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51 Meals I Ate on my P&O Cruise (Photos and Menus) – Food Review

If you have ever considered a cruise with P&O Cruises you may be wondering about the quality of the food.

P&O cruises are widely regarded as having high-quality food and in this post, I share photos of everything I ate on a 12-night P&O cruise.

Each photo is accompanied by the menu description as well as dietary information.

Main Dining Room Meals – DINNER (Included in Cruise Fare)

The below photos are food examples from dinner on board P&O’s Ventura. Lunch choices are also featured later in the post.

p&o mini cruise food

Notes: The middle eastern dips may not look like much but it was really tasty!

p&o mini cruise food

Note: The lentil spaghetti bolognese was brilliant. I loved the number of vegetarian options available onboard!

I am vegetarian so have included some meat dishes from others (as seen below) as examples.

p&o mini cruise food

Note: The steak was always available on the menu and many family members of mine tried it during our cruise. They all agreed that the steak was well cooked and was of good quality.

p&o mini cruise food

Note: I LOVED these Tacos! The portion might not look huge but I was really full after eating the meal.

Christmas Dinner – P&O Cruises Main Dining Room

We spent Christmas day on board P&O’s Ventura and the photos below are of our Christmas dinner.

p&o mini cruise food

Note: I didn’t particularly enjoy the amuse (green drink) but I did feel healthy for drinking it.

p&o mini cruise food

Review: Although not amazingly presented my family all agreed that the traditional roast turkey was good. I had a mushroom pie and although I would have preferred a traditional roast with some sort of meat substitute, I was very happy with the meal.

p&o mini cruise food

Review: The breaded brie was one of my favourite foods from the entire cruise, it was just like a giant cheese nugget. Yum!

p&o mini cruise food

Review: My tart was more wobbly than expected but it tasted good. We experienced quite a bit of bad weather during this cruise and the tart was wobbly as the ship rocked!

p&o mini cruise food

Review: Without a doubt, the Tofu and broccoli stir fry was my favourite meal of the cruise. It doesn’t look like much in the photo but I’d be happy to eat this day after day! I didn’t like the pudding, but the other 5 people I was cruising with did, that one was just due to personal preference (a bit too soggy for my liking)!

Main Dining Room Meals – LUNCH (Included in Cruise Fare)

The below photos are from the main dining room lunches we had onboard.

p&o mini cruise food

Review: The pasta was the perfect lunch when I wasn’t feeling like eating a huge portion. The chocolate brownie was a little dry and could have benefited from some extra chocolate sauce.

p&o mini cruise food

Review: The great thing about cruising is that if you can’t decide between two dishes, you can order both! Everything I had during this meal was great. I particularly liked the granola on the fool.

Beach House Dinner (Not Included in Cruise Fare – £7.50 Per Person)

The Beach House is a speciality restaurant on P&O Cruises cruise ships. To eat dinner here costs £7.50 per person and there are a couple of items on the menu which cost a few pounds extra.

The Beach House is a converted section of the buffet which changes into an independent restaurant in the evening. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere here.

If you are taking a P&O cruise and don’t want to take part in formal nights, the Beach House is a great alternative. To learn more about how to avoid the formal night dress codes on cruise ships, check out this post: You Can Skip Formal Nights on a Cruise – Here’s How

p&o mini cruise food

Review: If you are considering dinner at the Beach House, make sure you come hungry. The portions are HUGE. I was looking forward to my nachos all day and they did not disappoint.

p&o mini cruise food

Review: My brother and boyfriend had the double-decker burger and both said it was great. It was difficult to eat due to the size but well worth it. My chocolate cake was HUGE but well worth making room for.

Buffet Meals – (Included in Cruise Fare)

The buffet is a self-service restaurant that is free for all guests.

p&o mini cruise food

Review: I did have some strange combinations when it came to meals from the buffet but that is the fun of a buffet. I particularly liked the ready-made salads and desserts which came in little bowls or on small plates.

p&o mini cruise food

Review: The chocolate cakes and cookies onboard were always tasty. The buffet would open again at 11 pm for late-night snacks so this is where we would often find treats like these.

