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Tata Safari Storme Review: Battling the Storme

Aditya Chatterjee

Aditya Chatterjee

Saturday 29 December 2012,00:00 AM IST

tata safari storme length

Back in 1998, when Tata Motors introduced the Safari in India, little did the company know that its first true blood SUV will keep battling the competition fiercely for so long. The Safari has braved various tides across its tenure.

Tata Motors realized that the Safari may be an enthusiast’s favorite but then not exactly a very popular car among its competition especially with the Mahindra XUV500 scooping the SUV segment with its giant market share.

The boys at Tata Motors were determined to bring in a new version of this cult SUV but with a refined persona. Changing the way it looks, feels and performs but without compromising on the basic essence of Safari.

Thus, Tata Safari Storme was born, an SUV which the company claims to boast of redesigned exteriors, improved quality of interiors, better performance and a refined VariCOR engine. This is our detailed review of the Tata Safari Storme VX 4x4 variant where we find out more on this classic SUV.

Appearance Exterior

 The Tata Safari has always had the looks of a macho SUV. It does not have wild and aggressive lines as such but then its matured looks always illustrated power in a controlled way. When we got our Storme for review, our cameras were more than excited to shoot it as we knew it that the Storme will give us plenty of opportunities to shoot it in dust and sand with the Storme enjoying it too.

tata safari storme length

With the Storme, Tata Motors wanted to express their maturity in design. The new design language of it drops delicious hints of the British Land Rover connect. It has got a well rounded design and looks very modern from all angles. The flat head and longish bonnet brings a new element in the Safari .

Finally, the projector headlamps make its way into the Safari and in a nice way. The new headlamp design looks compact and the detailing done in it is good. The Storme gets a new face with the chrome lining on the bonnet line. This bling line also has the syllables STORME etched on it. We are glad that Tata Motors chose to make the Storme look modern instead of giving it a family look with a rectangular wire meshed radiator grille which has a V design embedded in it.

tata safari storme length

The lower jaw line of the front face has been cleaned from the earlier generation and the one on the Storme features clean lines without any unnecessary profiles on them. Circular fog lamps with chrome lining around them are fixed on the bumper. At the extreme end of the bumper is the air splitter with mild scoops which has been done very neatly.

Seen from the side, the difference starts to reduce as it appears very similar to the earlier Safaris unless observed very patiently and pointing out the minor differences. The ones that stand out are the new design alloy wheels which are not exactly very sporty unlike the ones that come on DICOR. Outside rear view mirrors are now covered in chrome with indicators affixed on them. These mirrors can be electrically adjusted from inside the cabin.

The distinct roof rails and the new tail lamp design are also new additions. Dimensionally, the Storme is marginally longer i.e. by 5 mm and wider than the Safari DICOR. The footsteps provided to aid the passenger get in are indeed very useful and of a strong built.

tata safari storme length

The Safari Storme visually reminds of the Land Rover Discovery 4 with its overall design looking inspired from the premium SUV. The rear D Pillar design and the clean lines on the rear tail gate are very reminiscent. On the rear tail door is a chunky dull matte plank with the naming done in chrome. The rear bumper sports twin rear exhausts affixed on the rear bumper and look very interesting. One more welcome change is the tail door sans the spare wheel mounted on it which gives it a more contemporary look.

Contrast in colors used on the body and the bumper is good with a small drawback though. This drawback is the positioning of the rear foot step for the third row passengers which is on the left of the bumper. It gets difficult for the third row passenger, specially the one sitting on the right to spot the footstep which is close to impossible in dark conditions. Making it a centrally placed arrangement would have served the purpose just right.

tata safari storme length

Appearance Interior

Getting inside the tall cabin is not that easy as it’s located at a considerable height and also there is no handle on the A-pillar to aid your entry inside the vehicle. Inside the cabin, it feels a lot roomier and also with the fact that this one is wider so there is lots of room to breathe throughout the cabin.

tata safari storme length

It may not exactly be a premium SUV but then the Safari Storme shows tremendous improvement over the earlier offering. The sand and chocolate wood colors used in the interior feel nice and plush. The dashboard, central console and the door handles are done in wooden vinyls and none of it looks overly done. The front dashboard design remains same with lots of straight and square lines.

The steering wheel has pseudo metal finish on its spokes. It feels nice and confident to grip. The only drawback about it is no audio / phone controls on it and thus you have to toggle off and on the steering. However, there is an audio control lever on the right of the steering wheel through which you can change the mode i.e. Aux, Radio etc and also seek different tracks and control volume as well. Its peculiar position does not make it too convenient to use and instead we ended up using the music system directly. Another drawback is the quality of music through the speakers which was disappointing. All frequencies of music sound the same and there was no sort of bass in the speakers.

tata safari storme length

Legroom of SUVs are not an area of complain and so the Safari Storme too doesn’t fall behind. The front and second row legroom is generous. The materials used in the seats feel improved with adequate bolstering. One small place of improvement can be the level of comfort especially for the second row passengers. It is at the same height with the front row however in long journeys they may not prove to be very comfortable. The foldable third row seats are the last place you can expect any comfort from. We kept the seats folded and often flooded this space with our luggage and equipment.

The plastic quality and the interior trim quality is decent and shows that the engineers at Tata Motors have indeed taken the feedback very seriously and worked meticulously on it. The Safari Storme indeed has good quality of interiors but then still it can be pushed further more improving the overall fit and finish of the vehicle.

Performance Drive

The Safari Storme features an improved version of the DICOR called the VariCOR engine which promises to be more reliable and efficient with less vibration. The VariCOR unit has the same displacement of 2179cc. It produces a maximum power of 140 PS at 4000 rpm and a torque of 320 Nm at a range of 1700 to 2700 rpm.

tata safari storme length

Some of the characteristics of the Safari are felt in the Storme too. Crank up the key and the Storme gets evidently alive as the VariCOR produces a good kick as soon as the engine is started. It is not an agile vehicle at all also on lower rpms the Storme just gets too lazy to make any move. Press the pedal and the body starts swinging along its length. The rocking movement has been a Safari trait and the ride gets very choppy as we move forward.

A turning radius of 5.4m is a very impressive element for a SUV of this size and dimensions. Also to aid reverse the vehicle is a reverse assist on the rear view mirror which alerts the driver on the nearest obstacle from the vehicle. The Air conditioner was chilling and it didn’t take lot of time to cool the cabin. For the second row passengers, roof mounted AC vents serve the purpose though these vents take up good space. It would be a task to clean these vents when dirty as the sand interiors would attract dust very easily.

tata safari storme length

Press the brake pedal hard and the vehicle will swing and cradle towards the front. The braking quality is decent and can be improved. Maneuvering the vehicle from tight turns and spots can be a bit of a task. The gear shits are better but not too smooth. The shifts can get a bit notchy when shifted often. Inside the city in bumper to bumper traffic the gear shifts get hard to be dealt with.

This issue however subsides on highways. It’s a total treat on the highways. Its bully stance and amazing street presence work totally in its favor. During our review, a curious onlooker in a Skoda Superb tried catching up with us but was not able to, now this was cause of our stellar performing Storme or his driving skills is what we left it at.

tata safari storme length

We had already driven the Safari Storme on the special terrapod track where we got an idea of its off roading capabilities. During our detailed review, we tried squeezing the best from the Storme by challenging it across different types of terrains and surfaces which can be seen from our images as well. The Shift on the fly 4 wheel drive mode is something we got to play around. Twist it and the Storme gets into serious mud fight mode. It gets into a maximum traction mode and just anchors the ground firm.

tata safari storme length

The Storme is based on the Aria’s platform and has a stiff hydro formed chassis which is a superb change. We tested the new setup on hilly terrains with the vehicle generously loaded. Naturally, we had to be on lower gears but then the Storme took on the obstacles with great ease. Its ground clearance of 200mm came in handy.

While some would complain about the new engine being noisy, I personally was enjoying it. It was better than the factory fitted music system at least. Driving it on road and off it was a fun experience as the dual character of the vehicle gets out evidently. The Safari Storme surely does feel improved and lighter but then still it leaves space for further improvement.

tata safari storme length

The company claims a mileage of 14kmpl (2WD Mode) for the Safari Storme. We got a realistic figure of 11kmpl throughout our review. 

