1. The 7 best hiking routes in Portugal

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  2. 7 incredible hikes in Portugal

    hiking trips portugal

  3. Portugal Walking Tours

    hiking trips portugal

  4. 4 Best Hikes in Portugal

    hiking trips portugal

  5. How to hike the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail in Algarve, Portugal

    hiking trips portugal

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    hiking trips portugal


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  1. Portugal

    Discover famed medieval trails and seaside cliff paths on a Portugal walking tour. Reserve your Country Walkers adventure today. Country Walkers VBT Bicycling Vacations. Favorites Get eNews; Request a Catalog ... Our Walking & Hiking Tours in Portugal. Portugal: Sintra & Rota Vicentina. Self-Guided Easy/Moderate. Days 7 From $ 3,345 Tour Only.

  2. Walking and Hiking Tours in Portugal

    Discover Portugal hiking, explore cliffs with endless views, wild beaches, historic and iconic places, and lush forests. Immerse yourself in the Portuguese culture and enjoy the fantastic climate, delicious cuisine, wines and friendly people that will remain in your memories forever. Set your pace and, in each step, discover a new experience.

  3. 7 best hikes in Portugal

    7. Rota Vicentina. Best coastal walk in Portugal. Fishermen's Trail 226km (141 miles), Historical Way 263km (163 miles), 14 days each trail, moderate. The Rota Vicentina comprises two walking trails - one coastal and one inland - and runs along the southwest coast to Cabo de São Vincente.

  4. 10 Best Hiking & Trekking Tours in Portugal 2024/2025

    Hiking & Trekking Tours & Trips in Portugal. Our hiking adventures of Portugal ( Europe) will take you to some of the most scenic trails and incredible stretches of coastline that the country has to offer. Travel to Portugal and Spain and explore sun-drenched vineyards and picturesque villages by foot or bicycle.

  5. Hiking Tours in Portugal

    Macs top 5 areas in Portugal for hiking. 1. Sintra: An hour from Lisbon, lush green hills overlooking dramatic coastlines. Sintra has brightly colored palaces, 10th-century gothic castles, and vast diverse gardens. 2. Douro Valley: Vibrant world heritage city of Porto and world-class hiking through terraced vineyards. 3.

  6. Trails for the Ultimate Portugal Hiking Trip

    1 - Rota Vicentina for long-distance hikes. If you are looking for long-distance hiking trails, then head for Rota Vicentina. Located on the southwestern point in Europe, the trail covers 450km and boasts of jaw-dropping cliff scenery. Rota Vicentia hike, Portugal. The trail will take you through rustic villages, across the plains and along ...

  7. Portugal Walking & Hiking Tour

    Lindeza. It means "loveliness" in Portuguese. And it's the best way to describe what you'll see on our Portugal Walking & Hiking Tour. Hike through enchanting Sintra and into the majestic Douro River Valley. Behold breathtaking scenery. Green hills rolling down to the dazzling Atlantic coast. Moorish castles and pastel palaces.

  8. Best Hiking in Portugal: The 10 Most Spectacular Trails

    7. Serra de Gerês - Cascata do Arado - Poço Azul loop. If you're an experienced hiker looking for a wilder hiking experience, try heading for the gorgeous Serra de Gerês National Park (Peneda-Gerês National Park) just east of Braga in northern Portugal. This is truly a special place.

  9. Hiking Tours in Portugal

    Hiking tours available guided and self-guided in Portugal. Portugal is a country with a deep history, lively culture, and seaside terrain. CALL US: 888.586.8365. ... The Southwestern Scenic Coastal Trek offers something truly unique to Ryder-Walker's roster of tours. Portugal enchanted us from the moment we stepped foot on its sandy shores ...

  10. Walking and Hiking Tours in Portugal

    Take your pick from our varied range of walking tours in Portugal.. From half day hiking tours in the wild, unspoilt beauty of the Peneda-Gerês National Park to one-week self-guided walking tours that allow you to experience mountain scenery, traditional villages, the gorgeous Atlantic coast and the UNESCO World Heritage landscape of the Douro Valley, there's something to suit you.

