Quick Guide to ServiceNow Certification

Mark Hillyard

Why should I get certified with ServiceNow?

Experts are critical to the successful implementation and maintenance of ServiceNow. The platform has become essential to so many organizations, so the demand for great administrators and implementers is higher than ever before.

According to IDC’s 2021 ServiceNow Professional Impact study , 69% of respondents say that ServiceNow certification has made a positive difference in their careers. Nearly a third say that certification helped them get a promotion within a year, and 31% say that certification positively impacted their salary.To validate expertise, ServiceNow offers a host of professional certifications. Individually, professionals can increase their value, master new skills and techniques, and create better opportunities.

Because the scope of the Now Platform is exceptionally broad and varied, understanding which ServiceNow courses and exams are required to achieve certification can be a daunting task. This article will provide an overview of the key types of ServiceNow certifications (depending on the type of job being performed) and discuss some complementary industry-leading certifications that will provide a wider breadth of knowledge to those working in and around ServiceNow.

ServiceNow certification puts tools and techniques into our hands to confidently do great work, improves performance, and exposes us to different and new ways of achieving organizational goals.

For those considering training and certification in ServiceNow, there is no time like the present to begin defining that path. ServiceNow certifications fall into three categories: Micro-Certifications, Mainline Certifications, and Expert Programs.

Our team of authorized ServiceNow training providers and certified ServiceNow instructors will focus on the Mainline Certifications, which validate knowledge and skills using, implementing, and maintaining the Now Platform with an emphasis on customer success.

Mainline ServiceNow certification paths

Figure 1: Mainline ServiceNow Certification Paths

Figure 1: Mainline ServiceNow Certification Paths

Which ServiceNow certifications are essential?

The certifications you pursue depend heavily on the applications you or your organization use and plan to implement. The most common path for certification is IT Service Management (ITSM) . However, ServiceNow offers a number of relevant and growing product lines.

For example, your organization may intend to use ServiceNow to support Agile product development and management. In this case, the ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) product would provide extensive support for both application and project portfolio management, helping to scale work and deliver value faster across the enterprise.

Whether you are seeking certification for personal growth and development or looking to build a top-tier team, understanding the suite of ServiceNow products and applications is invaluable. Our article on how ServiceNow certifications can drive the mission of the organization can provide further guidance on deciding which certifications to pursue.

There are three primary areas of focus include:

  • Implementer
  • ServiceNow Developer
  • Application Specialist

The following is a brief overview of each of these areas. With each path, having real-world experience working within the ServiceNow platform makes certification that much more powerful.

Certified System Administrator

The first course every advanced and specialized ServiceNow Mainline Certification requires is ServiceNow Fundamentals . This is the path to becoming a certified system administrator, and the course can be taken as instructor-led or self-paced. The course takes three days to complete. Included in the course is a ServiceNow simulator instance for hands-on learning activities.

This foundational course focuses on understanding the core elements of the Now platform, from initial access and navigation to basic configuration and system management functions. Once the course is completed, you must take and pass the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator (CSA) exam.

The exam is 60 questions, with multiple choice (single answer) and multiple select (select all that apply) type questions. You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam and become a certified ServiceNow system administrator.

ServiceNow Implementer Path

To pursue certifications along this path, you must complete the ServiceNow Platform Implementation (SNPI) course. This course covers the technical aspects of implementation. Additionally, candidates will learn roles and responsibilities for an implementation team.

Like Fundamentals, this course utilizes a ServiceNow simulator instance for hands-on labs. According to ServiceNow, the on-demand course takes an estimated nine (9) hours, while the instructor-led option is three (3) days.

Below is a summary of each certification, required course(s), and a brief overview of exam domains. Some courses can be taken on-demand or instructor-led, while others only offer one of these. Each course summary will include an estimated time to completion for each option.

Certified Implementation Specialist – Customer Service Management (CIS – CSM)

Required Courses

  • Customer Service Management (CSM) Fundamentals – On-demand (17 hours, 25 minutes), Instructor-led (3 days)
  • Customer Service Management (CSM) Implementation – Instructor-led (2 days)

60 Questions, 90 minutes

  • Engagement Methodology and Project Planning (5%)
  • Customer Service Management System Setup and Configuration (60%)
  • Customer Service Management Integration (10%)
  • CSM Portal, Knowledge Management, Service Catalog, Communities and Performance Analytics (25%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Application Portfolio Management (CIS – APM)

  • Application Portfolio Management (APM) Fundamentals  – On-Demand (45 minutes)
  • Common Service Data Model (CSDM) 3.0 Fundamentals – On-Demand (2 hours, 30 minutes)
  • Application Portfolio Management (APM) Implementation – On-Demand (1 hour, 45 minutes)
  • Application Portfolio Management (APM) Implementation Simulator – On-Demand (3 hours, 20 minutes)

30 Questions, 60 minutes Domains

  • Introduction (20%)
  • Applications Under Management (13%)
  • Basic Rationalization (13%)
  • Advanced Rationalization (17%)
  • Fundamentals (37%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Project Portfolio Management (CIS – PPM)

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Fundamentals – On-Demand (14 hours, 31 minutes),  Instructor-Led (2 days)
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Implementation – On-Demand (5 hours, 15 minutes)
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Implementation Simulator – On-Demand (1 hour, 35 minutes)
  • Performance Analytics (PA) Essentials – On-Demand (3 hours)

60 Questions, 130 Minutes Domains

  • PPM Implementation Overview (2%)
  • PPM Application Overview (22%)
  • Idea & Demand Configuration (21%)
  • Project Configuration (21%)
  • PPM Teamspace Configuration (2%)
  • Resource Management Configuration (17%)
  • PPM Financials (8%)
  • Time Tracking Configuration (5%)
  • PPM Performance Analytics, Reporting & Dashboards (2%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Cloud Provisioning and Governance (CIS – CPG)

  • Cloud Provisioning and Governance (CPG) Fundamentals – Instructor-Led (3 days)
  • Cloud Provisioning and Governance (CPG) Advanced – Instructor-Led (3 days)

45 Questions, 90 Minutes Domains

  • Administration and Setup (42%)
  • Templates (13%)
  • Resource Blocks and CAPI (29%)
  • Cloud Providers (16%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Risk and Compliance (CIS – RC)

  • GRC: Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Fundamentals – On-Demand (7 hours)
  • GRC: Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Implementation – Instructor-Led (2 days)
  • GRC: Classic Risk Assessment Fundamentals – On-Demand (48 minutes)
  • GRC: Audit Management Implementation – On-Demand (1 hours, 10 minutes)
  • GRC: Advanced Risk Assessment for Implementers – On-Demand (2 hours)

45 Questions, 130 Minutes Domains

  • GRC Overview (10%)
  • Implementation Planning (5%)
  • Entity Scoping (25%)
  • Policy and Compliance Implementation Approach (25%)
  • Risk Implementation Approach (25%)
  • Extended Capabilities (5%)
  • Audit Management Implementation (5%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Mapping (CIS – SM)

  • Service Mapping (SM) Fundamentals – On-Demand (9 hours, 15 minutes), Instructor-Led (3 days)
  • Service Mapping (SM) Implementation – Instructor-Led (3 days)
  • Service Mapping Pattern Design (30%)
  • Service Mapping Configuration (20%)
  • Discovery Configuration (15%)
  • Event Management (10%)
  • Configuration Management Database (15%)
  • Service Mapping Engagement Readiness (10%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Discovery (CIS – Disco)

Required Course

  • Discovery Fundamentals – On-Demand (10 hours, 2.  minutes), Instructor-Led (3 days)
  • Discovery Pattern Design (35%)
  • Discovery Configuration (35%)
  • Discovery Engagement Readiness (15%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Provider (CIS – SP)

  • Data Separation Basics – On-Demand (30 minutes)
  • Service Provider Architecture – On-Demand (1 hour)
  • Domain Separation Implementation – On-Demand (3 hours, 35 minutes)
  • Domain Separation Implementation Simulator – On-Demand (2 hours)

45 Questions, 60 Minutes Domains

  • Initial Domain Setup and Service Provider Architecture (11%)
  • Data Separation/Visibility (20%)
  • Process Separation (36%)
  • Foundational Data Management (11%)
  • Domain Support in Applications (16%)
  • Platform Governance and Reporting (4%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Event Management (CIS – EM)

  • Event Management (EM) Fundamentals – Instructor-Led (2 days)

30 Questions, 60 Minutes Domains

  • Event Management Overview (13%)
  • Architecture and Discovery (13%)
  • Event Configuration and Use (27%)
  • Alerts and Tasks (30%)
  • Event Sources (17%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Security Incident Response (CSI – SIR)