Competition All Specs

 It has not been too long that the Safari Storme has been launched inspite of delay in the launch. This delay can be seen as the period which Tata Motors took to make sure the Safari Storme hits the market with a bang and does not go unnoticed.

tata safari storme length

Prices start from Rs.10,39,262 for the LX 4x2 variant and goes upto Rs.13,99,191 for the VX 4x4 variant (prices are Ex-Showroom Mumbai). On the other hand, Safari Storme’s rival the Mahindra Scorpio which offers features such as voice assist, steering mounted controls and cruise control stands not just as an obstacle but a tough block to ignore. The only way the Storme beats the Scorpio is by its better performing engine and off roading capabilities.

tata safari storme length

Safari Storme comes forward as a very promising SUV. With the new additions and changes, it proves to be a serious contender in the now popular SUV segment. There is also news about Tata Motors launching a more powerful and luxurious version of the Safari Storme. Also an automatic variant is in consideration too.

The Safari Storme also bring in confidence of the consumers back to the Safari brand which has a cult fan following. We just hope Tata Motors takes the feedback seriously and incorporates all the changes in the next generation Safari Storme.

tata safari storme length

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Tata Safari Storme review, test drive and video

Tata’s long-awaited Safari update, the Safari Storme, hits the roads. We take it out for a spin.

Published on Oct 17, 2012 08:31:00 PM


Tata Safari Storme review, test drive and video

When you first look at the new Safari Storme, you are immediately struck by how, even 14 years after its launch, Tata seems to have made barely any changes to the exterior. Alterations to the nose and rear suggest that it’s not much more than a facelift. However, that misconception gets blown to dust the moment you drive it. Once you’re behind the wheel, you realise just how much of an improvement the new Storme is over the previous Safari. It feels better built, it’s far more refined, it rides really well and the interior too feels a generation ahead.

The most obvious changes are to the front, where the slim, wide grille (capped with a thick chrome strip) undercuts the sharp-looking headlights in a nice, stylistic touch. Move to the side however and the Storme looks exactly like the old Safari. New cladding for the doors and wheel arches can’t hide the fact that the glass house is identical, the doors are similar and the A, B and C pillars are the same as well.

At the back, the tailgate-mounted spare wheel has now been moved under the floor. The result is a cleaner rear profile with a new set of tail-lights.

On the inside, the overall improvement in quality all around is immediately evident and almost nothing of the old car is carried over. The chrome door handles and leather seats add a touch of luxury, as do small details like the chrome on the gearlever and the flock lining in the glovebox.

Just like the previous generation Safari, the Storme has excellent seat comfort and, once you haul yourself in, you are rewarded with a commanding seating position and a delightfully spacious and airy cabin. The front seats are large and very well bolstered, whilst the rear bench is supportive too.

In stark contrast, the third row is far from comfortable or practical. The tiny, foldable jump seats are only useable on short journeys, at best.

On the mechanical front, the Safari Storme uses an updated version of the 138bhp Dicor motor, which Tata now calls VariCor, because of the use of a variable geometry turbo. This 2.2-litre common-rail, direct-injection motor uses double overhead cams, hydraulic valve adjusters and sixteen valves to breathe better.

The overall level of refinement is much better now with an engine that is quieter throughout its rev range, and a cabin that feels particularly well insulated from the outside.

Tata engineers have managed to shave around 75 kg off the old car thanks to a lighter chassis, but this hulking two-tonne SUV is a bit lethargic off the line; a result of its weight and lack of low-end torque. You need to keep the engine above 1800rpm, after which the Storme picks up the pace with a fair amount of enthusiasm. The mid-range is quite punchy and cruising is quite effortless, which suits the Safari’s role as a long-distance cruiser.

The clutch is reasonably light and the gearbox has been improved with shorter throws, but the shift still feels a bit soggy and vague.

The Storme sits on a shortened version of the Aria’s hydroformed X2 chassis and maintains the previous Safari’s 2650mm wheelbase. As a result, the Storme’s chassis is approximately 50 percent stiffer and 35kg lighter than the old Safari’s outdated ladder frame.

The ride comfort is simply fantastic. The Storme coasts over bumps and broken roads like a freight train, flattening out even the largest of potholes. The suspension, also carried over from the Aria, is on the softer side, and hence there’s a fair amount of pitching and heaving over uneven surfaces.

The Storme retains the old Safari’s comprehensive four-wheel-drive system that includes a low range and a limited-slip differential. The system is easily engaged by using a central console-mounted dial and this allows the big Tata to tackle medium to difficult sections.

The new Safari Storme comes equipped with features like ABS, remote locking and an audio system with Bluetooth connectivity standard across the range. In fact, the Rs 9.95 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) that Tata is asking for the base Storme LX may be considerably more than the old LX, but the equipment is on par, if not better than, the old mid-level EX.

Unusually, the top-end VX versions (Rs 12.5 lakh for the 4x2) no longer get the reversing camera (there’s just parking sensors) or DVD player as they did before.

The Safari Storme, then, comes across as a quantum leap ahead of the previous Safari. It’s well-equipped, refined, better built and comprehensively updated. And with prices starting from Rs 9.9 lakh for the base 4x2 model and going to Rs 13.7 lakh for the fully loaded 4x4 option, it’s great value for money. Also, as a long-distance cruiser, nothing can quite beat it for the money. The only grouse is that, even after 14 years, Tata hasn’t got around to changing the ageing body completely.

Watch video review here

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tata safari storme length

Tata Tiago CNG AMT video review

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tata safari storme length

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Tata Safari Storme

Safari-storme alternatives.

Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar

Tata Safari Storme

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2019 Tata Safari Storme Review: A Butch Indian SUV

16/12/2019 | by Mohit Bhardwaj

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Tata Safari Storme Overview

Tata Safari was launched back in the year 1998 and it will now be bidding goodbye to the production line with a lifespan of almost 22 years. Safari was initially designed as a family SUV for European and Indian markets. It was based on the same chassis as the Telcoline and the shared the same 87PS 2.0-litre turbocharged Peugeot diesel that was doing duties on the pickup. Things, however, changed for the Safari in 2012, when Safari earned itself a Storme suffix. The suffix gave the car a refreshed design on the outside and a revamped dashboard on the inside, and also a Varicor engine. But was it all that was required to help Safari hold on to its legacy? We find out.

Tata Safari Storme 360 View: Exterior Review

Tata Safari Stomre is a big and brawny SUV on the outside and catches a lot of attention when on the road.

Tata Safari Storme is a big and brawny SUV on the outside and catches a lot of attention when on the road.

The word ‘Safari’ means an excursion to watch wild animals in their natural habitat and that’s the reason Safari was designed like a full-fledged offroad-worthy SUV or Tata named its full-fledged offroad-worthy SUV ‘Safari’. That said, Safari in its Storme state of the update is more of an evolution than revolution. It carries that typical Safari silhouette, but without a tailgate-mounted spare wheel. The Strome has also ditched a lot of curves for some straight lines, which hints towards some Land Rover design cues.Front View

From the front, Tata Safari Storme has an uncanny resemblence to the Rovers, thanks to the new grille and clamshell bonnet.

From the front, Tata Safari Storme has an uncanny resemblance to the Rovers, thanks to the new grille and clamshell bonnet.

The Strome has a similar windscreen as that of the older Safari and that is the only design component that has been retained here from the older car. Yes! Rest everything is new. It now gets a slim air dam on the lower bumper and so is the grille now. The clear lens headlamps are also slimmer now in comparison to the old model it replaces. Holding all the design slimmer design elements in place is the new clam-shell bonnet that also gives the new Safari Storme a very Land Rover-ish appeal. Overall, the face is clean and looks upmarket as Tata has refrained itself from keeping front fascia of the car busy and cluttered. The thin strip of LED-DRLs mounted on the front bumper, however, looks like an afterthought.

Much has not changed on the sides of a Tata Safari Storme in comparison to the older car, as it still retains the legendary Safari silhouette.

