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Planning a Canada Tourist Trip: Sample Itinerary for Visitor Visa Application

Blog Written By: Navornadmin on 30/01/2023 ; 5 mins read

Day 1: Arrival in Toronto

Arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport

Check-in to hotel in downtown Toronto

Visit CN Tower for a panoramic view of the city

Explore the Distillery District, a historic area with shops, restaurants, and art galleries

Grab dinner at one of Toronto's popular restaurants

Day 2: Toronto

Take a tour of the Royal Ontario Museum

Visit the University of Toronto and walk through the picturesque campus

Take a ferry to Toronto Islands and relax at the beach

Have dinner at a waterfront restaurant in the Harbourfront area

Day 3: Toronto to Niagara Falls

Drive to Niagara Falls, stopping at the picturesque town of Niagara-on-the-Lake en route

Take a boat tour of Niagara Falls

Visit the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

Check-in to hotel in Niagara Falls

Day 4: Niagara Falls

Take a helicopter tour of Niagara Falls

Visit the Maid of the Mist boat ride

Visit the Butterfly Conservatory

Visit the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens

Day 5: Niagara Falls to Ottawa

Drive to Ottawa, the capital of Canada

Visit the Canadian Museum of History

Visit the Canadian War Museum

Visit the Canadian Museum of Nature

Check-in to hotel in Ottawa

Day 6: Ottawa

Take a guided tour of Parliament Hill

Day 7: Ottawa to Montreal

Drive to Montreal, Quebec

Visit the Notre-Dame Basilica

Visit the Mont Royal Park

Visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Check-in to hotel in Montreal

Day 8: Montreal

Visit the Old Montreal

Visit the Montreal Science Centre

Visit the Montreal Botanical Garden

Visit the Montreal Biodome

Day 9: Montreal to Quebec City

Drive to Quebec City

Visit the Citadelle of Quebec

Visit the Place Royale

Visit the Château Frontenac

Check-in to hotel in Quebec City

Day 10: Quebec City

Visit the Quebec City Museum of Fine Arts

Visit the Basilique-Cathedrale Notre-Dame-de-Quebec

Day 11: Quebec City to Halifax

Take a flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Visit the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Visit the Halifax Public Gardens

Visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Check-in to hotel in Halifax

Day 12: Halifax

Visit the Point Pleasant Park

Visit the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

Day 13: Halifax to Sydney

Take a flight to Sydney, Nova Scotia

Visit the Cape Breton Island

Visit the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Visit the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

Check-in to hotel in Sydney

Day 14: Sydney to Departure

Visit the Bras d'Or Lake

Visit the Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Visit the Cape Breton Miners' Museum

Return to Halifax for departure

Please note that this is a sample itinerary and can be adjusted to suit individual preferences and travel plans. Also, make sure to check the current COVID-19 rules and restrictions before planning your trip.


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How to Apply Canada Visitor Visa (with Sample Travel Itinerary)

Canada visitor visa application for 10 yrs or passport expiry date. Biometric required. Online application faster without interview. Sample Travel Itinerary.

Written by AM22Tech Team

Canada visitor visas can be obtained without even a visa interview. Canada has a very streamlined process to send your passport and get the stamped visitor visa by postal mail.

Canada visa officer will decide if an interview is required for your specific case and call you if one is needed.

If you have any US visa stamped in your current or old passport like a US B1/B2 or any work visa like H1B, L visa, the chances are very high that you will get a Canadian visitor visa without an interview.

This article will discuss:

Documents Required

Visa processing time, sample travel itinerary.

#1 Passport

All old expired and current valid passport color copies.

Scan the following pages preferably using your smartphone app or a scanner at home:

  • Frontpage showing your photo
  • Last page showing your address
  • All existing entry-exit stamps in the passport
  • All valid or expired visa stamps from any country

You can use various apps and cloud storage services to scan and keep all your visa documents easily accessible .

#2 Bank statement

Showing last 3-month bank balance.

Make sure you have enough money to pay for your Canada trip as per your itinerary.

I suggest using your salary account which shows pay credits.

#3 Employment Letter

If you are currently employed in your country, an employment verification letter is recommended.

#4 Current Country Valid Status

If you are applying for a Canadian visa in a country that is not the same as your passport, then you need to provide proof of valid status.

If you are working in the US on an H1B visa with an Indian passport, you need to provide your valid H1B i797 copy as proof.

#5 Scanned Photograph

You can get your passport-size photo created online as you would need it for uploading with your application.

Your photo will be taken again at the VFS center.

#6 Application for Visitor Visa (Temporary resident Visa) – IMM 5257

#7 Application for Temporary Residence – IMM 5257 Schedule 1

#8 Family Information Form – IMM 5645

#9 Last 3 months Pay Slips

#10 Marriage Certificate (if married) and applying as a family

#11 Travel Itinerary – The sample is given below

#12 Visa Fees Payment Receipt

You can pay online by credit/debit card.

There are no extra surcharges but it may vary based on the country you are applying from.

Online Process

#1 Create an account on the Canada CIC website .

If you already have a login, you can simply sign in using your GCKey (basically the Canadian CIC website password).

The solution to log-in loop error Canada CIC website .

#2 Upload all required documents and apply.

#3 An email is received for the biometric letter.

Print the Biometric letter and make an appointment.

You get 30 days to give your fingerprints after the Biometric letter has been generated. The last date will be mentioned in the letter too.

  • If you are outside Canada or the United States, you can go to any Visa Application Centre (VAC) .
  • If you are in the United States, you may go to a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Application Support Center (ASC) or a Visa Application Centre (VAC) .

What to expect at USCIS ASC Center biometric experience in the USA .

#4 Once biometrics is done, you will wait for a decision on your application.

#5 You will get an email once a decision is made. You will be asked to submit your passport.

Passport Request Letter

Once the visa officer has processed your application, you will get an email and a letter will be available in your CIC dashboard.

The chances are 99% that your visa has been approved if you get a passport submission request.

You can submit your passport within 30 days of the passport request.

Canada visa passport request letter

#6 Submit your passport.

You can expect your passport back with a visa stamp within 1-3 working days.

The Canada visitor visa processing time is 21-40 calendar days.

This timeline is shown from a real Canada visitor application where the application was submitted online on Sep 15.

Biometric was completed on Sep 23 at the VFS Canada Application Center in Sydney, Australia.

Canada visitor visa processing time

Travel Itinerary

PURPOSE : My purpose is to take a short tourism trip to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side while going to the USA. 

Here is what I plan to do: Sep 16 – Take a flight from Sydney, Australia to Toronto, Canada. 

Sep 17 – Arrive in Canada. I plan to stay at the Holiday Inn in Niagara Falls.

Sep 18 – Visit CN tower in the morning. Visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side in the afternoon. 

Sep 19 – Take a flight from Canada to Dallas, USA

Please note that in the event I do not obtain a Canadian visitor visa in time to be able to book the flight tickets for these dates, I will plan to visit Canada from the USA if I have a visitor visa at that time.

Trip Cost Planning

You will need biometrics if you have never given your fingerprints for any Canadian Visa in the last 10 years.

Canadian biometrics is valid for 10 years.

Canadian Biometric fees are CAD $85 at this time and CAD $170 if applying with a family.

You need a biometric appointment. VFS manages the biometric process for a Canadian visa. It takes about 15 minutes to take fingerprints but waiting time depends on each VFS center and their individual workload.

Online Canadian visitor visa application is faster than physical application by at least 10 working days. Your application saves time on postal mail and you can get your visa faster.

Canada visitor visa biometric letter processing time

A Canadian visitor visa is issued for 10 years or up to the passport validity date. Example: If your passport validity is less than 10 years, then the Canada visitor visa validity date will be the same as your passport expiry date.

How to download Canada biometric letter

How to Download Canada Visa Biometric Appointment, Collection Letter?

USA B1/B2 visitor visa process and documents

B1/B2 Visitor Visa Documents, Sponsor Parents (H1B, L Workers)

US to Australia, Canada PR

Canada Open Work Permit for US H1B visa holders

USCIS application withdrawal letter

USCIS Application Withdrawal Letter with Receipt Barcode

Canada visa VFS status messages

Canada Visa VFS Global Email Update Messages Meaning

DCU bank verification letter for visa

Bank Account Verification Letter (for Visa, Immigration)

How to Create an Itinerary for Your Canada Visa Application: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re planning to visit Canada, you may need to apply for a visa. As part of the visa application process, you may be required to provide a travel itinerary.

An itinerary is a detailed plan of your trip, including the dates, places you plan to visit, and accommodations.

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Table of Contents

Creating an Itinerary for Your Canada Visa Application

In this article, we will guide you through the steps to create an itinerary for your Canada visa application .

Step 1: Determine Your Travel Dates

The first step in creating your itinerary is to determine your travel dates. This includes your arrival and departure dates, as well as any other important dates during your stay in Canada. Be sure to include any events or activities that you plan to attend during your trip.

Step 2: Research Your Travel Destinations

Next, research the places you plan to visit in Canada. This will help you determine the best route to take and the most efficient way to travel between destinations. Be sure to include all the cities and towns you plan to visit, as well as any national parks or other attractions.

Step 3: Choose Your Mode(s) of Transportation

Once you have determined your travel destinations, you will need to choose the mode(s) of transportation you will use to get there. This could include flights, trains, buses, or rental cars.

Step 4: Plan Your Route and Itinerary

This could include a day-by-day breakdown of your trip, including where you will stay, what you will see, and what activities you will do.

Step 5: Include Proof of Accommodation and Activities

This could include hotel reservations, tickets to events or attractions, or confirmation of any tours or activities you plan to participate in.

By following these steps, you can create an itinerary that will make your Canada visa application process smooth and successful.

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Understanding the Canada Visa Application

The Canadian visa application process can be a bit overwhelming, but it is not impossible.

  • Types of Visas : There are different types of visas available for Canada, including tourist visas, student visas, and work visas. You will need to determine which type of visa you need based on your purpose of travel .
  • Application Process : The Canadian visa application process can be completed online or in person at a Canadian visa application center. You will need to provide personal information, travel details, and supporting documents. The processing time for a Canadian visa application can vary, so it is important to apply well in advance of your planned travel dates.
  • Supporting Documents : In addition to your application form, you will need to provide supporting documents such as a passport, photographs, and proof of financial support. You may also need to provide additional documents depending on the type of visa you are applying for.
  • Biometrics : Depending on your nationality, you may need to provide biometric information such as fingerprints and a photograph as part of your Canadian visa application.
  • Fees : There are fees associated with applying for a Canadian visa, and these fees can vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Be sure to check the current fee schedule before submitting your application.

Applying for a Canadian visa can seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning and attention to detail, you can successfully navigate the application process. For more information on the Canada visa application process, visit the official website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada here .

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Creating a Travel Itinerary

  • Determine your travel dates: The first step in creating your itinerary is to determine your travel dates. This includes your arrival and departure dates, as well as any other important dates during your stay in Canada. Be sure to allow enough time for travel and any activities you plan to do.
  • Research your travel destinations: Next , research the places you plan to visit in Canada. Consider the activities you want to do and the sights you want to see. Be sure to include all the destinations you plan to visit in your itinerary.
  • Decide on your route: Once you have determined your travel dates and destinations, decide on the route you will take. This will help you plan your travel arrangements and ensure that you have enough time to visit all the places on your itinerary.
  • Plan your activities: When planning your activities, be sure to include a mix of sightseeing, cultural experiences, and leisure time. Consider the interests of everyone in your travel group and plan activities that everyone will enjoy.
  • Use a travel itinerary template: Using a travel itinerary template can help you organize your travel plans and ensure that you don’t forget anything important . There are many templates available online that you can use as a starting point for your own itinerary.

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Booking Accommodations and Transportation

  • Book your accommodations in advance: You need to have a confirmed reservation for your entire stay in Canada. Make sure to book your accommodations before applying for your visa. You can choose from a variety of options such as hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals.
  • Include all the necessary details in your reservation: Your reservation should include the name and address of the accommodation, the dates of your stay, and the contact information of the establishment. You can also include additional details such as the room type and the number of guests.
  • Book your transportation: You also need to provide proof of your transportation arrangements. This includes your flight itinerary or reservation, as well as any other transportation arrangements such as train or bus tickets.
  • Include all the necessary details in your flight itinerary: Your flight itinerary should include the dates and times of your flights , the airline and flight numbers, and the airports of departure and arrival. You can also include any layovers or connecting flights.
  • Make flexible reservations: Keep in mind that visa processing times can vary, so it’s a good idea to make flexible reservations that can be changed or canceled if necessary. You can also consider purchasing travel insurance to cover any unexpected changes or cancellations.

Remember to book in advance, include all the necessary details, and make flexible reservations.

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Preparing Necessary Documents

  • Passport : You need a valid passport to apply for a Canada visa. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned stay in Canada. Make sure your passport has at least two blank pages for visa stamps.
  • Photo : You need to provide a recent passport-size photo with your visa application. The photo must meet certain requirements, such as size, background, and quality. You can check the photo specifications on the official website of the Canadian government.
  • Application form : You need to fill out the visa application form accurately and completely. The form includes personal information, travel details, and other relevant information. You can download the application form from the official website of the Canadian government.
  • Proof of financial support : You need to provide proof that you have enough funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Canada. This can include bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, or other financial documents.
  • Travel itinerary : You need to provide a detailed travel itinerary that includes your arrival and departure dates, your accommodation details, and your planned activities in Canada. You can use a travel agency or online resources to plan your itinerary.
  • Letter of invitation : If you are visiting Canada for business or to attend an event, you may need a letter of invitation from your host organization or individual. The letter should include your name, purpose of visit, duration of stay, and other relevant details.
  • Other supporting documents : Depending on your purpose of visit and other factors, you may need to provide additional supporting documents, such as a medical exam certificate, a police certificate, or a letter of explanation.

Make sure you prepare all the necessary documents before submitting your visa application . Missing or incomplete documents can delay or even reject your application.

Understanding Visa Types and Their Requirements

Here are the main visa types you should know about:

Temporary Resident Visa

A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is required for individuals who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents and who wish to enter Canada for a temporary purpose, such as tourism, visiting family or friends, or attending a conference.

Visitor Visa

A Visitor Visa is a type of TRV that is specifically for individuals who are coming to Canada for a short-term visit, such as for tourism or to visit family or friends.

Study Permit

A Study Permit is required for individuals who wish to study in Canada for more than six months. To apply for a Study Permit, you will need to provide proof of acceptance from a Canadian educational institution, as well as show that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees and living expenses.

Work Permit

A Work Permit is required for individuals who wish to work in Canada temporarily.

An L Visa is a type of Work Permit that is specifically for intra-company transfers. This means that if you work for a company that has a branch in Canada, you may be eligible for an L Visa to work in Canada temporarily.

Processing Your Visa Application

Once you have submitted your visa application, it will be processed by a visa officer.

The processing time for a visa application can vary depending on the country you are applying from and the type of visa you are applying for. You can check the processing times for your country on the official Canadian government website.

During the processing of your application, the visa officer may request additional information or documents to support your application. It is important to respond to these requests promptly to avoid delays in the processing of your application.

After the visa officer has reviewed your application and supporting documents, a decision will be made to either approve or refuse your visa application.

While there are specific requirements that must be met for a visa application to be approved, each application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Be sure to submit a complete and accurate application form with all required documents.
  • Respond promptly to any requests for additional information or documents from the visa officer.
  • Check the processing times for your country and apply well in advance of your planned travel dates.
  • Be prepared to provide evidence of your ties to your home country, such as employment, family, or property ownership, to demonstrate that you will return home after your visit to Canada.
  • If your visa application is refused, you may be able to appeal the decision or reapply with additional supporting documents.

Understanding the Biometrics and Other Procedures

  • Biometric fee : You must pay the biometric fee when you submit your application, or you may experience delays. The fee is CAD 85 for an individual or CAD 170 for a family (two or more people). There is no fee to give biometrics for a transit visa.
  • Biometric instruction letter : After submitting your visa application, you will receive a biometric instruction letter that will tell you where and when to give your biometrics. You must bring this letter with you to your appointment.
  • Fingerprint scanner : At the biometrics appointment, you will need to have your fingerprints taken. This will be done using a digital fingerprint scanner. You will be asked to place your fingers on the scanner one at a time, and the scanner will capture an image of your fingerprints.
  • Photo : You will also need to have your photo taken at the biometrics appointment. This will be done using a digital camera. You will be asked to remove any glasses, hats, or head coverings that you are wearing, and to look directly at the camera.
  • Enrolment session : The biometrics appointment is also known as an enrolment session. During this session, you will be asked to confirm your identity and to provide your biometrics. The entire process usually takes around 10-15 minutes.

Comparing Canada Visa with Other Countries’ Visa

When it comes to visa requirements, Canada is generally considered to be more lenient than many other countries.

Here’s a comparison of Canada’s visa requirements with those of some other countries:

United States Visa

If you’re a citizen of a country that’s part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), you can travel to the United States without a visa for up to 90 days.

However, if you’re not eligible for the VWP, you’ll need to apply for a visa before you can travel to the US. The visa application process can be lengthy, and you’ll need to provide a lot of documentation to support your application.

European Union Visa

Citizens of many countries can travel to countries in the European Union (EU) without a visa for up to 90 days. However, if you’re planning to stay in the EU for longer than 90 days , you’ll need to apply for a visa.

The visa application process can be complex, and you’ll need to provide a lot of documentation to support your application.

Australia Visa

If you’re planning to travel to Australia, you’ll need to apply for a visa before you can enter the country.

The visa application process can be lengthy, and you’ll need to provide a lot of documentation to support your application. There are several different types of visas available, depending on the purpose of your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are required for a canada visa application.

  • A valid passport or travel document
  • Two recent passport-size photographs
  • Proof of financial support
  • Travel itinerary
  • Purpose of visit
  • Letter of invitation, if applicable
  • Police clearance certificate, if applicable

How do I write a cover letter for my Canada visa application?

Your cover letter should include the following information:

  • Introduction and purpose of the letter
  • Brief description of your travel plans
  • Explanation of how you will support yourself financially during your stay
  • Explanation of your ties to your home country and intention to return after your visit
  • Closing remarks and contact information

Can I change my itinerary after getting a Canada visa?

Yes, you can change your itinerary after getting a Canada visa . However, you should inform the Canadian government of any changes to your travel plans.

How can I obtain an itinerary for my Canada visa application?

  • Determine your travel dates and destinations
  • Research your travel destinations and plan your route
  • Book your transportation and accommodation
  • Create a detailed itinerary that includes your travel dates, destinations, and mode of transportation

What is the purpose of a visit letter for a Canada visa application?

It should include the following information:

  • Your relationship with the person inviting you to Canada, if applicable
  • Purpose of your visit
  • Length of your stay
  • Details of your travel plans, including transportation and accommodation
  • Your intention to return to your home country after your visit

What are some examples of the purpose of travel for a Canada visa application?

  • Visiting family or friends
  • Business meetings or conferences
  • Educational or training programs
  • Medical treatment or procedures
  • Government of Canada
  • Visa Reservation

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Visitor Visa checklist: Everything you need to apply and visit Canada

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

A visitor visa is needed to come to Canada as a tourist, or on a quick trip to visit family, or do business for individuals of many countries.

Anyone who is not a permanent or temporary resident of Canada (those with a work or study permit) will need a visitor visa to enter the country. However, citizens of certain countries do not need a visitor visa and can instead pursue an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). eTAs are a more streamlined form or travel authorisation available to nationals of countries that have visa-free travel agreements with Canada. For answers to common questions on eTAs, click here .

Discover if You Are Eligible for Canadian Immigration

What is needed to get a Canadian visitor visa?

1. Complete the needed forms

Depending on whether you are applying inside or outside of Canada, you will need to fill in different forms. Those applying outside of Canada will require:

  • Application for temporary resident visa (IMM 5257);
  • Family information form (IMM 5707);
  • Statutory declaration of common-law union (IMM 5409);
  • Use of representative (IMM 5476)—Note this is only required if you have used the services of a representative, or if you are appointing or cancelling use of a representative; and
  • Authority to release personal information to a designated individual (IMM 5475)—Note this form is only required if you authorise Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) to release information from your case file to someone other than yourself (i.e.: a representative or authorised relative).

2. Collect the needed documentation

In addition to the above forms, applicants for a visitor visa will need to following documentation in support of their request:

  • Receipt of fee payment;
  • A photocopy of the information page of your passport, including: the passport number, issuance and expiry dates, and your photo, name, issue date, and place of birth;
  • Two photos meeting the requirements of the visa application photograph specifications . On the back of these two photos applicants must write their name and date of birth. If applicants are required to provide biometric fingerprints and photo they do not have to attach these photos;
  • Proof of financial support, proving that you can support yourself and any family member accompanying you while you are in Canada;
  • Photocopy of your marriage license or certificate (if relevant);
  • Letter explaining the purpose of your travel;
  • Photocopy of your current immigration status (if your country of residence differs from the country of citizenship listed on your passport, you must provide proof of legal status in your country of residence);
  • Minors travelling alone or with one parent must provide custody documents or a letter of authorisation from the other non-accompanying parent of a letter of authorisation signed by both parent or legal guardians; and
  • Any other additional documents required by the responsible visa office in your region.

Note that application forms completed online must be completed and validated with the generation of a barcode. If completed on a computer, these barcodes will be automatically attached to the immigration forms, otherwise they must be printed and placed at the top of an application if applying by paper.

How to pay required fees and prove fee payment to IRCC

There are two kinds of fees that applicants for a visitor visa may need to pay. These are application processing fees, and biometric fees. Those who do not need to provide biometrics may be exempt from the second set of fees—find out if you need to give biometrics here .

Application processing fees for visitor visas are $100 CAD per person, and $500 CAD for a family (five or more people).

Biometrics fees on the other hand are $85 CAD per person, and $170 per family (two or more people).

These fees may be subject to change and cannot be refunded regardless of the decision reached on your application. In addition, the only accepted method to pay these fees is online.

After following the given instructions and completing the process, you must wait until an official IRCC receipt is issued with a barcode. Applicants are advised to save this file and attach a copy of it to their application.

How to provide proof of financial support

There are several documents that you can use to prove that you can support yourself and any dependents that accompany you while you are visiting Canada.

Some examples include cash, certified cheque, bank draft, or money order in a large enough amount to cover all reasonable expenses incurred during your stay in Canada.

In addition, written or verbal statements (which can be verified) can also be used, provided that they satisfy an officer that sufficient financial support from friends and/or family has been arranged and can cover reasonable incurable expenses during your stay.

Other documents include bank statements, a letter of employment or previous tax filing information,

How to write a “purpose of travel” letter

All foreign nationals entering Canada must be able to satisfy an officer at their time of entry that they have legitimate reasons to enter and reside in Canada. In the context of a visitor visa, this can often also include proving that you (the foreign national) will leave Canada once the period of your authorised stay expires.

In some cases, visitor visa applicants may also need a letter of invitation from a Canadian citizen or permanent resident .

Applying with family members

Visitor visa applicants wishing to bring their family with them on their trip to Canada must complete an application form for each family member. All applications may be submitted together online or at the VAC where you will send your application on paper. A single receipt may also be given for all included applications.