Costa Coffee Snacks – (Included in Cruise Fare)

On most P&O cruise ships you will find a Costa Coffee. Drinks here must be purchased, either on a pay as you go basis or by purchasing a drinks package.

The cakes, cookies and sandwiches here are always free of charge.

p&o mini cruise food

Review: I’ve been searching for the best cruise ship cookies for years and these are my favourite. Technically I’d say they’re biscuits not cookies, but even still. These were SO GOOD.

Sindu Dinner (Not Included in Cruise Fare – A La Carte Pricing)

Sindu is a speciality restaurant that serves Indian food with a British twist. We had a great meal here.

Each item on the menu has a separate price, as it would in a restaurant on land.

p&o mini cruise food

Note: The meal that we had here was so good that I actually forgot to take a photo of my main. Oops! You’ll have to trust me on that one.

Pool Side Grill – (Included in Cruise Fare)

Besides the pool is a poolside grill that serves burgers and hot dogs. The food is made to order and the food is some of the best quality I’ve ever found beside a pool.

Usually, the food at the poolside grill isn’t as good as the food in the buffet or main dining rooms but I have always been impressed with P&O’s poolside food.

Pictured below is my veggie burger and my brother’s cheeseburger, both are served with fries and ketchup.

p&o mini cruise food

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p&o mini cruise food

P&O Dining Information

P&O Cruises provides a variety of different dining options. Choose from formal dining rooms, restaurants created by renowned chefs, grill restaurants, food courts, tapas bars, pizzerias, and more. Club Dining and Select Dining are available on all seven ships. Club Dining refers to the traditional 5-course dinner with assigned seating at the same table and same time every night, determined at the time of booking. Select Dining allows passengers to dine at an alternative restaurant with flexible hours. Please note that a cover charge applies for Select Dining. Finally, Freedom Dining is available on the Arcadia, Aurora, Azura, Britannia, Ventura, and Oceana, allowing guests to dine any time and with anyone at select restaurants. Main Dining Room Policies : P&O Cruises guests are assigned to one of two seatings in the main dining room for their evening meal, early or late. The early and late seating times can vary by ship or itinerary, but are usually at around 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., respectively. Dress Code: There are two dress codes onboard – evening casual and black tie. Stylish resort or leisurewear is ideal for Evening Casual nights, for example casual separates or dresses for ladies and open-neck polo shirts and casual trousers (not shorts) for men. Smart dark denim is also fine. On black Tie nights, ladies wear glamorous evening wear including cocktail dresses, ball gowns or even smart trouser suits. For men, dinner jackets or tuxedos are the norm, but a dark lounge or business suit and tie can be worn as an alternative. You can also wear formal national dress and military uniform. Shorts, t-shirts and swimwear are never permitted in the main dining room. Beverage Policy: All beverages except tea, coffee and water are at an additional cost. Juice is included with breakfast. Special Requests: P&O Cruises will make every effort to accommodate special dietary requirements and special meals can be requested at the time of booking. P&O Cruises can provide diabetic, fat-free, vegetarian, gluten-free and kosher meals. Kosher meals are ordered from an external food supplier, so it's recommended to request these as soon as possible, and no later than 75 days prior to sailing. All dining rooms onboard P&O Cruises ships are smoke-free.

Arcadia Arvia Aurora Azura Britannia Iona Ventura

p&o mini cruise food

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P&O Cruises food: What is dining like on P&O Cruises ships?

P&O Cruises has carved a name for itself as catering to the British market – and that applies to the food and countless dining options onboard the line’s ships too. This is what you need to know.

In association with:

Bolsover Cruise Club

Is food included on P&O Cruises?