Much has not changed on the sides of a Tata Safari Storme in comparison to the older car, as it still retains the legendary Safari silhouette.

An SUV without any visual bulk on its side fails to classify as one. Safari with the Storme moniker has lost a little on the length as the spare wheel is now moved its position to under the body from the tailgate. The new bumpers also add a little more maturity to the car’s design; however, the prominent Safari window line shouts out loud that it is a Safari. With new 5-spoke alloy wheels, door handles, and body cladding, the Strome has parted ways with the senescence for some modern feel to the car. Moving to the modern dimensions the car hasn’t compromised on any of the SUV credentials. It has a large glass area with 3 proper windows and the 3rd rear window or the quarter glass also mimics the windows of a Discovery 4 with silver inserts above it that tries hard to resemble an alpine window.

Safari has now ditched the tail-gate mounted spare wheel for a cleaner and matured look.

Safari has now ditched the tail-gate mounted spare wheel for a cleaner and matured look.

Identifying a Safari was always easy with its tailgate-mounted spare wheel but with the addition of Storme suffix, Safari lost the tailgate-mounted spare wheel. This gave the car a matured rear end, which never excited anyone for sure. Apart from this major change, the rear facet of the car also received itself a pair of new tail lamps and also a bumper. However, Tata has used the same windscreen as of the old Safari, which means there’s a canvas of sheet metal expanses left unattended on the tailgate. Tata tried its best to make use of that empty place by painting it in two different shades and shifting the number plate housing assembly from the bumper to the tailgate.

Tata Safari Storme Dimensions: Length, Width, Height & More

Safari Storme is a massive SUV by all measurements, and helping the car with those proportions are its dimensions and a kerb vehicle weight of 2030 kg. The Safari Storme measures at 4655 mm in length, 1965 mm in width, and 1922 mm in height. Thus, the SUV also has a road presence that can dwarf overs almost every other car on the road, while with a ground clearance of 200mm Safari Storme can tower over almost any speed bump without scraping its underbelly. With a boot space of 981 litres when the 3rd-row jump seats are not in use, Safari Storme proves itself as a potent overlanding SUV. Also helping it do the task is the 63 litres fuel tank. All of this bulk sits on 16-inch wheels which are shod with 235/70 R16 rubber.

Tata Safari Strome is one massive car and the dimensions of the car aid the SUV in doing so.

Tata Safari Storme Design: Interior Review

On the inside, Tata Safari is more spacious than a studio apartment (Pun Intended). The space on offer inside this SUV is actually more than what 5 average size adults would ever need. The car also offers a luxurious cabin and big seats to accommodate the largest of human beings. Storme does lack a modern-day amenities seen in the latest SUVs or crossovers taking over the market, but you do get all the basic comfort and convenience feature that you might ever need in a car. But what? Let’s find.

Seating Capacity

Tata Safari Strome is a 7-seater SUV with 2 jump seats in the boot, which aren't all that accommodating.

Safari Storme is a 7 seater full-size SUV, however, the 3rd row in the car isn’t ideally the best iteration of a seating layout for a 7-seater car. That said, first and second row are super-spacious and comfortable, while the 3rd row gets a set of two jump seats facing towards each other. With both the seats the place there’s hardly any boot space left to use as the seats are placed in the boot itself.

Safety Features

Safari Storme will soon be discontinued from the market as the car is not capable enough to withstand the compliance with the latest safety compliance of AIS-145. Although, the car gets a few safety features like the dual-front airbags, ABS with EBD assistance but only on the higher variants. Safari might be a bare-bone-basic car in terms of passive safety features; the car uses a safe architecture with intelligent integration of structural safety consideration in the frame’s design. It gets a fairly large crumple zone at the front and side safety bars to further enhance its safety quotient.

Comfort Features

With the update, Safari now gets a new steering wheel and a Harman music system, but the traditional watch fixed in the dash is now gone.

With the update, Safari now gets a new steering wheel and a Harman music system, but the traditional watch fixed in the dash is now gone.

If a big car or rather say a humongous SUV isn’t comfortable, it doesn’t make sense to buy one. Folks at Tata knew of this fact and they designed the car with whatever they could do they make the Safari a comfortable car. Tata performed this job by adding features likes Connectnext Harman system with steering mounted audio controls, reverse parking sensors, adjustable steering column, remote central locking with flip key, electronically foldable and operable ORVMs, manual-dimming IRVM, separate arm-rests for driver and co-passenger. The rear seats of the car also get an armrest that has space to hold two cupholders. Apart from all these features, the car comes loaded with a shift-on-fly mechanism for the 4wd system.

Security Features

On the security front, Safari Storme isn’t short of any gear to keep itself and the occupants secured. It comes with security aids like engine immobilizer, central locking, and child safety lock. Apart from these, Safari Storme also gets a door ajar warning and key-out warning for headlamps on.

Tata Safari Storme Performance: Engine Review

On paper, Tata Safari Storme gets two engine options. Technically, it is just one engine in two different states of tune. One seen on the lower variant produces 150PS and 320Nm while in the higher state of tune this engine churns out 156PS and 400Nm as its peak power output and these engines comes mated to a 5-speed and 6-speed manual transmission respectively.

Safari is still a capable car when it comes to driving aesthetics. There’s noticeable body-roll as the car is tall, but with double-wishbone with coil springs at the front and a rigid axle with coil spring type 5-link suspension on the rear, Safari can eat potholes in breakfast, speed bumps in lunch, and all sort of remaining undulations in the dinner.

Safari comes equipped with a suspension system that lets it glide over the biggest of the bumps

Safari comes equipped with a potent suspension and mechanical hardware to take on the path less traversed.

The hydraulically assisted steering is easy to work around in both city and highway conditions. The clutch action is also progressive as it gets a self-adjusting clutch. The engine here (one with 400Nm of torque) has the highest power figures on paper and is capable enough to propel all those 156 horses and 400Nm to the ground. With the assistance of a proper 4wd system, Safari can lay down all of its proper to tackle the worst of the terrains. To hail its prowess off the road it gets a shift on the fly mechanism for switching in between 4wd-low, 4wd-high, and 2wd-high, and a limited-slip differential at the rear axle. On the road, Safari is one comfortable car and it is only the big craters that can disturb its stability. As said earlier, it is a shies a little form the corners but can enter and exit them with grace, which is acceptable for an SUV of this size.

There's sufficient amount of bodyroll when it goes around the corner, but on straight roads, Safari cruises with ease and can eat up all the undulations you throw at it.

There's a sufficient amount of body roll when it goes around the corner, but on straight roads, Safari cruises with ease and can eat up all the undulations you throw at it.

NVH levels on the Safari are an uncontrollable affair. Even Tata fails to do so. With age, it starts rattling and one can also hear squeaks from the doors panels and other plastic panels.

Tata Safari Storme Mileage: Is it fuel economical?

Tata Safari Storme has ARAI claimed fuel efficiency figure of 14.1 kmpl for a combined runabout in city and highways. In real-world condition, Safari easily returns a fuel efficiency of 12kmpl in the city and a 14-15kmpl on the highways. These figures coupled with a tank capacity of 63 litres gives this car a tank range of more than 800 kilometres.

Tata Safari Storme Cost: Is it affordable?

Prices for this big-bulky-behemoth of an SUV start at Rs. 11.09 lakhs for the base LX 4X2 variant and tops out at Rs. 16.44 lakhs for the top-end VX 4X4 variant. Although, the top-end VX variant is also available with a 2WD layout, which is priced at Rs. 14.80 lakhs.

Tata Safari Storme Colours: How many options?

Tata Safari Storme is available in 5 different colourways, and they are Arctic White, Pearl White, Arctic Silver, Sky Grey, and Urban Bronze. Those opting for the base-spec LX will not have many options to choose from as it can only be had in just Arctic White colour scheme.

Verdict: Is Tata Safari Storme worth buying?

Safari Storme is all set to go off the shelf soon as the manufacturer has decided to pull the plugs on this legendary SUV, but it is a considerable purchase if you are a Safari patron.