Lastly all family members and dependents must meet all requirements for temporary residence in Canada.

  • immigration refugees and citizenship canada
  • visitor visa
  • Do you need Canadian immigration assistance? Contact the Contact Cohen Immigration Law firm by completing our form
  • Send us your feedback or your non-legal assistance questions by emailing us at [email protected]

An officer looks over a document in a police precinct.

  • Express Entry

Canada has issued ITAs to more Express Entry candidates.

  • Sponsor Content

young couple boyfriend and girlfriend smiling together looking at the camera

  • Family Sponsorship
  • Citizenship
  • Life in Canada

Language selection

  • Français fr

Application for a Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa - TRV)

You need to give your biometrics.

In most cases, you now need to give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) after you apply.

Find out who needs to give biometrics and how the new application process works.

Biometrics and the application process

Image that represents the different stages of the application process and biometrics.

We refer to your fingerprints and photo as biometrics. We collect biometrics for most applications. Find out what happens from when you submit your application to when you get to Canada and where biometrics fits in the process.

1. Apply for your visitor visa, study permit or work permit

If you want to visit, study or work in Canada, make sure you’re eligible to apply. Use our application guides to help fill out your application properly, then submit your application.

Avoid processing delays by sending us a complete application .

2. Get your fingerprints and photo taken

If you’re between 14 and 79 years old, you probably need to give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics).You only need to give your biometrics once every 10 years to make repeat trips to Canada easier.

  • You must pay the  biometrics fee   when you submit your application.  Otherwise you may experience delays.
  • Get this done  as soon as you get the letter  from us that tells you to give biometrics.
  • You have  30 days  to do this from the date on the letter.

Find out who needs to give , how to give , and  where to give your biometrics .

COVID-19: Biometrics deadline

Some biometrics collection sites are closed. If the site closest to you is closed, we’ll extend your deadline to give your biometrics. Find out how COVID-19 is affecting biometrics .

3. We process your application

After we get your biometrics, we start processing your application. See how long it takes to process your application.

If we need more information from you, we’ll contact you.

4. We make a decision on your application

When we finish reviewing your application, we let you know if you’re approved to come to Canada. If you are, we issue your documents.

If your application is refused, we send you a letter that tells you why.

5. You travel to Canada (if you’re approved)

Make sure you travel with the documents we gave you. This includes travel documents like a visitor visa, study or work permits or an eTA (electronically linked to your passport).

Airline staff and border service officers at ports of entry will ask to see your travel documents. If you don’t have them, you may not be able to board your flight to Canada.

Make sure children under 18 travel with the right documents .

6. We check your identity when you arrive in Canada

When you arrive, we check your identity to make sure that you are the same person who was approved to travel to Canada. We may use your biometrics to do this.

If we can’t verify your identity, you may be detained by a border services officer. These officers help protect the health and safety of Canadians.

If the officer determines that you’re not admissible to Canada, you won’t be allowed to enter Canada. If you came by air, you’ll have to take a return flight to where you came from.

7. You’re allowed to enter Canada

If you pass the identity check and meet the entry requirements , the border services officer stamps your passport and lets you know how long you can stay in Canada. You’re normally allowed to stay in Canada for up to six months.

Children under 18 must meet the same entry requirements as adults. The border services officer may ask minor children to show other documents depending on whether the child is travelling alone or with someone.

Basic entry requirements

You must meet some basic requirements to enter Canada. You must:

  • have a valid travel document, like a passport
  • be in good health
  • have no criminal or immigration-related convictions
  • convince an immigration officer that you have ties—such as a job, home, financial assets or family—that will take you back to your home country
  • convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit
  • The amount of money you will need depends on how long you will stay and if you will stay in a hotel, or with friends or relatives.

Some people are not admissible to Canada, which means they are not allowed to enter the country. You can be inadmissible for several reasons, including being involved in:

  • criminal activity
  • human rights violations
  • organized crime

You can also be inadmissible for security, health or financial reasons.

Find out more about inadmissibility .

Biometrics fee

  • Individual  applicant: CAD $85
  • Families applying at the same time : maximum total fee of CAD $170
  • Groups of 3 or more performing artists and their staff  who apply for work permits at the same time: maximum total fee of $CAD 255

You can apply online or on paper (in specific situations) for:

  • visitor visas (also known as temporary resident visas)
  • super visas (for parents and grandparents)
  • transit visas

Apply online

Before you apply, make sure you need a visa to enter Canada. Find out what document you need to enter Canada .

You must have both of these to apply online:

  • access to a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your documents to upload
  • a valid credit card to pay with

How you apply depends on what you apply for. Select the document you want to apply for to get instructions:

Visitor visa : Option 1 of 3

Apply for a visitor visa

Super visa (for parents and grandparents) : Option 2 of 3

Apply for a super visa

Transit visa : Option 3 of 3

Apply for a transit visa

Apply on paper (in specific situations)

Before you apply , make sure you need a visa to enter Canada. Find out what document you need to enter Canada .

Read the instruction guide to get all the details to apply on paper.

  • Instruction Guide 5256

Once you have read the guide, you can prepare your application package. You must select the country or territory from which you will apply to get your local visa office instructions.

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Permanent residents of Canada

We do not issue temporary resident visas (TRV) to permanent residents (PR). If you are outside Canada without a valid PR card, you must apply for a permanent resident travel document (PRTD) instead. If you meet the requirements for a PRTD, you can return to Canada as a PR.

If you no longer want to be a PR, or if you know you do not meet the requirements to keep your PR status, you can voluntarily give up (renounce) your PR status to apply for a TRV.

Application for Temporary Resident Visa

You can’t fill out and save the application form using your Internet browser. To use the form, you need to:

  • Use your computer (Mac or PC). The form won’t open on mobile devices (iPads, tablets, mobile phones, etc.)
  • Install Adobe Reader 10 (or higher)
  • Download the PDF file to your computer . Save the file in a place you can remember.
  • Make sure you use Adobe Reader to open the form. Sometimes if you try to open the form directly, it will use your Internet browser to try to open it.

Note: If you are applying online , you don’t need to print and sign the form. Leave the signature section empty.

Get the form

  • Application for Temporary Resident Visa [IMM 5257] (PDF, 556.66 KB) June 2019

Having issues with the form?

  • I can’t open my visa application form in PDF format. What can I do?
  • After clicking the “validate” button on my visa application form, nothing happens and I don’t see the barcodes. Why is this happening?

How-to video

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Find out if you are eligible

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Living in Canada tool

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Canada, US, Australia, UK Immigration, Study Visa, Travel Visa, Business Visa, Settlement Services

Canada, US, Australia, UK Immigration, Study Visa, Travel Visa, Business Visa, Settlement Services

The Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application- Will be helpful for Tourist or Temporary Resident Visa

  • Canada Immigration

Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application

Canada Visa Application especially, for Tourist Visa or Temporary Resident Visa requires itinerary. Here is one Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application

Are you planning a trip to Canada ? But have you thought of an itinerary? Without a planned itinerary, your trip may become disoriented. But first of all, for entry into Canada, you need a visa. Once you have got your visa you are all set to embark on this glorious trip. To b sure that you get the Visa issued, it is desirable that you add itinerary to your visa application for Canada. Here is one Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application

Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application

Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application- you may amend it suitably to attach with your Visa Application for Canada

Also read- canada encourages women to set up their own business- as an immigrant you may consider availing the incentives offered by canada to women entrepreneurs , about post author.

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

See author's posts

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canada visitor visa travel itinerary

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Plan your unforgettable Canadian adventure with ease! Discover how to apply for a tourist visa to Canada and explore its stunning

Everything You Need to Know About Canada's Tourist Visa


Kelia Losa Reinoso is a qualified content writer with a Master of Arts degree in Journalism and Media Studies

Everything You Need to Know About Canada's Tourist Visa

Dreaming of experiencing Canada's breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and diverse culture? Embarking on a journey to this captivating country starts with understanding the ins and outs of obtaining a tourist visa.

Whether you're planning a short visit to reconnect with family, explore stunning natural wonders, or discover urban delights, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to navigate the process seamlessly.

From eligibility criteria and application procedures to travel restrictions and tips for a successful application, we've got you covered. Let us unravel everything you need to know about tourist visas for Canada with your top questions answered below.

Canada's Tourist Visa: Your Questions Answered

Canada's Tourist Visa: Your Questions Answered

You may be wondering how you can visit Canada and what procedure you need to follow. Get ready to uncover all the answers as we dive into the details of tourist visas, from eligibility and application procedures to travel tips and restrictions.

What is Canada’s Tourist Visa?

In essence, it allows you to travel to and around Canada for a limited period, typically up to 6 months. It's important to note that while on a tourist visa, engaging in work or study activities is prohibited, aligning with the visa's intended scope and restrictions. Its primary purpose is to enable tourists to experience Canada's wonders and connect with its way of life.

What is the Difference Between a Tourist Visa and an eTA?

When planning a trip to Canada, it's crucial to understand the distinction between a Tourist Visa and an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). These two entry permits serve different purposes and apply to different travelers.

Tourist Visa

A Tourist Visa, also known as a Visitor Visa, is a traditional visa that allows foreign nationals to enter Canada for a temporary stay, typically up to six months. It's a document placed in your passport and is obtained through a Canadian consulate or embassy. Tourist Visas are typically required for citizens of countries that are not visa-exempt or eligible for an eTA.

eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

An eTA, on the other hand, is an electronic entry requirement designed for visa-exempt foreign nationals who are traveling to Canada by air. It's a simpler and faster way to gain entry clearance than a full-fledged visa. The eTA is electronically linked to your passport and is valid for up to five years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. It's crucial to note that the eTA is only applicable if you're flying to Canada; if you're arriving by land or sea, you won't need an eTA.

How do I Apply for a Canada Tourist Visa?

How do I Apply for a Canada Tourist Visa?

Step 1: Complete Online Application

Visit the official Canadian immigration website and fill out the tourist visa application form accurately.

Step 2: Gather Required Documents

Collect necessary documents such as a valid passport, travel itinerary, proof of funds, travel history, and a letter of invitation (if applicable).

Step 3: Pay the Application Fee

Pay the required visa application fee through the online portal using a valid payment method.

Step 4: Biometrics Appointment

Schedule and attend a biometrics appointment at a local Application Support Center (ASC) if instructed.

Step 5: Submit Application

Submit your completed application form and supporting documents online through the official portal.

Step 6: Wait for Processing

Wait for your application to be processed. This may take several weeks, so be patient.

Step 7: Attend Visa Interview (if required)

If asked, attend an interview at the nearest Canadian consulate or embassy.

Step 8: Receive Visa Decision

You will be notified of the visa decision. If approved, follow the instructions to receive your passport with the visa.

What Documents Do I Need For a Tourist Visa?

How much does the canadian tourist visa cost.

A Canadian tourist visa otherwise known as a visitor visa or even a temporary resident visa costs CAD100 and allows you to stay in Canada for up to 6 months but is valid for ten years or until your passport expires. If it’s your first time applying for a Canadian visa, you must include your biometrics (fingerprints and photos) at an additional cost of CAD85.

Who is Eligible for a Canada eTA?

If you are a citizen of a country that is visa-exempt in Canada, then you are eligible for an eTA and you will need one to in order to get into the country. Those who are not visa-exempt will need to apply for tourist visas. The list of eTA eligible countries are listed in the table below:

How Do I Apply for an eTA?

Step 1: visit the official website.

Go to the official Canadian government website dedicated to eTA applications.

Step 2: Check Eligibility

Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for an eTA. Most travelers from visa-exempt countries require an eTA to enter Canada by air.

Step 3: Gather Documents

Have your valid passport, a credit card, and your travel details ready.

Step 4: Start Application

Begin the online application by providing personal information, passport details, and travel plans.

Step 5: Answer Questions

Respond to a few questions about your health, criminal history, and travel purposes.

Step 6: Submit Payment

Pay the eTA processing fee using a credit card. The fee is typically lower than a traditional visa.

Step 7: Review and Submit

Carefully review the information you've provided before submitting the application.

Step 8: Wait for Approval

In most cases, you'll receive a decision within minutes. However, it's recommended to apply at least a few days before your departure.

Step 9: Check Your Email

If approved, you'll get an email with your eTA confirmation. It's electronically linked to your passport.

Step 10: Travel to Canada

Board your flight to Canada. When you arrive, the airline staff will verify your eTA before you can board.

Does Canada have any COVID-19 Travel Restrictions?

As of October 1, 2022, the border measures related to COVID-19 have ceased for all individuals arriving or coming back to Canada via air, land, or sea.

Top Tourist Destinations in Canada

Top Tourist Destinations in Canada

Now that you know how to visit Canada, let’s get you excited about traveling around the Great White North. Whether you’re exploring Canada with a group tour or planning your own itinerary, here are some of the must-see sights in Canada.

The Cabot Trail is one of the Seven Wonders of Canada and is located in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. With 26 hiking trails that range from easy strolls to challenging climbs - all leading to panoramic views of canyons, highlands, waterfalls, and coastlines, you have plenty of hiking adventures to plan in Cape Breton.

Ski at Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America located in Whistler, British Columbia. Plan your ski trip from January to March right in time for fresh snowfall and the best skiing and/or snowboarding experience. The resort further offers sophisticated lounge-style restaurants and bars where you can feast with incredible views of Blackcomb Mountain.

Sightsee in Old Montreal

If hiking and action-packed snow activities do not tickle your fancy, you might enjoy exploring the quaint cobblestone streets and architecture from the 16th century in Montreal - Quebec’s largest-French speaking city. A visit to the city is not complete without a stop at the Notre-Dame Basilica and Habitat 67. And don’t forget to indulge your sweet tooth with a frozen maple syrup lollipop from Sugar Shack.

Take a Cruise to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are world-famous waterfalls situated in Ontario, Niagara Falls. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in Canada, and for good reason. The thundering of 3,160 tons of water every second gives any spectator goosebumps. You can choose how you want to experience this natural world wonder with many unique and exciting activities that can be pre-booked on Tripadvisor, like a cruise that takes you as close as possible to the falls.

Inside Banff National Park you’d discover plenty of gems, including Lake Louise. The famous crystal clear turquoise water makes it one of the most Instragrammable lakes in the world. Canoeing is an iconic activity for travelers visiting Canada, and for CAD105, you and three friends can hire a canoe for one hour to paddle across Lake Louise, take in incredible nature, and spot small creatures in the park.

Chill at a Hip Gastown Bar in Van-City

Gastown is Vancouver's oldest neighborhood that seamlessly combines old style with contemporary elements. It’s home to the hottest restaurants and bars, making it a great pick for an incredible night out. You’ll also enjoy shopping at the city's independent fashion boutiques and modern gift stores while exploring the many art galleries that line the cobblestone streets.


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Canada Crossroads

Canada Itinerary: How to see Canada in 7 days to 2 weeks

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Canada is the second-largest country in the world and is home to some of the most beautiful places on earth. From Toronto’s vibrant city life, Quebec City’s European charm, Prairie’s vastness, Canadian Rockies majestic beauty, rainforests lush greenery, and fjords picturesque views – there are so many reasons to explore the Great White North! In this post, we have compiled the best of Canada itinerary samples, from coast to coast to coast. 

You can explore amazing landscapes like never before – it doesn’t matter if you have a week or 14 days in Canada for travel. We got you covered!

Canada Itinerary: 7 days to 2 weeks of sightseeing samples to choose from

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to spend your honeymoon, or just want an escape from the city, we have everything you need for an epic Canada trip! 

For each itinerary below, we have listed the duration (ranging from 7- 14 days), along with airport arrival and departure suggestions. 

We have also included sightseeing and accommodation suggestions for each destination. 

Pro-tip: Canada is huge (area-wise), so it is important to stick to a particular province or region so that you can make the most of your limited vacation time!

Each Canada itinerary sample is curated with care, research and experience, and it has something for everybody.

Come, let’s help you plan your trip to Canada!

7 to 10 days in Canadian Rockies Itinerary: Best of National Parks

  • Duration : 7 days to include 2 national parks, 10 days for 3 national parks
  • Route: Calgary, Banff National Park, Lake Louise, Yoho National Park, Jasper National Park 
  • Arrival Airport: Calgary Alberta
  • Departure Airport: Calgary or Edmonton, Alberta

An epic Canadian Rockies road trip is a must for every traveler to Canada! 

We may be biased as we live so close to Banff, but it is worth planning and flying down here to enjoy the turquoise lakes, countless hikes, stunning landscape with mountain views and photograph some of the picturesque views in the country. 

  • Day 1 : Arrive and explore Calgary 
  • Day 2 – 4 : Drive to Banff, and explore
  • Day 5: Lake Louise
  • Day 6: Yoho National Park
  • Day 7: Icefield Parkway stops
  • Day 8-9: Jasper National Park
  • Day 10 : Drive to Edmonton, explore (or fly out) 

Calgary Views Scottsdale

To kick start this 10 day Canada itinerary, touch down in Calgary, which is one of the prettiest cities in Alberta. You can spend one day in Calgary , enjoying highlights such as the Calgary Tower, Stephen Ave Walk, Peace Bridge, Prince Island Park, and Fort Calgary!

The next day, start for Banff National Park. It is located about a 1.50 hours drive away. Plan to spend 3 days in Banff , and check off relaxing activities on day one. These include the following – Sulphur mountain gondola ride, Bow Falls, a walk, and a castle food tour at the famous Fairmont Banff Springs!

Lake Minnewanka in Banff

For the next 2 days, spend time exploring 3 beautiful lakes in Banff National Park, namely Two Jack Lake, Lake Minnewanka, and Vermillion Lakes. In the summer months, you can go kayaking and enjoy easy (1-2 hour) hikes. Read all about the best hikes in Banff .

Not into hikes? Lake Minnewanka also has a cool sightseeing cruise of an hour, which is worth paying for! Or just enjoy a nice picnic in either Two Jack or Lake Minnewanka. In the winter, you can go snowshoeing, or winter hikes (Access to Lake Minnewanka is closed for winters). 

Where to stay in Banff: Elk + Avenue

On day 5, spend a full day in Lake Louise . Enjoy a hike up to Agnes Tea House, or relax with a canoe ride. In the winters, you can go ice-skating and then warm up at the Fairmont Château Lake Louise . You can choose to stay overnight in Lake Louise too (Banff town to Lake Louise is a 90-minute drive, one way). 

Head to Yoho National Park in British Columbia on day 6. It is a quick ride from Lake Louise, and spend the day chasing the mightiest Takakkaw Falls, Natural Falls, Spiral Tunnels on Kicking Horse Pass, and the gorgeous Emerald Lake!

Lake Emerald Yoho NP

On day 7, you can end this Canada itinerary, and return to Calgary to fly out. Or continue to Jasper National Park.

Drive along the Icefield Parkway connecting Lake Louise and Jasper (day 7). Along the way make a stop at Peyto Lake, Columbia Icefield, and Sunwapta Falls before arriving in Jasper town (stay here overnight). 

Spend the next 2 days exploring Jasper National Park . When visiting in the summer, enjoy canoeing at the Pyramid and Patricia Lakes (or just sit and soak in the sun with a nice book). Head over to Pyramid Lake Island and enjoy an easy hike. 

Snowshoeing in Pyramid Lake Things to do in Jasper in winter

In the winters, you can go snowshoeing here, or visit the Marmot Ski Basin to ring in the cold weather fearlessly! 

Where to stay in Jasper : Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Finally, on day 10, drive from Jasper to Edmonton . It takes 4 hours one way to arrive in the capital city of Alberta, and from here you can fly out. If you have a couple of hours left on this itinerary, then we recommend checking out our Legislature Building and then stopping at Strathcona for dinner and drinks!

Western Canada Itinerary 2 weeks: Calgary to Vancouver Road Trip Itinerary

  • Duration : 2 weeks
  • Route: Calgary, Banff National Park, Lake Louise, Yoho National Park, Jasper National Park (same as above), Kamloops, Whistler & Squamish, Vancouver
  • Departure Airport: Vancouver British Columbia

This 2 weeks western Canada itinerary covers the best of cities and parks in the two provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. You can start the trip in either city/province and then follow the next stops as listed in this sightseeing itinerary to explore it all! 

Calgary Tower and Fairmont hotel in one day in Calgary itinerary

If you were to drive non-stop from Calgary to Vancouver, it would take you 11-12 hours (+ usual traffic). But in 2 full weeks, you can explore some of the scenic landscapes, eat delicious food, shop and enjoy an amazing drive!

The first half of the itinerary is similar to the 10 day Canadian Rockies itinerary we listed above,

  • Day 1 : Arrive and explore Calgary (Alberta)
  • Day 2 : Drive to Banff, stop at Canmore (optional)
  • Day 3: Explore Banff
  • Day 4: Lake Louise
  • Day 5: Yoho National Park
  • Day 6: Icefield Glacier tour
  • Day 7-8: Jasper National Park (Alberta)
  • Day 9: Kamloops (British Columbia)
  • Day 10 : Drive to Whistler, stop in Squamish
  • Day 11-12: Whistler
  • Day 13-14: Vancouver (British Columbia)

Start your Canada trip in Calgary, explore the city for a day. Drive to Banff , with a stop in Canmore . 

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Explore Banff and Lake Louise for the next 2 days. We don’t recommend adding too many hikes as you are on a short visit, but checking off Lake Louise – canoeing or a short walk along the shore is a must!

Spend a day in Yoho National Park, BC, followed by a day at the Icefield Parkway with a must stop at the Athabasca glacier (adventure tour). 

Next 2 days, you will be enjoying the natural landscapes and mountains in the largest Canadian Rockies park – Jasper. 

On day 9, drive to British Columbia for Kamloops, and stay here overnight. Jasper to Kamloops is a little over 5 hours. Along the way, you will find small towns, lakes, and mountain views. 

Where to stay in Kamloops : DoubleTree by Hilton

Day 10 is another 5 hour driving day and this time for Squamish and Whistler. Squamish is known for mountain biking and hiking, as well as snowmobiling and back-country skiing in winter. 

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Squamish to Whistler is just 50 minute drive away, so you can easily split your time (days 11 and 12) between the two places. Whistler is a ski resort, but you can explore it all year round. There are mountain biking trails, as well as easy and moderately hiking routes for you to enjoy. 

Whistler’s pedestrian-friendly town is very cute, and its culinary scene is mindblowing! In Whistler, you will also find art museums and landmarks from the 2010 Winter Olympics! 

Where to stay in Whistler : Delta Hotels by Marriott Whistler Village Suites

Your final stop on this 2 week Canada itinerary is in Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia. Although there are a ton of things to do in the city, you have to choose a few to accommodate on a 2 day Vancouver trip . 

Whistler to Vancouver is a 1.50-hour drive away. The views along the way are stunning via the Sea to Sky highway (also known as Highway 99). 

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

In Vancouver, explore the city center or downtown checking off Canada Place, Stanley Park, bike along the seawall, and the Olympic Cauldron. Don’t miss out on the seafront of Vancouver and spend a couple of hours here, admiring the port. In the evening, visit Granville Island. 