  • Security Operations (SecOps) Fundamentals – Instructor-Led (2 days)
  • Security Incident Response (SIR) Implementation – Instructor-Led (2 days)
  • Security Incident Response Overview (15%)
  • Security Incident Creation and Threat Intelligence (14%)
  • Security Incident and Threat Intelligence Integrations (14%)
  • Security Incident Response Management (15%)
  • Risk Calculations and Post Incident Response (12%)
  • Security Incident Automation (30%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Field Service Management (CIS – FSM)

  • Field Service Management (FSM) Fundamentals – On-Demand (7 hours, 19 minutes)
  • Field Service Management (FSM) Implementation – Instructor-Led (2 days)

60 questions, 180 minutes Domains

  • Field Service Management Fundamentals (50%)
  • Implementing Field Services Processes (38%)
  • Implementing Related Processes (7%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Software Asset Management (CIS – SAM)

  • Software Asset Management (SAM) Fundamentals – On-Demand (13 hours, 23 minutes), Instructor-Led (3 days)
  • Software Asset Core Overview & Fundamentals (14%)
  • Data Integrity – Attributes and Sources for the Data (28%)
  • Practical Management of Software Compliance (30%)
  • Operational Integration of Software Processes (13%)
  • Extending SAM (15%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Hardware Asset Management (CIS – HAM)

  • Hardware Asset Management (HAM) Fundamentals – On-Demand (13 hours, 26 minutes), Instructor-Led (3 days)

60 Questions, 60 Minutes Domains

  • IT Asset Management Overview & Fundamentals (20%)
  • Data Integrity – Attributes and Data Sources (27%)
  • Practical Management of IT Assets (30%)
  • Operational Integration of IT Asset Management Processes (18%)
  • Financial Management of IT Assets (5%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Vulnerability Response (CIS – VR)

  • Vulnerability Response (VR) Implementation – Instructor-Led (2 days)
  • Vulnerability Response Applications and Modules (20%)
  • Getting Data Into Vulnerability Response (25%)
  • Tools to Manage Vulnerability Response (20%)
  • Automating Vulnerability Response (20%)
  • Application Vulnerability Response (8%)
  • Vulnerability Response Data Visualization (7%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Human Resources (CIS – HR)

  • Human Resources (HR) Fundamentals – Instructor-Led (2 days)
  • Human Resources (HR) Implementation – Instructor-Led (2 days)

45 questions, 90 minutes Domains

  • Describe and use the ServiceNow HR System Architecture (30%)
  • Configure and Implement ServiceNow Core HR Applications and Employee Center (30%)
  • Configure and Implement HR Lifecycle Events (15%)
  • Describe and Use Platform, Role, and Contextual Security (20%)
  • Explain how to configure HR Integrations (5%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – Vendor Risk Management (CIS – VRM)

  • Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Fundamentals – On-Demand (1 hour, 45 minutes)
  • Vendor Risk Management (CSM) Implementation – Instructor-Led (2 days)
  • Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Simulator – On-Demand (2 hours, 50 minutes)
  • Vendor Risk Management Fundamentals and Vendor Risk Management Review (23.3%)
  • Core Configuration (13.3%)
  • Assessment Configuration (25%)
  • Risk Issues and Processes (13.3%)
  • Vendor Portal Configuration (15%)
  • Other Application Relationships (5%)
  • Dashboards and Reports (5%)

Certified Implementation Specialist – IT Service Management (CIS – ITSM)

  • ITSM Fundamentals – On-Demand (11 hours, 23 minutes), Instructor-Led (2 days)
  • ITSM Implementation – Instructor-Led (3 days)
  • ITSM Implementation Simulator – On-Demand (4 hours, 35 minutes)
  • Incident Management (25%)
  • Problem Management (15%)
  • Change and Release Management (25%)
  • Knowledge Management (5%)
  • Request Management (25%)
  • Configuration Management Database (5%)

ServiceNow Developer Path

The Developer path provides evidence that a candidate has the skills and knowledge to develop ServiceNow applications. As with other Implementer certifications, ServiceNow Fundamentals and the CSA credential are required to pursue this path.

Certified Application Developer

  • Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals – Instructor-Led (3 days)
  • Application Development Fundamentals – Instructor-Led (3 days)
  • Designing and Creating an Application (20%)
  • Application User Interface (20%)
  • Security and Restricting Access (20%)
  • Application Automation (20%)
  • Working with External Data (10%)
  • Managing Applications (10%)

ServiceNow Application Specialist Path

This designation is a specialized certification that validates a candidate’s skills and knowledge to configure, implement, and maintain ServiceNow Performance Analytics.

This ServiceNow application is a powerful tool to enable the business to set, analyze, and track progress against goals. By leveraging well-defined metrics and organizational targets, Performance Analytics can enable more meaningful continual improvement through a cohesive, unified set of data measurements that can be accessed in real-time.

Certified Application Specialist – Performance Analytics (CAS – PA)

  • Performance Analytics (PA) Simulator – On-Demand (2 hours, 10 minutes)
  • Performance Analytics (PA) Fundamentals On-Demand (17 hours, 24 minutes), Instructor-Led (2 days)
  • Responsive Dashboards Overview – On-Demand (1 hour, 30 minutes)
  • Performance Analytics (PA) Widgets – On-Demand (3 hours)
  • Performance Analytics (PA) Advanced – On-Demand (3 hours), Instructor-Led (2 days)
  • Formula Indicators Overview – On-Demand (3 hours)
  • Performance Analytics Implementation Simulator – On-Demand (5 hours, 40 minutes)
  • Architecture and Deployment (10%)
  • Configure Breakdowns and Breakdown Sources (22%)
  • Data Collection (12%)
  • Data Visualization (23%)
  • Administration and Solutions (7%)
  • Configure Indicators and Indicator Sources (26%)

What are the ServiceNow Certification Exams Like?

ServiceNow exams are proctored and they can be taken online or onsite. Regardless of the format, your results will be tabulated immediately and communicated directly upon completion of the exam. This result will be pass/fail only—the actual score is not shared publicly. If, for any reason, you fail to meet the minimum passing score for the exam, you will be provided with section percentages to identify areas for additional study.

Exam Retakes

If you need to retake a certification exam, you may do so based on several criteria:

  • Retakes cannot be scheduled unless you fail an exam
  • The second attempt may be scheduled 3 days after the first failed attempt
  • The third and fourth attempts require a 14-day waiting period after the previous failed attempt
  • After the fourth attempt, the candidate must take additional training to retake the exam

How Do I Maintain a ServiceNow Certification?

Delta exams.

All ServiceNow Mainline Certifications are based on the current version of the Now Platform. This means that to maintain your certification, you will need to take Delta Exam(s) when new releases are made public.

There is a window of opportunity after a new release of 90 days, during which you must complete any Delta Exam(s) to retain a current certification. This window begins 15 days after the general availability date of each ServiceNow product release.

For additional convenience, ServiceNow provides automated notifications when Delta Exams are available. These exams are non-proctored, and each contains no more than 10 questions. If you fail a Delta Exam for any reason, you will need to wait 24 hours to retake the exam.

Maintenance Fees

In addition to Delta Exam(s), you will need to pay a maintenance fee for your ServiceNow certifications. This annual fee is USD $200 per individual and covers all Mainline Certifications you hold.

What are some Complementary ServiceNow Certifications Worth Considering?

Itil 4 and it service management.

The Now Platform was built on the principles and guidance of the ITIL framework. However, there is a lack of basic knowledge of the framework in many organizations.

The reality is that when an organization does not have a common understanding and language for ServiceNow system administration, it fails to build strong processes. This ultimately leads to poor tool design and implementation, and with that comes frustrated users who will blame the technology for their struggles.

ServiceNow products and applications align closely with concepts and best practices contained within the ITIL publications. To better understand the implementation and maintenance of ServiceNow products, you should consider taking the ITIL 4 Foundation training course.

Scrum Alliance and Certified ScrumMaster

The Scrum methodology is one of the most widely accepted agile development methods in the industry. In fact, the NowCreate method uses a lot of Agile/Scrum concepts, and having a deep understanding of these concepts allows teams to get customer feedback faster, learn and adapt, and ultimately, receive high-quality ServiceNow functionality quickly into the hands of those that need it.

For those seeking to become a ServiceNow Certified Application Developer or Certified Implementation Specialist, it is highly beneficial to gain the Certified ScrumMaster designation.

