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8 Best Travel Video Ads

Nothing sells travel better than amazing video footage. If you’re in the travel business and aren’t making video ads for social media, what are you waiting for?

We’ve created this list of eight popular travel video ads that tackle advertising in diverse, but equally effective ways. They have all racked up mass quantities of views, and probably a good number of leads . 1. A travel agency specializing in trips to Walt Disney World decided to get specific in this TikTok video ad . Rather than focusing on the variety of accommodations in the area, the video zeroes in on the Margaritaville Resort, using a green screen to simultaneously display the speaker as well as images of the resort and nearby attractions. It’s effective because it gives the casual viewer a concrete idea of what a vacation to the area would look like. A simple call to action with contact information ends the ad, which has been viewed 115,000 times.

2. Our next example also has a narrow focus. This video ad by a Ukrainian travel agent showcases hotels with the best food in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. The video starts casually, with selfie footage of the speaker standing before a stunning aquamarine sea. Then it segues into video footage of mouthwatering resort buffets and glamorous restaurants, as the speaker gives voiceover reviews. This ad has been viewed more than 300,000 times. 3. While the last two ads were pretty targeted, the next one wins the prize for specificity. In this TikTok ad by @aubreepaigetravels , Aubree actually invites viewers to join herself and her husband at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico during a particular weekend. The ad features a view of a luxurious bubble bath in a bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling view of the ocean. No word on whether anyone accepted the invitation, but the ad was viewed more than 20,000 times. 4. Though this list focuses mostly on small businesses, we wanted to include this YouTube ad by travel giant Expedia. It’s creative and doable even on a smaller advertising budget. The ad features a birds’-eye view of a living room with sped-up footage of people rearranging the furniture to look like a car on a road trip, or a pool perfect for lounging in. If this compelling ad had been made by a mom-and-pop travel agency, you can be sure viewers would take the time to browse the agency’s other videos—it’s that interesting. The short clip ends with Expedia’s brand logo and has been viewed 75 million times.

tourism adverts video

5. Awarding Travels has done a bang-up job of catering to viewers trying to choose a hotel in Cancun, Mexico. This top-10 video list of all-inclusive Cancun resorts features reviews of each resort over a backdrop of official footage of each destination. The video description includes a convenient website link for viewers who would like to learn more. It has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times, and you can bet some of those viewers have clicked through and booked a vacation. 6. While the last ad assumed viewers were interested in an all-inclusive vacation, the next one takes a slightly different approach. Geared more for the research-minded, skeptical traveler, this video by Costa Rican Vacations focuses on the pros and cons of an all-inclusive trip to Costa Rica. It’s not click bait or a marketing gimmick—the ad really does discuss actual, legitimate reasons not to book an all-inclusive. This approach casts this travel agency as a straight-shooting operation that won’t  try to sell you on a vacation package that isn’t what you want. 7. While most of the ads we’ve discussed so far are short and to-the-point, Harr Travel goes a different way in this video . The ad is actually a full walkthrough of Beaches Turks and Caicos resort, clocking in at over an hour in length. The agency’s logo and phone number appear on the screen throughout. This review is super-comprehensive, and has no doubt been very helpful to some of the 40,000 people who have viewed it.

8. Our last example is fun and casual , and very effective. This super-short ad by @shannonkittner starts with a caption stating, “I need professional help with planning a trip to Disney World for my family and I don’t know where to start.” Shannon dances to music and pretends to dial a phone, after which captions pop up on the screen advertising her business and emphasizing the fact that clients won’t pay anymore for her services than they would booking directly with Disney. The ad grabs attention with the music and dance, then seals the deal with a value proposition that’s hard to beat.

tourism adverts video

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Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World

Category: Travel

Date: August 18, 2023

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World

Creating a successful travel marketing campaign can be a challenging task for most of the travel marketers. With numerous travel agencies, airlines, and hotels in line, there is fierce competition for brand awareness.

A lot of travel marketing campaigns try hard to capture the curiosity of travelers, but fall flat. So, our expert digital marketers at ColorWhistle wanted to give you a little inspiration for your own travel and tourism marketing in 2023 and beyond.

From social media, video content, display, we searched for some of the most compelling travel marketing campaigns that inspired people to go on their next travel adventure.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most famous travel and tourism marketing campaigns you should check out.

Best Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World

We have segregated all the travel marketing campaigns into social media, video content and display ads. This will help you to frame a multi-channel strategy.

14 Best Examples of Travel Video Marketing Campaigns

Here are some of the most innovative travel videos.

1. KLM – Live Hologram Bar

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has built a hologram bar where people can meet to exchange local tips when they are waiting for flights. These holograms are placed in the airports of Amsterdam, Oslo and Rio de Janeiro.

2. Turkish Airlines – The Journey

Turkish Airlines released a short film called ‘The Journey’ where 90% of the film was airplanes and scenery. This short film has done a brilliant job promoting the airline and the destinations.

3. Iceland – Explore the a-ö of Iceland

The A-Ö of Iceland, a marketing campaign uses Icelandic alphabet to increase awareness of Iceland as a good place to visit; a great place to do business; and a place that provides great food and experience.

4. Cheapflights – Drag, Drop and Go

Cheapflights and agency Uncle Grey designed an ad banner that appeared on articles about sports, art, music events and relevant publications. The user had to simply drag the article image into the Cheapflights banner and it will instantly find the best tickets. Rather than focusing on destinations, it promoted experiences that people were already interested in.

5. Van Gogh’s Bedroom – Let Yourself In

To promote the Art Institute of Chicago’s 2016 van Gogh exhibit, Leo Burnett built Van Gogh’s Bedroom and listed it on Airbnb as a place for people to stay for a night. The campaign was a tremendous success.

6. Switzerland – Yodel Ay Hee Hoo

This ad campaign encouraged busy city people to visit the countryside. A live video feed was placed in the train station where a man was sharing information about his village and even printed train tickets in real-time.

7. Tourism Ireland – Fill your Heart

Tourism Ireland asked a married couple to wear a custom-made technology which had head-mounted cameras during their holiday in Ireland. The technology tracked their response to various experiences. They wanted to use this data to show the ‘heart-filling’ effect that Ireland has on visitors. This campaign has combined storytelling with technology.

8. Airbnb – Let’s Keep Travelling Forward

Geo-politically, 2018 was not a good year. When Donald Trump imposed a travel ban during that year, Airbnb immediately released a video highlighting the brand’s belief – “to limit travel is to turn back progress.” This campaign helped to voice the brand’s message to the world while staying relevant.

9. Hong Kong Tourism Board – VR Time Travel

When the Hong Kong tourism board launched a VR time travel experience with Timelooper, it wanted to show people that this will be an engaging experience. This VR experience enabled viewers to see the 1960’s Hong Kong, the battle between two kung-fu fighters on Hollywood Road, aircraft landing at Kai Tan airport and more. This campaign showcased the location in an innovative and engaging way.

10. British Airways – Safety Video

Safety videos are usually boring. But, British Airways turned it into a marketing opportunity. They made a safety video with actors Sir Michael Caine, Olivia Colman and comedian Chabuddy G. This video created a great online buzz for British Airways.

11. Easyjet – Imagine

Easyjet launched a £12m pan-European campaign in 2018 called ‘Imagine.’ It was a TV ad which showed the many wonders of air travel. Along with this, the company also ran ads across print, digital and social. This ad campaign helped viewers associate Easyjet with imagination and experience.

12. SNCF – Europe, It’s Just Next Door

The French National Railway operator wanted to encourage people to take the train to visit nearby countries. It placed blue doors in and around Paris. When a person opens the door, it will give an immersive digital experience of what they could see ‘next door’.

13. Tourism Quebec – Blind Tourist

Quebec is a place known for its outdoor lifestyle. But, Tourism Quebec wanted to show people that traveling can be more than just visual experience. They wanted to offer a rich experience to the senses in such a way that seeing things was only a small part of the picture. This ad has a very rich narrative.

14. Northern Ireland – Doors Of Thrones

Northern Ireland used the hit show Game of Thrones to draw tourists in. They took destroyed remnants of battered trees and carved them into 10 intricate doors. All these doors resembled the 10 episodes of season 6.

15. Helsinki Airport – Life In Hel

Helsinki was voted the best airport in 2016. They leveraged this success by running a campaign featuring Chinese actor Ryan Zhu. He lived in this airport for 30 days and shared the experience across social media and other video channels.

11 Best Examples of Creative Travel and Tourism Print Ads

Here are some of the most innovative print ads.

1. LATAM Airlines used the rainbow flag in a series of print ads

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (LATAM) - ColorWhistle

2. Norwegian Airlines utilized the Brangelina split to its advantage

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Norwegian) - ColorWhistle

3. Kielo Travel – Dreaming of a Holiday?

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Kielo) - ColorWhistle

4. Detroiter Travel Center – You Made It

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Detroiter) - ColorWhistle

5. CVC – The World Is Outside

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (CVC) - ColorWhistle

6. Cruise Ship Centers – Dreaming of a cruise?

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (Cruiseshipcenters) - ColorWhistle

7. Flight Center – Forget Work

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (FlightCentre) - ColorWhistle

8. WWF – Exploring the ecosystem also threatens lives

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (WWF) - ColorWhistle

9. TBWA Buenos Aires – Medical assistance for travelers

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (Medicus) - ColorWhistle

10. Shchusev State Museum of Architecture – Discover the full story

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (Muar) - ColorWhistle

11. Staedtler – Where it begins

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (Staedtler) - ColorWhistle

13 Best Examples of Travel Social Media Campaigns

Here are some of the most innovative travel social media campaigns.