Where to stay in Vancouver : The Westin Bayshore

The next day, head over to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Sun Yat-Sen Gardens, and finish off sightseeing with dinner and drinks at the Gastown district!

Canada in one week: Vancouver Island Road Trip Itinerary

  • Duration : 7 days
  • Route: Victoria, Port Renfrew, Tofino
  • Arrival Airport: Victoria (British Columbia)
  • Departure Airport: YVictoria (British Columbia)

This easy 7 day Canada itinerary focuses on the province of British Columbia. You can visit 3 places on Vancouver Island. For this itinerary, plan to fly to Victoria or arrive via ferry. You will be using a mix of road trips and ferry rides to explore the following 

  • Day 1-2: Arrive in Victoria, BC and explore
  • Day 3-4: Port Renfrew (via Pacific Marine Circle Route)
  • Day 5: Port Renfrew to Tofino 
  • Day 6-7: Explore Tofino, return to Victoria by late afternoon

On days 1 and 2, explore the prettiest city of Victoria (it’s my personal favorite). 

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Spend 2 days visiting the BC Legislature Building, BC Royal Museum, enjoy an afternoon tea at the Empress and hang out at the Fisherman’s Wharf. You can spend a few hours at the Butchart Gardens and go whale watching!

Where to stay in Victoria : Coast Victoria Hotel & Marina

On days 3 and 4, plan to arrive in Port Renfrew (2 hour drive). Along the way, stop at Sooke and Jordan River (for hikes). 

In Port Renfrew enjoy more hikes at the Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park and Botanical Beach Provincial Park. Don’t miss the big trees at the Avatar Grove. If interested you can also join a Big Tree Tour.

Where to stay in Port Renfrew & Tofino : Port Renfrew Vacation Rentals | Tofino Resort + Marina

Set aside day 5 for a drive, as you make your way to Tofino. The driving time from Port Renfrew to Tofino is 5 hours.

Tofino Vancouver Island BC

Then explore Tofino for the next 2 days. Go on a rainforest hike, wander the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve or relax at a sandy beach like Chesterman Beach and Long Beach. Filled with lakes, inlets, and tons of hiking trails, you will not want to leave Tofino!

Return to Victoria via ferry (Tofino to Victoria is 2+ hours by ferry).

Prairies Canada Itinerary 10 days: Edmonton, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Winnipeg 

  • Duration : 10 days
  • Route: Edmonton, Elk Island National Park, Lloyminister/ Vegreville, Saskatoon, Prince Albert National Park, Moosejaw, Winnipeg 
  • Arrival Airport: Edmonton Alberta
  • Departure Airport: Winnipeg Manitoba

We lived in the Prairie provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan for over 5+ years each and embarked on a ton of road trips and quick weekend getaways. 

Although Alberta is known for the Canadian Rockies, our capital city – Edmonton is worth a visit, after all, it is home to the largest living history museum and largest historical park in Canada. Plus one of North America’s largest malls is in Edmonton! 

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

In case you didn’t know this already, Canada has 3 prairie provinces (prairie = flatlands), and they are Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. This 10 day Canada itinerary covers some of the highlights of these 3 provinces. 

  • Day 1-2 : Arrive and explore Edmonton (Alberta)
  • Day 3: Visit Elk Island National Park
  • Day 4: Drive to Lloydminster with a stop in Vegreville. Arrive in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)
  • Day 5: Explore Saskatoon 
  • Day 6: Day trip to Prince Albert National Park 
  • Day 7: Day trip to Moosejaw 
  • Day 8: Drive to Winnipeg (Manitoba) with a stop in Yorkton
  • Day 9-10: Explore Winnipeg 

On day one, arrive in Edmonton (YEG international airport in Leduc), and spend the next 2 days at the capital city of Alberta. Discover the North Saskatchewan river valley, go on a segway tour or ride the historic train car (in the summer). 

Edmonton Canada in the fall

In the winters, Edmonton’s river valley is a snowshoeing haven. 

Don’t miss out on the Legislature Building (it is one of my favorites in the city), followed by the Muttart Conservatory (pyramid-shaped botanical gardens), and the Royal Alberta Museum. 

Where to stay in Edmonton : Delta Hotels by Marriott Edmonton Centre Suites

On your second day, experience the beauty of Devonian Botanical Gardens, and Fort Edmonton Park. In the evening, hang out at the Strathcona neighborhood, or book yourself game night tickets at the Rogers Place, Ice District. 

Prefer to shop instead? Head to the West Edmonton Mall!

Next, enjoy a day trip to Elk Island National Park, located just 40 minutes outside of Edmonton. It is home to bison and is a protected dark sky preserve. Spend a day going on nature walks, picnics, to sunset tours on Lake Astotin. 

Elk Island National Park canoe tour in the fall

Day 4 is a travel day, as you drive from Edmonton to Saskatoon in Saskatchewan. Make two spots, one in Vegreville, and snap a photo of the largest pysanka (Ukrainian egg), and another one in Lloydminster. 

Vegreville Small town Alberta

Lloydminster is almost midway between these two cities – Edmonton, and Saskatoon! Stay overnight in Stoon!

The next day, explore Saskatoon. You can easily spend 2 days in Saskatoon but for this itinerary, a full day is assigned. Check out the river valley in Saskatoon, go on easy hikes along the Meewasin Trail, sit by the parks, and take in the views of the South Saskatchewan River and its multiple bridges. 

Saskatoon - Delta Bessborough Hotel

Visit the REMAI arts museum, and the Western Development Museum (love this). WDM showcases the social and economic development of the province with a focus on the introduction of railways and other industrial inventions. The museum also has branches in Moose Jaw, North Battleford, and Yorkton. 

Where to stay in Saskatoon: Alt Hotel Saskatoon

On days 6 and 7, go on day trips to Prince Albert National Park (2+ hour drive), and MooseJaw (2+ hour drive). Prince Albert National Park is home to bison, and Lake Waskesiu – it is a perfect spot to spend a summer day.

In MooseJaw, you can check out the tallest moose statue (although it is still debated if Norway or Canada has the tallest one. But let’s say tallest in Canada, eh) and go on a Tunnel tour. 

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

The Tunnels of Moose Jaw is an attraction where you get to discover underneath the streets of the city, and how it was in the early 1900s (it uses stories of bootleggers, Al Capone, and Chinese immigration). 

Day 8, go on a road trip from Saskatoon to Winnipeg enjoying flatlands and making quick stops along the way. We recommend stopping by Yorkton for a break, and if interested visit the Western Development Museum there!  

Esplande Riel at night

Spend the next 2 days, exploring Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba. Visit the Forks, Assiniboine Park, MTS centre and swing by the Royal Canadian Mint. Do wander the French part of the city (St. Boniface), and enjoy a lovely dinner by the Esplanade Riel Bridge. 

Where to stay in Winnipeg : Hilton Garden Inn Winnipeg South

Note: If interested, you can add a trip to Churchill from Winnipeg (trains, flights, or guided tours) to check out polar bears! This should be on your Canada bucket list !

Central Canada Itinerary 10 days: Best of Ontario and Quebec

  • Route: Toronto, Niagar Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City
  • Arrival Airport: Toronto Ontario
  • Departure Airport: Toronto Ontario or Montreal Quebec

This epic Central Canada itinerary covers the highlights of the two provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Although these provinces have a ton of charming towns and beautiful parks, this itinerary only covers city landmarks. 

To kickstart this Canada travel itinerary, you will arrive at Toronto Pearson International airport, which is one of the busiest and biggest airports in the country. From there you can either use public transport, tours or drive to explore other destinations. 

You can fly out from Toronto, or Montreal, Quebec. 

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

  • Day 1-2 : Arrive and explore Toronto 
  • Day 3: Niagara Falls day trip 
  • Day 4-5: Ottawa
  • Day 6-7: Montreal 
  • Day 8-9: Quebec City
  • Day 10: Montreal & fly out (or drive back to Toronto)

Spend the first 2 days of the Canada 10 day itinerary in Toronto . Home to the CN Tower, one of the tallest freestanding towers in the world, harbourfront and the Royal Ontario Museum – Toronto is one of the bustling cities in Canada.

Trust us, there is so much to see and do in Toronto. But we recommend sticking to the downtown area and around to maximize your time here. Each evening relax at a bar or restaurant in the Distillery District or Kensington. Do visit Casa Loma if you have time!

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

On day 3, embark on a day tour to Niagara. Enjoy a boat tour, head to the top of the Skylon Tower, and soak in the views of the mightiest falls! Niagara has a lot of fine dining options, including the revolving restaurant!

Where to stay in Toronto : Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre

For the next 2 days, visit the various landmarks of Ottawa. Toronto to Ottawa is 4+ hours by train or car. You can also fly there in about an hour. Read about road trips from Toronto

Check out Parliament Hill, and various museums in the capital city of Canada. In the springtime, don’t miss the tulip festival. Rideau Canal in Ottawa is one of the must visit, it is the longest skating rink in the world!

Where to stay in Ottawa : Courtyard by Marriott Ottawa Downtown

Montreal in Quebec is next on the list. This is the French/Francophone province in Canada. The road distance between Ottawa and Montreal is 2+ hours. Trains take the same time. 

Old town Montreal

Spend the next 2 days in Montreal, choose a centrally located hotel, and then explore the Old Port and the old town (Vieux-Montréa) highlights such as Plaza de Armas and the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral. Don’t forget to enjoy a lovely sunset from Mount Royal’s viewpoint. 

Where to stay in Montreal : Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain

From Montreal, visit the charming Quebec City for the next 2 days. This is one of the oldest European cities in North America. Filled with cobblestone lanes (Petit Champlain District), and the beautiful Place Royale and Château Frontenac Hotel, Quebec City will surely melt your heart! 

Where to stay in Quebec City: Marriott Quebec City Downtown

After exploring Quebec city, you can return to Montreal and then fly out. Or get to Toronto and bid adieu to Canada!  Read about hikes near Toronto

Maritimes Canada Itinerary 7 days: Fundy Coastal drive from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island

  • Route: New Brunswick and the Fundy Coastal drive from Campobello Island to the Confederation Bridge at Prince Edward Island (PEI)
  • Arrival Airport: Saint John New Brunswick
  • Departure Airport: Charlottetown Prince Edward Island

This one week coastal itinerary to Canada discovers the Bay of Fundy and takes you through two provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island on an epic road trip!

  • Day 1-2: Arrive and explore Saint John (New Brunswick)
  • Day 3: Visit Campobello Island
  • Day 4: Explore Saint Andrews
  • Day 5: Day trip to Hopewell Rocks
  • Day 6: Drive to Charlottetown (PEI) via Bay of Fundy
  • Day 7: Explore Charlottetown

Arrive at the Saint John airport and explore the next two days. Don’t forget to pick up a car rental.

From the coast to culture, Saint John is home to the New Brunswick Museum, a great place to learn about the history of the area including lumber, shipbuilding, farming industries. 

Sunset views in Saint John

City Market of Saint John should not be missed. Here you will find bustling market stalls, selling fresh produce, meat, seafood, local art, souvenirs, etc.  

Check out the Reversing Falls, a UNESCO GeoPark. This is where the Bay of Fundy tides overtake the flow of the Saint John River. Make a quick stop at the Carleton Martello Tower overlooking the Bay of Fundy. 

Harbour seals hanging out on rocks and seaweed in the Bay of Fundy at sunset

For the next few days, keep Saint John as a base and go on day trips. Start with Campobello Island on day 3. This is the only International Park in the world and the summer home of U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. (drive is 2+ hours one way).

Where to stay in Saint John : Chateau Saint John Trademark Collection by Wyndham

On day 4, explore the old fishing village of Saint Andrews located on the Bay of Fundy. This is THE place to be to check out the most dramatic tides in the world. Great for whale watching and kayaking trips. (2+ hour one way).

On day 5, go on a day trip to Hopewell Rocks. Hopewell Rocks are home to a unique landscape, where you can walk along the ocean floor and see the towering sandstone sculptures! (2+ hour one way).

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Finish off your one week in Canada itinerary, by driving to Charlottetown (PEI) via the Bay of Fundy. As you continue winding along the Bay of Fundy Highway to 15E, you will arrive at the Confederation Bridge, the longest bridge (12.9 KM/8 miles) that crosses ice-covered waters in the world.

You will arrive in Charlottetown (PEI) in 3+ hours. Visit the Province House National Historic Site where the Charlottetown Conference of 1864 took place. Check out the Confederation Centre of the Arts and its musical based on “Anne of Green Gables.” 

Where to stay in Charlottetown: Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites

Make your visit memorable with a horse drawn carriage ride in the city. Enjoy your evenings at Victoria Row with shops, and restaurants. 

Atlantic Canada Itinerary: Cabot Trail East Coastal Drive with Halifax, Fredericton

  • Route: Halifax, Cape Breton Island & Highlands National Park, Moncton, Truro, Saint John, Hopewell Rocks, Fredericton
  • Arrival Airport: Halifax Nova Scotia
  • Departure Airport: Fredericton New Brunswick

The Cabot Trail is a scenic driving route on the island of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. Cabot Trail offers one of the best scenic views along Canada’s Atlantic Coast. The trail is over 300 km (186 miles) and can be easily completed in one day. However, we recommend stopping along the way and extending this trip to New Brunswick. 

  • Day 1-2: Arrive and explore Halifax (Nova Scotia)
  • Day 3 – 4: Cabot Trail Drive, Cape Breton Highlands National Park
  • Day 5: Drive to Moncton (New Brunswick) with a stop in Truro
  • Day 6: Explore Moncton
  • Day 7: Drive to Saint John via Bay of Fundy with a stop in Hopewell Rocks
  • Day 8: Explore Saint Andrews by the Sea
  • Day 9-10: Explore Fredericton

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

You can start from Halifax (fly there), and spend the next 2 days here. Visit Peggy’s Cove, the colorful village of Lunenburg, Halifax Waterfront, and Dartmouth.

Where to stay in Halifax : Residence Inn by Marriott Halifax Downtown

On day 3, head towards the Cabot Trail (3.50 hours). Stop at the Highland Village, to check out how Gaelic settlers in Cape Breton lived. This site is beautifully set on the Bras d’Or lake. 

Enjoy your drive, and stay or camp overnight at the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Do check out the Cape Breton Highlands Lookout, and capture the sunset on Skyline Trail Hike (day 4). 

Beautiful rugged coastline scenery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia along the Cabot Trail on the Atlantic Ocean in Maritime Canada

Whale watching is popular here, so is seafood including lobster treats! 

Spend day 5 on another drive, this time to Moncton, the largest city in New Brunswick. 

The total route from Cape Breton Highlands National Park is 5+ hours, and we recommend stopping at Truro to check out the waterfalls of Victoria Park. If you’re adventurous, try Tidal Bore Rafting on the Shubenacadie River, close to Truro. 

Stay overnight in Moncton.

Where to stay in Moncton : Four Points by Sheraton Moncton

Explore Moncton for a day. Eat your heart out in one of their many restaurants, and wineries. Stop by the Magnetic Hill. 

On day 7, drive an hour south of Moncton to the Hopewell Rocks to experience the highest tides in the world! This natural phenomenon occurs twice a day, so do check the tide tables to catch them! Arrive in Saint John and stay here overnight. 

Spend a full day in Saint John, exploring the Reversing Falls, a UNESCO GeoPark, and New Brunswick Museum. 

Continue on your road trip along the Bay of Fundy with a stop at the village of Saint Andrews, before arriving in Fredericton. In Saint Andrews, don’t miss the Huntsman Marine Science Center and Kingsbrae Gardens.

The New Brunswick Legislative Building in Fredericton

Fredericton is the capital city of New Brunswick and your home for the next 2 days. In Fredericton, you can witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony in the Garrison District. Plus there are tons of historical sites to explore from the Kings Landing Historical Settlement to museums and other landmarks. 

Where to stay in Fredericton : Delta Hotels by Marriott Fredericton

Newfoundland in 8 to 10 days: St John’s, coastal towns, Gros Morne National Park

  • Route: St. John’s, Terra Nova National Park, Twillingate, Gros Morne National Park/Deer Lake
  • Arrival Airport: St John’s Newfoundland
  • Departure Airport: Deer Lake Newfoundland

This intense 10 day Canada itinerary only covers the province of Newfoundland on its own. Arrive in St. John’s, the capital city, and spend a week in and around the area. Then proceed to explore the Gros Morne National Park for 5-6 days, before flying out from Deer Lake. 

  • Day 1-2: Arrive in St John’s and explore
  • Day 3 : Terra Nova National Park
  • Day 4: Twillingate
  • Day 5 : Twillingate to Gros Morne National Park
  • Day 6-10 : Gros Morne National Park, fly out from Deer Lake

Begin your Newfoundland Canada 10 day itinerary with St. John’s. Spend 2 days in this city with a rich history dating back to 500 years! Explore the national historic sites of Signal Hill, Cape Spear, Quidi Vidi, and wander the colorful downtown area. 

St. John's NL

Then on your second day enjoy shopping, go wine tasting, and join a haunted tour!

Where to stay in St. John’s: Courtyard by Marriott St. John’s Newfoundland

Day 3, drive to Terra Nova National Park, which is Canada’s most Easterly National Park. It is home to a varied landscape from a coastline to hiking trails and wetlands.

Driving to the National Park takes 2+ hours, and we recommend staying there overnight. There are hotels located about 15 km (9.3 miles) away from Terra Nova National Park. 

Skyline of the fishing village of Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada

Next head to the quaint town of Twillingate (day 4), and spend the night here. Relax by the coast and enjoy the colorful streets. Go on a tour to check out whales, dolphins, seabirds, and icebergs. Drive to Twillingate is 2+ hours. 

Spend a full travel day, driving from Twillingate to Gros Morne National Park. Nonstop driving is 5.50 hours, and with a few roadside stops, it will easily take you a day.  Stay overnight in the park at Rocky Harbour, or at nearby Deer Lake.

Where to stay in Deer Lake : Holiday Inn Express Deer Lake, an IHG Hotel

Spend day 6-9 exploring the Gros Morne National Park. Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized for its rare continental drift. At the park, you can see amazing fjords, chase waterfalls, stunning mountains and cliffs along with deep forests and lush greenery. 

On day 10, fly out from Deer Lake. 

Northern Canada Itinerary 7 days: Whitehorse and Dawson City (extend to Yellowknife)

  • Duration : 7-10 days
  • Route: Whitehorse, Dawson City, Yellowknife (optional)
  • Arrival Airport: Vancouver British Columbia and Whitehorse Yukon
  • Departure Airport: Yellowknife Northwest Territories and Vancouver British Columbia

If you wish to explore the underrated and unconventional areas of Canada, consider a trip to the Northwest Territories and Yukon. These destinations are sparsely populated, yet are full of history and scenic views – from chasing northern lights, gold rush trails to the wilderness, you can explore it all. 

  • Day 1: Arrive in Vancouver, fly to Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Day 2-4: Explore Whitehorse
  • Day 5-7: Dawson City (and return)
  • Day 8-14: (or extend to) Yellowknife and return

To kickstart this itinerary, we recommend flying to Vancouver (from overseas). You can book a flight to Whitehorse, Yukon and it will take you there in 2.50 hours. Flights from Toronto take 10+ hours (yup! Canada is HUGE).

Aurora borealis over downtown Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon Territory

Spend the next 3 days in Whitehorse, the capital city of Yukon, and explore the Wildlife Preserve and museums – Old Log Church Museum, Transportation Museum, SS Klondike Historic Site, and Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre. 

Enjoy a day at the Miles Canyon, hiking and soaking in views from the suspension bridge – this is where you can clearly see how the rapids and the Canyon gave a tough challenge to the gold-seekers heading to the Klondike Gold Rush. 

Miles Canyon Yukon

Where to stay in Whitehorse : Days Inn by Wyndham Whitehorse

Spend days 5 to 7 in Dawson City, another town in Yukon. You can take a flight (1.25 hours), or drive a full day (6 hours of straight driving). 

With 2 days in Dawson City, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of mixed First Nations Heritage and Gold Rush History. You will be busy checking off museums and the colorful arts here. 

Where to stay in Dawson City : Value Inn – Downtown Hotel Dawson City

You can conclude your trip here, or head to Yellowknife for another 4-6 days with travel time!

Planning a Canada travel itinerary:  Essential Travel Tips

Here are quick travel tips to prepare for your trip to Canada!

Best time to visit Canada

Canada is a popular summer destination. And there is a good reason – most Canadian cities in the summer are bustling with activities from outdoor cafes, farmer’s markets, to festivals and picnics. 

Parks are open with wide arms with tons of camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. Summers bring a lot of crowds and are a peak tourist season. 

Girl in Alberta in fall

For sightseeing, late spring and fall are great as well. During this time, there are fewer crowds in popular destinations like the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and cities; and although some camping sites may be closed at the end of the season, you will surely score a nice accommodation in the heart of the city/park. 

Some visitors love the cold weather, and some don’t, but winters in Canada are amazing! 

Sunwapta Falls viewing area

From experiencing a white Christmas, romantic getaways to snow-ful activities like snowshoeing, skiing, and ice skating in a natural rink, we got it all!

If you are planning a trip to Canada in the winter , dress warmly, and don’t worry about carrying all the ski gear and equipment, as you can easily rent them here. Driving in winter can be a little tricky if you are not used to the icy conditions.  

Getting around Canada

From the Canada itineraries above, you have seen how we have clubbed places close to each other. You must have also noticed that we used road trips as an itinerary format, and here is why!

Canada Road Trip Planning: Canmore Alberta

Canada is HUGE, it is the second largest country by area, and even within a province, it will take you a day or more to get around. So, 

  • If you are not renting a car, consider a Canadian city itinerary like – Toronto & Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City. These cities have a strong public transportation network (Light Rail Trains, transit buses, Uber) and guided tours
  • For national and provincial parks a car is necessary as passenger trains and public transport are scarce. Canadian Rockies do have local buses, tours, and restricted train routes for visitors to enjoy (note that Greyhound no longer operates in Canada)
  • For cross-country trips, flights are the only way to make the most of your visit to Canada. We get asked by readers, they are visiting Toronto, and they want to explore Banff. Now they are in 2 different provinces, and driving between these two places will take 40+ hours one way, and you don’t want to do that – if you are on a 10-day trip! 
  • So use flights – Canada has a few budget/affordable airlines like Swoop and Flair, where you can find flights starting at $50 CAD one way (+ baggage fees, so travel light :))

Learn about Canada road trips here

What to budget for a trip to Canada?

Canada is not a cheap destination 🙂 but you can enjoy an epic vacation with picturesque landscapes, lakes, and historic sites with careful planning!

For exploring cities, we recommend a budget of $150-$175 CAD per day, and this includes

  • 3 to 4-star hotel on a twin share basis ($150/2= $75)
  • Lunch and dinner at a sit-down restaurant – a meal with a drink ($15 to $30)
  • Transportation (daily passes $8), car rental (daily starts $25)
  • Walking tours, museum passes, etc ($10 – $50)

**Flights are not included.

When visiting national parks, you have to pay entry fees which are $20 CAD for vehicles. A daily pass is valid for 24 hours or the next day at 04:00 pm. 