  11. Portugal Coastal Hiking Tour

    Walking. Set out on an incredible 6 days of hiking along Portugal's sun-drenched southwestern Atlantic coast. From the rich culture of Lisbon to the sparkling white villages of Algarve, take a turn through one of the best preserved coastlines in all of Europe. Hike to quaint towns, rocky seascapes and unspoiled beaches along our journey.

  12. Portugal Hiking Guide with the 9 Greatest Hiking Trails

    Check out: The Ultimate Packing List for Hiking for more advice on what you need to pack for hiking in Portugal. Best hiking trails in Portugal - day trips. Now you're all packed, all you need to do is choose which Portugal hiking trail to tackle first! 1. Cabo da Roca to Azenhas do Mar . Starting point: Cabo da Roca; Distance: 12.2km (7.6 ...

  13. Walking Tours Portugal

    Hike the most scenic trails of the first demarcated wine region in the world, the Douro Valley, where Port wine is produced for generations. Visit the wine cellars, taste some of the best port and Douro wines and discover traces of the early history of Portugal, from up to 30000 years old in the historical villages to the north of the country.

  14. Hiking and Cycling Holidays in Portugal

    Portugal Nature Trails is a local adventure and nature tourism company. We welcome travelers from all over the world and set out to offer the most breathtaking hiking and cycling outdoor adventure tours in Portugal. Experience your journey, challenge yourself and discover the best dimension of your life. Explore the wildest and most preserved ...

  15. Best Hiking in Portugal: The 10 Most Spectacular Trails

    Portugal Hiking Trails. 1. Rota Vicentina. Our starting point for this grand adventure is the enchanting Rota Vicentina, a coastal hiking trail in Southern Portugal that invites you to discover the beauty of the Alentejo and Algarve region. This makes it a prime destination for hiking in Portugal.

  16. 13 Spectacular hikes in Portugal you can't miss!

    The Portugal hiking trails are spread across the country from easy day trips to multi-day treks. What they all have in common is the astounding beauty of Portuguese nature. Together with other outdoor enthusiasts, I compiled this list of spectacular hikes in Portugal that are all worth a spot on any Portugal itinerary.

  17. 4 Unforgettable Hikes in Portugal You Shouldn't Miss in 2024

    Coastal Hikes in Portugal Map. 1. Cabo da Roca to Azenhas do Mar Coastal Trail. Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, Lisboa. If someone mentions Sintra, palaces are the first thing that comes to mind. Indeed, Sintra's renown is forever interlinked with its architectural treasures.

  18. THE 10 BEST Portugal Hiking Trails (Updated 2024)

    4. Salto do Prego. 269. Hiking Trails. By jjluke. It goes through some of the forest terrain to arrive at the beautiful waterfall which is the highlight of the journey. See tours. 5. Madeira Explorers.

  19. 15 best hiking trails in Portugal

    Best hiking trails in Portugal - Norte PR6 TBR - Miradouros Trail, Terras do Bouro. Distance: 12 km; Type: circular; Time: about 5 hours; Physical Effort: Moderate; Technical difficulty: Easy; Recommended for: People used to hiking or in good physical shape. Points of interest: The various viewpoints of the National Park. If you want to walk this trail, you can find all the necessary ...

  20. Portugal Self-guided Hiking And Independent Walking Tours (+ Madeira

    Portugal. Portugal is home to some of the most dramatic coastal scenery in Europe, which is perfect for independent walking. It also hosts the most famous long-distance self-guided hiking trail in Europe like Rota Vicentina and Camino Portuguese. Those who are after island adventures - try the magnificent archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores ...

  21. Hiking in Portugal

    The best time for hiking in Portugal is spring (April and May) or autumn (end of September and October), since summer can become stifling, especially in Alentejo and the Algarve. For winter hiking, the island of Madeira offers year-round sun and stunning hiking trails. from € 735.

  22. Best Portugal Tours

    These Portugal trips offer unbelievable cuisine, culture, and experiences. All Trips to Portugal. View All Trips. Small Group Adventure. ... 10 Days From $5,595. VIEW TRIP. NEW TRIP. Small Group Adventure. Hiking the Isle of Madeira. Portugal Level 3+ 8 Days From $4,895. VIEW TRIP. Small Group Adventure. Hiking in the Azores. Portugal Level 3 ...