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Akiba’s Trip Plus (English Patched) PSP ISO

Akiba’s Trip Plus (English Patched) PSP ISO

Game Name: Akiba’s Trip Plus Region: Japan Console: PlayStation Portable Game Release: 2012-06-14 Genre: Action Publisher: Vivendi Games Languages: English Patched Format: ISO Game ID: NPJH-50563 Size: 730MB

Akiba’s Trip Plus is a Action video game published by Vivendi Games released on June 14th, 2012 for the PlayStation Portable.

Download Akiba’s Trip Plus (English Patched) PSP ISO

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11 replies to “akiba’s trip plus (english patched) psp iso”.

This crashes on PSP PRO-C2 and PPSSPP (Windows). How are you supposed to play this? How much is translated? Where’s a link to the forum/web site that’s tracking translation progress?

like it’s work only on android emu http://cahdroid.blogspot.com/2017/09/akibas-trip-plus-ppsspp-for-android.html

Crashes on PPSSPP GOLD ANDROID, how can we suppose to play this? did you have some recommended settings to play this? if you have, please i need your help.

like it’s work only on android emu http://cahdroid.blogspot.com/2017/09/akibas-trip-plus-ppsspp-for-android.html

its not working on ppsspp android bro. every time i try to play this on PPSSPP GOLD ANDROID , it crashes. I tried playing this on ordinary ppsspp(android) but it shows a blue screen and says “bad execution adress” instead.

This really english patch?

we wait the fix

It crashes on PPSSPP android

Is it still crashed on ppsspp?

Still crshing on boot Blue Screen Of Death ( tbf it’s purpld lmao xd ) on PPSSPP 1.12.3-1404 both android and windows OS (current latest version) T.T

I’m looking forward to playing this game on my PSP!

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Akiba's Trip

  • Edit source

Akiba's Trip ( アキバズトリップ , Akibazutorippu , AKIBA'S TRIP ) is a 2011 game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) platform. It is the first game in the Akiba's series. The game was exclusively released in Japan. It is the first game in the Akiba's series. It was initially scheduled to be released on April 14, 2011 but became delayed. It was later released on May 19, 2011. The game received a sequel titled Akiba's Trip 2 (also known as Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed ).

A enhanced port titled AKIBA'S TRIP PLUS ( アキバズトリップ プラス , Akibazutorippu Purasu ) was released on June 14, 2012 for Japan, with new additional features.

The game takes place in the Japanese geek paradise Akihabara , and tasks players with battling vampire-like creatures called " Kageyashi " by stripping them down to their underwear, thus exposing them to sunlight, which knocks them out. In addition to the main plot, they can also engage in activities typical of the district, such as purchasing cosplay and visiting maid cafes.

A High Definition (HD) remaster of Akiba's Trip: First Memory was released in Japan on May 20, 2021. Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed was released in North America on July 20, 2021 while Europe and Australia was released on July 23, 2021. The game is compatible for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

  • 1.1 Game Overview
  • 1.2 Plot - Route Branches
  • 1.3 Missions
  • 2.1 Akiba Freedom Fighters
  • 2.2 Kageyashi / Shadow Souls
  • 3.2 Gameplay
  • 3.3 Unlockables
  • 3.4 New Character Models
  • 4.1 Differences
  • 4.2 Changes:
  • 5.1 Adaption
  • 8 Website Links

Game Overview [ ]

Akihabara , the popular Japanese culture hot-spot  is stage to a vampire-based race called the Kageyashi and the youth of the protagonist becomes involved in fighting them in this action-based fighter.

The tie-up with real stores and companies, it is possible to experience the real Akihabara, from a realistic format to virtual. People who walk the streets, music flowing from the streets CM and each store, such as broadcasting, has been almost faithfully reproduced from the Akihabara of the time the game was released (some elements also exist that have been replaced by including the right relationship). The game has been characterized by taste, giving a feel as if walking into the real Akihabara.

Character voice can be heard as tweets and shouts on the field and battle, the audio of the event is only the beginning of the story. It should be noted that the company and the advertising of products related to Akihabara were inspired during the time of the game's release.

Plot - Route Branches [ ]

The game is sectioned into three branches and the follow-up route will be a result of the player and the options they had chosen previously. Each route consists of different backstories which may not be present or evident in other routes. In order to unlock all truths of the game, players will need to play through each story, paying attention to detail which may correlate to information from a corresponding route. This is also present in addition to those referred to as "sister route", but this only effects the epilogue of the game.

