks
  • Silver jewelry (look for reputable stores) 
  • Handcrafted umbrellas or parasols
  • Thai silk scarves, ties, wraps, and clothing
  • Colorful Celadon ceramics
  • Tailor-made clothing

Festival and events

Loy krathong (festival of lights).

During the 12th lunar month, people across the country gather around lakes, rivers, and canals to symbolically let their worries float away in the most magical way – by releasing colorful lotus-shaped rafts holding candles, incense, and flowers onto the water.

Yee Peng (or Yi Peng)

At the same time that Loy Krathong is taking place, Chiang Mai also celebrates Yee Peng. Religious events, cultural activities, and street parades all mark this Buddhist tradition. But what makes this festival truly spectacular is the release of thousands of sky lanterns that illuminate the sky.  

Songkran (Thai New Year)

What happens when New Year’s Day falls during the height of summer? It morphs into a giant water fight. Some towns celebrate just on the day (April 13), while others stretch it out for several days of concerts, ceremonies, and other wet festivities.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Flowers are used in ways you never thought imaginable at this colorful three-day event in February. Come for the parade of impressive floral floats, and stay for the tasty Thai street food, music, and performances.

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Further reading

Thailand travel faqs, do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travelers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Do I need a visa to visit Thailand?

Travelers with passports from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States are exempt from a tourist visa if they are traveling for 30 days or less. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from entry to Thailand.

If you plan on staying longer as a tourist, or if you are traveling for a reason, such as study or business, you may need a visa.

The page is for general information only and may be subject to change. It is your responsibility to obtain relevant visa and travel information required for entry, departure and travel to each country or region you visit on your trip. You should confirm these with the relevant embassies and/or consulates. 

Last updated: 02/11/2023

Is tipping customary in Thailand?

Tipping isn’t customary in Thailand, but feel free to leave restaurants, drivers or service workers a small tip if the service has been particularly good. It’s always appreciated.

What is internet access like in Thailand?

The Internet can be accessed at hotels and internet cafes in large cities and tourist areas but is limited in rural and remote areas.

Can I use my cell phone while in Thailand?

Cell phone coverage is generally good in Thailand’s urban areas, but may not be available on some of the islands and in more remote areas. Ensure global roaming is activated with your service provider before leaving home.

What are the toilets like in Thailand?

Squat toilets are most common in Thailand, although western-style flushable toilets can be found in larger hotels and some tourist areas. It’s a good idea to carry your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer, as they are not always provided.

What will it cost for a…?

  • A market fruit shake = 25 THB 
  • Bottle of local beer = 100 THB
  • Market stall meal = 40 – 100 THB 
  • Sit-down dinner at a nice restaurant = 350 – 1000 THB 

Can I drink the tap water in Thailand?

Drinking tap water isn’t recommended in Thailand. Avoid drinks with ice and make sure to peel fruit before eating it. Help the environment and try to avoid buying bottled water. Instead, fill a reusable water bottle with filtered water. Your leader or hotel can tell you where to find filtered water.

Are credit cards widely accepted in Thailand?

Credit cards are usually accepted by hotels, large retailers and tourist sites but are less commonly accepted by smaller vendors and family-run restaurants in rural areas. Market stalls and street vendors will not accept credit cards. Always carry enough cash for smaller purchases in case credit cards are not an option.

What is ATM access like in Thailand?

ATMs are widely available in larger cities but are less common in small villages or rural areas. Make sure you have enough cash before leaving urban areas.

What public holidays are celebrated in Thailand?

1 Jan: New Year’s Day

26 Feb Makha Bucha Day

8 Apr: Chakri Day

16 Apr: Songkran Festival (Thai New Year)

1 May: Labour Day

6 May: H.M. King's Coronation

22 May: Visakha Bucha Day

3 Jun: Queen Suthida's Birthday

29 July: King Vajiralongkorn's Birthday

22 July: Buddhist Lent Day

12 Aug: Queen’s Birthday

14 Oct: Anniversary of the Death of King Bhumibol

23 Oct: Chulalongkorn Day

5 Dec: King’s Birthday

10 Dec: Constitution Day

31 Dec: New Year’s Eve

Please note: Thai public holidays may vary

Do I need any vaccinations before visiting Thailand?

No vaccines are required in order to enter Thailand but some are recommended for protection against disease. Visit your doctor or travel clinic for advice and make sure to schedule vaccinations 4-6 weeks before your departure date, as some require time to become effective.

Is Thailand a safe destination for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

As a whole, Thailand is a hassle-free destination for LGBTQI travelers. Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket all have fairly prominent gay scenes. Be aware that Thais typically do not engage in public displays of affection, regardless of sexual orientation.

For more detailed and up-to-date advice, we recommend visiting Equaldex or ILGA before you travel.

What's the transport like in Thailand?

Intrepid believes half the fun of experiencing a new country is getting there, and getting around once there! Where possible, Intrepid uses local transport options and traditional modes of transport - which usually carry less of an environmental impact, support small local operators, and are more fun.

Depending on which trip you're on while in Thailand, you may find yourself traveling by Songthaew.

Get to know the locals as you share a ride in these converted pick-up trucks. Snagging a seat on the ‘two benches’ (the literal meaning of songthaew) is a popular way of getting around South East Asia.

See Thailand from the ground level on a Saamlaw, the three-wheeled wonder. Sometimes motorized but usually pedal-powered by a local, it’s a fun way to get from A to B or see a new city's sights.

What's the accommodation like in Thailand?

Traveling with Intrepid is a little bit different. We endeavor to provide travelers with an authentic experience to remember, so we try to keep accommodations as unique and traditional as possible.

When traveling with us in Thailand you may find yourself staying in a Homestay.

Experience friendly Thai hospitality while staying with a local family living a traditional way of life. Make new friends, pick up some local lingo and leave smiling.

The ultimate room with a view - spend the night on a floating bamboo raft house. Enjoy the seclusion, soak up the serenity and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Does my trip to Thailand support The Intrepid Foundation?

Yes, all Intrepid trips support the Intrepid Foundation. In fact, we make a donation on behalf of every traveler. Trips to Thailand directly support our foundation partner, EcoThailand Foundation . 

EcoThailand Foundation is on a mission to educate and empower local communities, on the tourist Islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Paluay, about environmental issues like climate change, waste management, nature appreciation, conservation and sustainable lifestyles. Donations from our trips help EcoThailand's environmental guardianship education program for children in local state schools.

Intrepid will double the impact by dollar-matching all post-trip donations made to The Intrepid Foundation.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before traveling?

Absolutely. All passengers traveling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

For more information on insurance, please go to: Travel Insurance

How do I stay safe and healthy while traveling?

From Australia?

Go to: Smart Traveller

From Canada?

Go to:  Canada Travel Information

From the UK?

Go to:  UK Foreign Travel Advice

From New Zealand?

Go to:  Safe Travel

From the US?

Go to:  US Department of State

The World Health Organisation also provides useful health information.

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Your Thailand Vacation

Get a taste for the exotic with a travel package to Thailand. From castaway beaches to golden temples and captivating wildlife, this is one of the most diverse and culturally fascinating countries in South East Asia. Begin your trip to Thailand package in bustling Bangkok for local street food, temple touring, and a cruise along the Chao Phraya River. After that sense-sensation, venture to one of the islands for a blissful Thailand beach vacation package or go north to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai for a slice of authentic local culture.

Top destinations in Thailand

Sukhumvit showing landscape views, central business district and night scenes

Ko Pha-ngan

Rayong showing a beach

The Latest Thailand Vacation Packages

iSanook Bangkok

iSanook Bangkok

Reviewed on Apr 26, 2024

The Period Pratunam

The Period Pratunam

Reviewed on Jan 27, 2020


Reviewed on Feb 28, 2024

Thaisun Bangkok Hotel

Thaisun Bangkok Hotel

Reviewed on Mar 11, 2024

VIX Bangkok at Victory Monument

VIX Bangkok at Victory Monument

Reviewed on Mar 4, 2024

Thailand Vacation

Whether it’s discovering multi-colored sea creatures off the coast of Phuket or dancing away the night at a full-moon party on Koh Phi-Phi, it won't take long for Thailand to capture your heart.

Thailand Hotel + Flights

Whether you’re visiting on a shoestring or you’re a luxury traveler, you’re spoiled for choice in Thailand. There are 30,184 hotels across the country starting at $29 a night. Regardless of your budget, everyone likes to save money when they can. That’s why many travelers choose to bundle everything into a neat Thailand Vacation Package. Once you’ve sorted out your hotel, flights and rental car, all that will be left to do is explore the ancient temple of Wat Phra Chetuphon. And guess what? You can add a tour of that into your package as well.

Your Thailand Vacation Itinerary

Day 1: Touch down at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok and grab a cab to your accommodations. Eat a delicious Thai meal from a street vendor before hitting the capital’s best sights, such as Wat Phra Chetuphon, Chatuchak Weekend Market and the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun).

Day 2: Fly south to the magical Island of Phuket. Crystal clear waters and abundant sea life make this place a magnet for divers. If you’d rather stay on dry land, spend some time touring Big Buddha Phuket and Monkey Hill.

Day 6: Hop on a flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand’s relaxation capital. You could spend weeks exploring its Buddhist temples and bright green rice fields.

Thailand Information

Celebrate Songkran (Thai New Year). It runs from April 13-15 each year and is celebrated in some places with massive water fights in the streets!

Lured by the frenzy of Thailand’s capital? Check out our Bangkok Vacation Packages .

You’ve worked hard for your vacation. All Inclusive vacations in Thailand offer the luxurious break you’ve been dreaming of.

Top Vacation Destinations in Thailand

An image of phuket

Find fun on an island with Phuket vacation packages

The island of Phuket is one of the most-visited places in all of Thailand, thanks to its welcoming beaches and impressive natural features. You can dive into crystal clear waters or relax among white sands surrounded by vibrant greenery. Boating is also popular here and is a common way to travel to and from the island, though tours are often their primary purpose.

An image of bangkok

Explore the capital with Bangkok vacation packages

The city of Bangkok is packed full of exciting things to do. It's often most recognized for its vibrant nightlife, where you'll find numerous bars and clubs to enjoy. There's plenty to do during the day as well, with fascinating museums and delicious restaurants to try. The city also has some fairly impressive parks and natural features you won't want to miss out on.

An image of chiang mai

Visit the new city on a Chiang Mai vacation

Chiang Mai may directly translate to New City in Thai, but it was founded in 1296. When you visit, you'll be able to explore a wide variety of historic sites, including temples and shrines. It's also home to picturesque mountains with scenic views of the city and natural landscapes beyond. As you might expect, museums are particularly popular in the city.

An image of ko phi phi

See the archipelago with Ko Phi Phi vacation packages

Ko Phi Phi is a collection of serene islands that offers unending fun in the sun with clear waters and towering limestone cliffs. The scenic views here are some of the best in the country, and you'll find plenty of opportunities for activities. Boating is popular here, with speed boats, in particular, being perfect for travelers looking for a thrill.

An image of krabi

Dive into the outdoors with Krabi vacation packages

Krabi is a region that's primarily known for its crystal waters and fun outdoor activities. The clear waters make it an obvious spot for diving, but that's not the only reason. This region is also located right by a colorful coral reef that's only visible if you dive down and take a look at it for yourself. Of course, you can always simply relax on the beach if you prefer.

An image of pattaya

Relax in luxury with Pattaya vacation packages

Pattaya is a luxurious resort town that's perfect for travelers who are looking for a relaxing break that will let all the stressors of life be left somewhere else. Not only will you find pampering in local spas and resorts, but you can also visit the local beach for a swim, stroll, or watersports. Additionally, the historic sites here offer valuable insight into the nation's past.

Thailand Essential Information

Prepare for your thailand vacation with our essential travel info, thailand hotel deals.

Asia Hotel Bangkok

Reviewed on Apr 19, 2024

Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21

Reviewed on Apr 25, 2024

Four Points by Sheraton Phuket Patong Beach Resort

Reviewed on Apr 22, 2024

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Frequently asked questions, discover the most popular places to visit in thailand, jomtien beach.

Enjoy magnificent sunsets and watersports, family entertainment, Thai cultural shows and striking views from a lookout at this sweeping beach resort.

Khaosan Road

This “anything goes” street is a hot spot for budget travelers who want to buy cheap clothes and souvenirs, people-watch or party all night.

Ao Nang Beach

Nestled between tropical jungle and the shimmering Andaman Sea, this Thai beach ticks all the boxes for those looking for an idyllic sun-drenched getaway.

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Thailand is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia known for being a melting pot of culture, tastes, traditions, and history. As a leading Thailand travel agency, we’ve created guides that contain up-to-date information on everything there is to know about this popular holiday destination to help you truly get the best out of your holiday experience.

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Combined with our on-ground expertise and our commitment to top-notch service, Thailandos ensures that every traveler enjoys the warmth of Thai hospitality and returns home with a collection of cherished lifelong memories.

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At Thailandos, we focus on making your vacation hassle-free. We screen all hotels and private tours. Our travel agents and tour operators also visit each site to ensure they meet our standards for quality and authenticity.

Apart from our screening process, our travel agency prides itself on delivering the ultimate dream holiday. We understand that every detail matters, including where you stay.

That’s why we offer personalized hotel arrangements. We take into account your bed choice or room smoking preferences. We can also arrange extra beds and cots for your family. Throughout our partnership, we guarantee you won’t pay anything extra upon checking in.


Unrivalled Access to Hidden Gems

As a leading travel agency in Thailand, we offer holiday packages that take travelers to the country’s most stunning sites.

These places include the Grand Palace, Floating Market, Summer Palace, and the Chao Phraya River.

But unlike other travel agencies, our tour operators focus on more than just the country’s main highlights. Our tour package also gives travelers unrivaled access to some of Thailand’s hidden gems, such as Chiang Dao (also known as the “City of Stars), Talay Bua Daeng (Red Lotus Sea), and the charming mountain village of Pai.

With us, your Thai adventure isn’t just about the highlights; it’s about discovering the extraordinary.

Expert Guides Committed to Excellence

Our team comprises foreign residents who have made Thailand their home. Their experience provides a unique advantage – a blend of local insights and international perspectives.

We match each client to a tour guide with deep-rooted knowledge of Thailand’s culture, customs, and hidden gems.Our commitment to excellence goes beyond borders.

That means we avoid connecting our travelers to chatbots. Instead, our clients can access our round-the-clock customer service representatives offering personalized and multilingual support. This ensures that each holiday booked with us is not just a visit but an immersion into the heart of Thailand.

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At Thailandos, we customize our travel services to fit your budget and holiday needs. Our holiday packages are priced better than those offered by other agencies in the market.

We also deal directly with local suppliers, allowing us to provide each client with exclusive discounts and special offers.

Apart from our competitive pricing, we also prioritize the safety of our customers. All transactions are done through secure payment platforms, ensuring your financial information remains protected. Furthermore, our commitment to transparency means there are no hidden fees.

What you see is what you get, and we take pride in delivering on our promises without any unexpected costs.

Home to some of the most stunning beaches, lush mountains and greenery, mouthwatering dishes, and vibrant nightlife, Thailand is one of the most popular Southeast Asian travel hubs and should definitely be on every traveler’s bucket list.

Thailand has a lot to offer travelers — whether you are a backpacker on a budget or a holidaymaker looking for a luxurious getaway. This exotic destination allows visitors to go on a food tour where they will experience the flavors that make Thai cuisine unique and celebrated globally.

This tropical paradise also offers the best beaches and the most wonderful attractions that will leave visitors wanting more.


Northern Thailand

The north is known for its scenic mountain views and cooler temperatures. Locals and tourists alike flock to the north to hike, bike, rock climb and visit the local elephant sanctuary. The north is also known for the unique hill tribes living in the mountainsides, giving tourists the opportunity to experience local culture.

Best Places In Northern Thailand: Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai, Lampang


Central Thailand

Central Thailand is known for its ancient ruins as well as the many plains where locals farm rice. The region is home to the capital city of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River.

Best Places In Central Thailand: Bangkok, the ancient city of Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Bang Pa-In, Damnoen Saduak, Hua Hin


Eastern Thailand

Where Central Thailand is marked with skyscrapers and ancient ruins, the east boasts some of the most beautiful sandy beaches and a very lively nightlife.

Best Places In Eastern Thailand: Ko Kut, Ko Samet, Ko Chang, Ko Wai, Trat, Rayong, Ban Phe, Bang Saen


Western Thailand

Western Thailand is known for having incredibly well-developed facilities and plentiful activities. The islands in the western region also feature crystal-clear water and stunning coral reefs.

Best Places In Western Thailand: Kanchanaburi, Phetchaburi, Ratchaburi (known for its floating food markets), Tak


Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand contains plenty of beautiful beaches and islands. However, it is known best for Koh Phangan Island, home to the world-famous Full Moon Party.

Best Places In Southern Thailand:

Phuket, Ko Pha Ngan, Khao Sok National Park, Railay, Ko Tao, Ko Lipe, Similan Islands, Ko Phi Phi, Koh Lanta


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Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Thaïland

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"From the blissful beaches and magical mountains, to the fun-loving locals and unforgettable food, Thailand will hold a place in your heart long after you leave."

Travel Director

Practice your skills at a traditional Thai cooking class

Discover the secrets of traditional Thai cooking in a teak wooden house surrounded by beautiful gardens and an organic farm in Chiang Mai. You’ll visit a market to sample some local delicacies, pick fresh herbs from the garden, then learn how to cook your own Thai food, including Northern Thai cuisine and classic Thai favorites.

Stroll through Pak Klong Talad market in Bangkok

Pak Klong Talad is one of the world’s most incredible flower markets, with flower species of every shape and color from all over Thailand. It’s open 24 hours and the busiest time is just after midnight, when trucks full of fresh flowers arrive and the florists begin trading to find the best bouquets for their stalls.

Meet a local monk and learn about Buddhism

Our Local Specialists will take you to Wat Suan Dok, a royal temple in Chiang Mai, where we'll meet a local Buddhist monk. It’s an incredible opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Buddhism and you’ll learn about the monk’s sacred traditions against the backdrop of the temple's striking golden chedi.

Join the locals for a graceful T'ai Chi practice

Live like a local and rise early for a peaceful T’ai Chi session in Lumpini Park. The park is a green haven with shaded lawns to practice the ancient art of T’ai Chi, and it’s a great way to ease into your day and the bustle of Bangkok.