1. Eurostar

This Instagram campaign from Eurostar turned heads by trying something new. They wanted to promote train travel from London to Paris. So, they split an illustration of a journey from London to Paris into 200 Instagram tile images. Some tiles were videos and others were hidden offers.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Eurostar) - ColorWhistle

2. Alaska Airlines

At the end of the year, many companies give gifts to customers and employees. Keeping this in mind, Alaska Airlines launched a fun promotional Twitter campaign by partnering with Starbucks. They gave a free Starbucks gift card to their guests.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Alaska) - ColorWhistle

3. Hawaii Tourism Department

The Hawaii tourism department wanted to give first-time visitors an idea of Hawaii’s beauty and culture. Plus, they also wanted veteran vacationers to visit the island again So, the tourism department collaborated with travel Instagrammers to get users to share their favorite Hawaii memory by using the hashtag #LetHawaiiHappen. The campaign was a huge success because ordinary users shared their own experiences.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Hawaii) - ColorWhistle

4. WOW Airlines

WOW Airlines launched a Snaptraveler program where 4 winners would get to tour across all 28 of the airline’s destinations for free. In exchange, they have to post a Snap story about all the locations they visit. The idea of this summer Snapchat contest was to create a reality television-like experience, target their main demographic and share relevant content in WOW Airlines’ Snapchat account. Here is a short video of the campaign.

5. National Geographic

National Geographic launched a wanderlust contest for aspiring travel and nature photographers. They have to submit their own photographs with the hashtag #Wanderlustcontest. The idea behind this campaign was to improve National Geographic’s reputation as the leading source for beautiful travel photography.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (National Geographic) - ColorWhistle

6. Kenya Tourism Board

Kenya Tourism Board partnered with Expedia to promote Kenya and an incredible destination to travelers. They choose a famous travel blogging couple and sent them on a one week trip to Kenya with no fixed itinerary. The people following this couple on Instagram can decide the itinerary by voting through an Instagram Stories poll. Throughout the week, the couple broadcasted their journey to their Instagram followers. The content was also repurposed on a microsite. This campaign was a huge success. Here is a short video of the campaign.

7. Cheapflights Facebook Messenger

Cheapflights Chat launched the world’s first Facebook Messenger bot which allowed people to search for flights and hotels. The bot utilized seven APIs. To promote this chat, videos of fictional conversations were created and shared across Facebook. Here is the chat demo.

8. dedicated an entire Facebook ad carousel to promote its “Gift $50, Get $10” holiday deal. Each slide focuses on the deal and also shows the different types of trips that people can take. This is a simple and memorable ad.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Hotels) - ColorWhistle

10. Visit PA

Visit PA wanted to push Pennsylvania as the perfect summer getaway. They used Facebook’s carousel ads format to show one panoramic photo in parts.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (VisitPA) - ColorWhistle

Airbnb created a unique Instagram video ad that showed users how the experience of discovering each activity in the Airbnb app will look like.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Airbnb) - ColorWhistle

12. Air Canada

Air Canada ran an ad in the US during the night of the 2016 presidential election. That night, Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship site had so many visitors that it crashed. Air Canada learnt this sudden interest and targeted the ad towards people who are looking to fly outside the country.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (AirCanada) - ColorWhistle

13. Explore Georgia

Explore Georgia wanted to position itself as the most pet-friendly state in America. So, they created a social media strategy targeting millennial pet owners. They shared lots of posts with the hashtag #ExploreGeorgiaPup to show that Georgia was the perfect place to visit with a dog. This campaign generated lots of traffic to their website and also helped them to reach 10,000+ followers on their pet-friendly travel Pinterest board.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (ExploreGeorgia) - ColorWhistle

7 Best Examples of Travel Email Marketing Campaigns

Here are some of the most innovative travel email marketing campaigns.

1. Air Canada

During email sign-up, Air Canada asks new subscribers to tell their home airport and the destinations they are interested to travel. By using this information, they send personalized emails according to the interest of the subscriber.

For example, this email was sent to a subscriber whose home airport is in Montreal.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (AirCanada) - ColorWhistle

2. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic proved that it can promote activities that focus on the journey and not just the destination. The company created a memorable customer experience by sending them email offers for virtual reality skydiving. The name of the campaign was Virgin Experience Days.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Virgin) - ColorWhistle

3. Fairmont Hotels

Loyalty is hard to find in the travel business because travelers always search for the best deal rather than a specific brand. However, if there is a reward program, it will encourage loyalty and repeat business.

Fairmont Hotels wanted to persuade their subscribers to sign up for their loyalty program through an easy sign-up form which included a call-to-action. Here’s the attractive email.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (Fairmont) - ColorWhistle

4. Flight Centre

Limited period offers always create a sense of urgency and encourages people to take action. Flight Center used this idea and offered cheap deals to New York City. To convey that this was a limited-time offer, they added a countdown clock at the bottom of the email.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World  (FlightCentre) - ColorWhistle

5. Southwest Airlines

Subscribers will feel good if you send emails appreciating them. Southwest Airlines sent an email to its subscribers by adding their customer’s name, travel history and reward points they earned. This ‘thank you’ email also had smiling faces and diverse employees.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Southwest) - ColorWhistle

Holidays are the time when flight tickets might go up. Mostly, people book tickets at the last time and when the rates are high, they often get disappointed. To avoid this, Hipmunk sent a simple email announcing that prices will go up.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Hipmunk) - ColorWhistle

7. Memphis CVB

Memphis CVB wanted to improve awareness of Memphis by showcasing its many attractions and key events they must attend. Here is one of the custom emails they sent to their subscribers.

Innovative Travel Marketing Campaigns From Around The World (Memphis) - ColorWhistle

Drive Conversions and Boost your Business with Expert Travel Website Development.

It’s time to start your next travel marketing campaign.

We hope that the above travel marketing campaigns will inspire you to kickstart your next one. All of these ads have gone beyond the typical boring list of destinations, images and pricing. They show the power of timing, relevance and personalization – all of which are important to create a great campaign.

To create such ad campaigns, all you have to do is get creative, think big and dig deep to find inspiration in the destination you represent. The ideas you come with today will continue to inspire travelers for years to come.

If you need any help to create a travel marketing strategy, our experts at ColorWhistle are eager to assist you. Contact us today. We will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Have you seen a better online travel marketing campaign? Do share them in the comment section below.

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Anjana is a full-time Copywriter at ColorWhistle managing content-related projects. She writes about website technologies, digital marketing, and industries such as travel. Plus, she has an unhealthy addiction towards online marketing, watching crime shows, and chocolates.

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An overview of the best distribution channels

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6 ideas for travel and tourism advertising campaigns (with examples)

Carla Vianna

Want to create eye-catching travel ads like Expedia, Southwest Airlines, and KAYAK?

As travel starts to pick up again, it’s time to get serious about your advertising. Tour operators can hugely benefit from paid ads — but with so many forms of advertising available across different platforms, you may be wondering where to start.

In this post, we’re sharing actionable strategies to build better ad campaigns that appeal to your target audience, plus top-level examples from the brands who do it best.

Top factors to consider for travel advertising campaigns

Want to see more positive results from ads? Keep these strategies in mind when crafting your future marketing campaigns .

1. Define your target customer

Do you know who your customers are? Before you begin crafting an ad campaign, you need to know more about your guests.

Building a buyer persona is a strategic way for tour businesses to get to know their customers. A buyer persona is a visual representation of your ideal customer: Dig into their demographics, study their behaviors on your website, and send surveys to your email list to find out more.

The takeaway? You’ll find a much higher ROI with ad campaigns that specifically appeal to your target audience.

2. Understand the travel customer journey

It’s difficult to sell a tour to someone who hasn’t decided on a destination yet. Ideally, you want to show your ads to people when they’re most likely to book.

Understanding the travel customer journey can help you pinpoint when that is. Google defines the travel search process in four stages:

  • Dreaming: Guests are looking for destination inspiration.
  • Planning: Guests are researching potential travel dates, hotels, and activities.
  • Booking: Guests are booking flights, hotels, etc.
  • Experiencing: Guests have arrived and are searching for activities and attractions to experience.

Tour operators are likely to see more conversions in the “booking” and “experiencing” stages. For example, if you’re investing in Google Ads, it’s better to target narrow search terms like “best hiking tours in Colorado,” which is what someone in the booking or experiencing stage would search for.

People in the dreaming stage, on the other hand, would likely be searching overly broad terms like “best summer destinations.”

3. Choose the right platform

There are several different platforms to launch your advertising campaigns, and choosing the right one matters. Where is your audience most likely to see your ad? Where are they already hanging out?

Here are five popular travel advertising outlets:

  • Google Ads: Show up at the top of Google search results for relevant keywords.
  • Social media ads: Target specific demographics on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Yelp ads: Appear to people searching for similar experiences on Yelp.
  • Tripadvisor ads: Target people planning a trip to your destination.
  • Email marketing: Offer discounts to your email list, one of the more cost-effective ways to advertise.

4. Pay attention to seasonality

Timing is one of the most important factors in travel advertising. Keep seasonality in mind when crafting your campaigns, and remember to edit previously launched campaigns as needed.

A skiing ad won’t make sense at the beginning of summer, so make sure to pause seasonally irrelevant campaigns.

5. Stay true to your brand

airbnb experiences

Your ad campaigns should reflect your brand identity. People who click on your advertisements are expecting to find the same tone of voice, visuals, and customer experience on your website.

6. Use geographic targeting 

Rather than making your ad visible everywhere on the planet, you can target specific locations your guests are likely to be in. For example, you can target other tourism websites in your state to lure in tourists who are already visiting.

By narrowing down your ad’s geographic reach, you can maximize your budget and focus on the areas that’ll bring you the most return.

7. Promote your sales and special offers

What better way to entice someone to click on your ad than to present them with an unbeatable offer? Advertisements are an effective way to promote your sales, especially seasonal offers. You can send out an ad offering a great discount during the low season to help replenish your bookings, for example.

Pro Tip: One of the simplest ways to do this is by creating coupon codes. Here is how easy it is to create a new coupon code in Xola.

8. Leverage user-generated content 

intrepid travel instagram post

Sometimes you can generate an ad campaign with user-generated content alone. It’s another cost-effective way to bring more eyes to your tour company.

You can start by encouraging guests to use your brand’s hashtags, share their photos with their own followers, or even submit photos on your website. Apps, like Fotaflo , which integrates natively with Xola, make the process of curating UGC photos and videos easier. Tour operators can also offer incentives for anyone who posts on social media about your tours, such as hosting a giveaway for everyone who uses a hashtag related to your brand.

Tour operator Intrepid Travel asks guests to share their experiences on Instagram with the hashtag #BeIntrepid , for example, which has garnered over 50,000 posts.