Once you are inside the park, you can check out lakes, go on hikes, and enjoy mountain views for free. Additional sightseeing like gondola rides, museums, and historic sites has extra fees! 

To save money in Canada, you can surely stay in hostels, approved Airbnbs, or find accommodation in a sister city. For food, you can find affordable grocery stores, and fast-food restaurants (where meals start at $8 CAD), including Canada’s favorite Tim Hortons in every city!

Prices that you see listed in menus and store items are the base price, and then the cashier will add provincial and federal taxes as applicable. 

Also, the same Tim Hortons coffee, although it might taste the same, the base prices and taxes will be different in different provinces! Confusing, eh! 

Safety in Canada

Canada is a safe and welcoming country. We moved here and have lived for more than a decade in 3 different provinces and never had an issue. 

Instances of pickpocketing are also very rare. Some incidences of car breakage and theft may occur in certain places, and the key here is to never leave items inside your vehicle when parking by the roadside!

I have traveled solo, as a couple, and with friends and family – and safety was never a concern. We are sure you will feel welcomed here, just be respectful of others, of the laws of the land, and you will have a great time!

Additional Canada Tips

For a city-only trip, a week is enough. Same for exploring the highlights of the Canadian Rockies, 7 days is a good time frame. Of course, the more time you have, the better!

In 10 days in Canada, you can include a combination of 2-3 cities (spending 2 days in each) and then take a couple of day trips. Ensure these cities are either in the same province or close to each other when traveling by car. To explore cities in different provinces, a flight is the best option to make the most of your trip!

2 weeks in Canada is great to intimately explore a region like the best of Maritimes, Eastern Canada, or all the national parks and landmarks of the Canadian Rockies.

Great question! Driving across the entire length and breadth of Canada will take you 23+ days. If you plan on stopping along the way, visiting cities, small towns, and parks, you will easily need 90 days.

We hope you found our post on Canada itineraries useful in planning your trip! Where will you go next?

More Canada travel guides

  • How to plan a road trip in Canada

Pin: One to two weeks in Canada travel itinerary

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Mayuri Kashyap is an Indian Canadian traveler, writer and photographer based in Alberta. She moved to Toronto as a student in 2009, and has been calling Canada home ever since. She started the blog - Canada Crossroads - to share her travel and living experiences in the Great White North!

A History graduate and an MBA, Mayuri is a destinations marketing expert. She loves traveling with her husband, Salil and soaking in experiences across Canada, India and Europe.

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Two Week Traveller

2 Weeks in Canada: 4 itineraries

DISCLAIMER: This post might have links to travel services and products that we enjoy. We might make a commission from it at no extra cost to you.

Canada is a Northern American country that has ten provinces and three territories which extend from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and northward to the Arctic Ocean.

It shares a southern and western border with the United States. It also shares maritime borders with Greenland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

Canada’s natural beauty, including secluded forests, glaciers, and mountains, is almost unparalleled. However, Canada isn’t only famous for its great outdoors. It also has clean, safe and multicultural cosmopolitan cities.

Since Canada this country has so much to offer, you have to stay for at least 2 weeks in Canada for you to make the most out of your vacation.


3 images - lake louise with red boats, poutine, polar bear, and vancouver skyline - 2 weeks in Canada itinerary

Before we jump right into the itinerary, you need to know these things first. The Canada travel tips below will help you plan and write an itinerary and ensure you will encounter as little hassle as possible.

When is the best time to go to Canada

The summer season is from June to September, which is also the peak season, while the rainy season is from March to June.

In contrast, winter is from late November until early March, when you can enjoy winter activities such as skiing and exploring the Arctic.

It’s very cold in Canada in winter, so u nless you’re planning to do winter activities here during this time , you should really avoid visiting between November and February.

Are 2 weeks enough for Canada

14 days in Canada is definitely not enough if you want to see everything. This is a massive country with so much to offer. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan a trip to Canada.

You can explore a small part of this trip and see if you like it. If so, then you have more reason to come back in the future

Besides, Canada is so different in each season. So, visiting during summer doesn’t translate enough to what Canada is like in winter. If you plan well, you can see 2-3 major cities in Canada in under 2 weeks.

Getting around

The modes of transportation in Canada include planes, trains, buses, ferries, cars, subways, light rail trains, trams, taxis and cycling.

Taking the bus is the most common form of transportation here as it is also the cheapest. If you travel long distances, you might have to ride a plane instead, and in some areas, you can take a long-distance train.

Renting a car and driving on your own, combined with taking domestic flights, are an ideal way to get around Canada. If you plan to do so, ensure you align your car rental dates properly to avoid being short in time or paying too many extra days.

Language and currency

More than 200 languages are spoken in Canada, but most of them are unofficial. They have two official languages, which are French and English .

Their currency is called the Canadian Dollar (CAD) . Credit cards are more commonly used in Canada than in other countries, particularly for transactions above $15.

However, it still would be best if you bring cash with you because there are still establishments that don’t accept cards as payment methods. You should be able to find ATMs in all major cities and big tourist spots.

Packing tips

Packing for Canada can be tricky, especially if you plan to do different adventures or if you come during winter.

First, you should know how expensive it is to buy winter clothes there, but instead of packing the jackets in your luggage, simply wear them and remove them once you are on the plane.

We have a packing list for 2-week trips , which comes with a printable checklist for free. But we also have a winter packing list if that’s the season you’re going.

If you plan to visit national parks and do lots of hiking, it’s essential to bring and pack your best hiking boots or shoes. It’s not advisable to buy those in Canada because you need to break into them and ensure your feet mould on the shoes to avoid blisters and injuries.

Unfortunately, Canada can be a challenging country to visit. This is because the government has a strict visa policy in place.

Travellers with passports from North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brazil, Chile, and some parts of the Caribbean and the Gulf countries can enjoy visa-free access to Canada for up to 6 months.

Other visitors must apply for a visa in advance. On the other hand, if you have a valid US tourist visa or a Green Card holder (USA), you are eligible to apply for an eTA (only arriving by air), applicable for specific nationalities .

Visitors who qualify for visa exemption are required to apply for an eTA before boarding their flight to Canada (except for USA passport holders).

Average cost for 2 weeks in Canada

Canada is an expensive place to spend a holiday in. The average cost of travel for 14 days in Canada is about $1,300 per person .

If you don’t mind staying in hostels, you can do with $900, and for those who want luxury, it’s best to plan a $3,500 budget.

These costs exclude flights to and from Canada. Depending on the places you want to see, you might also have to rent a car which can be pricier than taking public transportation.

Other travel tips

I use these travel websites for planning and booking any of my trips. Many of these offer 24-hour cancellation, which gives me flexibility and lessens the chance of money loss, which is great, especially if your travel plans are not final. You can book hotels, flights, tours, and buses, and also look for affordable travel insurance.


Click the icon on the top right to enlarge the map. Credit: map data: Google


These two weeks in Canada itineraries are created for various types of travellers. For those who want a jam-packed itinerary, history buffs, wish to experience adrenaline-filled activities or just want a slow-paced vacation, whatever itinerary you prefer, we’ve got you covered.

Please take note that you do not need to follow these travel itineraries 100%, and you may modify them however you like. You could also mix and match the places and the activities. These are just suggestions to provide you with some ideas.

Itinerary #1: (Ontario & Quebec) Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Prince Edward Island

This first itinerary option for your 14 days in Canada is ideal for people who love to learn about the culture and observe city architecture and those who are fond of attending various events.

Simply put, this is perfect for those who prefer a busy itinerary but non-adrenaline-filled activities. It’s a jam-packed plan with cities far from one another. So, you will have to take domestic flights to get from one city to another.

Don’t be disheartened if you’re an adrenaline junkie because we added locations that would also suit your preference. The great thing about these locations is that they’re near each other so you wouldn’t spend much time travelling from one place to another.

Toronto and Niagara Falls for 3 days

Toronto is famous for its food, sports, open spaces and various events, including festivals, concerts and sports events. This place is also perfect for people who love road trips, as you can find wineries, cottages, waterfalls and other quaint sites within a couple of hour’s drive.

I am sure that only a few people haven’t heard about Niagara Falls. This waterfall comprises not only one but three waterfalls; Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls and Horseshoe Falls.

Aside from the glorious feeling you get upon seeing it up close, they also have a waterfall light show, and you could do many activities with your family and friends. This is the perfect starting point for travel for adventurous people, as a couple of hiking trails are nearby.

If you’re renting a car to explore Toronto and Niagra Falls, you can pick up your car rental at the airport or downtown Toronto.

TIP: You can save money by getting a train pass to/from Pearson Airpot in advance

Ottawa for 3 days

You are now entering the French-speaking region of Canada . While French is the main language here, road signs, restaurant menus, and many other things are in English. You also shouldn’t have a problem communicating with locals in English.

Ottawa is famous for having the largest skating rink worldwide , spanning 7.8 km. You could also have a picnic at the park and watch contemporary music and plays.

For those who are fond of anything spooky, you could take the haunted walk of Ottawa, a guided walking tour that lasts for 90 minutes.

To reach Ottawa, if you’re coming from Toronto, you could fly, ride the bus, drive or board the train. The most recommended option would be to fly as it is the fastest, about 2 hours.

Driving takes 4 hours while the cheapest option would be to ride the bus, which is about a 5-hour journey.

Montreal for 3 days

Montreal is a fascinating cosmopolitan city filled with fantastic architecture, trendy bars, great eats, and local culture.

This place is ideal for those who prefer slow travel as the attractions are near one another, so there’s no need to rush. They have parks, old public markets, and museums.

The most recommended mode of transportation from Ottawa to Montreal is by boarding the train, which lasts for almost 2 hours. The cheapest option is by bus, and the alternative options are by flying and driving.

2 images - Montreal at sunset and vancouver aerial view - 2 weeks in Canada itinerary

Quebec City for 2 days

2 weeks in Canada is not complete without visiting the famous city of Quebec. It is worth visiting as it is UNESCO World Heritage Certified, is t he cradle of French America and is the only fortified city on the continent north of Mexico.

It is also very close to nature, including glacial valleys, rolling rivers and lakes that are accessible in all seasons.

If you’re travelling from Montreal to Quebec , the most recommended option is to either take the bus or the train. The bus takes 3 hours. The alternative options are boarding the train for 3 hours or driving for 2.5 hours.

Prince Edward for 2 days

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada. It is a must-visit, offering a unique fusion of French, Scottish, Irish and English traditions.

This place is perfect for people who love to learn about East Canadavarious cultures. There are also tons of activities that you could do here, including biking and fishing.

There are several ways to get to Prince Edward if you’re coming from Quebec , including flying, which is the most recommended option.

Riding the bus is the cheapest option, but you most likely have to change buses. Driving takes 9 hours, while the flight is about 4-6 hours, depending on the connection.

Itinerary #2: (BC & Alberta) Vancouver, Banff/Lake Louise/Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies

This second itinerary is ideal for those who prefer nature-tripping and for those who love outdoor activities . Vancouver is well-known for its ancient forests, seawalls, and ecologically-minded locals.

They also offer many activities such as hiking, swimming and surfing, while Banff National Park is home to diverse wildlife , including grizzly bears, wolves, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, cougars, bald eagles, and more.

What’s great is that Banff National Park is close to the Canadian Rockies, another world-famous tourist destination.

Since this itinerary only includes two provinces and the locations are near one another, you can definitely do a road trip with good planning. You can also sneak in a domestic flight if needed.

Vancouver for 5 days

Vancouver has almost everything tourists and locals could want, such as rainforests, sparkling oceans, majestic mountains, and beautiful foliage. They offer a variety of land and water sports.

One of the resorts here with excellent accommodations is the Harrison Hot Springs Resort. They have a golf package, eco-tours, watersports and shoreline tours. You could also dine at the lakeside and enjoy a nice meal with incredible scenery here.

Vancouver is the perfect starting point of travel for adventure seekers as it is only two hours away from a world-class ski resort and is surrounded by both waters and mountains, so you won’t run out of activities to do.

Banff National Park, Lake Louise, and Jasper National Park for 6 days 

Banff National Park is Canada’s first national park and is third in the world . It is well-known for its lakes, mountains and endless outdoor activities.

It is only a 40-minute drive to the spectacular Lake Louise , which also has abundant wildlife and sparkling glaciers, and where you could go boating, skiing, and hiking.

Jasper National Park is perfect for hikers as it has some of the best hiking routes in the country. It also has waterfalls and Spirit Island, a peninsula connected to the shore. Since these nature parks are close to each other, six days will be plenty of time.

2 images - jasper national park and prince edward island lighthouse - 2 weeks in canada itinerary

The Canadian Rockies for 2 days

The Canadian Rockies are most suitable for those who are fond of road trips as there are tons of scenic views to see here, such as snow-capped mountains, rushing rivers, deep forests and the like. There are also tons of wildlife here.

You can reach the Canadian Rockies from Jasper National Park through railway services. Travel time usually lasts for almost 3 hours.

Unfortunately, there are no roads for vehicles. You will have to leave your car in Jasper and travel back there on a train. You can then drive to the airport and drop off your rented vehicle.

Itinerary #3: East & West: Toronto, Niagra, Quebec, Vancouver, A National Park

For this third itinerary, we’re going to go from East to West so you can experience what each area offers.

This is ideal for people who love to share a bit of everything , from immersing themselves in various cultures, experiencing laid-back travelling, trying out adventurous land and water sports and attending festivals, this itinerary definitely has it all.

It even covers some of the top attractions in Canada, including Niagara Falls and a couple of the most sought-after national parks.

For this part, you will be using Toronto as a base and then make a full-day trip to Niagra Falls.

Did you know that Toronto has around 10 million trees? Yep, 18% of the city’s total area is devoted to parks. That’s why there are tons of treetop trekking spots here. But if you have limited time, you can check this list of things to do in Toronto .

North America’s only castle can also be found here, so for those who are fond of adventure and finding rare, authentic locations, Toronto is the perfect place to start your trip .

Aside from the sight, Niagara Falls is famous because of the numerous activities you can do here, including a boat ride, zip line, helicopter flight and whirlpool aero car ride, among others.

Quebec City for 4 days

Quebec is a French-speaking province, so if you want to immerse yourself in French but haven’t been to Paris yet. The current most photographed hotel can also be found here, and the dish poutine originated in this region.

Based on these facts, one can assume that this place is perfect for those who want to unwind and not have a tight-packed itinerary. However, Quebec City also caters to those who love festivals, as it facilitates the largest winter festival in the world.

You’ll also be able to visit Montreal, where you’ll see biodomes, museums, and shopping centres. It also celebrates 90 festivals annually, so there’s a high chance you’ll be able to go to one or a couple during your stay.

To reach Quebec City, if you’re coming from Toronto , you could fly, which is the most recommended option. The travel duration is more than 3 hours. The cheapest option is riding a bus; other alternatives include boarding the train or driving, which is about 8 hours long.

2 images - quebec city and the canadian rockies - 2 weeks in Canada itinerary

Vancouver for 3 days

Vancouver is also known as the “Hollywood of the North” as it comes second after Los Angeles in TV production and third in film production, so film enthusiasts might enjoy visiting this place.

You’ll also find Canada’s longest pool here and a park that’s 10% larger than Central Park in New York.

For those who are planning to visit Vancouver from Quebec City, you could fly, board the train, ride a bus, or drive. The flight takes about 5-8 hours, depending on the connection.

A National Park for 3 days

2 weeks in Canada must include visiting a national park, whether this is your first time or not. Canada has one of the best national parks in the world , so you will not run out of places to discover and do outdoor activities.

For the final leg in this itinerary, you could choose either one between the Canadian Rockies, Jasper, or Banff National Park . Jasper is larger than Banff National Park, is more remote and has a rustic feel to it.

Jasper is more suitable for people with a laid-back vibe and fewer crowds. At the same time, Banff National Park is more commercialised and has various high-end shops. The Canadian Rockies is a bit challenging to get to, but it definitely should be considered.

Itinerary #4: Winter Visit: Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Churchill, Jasper National Park & Banff National Park, Vancouver

Last but definitely not least is the winter itinerary. Wherein we compiled the places that look ethereal during the winter and some activities you could do.

This itinerary is perfect for everyone as we have alternative options for those who prefer sightseeing over doing some rigorous activities.

The peak season in Canada is during the summer. This means that if you visit in winter, many businesses related to tourism, such as hotels, tour companies, and airlines, often have a good deal during this season. Canada is an incredible and magical country to visit during winter.

Niagara Falls for 2 days

Winter is actually one of the best times to visit Niagara Falls. Those who can endure the cold will be rewarded with an unbelievable view because the sunlight’s rays reflect the iced sheets.

It’s also the time when you can see the falls completely frozen , and another bonus is the lesser crowd during this season.

They even have a museum that offers classes where you can make your own glass. There is an old fort, Niagara’s oldest property grounds and a marine land where you and your family or friends could get up close with various sea animals that thrive in such cold waters.

Ottawa for 2 days

Ottawa is a historical and cultural city filled with museums and government structures. You’ll learn how Canadian coins are made and see the oldest church in Ottawa, which was made in 1841 (Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica).

To get to Ottawa from Niagra Falls , you could either take an hour’s flight or drive yourself, which is about 5 hours. You can also take the bus or a train, the travel time is between 7-9 hours.

Churchill, Manitoba for 3 days

Churchill is located in the province of Manitoba, by Hudson Bay. It is the best place to see the wonders of the Arctic. You’ll experience the thrill of this region during your visit in winter.

For one, you’ll get to see a polar bear up close. You can also see Beluga whales in Hudson Bay. This can indeed be a once-in-a-lifetime experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

There are no roads that lead to Churchill. The only way to get there from Ottawa is by plane. However, there are minimal and rare flights, this is the part of your trip where you have to book the flight in advance to ensure you get a seat.

Don’t worry, there are only 900 people who live in Churchill, which means that everyone who is trying to take the flight is a visitor.

2 images - jasper national park and CN tower at night - 2 weeks in Canada itinerary

Jasper National Park, Lake Louise, and Banff National Park for 5 days

Aside from the beautiful hikes and waterfalls, there are also hot springs in Jasper National Park, where you can chill after a strenuous hike. The national train carrier also stops at Jasper, so you’ll get to enjoy the scenic views.

Lake Louise, on the other hand, is part of Bangg National Park. It has one of the most famous mountain vistas in the world , as mountains frame the lake. Another way to enjoy the rocky mountain views and spot wildlife from afar is if you ride their gondolas.

Banff also has other lakes, which is why it is a must-visit , along with the scenic driveway and the chance to walk on 10,000-year-old pieces of ice.

Getting to Jasper from Churchill can be very challenging. Take a flight to Edmonton, Calgary, or Vancouver. The first two would be the best choices.

From there, you could take a private transfer to Jasper or Banff or pick up a rental car from the airport. The drive time from either city to either national park is between 2-7 hours.

Vancouver for 2 days

One of the reasons why Vancouver is a must-visit is because of nature’s accessibility to the city. The mountains are just an hour’s drive away if you want an excellent adventure.

There are also different types of markets for those who are fond of eating and shopping or shopping while eating. They have street food markets, flea markets and farmer’s markets.

Going to Vancouver is the perfect place to end your trip. This city has many international flights that could take you home directly or with a connection.


Don’t forget to book your tours if you’re visiting during peak season. If you prefer to do a DIY, here’s a list of must-see and must-do for 2 weeks in Canada:

  • Waling tour – book a city walking tour with a local guide
  • Centreville Amusement Park
  • Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Niagara Falls day tour – day/night tour with food or with Niagra on the Lake or with a winery tour
  • Visit the Chinatown
  • Try out EdgeWalk – l circle the CN tower while in a harness 
  • CN Tower – scale the tower or book a harbour cruise at night
  • Ontario Science Centre
  • AGO – an art gallery in Ontario
  • Royal Ontario Museum – get your admission ticket in advance
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
  • Harbourfront Centre
  • Helicopter Tour – ride for 7 minutes on top of Toronto
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Queen’s Quay Terminal
  • Casa Loma – look at the ticket price
  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • Toronto Railway Museum
  • Day trip to Bruce Peninsula National Park – read the reviews
  • Little Italy
  • Shopping at St Lawrence Market
  • Food and drinks tours – Niagra wineries and tasting or beer tour or Kensington Market or secret food tours
  • Toronto Botanical Garden
  • Explore Danforth
  • Get an airport transfer pass between the city and Pearson airport
  • Explore Ottawa’s top sites on a walking tour with a local guide or a haunted night walking tour
  • Rideau Canal – sign up for a canal cruise
  • Parliament Hill
  • Hop-on, hop-off bus – save time and money when exploring top sites in Ottawa
  • Canada’s Cold War Museum
  • Canadian War Museum – get your admission ticket
  • National Gallery of Canada
  • Ottawa River – book a fun sightseeing river cruise or experience a floating tiki bar cruise or ride a zipline
  • Notre-dame Cathedral Basilica
  • Helicopter flight over Ottawa – look at the price
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Amphibious Bus – experience this land to the water bus
  • Canadian Tulip Festival
  • Food and drinks tour – bus tour of breweries or affordable foods of the world tour or ByWard Market food tour or Canadian dinner muscial
  • Montreal’s top attractions – city sightseeing with live commentary or 3.5 hours guided bus tour or private tour with a local or East and West Old Montreal walking tour
  • Old Montreal
  • Ghost Walking Tour – check the price and reviews
  • La Grande Roue – get your entry ticket in advance
  • Jardin Botanique
  • Day trip to Quebec City and Montmorency Falls – read the reviews and look at the price
  • Parc Jean Drapeau
  • Curling Experience – book the activity
  • Pointe-a-Calliere
  • Mount Royal – explore on a fat tire bike trip
  • Place des Arts
  • Square Saint Louis and Rue Denis
  • Food and drinks tour – maple syrup tour with lunch or Mile End food tour or bagel-making class or Montreal brew tour or secret food tour
  • St. Lawrence River – guided cruise, food optional
  • Lachine Canal National Historic Site
  • Helicopter Tour – 20 or 30-minute tour

Quebec City

  • City Tour – 2 hours sightseeing tour or 2-hour Old Quebec City walking tour or walking tour with funicular ticket
  • Fairmont La Chateau Frontenac – book a guided tour
  • Musee de la Civilisation
  • Chutes Montmorency
  • La Citadel de Quebec
  • Nodic Thermal Spa – experience and book the activity
  • Mont Tremblant
  • What Watching – read the reviews and check the tour price
  • Montmorency Falls and Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre – join a half-day trip
  • Gatineau Park
  • Ice Hotel – buy an entry ticket to Hotel de Glace
  • Iles de Madelaine
  • Village Vacances Valcartier – go snow tubing
  • Jacques-Cartier National Park – try snowshoeing
  • Bonaventure Island
  • Food and Drinks Tour – historical food tour or food and drinks combo tour or cruise with 3-course brunch or Island of Orleans tour
  • Mount Royal Park
  • Helicopter Ride – 15, 30, or 45-minute scenic tour

Prince Edward Island

  • You can sign up for a Prince Edward Island group tour or Charlottetown walking tour or Best of P.E.I tour
  • PEI National Park
  • Charlottetown
  • Anne of Green Gables sights
  • Lighthouses on points East coastal drive
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Confederation Trail
  • Victoria-by-the-sea
  • The bottle houses
  • Basin Head Provincial Park
  • Vancouver’s top sites – bike tour or a sunset tour
  • Granville Island – Granville Island market tour
  • Science World
  • Sky Tours – FlyOver Experience or Panoramic Seaplane or Floatplane with Capilano Suspension Bridge or
  • Ski Grouse Mountain
  • Gandola – get a ticket and a day trip to Whistler
  • Brockton Point Totem Poles
  • Butchart Gardens – book a tour with a Victoria trip
  • Kitsilano Beach
  • Gastown – lost souls tour or 2.5-hour Gastown food tour
  • Aquabus Ride
  • Whale Watching – join a tour
  • Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Food and Drinks tours – Chinatown culinary tour or Fraser Valley wine tour and tasting
  • Anthropology Museum
  • Hike around the Grouse Grind
  • City and Seal Boat tour
  • Cycle around Stanley Park
  • Grouse Mountain & Capilano Bridge
  • Kayak in Deep Cove

Banff National Park

  • Banff Town – experience the Banff gondola ride
  • Hop-on, hop-off Bus – covers Banff National Park and Lake Louise
  • Drive the Icefields Parkway
  • Lake Louise – full-day tour of Lake Louise and Icefields Parkway
  • Moraine Lake – Lake Louise and Moraine shuttle service
  • Bow Valley Parkway
  • Johnston Canyon Icewalk – join a tour
  • Lake Minnewanka
  • Athabasca Glacier – go on a snow trip from Banff town
  • Wildlife Spotting
  • Camp at stunning Lake Louise or stay in a houseboat

Jasper National Park

  • Maligne Canyon Hiking
  • Medicine Lake
  • Old Fort Point hiking
  • Lake Edith and lake Annette
  • Jasper Skytram 
  • Angel Glacier and Cavell Meadows
  • Pyramid Lake
  • Athabasca falls and glacier
  • Columbia Icefield Skywalk
  • Helicopter ride

The Canadian Rockies

  • Helmcken Falls
  • Mount Robson Provincial Park
  • Kootenay National Park
  • Yoho National Park
  • Glacier National Park of Canada


3 images - poutine, caesar cocktail, and tourtier - 2 weeks in Canada itinerary

Canada might not be famous for its cuisine, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a dish or two during your visit.

ou should be able to find these snacks and food anywhere in Canada, from bars, restaurants, and even food stalls. Some drinks and cocktails are only available or originated in Canada.