CompTIA Security+

Globally recognized as the leader in vendor-agnostic training and certification, CompTIA developed the Security+ certification to provide practitioners with a solid foundation of knowledge to pursue opportunities in the cyber security field.

If your organization uses—or plans to implement—the Security Operations module in ServiceNow, this certification can greatly enhance your overall understanding of incident response, vulnerability research, and threat hunting.

PMI Project Management Professional

Considered the gold standard for project management, the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential validates broad and deep knowledge of project management, lending an essential foundation for controlling the scope, staying within budget, and effectively managing the schedule in implementing and managing the ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) product line.

There are many certification paths in the ServiceNow community. Choosing the best path for you requires a little legwork and some self-reflection.

The best first step is to obtain your CSA. This credential opens the door to every other Mainline Certification offered by ServiceNow. You can and should also consider complementary industry-recognized certifications as these can further clarify processes and provide methodologies and guidelines to maximize your results.

If you have questions, reach out and our team of ServiceNow certified professionals can help respond to specific situations or guide you on the certification path that’s right for you.

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ServiceNow Certification Paths and Training

servicenow candidate journey guide

Signal that you deliver results on the Now Platforms

Learn how ServiceNow certification puts you on the path towards utilizing the full potential of the Now Platform to advance your organization and career. You’ll work more efficiently and effectively to deliver smoother deployments, spend less time troubleshooting and more time helping your organization innovate with ServiceNow.

It is required to complete the required learning path before registering to a certification exam. In the instances where there are multiple courses in the training path, all of the material from the path is considered to be a source for the exam.

Customer Service Management

  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Customer Service Management

Field Service Management

  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Field Service Management

Human Resources Management

  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Human Resources

IT Asset Management

  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Software Asset Management

IT Operations Management

  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Cloud Provisioning and Governance
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Discovery
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Event Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Mapping

IT Service Management

  • Certified Implementation Specialist - IT Service Management

Now Intelligence

  • Micro-Certification – Performance Analytics
  • Certified Application Specialist – Performance Analytics
  • Certified System Administrator
  • Micro Certification – Service Portal
  • Certified Application Developer

Security Operations

  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Security Incident Response
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Risk and Compliance
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Vendor Risk Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist – Vulnerability Response

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What will my career growth look like at ServiceNow?

We highlight opportunities across the organization to help our people do their best work . Our learning and development programs are designed to help our people grow themselves, their teams, and their business. Our learning experience platform, frED (named after ServiceNow founder Fred Luddy), is built on our own technology and provides easy access to both internal and external content (such as Udemy) that’s personalized, relevant, and shareable.

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ServiceNow Certified System Administrator 試験仕様書

servicenow candidate journey guide

Vancouverリリース – 2023 年 10 月更新

この ServiceNow Certified System Administrator 試験仕様書は、試験の目的、対象者、テストオプション、試験内容と範囲、試験の枠組みに加えて、認定システム管理者となるための前提条件を定めたものです。

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator 試験は、合格者が ServiceNow システムの構成、実装、メンテナンスに役立つスキルと重要な知識を備えていることを証明するものです。 

この認定試験に合格すると、ServiceNow 認定パスを継続するために必要なスキルセットがあることも認められます。この認定は、個別コースの前提条件となっています。 

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator 試験は、ServiceNow のお客様、パートナー、従業員のほかに、ServiceNow 認定システム管理者となることに興味のある方を対象としています。

試験の問題は、公式の ServiceNow トレーニング教材、および ServiceNow 製品ドキュメント に基づいています。オンラインで公開されているその他の学習教材は公式ではなく、試験準備用としては推奨されません。

以下のトレーニングコースの完了と認定の取得が必須になります。以下の ServiceNow トレーニングコースには、試験に必要な基本的な基礎知識が含まれています。

  • Welcome to ServiceNow 
  • ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals

ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals コースを完了すると、ServiceNow Certified System Administrator 試験に登録するためのバウチャーコード (譲渡不可) を 取得または購入 する資格が得られます。


  • Candidate Journey Guide (認定資格受験ガイド) – 認定プロセス全体をガイドするリソース
  • Now Platform の管理 - ServiceNow プラットフォームの概要 


  • データベースの概念とシステム管理に関する業界経験 
  • システム管理者としての役割、または ServiceNow 管理アプリケーションおよびモジュールの使用経験。 
  • IT ヘルプデスクプロセスとインシデント、問題、変更のワークフローに関する多少の知識も役立ちます。 
  • ServiceNow インスタンスの使用や維持に関する 3 ~ 6 か月間の経験
  • 業界の用語、略語、頭文字語についての一般的な知識


以下の表に、Welcome to ServiceNow と ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals の両コースの学習分野と、各分野の重み付け、サブトピック、問題の割合 (%) を示します。記載したサブスキルは試験内容に含まれますが、これらに限定されるわけではありません。 

ServiceNow では、提携している Kryterion の Webassessor プラットフォームを使用して試験の登録を行っています。メインライン試験は、Kryterion のテストセンターで受験するか、Kryterion の監督者が試験予約を監視している間はどこでもオンラインで受験できます。

試験に登録するには、 Webassessor アカウントを作成し、自身の Now Learning アカウントにリンクする 必要があります。

ServiceNow は、障がいのある方または英語を第 2 言語とする方 (ESL) のために、認定試験の受験中は合理的な配慮を行います。

この試験は 60 問で構成されています。

複数の選択肢 (解答は 1 つ)

複数の選択肢がある問題では、4 つ以上の解答候補が提示されます。問題の解答として最も正しいと思われる候補を 1 つ選択します。

複数選択式問題 (該当するものをすべて選択)

複数の解答を選択する問題では、4 つ以上の解答候補が提示されます。解答をいくつ選択すればよいかは、問題に記載されています。問題の解答として正しい候補をすべて選択します。部分点は与えられません。

試験を完了して解答を提出すると、すぐに試験結果が条件付き合格または不合格として表示されます。追加のスコアリング情報については、受験者向けジャーニーガイドの 「試験結果の取得」レッスン を参照してください。 

合格結果は、認定が取得されたことを示します。通知される情報は合格結果のみです。合格結果は条件付きです。つまり、試験はいつでも監査およびレビューが行われ、調査後に ServiceNow テストセキュリティポリシー に違反していることが判明した場合は、認定が取り消される可能性があります。  

ServiceNow 認定を維持するには、デルタ試験に合格し、年毎の 認定維持プログラム (CMP) 料金 を支払う必要があります。 

不合格結果は、認定が取得されなかったことを示します。学習分野ごとの達成率 (%) が通知されます。次回の試験では、スコアが最も低い学習分野に注力してください。  

サンプルアイテム 1:

すべてのユーザーが使用できるアプリケーションはどれか ?  

B. Incident 

C. Facilities 

D. Self Service 

サンプルアイテム 2:


A. My Teams Work 

B. My Groups Work 

C. My Groups Tasks 

D. My Teams Tasks 


サンプルアイテム 3:

ServiceNow での変換マップの定義として正しいのは次のうちのどれか ?  

A. インシデントレコードの履歴を格納するために使用するマップ 

B. 暗号化フィールドにデータを追加するために使用するマップ 

C. 送信 Web サービスのキューにデータが格納される前にビジネスルールをトリガーするために使用するマップ 

D. インポートセットに表示されるフィールドと既存テーブルのフィールドとの関係を決定するマップ 

サンプルアイテム 4 :

ServiceNow で、複数選択肢、1 行テキスト、選択ボックスはどの要素タイプに当てはまるか ?  

サンプルアイテム 5:

ServiceNow のスクリプティングに使用される言語はどれか ?  

B. AngularJS 

C. JavaScript 

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  • Delivery Consultant
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  • Executive Assistant & Office Manager
  • Talent Attraction

A hand holding a large red horseshoe magnet above a row of wooden cutout figures on a light blue background. The magnet is attracting a red figure, which stands out from the rest, symbolizing the selection of a unique candidate from a pool of applicants.

2024 is going to be a busy year for growing ServiceNow teams, so here are 5 ways you can get your hiring strategies in order. 

Though some of the challenges of hiring in the last couple of years are beginning to diminish, the ServiceNow sector is still a skills-short market. Trends like the “Great Resignation” and an increasing demand for global, remote work are leading to massive turnover for all kinds of companies.

Since your ServiceNow practice can’t thrive without the right employees, it makes sense for every business leader to think about how they can improve their hiring strategy in this new landscape.

Ensuring you have the right plan in place can help you attract the most sought-after talent, improve your chances of employee retention, and strengthen your employer brand.

Here are some of the hiring strategies generating powerful results for ServiceNow companies.