Kageyashi / Shadow Soul Route

Coexistence Route

Missions [ ]

Characters [ ], akiba freedom fighters [ ].

Akihiro Tanaka ( 田中アキヒロ , Tanaka Akihiro ) - The protagonist of the game. The default name of the player and can be changed before starting the game. He is a nerd in love with Japan's anime-manga culture and is the reason why he likes to visit Akihabara most of the time. The default name in Hellbound & Debriefed is Nanashi.

Nobu ( ノブくん , Nobukun ) - He is a friend of the player and in his 20s. Also a member of the Akiba Freedom Fighters.

Gon ( ゴンちゃん , Gonchan ) - Another member of the Akiba Freedom Fighters who is a photographer.

Sara ( サラ , Sara ) - Another member of the Akiba Freedom Fighters who is also the chief maid at Eidenburg.

Yatabe ( ヤタベさん , Yatabesan ) - The owner of a junk shop trading in tech of both old and new. Also a founder of the Akiba Freedom Fighters.

Misaki Tanaka ( 田中美咲 , Tanaka Misaki ) - The sister of the protagonist, Akihiro. She is a shut-in who was about to take her pre-enrollment high school exams. She is a huge fans of cats and is affectionate towards her elder brother.

Kageyashi / Shadow Souls [ ]

Rui Fumizuki ( 文月 瑠衣 , Fumizuki Rui ) - She is a Kageyashi who saves Akihiro from her elder brother. Depending on the route taken, she can assist as an ally or become an antagonist.

Yu Abeno ( 阿倍野 優 , Abeno Yuu ) - He is the elder brother of Rui Fumitsuki and an antagonist.

Rei Anekoji ( 姉小路 怜 , Anekoji Rei ) - Also known as "Mother Soul" who rules over the Kageyashi with an iron fist.

Sena Kitada ( 北田 瀬那 , Kitada Sena ) - One half of the Dirty Blood Princesses (DBP) idol duo.

Mana Kitada ( 北田 舞那 , Kitada Mana ) - The other half of the Dirty Blood Princesses (DBP) idol duo.

Suzu Moriizumi ( 森泉 鈴 , Moriizumi Suzu ) - Rui Fumitsuki's friend and attendant who has a fearsome appetite.

Shun "Chief" Anekoji ( 姉小路 瞬 , Anekoji Shun ) - The brother of Rei Anekoji who owns a coffee shop in Akihabara.

JKV - A girl encountered leading a group of five female high school students. She is labelled JKV, which is a Japanese abbreviation of high school girl five . Her real name is unknown. She can be seen in the opening animation sequence of the game.

Satoko Midou ( 御堂 聡子 , Midou Satoko ) - Ryuuji's right-hand woman.

Ryuuji Sejima ( 瀬嶋 隆二 , Sejima Ryuuji ) - Acting head of NIRO.

Seigen Kitada ( 北田清源 , Kitada ) - The founder and investor of NIRO, as well as the father of Sena Kitada and Mana Kitada.

Gameplay [ ]

The mission stage of Akihabara is divided into seven blocks. The game has two classifications, one is "Main Mission" and the other is "Sub Mission". Any other event in the game can sometime occur during the main missions, as indicated on destination points. Players can freely explore Akihabara before the next main mission. It is also possible to leave Akihabara from the train station.

Sub Events can be seen away from the main story and can exchange details from the information store in the back alley. Payment and compensation can be received by clearing an event before a certain time period. Each client belongs to one of the main three forces, Akihabara Citizens, Kageyashi and NIRO. The reliability of each forces depends on how much the player clears.

Kageyashi have slipped onto the streets and the discrimination between them and human patterns exist to a minimum. The role of the player is to rid of the Kageyashi, but little difference is there between them and a human, therefore it is necessary to use the functions of the player's mobile camera to identify them before engaging in combat. Camera can be used before combat on humans but will take no effect and can be used at a low-angle of squatting if certain conditions are met.

The Kageyashi are capable of undressing others just like citizens. The more of the public present, the harder for both the Kageyashi and the player due to the imbalance of the two sides, depending on if the humans appear as enemy characters or not.