Yes, the main dining options on P&O Cruises are complimentary. Guests can enjoy a smorgasbord of cuisines all included in the price across the P&O Cruises food menu, whether you fancy modern British classics or more exotic flavours inspired by the destinations visited on your holiday.

P&O Cruises buffet

Onboard P&O Cruises ships – available to book via travel agent Bolsover Cruise Club – the buffet presents an excellent choice for casual, all-day dining, starting with breakfast. Freshly made snack options, lunch and afternoon tea are also available if you want a bite to eat during the day.

Come evening, the buffet serves main courses that are ideal for fuelling up after a day of exploring ashore. Should you feel peckish after dinner (or indeed after a few drinks in the bar) a selection of nibbles ranging from pizza to sandwiches is also offered.

P&O Cruises pizza

P&O Cruises Main Dining Room

Main dining rooms on P&O Cruises ship provide an elegant ambience and a convivial atmosphere where you can be treated to silver service from the head waiter and their team plus a five-course P&O cruises food menu, safe in the knowledge it’s all included in the price of your holiday. You can even don your fancy attire if you want to!

Dining onboard is simplified with the options of either Club Dining or Freedom Dining (ship dependent – not all have both) in the Main Dining Rooms. Club Dining means you’ll be seated with the same cruising companions at a designated time daily. Freedom Dining allows you the flexibility to arrive and be seated at your convenience within the specified serving window for the venue.

P&O Cruises included restaurants

The line also offers a selection of other restaurants included in the cost of your fare – although not all are found on every ship. For instance, American eatery 6th Street Diner is exclusive to new ship Arvia, while Taste 360 and The Quays (a multi-venue food court) are on both Iona and Arvia.

Arvia 6th Street Diner

P&O Cruises speciality restaurants

P&O Cruises speciality dining choices provide intimate dining venues, an impressive array of cuisine and celebrity chef restaurants – but entail an additional cover charge.

Whether you seek a romantic dinner for two, want to celebrate an occasion, or simply have a change of scenery, these restaurants promise a great culinary experience. From the refined elegance of The White Room to the laid-back vibe of The Keel & Cow, there is a dining option to suit every taste. The Epicurean on Iona and Ocean Grill on Arcadia stand out as signature speciality restaurants, with the latter crafted by famous three Michelin-starred chef, Marco Pierre White. Here you can feast on such dishes as Dorset crown lamb rack, paprika spiced battered cod fillet and Marco’s warm chocolate brownie.

Meanwhile, The Glass House – complete with a curated wine selection overseen by British wine connoisseur Olly Smith – draws inspiration from a London wine bar and is found onboard Aurora, Azura, Ventura, Iona, Britannia and Arvia. This venue not only offers an extensive wine list but also a light food menu chosen to complement the wines available – think sticky oxtail bonbons and peppered cheese polenta chips as well as steaks if you fancy something heartier.

Those with a penchant for something sweet from food on P&O Cruises ships can indulge in the familiar taste of home with Jude’s Ice Cream or head to Ripples where Snowflake Luxury Gelato serves the best of British and Italian cultures in a host of artisan flavours. Alternatively, have an evening in and enjoy room service in peace and privacy!

P&O Arvia dining Keel and Cow burger

P&O Cruises celebrity chefs

The British cruise line has also collaborated with celebrity chefs – dubbed Food Heroes – to elevate the dining experience even further onboard.

These renowned figures in the culinary world include the masterful Marco Pierre White and multi-award-winning wine expert, Olly Smith, as well as Kjartan Skjelde, a Norwegian chef and restaurateur, acclaimed Spanish chef José Pizarro, and skilled Caribbean chef Shivi Ramoutar.

These culinary luminaries ensure travellers visiting specific popular destinations have the opportunity to tuck into dishes that give a flavour (no pun intended) of the history, culture and lives of the local communities.

Olly Smith Wine cruises: Look out for cruises with Olly Smith himself onboard when guests can sample a specially curated selection of wines, If you’ve ever pondered the ideal wine pairing for one of your favourite dishes, now is the perfect moment to seek Smith’s expert advice.