1. What do ServiceNow candidates want?

The first step in ensuring you can successfully hire and retain ServiceNow resources is knowing what your candidates really want from their employer. In the last couple of years, the evolving workplace has led to the development of new priorities for many staff members.

Today’s employees still want to get the salary they deserve, but they also want:

  • Empathy: A focus on respect, empathy, diversity, and inclusion will be crucial to attracting candidates in any environment. Showcasing your empathetic side will help you to attract employees who share the same values as your business.
  • Flexibility: Today’s employees want more flexible roles. With the rise of cloud technology, most ServiceNow jobs can be more hybrid, remote, or flexible than they once were. Some companies are even exploring concepts like the 4-day work week.
  • Development: Your employees want to see a future with your company, and a path for them to improve and enhance their skills. Have meetings with your team members to identify their current and long-term goals, and how you can help them reach them.

2. Should I use a  Specialist ServiceNow Recruiter?

Recruiters are one of the most valuable tools you’ll have in your hiring strategy, particularly when they specialise in the ServiceNow industry. An experienced ServiceNow recruiter will be able to help you identify the most important things your candidates are looking for when you’re writing your job descriptions and interviewing potential employees. 

Recruiters can also save you significant time in collecting applications from a diverse range of backgrounds. Their existing presence in the industry means they already have access to various environments where they can find people to fill your talent pipeline.

With a recruiter, you’ll also have access to support and guidance to help you with everything from improving the interview experience, to making your job listings more impactful.

Just remember, to get the most out of your recruiter , you’ll need to walk the line between clarity and flexibility. It’s important to be clear about the things you really want from your candidate, but don’t get lost in the search for the perfect unicorn employee. 

3. Does my Employer Brand Stand out?

In today’s digital world, employers have endless opportunities to learn more about their potential candidates by looking at their social media profiles and personal brand. However, it’s worth remembering your candidates also have the same opportunity to evaluate you.

Before considering whether to accept a job offer or even send in an application, most of today’s candidates will research your brand. It’s important to make sure your offer and E.V.P. (Employer Value Proposition) stand out. 

Start by assessing your current employer brand, and what you communicate to potential staff members. Are you active on social media, constantly sharing valuable information about your company culture and the growth of your team members? Do your employees talk positively about you on social channels and review sites?

Next, consider your job offer and how it compares to roles available from your competition. Are you delivering the same level of flexibility for your new candidates? What can you provide that your team members can’t get elsewhere? Remember, organisations that implement a successful employer brand cut their cost-per-hire in half! 

Your ServiceNow recruitment professional will be able to help you with cultivating the right employer brand.

4. Upgrading the Candidate Journey

In today’s changing landscape, employers need to make sure every stage of the candidate journey is as convenient and engaging as possible to avoid losing the attention of top talent. With the help of your ServiceNow recruitment agency, look at every touchpoint you’ll have with your candidates, and how you can update them to suit the current trends.

For instance, are you posting your job listings on social media, so they’re easy to find, and making sure it’s easy for your candidates to learn more about the role on your website? When candidates apply for a role, how will you interview them?

Video and remote interview processes are becoming increasingly common, particularly for remote and hybrid roles. You may also need to think about:

  • Following up with candidates: How will you keep your candidate engaged by following up and providing insights into their progress?
  • Onboarding: How will you onboard your team members when you decide who to hire, and how can you make them feel like part of the team as quickly as possible?
  • Diversity: How will you ensure you’re making hiring decisions without bias, and you’re respecting the concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

5. Planning a Comprehensive Recruitment Strategy

Finally, it’s worth remembering that being prepared will save you a lot of time, effort, and money in today’s skills-short market. Rather than just rushing to fill gaps in your ServiceNow team when someone leaves your workforce, it’s worth thinking about your long-term talent strategy.

Work with your recruiter to build a talent pipeline, filled with diverse professionals from different environments, who can add something valuable to your team. When creating this pipeline, don’t just think about the skills you need now, but the expertise you may need in the future.

A good talent pipeline will mean you always have somewhere to turn to access crucial talent when your company needs it most. 

Here at Linking Humans, we have been helping companies with delivering permanent and freelance technology experts to ServiceNow partners and End Users across the UK, Europe and North America. We take pride in providing the best possible people to take your business forward.

If you would like to speak to us, then use the “Request call back” at the top of this page or find more ways to contact us here .

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The Complete Guide to ServiceNow Onboarding A successful onboarding strategy could be the key to providing your new team member

  • Career Advice

Should I accept a Counteroffer? Are you wondering if you should accept a counteroffer? Have a read of our blog

Here’s how you can figure out whether your love affair with your company is still strong or the flames are

Interviewing can be just as tough for hiring managers as it is for candidates. Here’s everything you need to know as a ServiceNow hiring manager to hold a great interview

It is critical to recognise the signs that your employee might be looking elsewhere. So in this post, we are going to share several signs to consider.

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Recruitment to Offboarding: Transform Employee Experience with ServiceNow

Recruitment to Offboarding: Transform Employee Experience with ServiceNow

Padmaja Bhaskaruni

A research study featured in the Harvard Business Review shows organizations that invested most heavily in Employee Experience (EX) were twice as often, found in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. To attract and retain talent, organizations need to establish an actionable and robust EX strategy. While employees often expect consumer-level experiences at work, traditional HR and IT service delivery models are often not well-equipped or aligned to ensure this experience is delivered.

INRY is a ServiceNow Elite Partner and a leader in delivering ServiceNow HR solutions. We help HR teams in consumerizing the employee service experience with self service portals and get the insights they need to continually improve service delivery.

With INRY and ServiceNow, any part of your organization can quickly build business applications to automate processes, with reusable components that help accelerate innovation.

In this article, we explore the various phases of an employee lifecycle, and how INRY and ServiceNow are transforming each of them.

  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Employee Engagement
  • Transform (Training and Development)

Traditional recruitment methods typically involve posting a job opening in common channels such as job portals, websites, local newspapers, social media sites, etc., after which candidates would submit their application. These applications would then be manually screened, sorted via spreadsheets and email and the most suitable candidates had to be called for interviews and shortlisted.

HR teams find this manual process cumbersome and overwhelming. This process also increases recruitment costs and decreases the experience for both applicants and recruiters.

We leverage our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) from INRY (also a ServiceNow custom app) to help organizations automate the application process. This system helps digitize and streamline all your talent attraction needs while allowing applicants to track the status of their job application. End-to-end digital recruitment on the ATS helps you manage the entire applicant journey from application to offer.

Featured App: Applicant Tracking System on ServiceNow Store

Client : European Health Insurer

Industry : Healthcare

Challenge: With approximately 200+ employees and an upcoming expansion plan for the European market, the organization was looking to hire quality talent quickly. The primary challenge was the lack of a streamlined recruitment process. Although they had ServiceNow in their organization, their hiring was entirely dependent on spreadsheets and email.

Solution : INRY implemented an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in the form of a recruitment app by INRY. This app has a user-friendly portal where applicants can view all their tasks and the status of their application in one place. Automated notifications and reminders prompt both the recruiters and applicants of any upcoming tasks or processes.

By automating workflows on the ATS, both the recruiter and applicants are able to effectively perform their respective duties while maintaining transparency.

By triggering onboarding upon the successful selection of an applicant, the ATS helped manage the entire employee lifecycle in ServiceNow.

According to a Gartner report, organizations have begun to realize the significant impact onboarding has on employee engagement and retention. Although employee onboarding is considered to be an HR responsibility, it often requires multi-department coordination for completion. The traditional onboarding process also involves manually capturing employee information, adding the risk of human error and decreasing productivity.

With the power of ServiceNow, INRY helps organizations manage all onboarding functions on a single service delivery portal. Employees can also use the portal to access information such as new hire policies, guidelines, and more. Manual tasks such as the signing of documents can easily be digitized with the help of the portal.

Just like onboarding, offboarding too, is a time-consuming process that requires many departments to coordinate before an employee can be officially released from their duties. Apart from the supervisor, cross-functional teams will have to sign the employee’s offboarding documents. In order to make the process quick and efficient, INRY helps organizations manage all offboarding activities on the single service delivery portal of ServiceNow. Client : Iowa Department of Transport (Iowa DOT)

Industry : Transportation

Challenge : Iowa is a state that is known for its extreme climatic conditions, with its intense winters lasting several months. These weather conditions, especially ones involving snowfall, result in increased demand from over 27.5 million residents for efficient public transport throughout state. Therefore, Iowa DOT hires more than one thousand seasonal employees every year to meet varying demands. The HR team at Iowa DOT had to manually fulfill both the onboarding and offboarding processes.