Combat is carried out using a special system called "strip action". Stripping is the main combat mechanism in Akiba's Trip , other than the Brawl Combat mechanic. It involves forcibly removing the target's clothing, thus exposing them to sunlight, to which Kageyashi are knocked out by. After sufficiently damaging an opponent's clothing with more conventional attacks, the user will get a "Strip Chance," which, if successful, may be chained to assault nearby opponents who have also had their clothing damaged. Clothes stripped can be sold or worn by the player themselves. The combat system is loosely based off of a previous project by Acquire titled "Supernatural -KAMIWAZA-".

The game includes a special police action where the police force engage in combat with the mob and the player. If the police work their way around they can attack the player, removing clothing from them and arrest them, as well as characters of the mob. If a fight is won against a police force, humans who have had their clothing removed will run away in that state of victory.

Unlockables [ ]

Typing these passwords as your username while starting a New Game or New Game + (Passwords are case sensitive) will access the secret clothes. You can select it on the Change screen as a character model and the secret clothes can be found in the Junk Shop on Junk Street when unlocked.

Falman3: Little Sister (Sailor Outfit)

RadioGarden: Little Sister (School Swimsuit)

MarsSystem: Little Sister (Gothic Lolita)

New Character Models [ ]

Coexistence Holic end: Rui Fumitsuki (Holic), Suzu (Holic), and Chief (Holic)

NIRO Holic end: Satoko Midou (Holic) and Ryuji Sejima (Holic)

Shadow Soul Holic end: Rei Anekoji (Holic), Sena (Holic), Mana (Holic), and Yu (Holic)

Sister Holic end: Little Sister (Holic)

Semi-Invisible Clothing Mode

Akiba's Trip Plus [ ]

Differences [ ].

New features have improved of the previous port installation. AKIBA'S TRIP PLUS is an improved version of the former workings. With this, you add a large number of elements. Save data from the original version can be carried over as it is. Initially, June 21, was expected to be the release date but became one week ahead of schedule.

Changes: [ ]

  • In the first version, voice overs were present during prologues and various cutscenes. PLUS grants the addition of full voice overs throughout the game.
  • The original versions character 3D model compared to artwork was not very high in resolution or accuracy. PLUS greatly improved in this work, it has designs closer to the original picture. The camera work of the events scene have also been changed, so that the face of the character is visible well.
  • Dub pre-secret live event of Sakuchu is animated, the song has also been newly written.
  • Reproduced the Akihabara of 2012 release time, meaning a more modern or contemporary approach.
  • Additional highest degree of difficulty "Holic", can be selected to the high degree of difficulty, "Otaku" mode after clearing the game.
  • Strengthening of the crowded elements. Costumes, weapons additional appointments. There are also twice the number of sub-events than the original version.
  • More costumes and nickname appreciation, as well as a picture book.
  • Motion, strengthening of production.
  • Shortening of reading time.

Development and Release [ ]

The development team, Acquire, decided that they wanted to create a game which visualizes Akihabara but is unique and holds a story of its own. The team later decided to take photographs of the city as reference and later began storyboarding ideas which led up to the game's development. The opening theme song is Dreamin' by ClariS. The character designer for the game was Hajime Mitsuda. The game seems to have drawn inspiration from all sorts of real-life music based in Akihabara, such as songs playing in streets or stall markets. The game mechanics seem to have been drawn from a previous game project done by Acquire ( Akiba's series development team), called Supernatural -KAMIWAZA-.

Adaption [ ]

Akiba's Trip received a Gree mobile app version, as well as manga adaptions resulting in three volumes. The manga adaption was written by Dengeki Maou of ASCII Media Works, artwork by Kenji Mizuta and published in Comico Rise on April 27, 2012 and made it into the June issue sale. The story followed the regular route leading into the coexistence route. *Note: Gree link has been changed or doesn't work.

"AKIBA'S TRIP" Dengeki Comics (all three volumes)

  • First Printing September 27, 2012 issue  ISBN 978-4048869171
  • First Printing April 27, 2013 issue  ISBN 978-4048915410
  • First Printing December 21, 2013 issue  ISBN 978-4048661829

Manga Volume 1

Gallery [ ]

  • The name  AKIBA'S TRIP  is a portmanteau on the words  Akiba  in a possessive form and  Trip . When combined, often written as a whole, AKIBA'STRIP—with the can be read "Akiba Strip", hence the stripping in-game.