Relax at the beachfront in Phuket

With long stretches of powdery white sands and turquoise waters, the beaches of Phuket are one of the most beautiful sights in Thailand. Relax under palm trees, go swimming or kayaking on the ocean, or dive below the water to discover brilliant sea life in protected marine parks.

Our top 5 things to do in Thailand

Our Thailand vacation packages will reveal every side of Thailand, from the Buddhist temples of Chiang Mai to the glittering beaches of Phuket.

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is one of the most iconic sights in Bangkok and we’ll take you on a journey through this dazzling complex. See the impressive Royal Reception Halls and the revered Emerald Buddha, a Buddha image carved from a single block of jade, dating back to the 14th century.

Jim Thompson House

Located in Bangkok, the Jim Thompson House is the former home of James Thompson, an American businessman and architect. He dedicated his life to the revival of Thai silk and designed the house in 1958, with six traditional Thai-styled houses to showcase his large art collection of Thai paintings and historical Buddhist statues.

Wat Doi Suthep

Perched at the top of Doi Suthep mountain at an elevation of 3,520 feet, Wat Doi Suthep is one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Thailand. We’ll take you up the 309 steps to find glittering shrines and statues, the holy gold plated chedi, and a sweeping view over the city of Chiang Mai.

Best museums in Thailand

Our guided trips to Thailand take you the country’s most incredible museums, from the former house of a Thai silk trader, to a sacred golden temple at the top of a mountain.

A delicious stir-fried noodle dish, Pad Thai is one of the most classic foods found in Thai street stalls. It’s a combination of egg, fish sauce, tamarind, and your choice of chicken, tofu and prawns. Top with bean sprouts and peanuts for crunch and chilli and lime juice for a zesty kick.

The most famous salad in Thailand, Som Tam is a fiery dish of shredded green papaya, tomatoes and green beans. The vegetables are mixed with fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar and a healthy dose of chilli, and you can tailor the dish to your taste for extra sweetness or spiciness.

Green Curry

You’ll find the beloved green curry all over Thailand and our Local Specialists will show you the best spots to try this spicy coconut milk curry. Green chillies give the curry its color, and it’s filled with beans, Thai aubergines, the meat of your choice and served with steamed rice.

Best food in Thailand

The Thai cuisine is one of the best parts of a trip to Thailand and our Thai vacation packages will show you all the best places to try these beloved dishes.

What to pack for Thailand

People packing for a tour

Adaptor plug

In Thailand the standard voltage is 220 V and the power plugs and sockets are of type A, B, C, F and O. The standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Reef-safe sunscreen & insect repellent

Protect yourself from the harsh Thai sun with SPF 30 or higher and protect the coral reefs with reef-safe sunscreen. You’ll also need to pack plenty of DEET insect repellent.

In Thai culture, it’s required to remove your shoes before entering houses, temples and some shops and restaurants. Bring a comfortable pair of sandals so you can easily slip them off all day.

With plenty of islands ringed with golden shorelines and turquoise waters, you’ll definitely need a swimsuit for snorkelling, diving and blissful beach days in Thailand.

Thai phrasebook

The Thai language is unique to the country, and you’ll gain plenty of smiles and appreciation from the locals if you attempt to learn a few phrases.

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How to Plan Your First Trip to Thailand — 7 Easy Steps

Thailand, the land of smiles, No. 1 for travel in Southeast Asia, is rich in culture and history, and filled with golden temples, radiant beaches, cuisine that is adored around the world, and friendly smiling people.

If you're looking for a way to rekindle your spark or to enjoy quality time with your kids, it's time to book a trip to the best vacation spots for couples or families in Thailand.

Don't know where to start? Read on for your handy guide to planning a trip to Thailand.

1. Choose Where to Go

2. decide how many days to stay.

  • 3. Consider When to Travel
  • 4. Consider Your Budget
  • 5. Taking A Guided or Independent Tour?
  • 6. Check Out Visa Policy

7. Getting to and Around Thailand

Thailand can be divided into three main regions for travelers:

  • Northern Thailand for nature, elephants, and local villages;
  • the Central Plains for Bangkok and city getaways, and
  • Southern Thailand for great beaches.

With our knowledge of Thailand and feedback from our customers, we suggest you visit Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and one or two southern beaches for your first trip , extending it to Chiang Rai and/or a national park if you have the time.

1) Bangkok — A Blend of Modernity and Tradition

Bangkok is Thailand's capital and top gateway city. It is a city that offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition, making it a perfect destination for a family or couple's trip.

For those interested in learning more about Thailand's splendid architecture and temples , the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho are must-see attractions.

Whether traveling as a family or a couple, a foodie tour to discover the sophisticated flavors of Bangkok's old district in Chinatown among other local cuisine will create a deliciously memorable experience.

Your trip would not be complete without a cruise along Bangkok's ancient canals and a visit to a floating market , which would give you an insight into a bygone way of life.

For a special experience and some private time, you could spend a night in a floating house at Kanchanaburi.

Get more ideas on planning a family trip to Thailand .

Discover real reviews of Highlights Travel Family 's best-rated service across trusted platforms.

2) Chiang Mai — Have a Close Encounter with Elephants

Chiang Mai, known as the 'Rose of the North', is a wonderful destination for a family or couple's trip, offering culture, history, relaxation, and excitement as well.

You could start your trip with a visit to the famous Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple , which offers breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings. Then explore the Old City and its many street markets, such as the Night Bazaar.

Seeing elephants usually tops the list of things to do in Chiang Mai, whether with kids or your partner. Our half-day elephant tou r allows you to feed the elephants, walk with them, and play with them in the mud of a bathing pool.

If you visit in November, don't miss Chiang Mai's Yi Peng Lantern Festival , which is a romantic event that many couples dream of.

3) The Thai Islands: Phuket or Samui?

Your Thailand trip would not be complete without visiting at least one or two of its beautiful islands. The only question is which island should you choose from so many islands on both the west and east coasts of Thailand.

Phuket , along with Krabi and Koh Phi Phi, on the Andaman Sea (west coast) is loved by families for its various exciting activities and family-friendly hotel options .

While Ko Samui , along with Ko Pha-Ngan and Ko Tao, on the east coast is very popular with couples, due to their being home to luxury resorts and a quieter vibe .

If you are traveling in your summer vacation , Ko Samui is recommended for its sunny and dry weather, while Phuket is in its rainy season.

Can't make a decision yet? Suggested read: Phuket vs Koh Samui .

4) A National Park: Enjoy Jungle Hikes and Encounter Wildlife

To enrich your stay in Thailand, you should consider including a national park in your trip, such as Kao Yai or Khao Sok.

Located north of Phuket, Khao Sok National Park is home to some of the planet's oldest rainforests, with guided activities including jungle hikes and boat tours on scenic Cheow Lan Lake. Spending a night in a "tree house" (treetop lodge) could be an experience full of lifetime memories for your kids. For couples, there's the special and romantic experience of staying in a luxury tent surrounded by rainforest.

North of Bangkok, Khao Yai National Park makes an amazing day out. 

If you're planning a trip to Southeast Asia, get some inspiration from our article: 2-Week Southeast Asia Itineraries for Couples, Families, and More .

We suggest you take at least a week for your first trip to see a spectrum of the highlights in the top three cities.

  • 7–10 days: Bangkok (2–3 days), Chiang Mai (2–3 days), and a southern island like Phuket or Koh Samui (3–4 days). See the  9-day Thailand Family Tour for inspiration. Or get more sample itineraries:  Top 5 Thailand Itineraries for 10 Days .
  • 10-15 days: For a few more days, you can discover more of Thailand, like charming Chiang Rai and a national park, you will need a few more days. See our sample itineraries for inspiration: 12-Day Thailand Family Holiday , 12-Day Thailand Wonders Tour , and Best 3 Thailand Itineraries for 12 Days .

If you are lucky enough to have more time to tour Thailand, say 3, 4, or even 8 weeks then you have a lot more options! See our page the Ultimate Thailand Travel Itinerary Guide From 5 Days to 1 Month for more inspiration.

For 2–3 weeks , you can consider visiting Thailand with one or two other countries. Vietnam and Cambodia are 2 of the most popular choices. See the sample itineraries for inspiration:

  • 11-Day Best of Thailand and Cambodia Tour
  • 19-Day Highlights of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam
  • 21-Day Thailand and Vietnam Adventure Tour

Or you can check the sample itineraries of Thailand for  21 days >>>

You might want to contact a travel specialist to have your requirements, including the length of your holiday, designed into a fulfilling tour uniquely planned for you.

Extended reading: How Long to Spend in Southeast Asia (for First Timers)

3. Consider When to Travel to Thailand

In general, the best time to visit most of Thailand is during the dry season between November and March , when the temperatures are pleasant and there is very little rainfall.

According to our experience, if your travel dates are totally flexible, the ideal times are late October and early April , when the weather is still good and the crowds are fewer.

Christmas and New Year holidays are the busiest times . Hotels in popular cities/islands such as Bangkok and Phuket, and flights between popular destinations such as Chiang Mai - Phuket are likely to be sold out in advance. Be sure to plan ahead and make reservations at least 6 months in advance for better deals. Let us know your interests and requirements , and we'll take care of everything.

If you travel between August and September for the Phuket area or between October and December for the Koh Samui area, be prepared for showers. Fewer crowds and cheaper prices are its benefits. You can get more detailed tips on Best Times to Travel to Thailand .

Vietnam and Cambodia have similar climates to Thailand's . You may want to visit these three destinations in one trip. Check How to Plan a 3-Week Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam Tour

4. Consider Your Budget for a Thailand Trip

In general, Thailand is surprisingly affordable, and therefore it is particularly popular to visit. Airfares for your international flights are the largest upfront cost. On arrival in Thailand, your costs will vary greatly depending on the kind of traveler you want to be.

Thailand is a country that covers all budgets! From economy-class hotels to top-class resorts, street food to gourmet dinners for hundreds, and free beaches to expensive tours, Thailand has it all!

A private tour is an affordable luxury in Thailand! Private service is value for money there. Here are the prices for a private tour based on a group of 2 people during the peak season, for your reference:

  • On a medium budget, touring Thailand typically costs around US$150–200 per day per person (including 4-star hotels, airfares within Thailand, attractions, guides, and transfers).
  • For a higher budget of US$200–250 per day per person, more comfort can be enjoyed (including 5-star hotels, airfares within Thailand, attractions, guides, and transfers).
  • For a family trip (2 adults plus 2–3 children) for 2 weeks in Thailand or in Southeast Asia, it normally costs US$10,000–15,000 per family excluding international flights from/to America or Europe.

Learn more about how much money you need when visiting Thailand. Check out some private Thailand tours and private Southeast tours to get a general idea of the cost.

5. Consider Traveling Independently or Taking a Guided Tour

While Thailand is easy enough to travel to independently for backpackers, it is at the same time very time-consuming (if not troublesome) to choose the most suitable hotels and arrange all the best activities for you, while seeking value for money and great service.

A private guided tour is a great way to maximize your time , eliminating any frustrating time spent on planning and traveling and ensuring a smoother, stress-free, and more enjoyable journey.

Work with our travel consultant to create an itinerary that fits your schedule and focuses on the places and experiences that matter most to you. Our consultants can not only help you sift through thousands of hotel and restaurant options to find the right one for you, whether it's for couples or families but also quickly provide alternative solutions in case of any changes .

Contact us to enjoy a quality service.

6. Check Out Thailand's Visa Policy

Nationals of many countries are exempt from needing a tourist visa to enter the Kingdom of Thailand, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Most travelers can stay in Thailand without a visa for 30 days. We have more information on Thailand visas and visa requirements for other Asian countries .

Getting to Thailand

Flying from North America to Thailand usually involves a connecting flight. Popular transfer cities include Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong, Taipei, and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Direct flights operate between Bangkok and the main cities in Europe and Oceania.

We are confident that our private tours are the most convenient option for your trip to Thailand. We can make an itinerary according to your flight times and arrange trouble-free private transport.

Connecting to Other SE Asian Countries

Bangkok is the top gateway city for travel to Southeast Asian countries. From there you will find frequent flights to other major cities in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos. This makes Thailand not only a popular destination stop but also a gateway to its neighboring SE Asian countries.

Booking a private tour with us, we will arrange your transportation within Southeast Asia. Our travel consultant will search the flight schedules, arrange the best connections, and book the air tickets.

You're in Good Hands with Asia Highlights

At Asia Highlights, we have created over 10,000+ big trips for insightful travelers, mostly for families and couples. We truly understand that every single big trip planned for our clients is not just for good holiday memories but also for joyful celebrations of life's milestones.

Read comments from our clients on TrustPilot , for example:

Daniel Ponce:

  • "Everything went better that we'd expected! Our guides were local people who knew about the city, the people, and how to solve problems. They were really punctual and had the best attitude!

Rosangela Campos:

  • "Traveling with Asia Highlights is a guaranteed wonderful experience in Asia! I highly recommend them!"

Get a wonderful Thailand vacation by sending us a message . Or check out our sample itineraries for inspiration:

  • 12-Day Thailand Family Holiday
  • 14-Day Classic Vietnam and Thailand Tour
  • 14-day Thailand and Vietnam Family Tour
  • 3-Week Best of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam Tour for Couples

Further Reading

  • 2 Weeks in Thailand – 3 Perfect Thailand Itineraries
  • 2-Week Southeast Asia Itineraries for Couples, Families, and More
  • How to Plan a 3-Week Southeast Asia Itinerary

Why Asia Highlights (10,000+ reviews & 98.8% 5-star rating)

  • Save Your Time:
  • Less research, more enjoyment!
  • Real-time 1V1 expert planning
  • Maximize Your Flexibility:
  • Personal local guide and ride
  • Explore at your own pace
  • Celebrate Your Journeys:
  • Specially-crafted family adventures
  • Celebrate milestones with style!

Get Inspired with Some Popular Itineraries

At Asia Highlights, we create your kind of journey — your dates, your destinations, at your pace. You can have any trip tailor made for your travel.

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Some of the must-visit cities that one should visit on one’s trip to Thailand include Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Ko Samui, Khao Lak, Hua Hin, etc. Those of you who wish to explore the best of beaches and islands on a Thailand vacation should plan your visit to Phuket, Krabi, Coral Islands, Phi Phi Islands, etc. However, those of you who wish to explore the best of part destinations should head forward to Bangkok and Pattaya. These two cities will offer you the best of clubs, pubs, cabaret shows, and party shacks to let you explore the best of Thailand’s nightlife. So, book your Thailand travel packages now.

Browse popular Thailand Theme Packages like: Thailand honeymoon packages , Thailand cruise packages , Thailand solo packages , Thailand group packages , Thailand family packages

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15 Best Tourist Places to Explore in a Thailand Tour Package

Among the destinations covered in the Thailand tour packages, Bangkok - the capital city - is the most popular. Wat Arun, Wat Pho, the Chapel of the Emerald Buddha, and the Grand Palace are the major tourist attractions in the Bangkok city tour. Chao Phraya dinner cruise and Safari World Zoo are other things that can be included in the customized Thailand tour packages from India .

What’s Special: Beaches, Adventures

Nearby Attractions: Phuket Fantasea, Karon Beach

Timings: 24/7 open

Major Attractions: Catch some Rays at the Patong Beach, take a stroll on the Kata Beach, swim at Karon Beach

Distance From City: 1115 Km

Transportation Options: Private vehicles, taxis

The largest island of Thailand is popular for its FantaSea cultural show, Siam Niramit Show, and Splash Jungle Waterpark which you must add to your itinerary while booking Thailand holiday packages. The nearby Phi Phi and James Bond islands are easily accessible by speedboat from Phuket. Adventure seekers can indulge in scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, and fish-feeding at Phi Phi Island. Phuket Zoo ensures that kids and family members will have a memorable holiday while Patong Beach offers romantic activities for couples on any of TravelTriangle’s Thailand trip packages .

What’s Special: Culture, Heritage, Shopping

Nearby Attractions: Wat Arun, Khaosan Road

Major Attractions: Explore Grand Palace, explore Wat Suthat, explore National Museum and Wang Na Palace

Distance From City: 281.8 km

From legendary nightlife to historical palaces and bustling markets, the capital city offers experiences of all kinds. Tourists can enjoy a visit to the Grand Palace and shop for souvenirs and fresh produce at floating markets on a Thailand trip. Buddhist temples such as Wat Saket and Wat Arun are top places to explore on a sightseeing tour. An evening cruise on the Chao Phraya river with onboard entertainment and dinner will make people want to stay longer in Thailand. The Bangkok city tour can be extended to the nearby Ratchaburi and Kanchanaburi regions. The boat tour of Ratchaburi and Tiger Temple tour of Kanchanaburi are very popular. And then there are shopping malls and nightclubs of Bangkok that must be visited while on Thailand travel.

3. Koh Samui

What’s Special: Beaches, Adventures, Culture

Nearby Attractions: Wat Plai Laem, Wat Phra Yai

Timings: Open 24/7

Major Attractions: Take a boatride to Koh Phangan, explore Secret Buddha Garden

Distance From City: 1043.4 km

Transportation Options: Buses, taxis

The second largest island in Thailand is replete with stunning beaches, forested hills, luxury resorts, and markets. This is a must-add destination while booking Thailand packages. The island is truly a melting pot with several festivals and experiences. Buffalo Fighting Festival and Samui Regatta are must-see events on the island. The island is accessible by ferry and direct flights to Bangkok and Phuket, and is an integral part of all Thailand trip packages .

What’s Special: Beaches, views

Nearby Attractions: Tiger Cave Temple, Koh Poda

Major Attractions: Tiger Cave Temple, Railay Beach, Krabi Town, Ao Nang Beach, Maya Bay

Distance From City: 1055.4 km

Offering a bevy of enticing experiences, Krabi is one of the most popular provinces of Southern Thailand that tourists must get included in their itinerary of Thailand travel packages . Famed for its breathtaking beaches and scenic views, this archipelago of islands also let tourists indulge in a few exhilarating water activities, and feel some much-needed adrenaline rush. Here, one must check out Koh Phi Phi Island, Maya Bay, Koh Lanta Island, Koh Jum, and Koh Rok on tour packages to Thailand.

What’s Special: Night parties, Night Markets, Beaches

Nearby Attractions: Alcazar Show, Pattaya Floating Market

Major Attractions: Nong Nooch Botanical Garden, Jomtien Beach, Sanctuary of Truth

Distance From City: 401.9 km

Transportation Options: Buses, private vehicles

As one plans to hop on an excursion to this majestic Southeast Asian country, it is recommended to get Pattaya included in their Thailand packages from Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and other cities of India with airfare for a drool-worthy experience. Decked with a notorious walking street, floating market, go-go bars, and some exquisite islands off the coast, this magical location cannot be given a miss. Pattaya is another popular city included in many Thailand holiday packages .