Marco Pierre White culinary cruises: Marco Pierre White, the youngest recipient of three Michelin stars, and mentor to renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Curtis Stone, is attending several cruises in 2024 . Participate in a hands-on cookery class or attend a masterclass where Marco demonstrates his foodie feats.

P&O Cruises food Main-Dining-Room-Marcos-Beef-Wellington

P&O Cruises dietary requirements

Should you have any specific dietary needs, P&O Cruises can provide a comprehensive and diverse menu tailored to your requirements, provided the cruise line is informed in advance of your sailing. The brand recently won ‘Best Cruise Line for Vegan Food’ in the PETA UK Travel Awards so you know it does dietary requirements well!

P&O Cruises can provide “a limited unsupervised” kosher option and P&O Cruises Halal food is also available, although exact dishes may not be possible. With both these dietary requirements – and whether you’re diabetic or vegetarian, you require vegan food on P&O Cruises, or need a fat-free or gluten-free diet, it’s recommended you reach out to the cruise line to communicate your preferences ahead of travel.

P&O Cruises food allergy needs

Those with food allergies or intolerances must get in touch with P&O Cruises’ Customer Contact Centre on 03453 555 111 (local call charges apply) before embarking. If you have booked experiences involving lunch or snacks and require a special diet, you should liaise with the Shore Experience Desk onboard.

norway food

Can I pay for speciality meals before I travel on P&O Cruises?

Yes, you have the option to reserve P&O Cruises speciality restaurants through My P&O Cruises from 14 days before your holiday, up until midnight the night before you set sail. For the majority of these venues, you can settle the cover charges at the time of booking. However, certain restaurants have individually priced dishes and the charges are settled after your meal.

Can you pre book restaurants on P&O Cruises?

Yes, simply head to My P&O Cruises to pre-book P&O Cruises restaurants ahead of your sailing. This is available from 14 days before your voyage, up until midnight the night before you depart. Note some P&O Cruises venues are non-bookable and only offer virtual queues or walk-ins.

Do P&O Cruises have kettles in cabins?

Yes, P&O Cruises provides kettles in all cabins along with instant coffee and tea plus UHT milk and cups.

Canary Islands

Duration: 7 nights Where: Santa Cruz, Tenerife (overnight) | Funchal, Madeira | La Palma | Fuerteventura | Santa Cruz, Tenerife Ship: Azura Price: From £891 pp

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Royal Caribbean has announced the construction of a new private beach club exclusively for cruise guests on ‘Paradise Island’, The Bahamas. 

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We’ve put together the ultimate guide to P&O Cruises drinks, from speciality bars to all the latest drinks packages.

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Become the first to know about win-a-cruise competitions, on-trend holiday inspo and don’t-miss travel advice from the experts.

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How To Cruise | Tips For First-Time Cruisers

Tips For First-Time Cruisers

P&O Mini Cruise – Hull to Amsterdam – An Independent Customer Review

9th April 2019 By David at HowToCruise 1 Comment

In March 2019, we drove across the M62 to Hull to join the P&O mini cruise to Amsterdam.

It was a break my wife and I were looking forward to.

  • See Amsterdam
  • Get away from it all for a couple of days
  • Enjoy the experience

So how did it go? Did the mini-cruise meet expectations? Was it cheap or expensive?

Here’s my independent cruise review of our experience…

Parking at the Hull P&O Terminal

So let’s be practical. What about parking? 

It’s a pay and display car park, right by the P&O terminal – which is very handy. The staff advised us to leave our car in the multi-storey car park. They told us that this particular car park is locked overnight, whereas the outside tarmac car park isn’t.

Time to pay for the parking. It’s £8 per day – so we came prepared with 16 pound-coins. But no worries if you turn up with no change – the machine will take cards too.

Paying for the parking in the P&O Hull port car park

Check-in was pretty straight-forward, and soon we were heading up the ramp with the other passengers to embark the “Pride of Hull”.