Website Links [ ]

  • Akiba's Trip Series - Official Website Homepage (Japanese)
  • Akiba's Trip - Official Website (Japanese)
  • Akiba's Trip Plus - Official Website (Japanese)
  • Akiba's Trip: First Memory - Official Website (Japanese)
  • Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed - Official Website (English)
  • AKIBA'S TRIP: Hellbound & Debriefed (Steam)


  • Akiba's Trip and Plus comparisons - Siliconera
  • 1 Akiba's Trip
  • 2 Akiba's Trip 2
  • 3 Matome Mayonaka

psp akiba's trip english patch


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Akiba's Trip Plus English Patch

psp akiba's trip english patch

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

[walkthrough] akiba's trip plus psp, 17 comments:.

psp akiba's trip english patch

I really appreciate your post. It's been a great help. Somehow it's possible to prevent Yuu's and Queen's death in Co-existence Route. By picking certain choices after fighting Yuu as well as completing the submission 人捜し (Searching for Someone).

The NIRO agent who usually attacks you in UD+, he took a picture of you with the camera like yours before initiating fight with you, right? Well, he will no longer attack you once you have high affection with NIRO. Though he will still fight back if you press square on him. The one that I found strange is that the NIRO new agents (the ones who die like kageyashi) will still attack you if you're on NIRO Route after you kill Yatabe's friend in Junk Shop. They appear everywhere along with Queen's special agents except in Rooftop, Junk Shop, and Park where the final battle will take place.

Regardless of how good my "Chaos Frame" is, they will attack me as soon as they see me. Either the new NIRO agent or the Queen special agent. There are around 6 of them in each area, even in Station and Junk Street. Though the guitarists (in white shirt who appears in early part of the story) will still show up running in Junk Shop as well, they won't attack me unless I attack them first. Maybe because I have good affection of Kageyashi as well since I completed all submissions. They even stop running when I just talk at them.

psp akiba's trip english patch

BTW how do I complete the mission 深謝の知恵袋 (A Bag of Wisdom on Sincere Apologies)? I know that it fails immediately if I defeat any angry mob. Then how to complete that mission? I managed to have the policemen defeat all of them but there's still no sign that I completed it. I went back to the client at Rooftop but she still says the same. Yatabe is also seen standing near the exit but he says nothing when I try to talk to him. There are also two or three policemen show up at Station as well as UD+ aside of at Junk Shop after I talk to the client at Rooftop but nothing else different aside of the angry mobs at Junk Shop. So far this is the only submission I haven't completed yet. I managed to complete all other submissions.

psp akiba's trip english patch

Remove all clothing and wear just the headgear 「反省のおふだ」and then talk to Yatabe.

Thanks. It works. I've been keeping that quest and it expires once the Queen arrives. I did it on purpose until I found a way how to clear the quest. Besides it's kind of fun to have multiple policemen around and when they all try to arrest me at the same time, the "busted" speech is said repeatedly. Especially when I use R1+[] tech on him. Btw how do you get the ultimate weapon for 2-hands? Some said that you need to have good chaos frame of all fractions by donating over 1 million. Then you talk to Yatabe in Co-existence Route to get the weapon. But it seems that he keeps asking for computer parts whether or not I have donated 1M. AFAIK the donate woman ni longer shows up after I donated 1M and there is a girl showed up in Park at the same time. And once you get all three ultimate weapons, you could trade it to certain NPC to get rare items. Where is that person? The submission agent?

Wow, you attached a song. Cool.

lol As of now, I don't know the answer to your question yet. I will get back to you if I find out.

Btw what happened to the song you put earlier? You removed it?

Yeah. I was thinking that it might annoy some people if music starts autoplaying, so I decided to take it down.

It is kinda annoying how Google-sensei always messes up on walkthrough searches for this game. Kinda happy I found this one though. I'm just here to ask how many ending routes this game has. So far, I have already seen 4 of them. I'm not gonna spoil but I'll give hints on what they are so the people who finished this would understand: 1. The Cat in the Alley 2. Fun in Akiba (Fake Kiss lol) 3. New Maid 4. Twin Harem (I was surprised by this one) But I heard there was another ending which I probably missed. Not sure if it exist so I hope you guys can clarify me on this one........... Oh and ミスターケブラー2 (Mr. Kevlar 2) - Go to the Rooftop area where you last met Mr. Kevlar guy. Talk to him. - After talking, he will ask you to give him a +10 Kevlar (10ケブラー). You can make this by upgrading a costume to +10 but not reaching +20 since you'll end up with +20 Kevlar. Sell this costume at that Junk Shop near the Maid Cafe and poof! A +10 Kevlar is now purchase-able in that store. Buy it (Obviously). - When you have the Item with you, go back and talk to Mr. Kevlar. You will hand the Item over, talk a bit and you're done........ BUT! - You will end up having a chance to strip him even though the mission is finished. I just put this info as "thanks in advance" for mine. Might not help those who cleared it.... but hey, info for info. It might help someone else and I don't get to feel guilty just asking in the end :D

psp akiba's trip english patch

Como se guarda.la partida

How can I finish the sub mission where I need to talk to a girl in the roof top who was seating on a bench? I am currently stuck on that can you please help me Papina Sensei?