  • Poutine – Fries topped with cheese curds and smothered in gravy.
  • Butter Tarts – Sweet pastries filled with a butter, sugar, and egg mixture.
  • Nanaimo Bars – A no-bake dessert bar, named after the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia.
  • Tourtière – A traditional meat pie originating from Quebec.
  • Bannock – A type of flatbread, an Indigenous Canadian staple.
  • Peameal Bacon – Cornmeal-coated bacon, often served as a breakfast item.
  • Montreal-Style Bagels – Smaller and denser than New York bagels, often boiled in honey-sweetened water before baking.
  • Montreal-Style Smoked Meat – Cured and smoked beef brisket, typically served in a sandwich.
  • Caesar Salad – While not originally from Canada, the Canadian version of this salad often includes unique twists.
  • Ketchup Chips – Potato chips flavoured with ketchup, a popular Canadian snack.
  • Maple Syrup Pie – A sweet pie made with maple syrup, a nod to Canada’s maple syrup production.
  • BeaverTails – Fried dough pastries, stretched to resemble a beaver’s tail, and topped with various sweet toppings.
  • Saskatoon Berry Pie – A pie filled with Saskatoon berries, native to Canada, offering a unique taste.
  • Caesar Cocktail – A cocktail made with vodka, Clamato juice, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce, garnished with a celery stalk and lime.
  • Ice Wine – A type of dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine.
  • Craft Beer – With a booming craft beer scene, Canada offers a wide variety of local brews to explore.


Finish up your planning by arranging the hotels. This is actually what I often book first (last are the tours) to ensure I can get the the best accommodation at the best price.

  • Affordable: Samesun Toronto or The Clarence Park
  • Mid-range: The Rex Hotel Jazz or Home in Downtown
  • Luxury: Hampton Inn by Hilton or One King West Hotel & Residence
  • Affordable: Ottawa Backpackers Inn or ByWard Blue Inn
  • Mid-range: The Business Inn or Cartier Place Suite Hotel
  • Luxury: Alt Hotel or The Metcalfe Hotel

Niagra Falls

  • Affordable: Kings Inn or Glengate Hotel
  • Mid-range: Vittoria Hotel and Suites or A Moment in Time B&B
  • Luxury: Hilton Niagra/Fallsview or Sheraton Fallsview Hotel
  • Mid-range: Samesun Vancouver or YMCA Hotel
  • Luxury: Paradox Hotel or Wedgewood Hotel & Spa
  • Affordable: Auberge Jeunesse Hostel or Place des Arts or Auberge Internationale de Quebec
  • Mid-range: Hotel Le Saint-Paul or Auberge Saint-Pierre or Hotel du Nord
  • Luxury: Le Capitole Hotel or Monsieur Jean
  • Affordable: Banff International Hostel or Rundle Mountain Lodge or HI Castle Mountain Hostel
  • Mid-range: Tamarack Lodge or Pocaterra Inn & Waterslide
  • Luxury: Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise or Blackstone Mountain Lodge
  • Affordable: Jasper Downtown Hostel
  • Mid-range: Forest Park Hotel or Overlander Mountain Lodge
  • Luxury: Glacier View Lodge or Pyramid Lake Resort
  • Affordable: Rodd Brudenell River Resort or The Cavendish Motel
  • Mid-range: Driftwood Height B&B or The Sonata Inn
  • Luxury: Sydney Boutique Inn & Suites or The Great George


There’s more to Canada than just glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Spending 2 weeks in Canada, you could see the Northern Lights, visit Canada’s largest city, get blown away by the world-famous Niagara Falls, stay in a traditional mountain lodge and do other adventurous things.

If you prefer a slow journey, there are also tons of laid-back cities that you could visit. You could check out various historical sites, become a wine connoisseur, or stay at a luxury or affordable resort. Whatever it is that tinkers your fancy, Canada has got you covered.


Explore Canada affordably in 2 weeks! Discover Toronto's diverse culture, hike in the Canadian Rockies, marvel at Niagara Falls, and relax in Vancouver. Opt for budget accommodations like hostels or campsites. via @twoweektraveller

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Canada Visa – Complete Guide To Canada Visitor Visa Application And Requirements

Canada – a land of fabulous cities, some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world, and delicious food and drink! Visit Quebec for stunning architecture or Ottawa for the Niagara Falls or relax with a Montreal-styled bagel. You would be disappointed with this wonderful country! In this article, learn more about how to apply for a Canada visitor visa – online and in person, processing time at the Canadian visa application center, documents required, checklist, visitor visa fees, download application form and Canada visitor visa application process.

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Applying for a Canada Visitor visa

If you are planning on visiting Canada, you must obtain a temporary resident visa. You can do this from the country where you live. However, some nationalities do not require this visa.

Canada Visa Free


If you are from any of the above countries, you are permitted to stay in Canada for up to 6 months. Visitors from these countries do not need a temporary resident visa, however, you must still apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) . (US citizens and nationals do NOT need an eTA.)

In addition to the eTA, visa-exempt visitors must also comply with further conditions such as:

  • Be in good health
  • Have ties in your home country
  • Have enough money for your stay in Canada

Types of visas for Canada

There are 5 types of temporary resident visas:

  • Temporary foreign workers (TFWs)
  • Temporary resident permit workers (TRP)
  • Transit visa – only required if you are traveling through Canada for less than 48 hours on your way to another country

If you wish to go to Canada for tourism purposes, then you will apply for the Visitor Visa. These will usually be issued as single or multiple entry which means that you are permitted to enter Canada once or multiple times respectively during the 6 month period.

The Canada Visitor Visa Application Process

Processing times vary depending on where you are applying from. For example:

  • Azerbaijan – 80 days
  • Bangladesh – 15 days
  • Kenya – 118 days

You can check the processing times for your application on the visa website . You should apply for your Canada Visitor Visa as early as possible to ensure there is enough time for it to be processed before your travel date.

How to apply for a Canada Visitor Visa

You can apply for your Canada Visitor Visa online or on paper. There are benefits to applying online:

  • No courier fees or mail delivery time
  • Online applications may be processed more quickly
  • Avoid processing delays
  • If we need to ask for more documents, you can submit them online
  • No need to submit your passport immediately
  • Get updates on the status of your application

To apply online, go to the official website – and click on:

  • Immigration and citizenship

Canada visa - how to apply - 1

On the next page, scroll down to “Services and Information” and click on “Apply for a Visitor Visa”:

Canada visa - how to apply - 2

You will be directed to a new page which gives information on the following:

  • About the document
  • Who can apply
  • After you apply

Read the information and once you are happy to proceed, click on “Apply”:

Canada visa - how to apply - 3

Scroll down to “How do you want to apply” and choose “Online” and click on “Get Instructions”:

Canada visa - how to apply - 4

On the next page, it may be a good idea to read the instructions before you start. Then, click on “Apply for a Visitor Visa”:

Canada visa - how to apply - 5

In order to apply online, you’ll need to register for an account which will allow you to start an application, submit and pay, get messages about your application and check the status:

Canada visa - how to apply - 6

Once you have registered, you can sign in and get started:

Canada visa - how to apply - 7

If you are applying on paper, get the instructions for this type of application:

Canada visa - how to apply - 8

Before you start, you should read the instruction guide:

Canada visa - how to apply - 9

There are 4 steps which you must follow:

  • Gather documents
  • Complete the application
  • Pay the fees
  • Submit the application

Step 1: Gather documents

There is a general document checklist that you can use to gather your documents for your visa application. Please refer to this checklist for the full list, but documents include:

  • Visa application form
  • Family information form
  • Valid passport with 1 blank page
  •   Detailed travel itinerary
  • 2 photos with your name and date of birth written on the back. Please refer to the checklist for full specifications
  • Proof of financial support
  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Purpose of travel
  • Proof of legal residency status in your home country
  • Letter of authorization (if the applicant is a minor)
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Letter of invitation (if required)
  • Medical certificate (if required)

Schengen Travel Health Insurance

If you’re planning to obtain your flight reservation for visa without paying for the ticket, all you have to do is follow the 3 simple steps below:

  • Visit the Visa Reservation website to choose the right package
  •  Submit the travel details and make the payment online
  • Receive flight itinerary in email

Flight reservation without payment

It is important to note that further documents may be required. This will depend on your nationality and where you are applying from. You can find the specific documents for your country on the Government of Canada’s website .

Follow the steps laid out above until you get to “How to apply for a visa”. Click on “Read the instruction guide”:

Canada visa - Documents Checklist

Scroll down to “Gather your documents” and it will tell you that some visa offices may require additional supporting documents specific to your country. Click on the link for “Application for a visitor visa”:

Canada visa - Documents Checklist - 1

  • Scroll down to “Apply on paper”
  • Select the country you are applying from. For example, India
  • Click on “Get documents”

Canada visa - Documents Checklist - 2

Please note, you MUST select the country/territory from which you will be applying to get your local visa office instructions. If you do not, you may inadvertently submit an incomplete visa application which could result in your visa request being rejected.

On the next page, you will see that this is the application package for India. Click on “Visa office instructions – Visit (IMM 5881)”:

Canada visa - Documents Checklist - 3

You will then be directed to the visa office instructions:

Canada visa - Documents Checklist - 4

As you will see, this document must be used in conjunction with the document checklist IMM 5484 (see above):

Canada visa - Documents Checklist - 5

You should go through the visa office instructions as you are gathering your documents and use the checklist to make sure you have everything. As you will see, applicants from India must also provide the following documents depending on the purpose of their trip:

Visiting family and friends

  • Proof of professional status
  • Invitation letter

For tourism

  • Detailed itinerary
  • Employment status details

For Super Visa (to visit family members who are citizens of Canada for up to 2 years)

  • Evidence of medical insurance
  • Proof of medical exam

For business

  • Letter from your employer
  • Proof of attendance in any type of event
  • Proof of attendance
  • Proof of diploma
  • Parental employment letter
  • Bank statements

You should read these requirements carefully, so you include everything before you submit your application.

All documents should be in English or French. If not, you should provide the English or French translation and an affidavit from the person who completed the translation and a certified copy of the original document.

Make sure you have all the required documents for your visa to prevent your application from being delayed or rejected.

Step 2: Complete the application

You will find the link for the visa application if you scroll down the instructions:

Canada visa - Application Form

Complete all the relevant fields and don’t forget to sign it before printing it. The instructions give information about what is required, so keep that to hand when you are filling in the form. Once the application is completed, click on the “Validate” button located on the form. This will generate a barcode page. If this application form is completed on a computer and printed, you must place the barcode page on the top of your application before submitting it.

Step 3: Pay the fee

There are 2 types of fee:

  • Application processing fee
  • Biometric fee

The fees must be paid at this stage. The fee required may be paid in your local currency.

Visitor Visa Fees:

Bio-metric Fees:

If you have provided biometrics in the past, you may not need to provide them again if they are still valid. Further information regarding this can be found here .

Fees are subject to change at any time and will not be refunded even if your application were to be rejected.

How to pay the fees for your application

To pay your fees for your application you’ll need:

  • An email address
  • Access to a printer
  • A credit card

Click on the link which you’ll find on the visa website and follow the instructions:

Canada visa - Fees

Remember to print off the receipt (2 copies) because you will need to submit one copy along with your visa application. The other copy is your proof of payment.

Step 4: Submit your application

To find out where to submit your visa application, click on the “Visa Application Center (VAC)” link under step 4:

Canada visa - Application Form Submission

You will find a list of visa application centres located in different countries. Just find the country where you are applying from, click on the link and you will be directed to the relevant website where you will find information on how to submit your application and where the office is located. You will need to make an appointment in order to hand over your documents to the centre. All you need to do is to click on the link for making appointments and you can choose the day and time.

Making appointments with the embassy or visa application center is generally free and can be done by yourself. However, If you are running short of time or not sure which consulate to apply to or have no idea on how to get this done yourself then not to worry, we will make the appointment for you for a small service fee!

Booking a visa appointment using our services is pretty simple! All you have to do is follow the 3 simple steps below:

  • Visit the link to schedule the visa appointment
  • Submit the appointment details, visa you are applying for, consulate you need the appointment for, the country you need the appointment IN and make the payment
  • Receive appointment confirmation in email

Book Visa Appointment

After you submit your documents

Once you have submitted your application, the Canadian visa application office will check to make sure that:

  • You have properly completed and submitted the application form
  • You have paid the correct fee
  • You have sent all requested supporting documentation (if required)

If you have submitted an incomplete application, it will be returned to you and the visa office will not keep any records of it.

Your application will be reviewed and the visa officer will consider all the information and documentation you have provided. It will be assessed to determine whether an interview is necessary. If so, you will be informed of the interview date, time and place.

If your application is refused, you will be told why it was rejected. If it is accepted, your documents and visa will be sent to you.

The following reasons may result in a delayed or reject application:

  • Unclear photocopies of documents
  • Verification of your information and documents
  • A medical condition that may need more tests or consultations
  • A criminal or security problem
  • Consultation is needed with other offices in Canada and abroad

To avoid this, please ensure your photocopies (if originals not required) can be read. Also, provide enough information so it can be verified as well as giving further details of any medical condition (if applicable).

If your application is accepted, you can either collect your passport from the visa office or it can be returned to you by courier. Further information regarding the receipt of your visa can be found on the website of the visa office you are dealing with.

1. Who is a visitor to Canada?

Visitors are neither citizens or permanent residents of Canada and are traveling to Canada on holiday, to visit family or do business for a specified period of time

2. Do I need to apply for a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)?

It depends where you come from. Certain nationalities can enter Canada without a visitor visa (see above), but they must still apply for an eTA

3. Can I get a visitor visa when I arrive in Canada?

No, you must obtain a visitor visa before your departure from your home country

4. What requirements are there for a visitor visa?

You must be able to prove the following things:

  • Your intention to leave Canada before the visa expires
  • Have enough money for your trip and your return home
  • Not to work or study (unless you have the correct visa to do so)
  • No record of criminal activity
  • Not to be a security risk in Canada
  • Provide any documents that are requested

5. Will I need to provide a medical certificate

If you are planning to go to Canada for longer than 6 months, you will need to get a medical certificate

6. I have already provided biometric data in the past. Do I need to do so again for this visa?

If you have provided this data within the last 10 years, as long as it is still valid, you do not need to provide it again

7. I am traveling with my family, how many application forms do I need?

You must complete a separate application form for each person who is applying for a visitor visa

8. I cannot apply online, how do I submit my documents?

You should contact your local Canada visa application center and make an appointment in order to submit your documents for processing

9. How long does it take to process a visitor visa application?

It depends where you are applying from. Different countries have different processing times (see above). You should check with the visa office and make sure you apply in plenty of time

10. How will I receive my visa?

As long as the visa has been approved, it will be attached to your passport. Your passport will be returned to you via courier or you may be able to collect it from your local visa office

Here are the steps to apply for your Canada Visitor Visa online:

  • Create an account
  • Complete your application online
  • Submit your application

If you are applying in person:

  • Gather your documents
  • Complete your application form
  • Pay the fee
  • Find the local visa application center
  • Make an appointment

Once you’ve done, all you have to do is to sit tight and wait for your application to be processed. Hopefully, the next step will be arriving in Canada for your trip!

At Visa Reservation , we strive to simplify the visa process by providing free visa consultations, cover letter templates and no objection letter templates for our clients from US, UK, Canada, Philippines, India, China, UAE, Europe, Nigeria and globally. We also offer flight itinerary for visa , travel medical insurance , hotel reservations for visa , Book Visa Appointment, Travel Guides , Visa Interview Guides , Visa Packages and many more. To learn more about how we can help you with our visa services, please feel free to contact us today.

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10 days in Canada itinerary (with 7 samples)

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If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, then spending 10 days in Canada is the perfect way to do it! From exploring the lush green forests and picturesque mountains to discovering unique cities and cultures – your time in Canada will be packed with experiences that you will never forget. And, we have included seven 10 days in Canada itinerary options to suit every traveler. 

Whether you’re after some leisurely sightseeing or want to get your adrenaline pumping with exciting activities, we got you covered!

10 days in Canada Itinerary (7 samples): Planning your trip

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Now, Canada is HUGE! It is the second largest country by area and there is a lot to cover in a short 10-day trip. To make the most of your visit, we have combined different cities and nearby regions. 

Most of the Canada itineraries listed in this guide have a good blend of nature and culture. If you prefer to skip the cities and just concentrate on the national and provincial parks then feel free to alter them to suit your personal taste. 

In order to kickstart your 10-day Canada itinerary, consider the arrival airport as it will determine your sightseeing agenda. 

Each of the suggested airports below will provide car rental options that you can hire to explore the country and drop it off at a nearby location (or another province aka state, if you prefer).

Toronto Airport Duty free.JPG

Popular international airports to fly into (frequency and availability of flights option)

  • Toronto, Ontario (YYZ, busiest in the country)
  • Vancouver, British Columbia (YVR, one of the most popular on the west coast)
  • Calgary, Alberta (YYC, for exploring the Canadian Rockies and nearby)

Other airports to make connections on, depending on your Canada road trip itinerary are – Montreal (AirCanada hub), Edmonton, and Saskatoon (for Prairie’s sightseeing). 

Sightseeing when in Canada , is best done by renting a car. This will allow you to cover cities and parks with ease. All of our national parks have an entry fee which can be paid for online, or at the gate (per adult, per vehicle, or family rates are available). 

Most of our larger cities have an efficient public transportation network consisting of LRTs (Light Rail Transit), and buses. This is one of the cheapest ways to explore a city, plus you will also find walking and sightseeing food tours as well. 

Popular national parks such as Banff, also offer shuttles and transit buses to get to various attractions (such as the ROAM bus). 

Now, that we have got the travel basics out of the way, let’s dive into the Canada itinerary samples (we will share more travel tips with regards to visa, safety, budget, etc. towards the end of the post). 

10 days in Canadian Rockies Itinerary: Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Yoho, Jasper, and Edmonton

  • Day 1 : Arrive in Calgary and spend one-day sightseeing. Pick up a rental car from the airport
  • Day 2 : Drive to Banff National Park with a stop in Canmore
  • Day 3 : Explore Banff town
  • Day 4 : Day trip to explore lakes –  Vermillion Lakes, Two Jack Lake, short hike Minnewanka trail, Minnewanka Lake, and cruise
  • Day 5: Moraine Lake (early hours), and Yoho National Park 
  • Day 6 : Explore Lake Louise
  • Day 7 : Drive the Icefields Parkway towards Jasper National Park to the Athabasca Glacier
  • Day 8 – 9 : Jasper National Park
  • Day 10: Explore Edmonton

This 10-day Canada itinerary covers the BEST of the Rockies – checking off 3 national parks – Banff, Jasper, and Yoho, as well as 2 of the popular cities in the province of Alberta!

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Day 1: Calgary

Kick start your Canada itinerary by arriving at the Calgary international airport. Plan to spend one day in Calgary downtown and explore the city highlights. 

Top attractions include – Calgary Tower (ride to the top to soak in views of downtown and nearby areas), Stephen Avenue Walk, Calgary Fort, Peace Bridge, and more. 

You can pick up the car rental the same day or the next day before heading to Banff. 

For hotels, consider staying in Downtown Calgary for sightseeing (you can walk to various sites or opt for a hotel by the airport if picking up your rental on day 1). 

Day 2: Canmore and Banff National Park

On Day 2, hit the road and drive towards Banff National Park with a stop in Canmore along the way. 

Once you arrive in Canmore , enjoy a stroll at the Policeman’s Creek, town centre and grab a nice lunch at one of the local cafes. 

Next, drive to Banff town, and check in to your hotel . Wander Banff Avenue, grab a coffee, and check off some of the popular Banff photography spots.

In the evening, head to a restaurant with views such as Juniper and enjoy a lovely dinner. 

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Day 3: Explore Banff town

After breakfast, it is time to check off all the cool things in Banff National Park. Hit the Banff welcome sign, ride the Banff Gondola to take in the views from the Sulphur Mountain (spend 2 hours), and Bow Falls, and go for a walk downtown Banff for lunch. 

Other popular attractions to visit include Cascade of Time Gardens and Cave and Basin Historic Site. 

If interested, soak in the warm waters of Banff Hot Springs in the evening. 

Read : 5 day Banff itinerary guide

Day 4: Day trip to explore lakes from Banff

On day 4, venture out for a day trip to explore the beautiful lakes of Banff National Park. Take a drive along Vermillion Lakes and Two Jack Lake with a short hike on the Minnewanka trail and enjoy a scenic cruise across Minnewanka Lake. 

Day 5: Moraine Lake and Yoho National Park (day trip)

Head to the prettiest Moraine Lake in the early hours. This is super important so that you can find a good parking spot, go on a short hike and enjoy the drive. Access to Moraine Lake is open during the warmer months only. 