Safari Storme is all set to go off the shelf soon as the manufacturer has decided to pull the plugs on this legendary SUV, but it is a considerable purchase if you are a Safari patron.

Tata Safari has always been a car that almost every Indian dreamt of buying at least once but the tantrums that car threw in terms of its poor after-sales and service made potential buyers change their decision. Things are now changed with the new Varicor 400 motor. It is now peppy and can be driven around almost anywhere with A/T rubber. Given that the car is massive, has a space of a living room, glides over craters like a flying carpet, Safari Storme is a viable option for those plan to go off the beaten path quite often. Although, those commuting around the city around the year and looking for a car loaded with features should rather be looking elsewhere.


Surprise! Tata Safari Storme Spotted On Test – But Why?

Surprise! Tata Safari Storme Spotted On Test – But Why?

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 10/02/2021

A prototype of the Tata Safari Storme was recently spotted around Tata Motors' TELCO facility in Lucknow. Read the detailed report here.

IndianAuto | Buy and sell used cars, New car prices in India, Car news, tips, expert reviews and more

  • Tata Cars /
  • Safari Storme /
  • Specifications

Tata Safari Storme Specifications

Tata safari storme dimensions & measurements, tata safari storme alternatives, tata safari storme latest price.

Tata Safari Storme

Tata Safari Storme

Key specifications of tata safari storme, detailed specifications of tata safari storme, select variants.

  • 2.2 LX 4x2 ₹ 10.99 Lakh
  • VX Diesel ₹ 13.19 Lakh
  • 2.2 EX 4x2 ₹ 13.31 Lakh
  • VX 4WD Diesel ₹ 14.52 Lakh
  • 2.2 VX 4x4 Varicor 400 ₹ 16.46 Lakh
  • 2.2 VX 4x2 Varicor 400 ₹ 16.62 Lakh

Dimensions & Capacity

Brakes, suspension & tyres, tata safari storme competitors specifications.

Maruti Jimny

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Specifications of Tata Safari Storme

tata safari storme length

Key specifications of Tata Safari Storme

Technical specs of tata safari storme, safari storme alternatives, related to tata safari storme.

  • On road price for Tata Safari Storme by city
  • On road price for Tata Safari Storme in India
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2021 Tata Safari Vs Tata Safari Storme – Detailed Specs Comparison

2021 tata safari vs safari strome-1

The 2021 Tata Safari will directly put up against the MG Hector Plus, upcoming next-gen Mahindra XUV500 and the Hyundai Alcazar (three-row Creta)

Once the BS6 emission norms became mandatory in April last year, Tata Motors discontinued the Safari Storme. However, after almost a year, the carmaker went on to confirm that it is all set to revive the brand, albeit in an all-new avatar. The three-row Gravitas that was first showcased at the 2020 Auto Expo, was renamed ‘Safari’, and launched in the Indian market on February 22, 2021.

Here is a detailed specifications comparison between the previous-gen Tata Safari and the 2021 Safari, take a read –

In its entirety, the Tata Safari continued to exist in its first-gen avatar, which means that the Safari Storme featured the overall same design language as the original Tata Safari launched in 1998. That being said, the Safari was loved by enthusiasts for its bold, and rugged no-nonsense design that really didn’t have to do too much to make its presence felt.

However, Tata has certainly moved on from that, and the new Safari is much more modern over the previous model. The car has been designed under Tata’s Impact 2.0 styling language and looks way more premium than the first-gen model, thanks to its chrome radiator grille, diamond-cut alloy wheels, split headlamps with LED DRLs, stylish roof rails and more.

2021 tata safari vs safari strome-3

In terms of size, the 2021 Safari measures 4,661 mm in length, 1,894 mm in width, 1,786 mm in height and has a 2,741 mm long wheelbase. In contrast, the Safari Storme had a length of 4,655 mm, a width of 1,855 mm, stood 1,922 mm tall and had a 2,650 mm long wheelbase.

This means that the New Safari has grown in terms of each of the aspects mentioned above, apart from the height. The new Safari is 6 mm longer, 39 mm wider and has a 100 mm longer wheelbase over the previous-gen model. However, the Safari Storme was a whole 136 mm taller than the new model.

The Safari Storme made use of a body-on-frame platform that also underpinned a few other Tata cars like the Aria and Hexa. While the platform was rugged, the ride and handling weren’t as good as the majority of people would like. On the other hand, the new Safari is underpinned by Land Rover’s D8-derived monocoque architecture called ‘Omega Arc’. The ride will likely be much more calmer, and handling is also expected to be drastically improved over the predecessor.

2021 tata safari vs safari strome-2

The Safari Storme was offered with Tata’s 2.2-litre four-cylinder Varicor 400 diesel engine that produced 156 PS of max power and 400 Nm of peak torque. On the lower trims, however, was a detuned version of this engine, rated at 150 PS/320 Nm.

The 2021 Tata Safari draws power from the Fiat-sourced 2.0-litre diesel engine that also performs duties on the Harrier. The Kryotec engine puts out 170 PS of power and 350 Nm torque, which is 14 PS more but 50 Nm less than the previous-gen Safari. However, it should be noted that the new Safari is lighter than the previous model. The transmission options include a 6-speed MT and an optional 6-speed AT.

It should be noted that the older Safari was known for its off-roading capabilities, and came with an optional four-wheel drivetrain. However, the new one, which is being offered with a front-wheel configuration as standard, will be best suited for mild off-roading only.

Tata safari

While the older Safari Storme looked outdated as compared to the modern SUVs available for its price, the new-gen model borrows its dashboard as well as equipment list from the Harrier. The cabin features a dual-tone layout, and the overall quality is a big step up from the previous-gen model.

That being said, the side-facing seats in the third row of the Safari Storme have been replaced with forward-facing seats. The 2021 Safari can be had with either a 6-seat or a 7-seat configuration.

2015 Tata Safari Storme Interior

Features & Safety

The Safari Storme was pretty barebones as far as features are concerned, but the new-gen model is packed up to the brim with features. It will be offered with an 8.8-inch floating touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, connected car-tech, an electrically adjustable driver’s seat, a premium audio system from JBL, cruise control, a 7-inch display for the instrument cluster, an auto-dimming IRVM, an electronic parking brake, a panoramic sunroof and much more.

The 2021 Safari’s safety suite will consist of an electronic parking brake with auto hold, ESP-based off-road modes, hill hold control and hill hold descent, ABS with EBD, 6 airbags, traction control, corner stability control, electronic stability program, rollover mitigation, rear parking sensors, reverse parking camera etc.

2021 Tata Safari Adventure interior

The BS4 Safari Storme was retailed at a starting price of Rs 11.09 lakh for the entry-level trim, going all the way up to Rs 16.44 lakh for the top-end trim. On the other hand, the 2021 Tata Safari is currently priced from Rs 14.69 lakh to Rs 21.45 lakh (all prices, ex-showroom New Delhi).

Comparison Verdict

The 2021 Tata Safari costs a lot more than the first-gen Safari, while it also loses out on the much-loved 4×4 drivetrain. So does the new-gen version of the SUV make any sense? Well, the new Safari feels much more premium, gets a whole lot of new features and safety tech, and is also much more sophisticated as compared to the previous-gen version; all of which justifies the premium you pay over the now-discontinued Safari Storme’s price.

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Drive NEW FOREVER. A whole new range of cars from Tata Motors.


The New Safari

The New Safari carries on the legendary lineage with contemporary and premium updates. The New Safari is a compelling combination of Grand Design, Cutting-edge Technology & Luxurious Comfort . It is also the Safest Vehicle in India with highest 5 star rating from GNCAP.  


Showroom price in

  • Please Enter the Nearest City
  • BACHED (38)

offer(s)** available

Starting from

Variants available

Get Efficient. Go Eco-Friendly

* Prices indicated are Ex-showroom prices. Prices are subject to change without prior information at discretion of Tata Motors. Contact your nearest Tata Motors dealer for exact prices.

** Offers are subject to change without prior information at discretion of Tata Motors. Contact your nearest Tata Motors dealer for offer details.