Ah sorry for the inconvenience Papina Sense but I already finish the sub mission I finally get it =)

psp akiba's trip english patch

Can you explain it?

psp akiba's trip english patch

Do you know how to land the 3 hit combos and also the guard breaking hit in fights ? I can only hit with that shitty 2 hits combo and I think that I have to improve my way of fighting. But, I couldn't figure how as the Google searches are as fucked up as my mind right now. I really want to know how. I saw lots of people doing it just fine, while I'm here mashing every button like a fucking senile old man but all I can do to hit those sacks of shit with that 2 hits combo, without knowing how to do the guard breaking hits like the NPCs do.

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Akiba's Trip HD Box Art

Review: Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound and Debriefed

Image of Zoey Handley

Show me how you strip

The Akiba’s Trip series is one that I think many people know based on premise alone. It has never reviewed very well in the West, but it’s hard to ignore a game whose central mechanic is undressing people in Akihabara. Undressing people. Stripping them to the nude. Putting them in their flesh tuxedo. They’ve even contrived a reason to do so, but we’ll get to that.

We never got the original Akiba’s Trip over here in North America. It was originally released in 2011 on the PSP, which was close enough to the launch of the Vita to be ignored. Instead, we jumped straight into the sequel, Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed .

Now, however, we’re getting a chance to travel back to 2011’s Akihabara with Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed (oh, I get it, “HD”) and see how the stripping began.

Akiba's Trip Awkward Moment

Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed ( Nintendo Switch [reviewed], PC , PS4 ) Developer: ACQUIRE Corp. Publisher: XSEED Games, Marvelous USA, Inc. Released: July 20, 2021 MSRP: $39.99

Let’s address the whole “HD” part of this package. Akiba’s Trip was a mighty fine-looking PSP game for its time. It is not, however, a good-looking Switch, PS4, or PC game. Models are angular, textures are blurry, and if you look too far off, you can see the cars disappear into the 2D backdrops. It’s an improvement over the original, don’t get me wrong. Textures and lighting have been touched up, but they didn’t go as far as even matching Undead & Undressed’s graphical fidelity.

Even still, the framerate tends to chug on the Switch version when you position the camera just right or there’s lots of stripping going on. I never found it too intrusive, but it was hard to ignore.

That’s not the end of the world, but it doesn’t bode well for any other upgrades. Indeed, the combat, which has been a sticking point for the series in general, is just as clunky as ever. The idea is that you have to damage the enemy’s clothing before you can rip it off, exposing their supple flesh to the world. There’s headwear, upper body, and lower body, and they are all worn down with their individual attacks. As such, you have high, mid, and low attacks, but they can’t be chained together in any advantageous way, so you’re stuck with just kicking them in the shins until their pants break.

The biggest issue is the targeting, which is essentially non-existent. You can’t lock on, so you’re at the mercy of your character’s attention span, and they’re easily distracted. Even when fighting only one enemy, you’ll often find yourself attacking off to the side for no reason, or striking behind your target. In groups, things can get hopeless, and kamisama help anyone who joins you as an ally. Just flail in the direction of the enemies you want to strip and start tearing every once and a while. See what you can catch.

The whole reason for the stripping? Akiba’s Trip tells you it’s because there are vampires preying on the citizens of Akihabara, but it gets a little murky. You’re turned vampire at the outset, so you’re just as susceptible to sunlight as everyone else. Lose your clothes, and you dissolve. Take off a vampire’s outfit, and they dissolve. Strip a bystander, and they just run off in embarrassment.

The weird thing is, the story isn’t all that committed to this concept. It plays along with the whole hidden threat angle, but often when you strip a character with a name, they’re just like, “Hah, I’m too tough to be killed by the sun!” Then they run off because no one has heard of restraints. You can also just strip down to a pair of headphones and be perfectly fine. As long as you’re wearing an article of clothing, the sun can’t hurt you. Your underwear doesn’t count. Thankfully?