Guests typically love seeing their content reposted on other accounts. Still, make sure to always credit the original owner. To avoid serious copyright issues, many brands ask followers to agree to a disclaimer about how and where the images will be used before re-posting them.

Reviews can also be considered user-generated content — but tour operators need to be very careful when it comes to encouraging guests to leave positive reviews. Tripadvisor prohibits brands from offering incentives in exchange for testimonials “because they can hinder the validity and accuracy of reviews.”

9. Use images and videos

Images and videos are the most powerful form of advertising in the travel industry. High-quality images of your destination and scenes from your tours can entice hundreds of clicks. An expertly crafted video can drive even more engagement.

Instagram and Facebook are great places to start experimenting with image and video ads; see a couple of great examples below.

6 examples of great travel advertising examples 

Ready to see these strategies in action? Here are six travel brands that have nailed their travel marketing — including examples of general ad campaigns, paid search ads, and social media ads.

Expedia’s campaign: “It matters who you travel with.” 

This Expedia campaign wants travelers to feel confident booking with the platform in a post-pandemic travel world. The tagline “It matters who you travel with” frames the company as a trusted travel partner rather than just a booking platform.

The company created a playful and very relatable video of a solo traveler who runs into several hiccups on her trip. That is until actress Rashida Jones steps in, embodying Expedia, and makes the trip more memorable.

The company chose a video to expertly convey its marketing message to travelers: Expedia promises a seamless trip and memorable experiences you can’t find on your own.

Southwest’s Transfarency campaign

Southwest Air Lines’ new campaign targets the controversial topic of ticket prices. The company has always billed itself as a transparent brand that cares about employees and customers alike. The new campaign called Trans fare ncy , a play on the words transparency and airfare, builds on that reputation.

The campaign promises customers no unexpected bag fees, change fees, or hidden fees. It’s a great advertisement because it fits perfectly within Southwest’s brand identity, and the airline delivers on the promise.

TourRadar’s travel and destination Facebook ads

Vienna-based TourRadar launched a Facebook campaign to increase bookings from people who had visited its website. The company used visually stunning travel ads to promote relevant tours to people who had browsed the same tours online.

The company also promoted relevant destination offers and tours to people who hadn’t visited their website yet but had shown interest in the destination. The campaign focused on the company’s core markets, including the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

It was a success: TourRadar doubled its conversion rate over a year.

KAYAK’s video ads on Instagram

Kayak facebook ad example

KAYAK ran video ads on Instagram to bring more people to its website, including one that shows how simple it is to filter flights by airline, price, number of stops, and destination.  

The company played around with ad placement in both Stories and the News Feed, and each ad had a “book now” or “learn more” call-to-action button that linked back to the KAYAK website.

The ads were shown to a lookalike audience based on the travel search engine’s existing audience, which increased the likelihood of clicks. As a result, KAYAK saw a 5x increase in incremental sales conversions.

Airbnb Experiences search ad

Airbnb experiences search ad

Airbnb is targeting people who search for outdoor activities in Colorado to promote its local-led tours. In this example specifically, Airbnb’s paid search ad for a hiking tour shows up under the search for “best hiking in Colorado.”

The title “Hiking in the Rockies – Year Round” quickly answers the questions of “where” and “when,” two details that directly impact the customer’s trip. The wording of the title narrows down the search for the searcher. The description focuses on Airbnb’s unique offerings — “hosted by expert locals,” “experiences vetted for quality,” and “small group sizes — further enticing readers to click.

It’s a great example of Airbnb using a feature other than its main accommodation services to bring people into its website.

Viator’s Brooklyn food tours search ad

viator search ads

Here’s another effective Google Ad example. Viator is promoting its food and wine tours in Brooklyn under the search term “Brooklyn food tours.” 

Unlike the other search ads that pop up, Viator specifically mentions the keywords that the customer will be skimming the page for and includes another enticing offer.

Viator includes “Book & Save Money” in its title, directly appealing to money-conscious travelers visiting a destination known for being very expensive. Therefore, this ad specifically speaks to budget or mid-range travelers who appreciate a good deal.

As you can tell from these examples, an effective ad campaign is crafted around your ideal audience. Top travel companies like Viator and Southwest use words, images, and videos to appeal to their target customers, and your campaigns should follow suit.

Now it’s time to implement these strategies into your own campaigns. Then sit back, relax, and watch those bookings soar.

Writer Carla Vianna

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A detailed guide to GA4 paid ad tracking for tours and attractions

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What is experiential marketing: Definition, why it works & examples

What is experiential marketing: Definition, why it works & examples

Experiential marketing campaigns are so effective in drawing in customers because people crave real-life experiences more than ever these days. 

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Top Travel Campaigns of 2020: Tourism Marketers Get Creative in the Face of Adversity

There is no question in anyone’s mind – this was a tough year for tourism marketers. With travel largely shuttered in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, shelter-at-home orders, budgets cut and so many American workers furloughed, travel was at an all-time low.

Click here to listen to Episode 199 where Destination on the Left is joined by Rick Antonson. Rick discusses a plan DMOs can use for rebuilding in the future.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom in the tourism industry. Destinations got creative and tourism marketing teams showed their dedication as they pivoted, reimagined, and relaunched campaigns . Strap in for a wild ride, as we round up some of the Top Travel Campaigns of 2020.

Click here to see the Top Travel Campaigns of 2018.

Click here to see the Top Travel Campaigns of 2019.

Top Travel Campaigns of 2020: tourism marketers get creative in the face of adversity

Visit Portugal: Can’t Skip Hope

We very rarely see a destination telling people to stop traveling, but that’s exactly the message that Visit Portugal choose to send – loud and clear. “It’s time to stop,” the video states, over and over again. It reminds people that beauty can be found in solitude, that we stand together when we stay apart, and that all of our biggest travel dreams will still be here when it’s safe to visit again. Showcasing stunning travel video (shot prior to the pandemic) and a soothing voiceover telling us it’s all going to be okay; Portugal hits a perfect balance of inspiring and insightful with its marketing.

The Faroe Islands: Remote Tourism

The Faroe Islands is small, but mighty. During some of the lowest points, when everyone was staying home, the Faroe Islands was inviting over 700,000 visitors to its island to participate in “Remote Tourism.” Taking virtual travel to a new level, Remote Tourism allowed future travelers to take control of a local guide – almost like a computer game – and point their real-life avatar in whatever direction their heart desired. Over 22 tours and daily guides shared every aspect of the little island community – from rugged mountaintops to nearby waterfalls – while the Visit Faroe Islands tourism team was on hand to answer questions and provide insight to the many places visitors were experiencing through their screens.

The last tour took place on June 17, but you can view a recap of the Faroe Islands Remote Tourism experience .

Recordings of the live tours are viewable on the Visit Faroe Islands’ Facebook Page .

And a bonus: without spending a singular dollar on advertising, this creative campaign generated over 500 news articles and national coverage in more than nine countries.

Travel Iowa: 2020 State Park Passport

This year marked a huge anniversary for Iowa State Parks, celebrating its centennial in 2020. Originally, the parks had huge celebrations and events planned to mark the occasion. But, with safety in mind, the state began to pivot in a more digital direction. Knowing that parks and outdoor recreation would play a large part in shelter-in-place and social distancing orders, Travel Iowa worked with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Bandwango to create the “ Iowa State Park Passport ” an online resource (not an app!) that encouraged Iowa residents to travel the state, enjoy the outdoors, track progress and even win prizes by visiting all 61 State Park locations.

Within just two months of launching the passport, the state tracked over 12,000 sign ups and 17,000 check-ins at Iowa State Parks. The campaign was furthered through organic and paid social media, media relations, and online efforts.

Experience Kissimmee, Florida: Vacation to Remember

It’s a whole different world down in Kissimmee, FL, one where warm weather and breezy beach-life reign supreme. And in the time of COVID-19, the destination chooses to use its platform to remind visitors that they can work and play from the Sunshine State, while still remaining safe and socially distant. In a tongue-in-cheek video from far into the future – the year 2092 – their onscreen character Blaire reminisces about the time that her mother booked a vacation home in Kissimmee to allow her family to “spread out” while boasting on Zoom calls about the glorious vacation home and poolside views.

The video does a nice job showcasing the solo side of travel, while also reminding us that this won’t last forever, and family memories are still to be had. It also gives a laugh, as Blaire quips that her mom “was on mute the whole time,” a situation all too familiar to those of us living in Zoom-land. Catch a clip of the video below.

Bonus! Experience Kissimmee also features “Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired” music playlists on Spotify, that take visitors inside the destination through song. The playlists feature sounds from the Walt Disney World Resort , Summertime Sing-a-longs, Chill at Home songs, “ Whelmed ” and a Christmastime compilation called “ Rockin’ Around the Kissimmee Tree .”

Bristol, UK: Bristol from Home

Click here to listen to Episode 68 with Gavin Landry where he shares how VisitBritain really stands out from the crowd.

A lot of destinations leaned into virtual and began to offer at-home activities that travelers could engage in from home. But Bristol, UK compiled a truly unique collection of online visits, tours, recipes and activities that will keep future visitors feeling like they’ve truly traveled to this bustling British city. Some of my favorite suggestions include the “Bristol on screen” listing of TV shows and films shot or set in Bristol, the #FoodFriday blog feature of Bristol-centric recipes that can be made right in your home kitchen, and the themed Instagram challenges featuring pics from followers and Bristol locals.

The destination also created its very own “ Visit Bristol Bingo ,” which will ensure that you don’t miss a single online opportunity that this city has to share.

While just a few favorites from the past year, these campaigns have us inspired, travel dreaming and trying new things. With 2021 on the horizon, here’s hoping that we’ll be visiting a few in the near future, as well.

Sarah Martin

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tourism adverts video

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Effective Travel Ads: Examples and Ideas

tourism adverts video

Looking for fresh ideas on how to create ads for your travel business? In this article, we'll explore tourism advertisement, focusing on what really resonates with the viewers. We’ll share a selection of creative ideas and insights for marketers looking to kickstart their travel campaigns. Stay with us and get inspired.

Features of Engaging Travel Ads

Creating ads that grab attention and get stuck in one’s head, making them hum the ad’s catchy tunes on the way to work, isn't easy—it takes a whole team of creative minds. But even with all that creativity, these ads often share some key elements and are built on the same basic principles.