An Inside Cabin on The Pride of Hull

So what’s the cabin like?

At check-in, they’d given us a paper/card type of e-key, so we went to take a look and drop off our luggage.

Our package included a basic inside cabin with 2 bunk beds. The top bunk swings down.

There’s no need to upgrade. This cabin had all the comforts. And a nice, clean bathroom with a shower.

Time to explore the rest of the ship…

Exploring The Pride of Hull Ship

The Pride of Hull contains all the usual things you’d expect on a cruise ship, such as a shop, restaurants, a wine bar and pub with entertainment.

Even a Starbucks coffee shop.

When we boarded, it was still very early, so we hadn’t set sail and most things were still closed.

On the top deck, the Skylounge Bar has the benefit of a nice view – and smart tables and chairs. This bar could almost be mistaken for a cruise ship.

Pride of Hull Skylounge Bar

In the evening, this Skylounge Bar hosts the more laid-back sort of entertainment. We discovered the price of a bottle of wine was rather more expensive than in the wine bar downstairs.

But for now… it was time to buy a cuppa before heading off to book a table in the restaurant.

The Restaurants on the Pride of Hull

For our evening meal, we chose the Brasserie.

The food was delicious and the service great.

But we could have chosen what they call “The Kitchen”, where, for a set price, you can eat as much as you want.

The Wine Bar

In the wine bar, it cost us £14 for a bottle of house wine.

As wine wine-bar prices go, that’s not bad – especially for a captive audience. Upstairs in the Skylounge bar, that would have cost us about £18.

Enjoying a nice bottle of wine on the Amsterdam mini-cruise

Off to Amsterdam

The next day, at 0900 we disembarked, went through the customs checks and hopped onto one of the coaches waiting outside the terminal.

Our coach was clearly labelled “Amsterdam”.

With the heavy traffic, the ride into Amsterdam took around 90 minutes. And as we left the bus, the driver told us the times of the various buses going back.

It was easy to spot the buses with the “P&O” label on the front.

So what’s Amsterdam like?

What to do in Amsterdam

The rain put a bit of a dampener on it for us. But we couldn’t let that spoil our day.

So first things first, we sought out the herring seller and bought a rollmop. That was the first thing ticked off the to-do list.

Bikes and boats are everywhere. Not surprising as it’s flat and full of canals.

Bikes and boats are everywhere in Amsterdam

Want a museum?

Well, the cheese museum is great. Lots of samples of delicious Dutch cheeses to savour, too.

And then there’s the tulip museum.

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

And… a cow museum.

And a museum celebrating the cause of the strange smell you’ll discover as you walk Amsterdam’s streets. Yes, a cannabis museum.

If you want to visit Anne Frank’s house, you’d better book your ticket online, months in advance. We didn’t, so all we got was a picture at the front door – as did lots of other people.

There are many other things to see, such as the Westerkirk.

And quaint places to shop.

You can see all these on the video we made .

We ended our mini-cruise to Amsterdam with a look around the shops

And finally, we took a last look at the canals, bikes and boats, before heading back to the coach for the journey back to the ship.

Going Back from Amsterdam

Back at the port, we got off the coach, through customs again, up the escalators, along the ramp, and got ready for another evening’s entertainment.

The wine bar was popular.

Near to the source of the entertainment, the volume of the music was quite loud. But there are a few corners where you can hold a conversation yet still hear the music.

There’s also a “quiet room” on board if music isn’t your thing.

Upstairs in the Skylounge Bar, there was more laid-back entertainment with a singer with an acoustic guitar. However, that was amplified loud, too, and there were no corners to sit and chat.

Eventually, we hit the sack and awoke in time for breakfast, before docking, disembarking, queuing through customs, and being reunited with our car.

Now, all we had to do was try to remember which storey we’d parked on.

Our Video Review of the P&O Mini Cruise to Amsterdam

We made a video of the whole of the mini-cruise – from beginning to end. 