Why are all these vampires out in the daylight, anyway? Have they never heard of coffins? I’m pretty sure Akihabara has a nightlife to prey on.

Akiba's Trip Holy Veil

The story of Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound and Debriefed involves you investigating the disappearance of a friend and getting beaten up in an alley. A woman takes pity on you and shares her blood with you by way of a kiss, and you become a vampire — sorry, Shadow Soul — like her. An organization dedicated to the eradication of Shadow Souls, NIRO, recruits you by force to stop their diabolical scheme.

The plan? Vampire bites apparently turn people into shut-ins. It’s not very well explained, but from what I gather, I may have been a victim of these Shadow Souls. I’m also not really certain of the grand plan. Drive down human birth rates in Japan so vampires can thrive? I’m not sure they need help with that, especially not in Akihabara.

I poke fun at some of the more nebulous elements, but the foundation does a decent job of moving things along. While it seems from the outset that NIRO has you by the crotch of the pants, as the plot moves along, you’re given some agency in who you help. Your primary concern is protecting the people of the Tokyo neighborhood, but who has its best interests in mind? Is it really NIRO? Are all vampires bad?

Akiba's Trip Stripping

Likewise, the characters are enjoyable, if not a fair bit archetypal. It does tend to get a bit overly wordy, especially towards the end. There’s a possible romance in the game that I enjoyed, but every so often she’d start to drop analogies that I just didn’t understand. I’m sorry, but an analogy is supposed to clarify a subject, not mystify it further. Poor use of poetic license is a turn-off for me.

At its core, Akiba’s Trip is about being an otaku, which I guess also means being a pervert. Throughout the game, you’ll be subjected to fetishes laid bare. I consider myself to be pretty open-minded, but I found myself feeling somewhat uncomfortable when I had to utilize the protagonist’s little sister to awaken a schoolgirl fantasy in him. Likewise, when I had to find a “cherry” on the street, deceive her, and deliver her to the local BDSM queen, I kind of felt a bit disconnected. But the game rewarded me for being a predator! Not sure what message that sends.

It’s nothing worse than you’d find in some of the lewder anime out there, just be ready to dip your toes into other people’s kinks. Some that you might not be into, but others that you might be! What’s your game, friend? Crossplay, maids, moe, catgirls, bunny girls, fox girls? You’re covered. Just don’t be surprised when it skirts a little near sexual assault territory, as if the core theme wasn’t close enough.

Akiba's Trip Hate Boner

Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed is a horny game if nothing else. It’s not explicit ecchi, but it knows exactly what it’s doing, and it succeeds in a lot of ways. It’s an interesting satire of the otaku lifestyle, both poking fun at and embracing it.

Most of the time, though, it’s like playing a stripped-down version of Yakuza . You wander a Japanese neighborhood, shop, do side-quests, build up your character, much like in that venerated series. But then the combat sucks and the story is poorly paced. On the other hand, I can’t deny it grew on me. It feels like one of those janky, Japanese, early PS2 titles like Mr. Mosquito or Robot Alchemic Drive . It might not be the most fun to play, but it’s unique enough to captivate.

[This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]