The 5 Commandments of Good Travel Ads:

1. Emotional resonance. Ads that evoke feelings of excitement, peace, or adventure tend to connect more deeply with viewers, encouraging them to imagine themselves in the setting.

2. Visual storytelling. Can’t afford a team of outstanding screenwriters? Luckily, in the tourism industry it’s often enough just to show what a destination looks like. This is the case, when an image speaks a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures.

3. Compelling narratives. Storytelling and a simple, but strong message is what truly sets great ads apart. Always keep in mind that people don’t want to buy tickets and tours - they pay for emotions, memories and adventures with their loved ones. If you want to create a strong message, define for yourself what your company’s mission is, and how exactly you aim to make your clients’ lives happier and easier.

4. Personalization. Speaking to a broad audience is rarely sufficient. Spend extra time to understand who your clients are. What are their lifestyles, budget, values? At what stage of decision-making are they? Are they just window shopping? Are they thinking about where to spend their honeymoons? Or maybe, they already have a destination in mind, and now search for the best deals? Conduct a survey, use big data and hire a strategy team to learn everything about your target audience.

5. Call to action. A self-explanatory, but often overlooked point. A strong CTA that clearly guides viewers on how to explore more about the destination or offer ensures the ad doesn't just captivate but also converts interest into action.

6 Best Travel Advertisement Examples

Let’s take a look at some travel ad examples to see how the industry giants do it.

1. American Express Travel

Why does this Delta SkyMiles American Express Cards ad work? It’s short, its message is perfectly clear and simple, and it speaks to a very specific demographic. If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, you know how expensive it is to keep seeing your significant other frequently. Amex doesn’t offer their clients to save some money on flights. Instead, it offers to remove the obstacle that stands between them and their desired love lives.

In this ad , Amex offers exclusive access to event presales, to dedicated venue entryways and Card Member lounges:

Here is what the Vice President of Global Brand Advertising at Amex, Jessica Ling, has to say about this ad:

“Sports have the power to connect communities around the world. We’re excited to launch these high-energy, contextually relevant ad spots that show a mother and daughter building their connection through a shared love of sports. We hope by watching these stories, viewers will get a taste of the energy and excitement that comes with experiencing sports with Amex.”


What does the following Booking ad sell?

Right, it sells the opportunity to try oneself in different roles people don’t get to play in their everyday lives. Whether you're an office worker or a stay-at-home dad, book a vacation and be an explorer, an artist, or a professional surfer. This ad is a pro example of when a strong message gets across even without precise targeting.

And here is a banner ad by Booking:

travel ad examples

It has several noteworthy features:

  • a great photo, which conveys emotions;
  • a clear and straigh-forward CTA;
  • seasonality (it is tied to New Year -  a time, when most people probably reevaluated their life decisions and promised themselves to experience life more);
  • a limited special offer.

travel ad examples

Most companies strive to be omnipresent and reach viewers through all the possible channels. Here is an ad that runs across META platforms. Nothing fancy, but the main elements of a good ad are still here. It features a short video of surfers, a clear CTA that invites to install the app, and a short message that highlights the company’s main proposition - the possibility to find and book a place fast and easy. 

The company makes sure to dominate the search result pages too. Just last month they ran around 2.1M Search ads on Google:

travel ad examples

And even though their Paid Ads game is strong, the company visibly invests a lot of resources into Search Engine Optimization . This way appears on the search result pages of most of the travel-related queries, saving a lot on clicks:

travel ad examples

Most of the tourism industry giants use pop-up ads on their websites:

travel ad examples

It’s a great opportunity to inform about your current special offers, or get visitors on the email list in return for some bonuses. You have to be careful with pop up ads though - sometimes they can do more harm than good. 

Read more about how to make effective pop up ads here . 

Another effective strategy that many companies use is user-generated ads:

Such approach kills several birds with one stone:

  • it costs basically nothing;
  • it serves as a social proof and makes the company look trustworthy;
  • you get exposure among the users’ following.

travel ad examples

Agoda also runs ads on Meta. This ad in particular is 6 seconds long, but enough for the actor to say the buzzwords:  “cashbacks, coupons, discounts”. Most companies use short formats on social media ads, saving longer and more complex video ads for Youtube.

And here is a beautiful campaign run by Agoda during the pandemic:

It shows sympathy for everyone stuck at home, and shifts the focus from closed borders to discovering places in our own countries. It’s compassionate and doesn’t pressure us to purchase anything. It simply suggests that now might be the time to see more of our own countries, and Agoda is here to help with special offers. 

The recipe is the same:

Understanding the pain of the target audience + strong positive message + beautiful emotional storytelling + great visuals. 

Be like other successful companies and don’t forget about mobile marketing . Travel companies that have mobile apps actively invest in Paid User Acquisition and App Store Optimization. 

travel ad examples

But, of course, mobile marketing isn’t limited inside the app stores. Here is a creative and slightly dark YouTube ad from Kayak marketers, who did a great job at understanding the struggles of their target audience:

One more proof that the Kayak marketing team just gets us:

travel ad examples

No, we’re not telling you to use politics in your marketing messages. But it’s always worth it to keep up with the latest news and trends, in which people are emotionally invested. If done tastefully, such ads are likely to become viral and connect with big audiences. 

Take a look at this campaign that ran on YouTube and TikTok:

Just perfect targeting. If you can, always address different segments separately.

travel ad examples

This is an Expedia Facebook ad. If you look closely, you'll notice it's structured similarly to the travel ad examples from other companies we've discussed. It targets parents with family-friendly packages and features a clear call to action (CTA).

Expedia has a very strong social media game. Apart from the most popular media, it also runs ads on Pinterest, which has less competition and still isn't widely-used for advertising.

travel ad examples

This video ad from Expedia is another good example of appealing to emotions and using a strong slogan:

If you’d like to get more inspiring ideas and see ad examples, choose a brand you look up to and browse through their social media and YouTube account. Also, Google, Meta and TikTok have open ad libraries that show what kind of campaigns run on the platforms at the moment. 

Ideas for Crafting Effective Travel Ads

Now let’s sum up what we have seen. Based on successful campaigns from leading companies, here are some straightforward ideas for making ads that connect with viewers and inspire action.

🥰 Make an Emotional Connection

Try to create a strong emotional bond with your audience. Like Agoda's campaign during the pandemic, show you understand and care about your audience's current challenges. Showing support for your clients without pushing for sales can make your brand feel more relatable and trustworthy.

🌍 Keep Up with Trends and News

As suggested in the Kayak example, staying updated with the latest trends and news can make your ads more relevant and engaging. This approach can help your ad become popular and connect with more people.

🤳 Use Content from Your Customers

‍ Add content made by your customers, as it's cost-effective and acts as proof of trust. Ads with content from users can make your brand seem more credible and expand your reach to the users' followers, making your company seem more reliable.

✔️ Show Clear Benefits

Make sure your ad clearly shows the unique advantages your service offers, like the Amex Miles Cards ad that focuses on solving a specific problem for its target audience. Ads that clearly state their benefits tend to work better.

🗂️ Target Carefully

‍ Make your message specific for different groups of people, as shown by Airbnb's campaign. The more personalized your ad feels to its viewers, the more effective it will be.

💡 Use Eye-catching Visuals and Easy-to-Remember Slogans

‍ Use striking visuals and catchy slogans to make your ads memorable. Expedia's video ad is a good example of how using emotions with great visuals and a strong slogan can make a big impact.

💰 Promote Special Offers and Benefits

‍ Don't hesitate to highlight special access, discounts, or special deals, as Amex Travel does. These incentives can be a key factor for people thinking about making a purchase.

➡️ Have a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

‍ Your ad should have a straightforward CTA, telling viewers exactly what to do next. Whether it's booking a trip, looking at discounts, or signing up for an email list, make the next step clear.

🍁 Take Advantage of Seasonal Trends

‍ Use seasonal trends and holidays to make your ads feel more timely and relevant.'s banner ad related to New Year's resolutions is a great example of how to connect with people's mindsets during different seasons and holidays.

By applying these simpler ideas, drawn from the practices of top travel companies, you can create effective travel ads that grab attention, spark interest, and get viewers to engage with your brand.

Unlock Your Potential with Promodo

We know managing ads can be tough. To make a successful campaign, you need strategic approach and creativity. But you don't have to figure it out by yourself. Promodo experts are ready to help you every step of the way, from researching the market and running A/B tests to launching pay-per-click campaigns and analyzing the results. Get in touch with us today, and let's talk about how we can help you reach your goals.

Here is the feedback we got after working on destination marketing for National Tourism Department of Seychelles:

tourism ads examples

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Immersing myself fully in any topic I explore and my appreciation for simplicity are the driving forces behind my work.

tourism adverts video

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tourism adverts video

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10 Awesome Travel Marketing Films That Are Worth Booking A Trip Over

Many countries are vying for tourists' attention, with some going to creative, peculiar lengths to impress the world via awesome travel ads.

Marketing campaigns are very much like Yorkshire puddings. Made well and baked in an oven that's having a good day (plus a sprinkling of luck), they rise to glorious heights — one could even say they're life-changing. A bad Yorkshire pudding, though, can ruin a Yorkshirian's week and all those who sample said pudding, bringing shame upon the maker's family and leaving disappointed taste buds with much to desire.

Joking, of course, but people can at least laugh about god-awful Yorkshire pudding — that indulgent, chunky, golden lump of baked batter, ruined (however, passionate Yorkshirans might get a little emotional about a truly horrendous one). That's a terrible analogy to try to make a point. Satire aside, the same can be said about marketing campaigns.

When they excel, they go viral. Bad? Laughable. That said, one thing's surefire: good or bad, they're memorable — and that's the marketing team's goal. Great success!

There's no force quite like a destination's tourism marketing nerds, especially at a time like now. After over two years of pandemic-related restrictions, borders are open, and countries are falling over themselves to garner tourists' attention. That's why the tourism marketing teams attempt to produce the next blockbuster travel campaign. 2022 was the first travel-friendly year since the pandemic began, after all — a period when restrictions eased up and vacation hotspots desperate for tourist cash bid for travelers' bookings.