A movie-star at last!

How Much is the Amsterdam Mini-Cruise?

Our P&O Hull to Amsterdam Mini-Cruise was great value for money.

It cost £80 for the two of us. Yes, you read that right – £40 each.

But in peak season, you can expect to pay much more.

Unlike a normal cruise, this is actually a ferry – albeit a very smart-looking ferry.

And, unlike a normal cruise, food isn’t included. So you need to budget for your food and drink.

Accommodation and entertainment were included in our £80 price tag.

So we thought it was excellent value.

If you want a day in Amsterdam and two nights of entertainment at sea, this could be the perfect bargain break.

How to Get The Bargain Price

  • I’d recommend you aim to go early in the season (you know, the unpopular times when no one else wants to go and it’s cheaper). 
  • Play around with various days – because prices can differ.  And then book it before the price changes. 
  • Make sure to go through a Cashback website to get some cash back. Here’s how to do that .
  • Remember to get yourselves some travel insurance.
  • And then look forward to enjoying your mini-cruise.

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Cruise Dining & Restaurants

What sets us apart from other cruise lines? Our commitment to innovative, fresh and fantastic food is sourced through Australian suppliers and farmers. With up to 21 different dining experiences and several restaurants to choose from across the fleet, we're plating up everything from casual cruise menus to connoisseur cuisines, and you can decide when, where and how you dine.

With P&O Cruise dining, you’re not stuck in the same seat for every single meal. You can choose from complimentary dining options, speciality restaurants and a few P&O favourites. Every meal is cooked to order, prepared using the freshest ingredients for every Cruiseling to enjoy.

Download the Onboard Dining flyer

What It Means

Pacific Explorer

Everyday P&O Cruise Dining Options

  • Waterfront Restaurant

Open every day for breakfast and dinner and lunch on sea days and select port days. Waterfront Restaurant serves up a selection of both classic and cutting edge cuisine.

Included in your fare #

Welcome to classy upscale Italian dining with modern charm. Enjoy la dolce vita and indulge in a dinner to remember.

Charges may apply #

  • Dragon Lady

Be seduced by the mysterious setting and exotic spices at our Pan-Asian restaurant Dragon Lady.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, our food court style restaurant with menus changing daily, provides a wide range of international cuisine and modern Australian delights. The Pantry caters to both the adventurous eater and those who can’t get enough of family favourites.

Included in your fare

# Charges apply to some menu items

Specialty Dining with P&O Cruises

P&o trattoria.

Foodies rejoice! P&O Trattoria wil be your new favourite place to eat, serving rustic, home-style Italian fare and delicious freshly-cooked pizza. Buon appetito!

Charges Apply

Read More Read More -->

Luke’s Bar & Grill

We’ve partnered with Luke Mangan for well over a decade to bring his experience, creativity and passion to the high seas. Luke takes the freshest and finest Australian ingredients and creates iconic signature dishes as well as some new favourites. Luke's Bar & Grill is an impressive and truly special dining experience.

Sit back and relax while Luke Mangan takes care of the menu. Enjoy a casual yet mouth-watering burger for lunch or a delicious three-course dinner with the sunset.

P&O Pizzeria

For a laid-back and delicious takeaway alternative, P&O Pizzeria serves our incredible pizza, poolside on Deck 14 . It's your favourite pizza, no fuss and at your fingertips. Open 11am till late. Only on Pacific Adventure and Pacific Encounter.

Luke’s Burger Bar

Created by our celebrity chef himself, head to Luke's Burger Bar for a casual yet mouth-watering burger, salad or hot dog for lunch or for dinner with the sunset.

Located in the centre of the ship on Level 5, The Lobby is our favourite new hang out, any time of day (or night). You can chill out in the morning, meet with friends and new-found friends in the afternoon and if you’re in the mood, stay till late and enjoy live music and an atmosphere unmatched anywhere else on the ship.