Tekken 8 PC minimum specs

psp akiba's trip english patch

AKIBA'S TRIP: Hellbound & Debriefed

psp akiba's trip english patch

  • RadioGarden
  • Opening phase This phase spans from the beginning of the game until the mission to defeat SGV
  • Midgame phase This phase spans after defeating SGV until before defeating the DBP twins
  • Endgame phase This phase spans after defeating the DBP twins
  • Low equals Casual Difficulty or higher
  • Medium equals Gamer Difficulty or higher
  • High equals Otaku Difficulty or higher
  • Extreme equals to Holic DIfficulty.
  • Complete all side missions. Completing them usually rewards skills and unique clothings and weapons. Each ending routes has its ows side missions. There are also 2 or 3 (semi)hidden side missions. Some side missions also yield a unique item that are needed for a nickname. Refer to side missions section on further info.
  • Complete the Rooftop Arena Weapon #13 is dropped by the final enemy in this arena. You will also get nickname #16. Aside from that, this will also unlock the Akiba Martial Arts Tournament which has more unique clothings and weapons.
  • Complete the Baseball Rock-Paper-Scissors This can be found at Rooftop. Talk to named NPC Hokutono to start this. This is especially a good and easy way to collect unobtainable clothing at the early phase of New Game since you can get the clothings without any necessary skills.
  • Complete the Akiba Martial Arts Tournament. These technically are included in the side missions. However, they are unique variations for each playthrough and they may reward special clothings and weapons. Refer to Akiba Martial Arts section for further info.
  • SW Main Street is a very good stakeout map to collect clothings and weapons at any point in the game. Almost all NPCs can spawn there with the exception of Foreigners. Go to the intersection and you can look all entry points easily and see if your targe NPC appear.
  • There are 2 ways to initiate combat with NPCs. First is by shoving them aside. And the second is by bumping into them repeatedly until they get angry. Sometimes NPCs will run away when you initiate combat with one way. If so, then try do the other way to initiate combat. It may yield different result.
  • The UFO Catcher in Station Front is a place to find many types of weapons. Some of the them are obtainable only at this place. Refer to the UFO Catcher section for detailed info.
  • All accessories except accesory #32 can be bought at the following stores : OKKY, OKKY II, third rabbit at Junk Street and Junk Shop. Accessory #32 can be found at the UFO Catcher. Refer to UFO Catcher section for detailed info.
  • Skills are sold in shops, reward from side missions, related to ending routes and leveling up your character (you need to be lvl 35 to unlock all level related skills).For other special skills refer to Skills section for additional information.
  • There are 4 ending routes. Every one of them is required to unlock unique character models. One of them has 2 variants that also unlocks to nickname#44 and nickname#45.
  • There's a semi missable item (#64) that are required for nickname #54. It is sold at Station Front until the cutoff point. After entering the Station, turn left and past the Convenience Store and talk to the NPC there to buy it. Note that sometimes different NPC will not sell this item. If so, just reenter the Station until the NPC that sells it spawn .
  • Steel Maids These female maids has a unique metallic appearance. They will flee if they see you and cannot be engaged in combat if they flees. To combat them, enter Camera Mode. Wait until they turn away from you then you can engage them. This NPC will flee from combat if she receives considerable damage or lost too many clothings. Try to focus on strippng one part of clothing when fighting them. These maids spawns on Back Street and the Park.
  • Steel Otakus The male counterpart of Steel Maids. Their behavior is the same as Steel Maids. They spawns on Junk Street and Rooftop.
  • Women in blue clothings.
  • Women in bar maid attire and triangle bandanna.
  • A waiter in black shirt and red apron. This variation may also be fought in Sister's room.
  • A waitress in black shirt adorned in yellow color and an apron.
  • A waiter in yellow shirt and black apron. This variation only appears in Otaku difficulty or higher.
  • Women in red clothes. This variation only appears in Otaku difficulty or higher.
  • Backstreet at the intersection that leads to Maid Cafe and Junk Shop.
  • SW Main Street at the intersection to the 3rd exit.
  • UD+ at the left side of the big open area.
  • Station Front to the next of the Vintage Clothing Shop
  • Sign Holder This NPC wear a bear costume. It enters the map from one entry point then walks to another entry point and then disappears and will not reappear again until you reenter the map. This NPC seems to run away if you try to combat them by pushing them aside. To combat it, bump into it repeatedly until it got angry and attack you. (You might need to be hated by Akiba Residents for this to work) This NPC is also to be the only source for Weapon #53 and Weapon #62
  • #340 - Special Reward from UFO Catcher.
  • #268, #275-277, #279-283, #288-290 - From Akiba Martial Arts Tournament