From there drive to Yoho National Park (30 min drive from Moraine Lake). You can break for lunch in the town of Field, and explore the Natural Bridge over the Kicking Horse River, Emerald Lake, and Takakkaw Falls. Access to most of the attractions in Yoho is open all year round. 

Tip: If you are unable to make it to Moraine Lake, you can head straight to Yoho National Park and spend an entire day there. 

Girl in Golden BC 10 days in Canada itinerary

Alternatively, you can split your time between Yoho/Field and Golden BC. 

At the Golden SkyBridge, you can enjoy suspension bridges, zip lining, axe throwing, and ride Canada’s largest and fastest mountain coaster! (spend 2-4 hours/half a day). 

Day 6: Explore Lake Louise (day trip or stay overnight in Lake Louise)

Spend a day at the majestic Lake Louise. Enjoy a lovely stroll by the lakeside, in the summers you can rent a canoe and hit the Lake Agnes Tea House trail. 

In the afternoon, relax with high tea at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. 

In the winter months, you can still go on winter hikes, have afternoon tea, enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow, or ice skating. If interested, you can also add a visit to the Lake Louise Ski Resort. 

Day 7: Icefields Parkway

Enjoy a drive on one of the most scenic routes in Canada – Icefields Parkway, starting from Lake Louise to Jasper National Park. You can stop at the Athabasca Glacier (for a guided tour), or check off places like the Sunwapta Falls along the way. 

Arrive in Jasper National Park and stay overnight for the next 3 days. 

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Day 8 – 9: Jasper National Park

Start your day with a lovely breakfast in Jasper town, and then make your way to two of the beautiful lakes – Patricia and Pyramid Lakes. Enjoy kayaking on Patricia Lake, horseback riding in the meadows, and mountain biking along the trails. 

There are hikes that you can enjoy in each (and they are open all year round). You can also spend a day at Maligne Lake, and take a cruise to see the Spirit Island (seasonal activity). 

More sightseeing and easy trails are available at the Athabasca Falls, and Maligne Canyon (in the winter you can also enjoy ice walks here). 

For wildlife enthusiasts, there’s the chance to spot grizzlies, moose, and elk in their natural habitat. 

At night, relax at one of Jasper’s cozy lodges or campgrounds and enjoy some stargazing – with no light pollution here, you’re sure to have a magical experience!

Day 10: Edmonton

On day 10, make your way to Alberta’s capital city. It will be a 4 hour drive to get here from Jasper. 

You can visit the Alberta Legislature Building, river valley, and the West Edmonton Mall (one of the largest in the country), before bidding adieu to Canada. 

Free sample : Canadian Rockies Road Trip Itinerary

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

10 days in British Columbia and Alberta: Vancouver, Whistler, Banff, Lake Louise, Yoho, Calgary

Day 1 – 2 : Arrive in Vancouver and spend 2 nights

  • Day 4 : Whistler
  • Day 5 : Kamloops (1 night)

Day 6 – 7 : Lake Louise and Yoho National Park

Day 8 – 9 : Banff National Park 

Day 10 : Calgary, car drop off and fly

This Canada 10-day itinerary begins in Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia. From BC’s cities and towns, it takes you to Alberta and the Rockies. We will outline the main spots to visit on this 10-day road trip. 

Start your 10-day Canadian adventure in Vancouver! Spend two nights exploring this vibrant city, taking a stroll along the Stanley Park Seawall, admiring the views from Grouse Mountain, Chinatown, and Canada Place, and sampling delicious cuisine. 

Set aside a few hours to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and the Lynn Canyon in north Vancouver on day 2. You can read our full 2 days in Vancouver itinerary here

Day 4: Whistler

The next morning, explore Whistler. You can arrive here by car, tour, or shuttle bus from the Vancouver Airport. 

Enjoy a day of outdoor activities at this picturesque mountain resort town – get on the Blackcomb (by cable car), hit hiking or biking trails, wander the cute town centre and indulge in delicious food!

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Day 5: Kamloops 

On day 5, you’ll drive to Kamloops. Whistler to Kamloops is a 4.25-hour drive, you can stop for lunch, and then continue driving to Lake Lousie. Stay overnight here.

Alternatively, you can also make a detour to Wells Gray Park in Clearwater BC (a 1.50-hour drive from Kamloops), and after exploring stay overnight in Kamloops. 

Day 6, takes you to Lake Louise – the ideal spot for some peaceful sightseeing and a few hikes along the surrounding trails. 

Afterward, spend the next day exploring Yoho National Park’s stunning natural scenery, taking a ride on the historic Spiral Tunnels, or simply relaxing in your picturesque surroundings.

On day 8, head to the heart of Banff National Park, and pick 2-5 attractions to explore for the next 2 days. 

On day 10, drive to Calgary, and can take a stroll along the city’s iconic Stephen Avenue Walk and browse the many shops and restaurants. Later, drop off your rental car at the airport and fly out!

10 days in Alberta Canada Itinerary: Calgary, Drumheller, Banff & Lake Louise, Fort MacLeod, Waterton National Park

Day 1 – 2 : Arrive in Calgary and spend 2 nights

Day 4 : Drumheller day trip

Day 5 – 6 : Banff National Park

Day 7 : Canmore to Calgary to Fort MacLeod

Day 8 – 10 : Waterton National Park (back to Calgary by evening)

This 10-day itinerary for Canada is more of a Southern Alberta trip that checks off some of the offbeat places in the province. It includes a mix of national parks and educational sites that you can visit after arrival in Calgary. 

You will be spending 2 days in Calgary allowing you to explore the city in-depth. 

Arrive at the Calgary International Airport and spend 2 (-3) nights. Take the time to explore Calgary – a vibrant city known for its amazing art galleries, museums, theatres, and restaurants. 

Stroll along Stephen Avenue Walk before heading up to the observation deck at the Calgary Tower to get a stunning view of the entire city. 

Also visit some of its top attractions such as Prince’s Island Park, Glenbow Museum, and Heritage Park Historical Village. 

In the evening, catch a show at the iconic Saddledome or head out for dinner and drinks in Kensington.

Tip: You can add this itinerary if visiting Calgary during the Stampede as well. Calgary Stampede – a 10-day extravaganza filled with rodeos, livestock shows, and other spectacular events. 

Take an exciting day trip to Drumheller . This unique town is located in the badlands of Alberta and boasts incredible geological formations as well as dinosaur fossils from millions of years ago. 

Visit the famous Royal Tyrrell Museum to learn more about Alberta’s dinosaur history and take a guided tour of one of the world’s largest deposits of Cretaceous fossils. 

Make your way to Banff National Park, and spend 2 days here. This addition is best if this is your first time in Alberta. 

If you have already explored Banff, add towns like Sylvan Lake, Mossleigh, and Kananaskis areas for days 5 and 6. 

If you are staying in Banff on days 5-6 , make a stop in Canmore before making your way back to Calgary and Fort MacLeod. 

If you are based in Calgary all throughout, then start bright and early for Fort MacLeod via Okotoks. 

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Located near Fort MacLeod is Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that tells the story of how native tribes hunted buffalo for thousands of years. 

Here, you can take a guided tour and learn about the ancient hunting techniques used by Blackfoot people (Native Americans) or explore the interactive exhibits to get an up-close look at the history and culture of this fascinating place. 

Girl at the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump site

Be sure to take a walk along the interpretive trails as well, which offer sweeping views of the Canadian landscape. 

From here, drive to Pincher Creek and get some early dinner, and stay here (or in Waterton town) overnight. 

Continue your journey by visiting Waterton National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its breathtaking lakes, mountains, and wildlife. Enjoy hiking and biking along the trails or head out for a boat cruise on the crystal-clear waters of Upper Waterton Lake. 

On day 9, spend time exploring more of Waterton National Park. Take a scenic drive along Red Rock Parkway, visit Cameron Falls, and enjoy some of the best views in Alberta from Bear’s Hump. 

Head back to Calgary in the second half of day 10 to fly out (Waterton to Calgary is about 2.50 hours drive away). 

10 days in Vancouver Island Trip Itinerary: Victoria, Nanaimo, Campbell River, and beyond

Day 1 – 2 : Arrive in Vancouver and spend 2 days

  • Day 3 – 4 : Victoria 

Day 5 – 6 : Tofino

Day 7 – 8 : Nanaimo 

Day 9 – 10 : Campbell River, return to Vancouver (fly out)

Discover the BEST of Vancouver Island in 10 days – of cities, small towns, provincial parks, and scenic rides!

The trip starts with Vancouver as the arrival airport. You can spend 1 to 2 days in Vancouver before making your way to Victoria. 

Start off your adventure by exploring Vancouver. Arrive in the city, settle in and on your third day take a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. 

Day 3 – 4 : Victoria  

Victoria is the capital city of Vancouver Island. Spend 2 – 3 days in Victoria, and visit the BC Parliament Buildings, Royal BC Museum, Craigdarroch Castle and walk the pretty Inner Harbour. 

On one of the afternoons, enjoy high tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. 

Later, spend the day soaking in the views of Victoria from a seaplane ride, or join a whale-watching tour. On the last day of your time in Victoria, explore the beautiful Butchart Gardens, and  Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site. 

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On day 5, take a drive to Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and explore the pristine beaches, rainforest trails, and dramatic ocean views that make this area so special. 

Tofino British Columbia

Spend your afternoon exploring Pacific Rim National Park Reserve for endless possibilities in outdoor activities such as surfing, whale watching, kayaking, and hiking.

Next, explore Nanaimo (the travel time from Tofino to Nanaimo is 3 hours). Take a stroll through Old City Quarter or shop at one of the many great stores downtown. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, hit the trails and walks at Jack Point and Biggs Park, or Harbourfront Walkway. You can also enjoy boating at the Colliery Dam Park.

Don’t forget to sample Nanaimo’s famous treat – the Nanaimo bar!

Travel to Campbell River next. Spend the day exploring beautiful area – kayaking, whale watching, and hiking. There are riverside trails, as well as local hot springs where you can take in some breathtaking views of the city. 

You can also add a trip to Comox Valley (30 minutes). Take a scenic drive along the coast of Vancouver Island and explore some of the provincial parks along the way. 

10 days in Central Canada Itinerary: Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal 

Day 1 – 3 : Arrive in Toronto and spend 3 nights

  • Day 4 : Niagara Falls day trip
  • Day 5 – 6 : Ottawa 

Day 7 – 8 : Quebec City

Day 9 – 10 : Montreal (fly out)

Discover some of the popular cities in Canada across 2 provinces and the iconic Niagara Falls!

Head to Toronto – the largest city in Canada! 

Spend 3 days in Toronto , exploring one of the trendiest cities in North America with its vibrant art scene and an array of attractions. 

Visit the iconic CN Tower for breathtaking views, check out the Casa Loma, and Royal Ontario Museum, or explore Kensington Market to find unique souvenirs. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more active, take a trip to the Toronto Islands for an afternoon of fun activities like kayaking, canoeing, and hiking!

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Day 4: Niagara Falls day trip

No Canadian trip is complete without a visit to the famous Niagara Falls! This natural wonder of the world will surely take your breath away with its powerful cascades and stunning scenery. 

You can experience it all by taking a day trip from Toronto – hop on board the Niagara Cruise for an up-close view of the falls or explore the Entertainment District for some fun attractions and souvenir shopping.

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Day 5 – 6: Ottawa – Canada’s capital city

From Toronto, make your way to the nation’s capital – Ottawa! This vibrant city is filled with incredible architecture, museums, and attractions to discover. 

During your stay, visit the iconic Parliament Hill for a tour of the country’s government buildings, and then take a stroll down Rideau Canal for some sightseeing. You can also explore Byward Market, which offers an array of shops, restaurants, and cafés – it’s the perfect spot to try some local cuisine!

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Next travel to Quebec City, a charming city with an eclectic mix of French and English culture. Here you can explore the cobblestone streets, admire the historical architecture that lines the riverfront, or take a cable car up to the stunning Château Frontenac – one of North America’s most photographed hotels! 

Stroll along the scenic boardwalk and take in the beauty of the St. Lawrence River, browse through artisan boutiques for souvenirs, or sample some local cuisine like poutine – a Canadian classic. 

After taking in the sights and sounds of Old Quebec, head to Montmorency Falls Park to explore an impressive 83m waterfall that towers over the St. Lawrence River.

After spending 2 days in Quebec City, make your way to Montréal – the largest French-speaking city in North America! 

During your stay, explore The Plateau area for its vibrant atmosphere and café culture. You can also admire the stunning architecture of Old Montréal and take a trip to Mont Royal Park for some incredible views. 

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10 days in the Prairies Canada Itinerary: Edmonton, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Prince Albert National Park, Winnipeg 

Day 1 – 3: Edmonton and Elk Island National Park

  • Day 4: Drive to Saskatoon via Lloydminster from Edmonton  

Day 5 – 6 : Saskatoon

Day 7: Prince Albert National Park day trip

  • Day 8: Drive from Saskatoon to Winnipeg

Day 9 – 10: Winnipeg

The three Prairies provinces of Canada – Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba is a good idea for a 10 day Canada trip. 

Your first stop in Canada should be the vibrant city of Edmonton. Here, you’ll find plenty of things to do and see, from exploring the Royal Alberta Museum’s extensive galleries to taking a stroll down Jasper Avenue – the downtown core. 

For more outdoor activities, why not try hiking or biking along one of the many trails in the city. You can also experience the local culture by visiting one of the many farmers’ markets, shopping at West Edmonton Mall, or catching a show at one of the live music venues.

On day 3, head to Elk Island National Park , and check out the Bison loop, sunset canoeing and more!

Day 4: Drive to Saskatoon via Lloydminster from Edmonton 

Heading eastward, your next stop should be Lloydminster – in Alberta/Saskatchewan border city. Here, you’ll find plenty of history and culture to explore. 

Take a tour of the historic Barr Colony Heritage Centre to learn about the area’s early settlers, or take a stroll through one of the many beautiful parks and botanical gardens. You can also visit some of Lloydminster’s shops, and restaurants for a cool experience.

After exploring Lloydminster, make your way to the city of Saskatoon.

Although not the capital city of Saskatchewan, this vibrant metropolis is filled with plenty of things to do and see, from checking out the beautiful nearby Meewasin Valley trails and riverside paths, to visiting the renowned Western Development Museum. 

You can also enjoy some local culture by shopping at the Broadway Farmers’ Market or taking in a show at the Persephone Theatre/Remai Arts Centre.

Read : Things to do in Saskatoon

The next stop on your Canada 10 day itinerary is the Prince Albert National Park. It will take 2 hours to get there from Saskatoon. 

Here, you’ll find plenty of outdoor activities to experience – from fishing and canoeing on Waskesiu Lake, to hiking and camping in the beautiful backcountry. 

You can also spot some wildlife, such as moose, wolves, and bears. More information about things to do in Waskesiu National Park here

Day 8: Drive to Winnipeg from Saskatoon

Enjoy a full day of drive from Saskatoon to Winnipeg crossing small Prairie towns like Yorkton in Saskatchewan, and Portage la Prairie in Manitoba. 

Your last stop is Winnipeg – a vibrant metropolis located in Manitoba. Here, you’ll find plenty of things to do and see – from exploring The Forks National Historic Site and the Royal Canadian Mint Museum, to enjoying some of the city’s fantastic restaurants and of course the iconic Esplanade Riel. 

You can also enjoy local culture by checking out Exchange District or attending one of the many festivals throughout the year. With so much to do in Winnipeg, it’s a great place to end your 10-day Canadian adventure (and fly out)!

Read: Winnipeg itinerary

10 days in the Maritimes Canada Itinerary: Halifax, Cape Breton, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island

  • Day 1 – 2 : Halifax, NS

Day 3 – 5: Cape Breton and Cabot Trail

Day 6 – 7: New Brunswick 

Day 8 – 10: Prince Edward Island

To fully experience the beauty of Canada, your 10-day itinerary should include exploring Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. 

Day 1 – 2: Halifax

Start in Nova Scotia where you can take a guided tour through Halifax’s top sites like Pier 21 and Citadel Hill, experience whale watching or kayaking on the Bay of Fundy, and explore quaint fishing villages like Peggy’s Cove. 

Spend the next few days exploring Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail. 

Cape Breton Drive.

The Cabot Trail is one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, offering magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean, rugged coastal cliffs, lush forests and small fishing villages. 

While here, you can do everything from whale watching in the waters off of Cape Breton Island, hiking to sampling fresh seafood at local restaurants.

From there, hop on the ferry and take in the stunning views of New Brunswick as you make your way to St. Andrews-by-the-Sea. Spend some time exploring here and admire lighthouses along the way. 

Set aside a day to visit the capital city of Fredericton, and hit attractions like a couple of days here visiting historic sites such as Christ Church Cathedral, night market, Odell Park, and Legislative Assembly Building. 

If you have time on your hands, take a trip to the Hopewell Rocks from the capital city. Hopewell Rocks Provincial in the Bay of Fundy is only open seasonally (May to October). 

Finally, the last part of your trip should be spent on beautiful Prince Edward Island visiting sites like the Confederation Site in Charlottetown, PEI National Park and Anne of Green Gables House. 

Charlottetown is the capital city of PEI – this quaint little destination is home to amazing seafood restaurants, charming harbourfront, and home of Canada’s Confederation Landing site. 

You can drive to PEI from New Brunswick via the 12.9 km (9 mile) long Confederation Bridge. Charlottetown has an airport from where you can fly out. 

Read : 2 days in PEI itinerary

Additional Canada Travel Tips

Planning a trip to Canada can be overwhelming as there is so much to see and do! To make your planning process easier, take some time to research the destinations you’d like to visit. 

Managing sightseeing 

Sticking to one region will allow you to ease into your trip, manage road trips, sightseeing and flying time.  

Western Canada is packed with incredible attractions and activities that you won’t want to miss. Popular places include Vancouver, Banff National Park, and the Rocky Mountains. 

Spend your time here exploring vibrant cities filled with exciting culture and history, or take some time to relax in nature by going on a hike or taking a boat tour of the lake districts.

Eastern Canada is home to beautiful cities such as Montreal and Toronto, which are great for exploring unique culture, history, and architecture. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Niagara Falls – it’s an experience you won’t soon forget! 

Alternatively, head out into the wilderness of Eastern Canada and discover the spectacular views of Algonquin Provincial Park or admire the beauty of Fundy National Park.

Also, consider what type of activities you would like to do, such as skiing or exploring national parks, and decide which locations have the best attractions for you. 

Packing and weather

It is also helpful to look up the weather forecast in the areas you plan on visiting, so you know what kind of clothes and items to pack. 

We have a detailed Canada winter packing list , if you are worried! For all other times of the year, ensure you have comfortable walking or hiking shoes, a light waterproof jacket, and sunscreen. 

Additionally, it’s important to make sure that you have all your travel documents (such as a passport and visa) ready before your trip! 

Budgeting for a Canada trip

When planning a trip to Canada, it’s important to consider your budget. Since Canada is a large country, the cost of travel will depend on where you choose to go and what activities you do. 

Typically, car rental will cost about $30 CAD per day for a midsize vehicle. Bus tickets and passes start as low as $3.50 CAD (depending on the city). 

As far as food goes, you will have fast food ($5 to $12 CAD for a meal), small cafes and fine dining options (starts at $100 CAD for two). You can save money by grocery shopping and cooking your own meals. 

To save money, you can also take advantage of discounts and coupons available from local tour companies or look for deals online (particularly Groupon or deals on 

Additionally, consider the time of year you’re traveling as prices will vary depending on the season. Accommodation prices are very expensive in prime tourist destinations such as Banff, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec City, etc. in the summer months. You can book day tours to popular sites from nearby sister towns to save money. 

Safety in Canada

Overall, Canada is safe. We have lived here for over 14 years and never encountered any safety issues. English is widely spoken and we encourage keeping emergency numbers such as 911, and travel insurance at all times on your trip. 

As a tourist, we recommend researching the areas you are visiting/staying and familiarize yourself with local laws and customs. Pay attention to speed limits and national parks warnings. 

Like with any destination, when out and about, be sure to stay aware of your surroundings at all times and avoid walking alone after dark. 

Tourist Visa

Lastly, if you’re from outside of Canada, you will need to apply for a tourist visa before entering the country. Depending on your nationality, the type of visa required may vary. 

Make sure to research the specific requirements and apply for your visa as early as possible. Once approved, make sure to keep it handy during your visit so that you can show it to security personnel upon request.

US citizens and Green Card holders do not need a visa to enter Canada. 

So there you have! We hope you enjoyed our Canada guide! 

No matter how you choose to spend your 10 days in Canada, be sure to take some time to appreciate the stunning scenery that this country has to offer. So what are you waiting for? 

It’s time to start planning your Canadian adventure!

Pin: 10 days Canada Itinerary Ideas + Travel Guide

Mayuri is the founder & editor of ToSomePlaceNew. An Indian-Canadian globetrotter, she has traveled to over 100 cities and 40+ countries.

Mayuri has a graduate degree in History and is an MBA. She loves traveling the world particularly Europe, capturing historical nuances, and discussing that over a cup of coffee with her husband, Salil. 

She has lived in Portugal, Canada and India.

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  • Best places to visit in Canada – ultimate itinerary
  • Evisa.Express

Canada is a marvelous place to visit, as everyone will find something for themselves there. It doesn’t matter if you are a culture, historic, nature, or city lover, as the country will suit the needs of the most demanding travelers.

If you want to go to Canada, you need to meet all the entry requirements. Check all the information, prepare the necessary documents, including a valid passport and a Canadian visa, book accommodation, pack your luggage, and start an unforgettable journey.

Below, we have prepared several propositions for the best places worth visiting in Canada. Check the list and decide which is most interesting.

Banff National Park

Those who are fond of adventures and beautiful landscapes should definitely visit Banff National Park, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its mountain peaks, trails, and glacial lakes. The park was established in 1885 and spans over 6,641 square kilometers. You can learn more about thermal waters, try cross-country skiing, stroll, visit the national museum, or take part in special events there. However, don’t forget about the necessary pass.

Vancouver Island

This Island, located in British Columbia with an area of 31,285 square km, is the biggest on the North American Pacific coast. The place is full of forests, mountainous peaks, and scenic coastlines. A lot of attractions await visitors who want to admire this ecosystem; you can take part in whale watching, fishing, birding, as well as go swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and more. Many attractions are available for free or at a low cost, so you don’t need to worry about money.

Montreal combines a modern and classic city vibe and will satisfy everyone. Expect many festivals there, such as Just for Laughs, International Jazz Festival, Osheaga, or International des Feux Loto-Québec. Besides, you can visit many spots, like Notre-Dame Basilica, Mount Royal, the Museum of Fine Arts, Sainte Catherine Street, and the Underground City. You can select from many events and places; Montreal definitely won’t disappoint you.

Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy lies between two provinces, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It consists of 9,300 square km of cliffs, waves, forests, and other natural wonders. If you want to experience the tidal system, you can go to the Hopewell Rocks, walk around at low tide, and see how it’s coming. Besides, you can stroll around, discover dinosaur fossils, and relax while admiring the marvelous views.