The Lobby will lead the way as a pumping new hang-out on Pacific Adventure and Pacific Encounter.

The Lobby features three unique venues:

At Lilly’s, you can relax on a comfy chair with a glass of your favourite wine, and a cheeseboard, and watch the (ship's) world passing by.

Avalon Café

Avalon Cafe caters for all your cravings from morning till late, including our famous espresso coffee, freshly baked pastries and pies, crunchy salads and sumptuous cakes.

Charlie's Bar

Charlie’s offers a vast beverage selection, catering for every taste and mood.

P&O Cruises Food Favourites

New zealand natural ice cream.

Why stop at one scoop? Try all your favourite flavours onboard at New Zealand Natural ice cream.

In-Room P&O Dining

If you don’t feel like eating out, pick up our room service cruise menu and order something delicious right to your room. Breakfast in bed anyone?

P&O Cruise Food & Drinks Packages

Beverage packages.

With a drinks package you will love knowing your drinks are taken care of so you can focus on the fun. The 'Premium Beverage Package' and 'The Lot! Beverage Package' are available to adult guests on cruises of seven nights or more and the 'Soft Drinks Package' and 'Refreshment Package' are available to all guests onboard any cruise. Drinks packages can only be purchased pre-cruise. Purchase in Cruise Control, or via our Customer Service team, from approx. 90 days to 4 days before departure.

Pre-Cruise Packages

We have a range of packages available to make cruising even more memorable. If you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to book in advance to focus on the fun while you cruise, there is a package (or two) to suit everyone.

  • Cruise Accommodation
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Angelo's
  • Luke's Bar & Grill
  • A Taste of Salt
  • P&O Trattoria
  • Room Service
  • Charlie's
  • P&O Entertainment
  • Relax & Unwind

Winner Trusted Brand - Cruise Operators - Reader's Digest 2019


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    Glass House Menu. The Glass House offers light bites and a la carte all-day dining. Dishes are expertly paired with wines by P&O Cruises' wine expert, Olly Smith. You'll find the Glass House on board Aurora, Azura, Britannia, Iona and Ventura. Starters cost from £2.75, mains from £8 and desserts from £4.50.

  4. Explore Our Dining Options

    Feasts for the whole family. On board all five of our family-friendly ships, you'll find an incredible variety of dining options catering to every tiny taste bud. Fuel poolside adventures with burgers and fries and go giddy over a range of ice cream flavours. Children are welcome in all our restaurants, but you may prefer our special children's ...

  5. Freedom Dining on P&O Cruises

    With Freedom Dining, you can turn up any time between 6 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. The exceptions are Iona and Arvia, the line's two newest ships, on which all the main dining rooms offer Freedom Dining ...

  6. Mini Cruise & Short Breaks

    Explore hidden gems and wonderful experiences on our short break mini cruise holidays with P&O Cruises. Book now for 2024, 2025 & 2026 adventures. ... "Explore Amsterdam's thriving street food scene at Foodhallen: a super-trendy gastro palazzo. What began life as an old tram depot is now Oud-West's quirky culinary destination, with more ...

  7. The Jam'd Mini Cruise to Amsterdam

    From just £89pp your Mini Cruise comprises of two nights accommodation in an en-suite cabin, your return ticket - sailing across the North Sea from Hull to Rotterdam and back, and two music-filled nights of fun and entertainment on board! And that's not all - when you arrive in Rotterdam, you'll also enjoy return coach transfers to ...

  8. P&O Mini Cruise

    3 min read. A P&O mini cruise is a short-break voyage departing from Southampton to destinations such as France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. A mini cruise is considered five nights or ...

  9. Main Restaurant onP&O Cruises

    Dining. Chatter and laughter fills our main restaurant venues, with friendly waiters to greet guests and prepare tables ahead of a tasty breakfast, relaxed lunch, or sublime evening meal. Expect to find British classics on the menu as well as exotic flavours for the more adventurous. On every cruise you'll also be wowed by an extra special ...