The Grand Design

The new safari showcases an artistic sensibility that’s sophisticated, assertive and way ahead of its time

tata safari storme length

New Parametric Grille

  • New Parametric Grille

First impressions should always leave an indelible mark. The New Safari’s Parametric Grille is designed to do just that. It makes the frontal stance bolder and masculine, captivating the onlooker instantly.

Bi-LED Projector Head Lamp

Bi-LED Projector Head Lamp

Experience the elegance and enhanced visibility of the new powerful Bi-LED lamps in the new Safari. Light up the road as you move ahead.

Sequential LED DRLs & Centre Position Lamp

Sequential LED DRLs & Centre Position Lamp

Let the world notice your presence, and be mighty impressed, with it. The New LED DRLs and Centre position lamp accentuate the road presence of your New Safari elevating its overall appeal.

Signature Connected LED Tail Lamp

  • Signature Connected LED Tail Lamp

Now your goodbyes, too, will be hard to forget. The beauty with which you leave will keep your admirers wanting for more, waiting for you to make an entry and get going again.

 New R19 Dual Tone Spider Alloys

  • New R19 Dual Tone Spider Alloys

Made to rule the road, these alloys add to the masculine persona of the New Safari. The aero inserts are thoughtfully integrated to enhance the aerodynamics and all-round aesthetics.

Signature Safari Mascot on doors

  • Signature Safari Mascot on doors

Owning a Safari is a matter of pride. Now be reminded of it every time you get in or out. And feel great about taking the legacy forward.

Iconic Roof Rails with Chrome Inserts

  • Iconic Roof Rails with Chrome Inserts

Leave an unforgettable impression with our iconic roof rails. They not only highlight the SUV's design but also bestow it with a commanding, masculine presence.

  • Bi-LED Projector Headlamps
  • End to End Connected LED DRL

Oyster White & Titan Brown Interior Theme

  • Oyster White & Titan Brown Interior Theme

The rich yet subtle interior theme elevates the whole Safari experience to another level. A delight to the senses, it makes you feel that the best the world has to offer is all around you, in your New Safari.

Persona Based Dashboard with Mood Lighting

Persona Based Dashboard with Mood Lighting

Uniquely elegant and luxurious aesthetic of the Dashboard elevates the ambience of Your Safari.  Persona based interior theme to offer a unique experience.

New Dual Tone 4 Spoke Steering Wheel  with Illuminated Logo

  • New Dual Tone 4 Spoke Steering Wheel with Illuminated Logo

Hold it, and you'll be transported to the future. The new steering comes with illuminated Logo & Leather wrapped to make your drive experience premium.

Benecke Kaliko Oyster White Leatherette Seats

  • Benecke Kaliko Oyster White Leatherette Seats

Reserved only for you, these ultra-premium Leatherette seats come with deco stitch that elegantly ties comfort with style.

  • Persona Based interior themes

Multicolor Mood Lights

Explore our complete range of cars from the comfort of your homes


Everything that the new safari offers is protected at all times, under any condition.

The Safest Space

Everything that the new safari offers is protected at all times, under any condition

  • GNCAP 5 Star Rating
  • Pedigree of OMEGARC
  • Advanced ESP with 17 Features*
  • Emergency Call/Breakdown Call

GNCAP 5 Star Rating

  • Electronic parking Brake (EPB) with Auto Hold

Take your safety to the next level with our new Auto Hold Function, a traffic essential. Its user-friendly, fail-safe, space-saving features embodies our commitment to simple and utility-driven design.

360° Surround View system

  • 360° Surround View system

Nothing can get in the way of you having a safe drive. We have your back, front, left, right and center, all in high definition.

3-Point ELR Seat Belt for all Passengers with Reminder

3-Point ELR Seat Belt for all Passengers with Reminder

Elevate your Safety standard with 3-point seat belt for the all passengers. Crafted with care for every occupant's safety and comfort, it includes seat belt reminder system for all passengers.

Hill Hold Control

  • Hill Hold Control

If always going uphill is your vibe, then the New Safari has the means to make it totally hassle-free. Because when you’re going up, you don’t really enjoy coming down.

  • 3 Pt ELR Seat Belt with Reminder for All occupants

A highly-intuitive Companion that's build to take on surprises and make your driving truly seamless.

Adas with ACC

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking

Leave no room for uncertainties on road with Autonomous Emergency Braking. The ADAS system monitors the surrounding to identify probable collision scenarios with vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists and if required applies brake automatically* to ensure that you and others stay safe from any harm.

Forward Collision Warning

  • Forward Collision Warning

Protects vehicle from front collisions by alerting the driver of any danger in the front through Audio-Visual warning.

Rear Collision Warning

  • Rear Collision Warning

The ADAS system monitors and alerts you of any incoming speeding vehicle in the rear of your vehicle through audio and visual alerts. It also alerts the driver of incoming vehicle to take necessary actions by blinking of hazard lamps.

Traffic Sign Recognition

  • Traffic Sign Recognition

You might miss the traffic signs sometimes, but now your car won't. The ADAS system monitors traffic sign boards like "Speed Limits* "No Overtaking* and provides you with inputs so that you can take necessary corrections if required.

High Beam Assist

  • High Beam Assist

Now drive freely on the roads without having to worry about distractions caused by oncoming vehicles. High Beam Assist automatically adjusts headlights from high to low beam when oncoming vehicles are detected.

Lane Departure warning

  • Lane Departure warning

 Your car now helps you to stay alert on road by informing you about the things you are unaware of.

The ADAS system monitors lane markings and warns you of any un-intended deviation from the lane.

Blind Spot Detection

  • Blind Spot Detection

Blind spots can take you by surprise even on your best days.

Blind Spot Detection system monitors vehicle's surrounding to identify any blind spots and alerts you of any possible hazard through audio-visual warnings so that you can take precautionary actions.

Lane Change Alert

  • Lane Change Alert

 Your car now helps you to stay alert on road by informing you about the things you are unaware of. The ADAS System monitors the surrounding and warns you of any dangerous lane change

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert

The system prevents you from getting startled by objects approaching or present in the rear blind spot of the vehicle and alerts you through audio and visual alerts which help in easy and safe reversing.

Door Open Alert

  • Door Open Alert

Helps in ensuring safer door opening by alerting Driver and/or passengers of any imminent danger through Alerts.


The Power Play

When supreme power is under the feet, the thrill of driving becomes greater

KRYOTEC 170 PS BS6 Ph2 Diesel Engine

KRYOTEC 170 PS BS6 Ph2 Diesel Engine

Power and performance go hand in hand with the 2.0 L KRYOTEC diesel engine that gives out 170 PS power and 350 Nm torque.

Smart E-shifter

  • Smart E-shifter

Drive easy with a dash of style. This Smart E - Shifter in the New Safari not only adds to the convenience of gear shifting but is also sophisticated in its design.

Paddle Shifters

Paddle Shifters

Maneuver the daily chaos with utmost ease. Shift to a futuristic way of maintaining complete control on your Safari without having to take your hands off the wheel.

Bejewelled Terrain Response Modes with Display

Bejewelled Terrain Response Modes with Display

No matter what the road, you have just the mode to conquer it. Each mode meticulously fine-tunes the Safari’s performance to suit the driving condition.

Multi Drive Modes

  • Multi Drive Modes

Made for a different you under different driving conditions. The New Safari is designed to cater to every unique need, allowing you to truly enjoy various driving dynamics effortlessly.

  • Kryotec 170 PS BS6 Ph2 Diesel Engine
  • Paddle Shifter
  • Bejeweled Terrain Response Modes with Display

The Tech Appeal

The new safari comes loaded with tech that takes charge of elevating all those on-road experiences.

31.24 cm Harman™  Touch Screen Infotainment

31.24 cm Harman™ Touch Screen Infotainment

Now every drive in the New Safari is going to be captivating. Equipped with high resolution screen so big, that it will transform your Safari into a cinematic cockpit.

26.03 cm Digital Instrument Cluster

  • 26.03 cm Digital Instrument Cluster

Every inch of detail is adapted dynamically to suit your current driving situation. The big multifunctional screen gives you all the information on the go so that you can focus on driving.