Some destinations spent exorbitant sums of money on marketing, shooting stunning footage of their tourist offerings and authentic portrayals of their locations, with many even onboarding celebrities in their marketing content. This surge of national and regional tourist departments worldwide deploying fresh ads to entice international travelers to their lands led to some truly unique content. And, like a Yorkshire pudding, some of these campaigns were outstanding — even iconic. Others, however — well, keep reading to get the picture.

From emotional and beautiful country reopening videos to horror-themed quick flicks and call-to-actions inciting space exploration on Earth (hello, Iceland, you clever rascal, you) , these campaigns from several tourist destinations caught the spotlight in 2022 with their wonderful, wacky, and even weird videos to spark tourism. Indeed, perhaps the most bizarre (and hilarious) of them all was an actual belly touring one of Europe's most famous cities — yes, a rather large tummy evoking (and practically inciting) the important message of sheer indulgence even piggery on one's vacay. What happens on vacation, stays on vacation — and on the waistline, in some epically indulgent cases wherein some travelers go home with more baggage than when they departed.

10 Iceland: Explore Martian Lands (With Two Feet On Earth)

2022 was the year when big-name companies (not naming any names) urged people to travel to outer space for a vacation — an experience reserved for folks with the deepest pockets, that is (sorry, mere mortals with bills to pay).

What Iceland wants holiday-starved globetrotters to know, however, is this: a spaceship isn't necessary to relish a space-like adventure; all anyone needs to do for a once-in-a-lifetime Martian trip is to visit the Land of Ice and Fire instead.

Mission Iceland took tourism marketing to new heights — literally . It launched its first-ever space billboard (indeed, a billboard that reached the stratosphere). This genius campaign encouraged aspiring space tourists to consider Iceland as an alternative destination to the stars. Why?

Well, visitors can experience Mars-like landscapes, with Mission Iceland's core message evidenced by its extraterrestrial beauty and natural splendor: Iceland is a lot like outer space, but better.

There’s zero need to blast off into space (and spend a lifetime's earnings in doing so) when travelers can head to Iceland for a Martian vacation at a fraction of the cost, time, and, perhaps best of all, carbon footprint.

Rolling red hills, black sand beaches , bubbling volcanoes, and some of Europe’s largest glacial lagoons are right here on planet Earth — numerous in Iceland, specifically.

9 Vienna: What Does A Belly Do In Vienna?

What does a belly do in a place commonly cited as the most beautiful city in Europe ? The Vienna Tourist Board's October 2022 campaign answers that question in what's quite possibly the most hilarious yet bizarre advertisement yet from any tourism marketing department.

They even made it into a short film, documenting the life of a literal walking and talking abdomen on a Vienna vacation.

Herr Belly's journey in this video is heartfelt (right in the coronary) and honest: traveling should be a time when those everyday rules relax, and the belly is free to do as belly pleases (or the person, of course — it would appear that Mr. Belly is a comedic metaphor — but done so well in a way that generates sumptuous emotions and a belly full of laughter).

Related: Five Days In Austria: Planning The Perfect Vacation In Under A Week

The six-minute story documents a rotund gut who leaves his human, Harry — who's obsessed with working out. Belly thus jets off to Vienna, where it samples all the city has to offer, meandering through the streets, viewing artworks, and sampling some Sacher torte in its hotel bed.

Human Harry does come to find Belly eventually, which leads to them enjoying a nice date together in a Viennese restaurant.

The finishing line of this cinematic triumph: "The most beautiful way to love yourself is to indulge" — a message reigning true when on a weekend trip to Vienna or a weeks-long escapade anywhere else on the planet.

8 South Africa: Live Again!

Launched in March 2022 — a time when a sizable chunk of the world remained locked down — South Africa's three-minute video was a delightful take on the travel world post-Omicron (when nobody yet knew what was to come).

While the campaign was superb, it was indeed brave after the first cases of the Omicron variant were recorded in South Africa and the nation faced travel bans from many countries around the world.

In the video, a young woman looks fed up with it all in a dark and rainy-looking London — classic British weather (that's why they console themselves with doughy Yorkshire puddings).

She then emerges into the light in Cape Town, South Africa , and colors paint the scene bright with vibrancy — a faraway sight from the grumpy grays of England.

The woman experiences quintessential South African bucket list items, going off on a safari to the Drakensberg escarpment while the nation's natural beauty completes the picture. Despite the breathtaking scenery more than enough to convey the message, the story focuses on human connections that people missed during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Her massage, her mingling with surfers, her sunset beach rides, and her partying that ends the video — these are those connections that everyone took for granted before the pandemic, which became unthinkable throughout its timeline.

After showcasing imagery that leaves viewers feeling as though they know what South Africa is really like , the final message, "Come as you are, leave as you'll never be again. Live again!" ends the emotional journey — telling viewers to enjoy these previously unthinkable experiences once again.

Where better to do so than the sublime, culture-rich, nature-laden lands and shores of South Africa?

7 Sweden: Spellbound

Sweden has given the world many things. Gorgeous green spaces, Abba, IKEA, and Greta Thunberg, to name but a few. Last year, though, this Scandinavian nation delivered possibly the strangest (but coolest?) bid for tourism yet — a Blair Witch-style, cheesy horror flick filmed in the woods.

Right on time for Halloween in 2022, Visit Sweden released a two-minute-long horror short promoting the country. The video is narrated by "Sweden", with the scene set in a forest — representing the country's "soul".

Much like a Hollywood horror, it lulls viewers into a sense of security, showcasing idyllic images — before the quintessential, corny flasher thrills begin.

The story details the character "Sam", who meets a beautiful woman who is, in fact, unbeknownst to him, a huldra — an eerie, creepy forest nymph. The moral of the tale, narrator Sweden warns, is "What happened in the forest is something you will regard as a dream, but that is not how it is going to be."

Not exactly a way to attract tourists, is it? Unless they love scary movies.

Some of the context behind the short film comes from the very end of the film when it also promotes Kiln, a "chilling audio story" by Swedish horror writer John Ajvide Lindqvist, which, according to the ominous tale, is downloadable "in the Swedish forest" — whatever that means.

6 Rwanda: Lionel Messi

It was Lionel Messi's year — and what a way to end playing for his home country's team.

His 2022 World Cup win for Argentina wasn't the only awesome activity he got up to last year, though. Legendary Messi and his Paris Saint-Germain soccer co-star, Sergio Ramos, ventured to Rwanda for Visit Rwanda's 2022 campaign.

The campaign, titled "Tee off your next adventure in Rwanda", was released just before the new year to kickstart the country's tourism once again, featuring a handful of sporting stars to really grab the world's attention.

The 100-second-long video opens with former soccer goalkeeper Jérôme Alonzo, who is seen playing golf during his retirement. The camera follows his golf ball, which lands in the world-famous Parc des Princes stadium before getting kicked around by the players.

Next, the well-traveled ball flies off to Rwanda, gliding through the air over the nation's most breathtaking landscapes.

After some fun cinematography (and cameos from gorillas), the short video returns to the golf course, where a young girl ends the shot with a majestic hole-in-one.

5 Vilnius, Lithuania: Vilnius's Belated Birthday Cards

Lithuania and its attractions offer tourists plenty, particularly the capital city — but what does that even matter if people can't point it out on a map, let alone know it exists?

The city's tourism marketing team evidently understands this reality yet goes with it anyway, reclaiming the world's obliviousness and using it to create a witty video, which so bluntly gets it over and done with from the get-go.

"Nobody knows where Vilnius is", the video proclaims (perhaps even proudly?), and it's that self-deprecating humor that earns the content a spot on this list — it's likable, honest, and charismatic. It says it as it is without dishonest sugar-coating that travel ads are notoriously guilty of.

Even the city’s tourism marketing team can’t argue the truth; they know nobody knows where their city is.

Open up a new tab and look at a map of Europe (there’s a free hint) – five bucks and a bowl of Šaltibarščiai say finding the pot at the end of the rainbow is easier than pointing out Vilnius on an atlas.

Related: Vilnius And Why This Old Lithuanian City Shouldn't Be Missed

Those responsible for the city's tourism campaigns ran with the world's unfamiliarity with Vilnius in previous years, too; they rewrote a Christmas carol dubbed "Christmas in Vilnius: Amazing wherever you think it is" .

That self-mockery at work again — glorious marketing perfection. Heck, this theme is a darn sight more lighthearted than those former campaigns from Vilnius were laced in; in true, hilarious, audacious fashion, the city was branded under a somewhat NSFW but epic name at one point (perhaps check this one on Google; this site is family-friendly!).

Vilnius's latest campaign captures that same self-taking-the-micky-out-of-comedy value but shapes it into a cheeky birthday celebration.

It's all about the city's seven hundredth anniversary — indeed, Vilnius turns 700 in 2023. The retro, '80s-styled video explains, "After most of the world forgot Vilnius' last 699 birthdays, we came up with a solution for its 700th," — the solution being a "belated birthday e-card collection."

The ad showcases several entertaining birthday cards and instructs viewers to send their own.

4 Australia: G'day

Australia's fun, loud, and awesome personality is known worldwide, and its nine-minute film "G'day", captures its essence perfectly.

The video went pretty much viral, gaining 19 million YouTube views — in its first month. Starring Rose Byrne as Ruby, a toy kangaroo, and Will Arnett as Louie, a toy unicorn, the short movie took a leaf out of the long-loved Toy Story's book.

The campaign, "Come and say g'day," follows the pair on an Aussie adventure, starting with their escape from a Great Barrier Reef gift shop. They subsequently venture to Nitmiluk Gorge, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, and even the Sydney Opera House.

Finalizing the tale with "Down Under, 'g'day' is the start of every good adventure", Byrne closes the toys' chapter, further ending it with the one-liner, "It's our way of saying, 'If you're not a friend yet, you will be, mate" .

Friendly and endearing (even if feeling scripted), it's a wholesome take on a travel ad (with zero expletives — not what one would typically expect from an Aussie production. Just kidding, kinda ).

3 South Korea: Shall We Play #Korea

"Shall we play Korea " graced screens in November, entailing a fun, short-and-sweet glimpse at South Korea and its best places , and what it offers as a country (clue: it promises something for every kind of visitor — be it family-friendly attractions, fun for the elders, dreams for the kids and teens, and romantic retreats for couples.