But hiring seasonal resources entails long drawn-out onboarding process for every single hire. Since HR teams at Iowa DOT were performing most of their onboarding tasks manually, and were primarily dependent on paper forms and spreadsheets, the administrative burden was significant. Each new hire had to manually complete 13 forms, which then had to be rekeyed into legacy mainframe systems by the HR staff. The end-to-end process for every employee would take up to 6 hours . There was also the possibility that the same people were being hired each year, making onboarding tasks redundant.

Solution: In line with our proprietary delivery methodology, focused on incremental value delivery, INRY conducted structured workshops with the client to identify their key requirements. Once the pain points and requirements were identified, we established ServiceNow HR Onboarding services in the department.

A single service portal was established for prospective hires to login and submit all required information. This paperless process eliminated the manual efforts and saved 1.5 hours per hire in rekeying information from paper to legacy mainframes.

When it was time for a person to leave, the HR team could simply use the Employee Data Case Management form to change the employment status of the employee. INRY’s PASS methodology helped Iowa DOT adapt to ServiceNow quickly. We help organizations drive employee engagement in three ways:

  • Drive HR efficiencies and employee experiences with ServiceNow HR service delivery.
  • Build an engaged culture through appreciation and recognition using Celebrate from INRY.

Create a unified system of action that drives organizational efficiency and improves employee experiences with our Expense Management Application from INRY.Most organizations today are striving to win over a largely disengaged workforce by providing a consistent employee experience. With employees always looking to access relevant information at the touch of a button, organizations struggle to deliver content that is tailored specifically for the employee’s needs. By implementing ServiceNow HR Service Delivery , INRY helps employees access information and interact with HR from a single, convenient interface. This helps organizations deliver consumerized service to all their employees. Client: Fortune 500 Food Company

Industry: Food Processing

Challenge: A Fortune 500 consumer foods company had about 38,000 employees and wanted to provide them a consistent employee experience. However, due to multiple internal and regional tools not being fully capable, a superior EX was not possible.

Solution: We helped the company implement ServiceNow HR Service Delivery in their organization to address their global needs. By integrating ServiceNow HR with Workday and other legacy tools, employees were now given a single interface to interact with HR for all inquiries. This one-stop-shop became an efficient way for employees to find information and contact HR via chat, email, or phone.

With over 76% of users accessing the global portal in the first three months of going live, the response to the project was monumental. And since the interface enforced a self-service model, 70% of employee cases were resolved without HR intervention. This also resulted in lower case volumes and led to improved efficiency.

Featured App: Celebrate Application in ServiceNow Store

Celebrate application helps you build an engaging culture through appreciation and recognition. Built on ServiceNow platform, we provide easy to configure workflows to help

employees recognize others and share it across multiple social platforms with a single click. Integrate Celebrate with performance management and learning management to get the most use out of our application suite.

Featured App: Expense Management System in ServiceNow Store

INRY's Expense Management application helps organizations track their employee's expenses and control spending with simplified processes. It also provides visibility on each expense through dashboards and analytical reports.

The app delivers a simple and engaging experience through separate tailored views for Employees, Managers, and Finance Teams.

Training and development programs are important in the workplace as they help employees attain personal growth and improve skills. With the help of timely trainings customized for the workforce, companies can nurture their employee skill set at each level. However, large enterprises, especially in the retail industry, find it difficult to efficiently track varying training needs. It is also cumbersome to maintain all training-related information in one place for employee reference.

Based on the organization's requirements, INRY develops custom apps for training and development on ServiceNow. We also leverage INRY's custom apps like performance management and learning management to streamline workflows.

Client : Casey's General Stores, Inc.

Industry : Retail

Challenge : Casey's was using traditional tools such as email and spreadsheets to manage their leadership training initiatives. As a result, it became difficult to track new requests for training, manage trainer workloads, and deliver materials on-time.

Solution : In order to meet all the training needs at Casey's, a new custom training app was built on the ServiceNow platform. This app was used to organize all training-related information and drive the entire leadership training lifecycle. The app was further embedded in Casey's unified employee portal, enabling employees to leverage a 4-click process to submit new requests for training. Since the app used a single system to track and manage the end-to-end training process, it fostered greater transparency and better inter-team collaboration. With INRY's Performance Management Application , you can collaborate with teams to plan and track objectives and development needs. It will help you align smaller tasks with bigger goals. You can deliver all these using persona based portals for a great user experience.

Featured App: Learning Management System in ServiceNow Store

Learning Management system works with INRY's Performance Management to deliver a fast and effortless way to assess employee skills, identify opportunities for development, and schedule appropriate learning programs.

INRY streamlines and automates employee workflows during the different stages of an employee lifecycle across multiple departments by leveraging the centralized ServiceNow platform and its various HR apps. If you’d like to learn more about our ServiceNow HR implementation stories and discuss your challenges, please feel free to get in touch with one of our ServiceNow consultants for a personalized consultation.

Landing Your Dream Job at ServiceNow: A Refer Me Guide to Interview Excellence

Explore how Refer Me can be your secret weapon in securing a coveted position at ServiceNow. From AI-powered resume optimization to insider referrals, learn how to stand out in the competitive job market.


Introduction: Unlocking the Door to ServiceNow with Refer Me

Embarking on the quest for your dream job at ServiceNow , a frontrunner in the cloud computing arena, can seem daunting. Yet, with Refer Me as your career co-navigator, you're equipped with a unique key that unlocks doors to opportunities that many only dream of. Here, we'll demystify the pathway to not only securing an interview with ServiceNow but excelling in it.

ServiceNow is not just any company; it's a global powerhouse transforming enterprise operations through its cloud-based platforms. It's a place where innovation thrives, and every role contributes to shaping the future of how businesses function. Landing a job here means being at the forefront of technological advancements and engaging in work that impacts millions worldwide.

However, securing a position with ServiceNow requires more than just a standard application; it requires strategy, preparation, and the right connections. This is where Refer Me steps in. Our platform is uniquely designed to propel your application into the spotlight. Here's how:

Exclusive Referrals: Get direct referrals to ServiceNow through our network of insiders. It's like having a friend on the inside who can vouch for you.

AI-Powered Resume Tools: Ensure your resume not only gets noticed but stands out. Our intelligent tools critique, craft, and tailor your resume, so it speaks directly to ServiceNow's needs.

In-Depth Interview Preparation: Go beyond the basic interview questions. We provide you with an insider's look at what ServiceNow really wants to hear, backed by example answers and strategies.

Professional Branding: Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn and other online profiles to reflect the value you bring, making you an irresistible candidate to ServiceNow recruiters.

In the following sections, we'll delve into each of these components in detail, ensuring you're not just prepared but poised to make a lasting impression. Join us as we guide you through each step of the journey, turning your application into an invitation to join the ranks of ServiceNow.

Understanding the ServiceNow Interview Process: What to Expect

The journey to landing your dream job at ServiceNow, a company at the frontier of cloud computing and digital workflow solutions, is both exhilarating and daunting. The interview process is your opportunity to shine, but knowing what to expect can significantly ease your nerves and improve your chances of success. Here, we break down the key stages of ServiceNow's interview process, offering you a strategic roadmap to navigate this pivotal phase with confidence.

Initial Screening : The first interaction is usually a screening call with HR. Expect questions about your resume, motivation for applying, and basic fit with ServiceNow’s culture. Pro tip: Use Refer Me’s AI resume builder to craft a resume that highlights your most relevant experiences and skills tailored to ServiceNow.

Technical Assessment : For technical roles, you may encounter a coding or system design assessment. Practicing common coding problems and understanding ServiceNow's core technologies will be your key assets here.

Managerial Round : This stage often includes behavioral questions focusing on your problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and collaboration skills. Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to structure your responses, showcasing your impact in past roles.

Culture Fit : ServiceNow prides itself on its unique culture. Research the company’s values and come prepared with examples of how you embody these ideals. This is also your chance to ask questions that underline your interest in the company’s ethos.

Case Studies/Presentations : Depending on the role, you may be asked to prepare a case study or presentation. This evaluates your analytical skills, creativity, and communication. Lean on Refer Me's networking features to connect with current and former ServiceNow employees for insights.

Remember : Each step of the ServiceNow interview process is designed to evaluate not just your technical abilities, but also your potential to thrive within their ecosystem. Utilize Refer Me’s comprehensive resources, from AI-enhanced resume reviews to insider referral connections, to ensure you're thoroughly prepared and stand out in every round.