6. Phi Phi Islands

What’s Special: Beaches, Landscape, Adventures

Nearby Attractions: Ton Sai Beach, Bamboo Island

Major Attractions: Phi Phi viewpoint, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Bambo Island, Viking Cave

Distance From City: 935 km

Phi Phi Islands is one of the most blissful and adventurous places to visit in Thailand. It is a place which is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for a plethora of adventures. The island is also rich in a variety of marine life including corals. The high limestone rock formations here make the whole landscape look even prettier.

7. Chiang Mai

What’s Special: Tribal Villages, Temples, Culture

Nearby Attractions: Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

Major Attractions: Doi Pui Village, walk around Doi Inthanon, Wat Chedi Luang

Distance From City: 500.2 km

Transportation Options: Buses, cabs

Chiang Mai is a culturally and aesthetically rich place in Thailand which is famous for its culture, temples, food and leisure. You will be able to witness the Buddhist culture here in every place you visit. The cafes here are cozy and a perfect place to go with friends or partners to enjoy some quality time and relish on the delectable Thai cuisine.

8. Koh PhaNgan

What’s Special: Full Moon Party, Beaches

Nearby Attractions: Salad Beach, Phaeng Waterfall

Major Attractions: Bottle Beach, Thong Nai Pan Noi, Salad Beach, Haad Yao Beach, Haad Rin

Distance From City: 1048.3 km

The real heaven for beach and party lovers is Koh PhaNgan in Thailand. The beautiful beaches and the full moon party at Haad Rin Beach is what you need to enjoy when in Koh PhaNgan which will blow away your senses. There are densely thick forests as well in the area which gives an intense look to the whole vibe of the island.

What’s Special: Temples, Culture, Shopping

Nearby Attractions: Klai Kangwon Palace

Major Attractions: Hua Hin Night Market, eat and shop at Plearn Wan

Distance From City: 471.9 km

Hua Hin is one of the best places to visit in Thailand which is popular for its culture, temples, small hamlets, and beaches. Here you will be able to enjoy the pure and authentic Thai culture. A lot of markets are also here where one can enjoy local shopping experience.

10. Similan Islands

What’s Special: Beaches, Diving Sites

Nearby Attractions: Similan Islands, National Park, Ko Miang

Major Attractions: Similan Islands National Park, Ko Tachai Island, Elephant Head Rock

Distance From City: 880 km

Transportation Options: Private vehicles

This 84 km long stretch of islands in the Andaman Sea are best known for its marine life. The exotic coral reefs and the marine species can be best explored by adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving.

11. Ko Samet

What’s Special: Beaches, Natural Beauty

Nearby Attractions: Ao Nuan, Prao Beach

Major Attractions: Ao Prao Beach, Ao Wai, Sai Kaew Beach

Distance From City: 371 km

Transportation Options: Cabs, buses

One of the eastern islands of Thailand, Ko Samet is a beautiful combination of natural beauty and heavenly charm. Definitely a place that needs to be on your list of offbeat places in Thailand.

What’s Special: Beaches, Coral Reefs, Pristine Beauty

Nearby Attractions: Ko Sak

Major Attractions: Samae Beach, Tien Beach, Nual Beach, Ta Yai Beach

Distance From City: 329 km

Transportation Options: Private vehicles, cabs

Ko Lan is a very small island located off the coast of Pattaya in the Gulf of Thailand. Known for its beaches and coral reefs, the island is set against a backdrop of hills that are the heaven of this place. A normal vacation can become extraordinary when you visit Ko Lan.

13. Erawan National Park

What’s Special: Waterfalls, Tranquil Nature

Nearby Attractions: Taweechai Elephant Camp, Sai Yok Noi Waterfall

Timings: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Major Attractions: Erawan National Park private tour, river Kwai private tour

Distance From City: 385.4 km

Transportation Options: Taxi, buses, private vehicles

One of the most popular national parks in Thailand is the Erawan National Park. Located in West Thailand within the hills of Tenasserim, it houses some of the most popular waterfalls in the world. It covers an area of approximately 550 km² and offers heavenly vibes on entering it.

14. Ko Lipe

What’s Special: Coral Reefs, Water Sports, Bamboo Bungalows

Nearby Attractions: Sunset Beach, Ko Usen, Bulow Beach

Major Attractions: Sunrise Beach, Pattaya Beach, Sanom Beach

Distance From City: 1059 km

Transportation Options: Private vehicles, cab

Ko Lipe is another island located in the Andaman Sea very close to the border of Malaysia. The island is full of sandy beaches and various dive sites where you can engage in scuba diving, snorkeling and many other water sports.

15. Doi Inthanon National Park

What’s Special: Pristine Natural Beauty, Mountains, Temples

Nearby Attractions: Sirithan Waterfall

Timings: 5:30 am - 6:30 pm

Major Attractions: Mai Hong Son Loop Tour

Distance From City: 557.1 km

Transportation Options: Cab, private vehicles

Another popular national park in Thailand, it has lots of waterfalls, trails, some remote villages, vantage points, and many birdwatching avenues. The park is also popular as "The Roof of Thailand", with high-rise mountains that touch the clouds. It is a humble abode for adventure seekers, particularly trekkers.

Thailand Tour Packages From Top Cities of India

Book a marvelous vacation to Thailand and tour the islands, temples, beaches, and try the scrumptious cuisines with our list of Thailand tour packages from various Indian cities. Opt for the most suitable travel package listings: Thailand Packages from Delhi , Thailand Packages from Mumbai , Thailand Packages from Bangalore , Thailand Packages from Hyderabad , Thailand Packages from Chennai , Thailand Packages from Ahmedabad , Thailand Packages from Kolkata .

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5 Best Beaches in Thailand

Add the following scenic beaches to your Thailand holiday packages including flights and traverse the natural beauty of the place with your buddies.

1. Maenam Beach, Koh Samui

Listed under the category of the best Thailand beaches, the Maenam Beach should be a part of your Thailand holiday packages including flights. With more than four miles of silky white sand lapped in serene surf, and dotted with high-end resorts the beach is sure to offer you the most aesthetic backdrops and lavish facilities.

2. Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe

Situated in Thailand's southernmost isle, Sunset Beach is a bungalow-dotted beach. Named for the bewitching sunsets that brighten the horizon every nightfall, the dusk here is undoubtedly the prime time to hit the sand. This beach is a native's favorite hangout spot and is also popular amongst Malaysian travelers. This is a must-visit beach on your Thailand trip from India.

3. Thong Nai Pan Noi, Kon Phangan

Thong Nai Pan Noi is a tranquil and soul-soothing beach in Thailand. It's a long crescent Thai beach that is surrounded by many luxurious accommodations ranging from family-owned bungalows to exclusive upscale retreats. To experience a bohemian vibe one can also go to the small village of Noi, which houses tattoo shops, raging full moon parties, and sees backpackers in large numbers.

4. Phra Nang Cave Beach, Krabi

The Phra Nang Cave Beach is accessible only through a 20 minute long-tail boat ride from Ao Nang. When on the beach one will notice the velvety texture of the sand which is best from May to December. Add this beach to your Thailand trip from India packages and explore activities like kayaking, snorkeling, or rock climbing at this picturesque beach.

5. Sairee Beach, Koh Tao

Sairee Beach is perhaps the island's longest and most popular beach in Thailand. Ideal for families, couples, and kids the beach has many adventurous activities on its edge. When here one can notice the array of buzzing bars and restaurants around. If you wish to witness choreographed fire shows and a techno music blast then do not miss this beach.

How To Reach Thailand?

Thailand tour packages from India cover destinations such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Samui. Direct flights to Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Krabi are available from the major Indian cities - Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. While flights from Delhi and Mumbai are more popular, those from Chennai and Kolkata are more economical. Take a look below to find out the best way to travel here, before availing Thailand tour packages .

The ideal way to easily reach Thailand can be said to be by air. With several airlines such as IndiGo, Spicejet, Air India and Thai Airlines, among several others, offering daily flights to different destinations in Thailand, it becomes easy to fly here. Choose from several international airports in Thailand to land on, and a great trip is sure to be had. Most major cities of India offer regular, cheap flights to Bangkok, and one can take advantage of such fare when planning in advance.

Although it is not recommended, due to the excessive time it takes, one can travel to Thailand from India via road transfer. It would take 3 days or so to complete the journey. The road takes one through Manipur in the Northeastern region of India, across Myanmar, with the road opening up in Mae Sot in Thailand. With the amount of traveling that might be expected here, along with the multiple visa requirements, it is the best and cheapest option to travel by air.

There isn’t any way to travel to Thailand via the sea for commercial tourists. There are freight ships that travel from India to Thailand, but they are allowed to carry mostly goods. Also, the journey would be too long as well as expensive to consider.

Best Time To Visit Thailand

For the most part, the weather in Thailand remains humid and hot across the year, apart from the cool season. That doesn’t stop the tourists from arriving in hordes for enjoying a superb vacation here. The country experiences three distinctive seasons, namely the hot, the cool and the wet or rainy season. Take a look at the best season to visit it, before settling on one of the tour packages for Thailand.

Hot Season (March to June)

The hot season, lasting from March to June, brings with it the hottest months of the year for Thailand, April and May. One can expect to have most of Thailand free from tourists, almost like having the entire country to themselves. The rates for hotels and activities also witness a downward spiral, so it is a good time for budget travelers to enjoy a trip.

Cool Season (November to February)

The cool season of Thailand lasts from November to February, or early March. The winter season, i.e November - March, is the best time to visit Thailand. The weather is much more pleasant during these months. However, families, friends, and honeymooners book holiday packages to Thailand all year round. This is the main tourist season for Thailand, and one can expect the main tourist destinations to be absolutely chock-a-block full of people. Several events, musical or otherwise, are held at various spots.

Wet Season (June to October)

Although the entire rainy season lasts from June to October, the onset of the rainy season changes every year and varies a bit depending on the location. Although the weather won’t be absolutely perfect, one can hope to have most of the beaches to themselves. The flight rates and accommodation options would also plunge accordingly, giving people a chance to enjoy a longer duration stay.

So, now as travelers have got some ideas in regards to the most suitable time to visit Thailand, they may plan for a Thailand tour package with airfare to this vibrant location basis their preferences. Or, they can also go through our list of diligently crafted itineraries of the destination. There are packages for newlyweds, solo travelers, adventure-junkies, and families. What’s more? One can always get these itineraries customized as per their favorite attractions and activities they want to cherish, or even if they want to get the Thailand trip cost from India altered, the option is always available to them.

Bestselling Thailand Tour Packages

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Thailand Packages By Cities

Duration ( in Days )

Budget Per Person ( in Rs. )

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Showing 382 Thailand Tour Packages

Romantic Bangkok And Phuket Honeymoon Tour

Best Bangkok & Phuket Honeymoon Package For A Pocket Friendly Vacation

₹ 19,000/- ₹ 20,652/-.

Per Person on twin sharing

  • Beach Holiday
  • Phi Phi Island tour
  • Dinner Cruise
  • Temple Tour

Hotel included in package:

  • Phuket (3D)
  • Bangkok (3D)

Upto 3 Stars

  • Sightseeing

Pattaya Package 4 Days And 3 Nights

Top Selling 3 Nights And 4 Days Pattaya Tour Packages

₹ 14,000/- ₹ 15,556/-.

  • Coral Island
  • Beach Visit
  • Cultural shows
  • Pattaya (4D)

Upto 4 Stars

No Room(s) Selected

Trendy Thailand Tour Package

₹ 32,000/- ₹ 35,556/-.

  • Island Tours
  • Adventure Safari
  • Extensive sightseeing
  • Bangkok city
  • Koh Samui (3D)

Grab the best Thailand travel deal by booking this customizable 5 nights 6 days Thailan....

Hotels recommended by our Travel Experts

Expert Rating

Amari Ocean Pattaya

Sensational Pattaya Honeymoon Tour Package

Sensational Pattaya Honeymoon Tour Package

₹ 19,000/- ₹ 21,111/-.

  • Alcazar Cabaret
  • Candlelight Dinner

Experience the joy of vacationing in one of the most romantic cities in the world - Pat....

View Thailand Tour Packages from

Best Of Thailand Package

Fascinating Thailand Tour Packages For A Happening Thailand Vacation

₹ 32,000/- ₹ 36,000/-.

  • Best sellers
  • Safari World
  • Pattaya (2D)

Breathtaking Bangkok Tour Package

Breathtaking Bangkok Tour Package

₹ 23,000/- ₹ 25,275/-.

  • Krabi City Tour
  • Marine Park

Bangkok and Krabi are two such destinations which enjoy a special place in Thailand tou....

Stunning Phuket Honeymoon Package

Stunning Phuket Honeymoon Package

₹ 22,000/- ₹ 24,176/-.

  • Ideal for Couples
  • James Bond Island
  • Rassada Harbour
  • Hill station
  • Phuket (4D)

Your dream honeymoon comes true with this 3 night 4 days honeymoon package, including a....

Superb Thailand Tour Package

Superb Thailand Tour Package

₹ 35,000/- ₹ 38,462/-.

  • Bangkok city tour
  • Dubai Sightseeing
  • Phuket (2D)
  • Pattaya (3D)

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the major places of tourist interest and ....

Thailand Package For 4 Nights 5 Days

Explore Our Best-Selling 4 Nights 5 Days Thailand Tour Packages

₹ 23,000/- ₹ 25,000/-.

  • Pristine beaches
  • Optional Watersports

Incredible Thailand Honeymoon Package

Incredible Thailand Honeymoon Package

₹ 25,000/- ₹ 27,778/-.

  • Phuket FantaSea Show
  • 4 Islands Tour

Specially crafted for honeymooners, the ideal 5 days 4 nights Phuket honeymoon ....

Mesmerizing Phuket Honeymoon Package

Mesmerizing Phuket Honeymoon Package

₹ 18,000/- ₹ 20,647/-.

  • Siam Niramit
  • Chinese Junk Boat
  • Phuket (5D)

Explore the Pearl of the Andaman Sea with your loved one by booking the romantic

Pleasurable Pattaya Tour Package

Pleasurable Pattaya Tour Package

₹ 12,500/- ₹ 13,736/-.

Grab this tastefully created 3 nights, 4 days Pattaya tour package for....

Swanky Vacation At Splendid Krabi

Swanky Vacation At Splendid Krabi

₹ 25,500/- ₹ 28,022/-.

  • Hot Springs
  • Leisure Time

Famed for its breathtaking views, enchanting beaches and islands while sitting on the s....

Upto 5 Stars

Rejuvenating Thailand Tour Package

Rejuvenating Thailand Tour Package

₹ 29,800/- ₹ 33,483/-.

  • Buddhist temple

Set out for an unforgettable holiday with this 6 nights 7 days Thailand tour pa....

Phuket Krabi Honeymoon Package

Phuket Krabi Honeymoon Package

₹ 29,800/- ₹ 35,760/-.

  • Phi Phi Island

Indulge in the spirit of love with the romantic 4 nights 5 days Phuket Krabi ho....

Adventurous Phuket Family Package

Adventurous Phuket Family Package

₹ 27,800/- ₹ 30,889/-.

  • Family Trip
  • Phang Nga Bay
  • Scuba Diving

A gorgeous mountainous island in Thailand, Phuket is an incredible place to visit for a....

Amazing Thailand Tour Package

Amazing Thailand Tour Package

₹ 34,800/- ₹ 38,242/-.

  • Phuket Sightseeing

Thailand, the land of beaches, royal palaces, tranquil seas and ancient ruins; is a Sou....

Amazing Trip To Bangkok And Phuket

Amazing Trip To Bangkok And Phuket

₹ 39,900/- ₹ 43,846/-.

  • Ideal For Family
  • Bangkok (2D)

If you are stuck with your daily routine and want an escape from it, nothing is better ....

Exhilarating Bangkok Pattaya Honeymoon Package

Exhilarating Bangkok Pattaya Honeymoon Package

₹ 29,900/- ₹ 32,857/-.

  • Alcazar Show

With our Bangkok Pattaya packages for 5 days for couple, let your next....

Splendid Bangkok Pattaya Honeymoon Package

Splendid Bangkok Pattaya Honeymoon Package

Set off for a truly immersive experience with a 4 nights 5 days Bangkok Pattaya....

Thailand Family Tour Package To Pattaya And Bangkok

Thailand Family Tour Package To Pattaya And Bangkok

₹ 11,000/- ₹ 12,500/-.

  • Watersports

For an amazing vacation with your loved ones, explore Thailand - the Land of Smiles wit....

Honeymoon Tour To Beguiling Bangkok

Honeymoon Tour To Beguiling Bangkok

₹ 9,000/- ₹ 9,890/-.

Renowned for its happening culture, seafood, magnificent architecture and nightlife, th....

Amazing Bangkok Honeymoon Package

Amazing Bangkok Honeymoon Package

  • Koh Samui (2D)

Those looking forward to a romantic trip, after exchanging vows can book a 6 ni....

Best Of Thailand Honeymoon Package

Best Of Thailand Honeymoon Package

₹ 26,000/- ₹ 30,875/-.

For ultimate romance on the beautiful beaches of Thailand, plan your honeymoon with the....

Romantic Phuket Sightseeing Tour Packages

Sea, Sand, Palms, And Beautiful Sky Best Describe Phuket

Thailand tour packages by theme, hotels in thailand by star ratings, hotels in thailand by themes, property types in thailand, faqs for thailand, how much would a thailand tour cost.

Your Thailand trip will cost you anywhere between INR 8,000 for a 4 days tour to INR 135,000 for 6 days, covering various cities. These prices are, obviously, based upon the number of days you stay there, the cities you cover, the hotels you stay at and the experiences that you want to indulge in.

Is Thailand cheaper than India?

For those wondering, India is cheaper than Thailand in many aspects. Local activities, travel, accommodations, food are all comparatively way cheaper in India. Even the hostels in India are available at cheaper prices than in Thai cities. However, our Thailand tour packages are customizable so you can make your own itinerary at your own budget range.

What time is best for Thailand trip?

The most appropriate time to go on a Thailand trip is during the months between November and early April when temperatures range from 29°C to 34°C. But take note, the climate varies throughout the country and you can tour all year round. But the suggested time to opt for a Thailand tour package is between November and April.

Which Thailand tour package is best?