From golfing and paragliding to road-tripping across the country, this campaign delivers an important message: there's fun for all. And how can anyone forget K-pop dancing? Well, when in Rome...

2 Morocco: Kingdom Of Light

Morocco means natural wonders , tradition, rich culture, mouthwatering food, remarkable historic attractions, and stunning scenery.

It's a land to which many visitors escape — to get away from the conventional western lifestyle and experience something beautifully different.

In a country like Morocco, tradition and customs are prominent and experiences in themselves, but the country's tourism campaign released in May took them and created a tasty cocktail with the new.

The tasteful video combines the treats that tourists visit Morocco for — the enchanting traditional gifts of Tajines, souks, and the exquisite Badi Palace in Marrakech — with modern Morocco.

Think contemporary dance in the breathtaking Badi Palace, golfing in the undulating Moroccan dunes , and dazzling art exhibitions in the desert. The wonderful background music is the cherry on top, too.

1 Virgin Atlantic: See The World Differently

This entry isn't a destination as such, granted. But give it a chance — it deserves its place on the list.

Virgin Atlantic is one of the world's most famous airlines; most people recognize the brand, and a heck of a lot more will now, thanks to its wholesome yet totally cool ad that does things, well, a little differently.

Titled "See the world differently" , the campaign certainly practices what it preaches. It starts out unassuming, leaving viewers with the ordinary thought, "urgh, another cheesy airline ad?".

Featuring smartly uniformed flight attendants, airport scenes, and travelers rushing through, indeed, the video does feel like nothing special — but that internal voice ends very quickly. The quirky passengers and fabulous airline staff break the norm seconds in.

They're no same-same Jane and John Does nor supermodels; they're funny-face-pulling punk rockers, fierce male flight attendants with fabulous glittering make-up (who can clearly walk like catwalk models, by the way), colorful suit-donning guys wearing shades indoors, and cute-n-cheeky kids, among other unconventional characters.

Wouldn't put it past them not to be sandals-and-socks wearers, too.

The picture's painted; it's a cool ad showing off the beauty of diversity in the human population — but it does it in such a fun, electric way that it's hard to pull the eyes away from the screen. And goodness , the soundtrack — it's sensational.

The backing tune is as positively upbeat as it is catchy, a cover by jazz/soul artist Lady Blackbird of the 1983 Broadway hit song "I am what I am" , which was originally composed by Jerry Herman for the musical La Cage aux Folles .

The music, perfectly blended with the filming, leaves the end of the ad feeling utterly wholesome as if viewers have just returned from a journey with these funky folks on board the sizable aircraft.

The ending? Cool as heck. It finalizes with a James Bond-like scene, a female pilot jetting her plane full of passengers off into the sunset horizon — what a way to inspire travelers and little girls simultaneously, the latter informed without any words that they, too, can become a pilot if they so desire. Seriously, just watch it and feel the feels.

Bravo, Virgin Atlantic , bravo. Is an encore too much to ask?

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The Importance of Video in Tourism Marketing

tourism adverts video

Gavin Folgert

In this article about travel & tourism videos, you will learn:.

How video can improve your marketing 

  • Your customers will get to know your brand and products quickly & effectively
  • Video can show off your brand personality to differentiate you from your competitors
  • Video lets customers feel emotion and action through the eyes of others
  • It helps potential customers “get it” for more complex activities or instructions
  • Video is memorable, and consumers expect it from brands
  • The numbers: video performance vs. single image
  • Why just any video won’t improve your tourism marketing


When was the last time you watched an online video to be entertained, understand a product with an explainer video, or plan your next travel destination? Like most consumers, it was probably recent since 61% of the world’s population watch between 4 to 10+ hours of online video every week. 

Video is a prevalent medium in our consumers’ lives. Youtube, the capital of video content, is not just the second largest search engine behind Google; it helps 5 billion humans watch videos every single day.

In the travel industry, travel video content viewing is just as rampant. Online videos are viewed throughout the entire customer journey from awareness to purchase, mainly to make travel decisions. 63% of leisure and business travelers use travel videos of all forms when looking for activities to do in a particular destination. 

Undoubtedly, video gives a fuller and richer view of how a tour experience happens, and it can address obstacles impeding a traveler to click the buy button. 

Sure, every tour & activity operator is jumping on the video bandwagon, but that’s not the reason you should; use video to bring value to your brand. Here’s how:

How Video Can Improve Your Tourism Marketing

1. your customers will get to know your brand and products quickly & effectively.

Video is a powerful medium to show who you are and what you do. Great-quality photos are essential; unfortunately, they only tell one part of the story.

For example, a prospective customer sees a photo of someone ziplining down the line, but this event is just a single moment of the story. The picture leaves questions in the traveler’s mind such as: 

  • How is the zipline cable attached?
  • How did the launch go?
  • How did the dismount work?
  • What views will I see along the way?
  • What did they think of the entire experience?
  • Who are the people running this business?

Video can help prospective customers decide if your tour or activity is right for them. 

2. Video Can Show Off Your Brand Personality to Differentiate You From Your Competitors

Video allows your brand personality to come through more strongly and quickly than pictures or copy. Your video can establish your tone and character to help a customer connect with you and see you differentiated from your competition.

Video combined with music can enhance your brand message and tone even more; it is the secret sauce to establish your voice, style, and behavior in a matter of minutes. 

How your video is structured should also be relevant to your brand. For example: 

  • If your brand is fast-paced and action-oriented, create a video with quick cuts and movement.
  • If your business is trying to convey the personality of a low-key and relaxing outdoor activity or a vacation rental service, use drifting drone shots to show the stillness and beauty of the surrounding landscapes.
  • Do you want to show your outdoor jungle gym as a fun-for-the-whole-family adventure? Using animation in video with family shots can be a reliable attention-grabbing vehicle to drive consideration with your customers.
  • Do you want to convey a brand that is playful and accessible? 

The more your audience connects with your brand personality, the more likely they are to purchase. 

3. Video Lets Customers Feel Emotion and Action Through the Eyes of Others

An in-experience video of your tour or activity is like reading a customer testimonial in 3-D.

Your prospective customers want to see themselves in an activity. Video is the next best option for someone doing it themselves by living vicariously through your past guest’s experience. Instantly, your tour or activity becomes more relatable and speeds up the process of consideration. 

Video transfers emotion onto the viewer watching it.

Video has the power to transfer emotions onto the viewer. Changing body language and micro-facial expressions can only be communicated with more frames, not in a single photo. A man grinning on the platform of a zipline for the camera is not as powerful as the moment that captured the smile and exhilaration after he tried ziplining for the first time!

Video enables the viewer to feel that action.

Pictures can adequately show what you do, but photos can’t capture the moment-to-moment changes or movements to let your audience feel the action.

For example, the viewer can better feel the action when they see a participant in a riveting escape room ace his final clues, or what it’s like for a guest on a horse ride tour to wade through rivers, canyons, and breaking out into a galloping stride.

A picture of a zipline with a motion-blurred background can indicate speed, but it won’t show how fast it is. A video of the same zipline more accurately tells if a customer is slowly cruising or ripping through the air. 

Videos can move a viewer to trust your brand.

Video can also trigger a viewer’s empathy – which is the foundation of good storytelling. When consumers can put a face behind your company, they will feel more at ease and start trusting your brand. No doubt, trust is a primary emotion that influences human beings to buy.

Motion has the power to better connect customers emotionally to your experience and helps them move to say, “Yes! – I want to book this!”

4. It Helps Potential Customers “Get It” For More Complex Activities or Instructions

Videos can make content accessible and digestible. For more complex activities that require a lot of explanation, video is ideal for delivering clarity quickly. This medium divides your messages into smaller chunks so it’s more digestible for a broad audience to understand what the activity or topic is all about. 

For example, explaining or showing steps to ensure the safety precautions you take for your tour or activity can sometimes get lost in copy. Video can take that detailed information and make it seem easy, and dispel anxieties about your activity quickly.

QUIZ: What medium is more helpful in providing clarity for this activity in the shortest amount of time? A or B?

  • A: Text and Image: 

“An aerial trekking course incorporates 110 unique elements ranging from simple sky-bound strut to full-fledged daredevil achievement. It’s the ultimate jungle gym experience that’s an equally exhilarating challenge for both kids and adults!”

sky trek structure

  • B: Your Video 

The faster a viewer can understand your tour and activity, the quicker they can decide if you are the suitable activity for them, which will move them to act – like booking or contacting you.

5. Video is Memorable, and Consumers Expect it From Brands

Video outperforms other mediums because it affects people biologically. Remember the last time you scrolled through your social media feed passively, but the motion from a video made you stop and take notice?

Humans are hardwired for motion , it triggers our internal fight or flight responses, so when something moves, it grasps our focus, and internally we perceive it as a potential threat – thus, we pay close attention to it. Video stands out and demands our attention for this reason.

You work hard to capture the attention of your audience and create a memorable brand. Interestingly, video is the most memorable content across every age group. Additionally, in this video study , viewers retain “95% of a message when they watch it in video, in comparison to 10% when reading it in a text.” Video works harder than other mediums because of its staying power. 

Consumers expect video content from brands; in fact, 87% of consumers said they wanted to see more videos from brands just three years ago. Video gives the consumer the chance to see how your product “works” in real life, thus boosting consumer trust. 

6. The Numbers: Video Performance vs. Single Image

Understanding video performance can best be measured by looking at Facebook advertising metrics because of the robust data we can analyze and make comparisons between video ads and image ads. Ad measurements include views, impressions, engagements, and click-through rate. 

Videos deliver more views and impressions than other mediums.

Impressions are used to measure the performance of advertising campaigns. They measure the number of times your content (ads, video ads, etc.) were shown to your target audience regardless of whether they clicked on it or not. In this study , social media posts with videos received 48% more views.

More Impressions

In the tourism industry, we’ve seen a positive impact of video for our clients. We still use single-image ads to get quick messages and offers out to consumers. Ads with a single image work well for sales promotions or news ads when the weather is perfect for an upcoming weekend for outdoor go-kart racing.

One of our zipline clients found a 60% increase in impressions between all video content posted to social media than single image ads. 