  • #104-105, #162, #230-232, #302-303 - Hidden Events/NPCs
  • #252-253 - Sister's Room
  • #13 - Complete Rooftop Arena.
  • #106, #111, #112, #117, #118, #121 - UFO Catcher Prizes
  • #109-110 - From Akiba Martial Arts Tournament
  • #90, #101, #104, #114 : Hidden Events/NPCs
  • #103 - Akiba Martial Arts Tournament , Hidden Events/NPCs
  • #113, 124 - Sister's Room
  • #35 - From Side Missions
  • #44, #45 - Can be bought at Maid Cafe
  • #64 - Buy at NPC. Refer to General Tips Section
  • First Round The enemy you want to find here is Nadeshiko. She has the appearance of a cheerleader. All 3 pieces of her clothings (#279-#281) are unique and she also has a unique weapon (#110). However, if you played on difficulty lower than Otaku, some of her clothings will be replaced by more generic versions
  • Second Round The enemy you want to find here is a witch. All 3 pieces of her clothings (#275-#277) are unique and she also has a unique weapon (#109). However, if you played on a low difficulty, her weapon will be replaced by a non-unique weapon. (At Casual difficulty she has a non-unique weapon, at Otaku difficulty she has her unique weapon)
  • Semi-Finals The enemy you want to find here is Mokyurin. She has white clothings and a unique hat (#268). However, if you played on a high difficulty, her hat will be replaced by a non-unique hat. (At Otaku difficulty she has a non-unique hat, at casual difficulty she has her unique hat)
  • Finals The enemy you want to find here is GI Jane. She has the appearance of a soldier. All her clothings are unique (#288-#290). However, if you played on a low difficulty, her hat will be replaced by a non-unique hat. (At Otaku difficulty she has a unique hat, at casual difficulty she has her non-unique hat)
  • Exhibition There's only one possible enemy here and he has 2 unique clothings (#282-283) and a unique weapon (#103)
  • Fighting Sara Accumulate 200 Maid Points at Maid Cafe and you'll get an invitation to fight at Rooftop. Defeat her and get her unique clothings (#104-105, #162, #302-303) and unique weapon (#104). You will also get nickname #13. Note that she doesn't have her unique weapon at Casual difficulty or lower. She also has a different set of clothes on Holic difficulty
  • Feeding the Homeless At the beginning of the game, buy French Bread from the Convenience Store at Station Front. Then go find the homeless man in Back Street. Give him the French Bread. Later on, talk to him again and he will give you weapon #101
  • Book of Secrets At Coexistence route, talk to Yatabe to gain weapon #90. You must have full relationship with all factions for this to work. To do that easily, donate to fundraisers to the max. The donation can only be done before the cutoff point.
  • Fighting Master Defeat at least 300 Shadow Souls and complete the Rooftop Arena. Then go to the park to find her. Defeat her and get her unique clothings (#341-#342) and weapons(#103, #114). Note that she can also be fought at a side mission on NIRO route. But she won't drop weapon #103
  • The strongest bear Right after the cutoff point and further, if you have abysmall relations with all factions. There's a chance that a bear will spawn at Rooftop near where Hokutono stands. Defeat him to get unique clothings (#230-232) and nickname #14.
  • King's Clothings Sell 200 different clothings to Vintage Shop to get this reward.
  • Give sister 5M across all playthroughs
  • Play Holic difficulty
  • Fully stripped the little sister
  • Donate 1M to Suzuna's Fundraiser
  • Buy "Cindy" for 10k or 20/30k. Can only be on different playthroughs.
  • Clear Sister Route
  • At Side Mission "Goodbye, Lady" choose "Sorry I died …" at last choice. Then check the scribble pad
  • Check the pad when you can't have any more clothes
  • Between "Freedom Fighters" and "Meet-Up" (Only NG+)
  • Between "They Call Her the Stripmaster" and "Chasing Shadows" (Only NG+)
  • Between "Hunting for Henchmen" and "Draw Out Yu Abeno" (Only NG+)
  • Between "Crowd Control" and "After the Black-Haired Girl" (Only NG+)
  • Between "The Master's Teachings" and "Accept a Few Side Missions"
  • Between "Meet Mr. X" and "Off to NE Main Street"
  • Between "Serving the Master" and "Stop DBP's Plans"
  • Between "Back to Base, ASAP" and City-Wide Battles
  • During City-Wide Batles

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Akiba's Trip Plus – Save Games

Psp nintendo switch pc playstation 4, psp game save directory (zip) (japan).

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  • From Edward22 (11/01/2023; 306KB) Save completed 3 Routes

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  1. Akiba's Trip Plus (English Patched) PSP ISO

    psp akiba's trip english patch

  2. 秋葉原舞台のPSPゲーム「AKIBA’S TRIP」、パケ画公開

    psp akiba's trip english patch

  3. Akiba's Trip

    psp akiba's trip english patch

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    psp akiba's trip english patch

  5. Akiba's Trip Plus Box Shot for PSP

    psp akiba's trip english patch

  6. Akiba's Trip

    psp akiba's trip english patch


  1. 【AKIBA S' TRIP】序盤プレイ2

  2. 【AKIBA S' TRIP】闘技場

  3. akiba's trip cap 1

  4. 【AKIBA S' TRIP】ダブプリ戦

  5. 《秋葉原之旅 2 / AKIBA'S TRIP 2》已上市遊戲報導

  6. 【PSP】Akiba's trip アキバズトリップ プレイ12


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