A majority of travelers prefer to opt for a 5 day 4 nights Thailand tour package. As the package is not that expensive, covers most of the destinations, and comprises a variety of places of visit. Having said that, you can always check out our long list of Thailand travel packages and pick the most suitable one for yourself.

What are the best Thailand tour packages offered by TravelTriangle?

Below listed are some of the best Thailand tour packages offered by us:

Bewitching Bangkok Sightseeing Tour Package

Best Of Thailand Holiday Package

An Awesome Pattaya Tour Package

How does one attain a VISA for Thailand?

Indian tourists may apply for a tourist visa-on-arrival for a period of 15 days or less at the immigration checkpoints. The applicants need to possess 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family as means of living expenses. Full paid return tickets usable within 15 days since the date of arrival must also be produced whenever required. The applicant also needs to attach his/her recent photograph (2 ½ inches) to the application form.

What kind of clothing should you pack for Thailand?

Light natural fabrics are sufficient for the hot and humid months of April - June. Sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, and mosquito repellent bands are some accessories that all must carry. But, we recommend you to not wear very short shorts and sleeveless tees/tops in public. In July and September, you must also carry full sleeves and long pants in addition to the light fabrics. Raincoats and umbrellas must also be carried at all times. A mix of light fabrics and light woolens must be carried for the winter tour packages of Thailand.

What are the outdoor things to do in Thailand?

  There are so many ways to spend time in Thailand during a vacation. Try these top 7 outdoor things to do in Thailand :

  • Island Hopping in Thailand as there are around 300 islands; start from Thai Island and then continue.
  • Be the audience in Muay Thai fight which is Thailand’s national sport. Head to the Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok for the Thai fight.
  • Take a Street-food tour in Thailand and explore the various cuisines available at affordable prices. Get a local guide to know more about the dishes you try.
  • Visit one of the famous floating markets in Bangkok at Damnoen Saduak which is just 60 miles from the city.
  • Take a tour of the Grand Palace which has been the home to the king, his court, and the government of Thailand as well as the Royal Mint for nearly 150 years.
  • Spend an Evening in Nana Plaza (Soi 4) which is located along the main road which has its route through Bangkok, and is known as Sukhumvit road.
  • Take part in the Water Fight during Songkran as Songkran is celebrated as the traditional New Year of Thailand.

What kind of meals are provided on a Thailand tour?

There is provision for vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and Jain meals. The meals are generally priced around INR 400 per meal per person. But we request you to mention the same to the travel agent at the time of booking.

What are the items that one must shop for in Thailand?

  Thailand can seem like a dream come true for shopaholics, with almost everything under the sun available for purchase, and that too at very economical rates. You can purchase the following stuff from Thailand:

  • Apparels of the latest designs
  • Thai silk scarves
  • Soap carvings
  • Tribal handmade artifacts
  • Designer knockoffs of purses
  • Fruit soaps
  • Paper umbrellas
  • Triangle pillows
  • Noodles of a multitude of flavors
  • Thai spices
  • Dried/dehydrated fruits
  • Loads of sweet and savory snacks

What is an ideal tour duration to Thailand?

  Thailand is a diverse land, full of amazing places to visit and things to do, and in order to do its exploration complete justice, you would need to spend at least 6 to 7 days here. Depending upon the destinations that you want to include in your trip, plan at least a couple of days at all of the places along with a minimum of 3 days in Bangkok. Take a look at how long you should stay at some of the more popular destinations of Thailand, and mix and match to create the perfect itinerary:

  • Bangkok (3 days)
  • Phuket (2 days)
  • Pattaya (2 days)
  • Koh Samui (2 days)
  • Krabi (2 days)

Which are some of the best islands in Thailand?

  The beauty of Thailand and its islands is something that needs to be seen and experienced to be believed. Each island is more beautiful than the last, but here is a list of which ones you mustn’t miss:

  • Koh Phi Phi Le for the feeling of being at a secluded beach
  • Koh Lipe for snorkeling
  • Koh Khai for a gorgeous natural stone arch formation on the beach
  • Koh Yao Yai for kayaking in the mangroves
  • Koh Adang for hiking to stunning viewpoints
  • Koh Samet for fire shows
  • Koh Phangan for a party atmosphere
  • Koh Tarutao for lush jungles and sacred shrines
  • Koh Khram Yai for sunbathing alone

What are the best places to shop in Thailand?

  The best places to shop in Thailand are Phuket Weekend Market, Jungceylon Shopping Mall, Central Festival Phuket, Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Central World, Pratunam Market, and Union Mall.

What are some amazing water sports to try in Thailand?

  Some amazing water sports to try in Thailand are banana boat ride, scuba diving, wakeboarding, kite surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and sailing.

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Maya Bay In Krabi

Maya Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Thailand. Maya Bay, Thailand is one of the most iconic beaches in the country and is an amalgamation of various beaches along the cliff. Furthermore, Maya Bay in Phi Phi helps one enjoy life at the fullest. This beach is one of those beaches that made Thailand famous.


  • Ideal for friends
  • Ideal for families

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep In Chiang Mai

Located on the western outskirts of Chiang Mai, Suthep is a district in itself. And, the magnificent temple, called Wat Phra That Doi Suthep nestled on its summit is one of the most sacred temples of the region. It is believed that your tour to Chiang Mai is never complete if you escaped a visit to this temple. Owing to its...

  • Religious Tour

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary In Chiang Mai

Founded in July 2014, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is home to around 30 elephants and is one of the best elephant sanctuaries snuggled in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Operated in partnership by the locals of the city and members of the nearby Karen hill tribes, this lush green sanctuary attracts a huge flock of tourists who are in lo...

Chiang Mai Night Safari In Chiang Mai

Inspired by the Singapore Night Safari, the Chiang Mai Night Safari, Thailand is also a nocturnal zoo modeled with the same concept. Sprawling over 300 acres, it is considered as one of the biggest nocturnal zoos in the world. Offering an array of really exciting activities, this park lets you enjoy some time in the midst o...

  • Night Safari

Chiang Mai Zoo In Chiang Mai

Although one of the underrated places in Thailand, Chiang Mai Zoo offers an incredible experience for its visitors. Chiang Mai Zoo is located at the foothills of Doi Suthep mountain, spread across a lush area of 200-acres. There’s an interesting history behind the Zoo. The Zoo was created when the son of an American mission...

  • Adventure Activities

Things To Do In Thailand

Your list of the best things to do, compiled on the basis of actual traveler experiences

Bungee Jumping In Pattaya

Bungee jumping in Pattaya is one of the best adventure activities which all the extreme sports enthusiasts must try. It is a famous tourists’ attraction in Pattaya because one gets to experience something that they can tick off their bucket lists without having to pay much. Pattaya bungee jump and human slingshot are for ev...

  • Bungee jumping

Krabi Town Night Market In Krabi

Shopping in Thailand is on everyone’s list no matter what. Right from clothes to art installation to the little trinkets to remember the trip by, one can find everything at the local markets in Thailand. Thailand markets are quite unlike any other in the world. One such astonishing place is the Krabi town night market , also...

  • Night Market.

Songkran Festival In Chiang Mai

If you are planning to explore Chiang Mai, then Thai New Year- Songkran Festival is the best time to explore the misty mountains of the city. Held between 13th and 15th of April every year, this water festival is one of the most anticipated festivals in Thailand. And, Chiang Mai is famed for hosting one of the biggest celeb...

  • Unlimited Fun

Loi Krathong Festival In Chiang Mai

An annual festival celebrated in Thailand by the locals, Loi Krathong festival of lights marks the end of the monsoon season in the country. In the month of November when there is a full moon night, you will see the rivers of Thailand lit up brightly with floating candles. The people of Thailand observe this festival with m...

Night Bazaar In Chiang Mai

Popular among tourists as a “shopper’s paradise”, Chiang Mai night bazaar is located on the east side of the city, along the Thanon Chang Khlan road. The shopaholic tourists who visit here do not hesitate in bargaining for their favorite picks at an affordable price. The Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai, Thailand draws in thousan...

Travel Stories

The Thailand tourism packages include more than just the city tours and sightseeing shenanigans. The experiences that comprises of the culinary delights, the traditional rendezvous, and experiential tours enriches the whole journey of a traveler. The ample time provided on such tours like that of the Thailand packages from Mumbai makes sure that a traveler enjoys plenty of the experiences other than the popular attractions and tours. The leisure time provided on the Thai trips and holidays provides an opportunity to the travelers to indulge in more than just a normal person would do. Explore the streets and neighborhoods of Thailand on a trip to get a feel of how the locals live. By getting an experience of it and indulging in local food dishes offered at the many stalls in the vibrant markets of Thailand, one can enjoy the true and authentic flavor of Thailand.

Take a look at the personal experiences of a few of our travelers, who went to tour this beautiful country with well-planned tour packages for Thailand from TravelTriangle.

1. Nothing Better than Thailand for an All Boys Trip!

Duration: 4N/5D

Accommodation: Hotel

Experiences: Blue lagoons, sunny beaches, night markets & more

Come Back for: Koh Samui

My friend and I had been itching to go traveling for a long time, and as soon as we found some time, we started looking at options. With a perfect trip in mind, a total boy’s vacation, we decided on Thailand. Spending 4 nights, 5 days in Thailand, we managed to cover Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Phi Island and Krabi, with help from TravelTriangle. We knew we had a lot to cover, with beaches, night markets, street food, dance shows and so much more waiting for us in this glorious land. Our main attraction was beaches, and we managed to fit in quite a few, from Railay Beach to Tup Island, from Chicken Island to Phi Phi Island, and many others. And each of them was better than the last. What can we say, the trip was perfect, so was the hotel (we spent long, lazy hours in the pool)! The food at the hotel as well as the street food was delicious; whereas the sightseeing was impeccable as were the transfers.

Read Full Story Here

2. When Girls Have All the Fun: A Thai Escapade

Duration: 8N/9D

Accommodation: Resort

We had been looking for a way to get all of our friends together for a girl’s trip away, and Thailand was the chosen destination. With assistance from the TravelTriangle team and agent associates, it became pretty evident from Day 1 that we were gonna have a great trip. The sparkling nightlife was a big attraction for going on Thailand Holidays , but we were also assured by TravelTriangle that it is a pretty safe destination for an all girls trip. The highlight had to be the Alcazar Cabaret show on the first day! What acrobatics and moves! We also covered Coral Island and Tiger Park, and there was never a dull moment. But, the best part was yet to come: SHOPPING! For shopaholics like us, Bangkok is a paradise, offering apparels, footwear, accessories, electronics and even items we have never heard about at such affordable prices! We shopped till we dropped! All in all, this was a trip of a lifetime.

3. Thailand: A Shopaholic’s Dream Come True

Duration: 6N/7D

Experiences: Adventure, gorgeous lagoons, super night markets

Come Back for: Chiang Mai

I like traveling solo, and have been to several places all by myself. But this time, we planned on a girl’s trip. My friends and I were looking for a place that would let us relax and yet have an adventurous time. Aiming to have all the fun that we could, we decided on Thailand as our perfect vacation spot. The package and the agent that was finalized via TravelTriangle was quite good. We got to see a lot of this beautiful country, from Phuket to Phi Phi Islands, from Bangkok to Krabi and so much more in-between on our Thailand Holidays . I can easily say that all the boxes on our travel bucket list were checked on this trip. While beaches were inviting and relaxing, some of them offered amazing chances to feel the adrenaline rushing through our veins. We loved kayaking on the Hong Island tour, visiting night markets in Bangkok, the stunning Ocean World tour and several other such excursions. Totally worth it; and we didn't even have to spend any precious time planning the trip.

Best Places To Stay In Thailand

When visiting a place like Thailand, it is always a good idea to stay close to the beach so that one can enjoy the sea breeze, amazing seafood and of course, the long walks on the beach. One can find some amazing places to stay all across the country, from Koh Samui to Krabi, from Bangkok to Pattaya on this Thailand Tour . Based on what sort of experiences one wants, what sort of attractions one wants to stay near and what levels of comfort one needs, choose the best possible accommodation. There are plenty of options for luxury travelers, as well as for budget ones, so one can take their pick easily.

Here are 5 of the most Fantastic Hotels in Thailand:

1. Amari Ocean Pattaya

Star Category: 5 star

Starting Price (Per Night): INR 7,000

Location: 240 Beach Rd, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

The resort has some of the most luxurious rooms and facilities, Amari is a top choice for business and leisure travelers. It’s restaurant and services like swimming pools,beach views, airport shuttles and so much more just add to the elegance.

2. The Marina Phuket Hotel

Star Category: 4 star

Starting Price (Per Night): INR 1,500

Location: 240/9 Phangmuang Sai Kor Road, Patong, Kathu Patong Beach 83150, Thailand

The Marina Phuket Hotel is a luxurious 4 star property where you can escape the bustle of city life. Located alongside the Patong Beach, the hotel has a fabulous rooftop pool and bar which caters to all its guests.

3. Impiana Resort

Starting Price (Per Night): INR 3,000

Location: 41 Thaweewong Rd, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150, Thailand

The Impiana Resort is a 4 star, sea facing resort in Phuket catering to all your fancies for a luxury stay. Inviting business and leisure travelers, it offers facilities like swimming pools, shuttles, bars, BBQ and so many more!

4. Hilton Pattaya

Starting Price (Per Night): INR 9,500

Location: 333/101 ???? 9, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20260, Thailand

Hilton Pattaya is one of the finest hotels in Thailand and located in southeast Asia's largest beachfront shopping complex. The hotel is located in the heart of the city and is close to many attractions and cafes.

5. Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa

Starting Price (Per Night): INR 5,000

Location: 88 Moo 7, Phunai, Koh Yao, Phang nga, 83000 Ko Yao Yai, Thailand

A cozy accommodation featuring a wide array of facilities is how we can define this resort. It has a swimming pool, superb beach views and offers delectable Thai cuisine at its in-house restaurant. This is the epitome of accommodation in Thailand.

What to Eat Authentic Local Dishes?

For the adventurous gastronomic, Thai cuisine is not just limited to Pad Thai, Red Curry or Khao Pad. One can indulge in all sorts of decadent delights here, such as the seafood soups, fritters, mushrooms and innovative meat dishes. The delicious dishes of Thailand definitely warrant a taste, and the best ones are available at the street markets. Make sure to try Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup), Som Tum (Spicy Green Papaya Salad) and Kai Med Ma Muang (Chicken with Cashew Nuts). For vegetarians, the choices are endless as well, with fresh fruits and exotic vegetables ensuring one has an equally enthralling journey. Some hotels offer special vegetarian cuisine for those availing Thailand tour packages from India .

Here are 5 of the most amazing restaurants in Thailand offering authentic and exotic dishes:

1. Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant

Cuisines: Vegan, seafood, organic

Timings: 11:30 am to 8:15pm

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Location: 28 Nimmanhaemin Road, Tambon SuThep, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

The Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant is highly popular for its delicious curries and vegetarian food options.

The menu changes weekly and is rich in seasonal as well as organic produce. If you are looking for vegan food, this restaurant offers some of them as well - a rare offering in Thailand.

2. Blue Elephant Bangkok

Cuisines: Thai

Timings: 11 am to 9:30 pm

Location: Surasak BTS Station, 233 S Sathon Rd, Yan Nawa Sathon Surasak, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Located in Bangkok, the restaurant is situated in a beautiful Chinese-colonial style mansion. The regal setting is appropriate as the menu is full of the royal Thai cuisine. Witness some traditional cooking techniques of the past and taste the bold flavours that will keep you wondering about the ingredients.

3. Feuang Nara

Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

TripAdvisor Rating: 4

Location: 3 Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

The restaurant is set in an old family home and offers delectable and authentic Thai food. Taste traditional specialities like the Tom Yam Gung soup and Pad Thai. The restaurant also serves fresh seafood like spiced and salted shrimps with delicious fried snapper.

4. Suay Restaurant

Timings: 4 pm to 11 pm

TripAdvisor Rating: 5

Location: 4, 177/99 Moo 6 Si Sunthon, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

Suay is located in a tranquil setting and serves traditional Thai food and special dishes from Northeastern Isan. The menu is huge and offers crab cakes, mango chutney, sweet chilli aioli, roasted duck in red curry with lychees and so many harmonious combinations. The restaurant is a homely place to enjoy the best of Asian cuisine.

5. Le Vendôme

Cuisines: French

Timings: 10 am to 9 pm

Location: 6/10 Piman 49 Building D1 (4th floor, Klang Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

The restaurant seems to be heavily Inspired by the Vendôme Place in Paris. The decor is simply elegant which elevates when you taste the rich flavoursome meals of this restaurant. Find authentic French dishes that taste just like locally-made, even though it's 8,000 miles away.

The Thailand holiday packages cater to the needs of travelers of every segment and every pocket size. The feature of customizing the Thailand itinerary allows the booker to choose from a myriad of destinations and activities that Thailand has to offer. Another beckoning aspect of the Thailand tour itineraries is that these are specially crafted by TravelTriangle’s travel experts, keeping in mind, the requirements of the traveling couples. Couples can expect all types of facilities such as sightseeing tours of major cities of Thailand, thrilling activities, rejuvenating leisure periods, hassle-free local as well as inter-state transfers, and most importantly luxurious and comfortable accommodations from this itinerary.

From visiting the floating markets to island hopping, a trip to Thailand is quintessential. Not only the country is rich in culture and history but is also known for hosting exquisite full moon parties and water sports that ensure a holistic holiday experience.

Some of the major activities you can enjoy on Thailand tours are mentioned below:

1. Have a Thai Massage

For the ultimate relaxation, a Thai massage is the best option. With several types of aromatic oils and treatments to choose from, getting rid of everyday stress becomes easy. These massage parlors line the streets at most popular markets, and one can simply walk in, even for a foot massage. No Thailand travel packages can be deemed complete without a rejuvenating massage and spa session.

2. Travel by Scooter

On a leisure day, one can choose to hire a two wheeler, and roam the beautiful locations on their own. Not only will this save money and is more environment-friendly, but one can also get to feel like a local in a country that isn’t their own. Mind it, a valid international driver’s licence is required for the same.

3. Eat Street Food

Now, what trip to Thailand will be complete without sampling some of their amazing street food. Fast, cheap and tasty, the street food is sure to enthrall everybody with its freshness, its innovation and of course, the cheap prices.

4. Go to a Full Moon Party

A full-moon party in Thailand is a must do! These parties last the entire night, preferably on the beach, with live music and loads to eat and drink. The original full-moon party was held on Ko Pha-ngan, but since then there are several variants of the original party held at various beaches. To get the best information about this, make sure to get in touch with locals.