Higher engagement

Many users of social media use the platforms for the two-way interaction that it provides. People are looking to create and maintain connections. Likes, shares, and comments are ways your audience can interact with your brand; this is called engagement. Engagement is the best measure of how much your video resonated with your target audience. 

Facebook also prioritizes posts with higher engagement. On average, video posts on Facebook get at least 59% more engagement than other post types. Additionally, in a study looking at the top 10 brand pages on Facebook, video posts generate 12 times the shares than text and images combined.

One of our clients in the tourism industry saw an average of 27 times more engagement on video ads (19% of the total impressions) compared to the single image average (0.7% of the total impressions).

Higher Click-Through Rates & ROI

Click-through rates (CTR) are the percentage of impressions that resulted in a click. This metric tells you how relevant your video (or in this case, your video ad) is to the audience. If an ad had 1,000 impressions and one click, that is a CTR of 0.1%. The goal of an ad campaign like this is to get qualified users to come to your website and perform the desired action (ie. buy, fill out a contact form).

Our data shows an increased click-through rate (CTR) between video ads vs single-image ads, with the average single-image ad CTR at 1.0% while the average video ad CTR is 2.3% when comparing 4 of our tourism clients.

Caution: Creating Just Any Video Won’t Improve Your Tourism Marketing

Video consumption is changing, and just making videos doesn’t deliver results. With the immense amount of video content online, consumers’ attention spans vary, and they’ve dropped within the last year. For instance, an average Gen Z consumer’s attention span is 4 seconds less than a millennial consumers. 

Videos must demand attention in the first 30 seconds with relevant and interesting content, or the viewer will move on. However, if your video captures attention quickly and then continues to entertain, offer valuable or interesting information, consumers will stay longer.

Video isn’t going away and will only rise in popularity. Digital video advertising spend in the US was estimated at $55.34 billion in 2021. It’s predicted that spending will continue to increase to $78.5 billion by 2023, which is double what it was in 2019 (Source: Statica ).

Do you have video content that conveys your brand message, what you do, and how your activity works? 

We’ve seen video strategies work for our clients and drive growth for their brands. If you want to learn more about how video marketing can work for your tour and activity brand, contact us to find out how.

For more strategies to drive your tourism business growth, get monthly insights delivered to your inbox. And check out our tourism video too below!

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tourism adverts video

With 8 years of experience in the design industry, Gavin helps clients bring creative ideas to life through motion graphics, video, and digital/print work. He also enjoys collecting soundtracks on vinyl, watching British panel shows, and raising a miniature schnauzer with his partner, Shay.

tourism adverts video

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Some of Our Favorite Data Visualizations for Tourism

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Part 3: 4 Great Examples of Using Video in Tourism

So far, we have looked at  why video is so important in Tourism Marketing  and also how to create valuable video content for Tourism Marketing.

Today, we go one step further and start looking at some inspiration of great Tourism marketing videos.

What makes an effective Tourism video? Well, it has to be relevant to your audience, addressing their interests and giving them the information that they are looking for.

Thankfully, you actually don’t need to have a massive budget to be able to pull off a great video campaign, it doesn’t have to be really fancy or expensive. It’s possible to create smaller scale videos as long as the style is consistent and works with your brand message.

For example, there are a number of great videos that are shot on an iPhone and embrace the ‘homemade’ look.

All you need is a great idea and make sure you execute it well.

1. Turkish Airlines: Kobe vs Messi

One of the key things that makes this video so successful is the celebrity endorsement. Within the first 5 seconds, people recognise Kobe and Messi and will instantly be hooked to find out what the advert is all about.

However, it’s not just the famous sportsmen that make this video so successful. It’s also the themes that are portrayed. There is so much fun and adventure packed into this short video that will really inspire and excite people. This, teamed together with the sporting legends in top destinations makes for a winning combination really.

There is a reason Turkish Airlines have featured so many world-wide destinations in this advert. They are trying to get away from the persona of being a solely Turkish service, they actually fly all over the world, using the new tagline of ‘the carrier that flies to more countries than any other’.

There are actually a few other short adverts such as Drogba vs Messi and even some behind the scenes clips, showing how the videos are made.

2. Tourism Australia: 360 degrees

Now, there are so many things about this ‘360’ campaign that hit the mark in Tourism Marketing. First of all, they have really taken into account the latest trends in digital.

If you are trying to watch these videos on a desktop computer, you might have noticed they look a bit weird. That is because these have been developed to cater to the mobile market. Try again, this time in the YouTube app and see how much more exciting these videos are. You can actually use your finger to scroll through the full 360 degrees as though you are really there.

These videos are an immersive experience, letting the viewer feel like they are not in a video at all, but in a virtual reality, getting to actively experience being in Australia.

For this campaign, 17 videos were created in total and you can view them all on their  YouTube channel here . 

(Remember to use your mobile for these ones!)

3. Royal Caribbean: The Bloggers Perspective

Previously, cruises were thought to be mostly aimed at an older market – predominantly the 50+ group. However, cruise companies all over the world are trying to get over this and change the perception by marketing to younger people.

The key feature here is showing the adventure. Cruise ships are not boring. There is so much to do – things you wouldn’t do anywhere else. It’s a unique experience right on your cabin doorstep.

Featuring famous bloggers and making use of their younger audiences will help reach the right target market. It’s also successful because these reviewers are their peers. People they trust, with similar interests to themselves.

4. Holland: The Original Cool.

Slaying stereotypes, Holland’s tourism board have set out to inspire people to visit. Cheese and clogs are not all that they have to offer, there is boutique shopping, friendly people, and an eco-conscious way of life.

It’s not just a place, it’s a destination with much to experience. It’s the original cool.

Have you noticed each of these examples actually have a common goal? They have all been trying to change the perception of their destination, rising above the stereotypes to create a new brand message.

Turkish Airlines don’t just fly to Turkey – they fly to countries all over the world. Cruises aren’t just for the older market – they appeal to Millennial adventure-seekers too. Holland isn’t just about clogs and cheese – there is a whole culture and way of life behind it.

Did these videos change your perception? Or even make you want to visit one of their destinations? This is the power of video in Tourism Marketing. It creates a much stronger emotional connection than any other form of advertising.

The next question to ask is how do you go about creating a Tourism video? We will answer this in part 4 of our Tourism Video Series

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Promotional Travel & Tourism video template

The best way to entice your audience and promote your services is through a promotional tourism video.

tourism adverts video

Free images and music for your tourism videos

Share your video in a single click or download it as an mp4 file..

Tips for your Promotional Tourism Video

tourism adverts video

Real Estate Video

Instagram Story Video

Promotional Video

Custom video production services, do you want to hire a professional to create a custom made promotional tourism video for your agency, talk to our wideo pros and get a quote on an editable video of your own..

tourism adverts video


Kerala Tourism’s vibrant advert on London buses huge hit on social media

Kerala Tourism advertisement on a bus in London

KOZHIKODE : Malayalis residing in London are now being treated to glimpses of the serene backwaters of Alappuzha, even amidst the hustle and bustle of their daily commute. The Kerala tourism department has taken its advertising campaign global, with their ad prominently displayed on the iconic double-decker buses and tube stations across London. Emblazoned with images of the tranquil backwaters, the stickers adorning these busy London streets also bear the official logo Kerala Tourism.

The advertising initiative gained widespread attention when a 13-year-old Malayali boy, Ryan Ambattu, who resides in London, shared a video of the ad featured on a city bus via his Instagram account, @ryan.ambattu.manathoor. Ryan captured the video while strolling through London’s streets, singing a Malayalam song. The video quickly went viral across various social media platforms, amassing an impressive 4.6 million views on Instagram alone. “I’m proud to be a Malayali, and I’m proud to promote Kerala tourism,” Ryan said in a subsequent social media post.

Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas also jumped in by sharing the video across his social media platforms, hailing the department’s approach to promoting tourism in the state. “A new way of promoting Kerala tourism... our Alappuzha and Houseboat in London buses. Suggest new campaign ideas in the comment box that can be implemented in foreign countries,” read his social media post.

Meanwhile, the minister’s office informed TNIE that the department has initiated an extensive campaign across Europe to bolster Kerala tourism.

“The state used to witness an annual influx of 1.2 million foreign tourists in pre-Covid time. However, following the pandemic, the number declined significantly. Since assuming office, Minister Riyas has spearheaded aggressive promotional campaigns throughout Europe to attract foreign tourists to Kerala,” the minister’s office said.

“Besides the advertisement displayed on the London buses, we have installed static displays at London tube stations. The six-month-long campaign, launched in October 2023, has garnered a tremendous response. The influx of foreign tourists in 2023 and early 2024 witnessed a remarkable increase compared to previous years,” the office elaborated.

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Singer Nicole Scherzinger promotes Singapore attractions in Instagram video

tourism adverts video

SINGAPORE – American artiste Nicole Scherzinger, former singer of girl group The Pussycat Dolls, turned iconic Singapore attractions into her private fashion runway during a visit here.

In a slickly produced video reel shared on Instagram on May 2, Scherzinger, 45, sashayed along the Supertree Observatory at Gardens by the Bay, posed at the Sentosa Sensoryscape and strutted through Haw Par Villa.

She wrote in the post that the attractions were some of her “favourite locations” and she had the “best trip with @visit_singapore”, calling on her social media followers to “redefine the runways” in Singapore.

While it was unclear when she was in Singapore, the video was filmed as part of a collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board.

Scherzinger – who won the best actress award for her role as Norma Desmond in the musical Sunset Boulevard at the 2024 Olivier Awards in April – also shared behind-the-scene photos and reels on her Instagram.

In one photo, she posed with an assistant who held a portable fan to her face. In a video clip, she displayed mock surprise when she was told a Haw Par Villa sculpture was smoking opium.

She also posted a reel of her dancing to American singer-songwriter Beyonce’s hit single Texas Hold ’Em at the various tourist spots.

“Okay, maybe I’ve been a little OTT on the Texas Hold ’Em lately… But when I saw these views, I just had to do the dance again,” wrote Scherzinger.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nicole Scherzinger (@nicolescherzinger)

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Office of Governor Gavin Newsom

At the Top of the Golden Gate Bridge, Governor Newsom Announces Tourism Spending Hit an All-Time High in California

Published: May 05, 2024

California remains the #1 state for tourism

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW : New data released today shows that California continues to have the largest market share of tourism in the nation, with travel spending in the state reaching an all-time record high of $150.4 billion last year.