JBL™  Music System with 10 Speakers

JBL™ Music System with 10 Speakers

Stay connected with your Safari in real time. A range of connected features are here to assist you with all the latest updates about your car and also allow you to remotely operate.

Harman™ Audioworx Advanced with 13 JBL™  Audio Modes

Harman™ Audioworx Advanced with 13 JBL™ Audio Modes

An immersive acoustic experience awaits your senses in the New Safari. You will feel the base, hear every beat and lose yourself in the melody of your choice.

Wireless Android auto ™ & Apple Carplay ™ over WiFi

Wireless Android auto ™ & Apple Carplay ™ over WiFi

Pair your gadgets and access the content on your smartphone seamlessly. So that you stay connected on the go without taking your eyes off the road.

Multiple Voice Assistants including Alexa™

Multiple Voice Assistants including Alexa™

The New Safari is at your command, in the language of your choice. Choose from a range of Voice command including Alexa™  with Car2Home connectivity.

  • 31.24 cm Harman Touch Screen Infotainment
  • JBL Music System with 10 Speakers
  • Harman Advanced AudioworX with 13 JBL Modes
  • Android auto ™ & Apple Carplay ™ over WiFi
  • Multiple voice assistants including Alexa

Connected Vehicle Technology with iRA 2.0

Connected Vehicle Technology with iRA 2.0

Customer Delight

The Comfort Zone

The new safari is the epitome of revered elegance and desired calmness.

Voice Assisted Panoramic Sunroof with Mood Lighting

Voice Assisted Panoramic Sunroof with Mood Lighting

The sun and the stars are both aligned for you to enjoy the view at your command. As you gaze at the stars above, let our integrated sunroof mood lights paint your view with a spectrum of colors.

Gesture Controlled Powered Tail Gate

Gesture Controlled Powered Tail Gate

Open the tailgate even when you have your hands occupied. A simple swipe of the leg under the boot and it opens effortlessly, adding comfort to your everyday routine.

Dual Zone Fully Automatic Temperature Control

6-way Powered Driver Seat with Memory & Welcome function

Effortless comfort, maximum luxury. The new Safari's 3-step memory storage function elevates your seating experience with ease.

4-Way Powered Co-Driver Seat with Electric Boss Mode

4-Way Powered Co-Driver Seat with Electric Boss Mode

Embrace the power of position. The Boss Mode buttons positions the co-driver seat to unlock maximum legroom, letting you relax and savor the journey ahead.

2nd Row Comfort Head rests & Rear Sun Shades

2nd Row Comfort Head rests & Rear Sun Shades

Now enjoy every journey with more comfort. The New Safari comes with comfort headrest & Sunshades in 2nd row so that you are well rested even in long drives.

Luxurious 3rd Row Seats

Luxurious 3rd Row Seats

Step into the new Safari and relish best-in-class comfort, even in the third row. The back seaters will appreciate ample under-thigh support, convenient mobile charging ports, and smart space holders.

3rd Row AC Vents

3rd Row AC Vents

In the new Safari, every passenger counts. With a 3-step blower adjustment and smartly positioned vents, we guarantee uninterrupted airflow, even in the harshest weather conditions, no matter your chosen seat.

Intelligent Spaces

Intelligent Spaces

For all things big and small, there’s a special place in the New Safari. These thoughtfully created spaces make storage easy and the journey convenient.

Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Step into your sanctuary on wheels. Breathe in fresh air, breathe out all your worries. And always stay rejuvenated.

Wireless charger & 45 W  C-Type Fast Charger

Wireless charger & 45 W C-Type Fast Charger

Just as your vitality never fades, your mobile's battery too will never fail with our blazing 45W C-type charger & built in wireless charging pad.

Front Arm Rest with Cooled Storage

Front Arm Rest with Cooled Storage

Chilling is easy with thoughtfully designed spaces, right in the front.

Auto Headlamps & Rain Sensing Wipers

Auto Headlamps & Rain Sensing Wipers

Nothing can hamper your visibility. Not the darkness. Not even the rain. Thanks to these intelligent inclusions, every journey is a breeze.

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tata safari storme length

Tata Safari Storme

  • Safari Storme
  • Similar Cars

Tata Safari Storme On-Road Price

Safari storme specifications, safari storme features.

  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Central Locking
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Power Door Lock
  • Turn Indicators on ORVM
  • Headlamp Beam Adjuster
  • Air Conditioner
  • Steering Adjustment - Tilt
  • Power Outlets 12V
  • Electrically Adjustable Rear View Mirror
  • Upholstery - Fabric
  • Front Cup Holders
  • Keyless Entry
  • Light Type - Projector
  • Seat Belt Warning
  • Low Fuel Warning
  • Door Ajar Warning

Other Tata Safari Storme Variants

Last recorded price, tata safari storme gallery.

Tata Safari Storme Front 3 4th View

Tata Safari Storme FAQs

  • What is the On-Road & Ex Showroom Price of Tata Safari Storme? Tata Safari Storme ex-showroom price in New Delhi starts at Rs. 11.08 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 16.17 Lakh. The Tata Safari Storme on road price in New Delhi is Rs. 22.85 Lakh.
  • What is the mileage of Tata Safari Storme? As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Tata Safari Storme Diesel variant returns 13.90 Kmpl.
  • Is Tata Safari Storme a good car? According to the experts, The Tata Safari Storme has just become more powerful and with it grabs the crown of the most powerful SUV in its segment. We drive it to find out if the bump in power makes a difference....
  • What is the Seating capacity of Tata Safari Storme? Tata Safari Storme has a seating capacity of 7 people.
  • What are the Top variants of Tata Safari Storme? Tata Safari Storme comes with total 4 variants. Lx Refreshed, VX Refreshed 4x4 (400 NM), Ex Refreshed are the most popular ones.
  • Which car is better between Safari Storme vs Scorpio? The price of Safari Storme starts at Rs. 11.08 Lakh (ex showroom) and the Scorpios price starts from Rs. 12.4 Lakh. Get detailed comparison between Safari Storme and Scorpio on the basis of specifications, mileage, price & others.
  • What are the Expert opinions/reviews on Tata Safari Storme? Check out the genuine reviews and ratings about Tata Safari Storme from the industry experts, professionals and also from the owners of Safari Storme . Experts advices are important for making the right choices.

Tata Safari Storme News

Tata Motors today announced the roll-out of its 1500th GS800 (General Service 800) Safari Storme SUVs specially made for the Indian Armed Forces. The milestone GS800 Safari Storme was rolled out of the company's manufacturing plant in Pune, Maharashtra, and is part of the 3192 vehicles that the company is supplying to the Indian Army.

Tata Safari Storme Alternatives

D-Max vs Safari Storme

Isuzu D-Max

₹ 10.55 - 16.98 L

  • EMI Starts at ₹ 21,898

Bolero vs Safari Storme

Mahindra Bolero

₹ 9.9 - 10.91 L

  • EMI Starts at ₹ 20,542

Bolero Camper vs Safari Storme

Mahindra Bolero Camper

₹ 8.93 - 9.42 L

  • EMI Starts at ₹ 18,537

Bolero Big Pik-Up vs Safari Storme

Mahindra Bolero Big Pik-Up

₹ 8.85 - 9.12 L

  • EMI Starts at ₹ 18,371

Gurkha vs Safari Storme

Force Motors Gurkha

₹ 13.59 L

  • EMI Starts at ₹ 28,211

Popular Tata Cars

Punch vs Safari Storme

₹ 6.13 - 10.2 L

  • EMI Starts at ₹ 12,723

Punch EV vs Safari Storme

Tata Punch EV

₹ 10.99 - 15.49 L

  • EMI Starts at ₹ 22,813

Altroz vs Safari Storme

Tata Altroz

₹ 6.65 - 10.8 L

  • EMI Starts at ₹ 13,802

Harrier vs Safari Storme

Tata Harrier

₹ 16.19 - 26.44 L

  • EMI Starts at ₹ 33,608

Tiago EV vs Safari Storme

Tata Tiago EV

₹ 7.99 - 11.89 L

  • EMI Starts at ₹ 16,586

Upcoming Tata Cars

Tata Harrier EV

Used Tata Car Offers

Used 2018 Tata Hexa, Amberhai, New Delhi

Tata Safari Storme 2019 2.2 VX 4x4 Varicor400

  • Safari Storme 2019
  • Specs & Features
  • User Reviews

Tata Safari Storme 2019 2.2 VX 4x4 Varicor400

Tata Safari Storme 2019 2.2 VX 4x4 Varicor400 Summary

Safari storme 2019 2.2 vx 4x4 varicor400 specifications & features, specifications.