5. Go Snorkeling

Some of the small islands in Thailand offer travelers a chance to view the colorful underwater world. One such place is Koh Lanta, which is home to some of the best dive sites in the world. With gorgeous coral and marine life to rival that of even the Great Barrier Reef, it is a great place for novice as well as professionals.

6. Beach Hopping

Thailand is known for its beautiful and relaxing beaches. They offer great views, a calming environment, and an ambience that takes away your stress. These beaches in Thailand are an epitome of peace and serenity. A Thailand trip package is not complete if you don’t include beach hopping as an activity to your trip. The beaches not only give you a chance to stroll amidst the white pristine sands, but also offer amazing adventurous activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and more.

7. Explore Wildlife

There are many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Thailand that boast of beautiful wildlife and gives an insight into the flora and fauna. Few of the wildlife sanctuaries that are home to some of the most exotic animals and flora are The Tiger Kingdom, Sai Yok National Park, and Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary. A great Thailand trip package will always have a visit to one of the wildlife sanctuaries.

8. Shopping Spree

From handicrafts stalls to huge shopping malls to wine shops, Thailand offers an unparalleled shopping experience. The shops in Thailand are famous for textiles, fabrics, intricate weaving on clothes, amazing handicrafts and the list just goes on. When in Thailand, it is imperative to indulge in a shopping spree and thanks to the throw-away prices the shopping cart will never be full. The impressive superfluity of items such as jewelry, textiles, pottery, and spices that can not be found anywhere else makes the Thailand travel package incomplete without a shopping spree.

9. Cruise Rides

Cruise rides and cruise dinners are few of the most iconic things to do in Thailand. The cruises in Thailand are humongous, illuminated, and boasts some of the most amazing facilities on board. These cruises are known for the exceptional views they offer, along with features such as live music, classical Thai dance, other events that are food for the soul. The cruise, can be included in cheap thailand packages, also offers a chance to experience the views with mouth-watering delectable delicacies of Thai cuisines and other international cuisines.

10. Temple Hopping

Temples in Thailand attract a large number of tourists from around the world. The marvellous architecture, unique and expansive design, and woodwork in the temples makes these temples a sight to behold. There are over 40,000 temples in Thailand, and each and every temple is unique in its own way and woos tourists in their own ways. Temples like Wat Pho, Wat Khao Rang, and Wat Thuma Sua are some of the famous temples in Thailand.

Thailand Tour - Pro Travelers' Tips

  • Dress appropriately and cover your elbows and knees before visiting any temple in Thailand. If your clothes don’t fit the standards, the security always a few extra sarongs available for use by tourists.
  • Don’t forget to carry your international driver’s licence if planning on hiring a bike or car.
  • Try to travel by Tuk tuks in the day, and use taxis for commuting within the city at night.
  • Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, power bank, medicines and other essential items, even for a day trip.
  • The beaches of Koh Samui are a great place for grabbing cheap booze, and spending an inexpensive leisure day as part of your Thailand travel packages.
  • The street markets/night markets of Thailand offer several great items. Make sure to bargain responsibly for what you like.

Safety Measures For A Trip To Thailand

Thailand is a popular and very integral tourist destination in South East Asia. It boasts of markets, attractions, and places that interest any or all travellers visiting the country. But some safety features need to be kept in mind before visiting the country:

  • Carry all basic requirements that ensure safer travel. This includes hand sanitizers, masks, disinfectants, etc.
  • Choose a reliable travel agent to book your trip.
  • Check permits before visiting an attraction or destination.
  • Also, ensure that you have the necessary medical certificate as required.
  • Book accommodation which is safe not only for group travellers but also for solo travellers. Accommodations that offer a cheaper budget may not be safe all the time.
  • Snatching, mugging and pickpocketing are frequent crimes that occur in most parts of Thailand. To avoid such crimes, keep your belongings safe and away from the visibility of others.
  • Be careful when you are walking alone on the road. Snatchers are mostly active in such places. If you are carrying a purse or bag, hold it one that side of the body which is away from the traffic.
  • Do not carry all the cash or credit cards in one bag while you are out. Take only those possessions which are very necessary. Otherwise, leave your belongings in a safe at the hotel.
  • Keep your phone in a safe place and out of sight. But do not make the mistake of keeping it in your bag or purse which is exposed outside.
  • Before you leave for Thailand, get your name registered in the country’s embassy. In case of any mishap or disaster, India’s ministry of Foreign Affairs will be there for your rescue.
  • Do not go to such places which are dimly lit or appear shady, especially during the night. Such “dark” areas are the infamous parts of Thailand.
  • Visit the beaches during the morning and in the evening. Do not go to the beaches alone at night or after the evening.

Much like the varied destinations, there are ample options of places to visit and things to do in Thailand. So, browse through the list of Thailand tour packages and start planning a trip to Thailand right away. The Land of Smiles take you on a journey filled with adventure and awe-striking landscapes. From beaches to serene temples, the country has it all to lure people from all around the world. There is no wonder that Thailand is everyone's dream destination when it comes to picking up a travel destination from SouthEast Asia. So make your Thailand tour plan a reality by booking the best tour packages.

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17 things you need to know before visiting Thailand

Joe Bindloss

Oct 28, 2023 • 7 min read

Young woman traveler with backpack traveling into beautiful pagoda in Wat Pra Kaew.

Thailand is one of the easiest places to travel in Asia, but there are some top tips that first-time visitors should know © Witthaya Prasongsin / Getty Images

Thailand has a deserved reputation as one of the easiest places to travel in Asia. There’s an amazing amount to see , hassles are limited, English-language signs and menus are commonplace, and you can get around easily at almost any time of day or night. 

However, there are a few things every traveler should know. Here are our top tips for making the most of your trip. 

1. Rainy season varies depending on where you are

The June to October rainy season brings heavy showers and regular storms to northern, central and southwestern Thailand, creating dangerous conditions for travel by sea. The southeast coast and the Gulf of Thailand get soaked slightly later, from October to December. 

Rainy-season travel means lower prices and smaller crowds, but some accommodations close and many island ferries stop running, including services to the Tarutao archipelago . If this is when you decide to visit, you'll definitely want to pack some kind of wet weather gear.

2. Check for recommended vaccinations

You’ve probably already been jabbed for COVID-19, but most doctors also recommend vaccination against tetanus and hepatitis A. Also consider a rabies shot – dogs, cats and monkeys can all carry the viral disease. Malaria is present along the borders with Laos , Cambodia , Myanmar and Malaysia . If you visit these regions, use anti-malarial prophylaxis such as atovaquone/proguanil or doxycycline. 

3. Sensible travelers to Thailand book ahead

If you have your heart set on a particular boat journey, train trip, trek, tour or boutique stay, book ahead for the busy tourist season from November to March or during any religious holiday. During the rainy season, call or email ahead to check if places are open.

4. Follow local etiquette when meeting Thai people

When meeting locals in Thailand, the standard greeting is the wai – a respectful dip of the head with the hands held palms together in front of the chest. Don’t shake hands unless the other person initiates the handshake. If you get invited into a Thai home, remove your shoes before you enter and avoid pointing the soles of your feet towards another person. 

A woman wearing clothes that cover her shoulders walks along a wall of golden buddhas in a Thai temple

5. Be respectful of Buddhism, a part of everyday life in Thailand 

Some 95% of Thais are Buddhist, and the national religion weaves through every aspect of life. To show proper respect, remove footwear before entering any Buddhist structure, and wear clothing that covers the shoulders, upper arms and upper legs. 

Never point the soles of your feet towards any Buddhist image (or monk), and don’t touch Buddha statues on the head. Give way to monks when walking on footpaths, and don’t sit next to them on public transport. It is also taboo for a woman to touch a monk or their belongings.

6. Dress modestly

Thai women and men usually avoid revealing outfits that show off a lot of skin. Swimsuits are fine for the beach, but away from the sand, throw on a sarong or fisher's pants, plus something that covers the shoulders if you visit religious sites. Topless or nude sunbathing is frowned upon and can attract unwanted attention.

7. Show respect for the king and royal family

The Thais take respect for the monarchy extremely seriously, and lèse-majesté (maligning the royal family) is a criminal offense. Never show disrespect towards the monarch or depictions of the royal family (including on money). 

8. Know what to expect at the dining table

When dining out in Thailand, everything tends to arrive on the table at the same time, usually placed in the middle of the table for everyone to share. Thailand abandoned chopsticks in the 19th century. You’ll get a spoon and fork but no knife – but most dishes come as bite-sized morsels, so you won’t need one. Sticky rice is usually bundled up into balls and eaten with the fingers. 

Asian family enjoy eating food on street food restaurant with crowd of people at Yaowarat road, Bangkok

9. Vegetarian is a relative term in Thailand 

Fish sauce, oyster sauce and egg are widely used as cooking ingredients in Thailand. The safest bet for people who don't eat fish or meat is to seek out Indian-owned vegetarian restaurants, or restaurants serving kin jay Buddhist cuisine. If in doubt, ask the person making the food if it is jay  – the term ​​ mang sa wirat just means food that doesn’t contain pieces of meat or fish but doesn't mean it's necessarily suitable for vegetarians. 

10. Health risks include stomach bugs, mosquito bites and rabies

The most common trouble travelers face in Thailand is trip-spoiling stomach bugs. Never drink tap water, wash your hands before eating, stick to busy eating establishments and be cautious of ice, unwashed or unpeeled fruit and uncooked vegetables. If you become unwell, seek out private hospitals in larger cities rather than public hospitals.

Mosquito bites can easily become infected in Thailand’s tropical climate. Bring mosquito repellent, and use mosquito nets (or bring your own). Rabies is another risk – always seek medical attention if you are bitten by a dog, cat or monkey. 

11. Smart travelers steer clear of drugs in Thailand 

In June 2022,  marijuana and hemp were removed from the Category 5 narcotics list in Thailand. However, there are still restrictions and smoking marijuana in public is not recommended.

Crossing borders with Class A drugs carries the death penalty, and even the possession of small quantities can bring a hefty prison sentence – it’s really not worth the risk. Also note that smoking in public can attract heavy fines. If you take any prescription medicines, check that these are allowed into Thailand before you travel. 

A driver in a blue and white tuk-tuk, picking up a passenger

12. Prices may well be inflated for tourists

In general, Thailand is hassle-free, but tourists are often charged inflated prices for tuk-tuks and unmetered taxi rides – ask a local how much journeys should cost and use that as a yardstick for a fair fare. 

Major tourist sites are popular stalking grounds for cab drivers and touts who will try to steer you towards dubious souvenir shops, fake "tourist offices" and second-rate places to stay, where you’ll inevitably pay more to cover their commission. Book transport directly with the operators to avoid dodgy deals from unscrupulous travel agents. 

13. You may be approached by sex workers

Thailand’s sex industry may find you whether you want it to or not. Single male travelers (and even couples) can expect to be approached by sex workers or touts drumming up business, so be ready with a firm refusal. 

Be aware that some bars, restaurants and karaoke venues are fronts for sex work – warning signs include red or pink strip lights, large numbers of skimpily dressed female staff and lots of foreign male customers.

14. Political protests can be tense and are best avoided 

Thailand can have a lot of protests. When tensions flare up between the government and opposition groups, it can lead to blockades, flight cancellations and sometimes violence. Monitor local news sites such as the Nation for information on simmering political troubles, and avoid protests and other potential flash points.

15. Some governments advise against travel in Thailand’s south 

The far south of Thailand, along the Malaysian border, has been wracked by a separatist insurgency since the 1940s. Most foreign governments advise against travel to the districts of Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat and parts of Songkhla.  

16. Be very cautious when riding a scooter

Thousands of travelers rent a scooter or motorcycle in Thailand, but make sure your home driving license covers you for any vehicle you hire, and carry your passport (or a copy of the ID pages) in case the police ask for it.

Wear a helmet, ride cautiously and make sure the rental comes with liability insurance – every year, hundreds of tourists are injured in motorcycle and scooter accidents in Thailand. Always give way to larger vehicles, and watch out for livestock, potholes and other hazards on the road. 

17. Follow local advice if there's a natural disaster

Thailand is vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as flooding, landslides and cyclones during the rainy season. Heed official advice in the event of a natural disaster, and contact your embassy for up-to-the-minute information on evacuation procedures. 

This article was first published January 2022 and updated October 2023

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Thailand for Solo Travelers: Bangkok, Phuket & the Islands

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Hop between Thailand’s temples, markets, and islands with fellow solo travelers.

What could be better than exploring golden temples and maze-like markets in Bangkok, or snorkeling, swimming, and sunning off the coast of a Thai island? Doing it all alongside like-minded solo travelers—and returning home with a whole new group of friends.

Your tour package includes

  • 7 nights in a private room at handpicked hotels
  • 7 breakfasts
  • 2 dinners with beer or wine
  • 3 food tastings

Included highlights

  • Grand Palace
  • Klong canal cruise
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
  • Maeklong Train Market
  • Organic Thai farm visit

go holiday tour thailand

An expert specializing in tours of this region is here to help.

Day-by-day itinerary

go holiday tour thailand

Board your overnight flight to Bangkok today.

Welcome to Thailand! Get settled into your hotel tonight.

This morning, join your Tour Director on a sightseeing tour of Bangkok.

  • Explore the sprawling Grand Palace complex, built in 1782 for the king of Siam
  • Pass by the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew)
  • Step inside the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) to see the famous 150-foot-long statue of Buddha
  • Visit the nearby flower market before taking a walking tour of the Chinatown neighborhood
  • Visit the Amulets Market, where you can shop for amulets and charms that have been blessed by Buddhist monks
  • Learn about the cultural significance of amulets, which are believed to protect their wearers from harm and, in some cases, bring them good fortune
  • Enjoy an included welcome lunch at a local restaurant with your fellow travelers
  • Tour the city’s canals, called klongs, on a motorized longboat as you sample local fruits

This evening, gather with your Tour Director and fellow group members at a mixer.

Explore the region surrounding Bangkok on a series of stops at local cultural sites.

  • Ride through canals and villages on a long-tail boat to arrive at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
  • See the varied stalls, where locals sell food and goods, before sampling a sweet local specialty
  • Explore the Maeklong Railway Market, built on an active train line, where vendors regularly pack up their stalls to allow trains to pass
  • Continue on to a local organic farm to learn about its eco-friendly practices
  • Sample freshly picked fruit and a refreshing coconut drink
  • Take part in a hands-on planting workshop with local farmers

Enjoy a free evening in Bangkok or add an excursion.

go holiday tour thailand

Food of Bangkok Walking Tour

From $115 per person

Fly to Phuket this morning. Then get to get know Thailand’s largest island on a walking tour.

  • Learn how Phuket has long been an important trading post for Europe and China
  • Admire the restored shophouses along Dibuk Road in the Old Town
  • View the Chinpracha House, a beautiful Sino-Portuguese-style colonial mansion
  • Sample some regional snacks in a restored coffee house

Tonight, enjoy an included dinner with your group.

Head to Phuket harbor and board a speedboat to Phi Phi Don for a day of beach-hopping alongside an expert guide.

  • Snorkel in the crystal-clear, blue water and admire one of the world’s most abundant coral reef systems
  • Gaze up at the staggering limestone cliffs as you head to Monkey Island
  • Keep an eye out for Long-Tailed Macaques, a member of the Old World monkeys known for their love of water
  • Soak in the laid-back atmosphere of the islands and taste local specialties during an included lunch

Spend a free day in Phuket or add an excursion.

go holiday tour thailand

Phang Nga Bay Cruise & James Bond Island

From $145 per person

Fly to Bangkok this afternoon, then spend free time exploring the city at your leisure.

Tonight, celebrate your trip with your fellow travelers during a farewell dinner at a local restaurant.

Transfer to the airport for your early morning flight home, or continue your tour to Chiang Mai and more of Bangkok.

Fly to Chiang Mai this afternoon.

Tonight, join your Tour Director to explore the Chiang Mai Night Market, just outside the ancient walls of the old city. You’re in for the best night market experience in Thailand.

  • Sample various regional cuisine specialties made by local vendors
  • Enjoy free time to shop and taste more street food at your leisure

Drive through the countryside and visit ChangChill, an organization at the forefront of elephant welfare and responsible tourism in Chiang Mai.

  • Hear how the organization works with World Animal Protection to create a safe living environment for the elephants and an educational experience for visitors
  • Learn about Asian elephants as you watch them roam freely during a hands-off elephant exploration walk
  • Help prepare medicine and food for the elephants
  • Chat with the mahouts, or elephant caretakers, and enjoy an included vegetarian meal overlooking the elephants’ natural bathing spot

Spend a free evening in Chiang Mai or add an excursion.

go holiday tour thailand

Lanna Family Home-Hosted Dinner

From $89 per person

Spend a free day in Chiang Mai or add an excursion.

This evening, take part in a Thai cooking class.

  • Prepare local Thai dishes with culinary chefs in a secluded village known for its stunning rice fields
  • Enjoy the meal you cooked for dinner alongside your fellow group members

go holiday tour thailand

Mae Kampong Hill Tribe: Village Visit & Hike

From $65 per person

This morning, visit the Wat Suan Dok Buddhist temple where you’ll meet a resident monk to discuss Buddhism, ask questions, and learn how the monks of the temple live.

Later, fly back to Bangkok for a farewell dinner with your group.

Transfer to the airport for your early morning flight home.

Book for just $99 down

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Overall rating 4.8 out of 5

5 out of 5 stars

We had a perfect trip ! Good people in our group. Our tour director Addi would have done anything to keep us safe , organized and happy.

Thank you for leaving a review. We are glad that y...

4 out of 5 stars

Pros: The trip was amazing. Filled with once in a lifetime experiences I will remember forever. A solid mix of natural beauty, culture, history and fun. Our tour guide Adi was incredible. He went above and beyond to keep us entertained and well fed 24/7. I would definitely recommend! Cons: Th...

I went on the Solo tour and it was a great way to travel. We had a friendly group of 26 (only 12 on the extension) and an amazing tour director, Minnie, who really went above and beyond to get us everywhere on time and safely. She had many interesting anecdotes and constantly surprised us with lit...

Hi Sandra Thank you so much for sharing your wond...

Traveler photos

go holiday tour thailand

Hotels, flights & FAQ

Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok

This stylish hotel is located in the heart of Bangkok. Guests enjoy the rooftop sundeck and dining, fitness center, and steam room. Nearby you’ll find...