SAN FRANCISCO – Governor Gavin Newsom and Visit California CEO Caroline Beteta today announced that travel spending in the state reached an all-time high of $150.4 billion last year, surpassing the record $144.9 billion spent in 2019. This comes after the state retained its title as the  world’s 5th largest economy  and had a  population increase , both of which are directly tied to California’s nation-leading tourism and entertainment industries.

VIDEO: Gov. Newsom makes announcement at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge

WHAT GOVERNOR NEWSOM SAID : “From our world-renowned coastline, to the world’s tallest trees, to our iconic cities and theme parks, California is the nation’s coming attraction. Visitors from all over the world are coming here to experience the wonder of the Golden State, boosting our economy and creating good-paying jobs for years to come.”

BY THE NUMBERS : The Economic Impact of Travel in California, prepared by Dean Runyan Associates and released by Visit California, detailed spending that is 3.8% higher than 2019 and 5.6% higher than 2022.  Spending exceeded 2019 levels in a majority of counties.

WHAT VISIT CALIFORNIA CEO BETETA SAID : “California tourism is back where it belongs – setting records and providing for the workers, business owners and all Californians who depend on the travel industry as a cornerstone of our state’s economy. The industry has once again proved its ability to recover from any challenge, whether it be economic or environmental. California continues to be the largest, most diverse and most resilient tourism economy in the United States.”

tourism adverts video

WHAT THIS MEANS : California has the largest market share of tourism in the nation. The new travel-spending record generated $12.7 billion in state and local tax revenue by visitors in 2023, marking a 3% increase over 2019. Tourism created 64,900 new jobs in 2023, bringing total industry employment to 1,155,000.

California remains the  5th largest economy in the world  for the seventh consecutive year, with a nominal GDP of nearly $3.9 trillion in 2023 and a growth rate of 6.1% since the year prior, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. California’s per capita GDP is the second largest among large economies.

In addition to visiting the state, more people are moving to California. Earlier this week, Governor Newsom  announced  the state’s population is increasing for the first time since the pandemic.

The Golden State, which has the most equitable tax system in the  entire country , is #1 in the nation for new  business starts , #1 for access to venture capital  funding , and the #1 state for tourism  spending ,  manufacturing ,  high-tech , and  agriculture .

Blinken to travel to Guatemala on Tuesday, US State Dept says

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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks to the press at the port of Ashdod

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Reporting by Ismail Shakil in Ottawa

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Israeli forces launch a ground and air operation in the eastern part of Rafah

World Chevron

Guerrilla pseudo-state complicates the search for peace in Colombia

Colombia's illegal armed groups grew in 2023 -secret security report

Colombia's four main illegal armed groups grew during 2023 as they consolidated territorial control financed by drug trafficking and illicit gold extraction, according to a secret security report seen by Reuters.

Adult-film actress Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels, speaks as she departs federal court in the Manhattan borough of New York City

Pakistan's military said on Tuesday that a suicide bomb attack that killed five Chinese engineers was planned in neighbouring Afghanistan, and that the bomber was also an Afghan national.

Danish Prime Minister Frederiksen meets with Polish Prime Minister Tusk in Warsaw


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    Social media ads: Target specific demographics on Facebook and Instagram. Yelp ads: Appear to people searching for similar experiences on Yelp. Tripadvisor ads: Target people planning a trip to your destination. Email marketing: Offer discounts to your email list, one of the more cost-effective ways to advertise. 4.

  8. Come and Say G'day

    In Australia, G'day is the start of every great adventure. Join souvenir kangaroo Ruby (Rose Byrne) and toy unicorn Louie (Will Arnett) on theirs as they exp...

  9. Travel advertisement: how to make your ad stand out

    Wrapping up. So, here's the rundown of what makes a travel advertisement campaign stand out in a highly competitive industry. Before anything else, you need to craft a clear, coherent vision and understand your goals. Don't be afraid to think outside the box a little bit when it comes to production.

  10. Top Travel Campaigns of 2020: Tourism Marketers Get Creative in the

    Showcasing stunning travel video (shot prior to the pandemic) and a soothing voiceover telling us it's all going to be okay; Portugal hits a perfect balance of inspiring and insightful with its marketing. ... And a bonus: without spending a singular dollar on advertising, this creative campaign generated over 500 news articles and national ...

  11. Effective Travel Ads: Examples and Ideas

    The 5 Commandments of Good Travel Ads: 1. Emotional resonance. Ads that evoke feelings of excitement, peace, or adventure tend to connect more deeply with viewers, encouraging them to imagine themselves in the setting. 2. Visual storytelling.

  12. Best Tourism Videos to Excite Travelers

    ‌In general, video marketing remains the most effective marketing strategy because consumers love both sharing and watching videos. In fact, social videos garner 1,200% more shares on social media than posts that just contain photos or text. So, while travel marketing can extend from online ads to email marketing to travel apps, tourism videos are more likely to be viewed and to inspire action.

  13. 10 examples of great travel marketing campaigns

    A pre- and post-2012 Olympics push was also key to the ongoing campaign. The video below shows some of the many highlights. Topline results as follows: At least £2.5bn in additional visitor spend. £8.9bn in advertising equivalent value. £52.5m in partner funding (cash and in kind).

  14. Travel Video Maker

    Video travel ads give customers the opportunity to imagine being in the destination themselves. Having high-quality footage, combined with an effective marketing message will get the job done. Make sure that images of your Airbnb, hotel, travel agency offerings, etc. are top of the line and do your property or destination justice. ...

  15. The best travel commercials. Only funny and smart videos

    Here you can watch and enjoy the best travel commercials.There are fresh funny adverts from travel agencies.See our thoughts on those new adverts below with scores out of 10 for essential areas of marketing effectiveness. ... Marketing Case Study Video Examples; Most Controversial Ads; Recommended. Drinks. Dos Equis - Salt Advert. April 16 ...

  16. 10 Awesome Travel Marketing Films That Are Worth Booking A Trip Over

    10 Iceland: Explore Martian Lands (With Two Feet On Earth) 2022 was the year when big-name companies (not naming any names) urged people to travel to outer space for a vacation — an experience reserved for folks with the deepest pockets, that is (sorry, mere mortals with bills to pay). What Iceland wants holiday-starved globetrotters to know ...

  17. The Importance of Video in Tourism Marketing

    Video lets customers feel emotion and action through the eyes of others. It helps potential customers "get it" for more complex activities or instructions. Video is memorable, and consumers expect it from brands. The numbers: video performance vs. single image. Why just any video won't improve your tourism marketing.

  18. Part 3: 4 Great Examples of Using Video in Tourism

    For example, there are a number of great videos that are shot on an iPhone and embrace the 'homemade' look. All you need is a great idea and make sure you execute it well. 1. Turkish Airlines: Kobe vs Messi. One of the key things that makes this video so successful is the celebrity endorsement.

  19. Promotional Travel & Tourism Video Template

    Every good tourism video production has excellent content on it. In the Wideo editor, you'll find hundreds of icons, objects, and music tracks to use. You can also upload images straight from Google or any content about tours and trips you have in your computer. Images speak louder than words. Start closing more travel deals with video marketing.

  20. Free Online Travel Ad Video Maker

    Create Travel Ad Videos Online for Free. Creating travel ad videos is the easiest way to jump out of incredible competition. Everything related to travel can be effectively promoted through videos, like travel agencies, picture-perfect destinations, luxury hotels, designer sunglasses, etc. Choose a template matching your topic and replace its footage, font, image, or music with yours.

  21. Kerala Tourism's vibrant advert on London buses huge hit on social media

    The advertising initiative gained widespread attention when a 13-year-old Malayali boy, Ryan Ambattu, who resides in London, shared a video of the ad featured on a city bus via his Instagram ...

  22. Columbia's student journalists produced New York magazine's ...

    In mid-April, when New York magazine sought to report on the pro-Palestinian student protests engulfing Columbia University, the features editor overseeing the storied publication's coverage ...

  23. Singer Nicole Scherzinger promotes Singapore attractions in Instagram video

    While it was unclear when she was in Singapore, the video was filmed as part of a collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board. Scherzinger - who won the best actress award for her role as ...

  24. Australia

    Australia 💙 How we've missed your laughing birds and singing mammals, your coastal cities and walls that tell stories. You have a whole lot of nothing, whic...

  25. Tourism in China surges during May Day holiday but travelers turn

    China has reported a surge in tourism during the just concluded Labor Day holiday, but travelers cut back on their spending, in a sign that consumption in world's second largest economy remains ...

  26. Analysis: How the yen's record slump is squeezing the Japanese

    From food to travel, it's hard to find an aspect of life in Japan that hasn't been affected by its sinking currency. The yen has been on the skids for years and hit its weakest level since ...

  27. New Huntsville Sports Complex will boost sports tourism for the city

    New Huntsville Sports Complex will boost sports tourism for the city. New Huntsville Sports Complex will boost sports tourism for the city. ... Latest Videos. Tennessee Valley Living on WAFF 48. Join the TVL Birthday Club. Travel TVL. ... Advertising. Closed Captioning/Audio Descriptions. Digital Marketing. At Gray, our journalists report ...

  28. Report: California tourism numbers top pre-pandemic levels, Bay Area

    Gov. Gavin Newsom posted a video of himself standing atop the Golden Gate Bridge to highlight a new tourism report. While California sees tourism recovery, the Bay Area still continues to lag ...

  29. At the Top of the Golden Gate Bridge, Governor Newsom Announces Tourism

    California remains the #1 state for tourism. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: New data released today shows that California continues to have the largest market share of tourism in the nation, with travel spending in the state reaching an all-time record high of $150.4 billion last year.. SAN FRANCISCO - Governor Gavin Newsom and Visit California CEO Caroline Beteta today announced that travel ...

  30. Blinken to travel to Guatemala on Tuesday, US State Dept says

    U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will travel to Guatemala on Tuesday to lead a delegation to the a ministerial meeting of the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, the State ...