  10. Restaurant

    With an overnight sailing you will have plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the great selection of restaurants and bars we have on board. Our The Kitchen restaurant offers an all you can eat buffet, with foods from around the world! Or head to our café for a light snack and a fresh Costa® coffee. For a truly unforgettable eating experience on board, visit The Brasserie, which has been ...

  11. Aurora Cruise

    Room Service. Morning, noon, and through the night, if you fancy a bite to eat in your cabin, you've a mouth-watering room service menu to choose from… meals, desserts, snacks and drinks, all prepared with care and delivered with a smile. A small supplement applies to each item, apart from breakfast, which is included in the price of your ...

  12. Made In Hull Mini Cruise

    Arrive in Europoort (09:00 Sat/Sun). The coach transfer to your destination varies between 45 and 90 minutes. 17:00. Last coach departs from your destination to transfer back to the port (Europoort) 18:30. Check-in and board ship. 20:30. Ship departs from Europoort (21:00 on Sat/Sun) for another entertainment filled overnight cruise back to Hull.

  13. P&O Cruises: Dining Information

    Main Dining Room Policies: P&O Cruises guests are assigned to one of two seatings in the main dining room for their evening meal, early or late. The early and late seating times can vary by ship or itinerary, but are usually at around 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., respectively. Dress Code: There are two dress codes onboard - evening casual and ...

  14. Pacific Adventure Dining: Restaurants and Food

    While prices are updated daily, please check with the booking site for the exact amount. Cruiseline.com is not responsible for content on external web sites. Explore all food and dining options for Pacific Adventure from P&O Cruises with verified reviews and photos for all speciality restaurants, dining rooms and buffets.

  15. What's Included on a Cruise Holiday?

    What's included in your cruise holiday? A P&O Cruises holiday offers incredible value for money: luxury accommodation, delicious food, pools and whirlpool spas, gyms and sports courts, theatre shows, live music, comedy and films - not to mention the travel itself, including flights and transfers on fly-cruise holidays.

  16. Northern Soul Mini Cruise

    Welcome aboard, 4th October 2023, for this special Northern Soul themed Mini Cruise to Rotterdam from P&O Ferries. Baby, it's soul time as our Northern Soul and Motown Mini Cruise returns once again. Sailing on Wednesday 4th October 2023 from just £89 per person, you can enjoy two nights of fantastic entertainment, coach transfers for a day ...

  17. Sailawaze UK

    P&O Cruises food allergy needs. Those with food allergies or intolerances must get in touch with P&O Cruises' Customer Contact Centre on 03453 555 111 (local call charges apply) before embarking. If you have booked experiences involving lunch or snacks and require a special diet, you should liaise with the Shore Experience Desk onboard.

  18. P&O Mini Cruise

    The food was delicious and the service great. But we could have chosen what they call "The Kitchen", where, for a set price, you can eat as much as you want. The Wine Bar. In the wine bar, it cost us £14 for a bottle of house wine. ... Our Video Review of the P&O Mini Cruise to Amsterdam.

  19. P&O Themed Mini Cruises 2023

    Our P&O Themed Mini Cruises are a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday, or just have a weekend or mid-week break to get away with some friends. With our biggest and best line up yet, experience a totally unique trip unlike any other, this is sure to be a mini break you won't forget in a hurry. Enjoy two nights of fantastic entertainment ...

  20. P&O Cruises Iona

    Follow us as we show you menus (including prices) as well as the places aboard Iona you can choose to grab a bite to eat or a drink. We take you around the E...

  21. Cruise Food, Dining & Restaurants

    With up to 21 delicious cruise dining experiences across the P&O Cruises fleet, enjoy fantastic food sourced from Aussie suppliers and farmers. Book now! Welcome to P&O Cruises. This website presents a main menu on the left hand side from where you can browse our cruises, and a toolbar menu at the top page with search, live chat, support, and ...