Engine & Transmission

Timely services will keep a motor efficient and in top shape.

The official title given by the manufacturer in terms of the name of the engine, the displacement and the number of cylinders.

A bigger displacement and more than four-cylinders generally indicate a performance-oriented engine.

All cars in India either run on petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG or electric power.

Gives a good idea of the performance of the vehicle under full thrust. A higher figure here usually means a higher top speed as well.

Higher the power, the peppier the engine but it can also affect fuel economy.

Relates to in-gear acceleration. A higher figure here means better roll-on acceleration, fewer gear shifts, and possibly better fuel efficiency.

The more torque at low RPM range makes the engine feel more responsive. It also allows the engine to run smoothly without too many gear changes.

This is the maximum fuel efficiency that an engine gives. All numbers are provided by the manufacturer based on tests conducted and specified by the standards of the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India)

Such fuel efficiency attained while driving in special conditions makes it unlikely to get it in real-world conditions

Cars come with different drivetrain configurations depending on the segment.

Front-wheel drive (FWD) is most common in mainstream cars while expensive cars or SUVs come with rear-wheel drive (RWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD).

Type of transmission used to transfer power from the engine to the wheels

A manually operated transmission is the most popular type, thanks to its simplicity and low cost. Varied types of automatic transmissions are also available.

Set by the Indian Government, this governs the amount of air pollutants released by cars to make the atmosphere safer for humans.

Manufacturers today offer turbochargers to boost engine power without affecting its fuel economy. Superchargers are found in more expensive cars but on the downside, they are not very efficient.

Turbochargers are more effective but require plenty of heat management. Superchargers, meanwhile, offer linear bump in power but they are comparatively more complex.

Dimensions & Weight

The length of the car decides its segment. In India, cars that are less than 4 metres in length enjoy reduced excise duties.

  • Length: 4655

Longer length results in more cabin space. It also adds to straight line stability.

A car's width is defined as its widest point without its mirrors.

  • Width: 1965

Although more width gives you more lateral space inside the cabin, it makes the car more difficult to park in narrow spots.

The height of the car denotes the highest point of the vehicle from the ground.

  • Height: 1922

Taller the car, the more headroom there is on offer inside the cabin. However, a tall boy stance also affect the car’s centre of gravity which can cause more body roll.

The space between the center of the front and rear wheels.

  • Wheelbase: 2650

The longer the wheelbase, the more space there is inside the cabin.

It’s the space between the lowest point of the car and the ground.

  • Ground Clearance: 200

If the car has a good amount of clearance, it’s easier for it to clear big speed breakers and overall, deal with bad roads.

The total weight of the vehicle with all the standard equipment and all the required fluids.

A lightweight car will always be more efficient and easier to manoeuvre whereas a heavy car would give you a sense of solidity while driving.

The number of doors define the category of car. For example – four door means sedan, two-door means coupe while five-doors usually refer to a hatchback, MPV or an SUV.

The number of people that can be seated comfortably in the car, which has also been mandated by the car manufacturer.

  • Seating Capacity: 7

Smaller cars usually have two rows which can seat five, but some SUVs and MPVs have three rows and can seat around 7-8 passengers.

The official volume of the fuel tank of a car, usually denoted in litres.

If a car has a large fuel tank, it can cover long distances without refuelling.

Suspensions, Brakes, Steering & Tyres

Almost all cars in India use an independent front suspension which is usually the MacPherson Strut type.

The rear suspension can either be non-independent or independent.

Most of the budget cars have non-independent suspension while the more expensive ones get independent rear suspension which offers better bump absorption.

Most of the vehicles sold in India get ventilated or non-ventilated disc brakes upfront.

- The ventilated discs are more popular thanks to them providing better stopping power and it also works well in hot conditions.

In affordable cars, drums brakes are fitted at the rear as they are cost effective.

Disc setup at the rear is now getting more popular as cars are getting faster in the real world.

The official kerb-to-kerb minimum radius a car takes to complete a 180-degree turn.

Shorter the turning radius, the lesser space you need to make a tight turn or to take a U-turn.

Almost all steering systems in cars today have an assist to help park them better at low speeds - these can be hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or electric.

The wheels used on cars are either steel rims with plastic wheel cover hub or alloy wheels on higher spec models or expensive cars.

Razor cut, or diamond cut alloy wheel design are not getting more popular. Manufacturers usually offer these in top-end trim of their car models.

Important in a country with varying quality of roads, spare wheels ensure one doesn’t get stranded when one of the main tyres gets damaged.

Select premium car models feature space savers (smaller than the stock wheels) to save on boot space.

The profile/dimension of rubber tyre that fits on the front wheels.

The profile/dimension of rubber tyre that fits on the rear wheels.

Mandatory safety system for cars sold in India, a single beep is emitted after 80kmph and continuous ones after 120kmph

  • Airbags 2 Airbags (Driver, Passenger)

Safer three-point seatbelts for passengers seated in the middle of the second row of seats.

Budget cars are usually fitted with more economical lap belts for the middle-occupant.

A headrest for the middle occupant of the second-row of seats.

Budget cars are usually not offered with headrests for the middle occupant of the second-row to save on costs. Headrests are instrumental in reducing whiplash injuries in case of an accident

A digital gauge that provides the live status of the air pressure in every tyre of a car.

For accurate readings, ensure that the sensors on the rim are not tampered with during any wheel/tyre repairs

Anchor points or strap systems built into car seats to keep child seats in place, especially during a crash

ISOFIX is an international standard for child seat anchor points, but not all car manufacturers follow this standard

Mandatory fitment in cars sold in India, emits loud beeps when it detects that occupants are not wearing their seatbelts.

Seat belt warning is mandatory for front-seat occupants, but it is recommended that all occupants wear seat belts.

Braking & Traction

An electronic system that prevents the tyres from locking and skidding in emergency braking situations by pulsing the brakes (quickly releasing and reapplying the brakes)

ABS is a great accident prevention technology, allowing drivers to steer while braking hard

An electronic system that redirects braking forces among the four brakes to stop the car as quickly and stably as possible

A system that increases brake pressure to help the car stop quicker

Even when emergency braking, it is observed that drivers don’t apply maximum brake pressure through the pedal, the BA system provides additional pressure to help stop the car quicker

System designed to improve car stability and control, especially when the car is accelerating.

ESP or ESC cannot increase traction but rather improve control or help regain control in slippery conditions.

A system that sends the car's power to all the four wheels at the same time

A feature that prevents the car from rolling backwards when stopped on a slope

This system cuts power to those wheels that are spinning without grip/traction

Given the option, keep traction control on all the time.

A feature that limits the car's speed without any driver input while traversing down descents

This function prevents wheelspin and maximises traction by shuffling torque between wheels

It is also a nifty safety feature since it offers more control over a vehicle's power delivery

Locking differentials split power/torque evenly among both tyres on an axle.

In off-road vehicles, locking differentials allows for better traction when one of the wheels is in the air, in FWD/AWD cars allows for better corner traction and in RWD sports cars allows for drifting around corners.

Locks & Security

A security device that prevents the engine from being started unless the key is present

This feature let's one unlock all the doors remotely or with a key

This feature automatically locks the car's doors when it reaches a preset speed

A convenient feature for those who can't remember to lock the doors

Such locks are built into the rear doors to prevent rear seat occupants from opening the doors

Comfort & Convenience

The different types of air-conditioning systems used to cool the cabin

Maintaining the lowest temperature and first blower speed offers the best results.