Mastering Common Interview Questions at ServiceNow: Tips and Example Answers

Landing an interview at ServiceNow means you're on the precipice of an exciting opportunity at the forefront of cloud computing. To ensure you navigate this opportunity with finesse, let's break down the art of mastering common interview questions with strategic responses that spotlight your strengths and align with ServiceNow's innovative culture.

1. "Tell me about yourself."

This open-ended question is your golden ticket to weaving a compelling narrative about your professional journey. Start with a brief overview of your academic background or training, transition into significant achievements in previous roles, and round off by highlighting your interest in technology and innovation, mirroring ServiceNow's ethos.

Example Answer: "I've always been fascinated by technology's power to transform businesses. After completing my degree in Computer Science, I joined a startup as a software developer, where I led a project to streamline our product delivery system. This experience ignited my passion for cloud computing solutions, driving me to seek a role at ServiceNow, where I can contribute to and learn from the best in the industry."

2. "What makes you a good fit for this role?"

Link your skills and experiences directly to the job description, focusing on how you can address ServiceNow's specific needs. Emphasize your adaptability, team spirit, and problem-solving abilities.

Example Answer: "Given ServiceNow's commitment to innovation, I find my background in developing scalable cloud applications directly applicable. I've successfully led cross-functional teams under tight deadlines, demonstrating my collaboration and leadership skills. Furthermore, my ongoing quest for knowledge makes me eager to embrace ServiceNow's dynamic, ever-evolving challenges."

3. "Describe a challenging project you managed. What was your approach?"

Showcase your problem-solving and leadership skills by describing a challenging project. Include the problem, your action steps, and the outcome. Be specific about your role in the project's success.

Example Answer: "In my previous role, I managed the transition of our data storage to a fully cloud-based system. Faced with tight deadlines and skeptical stakeholders, I curated a step-by-step plan, organized training sessions for my team, and regularly updated all parties on our progress. This project not only improved our data retrieval times by 40% but also demonstrated my ability to navigate complex challenges and drive consensus."

Networking and Continuous Learning:

Remember, nailing the interview is just part of the journey. Engage with the ServiceNow community on forums and social media to stay abreast of the latest trends and solutions. Additionally, utilize resources like Refer Me to secure direct referrals and amplify your application, setting the stage for your success from the get-go.

By preparing strategic answers to these common questions, you'll demonstrate not only your qualifications but also your passion and readiness to contribute to the ServiceNow ecosystem. Good luck!

Leveraging Refer Me for Direct Referrals to ServiceNow: A Strategic Advantage

In today's hyper-competitive job market, standing out to recruiters at top firms like ServiceNow requires more than a polished resume and a solid interview prep; it necessitates a strategic advantage. This is where Refer Me comes into play, transforming the traditional job application process into a streamlined path to success. Here's how you can leverage Refer Me to secure direct referrals to ServiceNow, setting you apart from the crowd.

One-Click Referral System: With Refer Me, gaining a referral is as simple as a click. Our platform’s user-friendly interface connects you with a vast network of referrers from over 1,000 leading companies, including ServiceNow . Securing a referral through Refer Me not only elevates your application but also ensures it lands directly in the hands of hiring managers.

AI-Powered Resume Optimization: Before reaching out for a referral, make sure your resume is in top shape. Refer Me's AI-driven tools offer a deep review of your resume, analyzing it against ServiceNow ’s job descriptions to highlight essential skills and experiences. This ensures your resume is tailored perfectly, boosting your referral's effectiveness.

Personalized Referral Requests: Personalization is key when requesting referrals. Refer Me provides templates and guidelines for crafting compelling referral requests. Mention specific roles you’re interested in at ServiceNow and articulate how your experience aligns with the company's goals, making it easy for referrers to advocate on your behalf.

Maximize Your Professional Network: Beyond direct referrals, Refer Me encourages active networking. Engage with professionals currently working at ServiceNow through Refer Me’s community features. Share insights, seek advice, and establish meaningful connections that could lead to referrals.

The strategic advantage offered by Refer Me is clear. It not only simplifies the referral process but ensures your application for ServiceNow stands out with a personal endorsement. Remember, a referral doesn’t just add another piece of paper to your application; it adds a story and a vote of confidence that can significantly tip the scales in your favor.

Embrace the power of referrals with Refer Me and take a bold step towards your dream job at ServiceNow.

Networking Your Way into ServiceNow: Essential Strategies

Networking isn't just about collecting contacts; it's about building meaningful relationships that can open doors to your dream job at ServiceNow. Here are essential strategies to effectively network your way into this cloud computing leader.

Research and Reach Out : Start by researching current ServiceNow employees on professional networking sites. Look for those who share your interests or have had a similar career path. Reach out with a personalized message, expressing genuine interest in their work and ServiceNow.

Example Message : "Hi [Name], I've been following ServiceNow's innovative projects and am impressed with your contribution to [specific project]. I'm very interested in learning more about your journey and any advice you could share for someone aspiring to join your team."

Leverage Professional Platforms : Utilize platforms like LinkedIn to join ServiceNow-related groups. Participate in discussions and share insights that showcase your knowledge and enthusiasm for the field. This visibility can attract connections who may refer you internally.

Attend Industry Events : ServiceNow and other tech companies often host or attend conferences, webinars, and meetups. These events are golden opportunities to connect with employees and leaders firsthand. Prepare an elevator pitch that succinctly highlights your skills and interest in ServiceNow.

Use Refer Me for Direct Referrals : With Refer Me, tap into a network of professionals already working at ServiceNow. This platform can provide you with a direct line to potential referrers who can help your application stand out.

Remember, networking is a two-way street. Be prepared to offer something of value in return, whether it’s your insight into the latest industry trends or volunteering your time for a project they care about. By building genuine, mutually beneficial relationships, you create a strong foundation that not only helps you get into ServiceNow but also bolsters your career in the long run.

Optimizing Your Online Presence: A Must-Have for ServiceNow Candidates

In today’s digital-first world, your online presence can be just as vital as your resume. For candidates aspiring to join ServiceNow, a company at the forefront of cloud computing and digital workflow solutions, showcasing a robust online persona is indispensable. Here are key strategies to optimize your online presence, making you an irresistible candidate for ServiceNow:

LinkedIn Overhaul : LinkedIn is your digital curriculum vitae. Ensure your profile is updated with your latest achievements, skills, and a professional photo. Use keywords related to your desired role at ServiceNow in your summary and experiences sections to boost visibility. Don’t forget to showcase any relevant projects or certifications.

Engage with Industry Content : Start following and engaging with ServiceNow and industry-related content on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and specialized forums. Share insightful comments and posts that reflect your understanding and passion for the cloud computing sector. This engagement can significantly amplify your professional image.

Professional Blogging : If you’re passionate about technology and innovation, consider starting a blog. Write about trends in cloud computing, your personal projects, or thoughts on the future of digital workflows. Mentioning these efforts in your application can set you apart, demonstrating ongoing commitment and expertise in your field.

Portfolio Showcase : For technical roles, a portfolio can speak louder than words. Platforms like GitHub for developers or Behance for designers allow you to display your work and collaboration on projects relevant to ServiceNow’s domain. Make sure these are accessible and linked from your LinkedIn or personal website.

Remember, optimizing your online presence isn’t a one-time task but a continual process of personal branding and networking. By embodying these strategies, you’ll not only catch the eye of ServiceNow recruiters but also prepare a fertile ground for your career growth in the tech industry.

The Power of Professional Blogging: Amplifying Your ServiceNow Candidacy

In the digital era, your online presence speaks volumes before you even utter a single word in an interview. For ambitious professionals aiming at roles within leading tech companies like ServiceNow, leveraging digital platforms like professional blogging can significantly amplify your candidacy. Blogging is no longer just a hobby or a platform for personal expression; it's a dynamic tool to showcase your expertise, thought leadership, and passion for your field.

Demonstrate Your Knowledge & Skills : Writing about industry trends, technologies, challenges, and solutions related to ServiceNow or cloud computing showcases your depth of knowledge. Use your blog to dissect complex topics, offer insights on recent developments, or propose innovative solutions to industry-specific problems. It's about showing, not just telling, ServiceNow that you're an expert in your field.

Build Your Personal Brand : Every blog post you write contributes to your professional image. Think of your blog as an extension of your resume – a space where you can craft a compelling narrative about your professional journey, your skills, and what sets you apart. Incorporate personal stories of challenges overcome or lessons learned; these add a human touch that resonates with readers and potential employers.

Networking Opportunities : Blogging opens doors to new connections. Sharing your posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, or industry-specific forums can attract attention from like-minded professionals, including those working at ServiceNow. Engaging with your audience through comments or social media can further establish your credibility and expand your professional network.