The most populated Metropolis of Canada is a place of fun, events, galleries, museums, and numerous attractions. Go to Nathan Phillips Square and admire outdoor exhibitions, concerts, food markets, or ice rinks in the winter. Visit Casa Loma, a neo-Gothic castle built in the 20th century, and the Royal Ontario Museum with a collection of arts, crafts, minerals, meteorites, rocks, and dinosaur fossils. Also, don’t forget about the Hockey Hall of Fame, as hockey is treated as a Canadian national sport.

Niagara Falls

The natural landmark of Canada, Niagara Falls, is situated between the USA and Canada. Viewing this series of waterfalls, considered the most impressive on Earth, is one of a one-of-a-kind experience. A range of attractions also awaits in a lively town. You can go to the Botanical Gardens, Clifton Hill amusement park, or Ripley's Believe It or Not. Besides, you can try jet-boating, zip-lining, cycling and hiking. Everybody will find something to do at this impressive sight.

Quebec City

Quebec City is the perfect destination for those who adore unique French-Canadian cuisine, culture, and style. Old Québec is known for its historic areas, festivals, and charm as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also the best place for food lovers. If you want to try a variety of meals combining French, North American, British, and other influences, you definitely should put Québec City on your travel list.

Cape Breton Island

The Island is located in Nova Scotia and offers spectacular views, traditions, and culture. You can relax on the beach, go to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, try amazing food, and take a leisure stroll along numerous hills. It is a perfect option for those who want to take a rest from the crowded cities.

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Canada Trip Plan For 15 Days Rated 3.4 /5 (based on 18 reviews) Canada Trip Plan For 15 Days

A tremendous tour through Canada 15 Days & 14 Nights

Welcome to Vancouver

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Canada Trip Plan For 15 Days

North America is so stupendously huge that you could live there for years and still not discover everything it has to show you. That being said, with our  Canada trip plan for 15 days we’re going to attempt to take you on a journey that does a great job of giving you a detailed cross-section of everything this continent has to offer.

The landscape has so much diversity that it is difficult to know where to begin. So many peaks, valleys, rivers, forests, islands and majestic cityscapes to choose from that trying to pick a starting point would simply make your head spin. Fret not, we’ll guide you through the whole journey with ease, starting in the comfort of the more urban areas throughout the land, before digging deeper and deeper into the natural beauty here.

Canada is half a world away and the time and resources it takes to get there don’t come around often. It is necessary, then to spend a decent chunk of time to just experience it all and our  Canada trip plan for 15 days will help you do just that.

Toronto: Arrival

  • Leisure Day

Other Benefits (On Arrival)

As you land in Toronto, your Canada package itinerary 14 nights 15 days begins. Check into a hotel, take a stroll around Harbourfront Park before turning in for the night.

Toronto: Sightseeing

After breakfast, we go on a city tour around Toronto and see the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, Air Canada Centre, Olympic Spirit, St. Lawrence Market and Royal Ontario Museum before returning to the hotel for an overnight stay.

  • Niagara Falls

The third day takes you to the Niagara Falls, able Rock, Horseshoe Falls, Floral Clock, Clifton Hill and a Mai of the Mist boat tour after breakfast, before returning to Toronto for an overnight stay.

Montreal: Arrival

  • Sightseeing

We head towards Montreal after breakfast. Spend the day however you like after hotel check-in.

Montreal: Sightseeing

Post breakfast, we head to Old Montreal and see the Notre-Dame Basilica, Olympia Park, Mount Royal Park, Chinatown, Downtown Montreal, City Center and Montreal Harbor before retiring to our hotel for the night.

Have breakfast and head to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, to see the Parliament Building, Supreme Court of Canada, National Art Center, Rideau Canal, Ottawa City Hall, Dows Lake, Ornamental Garden and Ottawa’s own Chinatown before returning to Montreal and hitting the hay.

  • Parliament Buildings

A city tour of Quebec follows after breakfast, where we visit the Palace Royale, Plains of Abraham, Parliament Building, Montmorency Falls, I'll D'Orleans, Place D'Armes and more. The day ends with a return to Montreal for an overnight stay.

Calgary: Arrival

The eighth day takes us to Calgary from Montreal, where we check into a hotel and stay overnight.

Calgary: Sightseeing

A tour around Calgary after breakfast is a packed one, with visits to Calgary Tower, the Old and New City Hall, Olympic Plaza and Fort Calgary. Shopping in Chinatown, Claire Market Mall and strolls around Stephen Avenue Devonian Garden, Stampede Park and Saddle Dome end the tour as we return to the hotel to stay overnight.

Banff: Arrival

  • Gondola Ride

We go to Banff after breakfast and explore it all on a Gondola, before heading to our hotel here to stay overnight.

Vancouver: Arrival

  • Local sightseeing

After check-out from Banff, we go to Vancouver for the day. Spend the day at your leisure after checking into the hotel.

Vancouver: Sightseeing

Visits to Stanley Park, Vancouver’s landmark bridges, Vancouver Aquarium and Canada Place among other sites are part of the day’s tour before going back to the hotel for bedtime.

  • Victoria City Tour

Get your breakfast and head off on a cruise to the Gulf Islands. See the Butchart Gardens, Victoria City, the Oak Uplands neighbourhood, University of Victoria, Beacon Hill Park and Chinatown before returning to Vancouver for an overnight stay.

See the Shannon Falls en route Whistler and witness the view from the peak of Whistler Mountain. Return to Vancouver for an overnight stay.

The tour ends as we depart from Vancouver with amazing memories.

Note: Our agents will provide you these or similar hotels depending on availability

Riviera on robson suites hotel downtown vancouver

Riviera on robson suites hotel downtown vancouver

1431 Robson St, Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 1C1, Canada

Trip Advisor

Best western ville-marie montreal hotel & suites

3407 Peel St, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1W7, Canada

Courtyard by marriott toronto downtown

Courtyard by marriott toronto downtown

475 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1X7, Canada

Banff rocky mountain resort

Banff rocky mountain resort

1029 Banff Avenue, T1L 1A2 Banff, Canada

  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Airport Transfers City Tour on SIC: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Calgary, Banff
  • Vancouver Day trip to Niagara Falls with Maid of the Mist
  • Day trip to Banff with Gondola Ride
  • Day Trip to Grouse Mountain & Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Day tour to Victoria & Butchart GardenDayDay tour to Whistler with Shannon Falls
  • All tours & transfers on SIC
  • Local Taxes if any
  • Extra Baggage on the flights rather than the usual included in the Airfare
  • Mineral Water
  • BeveragesTips and Portage
  • Lunches and Dinners
  • Entry tickets to Monuments
  • Station Transfers / Airport transfers
  • Anything not included in the inclusions list

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FAQs for Canada

What is the distance from toronto to montreal.

Montreal is about 530 km from Toronto.

How high is the peak of Whistler Mountain?

Whistler Mountain’s peak is 2181 m above sea level.

What sort of performances take place at the National Art Center in Ottawa?

English Theatre, French Theatre, Indigenous Theatre, Orchestra, Dance, etc. all take place at the National Art Centre in Ottawa.

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A Perfect Purpose of Travel for Canada Visitor Visa (Sample Letter)

A Perfect Purpose of Travel for Canada Visitor Visa (Sample Letter)

“What is the meaning of ‘The Purpose of Travel Letter’ in relation to obtaining a Canada Visitor Visa?”

It is a type of Statement of Purpose (SOP) letter that you must submit very carefully to avoid a Canada visitor visa refusal.

While applying for a temporary resident visa (TRV) or a visitor visa , you must provide a solid purpose of travel Canada visitor visa letter, or you might get a rejection via email including messages like these:

“I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on the purpose of your visit.”

“the purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application”

This guide will review the requirements for a Purpose of Travel Letter and provide a sample letter for a Canada Visitor Visa to demonstrate what an ideal letter should look like.

Purpose of Travel Letter Canada

  • Purpose of Your Trip : Clearly state whether you intend to travel for work or recreation. Be truthful and provide information supporting your purpose.
  • Reason for Choosing Canada : Explain why you are visiting Canada instead of other countries. This could be due to tourism interests, attending events, or visiting relatives.
  • Travel Itinerary : Include a detailed travel itinerary answering questions like when and where you intend to come to Canada, where you will stay, other cities you intend to visit, and when you plan to leave Canada.
  • Financing Your Travels : Mention how you will finance your travels, including how much money you have and will bring. If someone else is financing your trip, mention this and provide proof.
  • Intention to Return to Your Country : You intend to return to your home country once your trip ends. Reasons for family ties, jobs, or property/assets in your home country.
  • Details About Your Health : Include relevant details, such as significant health conditions, recent surgeries, and COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • List of Documents : The list of documents to include with the temporary visa application includes an identity document, Proof of vaccination, Bank statements, and a signed invitation letter from a Canadian resident.

What is the Purpose of a Travel Letter?

The Purpose of Travel letter describes your background, what you intend to do in Canada, and your intention to return to your home country. Canadian visa officers typically review this letter when they assess temporary visitor visa applications. Such letters are important because they can demonstrate you can be trusted to enter Canada and leave according to the Government of Canada’s rules .

What Should You Write in Purpose of Travel Letter?

A Canadian visa officer typically wants to see that you have a valid reason to enter Canada, have the funds to support your trip, are in good health and intend to leave before your visa expires.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the different things to include in your purpose or travel letter.

1. Purpose of Your Trip

  • Your letter should state whether you intend to travel for work or recreation.
  • You must be truthful, as the rest of your letter will include information backing up this purpose.
  • You should note that recreation can include any number of activities, including general tourism, attending events, or visiting relatives.

2. Your Reason for Choosing Canada

  • A Canadian visa officer will also be interested in knowing why you are visiting Canada instead of other countries.
  • If you’re visiting as a tourist, express your interest in exploring Canada’s diverse cities, natural beauty, and cultural heritage.
  • If you’re attending a wedding or a similar family or friend-hosted function, highlight this reason. Explain how the event connects you to Canada and adds significance to your visit.

3. A Travel Itinerary

You will also have to include a detailed travel itinerary that answers:

  • When do you intend to come to Canada?
  • Which city do you intend to land in?
  • Where do you intend to stay?
  • Are there any other cities you intend to visit or stay in?
  • When do you intend to leave Canada?

4. Who is Financing Your Travels

A Canadian visa officer must also see that you can finance your travels. Therefore, you should mention how much money you have in your bank account and how much you will bring with you. If someone else is financing your trip, you must mention this and ask them to provide proof.

5. Your Intention to Return to Your Country

You must also state that you intend to return to your home country once your trip ends. You can directly state the date you intend to leave Canada. However, you will also need to supplement this with additional reasons. This could include:

  • Family ties in your home country
  • A job or property/assets you need to return to your home country

6. Details About Your Health

You should also include any relevant details about your health. For example, you can talk about any significant health conditions you suffer from or recent surgeries. You should also mention which COVID-19 vaccines you have received and the appropriate vaccination dates.

7. List of Documents

Lastly, list any documents you will include with your temporary visa application. This includes:

  • Identity document
  • Proof of vaccination
  • Bank statements
  • A signed letter from the person inviting you to visit Canada (if applicable)

Ready to Apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa?

Apply for a Temporary Resident Visa with the help of our Licensed RCIC Experts.

The Purpose of Travel Canada Visitor Visa Sample Letter

You can demonstrate that you will return to your home country with the help of the given Purpose of Travel for Canada Visitor Visa Sample Letter.

Applying for Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa)

August 1, 2022.

Rahul Sharma Flat No. 90, The Amaryllis Apartments Karol Bagh, NEW DELHI, 110005 INDIA

Attn.: Visa officer

Subject: Canadian Visitor Visa Application

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have recently been invited to attend my brother’s wedding in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. My brother, Virat Sharma, who is a Canadian citizen, has planned to host the wedding ceremony on February 14th, 2023, and I would like to enter Canada for two weeks, from February 8 to 21, 2023, to attend the event.

My Travel History

I previously visited Canada for one week in August 2013 to help accompany my brother, Virat Sharma, before he started his education at York University. I have remained in India since then and have maintained steady employment in New Delhi’s IT industry.

My Employment and Savings

My current employer is Kbeattech, a Digital Solutions Company based in New Delhi. I receive a fixed salary of INR 100,000 or CAD $1,600 per month as a programmer and currently have INR 2,300,000 or CAD $37,400 in savings stored in my primary bank account in India. You can review my savings in the bank statement attached to my temporary visitor visa application.

I intend to bring approximately CAD $7,000 with me for my visit to Canada and will pay for my full expenses during my stay.

Travel Details

I will be residing at my brother’s residence at 303 City Centre Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 1M7, Canada, once I arrive on February 8, 2023. I will stay at this residence for the duration of my visit. My brother’s contact number is 647-000-0000.

The wedding will be held at Mississauga Grand Banquet & Event Centre, 35 Brunel Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3E8, Canada. I intend to visit different attractions such as Dundas Square, Kensington Market, and the CN Tower in the Greater Toronto Area during my stay. I have no intention of venturing outside this region.

Health and Vaccination Details

I am also in good health and have remained free from major health issues in my life. I have received two COVID-19 vaccinations to date. These are:

  • Moderna Vaccine (First Shot): Received on June 21st, 2021
  • Moderna Vaccine (Second Shot): Receive on July 14th, 2021

I have attached my vaccination certificate with my temporary visa application.

Intention to Return to India

I intend to leave Canada by February 21st, 2023, via Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. My parents, Akash Sharma and Kinshuk Sharma reside at my residence in New Delhi, and I intend to return to them after my trip to Canada. I have also informed my employer that I will be returning to work by February 22nd, 2023

I would appreciate your support in issuing a temporary visitor visa before my intended travel date so that I may arrive in time to help organize and participate in my brother’s wedding. I have included the information requested in the original application package. Please contact me at +91 2136-724890 or [email protected] if you need me to submit additional information or documents for my application.

Yours Sincerely,


Rahul Sharma

Expense/Funds Summary

  • Total Bank Balance in my account: INR 2,300,000 or CAD $37,400
  • Funds I am bringing to Canada: INR 430,000 or CAD $7,000

Note: The documents and other items I have enclosed along with my application are summarized below: Passport

  • Letter of Invitation from My Brother, Virat Sharma
  • A copy of my birth certificate and my brother’s birth certificate
  • A copy of the relevant passport page containing the temporary visitor visa from my previous visit to Canada.
  • Copy of the airline e-tickets for my round trip to Toronto
  • Proof of funds (My bank statement from the past six months)
  • Statement from my bank manager describing my financial history.
  • A letter from my employer, Kbeattech
  • Completed and Signed the Application form
  • Pictures of my parents and brother
  • Copy of my Identity Card
  • Six recent photos

Other Types of Purpose of Travel Sample Letters

The above sample letter should be helpful if you intend to visit a sibling in Canada. However, depending on your background and travel reasons, you may need to adjust it.

For example, a sample letter to demonstrate the purpose of travel for a Canada visitor visa for parents would need to include a marriage certificate and details demonstrating the relationship between parents.

Similarly, a purpose-of-travel Canada tourist visa sample letter would need to include additional details about each city you will visit and where you will stay. So, it would help if you mentioned hotels , hostels , or Airbnb rentals you will reside at.

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FAQs: Purpose of Travel Letter for Visitor Visa Canada

These are some frequently asked questions about Purpose of Travel Letter for Canada visitor visa.

What are the common purposes for which I can apply for a Canada Visitor Visa?

  • Tourism : Exploring Canada’s scenic beauty and cultural attractions.
  • Visiting Family or Friends : Reuniting with loved ones residing in Canada.
  • Business Meetings or Conferences : Attending professional events.
  • Short-Term Courses or Workshops : Enhancing skills or knowledge.
  • Medical Treatment : Seeking healthcare services in Canada.

How do I determine my purpose of travel when applying for a Canada Visitor Visa?

  • Specify your purpose of travel in your visa application.
  • Provide clear and accurate information about why you wish to visit Canada.
  • Describe the activities you plan to engage in during your stay.

Can I apply for a Canada Visitor Visa for multiple purposes of travel?

  • Yes, you can apply for a Canada Visitor Visa for multiple purposes.
  • Ensure that your application clearly outlines all intended activities.
  • Provide appropriate supporting documents for each purpose.

Creating the perfect Purpose of Travel letter can be challenging for most applicants. However, you may still struggle to provide the correct details to convince Canadian visa officers to issue you a visitor visa, as each case is unique and needs additional information.

You can book a consultation with our experts if you need assistance creating the perfect Purpose of Travel letter . Our team is led by Keshav Sharma, a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant with years of experience.

You can contact our experts today to get started on your Canada visa application.

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I didn’t hear back from your company. Could you email me another letter about the purpose of travel’s letter for Canada Visitor Visa (Sample Letter),thank you very much

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Hello, Please book a quick consultation here.

' src=

I applied my wife’s visitor visa in reference to her sister who is already in Canada and it got rejected as according to them she didn’t have family ties in India, also no valid reason that she will come back to India. I want to apply visitor visa now by referring that she wants to visit me as we are married. Please help.

Hey Deepak,

We would be happy to discuss your case with you in a quick consultation, book here . Our firm has helped multiple foreign visitors with similar cases land in Canada.

' src=

my tourist visa application 2nd time refused can you apply my visa from canada and which price because my all documents and correct(i am shop owner and part time job) and bank balance above 6lac expect other saving

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canada visitor visa travel itinerary

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Document: Purpose of Travel - Other

  • Thread starter derek5366
  • Start date Apr 25, 2017

What are the best options for the upload. Examples of what you can provide as proof: A scanned copy of: Your flight ticket departing Canada, Your travel itinerary (e.g. places you will visit or stay, such as hotel booking), Proof of a medical appointment. This is what CIC requires I have not bought a ticket yet cause waiting to get the visitor visa first.  


derek5366 said: What are the best options for the upload. Examples of what you can provide as proof: A scanned copy of: Your flight ticket departing Canada, Your travel itinerary (e.g. places you will visit or stay, such as hotel booking), Proof of a medical appointment. This is what CIC requires I have not bought a ticket yet cause waiting to get the visitor visa first. Click to expand...

You can include provisional flight bookings.... and state in the cover letter that you will buy confirmed tickets when the TRV is issued. Also, do prepare a day-by-day itinerary (broad plan) for sightseeing/activities, etc. Actual processing times can go for a toss + the risk of a TRV refusal (hopefully, it will not happen in your case)  

Full Member

1> Day by Day itinerary 2> Support evidences in the cover letter format (enclosures) 3> Sample airline trip - from any travel website such as expedia,orbitz etc Club all these into single pdf document and should become your purpose of travel.  


Is this right... sorry I am new here.  

Star Member

Bryanna said: You can include provisional flight bookings.... and state in the cover letter that you will buy confirmed tickets when the TRV is issued. Also, do prepare a day-by-day itinerary (broad plan) for sightseeing/activities, etc. Actual processing times can go for a toss + the risk of a TRV refusal (hopefully, it will not happen in your case) Click to expand...
KT_2017 said: if my mother is coming to just visit me and we do not have an itinerary, is that step needed ? I did create a letter and mention that we dont have a itinerary, however we did put a "reservation" ticket. is tht sufficient? thanks Click to expand...
Bryanna said: A provisional flight ticket is fine. However, IRCC would also like to see if an applicant has planned his/her visit well. For this, a day-by-day broad itinerary for sightseeing/activities/meeting friends and relatives would help. A good plan means a visitor knows exactly what s/he intends to do during the visit. As you've already applied, you will have to wait until you get a decision Click to expand...
KT_2017 said: i havent submitted my application yet... wht do u suggest to include in the itinerary if we dont really have a plan on what she will be visiting once she gets here.. Click to expand...
Bryanna said: Plans can change anytime. However, for a TRV application, you can do a bit of research/look up tourism places and activities that you'd like to take your mom to. The day-by-day itinerary could also include days stayed in at home relaxing/watch the television, etc. Basically, the idea is to prove that the applicant knows what s/he intends to do Click to expand...

How detailed you think I should go? Itinerary like hour by hour. For example this is what I have so far for one day just arrive from airport 9:30 am shower then take a nap 1400 pm grab some lunch at a home or eat sushi 19:00 family dinner with whole family Ning Tu Restaurant 21:00 back home at in laws residence, then shower , watch tv , sleep is this too detailed?  


Hero Member

derek5366 said: How detailed you think I should go? Itinerary like hour by hour. For example this is what I have so far for one day just arrive from airport 9:30 am shower then take a nap 1400 pm grab some lunch at a home or eat sushi 19:00 family dinner with whole family Ning Tu Restaurant 21:00 back home at in laws residence, then shower , watch tv , sleep is this too detailed? Click to expand...

Does my invitation letter have to be sent to canadian embassy before we submit?  

derek5366 said: Does my invitation letter have to be sent to canadian embassy before we submit? Click to expand...

Plan Your 10 Days in Japan: Japan 10-day Itinerary

  • Apply Visa Online
  • May 31, 2024

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Japan is a captivating island country featuring a true blend of tradition and modernity. Every part of Japan has something beautiful that can be experienced. 

Did you know that Japan has around 23 World Heritage sites? From the experience of a calm lake, the fun of visiting the top attractions of cities like Tokyo, to the bliss of tasting good food, Japan has it all for you! 

However, a well-planned itinerary would only save time. Thus, let’s look at the best places to visit in Japan, the top restaurants, and the best accommodation options.

Scroll down to dive into this well-planned and informative 10-day Japan itinerary.

Day 1: Arrival in Tokyo

When you arrive at the Tokyo Narita Airport, you can witness one of the most beautiful airport structures along with some advanced facilities.

From the airport, you can commute to your hotel and take a rest.

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Thereafter, you can begin your journey to the vast and immersive capital of Japan. Let us look at some of the top things you can do in Tokyo.

Tokyo Things To Explore

  • Visiting Sensoji Temple- Sensoji Temple is one of the must-see marvels in Tokyo. It reflects the culture of Japan. You can view a huge statue of Kannon, who is considered the goddess of mercy.
  • Watching a Sumo Match- When it comes to the uniqueness of visiting Japan, then wrestling is one factor. You can witness a sumo match in Kokugikan. Kokugikan is Japan’s most famous sumo arena which hosts several tournaments every year.

Best Tokyo Restaurants 

If you are looking for some good restaurant options in Tokyo, then here it is:

  • Downtown B's Indian Kitchen- The place is known to serve delicious Indian food with great service. They also offer a lot of gluten-free.
  • Annam Indian Restaurant Ginza - Tokyo- Situated in Ginza, Annam is known for its Thali – a plate with a variety of curries
  • Dhaba India- Dhaba India is famous for serving food with authentic Indian flavors to truly fulfill your indian food wanderlust!
  • Ashoka Shinjuku- Ashoka is located in Nishi Shinjuku and is a perfect hub for all the Indian food cravers!

Tokyo Accommodations

There are a wide range of accommodation options in Tokyo. You can stay in hostels or Airbnb.  Further, there are other hotels and even capsule hotels to stay in Tokyo.

Let’s look at some of the best accommodations in Tokyo-

Days 2-3: Explore Tokyo

Now, there’s more to Tokyo than you could think of! From the famous Shibuya Crossing to Asakusa, there are numerous worthwhile places to visit in Japan. 