Crest Resort & Pool Villas

This luxury resort is located on Tri Trang Beach in Phuket. Guests enjoy the large outdoor pools, private beach area, and extensive spa village. Nearb...

 Mövenpick Suriwongse Chiang Mai

This contemporary hotel is located in downtown Chiang Mai. Guests enjoy the rooftop pool, restaurant, and convenient location. Nearby you’ll find the ...

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  • 24/7 support from our dedicated service team
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  • Find out more about flights
  • In order to enter Thailand, U.S. and Canadian citizens need a valid passport with an expiration date extending at least six months beyond the date of reentry.
  • We recommend having at least two blank passport pages for entry stamps.
  • There is no visa required for U.S. or Canadian citizens traveling to Thailand.
  • If you are not a U.S. or Canadian citizen, you must contact your country’s consulate for your specific entry requirements.
  • You can see the most up-to-date entry requirements for the destination(s) you’ll visit on tour by going to goaheadtours.com/entry-requirements and searching the code TA6.
  • You will walk for at least two hours daily across uneven terrain with some hills.
  • Travelers should be healthy enough to participate in all included walks without assistance. Adding optional excursions may increase the total amount of walking on your tour.
  • You should feel comfortable managing your own luggage at times, as well as getting in and out of pick-up trucks and small boats.
  • If you have any mobility concerns or physical restrictions, please contact our Customer Experience Team.
  • Round-trip flights booked through Go Ahead Tours arrive in and depart from Bangkok. A representative from Go Ahead Tours will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. Please remain in the arrival lounge, as the representative might be escorting one of your fellow travelers to the bus at the time of your arrival.
  • Transfers to and from the airport at your destination are included for travelers who have purchased their flights through Go Ahead Tours. Travelers who purchase their own flights may request airport transfers with Go Ahead Tours for an additional cost.
  • Small boats rides and one round-trip flight between Bangkok and Phuket are included in the price of your tour. (The tour extension also includes one round-trip flight between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.)
  • All other included transportation on this tour is by private motor coach.
  • Airlines have varying weight restrictions on baggage. Some airlines may impose additional charges if you choose to check any baggage; be advised that you are responsible for any such costs.
  • Contact your airline for detailed information regarding baggage size and weight restrictions for your flight, but please note that our travelers are restricted to one checked bag per person due to storage limitations on motor coaches and other transfers, which may include train connections or flights. We recommend that you limit your baggage to under 44 pounds to avoid charges on included flights within Thailand.
  • One carry-on bag is also permitted, provided that it does not exceed 45 total inches (length + width + height).
  • Make sure to label your baggage and to keep valuables, medication, and documents in your carry-on bag.
  • We recommend packing lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that can be easily layered to accommodate varying temperatures, as well as a light jacket or rainwear.
  • A sturdy pair of walking shoes or sneakers is recommended for sightseeing. Please note that you will be required to remove your shoes at all Buddhist religious sites.
  • Waterproof shoes or sandals, a swimsuit, sunscreen, and insect repellent are recommended for outdoor activities.
  • Binoculars are handy for a closer look at local wildlife and scenery.
  • You may want to pack dressier attire if you plan to visit a high-end restaurant or attend a special performance.
  • It is preferable not to visit temples or other religious sites with bare legs and shoulders (and entrance may be denied on this basis).
  • At least 60 days prior to departure, check with your doctor or healthcare provider for the latest updates and entry requirements, or visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at cdc.gov .
  • Please be sure to take proper care with sun exposure, as the sun can be especially strong in some of the areas you are visiting.
  • Drink bottled water only. Refrain from drinking tap water, including when brushing your teeth.
  • Avoid eating fresh fruits and vegetables unless they are cooked or washed in clean water and peeled.
  • Bring a small first-aid kit, including antacids, anti-diarrhea medication, motion sickness medication, and any prescription medications in your carry-on bag.
  • If you have medication that you take daily, be sure you have enough for each day of the tour and any possible delays encountered.
  • If you have dietary restrictions and/or food allergies, please notify Go Ahead Tours at least 30 days prior to your departure by logging in to your account and updating your traveler info. To update this information closer to your departure date, please call our Customer Experience Team.
  • Traditional Thai cooking uses market-fresh ingredients seasoned with a mix of herbs, spices, and condiments, such as chili peppers and fish sauce. The main staple is rice. Most meals include a soup, a curry, a steamed or fried dish, and a salad.
  • Thailand operates on 230 volts.
  • Thailand uses Types A, B, C, or O plugs with two flat pins, two flat and one rounded pin, or two or three rounded pins, respectively.
  • We recommend packing a universal adapter, as well as a voltage converter if you plan on using your own hairdryer or other device without a built-in converter.
  • The strength of the air-conditioning in Asian hotels is often not as strong or as cool as what you might be used to in the U.S. or Canada. When air-conditioning is available, it is usually regulated seasonally and controlled centrally by the hotel.
  • Your hotels may provide hairdryers, irons, and other small appliances. However, these amenities cannot be guaranteed.
  • Wi-Fi is available in most hotels, though some charges may apply.
  • There is no Wi-Fi on any of the motor coaches.
  • Please contact your mobile service provider for information on roaming charges.
  • Thailand is 11 hours ahead of Eastern Time (ET).
  • When it’s noon in New York, it’s 11pm on tour.
  • You will use the Thai baht in Thailand on tour.
  • Better rates of exchange are usually available overseas, although it’s worth ordering some currency from your local bank to use when you first arrive.
  • We strongly advise that you take debit/bank cards and credit cards, which can be used to withdraw cash at local banks as needed.
  • You can use most debit/credit cards at ATMs on the international networks Cirrus and Plus, but make sure to check with your home bank about withdrawal fees.
  • Inform your bank and credit card company of your travel plans so that they won’t confuse your international purchases for fraudulent charges.
  • International banks and businesses primarily accept debit and credit cards that work with the EMV chip system. If you do not already have at least one debit or credit card with a chip in it, we strongly recommend requesting one from your bank prior to your tour.
  • At the conclusion of your tour, it’s customary to offer your Tour Director and driver a gratuity in local currency. Please keep current exchange rates in mind.
  • We recommend tipping the equivalent of $10USD to $12USD per person per day for your Tour Director, $3USD per person per day for your driver, and $2USD per person per day for your bus attendant.
  • If applicable, we also recommend the equivalent of $2USD per local guide.
  • Tips can only be paid in cash.
  • Most optional excursions will be available for purchase while you are on tour.
  • Your Tour Director will only accept cash (in USD only), Visa, or MasterCard as payment for excursions.
  • Please be advised that if you pay for an excursion by credit card while on tour, it may take up to three months for your card to be charged.
  • Some optional excursions may only be purchased in advance. See page four of your tour itinerary for more information.
  • International travel is, by its very nature, unpredictable. We must therefore reserve the right to change this itinerary, without advance notice, to meet with local conditions at the time of travel. We appreciate your understanding. Please refer to our website for Terms & Conditions, dates, and prices.

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TA6 James Bond Island

4.6 out of 5 stars

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Thailand Small Group Tours

Uncover new and exciting adventures in Thailand by taking part in our small group tours. Go sightseeing at your own pace surrounded by travellers like you. Provided by top tour operators & travel companies, our small group tours in Thailand will offer you the perfect balance between spending time on your own and group activities. View all small group tours .

221 Thailand small group tours with 3,414 reviews

Southern Thailand Sojourn: Nightlife & National Parks Tour

  • Christmas & New Year

Southern Thailand Sojourn: Nightlife & National Parks

Loved the tour! The group was fabulous and Su our CEO was absolutely wonderful. Loved Khao Sok and Koh Tao. If I could change one thing, I’d take out Koh Samui and have more time in Koh Tao. The hotel there was fab and the snorkelling so much fun. Really miss my group now! Great tour for solo travellers too.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai Express Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

Bangkok to Chiang Mai Express

We had a great time on the tour my only feedback would be to include a more detailed packing list that’s specific to the tour instead of a generic one for all g adventures tours. We had a night on a raft house where we weren’t able to take our full suitcases - it would have been useless to know we needed a small overnight bag for this night in addition to our rucksacks that we had for the day.

Thai Experience Tour

Thai Experience

Just finished the Thai Experience tour with Dan. Best experience of my life! Dan brought so much energy and enthusiasm with all things Thai, providing all his fun facts and sharing all his knowledge with us. He ensured we were all up to date with our plans for the day and was always checking in to make sure we were all enjoying ourselves. Could not have asked for a better leader! Accommodation was amazing!!! Floating bungalows were like you were on a different planet, surrounded by such beauty and ending the tour meeting the elephants was magical. To name a couple of highlights… the whole tour was a highlight! Highly recommend Thai Experience to everyone and if you can get Dan as your leader, you are winning!

Northern Thailand Adventure Tour

Northern Thailand Adventure

Great Tourguide, nice group, well organized, nice locations


  • Coach / Bus


Boat trip on ha long bay was fantastic - food amazing and lots of activities. Our hotel on first night was changed and was disappointing but hotel on return was better

Explore Northern Thailand Tour

Explore Northern Thailand

The trip delivered its promise.

South to North - 15 days Tour

South to North - 15 days

Best 15 days ever! Wow. Just wow. I have no idea how I can describe my 15 days with feel free in Thailand that will express just how truly amazing the experience was but I will try. The amount of things we were able to do and see in 15 days was amazing. This tour was able to provide a beautiful cultural experience by visiting the temples and eating local food while having some of the most exciting and fun nights ever. The tour leaders were amazing. Jonny and Jamie did such an great job making sure everyone was okay and having a good time. Thanks Jonny especially for making sure that even after the tour we had everything organised for safe travel onwards. Really could not ask for a better tour leader. The local guides along the way were so great at explaing everything and answering any questions we had. This really was the experience of a lifetime.

Experience Thailand 6 Days, Small Group Tour (English Only) Tour

Experience Thailand 6 Days, Small Group Tour (English Only)

Many temples, long drives through the country, insights into life and food in Thailand. Small group (3 people), comfortable bus, good hotels.

Thailand Island Hopper - 9 days Tour

  • Island Hopping
  • Food & Culinary

Thailand Island Hopper - 9 days

Unique experience with lovely surprises! Me and my partner booked the 9 day tour in Thailand. Honestly it was an amazing experience! The tour was well organised and our tour guide Jamie was very knowledgeable and accommodating with our needs. She also introduced lovely surprises along the way, which made it even more interesting! (Not gonna mention them here-book for yourselves!) Oh, and the food was always delicious! Either the included meals or anywhere we dined as a group, the food was always tasty. Highly recommended tour from all aspects!

Experience Thailand 9 Days - Bangkok to the North, Small Group Tour (English Only) Tour

Experience Thailand 9 Days - Bangkok to the North, Small Group Tour (English Only)

Wat een fantastische tour met eigen professionele gids (Nicky) en een erg goede chauffeur; echt tot in de puntjes verzorgd. Dit was precies wat ik zocht: een mooie combinatie van tempels, Buddha's, paleizen, markten, uitkijkpunten etc. Je zit natuurlijk best een hoop uren in de minivan, maar er zijn vele stops gemaakt onderweg; ik vond het prima zo. Ik heb voor en na de rondreis 2 extra nachten bijgeboekt, om de steden Bangkok en Chiang Mai wat beter te kunnen leren kennen. Bovendien kan je dan even wennen aan de temperatuur en de tijdsverandering. Ik ben vooral blij met de extra nachten die ik in Chiang Mai had; Het enige wat ik tijdens de rondreis gemist heb, is een bezoek aan een diervriendelijke olifantenopvang (dus zonder aanraken, wassen en/of erop zitten: dat is dierenmishandeling); Nicky heeft mij verteld over een plek in Chiang Mai, waar ik de volgende dag alleen naartoe ben gegaan. Geweldig!

Highlights of Thailand Tour

Highlights of Thailand

My second Intrepid holiday, this one was as good as the last (which was already amazing!) Great country, great food, great people, great group, great activities. Tiring though, so not the type of holiday for people who want to relax, but well worth it!

Full Moon Island Hopper Tour

Full Moon Island Hopper

Nonnie & Gogi was there everytime you need them! They were great, attentive, and always in a good mood! They tried their best to make it a great time, even when the weather persisted! I got to experience more than I thought I was going to! It’s my first solo back packing trip & I don’t regret booking it! 10/10 would do it again! And to the tour guide Nonnie & Gogi, thank you for taking great care of us, and putting up with all of us! You guys are the best! Hope to see you guys again when I come back! :D

Treasure of Thailand in 9 days 8 nights Tour

Treasure of Thailand in 9 days 8 nights

  • Book With Flexibility This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees.

Fantastic Circle of Thailand Tour - 10 Days Tour

Fantastic Circle of Thailand Tour - 10 Days

My partner and I have just returned from this truly wonderful tour of Thailand and overall our experience was overwhelmingly positive, however at one point I felt the entire trip was going to be soured by an awful experience we had at the elephant camp Chiang Mai. To anyone considering this tour with Legend Travel: enquire about the elephant sanctuary BEFORE you book. In Dec 2022 when we booked our tour, the itinerary listed the elephant sanctuary as what is listed now - a visit to “a small riverside elephant camp” with no ride and “a trip to the river where you will get to help the elephants take their morning bath”. This was going to be the highlight of our trip and an amazing experience to get up close with these wonderful and friendly animals. We had chosen this tour because we wanted to support ethical and responsible sanctuaries where the well-being and treatment of the elephants were the top priority. What we visited in Chiang Mai was so far from this. We witnessed the mistreatment of about 20 elephants, who were chained, subjected to the use of bullhooks to inflict pain and control them, elephants with open cuts from being hit by their handlers during the endless tourist rides, and elephants performing tricks for a hoard of tourists (football, painting, lifting tourists by their trunks). At one point, an elephant became too excited by the number of treats being fed to her by the tourists and stepped over a barrier log separating the viewing area and the showground resulting in her handler digging into her ear with his bullhook, causing her to shriek out in pain. I have attached photos. It was so far from the sanctuary we had been expecting to visit as per the itinerary. As soon as we returned to our bus, I immediately wrote to Legend Travel to explain what we had just visited and how it was so far from what was described. I was so appalled that our money had been used to benefit such an awful place. After a series of exchanges with Danny, I was brushed off and informed that the camp we visited was in line with the itinerary from our original booking in December 2022, which had since been updated in early 2023. No way! We had specifically booked this tour for the sanctuary visit and in any event, a review from January 2023 showcased a completely different camp, raising doubts about whether we were mistakenly directed to the wrong location or if our local guide had altered the plans without Legend Travel's knowledge. Initially I was thanked for my feedback and Legend Travel apologised for the “discrepancies and any confusion”. Following this my aim was to raise awareness among potential travellers regarding this distressing experience in Chiang Mai, hoping to spare others from the misleading impression that they would be visiting a rescue sanctuary, only to encounter conditions reminiscent of the camps the sanctuary elephants are rescued from. After a few days of back and forth, Legend Travel proposed a resolution: a small cash refund or a visit whilst in Phuket to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary to “re-do” the experience. Given that this part of the itinerary was a key factor in our decision to book the tour, we opted to take the re-do and Legend Travel organised our visit to a lovely sanctuary in Phuket, where we fed the free-roaming elephants watermelon for breakfast, treated them to a mud bath and washed them off in the river afterwards. It was such an amazing experience - exactly what we had expected the visit in Chiang Mai to be and I am so grateful we got to experience this during our tour. I understand that mistakes can occur and sometimes when you trust local guides things can go wrong, however the harrowing experience at the first elephant camp was so awful I was shocked by the explanation that this could have potentially even formed part of an original itinerary. The resolution offered by Legend Travel was entirely appropriate and and our visit to the sanctuary in Phuket was handled very well. What could have left a sour taste in an otherwise fantastic tour of Thailand was rectified, and for that, we are appreciative. With regards to the other elements of our trip: 
- We found the hotels good (they were not the hotels listed on the current itinerary as we were booked to stay in the hotels as per our original 2022 itinerary) 
- Our guide in Bangkok, Ning, was lovely. She went out of her way to show us the authentic Thailand. She bought us local fruits to try, we visited a flower market and she taught us how to fold a lotus flower for the temple offerings, and she took us via train to the train market before visiting the Damnoensaduak floating market, which was such a fantastic experience. The train ran through the centre of the market!! 
- Our guide in Chiang Mai, Dare, was very knowledgeable and was more than happy to amend our itinerary so that we visited the Doi Inthanon National Park rather than Chiang Rai and the Golden Circle which would have involved too much driving (8+ hours)
- Both our drivers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai were extremely safe and kept the bus clean, tidy, and topped with ice water for our return after a full day of sightseeing 
- In Phuket we were left mainly to ourselves but the Phi Phi Island tour ran well, although hindered by rainy weather and choppy seas - which didn’t help with that morning’s breakfast…
- The timings of the internal flights were convenient (10:20am from Bangkok and 10:15am from Chiang Mai) so we didn’t waste the whole day travelling and sitting around at the airport 

In summary, I would highly recommend this tour to other prospective travellers who have made it to this far in my review! However, I strongly advise you to check with Legend Travel regarding the elephant sanctuary component before finalising your plans. Additionally, we took the advice of another reviewer and flew home from Phuket International rather than return to Bangkok and fly from there. We were able to get outbound flights from LHR to Singapore and then onto Bangkok. If we were to have returned via Bangkok we would have backtracked through Bangkok and this saved us a lot of time during what is already a long travel day.
  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Highlights of Bangkok, Phuket 5 Days Tour

Highlights of Bangkok, Phuket 5 Days

I’ve waited the longest for this trip and it didn’t disappoint me. Checking out the temples and relaxing in Phuket was exactly what I needed. All tour guides and drivers were great! It was a smooth transition to and from every place I wanted and needed to be. I was taken care of by the company.

Reviews of Small Group tours to Thailand

The trip was amazing, the CEO (papa chai) mad the trip smooth… and met some amazing people and had wonderful time altogether… definitely returning back
This trip gives a well paced overview of central North Thailand. G Adventure organized the trip well and their travel manager Sek was amazing.
Just finished the 13 day Thai experience tour and would 100% recommended to anyone. On day one we were greeted by our tour leader Dan and made to feel welcome by him from minute 1. Dan went above and beyond to make sure that we all had settled in well and made it a trip of a lifetime. He was very knowledgable about Thailand and knew his way around with ease. A special mention to him for going out his way and adding an extra activity by taking us all to Songkran festival which was genuinely one of the best days of the tour!
  • Thailand Travel Guide | All You Need to Know
  • Two-Week / 14 Days Thailand Itineraries 2024/2025
  • Best 10 Days Thailand Itineraries 2024/2025 (with Reviews)

Group Tours in Thailand

Why Travel Thailand?