  • Front AC Common Fan Speed Control
  • Rear AC Vents Behind Front Armrest, Common Fan Speed Control
  • Third Row AC Zone Vents on Roof , Fan Speed Controls

This feature allows warm air to pass through the air-con vents for heating the cabin

Compact mirrors fitted to the inside of the sunvisor

The option of being able to access the boot space while sitting inside the car

These mirrors negate the glare from headlight beams of cars behind you

Since a large chunk of people love driving around in their high beam, these mirrors come in handy

A feature that aids drivers park with ease and greater precision using sensors/cameras

It comes as a boon for drivers who are not used to parking in tight spots

Sensors that are usually located on the bumpers of a car to assist/alert the driver while parking

It takes the stress out of manoeuvring in confined spaces

A system that automatically controls the speed of the car

An alert that warns one from leaving the car with the headlight and ignition switched on

When fitted, this system allows the car to be switched on without removing the key from the driver’s pocket or vicinity.

Keyless entry and start/stop (KESS) systems in some cars also include operation via a smartphone.

A function where the steering wheel moves up/down, in/out as per the driver's requirement

When both rake and reach adjustments are incorporated, it makes for a tailormade driving position

This socket provides current to a cigarette lighter style 12 volt plug

It helps charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, rechargeable batteries and other USB chargers. It also powers a compressor that inflates tyres and the humble cigarette lighter!

Seats & Upholstery

  • Driver Seat Adjustment 10 way manually adjustable (seat forward / back, backrest tilt forward / back, headrest up / down, seat height up / down, lumbar up / down)
  • Front Passenger Seat Adjustment 6 way manually adjustable (seat forward / back, backrest tilt forward / back, headrest up / down)

Rear seat adjustments make for an enlarged luggage space when there's lots of baggage to haul.

In addition to aiding passenger comfort, these also boost the practicality that arises from extended boot space

When it's time to replace, use a fabric that grips and are inherently cool to the touch

Leather not only grips your palms well, but it also offers a premium feel

  • Leather-wrapped Gear Knob No

The armrest located between the front passengers which helps comfort the driver's arm while driving

  • Rear Passenger Seat Type Bench

This row could either be a bench or a pair of jump/captain seats

When the need arises, the last row can double up as space for luggage.

Depicts if the cabin comes with a single or dual-tone colour scheme

The various color shades used within the cabin

  • Rear Armrest Yes

Some rear seats have the option to be be folded to offer more practicality

Sections of the rear seat are capable of being folded down separately

This function bumps up practicality as the boot space increases when required.

Sections of the third-row seat are capable of being folded down separately

The pockets behind the front seats which help rear seat occupants store their stuff

The portion extending from or fixed to the seat that supports the head

  • Cup Holders Front & Rear

The storage space within the armrest that's located between the front passengers

A feature where cool air from the air-conditioner is diverted to the glovebox

  • Sunglass Holder No
  • Third Row Cup Holders No

Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers

Mirrors that are placed on the car's exterior, around the door, to aid the driver see behind the vehicle

Placing/sticking wide-angle mirrors on the ORVMs can enhance the rear view tremendously.

When the car's windows can be raised/lowered by pressing a button/switch

In emergencies where the power window electronics have jammed, exit the vehicle by kicking out the windscreen

This feature allows a user to roll down the windows with a single press of a button

This feature reduces the time your hand is away from the steering wheel

This feature allows a user to roll up the windows with a single press of a button

Different ways of adjusting the door mirror to suit the driver's requirement

Tremendously aids driving judgement in a variety of tight situations.

Turn indicators are fitted to the door mirrors for improved visibility

A feature that removes condensed water droplets from the rear windscreen to improve visibility

Turning air recirculation off helps gain faster results.

Although a seemingly minuscule feature, it negates the hatchback's/SUV's inherent ability to retain dirt/water on the rear windscreen.

  • Exterior Door Handles Chrome

When the system detects water droplets on the windshield, it activates the wipers to improve driver visibility

This feature can be intrusive especially while you are negotiating a tricky bend at a higher speed

  • Interior Door Handles Painted
  • Door Pockets Front & Rear

These protective shields keep the sun's rays from affecting the occupants

With restrictions on darker sun films, these blinds are a huge relief on sunny days.

The various methods of opening the boot lid

A manually/electrically operated, usually translucent, screen designed to reduce the sunlight filtering into the cabin through the rear windshield to improve rear-cabin comfort and privacy

Ensure the sunroof is closed before exiting the vehicle to prevent dirt/rain from entering the cabin

The compactness of the roof-mounted antenna prevents its damage in certain situations

Having parking sensors will save your bumper paint if it brushes by obstacles

  • Chrome Finish Exhaust Pipe Yes

Functional or purely aesthetic parts added to the car's body such as side skirts and roof/bonnet scoops

A strip of rubber fitted to the sides of the car's doors or bumpers to prevent dents and dings

Opt for quality strips because the cheaper ones tend to come off too soon/look shabby.

  • Headlights Halogen Projector

Such headlights automatically switch on and off when they sense bright or dark driving conditions

Keeping them switched on at all times gives the user the best results

The headlamps remain lit for sometime when the car is locked/unlocked to aid user visibility in dark surroundings

These lights turn left and right based on steering inputs to illuminate the sides of the car

Inspect tail lamp bulbs at periodic intervals for optimum safety.

Lights that automatically switch on during the day for increased visibility

A type of lamp that improves driver visibility while driving through fog

The yellow/amber fog lights are preferable as they are warm to the eyes and do not reflect from the fog.

Incorporated into the bottom section of a car's door mirrors, they light up the ground underneath the front door when the door is unlocked

  • Cabin Lamps Front and Rear

A lamp that's located around the vanity mirror behind the sun visor

  • Rear Reading Lamp Yes
  • Glovebox Lamp Yes

Allows adjustment to the height of the headlight beams via a switch on the dashboard


It indicates how much fuel is being used that very instant your car is moving

A screen situated mostly behind the steering wheel displaying information and warning lights regarding the car's various vitals

  • Trip Meter Electronic 2 Trips

The amount of fuel consumed by the engine (kmpl) is displayed on the instrument cluster in real time

A glance will help you maintain better fuel efficiency and save money

The total distance traveled divided by the time taken to cover that distance

The higher the average speed, the quicker you were on that journey/trip

The approximate distance a car will run with the amount of fuel remaining in the tank

  • Clock Analogue

This alert should be taken as a final warning to head straight to the fuel pump

A warning light that pops up on the instrument cluster when the doors are not shut properly

The brightness of the instrument cluster can be adjusted via controls

It comes in handy to improve instrumentation visibility between day and night by toggling brightness.

It notifies the driver about which gear the car is being driven in and can also suggest down- or upshifting to improve efficiency

Notifies the driver about the optimum instances to shift gears

It comes in handy to derive the best fuel efficiency and engine component longevity

This function allows specific data like 'speed' to reflect/project on the windscreen in the driver's line-of-sight

An instrument that measures engine speed in revolutions-per-minute (rpm)

Ideally, the tachometer helps a driver know when to shift gears in a manual gearbox.

Entertainment, Information & Communication

The ability to connect to the internet and communicate with smart devices to perform various functions

A touchscreen or display that acts as a user's interface to the various functions of the car

The music player that comes factory fitted

Number of speaker units as part of a car’s surround-sound system

The widely-used controls are placed on the steering wheel to ease driver usage

When the car's system responds to the occupant's voice to perform certain features

A system that uses satellite signals to help the driver with directions to reach a destination

Allows devices with bluetooth functionality connect wirelessly to the car's infotainment system

Using Bluetooth functionality offers a cable-free experience

The car's music player can play tracks off a portable device via an aux cable

Bluetooth can make AUX cables look ancient, but unlike the former, there's hardly any loss in sound quality

Is the music system's capability of playing broadcasted radio channels

If radio signals are weak, one can stream music

When tracks can be played from a USB/pen drive

The size of the music system fitted to a car. Traditionally 1-DIN or 2-DIN, are being replaced by touchscreen units of varying sizes.

  • iPod Compatibility Yes

The capability of the infotainment system to play DVDs

Manufacturer Warranty

The automaker can void the vehicle's warranty if the owner has fitted aftermarket components.

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