Day 4: Tokyo to Mount Fuji 

Exciting things to do .

  • Chureito Pagoda is a five-story bright-red pagoda built as a peace memorial in 1963. It is one of the most iconic photography spots in Japan! 
  • Relax in Onsens: When all is done, you can just simply soak in the thermal waters of traditional onsens and enjoy your time.
  • Explore the five lakes of Kawaguchiko, Lake Motosu, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Saiko, and Lake Shōji and experience the bliss of nature. 

Day 5: Day Trip To Nikko

The next place to discover in Japan is Nikko. Here is a list of places you can explore and things you can do when in Nikko.

Lake Chuzenji

Lake Chuzenji features the picturesque view of Lake Chuzenji, which is located at the foot of Mount Nantai. You can take a boat ride or simply relax by the lakeside. Another perfect spot to explore is the Kegon Waterfall.

Senjogahara Marsh

One of the best vacation ideas is to take a leisurely hike through the idyllic marshland with pristine nature. The hiking trails of Senjogahara Marsh will surely please you with the stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Toshogu Shrine

The next spot on the list is the famous Toshogu shrine. This is a lavishly decorated shrine which is dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate.

Futarasan-jinja Shrine

 Futarasan-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine nestled in the mountains, which offers mind-blowing architecture and a splendid surrounding view!

Rinnô-ji Temple

Visit the famous Rinno ji temple to feel the splendidness of the Buddhist connection. Rinno-ji is a Buddhist temple located in Nikko, which has a fascinating design and mind-calming aura!

Day 6: Visit Hakone

It is famous for its hot springs and stunning views of Mount Fuji.

  • Stay in a Ryokan - The best way to immerse yourself in Hakone’s culture is by staying in a traditional Ryokan. You can look around at tatami-matted rooms, futons, and soothing hot spring baths.
  • Soak in the Hot Springs - Hakone is famous for its hot springs that you can get into. Further, the scenic view nearby is completely arresting!
  • Witness The Chisuji Falls - You can witness the magical Chisuji fall which is hidden in a serene waterfall and features tranquillity! 
  • Visit Lake Ashinoko - Lake Ashinoko, also known as Lake Ashi, offers a deeply stunning view of Mt Fuji!

Days 7-8: Kyoto 

Kyoto is the third largest city in Japan and is a great city to explore. The commercial hassle to the shrine peace, all of it just fills you more.

Kyoto has a fleet of over 2000 temples, lush gardens, and soothing traditional tea houses. Kyoto is one of Japan’s major historical hubs to explore.

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Day 9: Kyoto to Hiroshima

You can travel from Kyoto to Hiroshima via train, bus, or even car. The distance from Kyoto to Hiroshima is about 360 km. 

Be it the tourist attractions or the delicious food, Hiroshima is a wonderful place to explore. 

Beginning from the famous Hiroshima Castle to other places such as Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Island Shrine of Itsukushima, and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, all can be explored. Hiroshima Castle formed the backbone of this region's military history.  It is located in the city's heart. 

The new building was built in 1954, as the old building was destroyed due to an atomic bomb attack.

There is a central pond in the area which is further encircled with a beautiful pathway!

Day 10: Explore Miyajima Island

One can take either a train or a ferry to reach Miyajima Island. Miyajima island is located an hour away from the main city of Hiroshima.

The island is the perfect break from the mundane and hassled city life. Let’s look at some tourist attractions to visit here!

canada visitor visa travel itinerary

Daisho-in Temple

Daisho-in Temple is located at the foot of the famous Mount Misen. Daisho-in Temple is a Buddhist temple that allows a view of serene gardens, pagodas, and statues.

Thereafter, you can explore the Henjokutsu Cave, where you can find thousands of small Buddha statues.

Visit the Senjokaku, a large wooden hall built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. It offers panoramic views of the island and is a wonderful site to view!

History Museum

For all art and history lovers, this history museum is the ideal place to explore.

You can find photographs, poetry, wooden artifacts, pottery, furniture and tools and a lot more.

Furthermore, you can roam around the street which is filled with stalls of gift shops, good restaurants, cozy coffee shops, ice cream shops, and candy stores!

Explore Japan With Visa2Fly 

Japan is gaining prominence as one of the top tourist destinations of the world.

From the top attractions to the wonderful cuisine, and more than that, the pleasant vibe, all of which gives you multiple reasons to plan a trip to Japan.

However, before packing your favorite clothes, remember to complete the paperwork and documentation, and know that you need a Japan visa to enter the country. 

For all your visa-related needs, Visa2Fly is your trusted companion! For further details and step-by-step assistance, reach out to us at our website .

Secure Your Japan Visa in 4 Quick Steps


canada visitor visa travel itinerary

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canada visitor visa travel itinerary

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NeurIPS 2024 Visa Information

NeurIPS 2024 will be held in Vancouver Canada from December 9th to 15th, 2024 .

Find out if you need a  visa to travel to Canada .

If you do need a visa to enter Canada follow the steps below, Please read this page carefully because there are updates to the visa process for 2024 

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If you need a visa, apply online through the IRCC Secure Network .

Make sure you complete all parts of your application. A common reason for visa denial in previous years has been the submission of an incomplete application.

Biometric Instructions

Information dislcosure.

Your information will be shared with the IRCC to identify and  coordinate the processing of visa applications. See the  Privacy Act   for details . 

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Can I cancel my registration if my visa is denied?

Yes; see the details in our cancellation policy .

Who should I list as the Point of Contact on the visa application?

Use the contact information for the Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation given in their NeurIPS visa invitation letter.

Where can I find the Special Event Code?

The code is available in the visa invitation letter

What should I put as the Purpose of my visit

Select: Other

When & where should I apply for my visa?

If you require a visa to travel to the Canada, we recommend starting the application process as soon as you know that you will attend NeurIPS, as the wait time for the mandatory in-person visa appointment can be highly variable.

What should I bring to my visa interview?

The IRCC provides guidance on required documentation for a visitor visa interview. Please also check the specific requirements of the embassy or consulate that will conduct your interview.

Beyond required documents, you may be able to provide supplemental supporting documents online and/or in a visa interview, subject to the procedure of the specific embassy or consulate. Supplemental supporting documents should aid in establishing your residence and ties abroad and thus your ability and intent to leave Canada after the visit. Examples of such supporting documents include:

  • Invitation letter: The invitation letter issued to you by NeurIPS, with details of your contributions to NeurIPS.
  • Travel plan: Complete itinerary of your intended travel, including booking confirmation of a return flight and of accommodation during your stay.
  • Financial support: Evidence of ability to pay for the trip or confirmation of funding provided for flights, accommodation, food, and incidental costs.
  • Continuing status: Official documentation to prove you are a student, post-doc, or employee and that you will return to your country/region of residence for continuing studies or employment; evidence of familial ties in your country/region of residence.

If I receive a visa am I guaranteed to be able to enter Canada to attend NeurIPS?

Unfortunately, it is possible that the immigration officer that processes your entry into Canada (usually, at the airport after landing in Canada) may require you to undergo a secondary interview to make an immigration determination. Please travel prepared for this possibility, and carry on your person the same evidence you presented at your visa appointment, including a printed copy of your NeurIPS invitation letter.

Questions or concerns?

Direct unanswered questions to the NeurIPS 2024 Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Chairs via the NeurIPS Contact page.

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Who can apply

On this page, who can get a visa, some people are not allowed to enter canada, minor children travelling to canada.

You must meet some basic requirements to get a visitor visa.

  • have a valid travel document , like a passport
  • be in good health
  • have no criminal or immigration-related convictions
  • convince an immigration officer that you have ties—such as a job, home, financial assets or family—that will take you back to your home country
  • convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit
  • The amount of money you will need depends on how long you will stay and if you will stay in a hotel, or with friends or relatives.

You may also need a medical exam and letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada.

Check the list of documents you need based on your situation .

Some people are inadmissible to Canada, which means they are not allowed to enter the country. You can be inadmissible for several reasons, including being involved in:

  • criminal activity
  • human rights violations
  • organized crime

You can also be inadmissible for security, health or financial reasons. Find out more about inadmissibility .

Make sure you know what to do if your minor children (children under the age of 18) will be travelling with you, with someone else, or alone.

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Princess Cruises Announces Extended 2025-26 Japan & Southeast Asia Cruise Season

Diamond princess returns to the land of the rising sun for expanded program showcasing beautiful fall foliage.

By downloading this image you agree to the Princess asset use terms and conditions

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., (May 29, 2024) – On the heels of record-breaking travel to Japan by U.S. visitors in 2023, and another strong season underway this year, Princess Cruises today announced it will extend the number of itineraries in Japan during the 2025-26 season. 

The 2025-26 cruise season to the must-see island nations of Japan and Southeast Asia onboard a Princess ship has just been announced. On sale now, Japan-built Diamond Princess returns featuring an expanded Japan season showcasing the region’s breathtaking fall foliage, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto and more. 

“We truly make it easy to travel to Japan and Southeast Asia on our Diamond Princess Love Boat to experience these amazing destinations,” said Terry Thornton, chief commercial officer for Princess Cruises. “For our fall 2025 through winter 2026 season, we’re thrilled to expand our Japan cruises from Tokyo (Yokohama) during the beautiful fall foliage season and continue to Singapore to highlight the best of Southeast Asia. Plus, our guests only need to unpack once to experience these storied countries while enjoying vibrant shore excursions and our regional culinary and entertainment offerings onboard.” 

From ancient temples and castles, to bustling markets and breathtaking gardens, cruisers experience the best way to see Japan with Princess with a new fall 2025 season offering 11 new voyages ranging in length from nine to 22 days, visiting 25 destinations throughout the Land of the Rising Sun, as well as stops in Korea and Taiwan. Highlights of the season include:

  • 13-day Circle Japan Fall Foliage sailing taking place during the beautiful autumn leaves season
  • 9-day Circle Japan voyage a circumnavigation of the country with stops at Nagasaki, Akita and Sakaiminato
  • 9-day Southern Islands departures to the southernmost part of Japan and the lush islands of Okinawa and Ishigaki
  • 10-day Kyushu & Korea cruise, which sails these large islands of Japan including visits to Hiroshima, Osaka (for Kyoto) and Shimizu (for Mt. Fuji)
  • For the ultimate Japan exploration, guests can combine these 18- to 22- day itineraries for an unforgettable 40-day adventure

Following her extended Japan season, Diamond Princess will sail to Singapore on a 12-day Southeast Asia & Japan cruise featuring Taipei (Keelung) and Hong Kong to kick off three roundtrip Singapore sailings including:

  • 14-day Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam cruise, which also includes calls to Phuket, Kuala Lumpur (Port Kelang) and Ho Chi Minh City (Phu My)
  • 16-day Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam departure which also includes a call to Halong Bay, UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a gateway to Hanoi
  • Closing the season will be a 14-day Southeast Asia & Japan sailing from Singapore back to Tokyo (Yokohama) with late night More Ashore stays in both Hong Kong and Shimizu (for Mt. Fuji)

Diamond Princess: Built in Japan, the 2,670-guest Diamond Princess offers a unique experience tailored to the region. Guests enjoy authentic cuisine at Kai Sushi, sip Japanese-inspired cocktails created by mixologist Rob Floyd, soak in the traditional Izumi bath and enjoy folkloric shows, regional entertainment and Japanese holiday celebrations. 

Additionally, the all-new Churrascaria Brazilian Grill offers quality meats boasting bold South American flavors, cooked to perfection in the tasty tradition of grilling churrasco style. Servers present these flavorful cuts on vertical skewers, and hand-carve them right onto the plate. 

No matter the cruise, Princess delivers a premium vacation with the line’s award-winning, signature Princess MedallionClass experience which offers unparalleled service and personalization. Guests booking can take advantage of inclusive packages like Princess Plus and Princess Premier which add popular amenities like WiFi, beverages, desserts, fitness classes, crew gratuities and more at an even greater savings of up 65% when the inclusive package amenities are purchased separately. 

Additional information about Princess Cruises is available through a professional travel advisor, by calling 1-800-Princess (1-800-774-6237) or by visiting . 

Media Contacts

Contact information for members of the media

Negin Kamali, +1 661-753-1539, [email protected]

Briana Latter, +1 661-753-1538, [email protected]

About Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is The Love Boat, the world’s most iconic cruise brand that delivers dream vacations to millions of guests every year in the most sought-after destinations on the largest ships that offer elite service personalization and simplicity customary of small, yacht-class ships. Well-appointed staterooms, world class dining, grand performances, award-winning casinos and entertainment, luxurious spas, imaginative experiences and boundless activities blend with exclusive Princess MedallionClass service to create meaningful connections and unforgettable moments in the most incredible settings in the world - the Caribbean, Alaska, Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera, Europe, South America, Australia/New Zealand, the South Pacific, Hawaii, Asia, Canada/New England, Antarctica, and World Cruises. The company is part of Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE:CCL; NYSE:CUK).

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  1. How to apply for Canada Tourist Visa

    canada visitor visa travel itinerary

  2. Travel itinerary for Canada Visitor Visa Application

    canada visitor visa travel itinerary

  3. Travel Itinerary Template For Canada Visa

    canada visitor visa travel itinerary

  4. Travel Itinerary Template For Canada Visa

    canada visitor visa travel itinerary

  5. Incredible Canada Visa Travel Itinerary Example Ideas

    canada visitor visa travel itinerary

  6. Itinerary for Canada Tourist Visa! Canada Visitor Visa Process 2022 ! Canada Visa Latest Update

    canada visitor visa travel itinerary


  1. Canada visitors' visa 100%


  3. Canada streamlining visitor visa applications for 2023

  4. How to Make a Strong Profile for Canada Visitor Visa

  5. Canada Tourist Visa Validity and Entry Type

  6. ਕੈਨੇਡਾ ਵਿਜ਼ਟਰ ਵੀਜ਼ਾ ਲਈ travel history


  1. Planning a Canada Tourist Trip: Sample Itinerary for Visitor Visa

    Day 1: Arrival in Toronto. Arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Check-in to hotel in downtown Toronto. Visit CN Tower for a panoramic view of the city. Explore the Distillery District, a historic area with shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Grab dinner at one of Toronto's popular restaurants.

  2. How to apply for a visitor visa

    To apply for a visitor visa to visit Canada on business, you need to qualify as a business visitor. To qualify, you must show that: you plan to stay for less than 6 months. you don't plan to enter the Canadian labour market. your main place of business and source of income and profits is outside Canada.

  3. How to Apply Canada Visitor Visa (with Sample Travel Itinerary)

    Your photo will be taken again at the VFS center. #6 Application for Visitor Visa (Temporary resident Visa) - IMM 5257. #7 Application for Temporary Residence - IMM 5257 Schedule 1. #8 Family Information Form - IMM 5645. #9 Last 3 months Pay Slips. #10 Marriage Certificate (if married) and applying as a family.

  4. How to Create an Itinerary for Your Canada Visa Application: A Step-by

    Step 1: Determine Your Travel Dates. The first step in creating your itinerary is to determine your travel dates. This includes your arrival and departure dates, as well as any other important dates during your stay in Canada. Be sure to include any events or activities that you plan to attend during your trip.

  5. Applying for a visitor visa (temporary resident visa)

    Family members must complete their own application forms. However, you may submit your applications together online or at a Visa Application Centre (VAC) and use one payment receipt for the total amount. Your spouse or common-law partner and children must meet all of the requirements for temporary residence in Canada.

  6. Visitor Visa checklist: Everything you need to apply and visit Canada

    Application processing fees for visitor visas are $100 CAD per person, and $500 CAD for a family (five or more people). Biometrics fees on the other hand are $85 CAD per person, and $170 per family (two or more people). These fees may be subject to change and cannot be refunded regardless of the decision reached on your application.

  7. Application for a Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa

    5. You travel to Canada (if you're approved) Make sure you travel with the documents we gave you. This includes travel documents like a visitor visa, study or work permits or an eTA (electronically linked to your passport). Airline staff and border service officers at ports of entry will ask to see your travel documents.

  8. Visitor visa: About the document

    Make sure you need a visitor visa before you apply; Most travellers need a visitor visa. Most travellers need a visitor visa to travel to Canada. You may also need one if you're transiting through a Canadian airport on your way to your final destination. A visitor visa (also called a temporary resident visa) is an official document that we ...

  9. The Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application- Will be

    To b sure that you get the Visa issued, it is desirable that you add itinerary to your visa application for Canada. Here is one Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application. Canada Visa Application especially, for Tourist Visa or Temporary Resident Visa requires itinerary.

  10. Everything You Need to Know About Canada's Tourist Visa

    Tourist Visa. A Tourist Visa, also known as a Visitor Visa, is a traditional visa that allows foreign nationals to enter Canada for a temporary stay, typically up to six months. It's a document placed in your passport and is obtained through a Canadian consulate or embassy. Tourist Visas are typically required for citizens of countries that are ...

  11. Canada Itinerary: How to see Canada in 7 days to 2 weeks

    Day 7-8: Jasper National Park (Alberta) Day 9: Kamloops (British Columbia) Day 10: Drive to Whistler, stop in Squamish. Day 11-12: Whistler. Day 13-14: Vancouver (British Columbia) Start your Canada trip in Calgary, explore the city for a day. Drive to Banff, with a stop in Canmore . Beautiful Canmore in Alberta.

  12. [2024] 2 Weeks in Canada Itinerary: 4 itineraries, map, cost

    Average cost for 2 weeks in Canada. Canada is an expensive place to spend a holiday in. The average cost of travel for 14 days in Canada is about $1,300 per person. If you don't mind staying in hostels, you can do with $900, and for those who want luxury, it's best to plan a $3,500 budget.

  13. Canada Visa

    Visitor visa (including super visa) - per person. Single or multiple entry temporary resident visa. $100. Visitor visa - per family (1 fee per family of 5 or more people) Single or multiple entry temporary resident visa. Maximum fee for a family of 5 or more people applying at the same time and place. $500.

  14. Sample Itinerary for 3 -4 weeks of stay

    3. Family Information (IMM5645E, IMM5645E) 4. Application Form Schedule 1 (IMM5257B_1, IMM5257B_1) 5. Copy of my daughter's passport displaying father's & mother's name as a proof of relationship. 6. Letter of Invitation and supporting documents from my son In-Law. 6.1 Notice of Assessment for 2012 &2013.

  15. 10 days in Canada itinerary (with 7 samples)

    10 days in Canadian Rockies Itinerary: Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Yoho, Jasper, and Edmonton. Day 1: Arrive in Calgary and spend one-day sightseeing. Pick up a rental car from the airport. Day 2: Drive to Banff National Park with a stop in Canmore. Day 3: Explore Banff town.

  16. Canada visitor visa purpose of travel, bookings and itinerary

    2. When you click purpose of travel section in Canada visitor visa application they say you can show: Your hotel reservations. Flight ticket. Yet Canada immigration advises applicants not to do any bookings or reservations before they receive their visa so, I don't understand how to deal with this section. visas.

  17. Visit Canada

    Visit Canada. Find out what document you need to travel, visit family and friends, do business, or transit through Canada, and how to extend your stay. ... It costs $100 CAD to apply for a visitor visa and $85 CAD for your biometrics fee. Ask a family member or friend for help.

  18. The Perfect Toronto Itinerary for First Time Visitors

    First, a Few Traveller's Logistics: Canada's customs requirements differ for various nationals. Do ensure you contact Visit Canada directly for any visa or paperwork advice before arrival.; Toronto can be compared slightly to New York City in that it driving downtown can be hectic. However, there are cab companies available 24/7 as well as Uber.

  19. Best places to visit in Canada

    Toronto. The most populated Metropolis of Canada is a place of fun, events, galleries, museums, and numerous attractions. Go to Nathan Phillips Square and admire outdoor exhibitions, concerts, food markets, or ice rinks in the winter. Visit Casa Loma, a neo-Gothic castle built in the 20th century, and the Royal Ontario Museum with a collection ...

  20. Canada Tour Itinerary For 14 Nights 15 Days

    1. Personalise This Package. Make changes as per your travel plan & submit the request. 2. Get Multiple Quotes. Connect with top 3 agents, compare quotes & customize further. 3. Book The Best Deal. Canada Tour Itinerary For 15 Days - Our Canada itinerary for 15 days is sure to be a long, memorable journey.

  21. Purpose of Travel for Canada Visitor Visa (Sample Letter)

    It is a type of Statement of Purpose (SOP) letter that you must submit very carefully to avoid a Canada visitor visa refusal. While applying for a temporary resident visa (TRV) or a visitor visa, you must provide a solid purpose of travel Canada visitor visa letter, or you might get a rejection via email including messages like these: "I am ...

  22. Document: Purpose of Travel

    derek5366 said: What are the best options for the upload. Examples of what you can provide as proof: A scanned copy of: Your flight ticket departing Canada, Your travel itinerary (e.g. places you will visit or stay, such as hotel booking), Proof of a medical appointment. This is what CIC requires. I have not bought a ticket yet cause waiting to ...

  23. The world's best countries for tourism

    It's also easier than ever for Americans to visit China, as they no longer need to provide an itinerary or proof of hotel bookings to get a travel visa. 1. Duke Kahanamoku Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

  24. Visit Canada

    Visit Canada. Find out what document you need to travel, visit family and friends, do business, or transit through Canada, and how to extend your stay. Special measures for. For people affected by. Iranian temporary residents in Canada. The situation in Lebanon.

  25. Plan Your 10 Days in Japan: Japan 10-day Itinerary

    Days 7-8: Kyoto. Kyoto is the third largest city in Japan and is a great city to explore. The commercial hassle to the shrine peace, all of it just fills you more. Kyoto has a fleet of over 2000 temples, lush gardens, and soothing traditional tea houses. Kyoto is one of Japan's major historical hubs to explore.

  26. NeurIPS 2024 Visa Information

    NeurIPS 2024 Visa Information NeurIPS 2024 will be held in Vancouver Canada from December 9th to 15th, 2024. Find out if you need a visa to travel to Canada. If you do need a visa to enter Canada follow the steps below, Please read this page carefully because there are updates to the visa process for 2024 Purchase a in-person registration

  27. Eligibility to apply for a visitor visa

    Who can get a visa. You must meet some basic requirements to get a visitor visa. You must: have a valid travel document, like a passport. be in good health. have no criminal or immigration-related convictions. convince an immigration officer that you have ties—such as a job, home, financial assets or family—that will take you back to your ...

  28. Thailand Unveils Visa Extension For Tourists, Students ...

    Thailand's visa extension will allow tourists from 93 countries to stay for up to 60 days, extend the validity of digital nomad visas & more. In a bid to boost tourism, Thailand has implemented new visa regulations permitting tourists from 93 countries to holiday in the Land of Smiles for up to 60 days, up from 57 countries currently ...

  29. Princess Cruises Announces Extended 2025-26 Japan & Southeast Asia

    FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., (May 29, 2024) - On the heels of record-breaking travel to Japan by U.S. visitors in 2023, and another strong season underway this year, Princess Cruises today announced it will extend the number of itineraries in Japan during the 2025-26 season. The 2025-26 cruise season to the must-see island nations of Japan and Southeast Asia onboard a Princess ship has just been ...