With such an incredible balance of experiences, it’s easy to see why travelling through Thailand is extremely popular for backpackers and solo travellers. The ‘Land of Smiles’ is known for its picture-perfect beaches, yummy street food and buzzing nightlife. Thailand is a destination that just keeps giving… golden temples, incredible landscapes, untouched national parks and some of the friendliest locals on earth. You’d be crazy to go backpacking through Southeast Asia and not stop in Thailand.

Say Hello Sawasdee

Local Currency Thai Baht

Local Beer Chang/Singha/Leo

Favourite Dish Pad Thai

Group Tours In Thailand

Jumping on a group tour in Thailand is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to travel. You'll be picked up when you land and introduced to your new travel buddies for the trip of a lifetime. Our trips include most of the big-ticket items like accommodation, activities, local experiences, and much more. Whether you are travelling solo or with a friend/partner, everyone is welcome on our group tours in Thailand.

Stay overnight on floating bungalows in the jungle

Stay overnight on floating bungalows in the jungle

Share a special moment hand-feeding elephants

Share a special moment hand-feeding elephants

Take a longtail boat to the famous Railay Beach

Take a longtail boat to the famous Railay Beach

Kayaking & Tubing in Khao Sok National Park

Kayaking & Tubing in Khao Sok National Park

Learn to cook like a local in Chiang Mai

Learn to cook like a local in Chiang Mai

Experience Thailand’s best nightlife and beach parties

Experience Thailand’s best nightlife and beach parties

Bath in the natural hot springs in the Pai jungle

Bath in the natural hot springs in the Pai jungle

Grab a beer and float down the river in a tube during sunset

Grab a beer and float down the river in a tube during sunset

Taste some of Asia’s best street food markets

Taste some of Asia’s best street food markets

Trek to the beautiful viewpoint on Koh Phi Phi

Trek to the beautiful viewpoint on Koh Phi Phi

Explore the incredible golden temples in Bangkok

Explore the incredible golden temples in Bangkok

Hike to the top of Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi

Hike to the top of Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi

Learn the art of Muay Thai on a beginner class in Pai

Learn the art of Muay Thai on a beginner class in Pai

Pick a Trip

Bangkok & The South - 9 Days

Bangkok & The South - 9 Days

Best of Thailand - 15 days

Best of Thailand - 15 days

Best of Asia - 29 Days

Best of Asia - 29 Days

What Our Travellers Say

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Experience the ultimate thrill of travelling through Thailand on one of our incredible backpacking group tours. Go island hopping around Phi Phi or learn to cook like a local in Chiang Mai; explore the untouched beauty of Khao Sok or relax on the world-famous Railay Beach; experience the hippie vibes of Pai or dance like nobody is watching in Bangkok. Our incredible team has designed our group trips in Thailand to find the perfect balance of culture, adventure, chill time and nightlife.


Can’t decide which to go for? Problem solved! We’ve combined the best of both countries, giving you the best 1-month trip in Asia.


Not got the time for the north? No worries… this 9 day trip is short but incredibly sweet. City and island life mixed into one epic trip!


Absolutely everything Thailand has to offer in 15 incredible days. The perfect backpacking group trip in just over 2 weeks.

Thailand Trip FAQs

When is the best time/month to travel to thailand.

With such a warm climate all year round, Thailand is such a great destination to travel. Whether you decide to explore the bustling streets of Bangkok, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the islands, or indulge in the vibrant street food in the north, Thailand has it all. Don't worry too much about the occasional tropical showers; it’s a refreshing break from the heat before the sun comes back out. We operate our small group tours in Thailand all year round.

How many days in Thailand is enough?

We recommend setting aside 2-3 weeks for your solo trip to Thailand. With so much to explore and experience, it's important to allow yourself enough time to fully immerse in the wonders of this incredible country. Navigating the various transportation options can be overwhelming at first, but fear not! Our tours in Thailand are designed to take away all the hassles and worries of planning your trip and travelling alone. We’ll handle all the tough/boring stuff, giving you the freedom to enjoy each and every day to the fullest 🙌🏼

Do I need a visa to travel Thailand?

For most travellers, Thailand is a very easy country to visit with a simple ‘Visa on Arrival’ process. This includes a long list of different countries including; UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and most of Europe. Be sure to do your own research, as each country/passport will have different entry requirements, and the rules can often change. It's your responsibility to ensure you've ticked all the necessary boxes to enter Thailand hassle-free. *You must check your visa eligibility as we are not visa experts. The information above is general in nature. Here’s a blog that we put together to help; ‘An Unofficial Visa Guide to Asia & Australia’.

What injections/vaccinations do I need for Thailand?

Similar to visas, we are not medical professionals and would hate to give you false or misleading information. We recommend you book an appointment with your doctor or local pharmacy to discuss your travel plans and what precautions you need to be aware of. They will provide up-to-date guidance and will no doubt have your vaccination/immunisation history on file. All the destinations and areas we travel to are generally low-risk, but best to be on the safe side! Click here for a useful resource provided by the UK NHS website.

What about COVID-19 travel restrictions in Thailand?

It's always a good idea to check whether your destination or airline requires you to be COVID-19 vaccinated or tested to travel. It's your responsibility to ensure you arrive on tour with us in Thailand without any issues. Click here for a useful resource provided by the UK government.

What kind of people join these group tours?

It doesn't matter whether you're travelling solo, with a friend, or adventuring as a couple. Our trips attract a variety of different people from all corners of the world with a common goal of having the BEST time with like-minded people. Our trips are super popular for people looking to explore new places but don't want the worry of doing it alone or don't have the time to plan a trip themselves. Jumping on a group tour in Thailand is a super popular, convenient and hassle-free way to travel!

Are group tours in Thailand worth it? Why would I not just travel solo?

Planning a solo trip can be daunting, requiring careful consideration and a lot of time. But guess what? Our Thailand group tours are designed to make your life easier and your travel experience stress-free! From the moment you land, we handle all the logistics and nitty-gritty details, including airport pickup, comfortable accommodations, seamless transportation, engaging local activities, and delicious meals. With our tours, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your adventure in Thailand, knowing that every aspect has been expertly taken care of.

I am looking to come alone, do many people travel solo?

Yes, absolutely! Most people actually come alone, with there often being a few people travelling together either as friends or as a couple. Our trips are perfect for solo travellers as you'll make friends from the moment you arrive, and you'll have the confidence and security of doing it as a group.

How much money do you need for 2 weeks in Thailand?

Once you've booked your flights, paid off your trip and got some solid travel insurance, you'll be all set for that Thailand adventure. We suggest bringing no less than £300/$400, but this should be the bare minimum. We suggest working from an average of £400-500/$500-700 over 2 weeks, this will cover things like shopping, drinks, extra meals and anything else you fancy treating yourself to... maybe a few massages!?

What should I book first, the flights or the tour?

Great question! We always suggest getting the trip locked in first before booking flights. This way, you won’t be left disappointed if the trip goes full and you’ve already booked your flights. There are usually plenty of flight tickets available, but the spaces are limited with our trips, and the trips fill up pretty fast. We suggest booking your trip first, followed by your flight, and then purchasing your travel insurance to cover all eventualities. Getting these three out of the way as soon as possible is a good idea.

How far in advance do you recommend booking my trip to Thailand?

The average traveller typically books their trip 3-4 months in advance, which usually means there are plenty of options when it comes to dates. If you decide to book last minute, be prepared for limited availability. If you have your heart set on a specific date or trip, consider placing a deposit right away.

I’ve been looking at a few companies, what makes Feel Free Travel different?

If you're asking this question, you've probably not read what our incredible travellers are saying in the reviews . You would have noticed already that we are insanely passionate about sharing life-changing experiences with our groups. When we travel, it's more like a group of mates with that one friend who thankfully knows where they're going. Our group sizes are small and intimate, averaging 12-16 travellers. If you've not already, click here to join the 'Feel Free Family - Facebook Group' .

Is it possible to book a private tour of Thailand with a group of friends?

We specialise in bringing solo travellers together who arrive as complete strangers and soon become best friends/extended travel family. With that being said, we have been known to offer private tours subject to availability. If you send us an email to [email protected] one of the team will be in touch and see what we can do… no promises!

Feel Free Family

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20 Best Places to Visit in Thailand — From the Country's Oldest National Park With Secret Waterfalls to Stunning Islands With Excellent Diving

There's no shortage of beautiful places to visit in Thailand.

go holiday tour thailand

EPasqualli/Getty Images

Thailand is so much more than a travel destination — visiting is a bona fide rite of passage. From hostel-hopping backpackers to well-heeled five-star hotel aficionados, there’s something for everyone in “The Land of Smiles.” 

My most recent trip to Thailand was in early 2022, when the country implemented strict entry requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, I was one of a few hundred thousand tourists who were allowed into the country, and it felt like I had many of the typically crowded attractions all to myself.

The beauty of Thailand is that it will show you different sides of itself no matter how many times you visit. From the idyllic white-sand beaches and palm-fringed islands in the south to the misty hillsides and temple-peppered mountains of the north, the rattle and hum under neon lights of nonstop Bangkok, and the ruins of ancient cities surrounded by jungle, Thailand never disappoints.

So, what are the best places to visit in Thailand? I reached out to a Thailand travel expert and threw in a bit of my own first-person experience to help you narrow down this ever-growing list.

Tessa Desjardins/Travel + Leisure

For most travelers, an adventure in Thailand will likely kick off in the nonstop, energetic capital city, Bangkok. A dizzying destination and one of my favorite international cities, Bangkok is full-on sensory overload — but in the best way. Dig into sizzling street food; meander back alleys and bustling thoroughfares in search of small markets, shops, and hidden temples; cruise along the Chao Phraya River, and grab a cocktail at the dozens of sky-high rooftop bars. 

Tip: Book a room at the Capella Bangkok or Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok — two iconic luxury hotels with stunning locations perched on the Chao Phraya River.

IronHeart/Getty Images

Second to Bangkok on most visitors’ lists is the northern city of Chiang Mai. Many travelers even prefer Chiang Mai to Bangkok for its relatively slower pace of life. The spectacular city is bursting with temples (Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a must) and humming with restaurants and bars. 

"I would say for anybody, whether it's their first time or a repeat trip to Thailand, if you have been there or you haven't, [you have to visit] Chiang Mai," said Grant Ekelund , Travel + Leisure A-List advisor and senior travel consultant and Asia specialist at InsideAsia. "It's such a neat city. It’s one of those destinations that has something for everyone … Are you a foodie? Do you want to hike? See cool temples? Have amazing trekking opportunities? It can all be done [here], and it slots into any itinerary perfectly."

Koh Phi Phi

Thailand has more than 1,400 islands scattered around its coastline, but few are as famous or iconic as the Phi Phi Islands in the Andaman Sea. Comprising two islands — Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh — Koh Phi Phi is known for its natural beauty, excellent diving, and raucous party scene. For the latter, Phi Phi Don is the most famous. Phi Phi Leh, meanwhile, is uninhabited and beloved by those looking to disappear into nature. It was blasted into the public eye about two decades ago, when Leonardo DiCaprio's character went in search of an island paradise in the film "The Beach," which is set in real-life Maya Bay.

Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

While we’re on the topic of Koh Phi Phi, we’d be remiss not to mention Krabi province as a whole. Located in southern Thailand, bordering the Andaman Sea, Krabi is home to many of the beautiful beaches and islands that make Thailand famous. 

"I've been booking many [trips to] Krabi lately," said Ekelund. "It ticks a lot of boxes for people. You've got the beauty, cool cliffs, and interesting geology. It has a beach, but it's for people who don't want to simply park it on the sand for 10 days. Krabi offers activities and more." Some highlights include the beach town of Ao Nang, as well as islands like Phuket, Koh Lanta, Koh Yao Yai, Koh Lipe, Railay Beach, and several national parks.

Koh Yao Noi

Sunphol Sorakul/Getty Images

My first trip to Thailand was to the small island of Koh Yao Noi back in 2013. One of the most beautiful islands in Phang Nga Bay, Koh Yao Noi is flecked off the coast of its sibling island, Koh Yao Yai. Sandy beaches and small fishing villages comprise most of the land here, along with the luxe Six Senses Yao Noi resort tucked along the eastern coast. The property’s infinity pool is legendary for its explosive sunrise views that blur the distinction between the sky and sea.

pratan ounpitipong/Getty Images

Many Thai cities have the ability to make visitors feel like they’re stepping back in time. But few create the illusion as vividly as Ayutthaya. Once the capital of the Kingdom of Siam, the ruins of Ayutthaya are breathtaking and hauntingly beautiful. It’s only an hour from Bangkok, making it an easy day trip or a great overnight excursion.

Boyloso/Getty Images

Sukhothai is another beautiful ancient city. "Sukhothai is for people who like history. I was taken by how beautiful the area is and how extensive the ruins are," said Ekelund. "We cycled around the ruins with a guide and got a great sense of the history. Sukhothai is much more rural and harder to reach, meaning it has fewer tourists. You also don't have a city built up around it."

Mae Hong Son Loop

Piriya Photography/Getty Images

Of all the places I've visited in Thailand, none stick with me as much as the Mae Hong Son Loop. This 300-mile route is most often tackled by travelers on the back of motorbikes looking to brave the mountain switchbacks that descend into the thick jungle and pass from small village to small village. It's not a journey to be taken lightly — motorbike experience is strongly recommended — but those who make the trip are rewarded with spectacular scenery and access to remote communities.

Khao Yai National Park

Bunphot Phairoh/500px/Getty Images

Thailand has more than 100 national parks. The oldest is Khao Yai National Park, which also happens to be the country's third-largest. Within the park lies a web of hiking trails, secret waterfalls, and herds of elephants.

"Khao Yai has a lot of bat caves, too, which is one of the coolest things I've ever experienced," said Ekelund. "I stood there for 30 minutes while an unending stream of bats flew over my head. It was all so beautiful. It's a beautiful park with waterfalls, trekking, and hiking. Plus, it's just a couple of hours [by car] from Bangkok."

wichianduangsri/Getty Images

Approximately two hours southeast of Chiang Mai is the city of Lampang. Much like many large cities in Thailand, Lampang has its fair share of temples, street food, and markets. But unlike the others, it feels like a place where time has stood still. Just listen for the sound of clip-clopping horse carts, still used for transportation, and you'll understand what I mean. Because of Lampang's integral role in the teak trade, many migrants from Myanmar made this northern city home, and you'll find teak mansions and Burmese-style temples everywhere.

fokkebok/Getty Images

Chiang Rai, a northern Thai city, is often glossed over as most visitors opt to stop in Chiang Mai instead. "I am always struck by how chill Chiang Rai is," said Ekelund. "It's a relaxing place to be and has cool stuff to do. It's a great city to walk through the neighborhoods and see people living their daily lives. I enjoyed the mountains, nearby villages, and opportunities for cultural exchange."

Jackyenjoyphotography/Getty Images

No list of best places to visit in Thailand would be complete without Phuket. While Phuket has a reputation for being crowded with resort after resort, the truth is it’s for a reason — the island is a beautiful place to be. Thailand's largest and most easily accessible island brings visitors in by the millions each year for its wide array of hotels, white-sand beaches, parties in Patong, colorful snorkeling, and eclectic culinary scene.

Oleh_Slobodeniuk/Getty Images

Thailand’s second most popular island sits off the country’s eastern coast in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Samui is wreathed in bone-white sandy beaches, peppered with temples, veined with hiking trails, and splashed with fabulous resorts and energetic beach towns and villages.

"It's hard to beat Koh Samui. It's just beautiful," said Ekelund. "If you want easy access without a full resort stay, I recommend Anantara Bophut . You can walk to Fisherman's Village, and you won’t feel like you're 'stuck' at a resort. If you want a full resort experience, I like Banyan Tree Samui for its private beach and spectacular rooms."

Cavan Images/Getty Images

The tiny island of Koh Tao, located in the Gulf of Thailand and not too far from Koh Samui, is one of the country’s best locations for diving and snorkeling. In fact, most avid divers will tell you that Koh Tao is their destination of choice in Thailand. The palm-fringed island is best known for its abundance of sea turtles.


Thanit Weerawan/Getty Images

Shrouded in thick jungle and sliced by miles of track belonging to what was once known as the “Death Railway,” Kanchanaburi has a dark and tragic history. The infamous train route, which crosses the River Kwai, was built from 1940 to 1943 by prisoners of war taken by the Japanese in World War II. Today, only a small section of the rail route is open and takes travelers on a journey through the mountain cliffs and bamboo forests of Kanchanaburi. "If you're into history, beautiful vistas, trains, and wildlife, you can get all of that in Kanchanaburi. It's a place not many tourists go, either, so it has a lot to offer," said Ekelund.

Tieu Bao Truong/Getty Images

Trang is the province directly south of Krabi, which means it has the same beautiful stretch of Andaman Sea coastline, except with a fraction of the crowds. There’s no shortage of islands to explore around Trang, like Koh Kradan and Koh Muk. Koh Muk's crown jewel is the secret Emerald Cave, which can be entered via a dark tunnel that leads to a protected beach surrounded by towering limestone cliffs.

Pierrick Lemaret/Getty Images

Located in the province of Phang Nga, Khao Lak can be thought of as Phuket’s much quieter cousin. Less than two hours from Phuket International Airport, Khao Lak is home to miles of sprawling, empty beaches, plus it offers easy access to beautiful national parks.

"I've been hyping Khao Lak quite a bit for people who want something quieter," said Ekelund. "You have easy access to the Phuket International Airport, but it's much more chill than the other Andaman Islands. It has beautiful beaches, good infrastructure, a great spot for dining, and it’s not hard to get to."

Inigo Arza Azcorra/Getty Images

Whether or not you drive the Mae Hong Son Loop, you’ll want to stop in Pai when visiting northern Thailand. Once a sleepy community of expats, Pai has morphed into a must-visit backpacker destination. Visitors will find funky cafes and coffee shops, endless bars, guest houses, hostels, and a dispensary or two, particularly now that cannabis is no longer considered a narcotic in the country.

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

awaywithtrex/Getty Images

South of Bangkok, the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan is best known for the glamorous, frenetic beach town of Hua Hin. The province runs down the skinny arm of the country, bordering the Gulf of Thailand on one side and Myanmar on the other. Here’s where you'll find Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, Thailand's first marine national park. The park's top attractions include a series of spectacular caves and a sprawling freshwater marsh. Visitors can enjoy the park’s beaches, islands, walking trails, and thick mangrove forests. It’s just an hour from Hua Hin and about 3.5 hours from Bangkok.