SEO Benefits : A well-maintained blog improves your visibility on search engines. When potential employers or recruiters search for candidates with expertise in ServiceNow or related technologies, your blog posts can make sure you appear in their search results, giving you an edge.

Remember, consistency is key. Regularly updating your blog with insightful content not only demonstrates your ongoing commitment to your field but also keeps your audience engaged. Start by dedicating a section of your blog to cover ServiceNow-specific topics or cloud computing innovations. This targeted approach not only sharpens your focus but also attracts readers interested in these areas, including potential hiring managers from ServiceNow.

Incorporating Refer Me into your strategy can compound your blogging efforts. Sharing your blog posts through the Refer Me platform can enhance your visibility amongst a network of professionals already working in your dream companies. It's about combining your passion for blogging with the strategic advantage of Refer Me, creating a powerful synergy that propels your candidacy to the forefront.

So, start sharing your insights, engage with the community, and let your blog be a beacon that signals your readiness and enthusiasm for a career at ServiceNow. It's not just about landing a job; it's about marking your territory in the digital landscape as a thought leader and a go-getter.

Conclusion: Preparing for Success in the ServiceNow Interview

Landing your dream job at ServiceNow is a goal within reach, especially when you're equipped with the right tools and knowledge. Through this guide, we've traversed the complexities of the ServiceNow interview process, spotlighting key areas of focus and proffering strategic insights to give you an edge.

Preparation is your best ally as you approach this opportunity. Remember, every step taken with Refer Me not only enhances your chances but molds you into the ideal candidate ServiceNow is searching for. Here's a quick recap and some final tips to consider:

In-Depth Interview Prep : Arm yourself with knowledge about ServiceNow's culture, products, and the specific role you're applying for. Dive deep into potential questions and rehearse polished responses that showcase your skills and experiences.

Make Your Resume Stand Out : Utilize Refer Me's AI-driven tools to craft a resume that's not only ATS-friendly but tailored to echo ServiceNow's mission and the job description. Personalization is key in making a memorable first impression.

Leverage Direct Referrals : The power of networking cannot be overstated. Use Refer Me’s vast network of referrers to secure a direct line to ServiceNow. This not only boosts your visibility but also adds a layer of credibility to your application.

Optimize Your Online Presence : Ensure your LinkedIn and other professional networks reflect your capabilities and enthusiasm for the tech industry. Be active, engage with content related to ServiceNow, and demonstrate your expertise and passion.

Engage in Continuous Learning : ServiceNow is at the forefront of innovation; show that you are too. Stay informed on the latest trends, tools, and technologies that are shaping the future of cloud computing and enterprise solutions.

"Success doesn't come to you; you go to it." — With a blend of preparation, perseverance, and the unique advantages provided by Refer Me, you're not just stepping into an interview; you're embarking on a journey towards achieving your career aspirations. ServiceNow represents more than a job—it's a chance to be part of something transformative. And with Refer Me by your side, you're well on your way to turning that possibility into a reality.

Embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that you’re not just prepared; you’re poised for success.

Your career is worth investing in.

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servicenow candidate journey guide

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Dawn C Simmons

October 8, 2023

  • Employee Journey Management ServiceNow

Employee Journey Management ServiceNow

Employee Journey Management ServiceNow Process: Streamlining Success for Every Employee for that Most Important First Day!

Experience a seamless onboarding journey with ServiceNow. Employee Journey Management is the premier power tool for collaborative seamless HR Service Delivery. Discover the power of the employee experience platform. Employee Center Pro offers an Amazon like shopping experience, with modern technology to showcase the greater service offerings.

What is Employee Journey Management ServiceNow

Curated Experiences such as the Employee Journey Management streamlines pivotal moments in work life, enhancing both manager and employee experiences. This is a comprehensive suite offering of enterprise workflow capabilities offers tailored action plans for critical junctures like onboarding, transfers, and returning to the workplace. It seamlessly integrates relevant learning experiences, captures real-time employee feedback, and ensures in-the-moment tasking.

The platform orchestrates personalized, cross-departmental journeys with intelligent workflows, aligning tasks, learning, and feedback. It employs AI-driven recommendations, considering employee roles and interests, while automating intricate enterprise-wide journeys through pre-configured workflows.

Establish a Modern Employee Experience with Employee Center Pro (Utah Release)

Creating Deeper Engagement to discover productivity boosting value that reduces cost and increases energy and excitement for the work they do.

Employee Center Overview provides a portal experience that scales from Service delivery to employee experience basics.

Employee Onboarding might be viewed as a sort of maturity model and experience.

  • Service Catalog oriented Foundation: Enterprise portal starts to add in workplace, legal and enterprise services.
  • Service Portal: Farther right on the maturity model is employee engagement beyond service delivery to employee communications and engagement. Portal, Service Delivery, and Service Engagement. (If you are on the Portal now, the recommended path is to migrate to the Employee Center )
  • Employee Center Service Delivery Portal Best practices, issues, answers across the enterprise.
  • Employee Center Pro unlocks all features of service delivery and adds employee destination, information, events, enterprise solutions and answers,

ServiceNow Employee Center Pro Overview

Elevate your hybrid workforce with Employee Center Pro, a state-of-the-art feature within ServiceNow. This intelligent command center provides a customized experience, effortlessly harmonizing communications and operations across various departments and systems.

Employee Center crafts precise and individualized communications for each employee, meeting them at their specific needs. By seamlessly integrating actions, content creation, and workflows, it simplifies the process of informing, advising, and accomplishing tasks.

The precision is delivered by thinking more about Employee Productivity and engagement rather than “Business Unit” offering of Employee Engagement. It is Multi-center Service Delivery Portal capabilities, issues, answers across multiple departments instead of looking at “HR” logically owned, then “IT.

Pro extends capabilities to find answers across the enterprise. Store app approach allows Employee Center via a store to enhance and rebrand features for the employee center.

servicenow candidate journey guide

Employee Center Pro Key Components for Employee Journey Management ServiceNow:

  • Topic Pages : Streamline information access by organizing content around specific subjects. Center for views and decision-making active items, Requests, and tasks.
  • Machine Learning: Pulls in most relevant personalized content based on employee profiles for location, role, and job type.
  • AI Search: Retrieve information swiftly from multiple sources.
  • App Launcher: Access frequently used apps directly from the home page.

Moreover, Employee Center Pro excels in providing personalized career paths, proactive feedback management, integrated learning experiences, and automation of enterprise-wide journeys. Elevate your employee experience today!

servicenow candidate journey guide

Curating your perfect Employee Journey management ServiceNow Experience

Teams can seamlessly curate employee journey experiences in ServiceNow using the Employee Journey Management feature. This powerful tool empowers HR teams by enabling them to construct workflows that effortlessly connect disparate processes and siloed systems, all without complex coding .

With this feature, expect personalized cross-departmental employee journeys supported by intelligent workflows, facilitating in-the-moment tasking, learning, and attentive listening.

Here is how Employe Journey Management helps managers to not only support but also drive the productivity of their hybrid workforce, regardless of their location.

Employee Center Academy demonstrates Employee Center Curated Employee Journey Management ServiceNow Experiences.

Journey Designer, in tandem with Journey Accelerator and Lifecycle Events, crafts a seamless journey for both employees and managers within the Employee Center. This unified experience stands out for its user-friendly interface.

Behind the scenes, Journey Designer, along with Journey Accelerator and Lifecycle Events, collaborates to generate tailored journeys for employees by creating relevant records.

Enjoy a host of benefits including tailored employee career journeys, the ability to capture and act upon feedback, seamless delivery of learning experiences within the workflow, and the automation of complex, enterprise-wide employee journeys. Dive deeper into the experience with features like listening posts, learning posts, and employee experience packs.

Resources for Employee Journey Management ServiceNow:

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  • Employee Center and Employee Center Pro Product Set
  • Employee Center Getting Started – ServiceNow Community
  • Employee Journey Management
  • Security and IT Glossary
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  • Content Publishing
  • Employee Center Pro
  • Employee Journey

Getting Started

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Change Management

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Security Operations (SecOps)

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  • Vulnerability Remediation RACI
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Knowledge Management

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  • Uber's Call Center Security Social Engineering Massive System Breach


  • Optimizing your telecommuting office for peak efficiency
  • PlayStation + Discord is a GOOD thing!

Strategic Portfolio Management

Glossary reference.