4FR/Getty Images

This long, skinny island, also in the province of Krabi, flies under the radar, but it’s one of my favorite places in the country. Koh Lanta is home to beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and the Mu Ko Lanta National Park, an amazing spot for diving and seeing undeveloped beaches.

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Experience a Southeast Asian journey, from culinary adventures and scenic cruises in Vietnam to the more tranquil atmosphere of Laos, concluding in the tropical beach paradise of Khao Lak in Thailand.

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Navigate your way through South East Asia by visiting the most iconic landmarks in Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand, all whilst unwinding on pristine beaches and engaging in thrilling aquatic adventures.

South East Asia: A Place Where Time Stands Still

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Beginning in Thailand and taking you onto Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, this journey highlights the best of Southeast Asia, giving you time to connect and recognise the true merit of exploration off-the-grid.

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Chinatown Food Tour - Thailand

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Each trip True Travel curate is based on the experience you are looking for and as an independent travel operator, we are not obliged or committed to any properties. You can rest safe in the knowledge that the accommodation we recommend for your stay has been chosen based on your interests, not ours.

Four Seasons Tented Camp

Nestled amongst the lush vegetation of the Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Laos and Burma meet, the Four Seasons Tented Camp offers a restorative retreat for adventurers, wildlife enthusiasts and bon-vivants alike.

Anantara Chiang Mai

Anantara golden triangle elephant camp & resort, the sarojin.

The Sarojin provides its guests with the most perfect surroundings in which to relax and enjoy their holiday. The resort, comprising 56 luxurious rooms, is on the edge of a private white sand beach, five rain forest national parks and some of the world’s most famous diving areas.

Thailand Hotspots

Thailand, the “Land of Smiles,” invites exploration across its enchanting regions. Bangkok , the bustling capital, blends modernity with historic splendor. Chiang Mai in the north captivates with its temples and mountainous landscapes. The tropical beaches of Phuket and Krabi beckon relaxation, while the cultural richness of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai resonates with ancient history. Thailand, a country of diverse landscapes and vibrant traditions.

The Golden Triangle

The golden triangle, located at the convergence point of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, where the mighty Mekong and Ruak rivers meet, is an extraordinary destination. While there is a small viewpoint at the confluence of the three rivers, for a more breathtaking panorama, ascend the tree-lined hill – adjacent to the opium museum in town you’ll find a staircase leading to the hilltop which offers a splendid view of this historic site.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, surrounded by 32 smaller islands, some of which you should flock to in a heartbeat. Phuket is Thailand’s wealthiest province, which is mostly down to tourism, and therefore in some area’s it is busy and there has been bad press due to tourists. I would never suggest travelling to Patong or Kata.

However, Phuket is also home to some of Thailand’s finest hotels and Asia’s most desirable pristine beaches. Those picture perfect photos that people have as their screen savers, really do exist here.

Our Asia trips are looked after by our Global Sales Director, Pete, so you couldn’t be in better hands. He will look after you start to finish using his expert knowledge of the continent to create a holiday you’ll remember forever.

go holiday tour thailand

Pete has been working in the luxury travel industry for 15+ years and has spent the vast majority of that time creating extraordinary trips all across the Asia Pacific region.

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  • Kapalai Island
  • Lankayan Island
  • Mabul Island
  • Mataking Island
  • Pom Pom Island
  • Survivor Island (Pulau Tiga)
  • Mantanani Island

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A 'pre-retirement' diving escape on an island in Thailand

  • Asia & Oceania

Sunday, 28 Apr 2024

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Malaysia will firmly address Israeli violence in Gaza, tensions in West Asia, says Foreign Minister

Malaysia will firmly address Israeli violence in Gaza, tensions in West Asia, says Foreign Minister

Ns matrix seal bcl asia spot after beating prawira, vietnam expected to become e-commerce powerhouse in south-east asia, reports nikkei.

A stone fish resting on a leafy cup coral. — Photos: KANIKA

Recently, my dive master Ben sent me a picture of a serene sunrise in Koh Lipe, Thailand. It was enough to make me plan for my own five-day trip to the island.

Since Koh Lipe is near the Malaysian border in the north of the peninsular, I decided to take a ferry there instead of flying. Booking a ticket for the ferry was easy enough as it was off-peak season and therefore not many tourists were around. The picturesque drive from the Klang Valley to Kedah along the North-South highway, adorned with padi fields and lush greenery, preceded my early arrival at the ferry terminal in Kuala Kedah.

The ferry took me to the Langkawi Ferry Terminal, where I stayed the night somewhere nearby, before getting on another ferry the next morning to Koh Lipe. This ride only took about an hour.

In Koh Lipe I could see crystal-clear waters, the vibrant marine life, as well as bustling land and sea activities. There were many long-tail boats that were ferrying tourists to diving and snorkelling spots, as well as to the nearby islands.

The view of the beautiful sea from the hill at Tarutao National Park.

I was picked up from the jetty by a local on a motorbike fitted with a side carriage. It was a bumpy, sandy ride of about 2km to the dive shop I had booked, Ocean Pro Diving.

Since it was already too late to go for a dive that day, a bunch of us decided to hike up a small hill at Tarutao National Park instead. This was on another island so we had to take a boat to get there first. After hiking for about 10 minutes under the scorching sun, we stopped at a rest area, before climbing up a steep 300m incline.

We then trekked for another 1.5km, but this time there were lots of trees to shade us from the sun.

Once we got to the top of the hill, we had a magnificent view of Koh Lipe.

I also got the chance to stay with the dive master at his work quarters. The dive masters sleep in dormitory-style beds and share a common bathroom. It was an eye-opening experience for me, and seeing how they were content with living such a simple life humbled me.

The writer at Koh Lipe beach early in the morning.

I woke up early the next day, excited about my first dive. We geared up and had breakfast at the dive shop before departing at 10am. While on our way to the dive spot, I started thinking about retirement and what kind of life I would like to have when the time comes.

Unfortunately for me that day, underwater visibility was poor and I had a challenging time trying to control my buoyancy. But I enjoyed every bit of it as I could still see some sea creatures.

The following day had better conditions, and this unveiled a diverse marine world, including the cherished clown fish that kind of looked like my dog somehow.

On the third day, we went to the 8 Mile Rock dive site, which is one of the last underwater pinnacles left in the Andaman Sea. We faced safety concerns due to strong currents and poor visibility, which ultimately led to us abandoning the dive.

The dive master then took us to a different dive site with better conditions and here, we saw so many varieties of fish, as well as colourful soft and hard corals. It was indeed a satisfying dive.

I decided to check out Koh Lipe’s vibrant nightlife on the final day and enjoyed myself. This trip proved to be the perfect “pre-retirement” holiday for me.

The views expressed are entirely the reader’s own.

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We’d love to hear what made your holiday so special. Your story – experiences, tips, advice – should be 700 to 800 words long in Word or Text format. Please attach at least five photos (1MB, captioned) in a separate email. There is no payment for submissions, and we reserve the right to edit all submissions. Email [email protected] with the subject “Readers Share”.

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NS Matrix seal BCL Asia spot after beating Prawira


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Air pollutant index, highest api readings, select state and location to view the latest api reading.

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Source: Department of Environment, Malaysia

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How Thailand lured the White Lotus producers away from Japan and plans to cash in on the show's popularity with tourists

A child plays in shallow water on a beach surrounded by other tourists.

As fans eagerly wait for a new lot of guests to check into the White Lotus, a behind-the-scenes drama has been unfolding to secure the filming location of the Emmy-award winning show.

The series has been so incredibly lucrative for the first two destinations it featured that some have dubbed it "The White Lotus effect".

A show ostensibly about tourists has in turn been a boon for tourism in Hawaii, where online interest in the Four Seasons Maui jumped by 425 per cent after the first season aired.

And in Sicily, where Jennifer Coolidge was famously stalked by murderous gays in season two, the production is estimated to have resulted in over 32 million euros ($52.8 million) worth of spending and a 300 per cent jump in online searches, according to travel site Expedia.

So when rumours surfaced of a "high profile" showrunner  — believed to be White Lotus creator Mike White — scouting locations in Japan, Thai authorities swept in to try to woo the team to South East Asia instead.

How Thailand lured The White Lotus away from Japan

Tourism Authority of Thailand Executive Siripakorn Cheawsamoot said they were proactive in their attempts to lure the popular show to the kingdom.

"We approached the White Lotus production team and then we talked with them about trying to bring their budget costs down with potential partners," he told the ABC.

"There are two kinds of incentives. Firstly, cash incentives with rebates and then in-kind incentives as well."

A close up of a man dressed in a dark suit standing in a library surrounded by books.

In-kind incentives are non-cash incentives, and can include things like offering services for free.

"A lot of partners in the private sector offered their services, sometimes complimentary, some on an agreement," Mr Cheawsamoot said.

He explained that hotels were provided to the actors and film crew to stay in. Transport and airfares were some of the other perks.

But the real clincher was the Thai government's recently beefed-up film incentive program, which offers a cash rebate of up to 20 per cent for foreign film productions.

In an effort to attract more film and TV productions, the government decided in 2022 to waive the personal income tax for foreign talent for five years, meaning the stars of season three — which include Parker Posey, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Aimee Lou Wood — won't pay Thai tax while working on location.

Thailand's gain was Japan's loss and at last year's Toyko Film Festival, local producer Georgina Pope lamented the lost opportunity.

She pointed to the Thai government's generous film incentive system, which she claimed added up to $US4.4 million ($6.6 million) in savings for the White Lotus project.

An island of green trees surrounded by an ocean of water.

The financial details have not been disclosed and the Tourism Authority of Thailand did not confirm that number but Mr Cheawsamoot agreed the sweeteners offered to the White Lotus team would have amounted to millions.

Tourism authorities and local businesses say it is worth the money that was spent.

They expect to see many times that figure in return in the form of visitor numbers and increased spending.

"In terms of economic returns, we've got high hopes," Mr Cheawsamoot said.

Seeing big stars at your local restaurant

While many guests on Koh Samui have no idea what's going on beyond the sign of the Four Seasons hotel, the crew have been spotted around the island.

Already, searches on Expedia for Thailand have jumped by 50 per cent since the announcement that filming would take place in Koh Samui, Phuket and Bangkok.

Local restaurant owners Olive Lamlert and Patrick Moukarzel have had several visits from White Lotus cast and crew.

A woman wearing a striped top and a man wearing a white shirt stand at a counter with cocktail.

"It's very cool and very surprising. And the nice thing is that they came back because they like it. So that means a lot," Patrick said.

The couple say some stars of the show have also popped by.

"I was excited because it was Aimee [Lou Wood] who plays the role of Amy in Sex Education and she's super famous. I'm a big fan!" said Olive.

"And then it was Walton Goggins who is in a lot of HBO series and [2015 superhero film] Ant-Man."

Olive and Patrick are also big fans of the White Lotus series itself.

As former hotel workers, they said they could relate to the battles depicted within the series, which features a dysfunctional hotel chain and the challenges of dealing with inhospitable guests.

"It reflects what we used to do and what we had to deal with the guests," Olive laughed.

"The headache ones, the difficult ones, the nice ones, the drama … although maybe not as much drama as in the show."

Patrick said everyone on the island was excited about the potential economic impact of the series.

"It will be very very good, not only for Samui," he said.

"When you come to Thailand, you come to Samui, you go to Bangkok, you will visit another city or small island. So the whole country will benefit."

The downsides of a big show coming to town

While it's hoped the show will bring in more tourism dollars, some locals are worried about the possible impact of more people arriving on Koh Samui.

Parts of the island have been gripped by a water shortage crisis, which has been blamed on drought conditions and a surge of tourist arrivals post-pandemic.

There's also been an ongoing issue with waste disposal on the island as it struggles to keep up with the 200 tonnes of trash produced per day.

Late last year, Koh Samui had reportedly accumulated about 200,000 tonnes at its main landfill site and authorities were left with no option but to export the problem to the mainland.

Local environmentalist Anon Vatayanon said the Thai government needed to have a plan in place to manage the impacts of tourism on the environment.

A close up of a smiling man wearing a striped shirt.

"Samui became popular because of its nature — the sea, sand and sun," he said.

"The most important thing is that we protect our main selling points … how we manage wastewater, the quality of the water, the environmental impact from road use and air pollution.

"The movie industry wouldn't be filming here if the environment wasn't nice. If we lose it nobody will come here."

Siripakorn Cheawsamoot from the Tourism Authority of Thailand said any boost in tourism would be managed sustainably.

"Sustainable tourism is our key focus for this coming year," he said.

"That's been the key focus for the Department of Tourism to control and communicate with the filming crew."

'Set-jetting' shaping travel itineraries around the world

Thailand is no stranger to big film and TV productions and the big waves of tourism that often follow.

People still flock to James Bond Island where The Man With The Golden Gun was filmed in the 1970s and Maya Bay is still recovering from the impacts of 2000 adventure drama The Beach.

A close up of a floating rock near an island covered in trees.

The Leonardo DiCaprio film sparked controversy due to the impact of the shoot and the influx of tourism on the once pristine sands of the bay at Koh Phi Phi Leh.

The area was eventually closed to visitors in 2018 to allow it to recover from the damage caused by millions of tourists.

But authorities say much has changed in the 24 years since the cult movie was released and many lessons were learnt.

They're now hoping to cash in on a trend known as 'set-jetting' where tourists choose locations based on films and TV shows.

The phenomenon has been attributed to a US$200 million dollar boost to Croatia's economy thanks to Game of Thrones and a 50 per cent increase in inbound tourism to New Zealand following the release of The Lord of the Rings.

According to analysis by travel website Expedia, 44 per cent of travellers last year drew inspiration from movies and TV shows, far outpacing the influence of social media at just 15 per cent.

Last month, a post on the White Lotus official Instagram page promised "unforgettable experiences are in the making at #TheWhiteLotus."

"We are eager to welcome new guests to our resort in Thailand."

Thailand is eager to welcome them too.

A shot of still ocean water and a white sandy beach lined with palm trees.

  • X (formerly Twitter)

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A woman and her assistant standing outside at a resort, both wearing sunglasses speaking to another woman with her back turned

Half a million Russians arrived in Phuket in six months. Now, there is growing resentment

A woman wearing a corchet top on the beach.

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Middle East: Is it safe to travel to holiday destinations as tension escalates?

Are you going to Turkey, Egypt or Israel on holiday? The Foreign Office has warned travellers to several countries to monitor advice after an Iranian attack on Israel pushed tension in the Middle East up another notch.

Thursday 18 April 2024 08:13, UK

London, United Kingdom - 19 November, 2021: British Airways Boeing 777 (G-STBC) departing from Heathrow Airport. Pic: iStock

Tension in the Middle East has ratcheted up again after Iran's attack on Israel, as the world waits to see how Benjamin Netanyahu's government will respond. 

With the threat of widening conflict, people due to travel through or over the Middle East may be asking if their plans may be impacted.

On Saturday, flight data showed dozens of journeys that would have travelled over the Middle East turned back after Iran fired more than 300 drones and missiles into Israel .

Here is what airlines are saying and the latest safety advice to travellers.

EasyJet scraps Tel Aviv flights

EasyJet has suspended all flights to Tel Aviv over safety concerns.

The budget airline told Sky News it has grounded its flights until 27 October at the earliest "as a result of the continued evolving situation" in the region.

Wizz Air customers could see schedule changes

Wizz Air cancelled flights to Tel Aviv on Sunday 14 and Monday 15 April before resuming its schedule.

But it said customers could experience schedule changes as it closely monitors the situation.

British Airways operating as normal

British Airways - which operates four daily return flights per week between Heathrow and Tel Aviv - said its flights were continuing to operate as planned, but it too was monitoring the situation.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Turkey is a popular holiday destination for people from the UK with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism saying that last year 3.16 million Britons made the journey there, according to Travel Weekly.

Yet, it borders a number of countries that the Foreign Office advises against travel to.

The vast majority of the country is considered generally safe for tourists, with some exceptions.

The Foreign Office advises against all travel within 10km of the border with Syria , and all but essential travel to the Sirnak and Hakkari provinces.

People sunbathe on Konyaalti beach, amid the COVID-19 outbreak, in the southern resort city of Antalya, Turkey June 19, 2020. Picture taken June 19, 2020. REUTERS/Kaan Soyturk

Is it safe to travel to Israel?

Some parts of Israel are considered "red zones" by the Foreign Office, with the government advising against all travel there.

For the rest of the country - including East Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - the advice is to travel only if it is essential.

Tourist Israel says around 220,000 Britons usually go to the country every year and the Foreign Office is advising against travel close to the border with Gaza, within 5km of the border with Lebanon and within 500m of the border with Syria.

You can see the full updated list of "red zones" on the Foreign Office advice pages.

Occupied Palestinian territories

The Foreign Office advises against all travel to Gaza and the West Bank.

The Foreign Office advises against all travel to places marked in red, and only essential travel to the rest of Israel. Pic: FCDO

Don't travel to Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon or Syria - Foreign Office

The Foreign Office advises against all travel to Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

It advises against all travel to Iraq except to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), where it advises against all but "essential travel".

Can I safely go on holiday in Egypt?

The main tourist areas in Egypt are generally considered safe, including the capital Cairo, cities along the Nile and Red Sea resorts.

Over 1.5 million British Nationals visit Egypt every year, according to analysts Gitnux, and the areas the Foreign Office warns not to travel to include the Governorate of North Sinai, where the Rafah crossing to Gaza is located, and within 20km of the border with Libya.

Read more: Are we heading for World War Three? Experts give their verdicts What are Iran's military capabilities - and where could it strike?

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Check advice on other Middle East states before you travel

Following Iran's attack on Israel, the Foreign Office issued a warning relating to several countries in the surrounding area, telling travellers to check for the latest information.

Included in this are popular destinations like Dubai (visited by more than a million Britons last year according to Travel Weekly) and Marrakech.

"On 13 April 2024 Iran carried out military action against Israel. Monitor this travel advice and other media as the situation is changing fast," the FCDO said in a statement.

The countries covered by the warning include Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Jordan and Oman.

Dubai&#39;s beaches are a major draw for UK tourists every year. Pic: Reuters

Anywhere else of concern?

Cyprus is near the region and has a large UK airbase but, as yet, there is no change in travel advice to the popular country.

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