  • Business Process Improvement Glossary
  • Guided After-Action Report
  • HR Glossary
  • Security-Operations GRC Glossary
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  • 2021: VP Harris Inauguration Elevates Diversity and Executive Leadership
  • 5-Star ITSM Solutions
  • 5-Step Policy-Compliance Risk Management
  • AI: Knowledge Centered Support
  • ChatGPT Ethics and FTC
  • CMDB Corporate Governance for Publicly Held Companies
  • Community Crisis Resource Reference List
  • Covid Cyber Employment Fraud: $Millions in Job Fraud, $Billions in Unemployment Fraud. Recruiters and Jobseekers Paradigm shift
  • Does Post Covid Demand, "Evolve or Fold" Data Strategy?
  • Freshwork's Multichannel vision for FreshService (ITSM)
  • Imperative: Governance Risk Compliance
  • Jobs n Career Success: Employment News
  • Microsoft Teams Tripping Transcription Tenancy.
  • Predictive Intelligent Situational Awareness
  • Remedy to ServiceNow Migration
  • Review and Approve Knowledge
  • ROI: Demand AI Service Management
  • Top Trends in Project Management
  • Walk Up Experience- Design-To-Deliver
  • World Talent Economy Forum on Global Competitiveness
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servicenow candidate journey guide


  1. Candidate Journey (Infographic)

    servicenow candidate journey guide

  2. Servicenow Roadmap Template

    servicenow candidate journey guide

  3. The Candidate Journey: How to Create, Map and Measure it

    servicenow candidate journey guide

  4. Candidate Journey Map Template

    servicenow candidate journey guide

  5. نقشه سفر نامزد چیست؟ (و چرا به یکی نیاز دارید)

    servicenow candidate journey guide

  6. Starting Your ServiceNow Development Journey

    servicenow candidate journey guide


  1. ServiceNow's Continued Commitment to Digital Accessibility

  2. Becoming a FlyFormer: The Candidate Journey

  3. Welcome to ServiceNow: Get started on the right track

  4. ANM Assess

  5. ServiceNow HRSD Overview

  6. ServiceNow CMDB: Why It's Important for Businesses


  1. ServiceNow Credentialing Program Guide

    ServiceNow Credentialing Program Guide

  2. PDF The journey to certification with ServiceNow

    The journey to certification with ServiceNow. START. People are at the heart of customer success. With training and certification, you will learn to master ServiceNow. ® capabilities through hands-on, real-world instruction to helps you meet your goals. Whether you take virtual or in-person courses from ServiceNow, or from one of our Certified ...

  3. PDF Learning Paths

    To navigate to specific learning paths, select from the links on the right. From any slide, select the icon to return to the table of contents. System Administrator Learning Path Developer Learning Paths Platform and Process Owner Learning Paths Implementer Learning Paths. Application Portfolio Management Customer Service Management Employee ...

  4. Career Journey

    It's time to RiseUp with ServiceNow, and career journeys can help get you there. Complete activities at your own pace and track your progress toward achieving the skills required of your role. Elevate your technical skills with ServiceNow courses and your transferable "power skills" with Udemy courses.

  5. ServiceNow Technical Training and Certification

    Customize your user adoption. Build the user training and adoption package that suits your unique needs. Enable your organization to be ready for go-live and beyond. "ServiceNow training is at the heart of the way we work. And that started right at the beginning. We trained our developers before we started our initial ServiceNow implementation ...

  6. PDF ServiceNow Certification Program FAQ

    Send an email to [email protected] and include: Your full name. Your phone number. The name of the exam you wish you take. (3) preferred day's and times you would wish to take the exam (at least 30 days in the future) The name of the Kryterion Testing Center where you would prefer to take the exam.

  7. System Administrator Career Journey

    This career journey is a collection of courses, credentials, and activities organized by job level that will help you prepare for a System Administrator role in the ServiceNow ecosystem. Check out this video to get a glimpse into a day in the life of a System Administrator. If you're ready to get started, we'll guide you through the process ...

  8. Guide to getting your App Certified And Certification ...

    To list your application or integration on the ServiceNow Store (https://store.servicenow.com) you will be required to go through the ServiceNow certification process. This article will help you understand

  9. KB Now Learning FAQ (External)

    ServiceNow Certification exams are computer‑based, multiple‑choice exams delivered by ServiceNow testing partner Kryterion, in a proctored environment. Online proctoring is also available. For more information on the ServiceNow Certification Program, please refer to the ServiceNow Certification - Candidate's Journey Guide.

  10. The Quick Guide to ServiceNow Certification

    Like Fundamentals, this course utilizes a ServiceNow simulator instance for hands-on labs. According to ServiceNow, the on-demand course takes an estimated nine (9) hours, while the instructor-led option is three (3) days. Below is a summary of each certification, required course (s), and a brief overview of exam domains.

  11. ServiceNow Certification Paths and Training

    Signal that you deliver results on the Now Platforms. Learn how ServiceNow certification puts you on the path towards utilizing the full potential of the Now Platform to advance your organization and career. You'll work more efficiently and effectively to deliver smoother deployments, spend less time troubleshooting and more time helping your ...

  12. Navigating the ServiceNow Learning Journey: A Guide for Newbies

    Remember, the journey of a thousand steps begins with the first click. Happy learning! 📚 #ServiceNow #LearningJourney #Newbies #ServiceNowModules #KnowledgeIsPower

  13. Navigating Your Journey: A ServiceNow Roadmap for Beginners

    This roadmap will guide you through the key steps to master ServiceNow as a beginner, equipping you with the knowledge and resources to embark on your ServiceNow journey confidently. Phase 1: Foundations & Navigation (1-2 months) Start with the Essentials:Begin by exploring ServiceNow's core functionalities.

  14. Get ready to land your dream job

    Tips from our recruiting team. "Make sure your LinkedIn profile and resume are up to date and work your network."". "Read about our culture, our values, and the great work ServiceNow is doing in the industry.". "When preparing for a virtual interview, make sure you have great sound, great lighting, and quiet.".

  15. Do you want to start your career in ServiceNow? Here's 5 ...

    1) Get yourself set up and started on the Developer Portal. Getting started in ServiceNow is easier than you think. Simply head over to its Developer Portal and sign up for your free account. When ...

  16. ServiceNow Certified System Administrator 試験仕様書

    Candidate Journey Guide (認定資格受験ガイド) - 認定プロセス全体をガイドするリソース; Now Platform の管理 - ServiceNow プラットフォームの概要 推奨されるその他の経験. データベースの概念とシステム管理に関する業界経験

  17. Employee Journey Management

    Employee Journey Management. Let managers support and drive the productivity of their hybrid workforce from anywhere. Capture and take action on feedback, gain insight, and improve the employee experience. Provide curated content and AI-driven recommendations based on employee job position and interest. Create connected cross-departmental ...

  18. Updating your ServiceNow hiring strategy for 2024

    Your ServiceNow recruitment professional will be able to help you with cultivating the right employer brand. 4. Upgrading the Candidate Journey. In today's changing landscape, employers need to make sure every stage of the candidate journey is as convenient and engaging as possible to avoid losing the attention of top talent.

  19. How to create Journey Accelerator Action Plans directly ...

    This KB article describes a workaround on how to generate Journey Accelerator (JA) Action plans as part of HR case creation. As part of the Rome release, this functionality will be delivered out-of-the-box

  20. Recruitment to Offboarding: Transform Employee Experience with ServiceNow

    A research study featured in the Harvard Business Review shows organizations that invested most heavily in Employee Experience (EX) were twice as often, found in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. To attract and retain talent, organizations need to establish an actionable and robust EX strategy. While employees often expect consumer-level experiences at work, traditional HR and IT ...

  21. Landing Your Dream Job at ServiceNow: A Refer Me Guide to Interview

    For candidates aspiring to join ServiceNow, a company at the forefront of cloud computing and digital workflow solutions, showcasing a robust online persona is indispensable. Here are key strategies to optimize your online presence, making you an irresistible candidate for ServiceNow: LinkedIn Overhaul: LinkedIn is your digital curriculum vitae ...

  22. Customer Journey Stages: An Essential Guide

    5 stages of the customer journey. It's crucial to be aware of the five customer journey stages to understand how you can move customers through their journey with you as seamlessly as possible. 1. Awareness. Prior to interacting with or purchasing from you, customers may have heard about your brand or found you on various social media channels.

  23. Employee Journey Management ServiceNow

    With our meticulously crafted New Hire Onboarding ServiceNow process, the transformation from candidate to contributor is as smooth as it gets. As the manager initiates the onboarding journey, they'll find themselves guided through a user-friendly Order Guide that ensures nothing crucial is overlooked.