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Is a Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package Worth It?

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Booking a holiday at Tokyo Disney can be a bit tricky. Trying to navigate hotel rooms that sell out quickly, plan which park to visit when and negotiate ways to beat the queues, makes the idea of booking a package that includes all those things sound very tempting – but, is a Tokyo Disney Vacation Package really worth it? We took a look…

Quick Summary

Tokyo Disney Vacation Packages include tickets, hotels, and some extras that you need for a great trip to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea – but, they do cost more than booking the package contents yourself.

However, there can still be some benefits from booking one – most notably it can be easier to get a room if you book a package. And, it’s one of the few ways to guarantee entry to Fantasy Springs, the upcoming new area at DisneySea. Downsides can include a bit of inflexibility.

Read on for a simple explanation of exactly what each package includes and the differences between them. Plus tips on securing a package on booking day – and everything you need to have ready.

Image of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel taken from the monorail platform. A Mickey Mouse clock is in the foreground.

Article by Helen Foster. Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate links. See our Affiliate Disclosure.

What Do The Tokyo Disney Vacation Packages Include?

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Exactly what’s included depends on which Tokyo Disneyland package you book. But, generally, here’s what can be included in the plans…

Hotel Room : Vacation packages are available for five of the six official Disney Hotels – Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Toy Story Resort, DisneySea Miracosta Hotel, and the new Fantasy Springs Hotel. Celebration Hotel is excluded.

Park Tickets : You get to visit either Disneyland or DisneySea on each day of your stay. Exactly which park is determined by your package and the days are set.

Attraction Tickets : These are the Vacation Package version of Premier Access and Priority Pass (if you have no idea what they are, then read our guide to Disney Extras when you finish this) – but, they allow you to get into an attraction with less queuing. Exactly how many you get depends on the package you book.

Character Greeting : Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package guests skip queues for character greetings in some packages.

Goodies : You get a gift with each package.

Breakfast: On day two (and three if applicable) of your stay

Free Soft Drinks : In the parks

There are also a few added extras to the new Fantasy Springs packages which I’ll explain below in their own section.

Popcorn cart in Tokyo DisneySea. It's a yellow cart with a red and white striped roof - the sign on the side says Popcorn Cape Cod. It's selling Milk Chocolate Flavour

Exclusive Popcorn Bucket : For those who don’t know, popcorn buckets, and popcorn flavors, at Tokyo Disney are next-level inventive, and you get an exclusive bucket as part of your package.

Plus…Happy Entry : It’s not really a Vacation Package benefit as this comes as standard if you’re staying at an official Disney hotel even if you don’t buy a package, but it is a bonus. Happy Entry means you can enter certain parks 15 minutes earlier than the rest of the crowd on certain days of your stay.

We’ll explain each benefit in more detail further down.

There are four types of Vacation Package that you can book at Tokyo Disney Resort and they vary by how many nights you want to stay – and very slightly by what they include. The packages run for either one night or two nights and you can book either an Enjoy Lots of Attractions package or, an Enjoy Attractions and More package.

We’ll break them down specifically below but…

The main difference is that the Enjoy Attractions and More packages also include character greetings – but, they do include fewer attraction passes.

Two-night/three-day packages include two entries to Tokyo DisneySea and one to Disneyland, one-night stays include one day at each park. Two-night stays also contain more Attraction Tickets.

Want Specifics? Here’s what each package contains.

One-Night Package Details

Package: enjoy lots of attractions – 2 days.

Includes Per Group

One night stay at any of the four Vacation Package hotels – different category rooms are available ( a full list is here ) but some of the special rooms you can book (if available) include

The Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Stitch, and Donald Duck rooms in the Disney Ambassador Hotel and the Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast rooms, and the Magic Kingdom Suite at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

One voucher for the popcorn bucket per room

Then you get the following per person

Two one-day park tickets – Day One is spent at DisneySea, Day Two is at Disneyland

Three Attraction Tickets for DisneySea and three to use at Disneyland

One voucher for free soft drinks in the park

One voucher to pick up the included free gifts

It Doesn’t Include

Character Greeting Tickets

One benefit of the Tokyo Disney Vacation Packages is access to a short queue to meet Mickey. The picture shows queue times at a character greeting site in Tokyo Disneysea where waits are 45 minutes for Donald Duck, and 55 or 60 minutes to meet Mickey and Minnie

Package: Enjoy Attractions and More – 2 Days

Same as the above EXCEPT

You also get one Character Greeting Ticket for Mickey or Minnie (this is for the group)

You only get two Attraction Tickets for DisneySea and two to use at Disneyland

Two-Night Stay Package Details

Enjoy lots of attractions – 3 days.

Two-night stay at any of the four Vacation Package hotels – different category rooms are available ( a full list is here ) but some of the special rooms you can book (if available) include

Three one-day park tickets – Day One is DisneySea, Day Two is Disneyland, Day Three is DisneySea

Six attraction tickets for DisneySea (three for each day) and three to use at Disneyland

disney japan travel package

Package Name: Enjoy Attractions and More – 3 Days

As above EXCEPT

You also get a Character Greeting Pass to meet either Mickey or Minnie

You only get two attraction tickets for Disneyland and five to use at DisneySea (over two days)

I’m adding this section to the piece in February 2024 as these new packages vary very slightly and have one huge bonus. If you want to be one of the first people to visit Fantasy Springs, the new area at Tokyo DisneySea, booking one of the special Vacation Packages is one of the few ways to get into Fantasy Springs .

How is Fantasy Springs Going to Work

Fantasy Springs opens on June 6 2024 and right now, you won’t be able to just wander in there like you can the rest of DisneySea.

Instead, you’ll either need to get a free standby pass or buy a Premiere Access pass for one of the rides in Fantasy Springs via the app once you enter the park. You will be able to get these in the park, but it’s going to be like Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan and competition will be fierce.

I’d expect the day’s slots to fill up within 30 minutes of the doors opening at first – plus, even if you snag a ticket for one of the attractions, it seems to read like you can’t go on any of the other rides in the area without also getting separate passes to those, although you will be able to wander around the lands. I’m not quite sure if that’s lost in translation or actually the way it’s going to be. I guess we’ll find out in June!

However, none of this matters if you have the new 1-Day Passport – Fantasy Springs Magic. This gets you into DisneySea, lets you into Fantasy Springs, and you get a wristband that allows you to ride the rides as many times as you like. Right now you can only buy this as a stand-alone ticket, if you’re staying in the new Fantasy Springs Hotel. 

Or, you can book a Fantasy Springs Vacation Package at any of the included Disney Resort Hotels (again Celebration Hotel is not one of these)  that includes the Fantasy Springs Magic Ticket. That bit is important, just booking on a normal Vacation Package does not guarantee you access to Fantasy Springs – you must have the extra ticket included.

I don’t think it will be like this forever. But for the first few months, thousands of local visitors will be trying to get into this area of the park alongside all of us international tourists so they need to contain the crowds.

What’s Included in the Fantasy Springs Vacation Package

Fantasy springs – 2 days enjoy attractions and more package includes .

Your Hotel Room

1 Day Entrance ticket to Disneyland

1 Day Entrance ticket to DisneySea

1 Day Fantasy Springs Magic Ticket, giving you access to all the rides as many times as you like

2 Attraction Tickets for rides at Disneyland – including BATB

1 Attraction Ticket for another ride at DisneySea

Character Greeting

The chance to advance book 2 lunches or dinners at either one of the selected park restaurants which include popular choices like Magellan’s and the SS Columbia Dining Room. Or, at a hotel restaurant including Chef Mickeys – Lotso Cafe is still only for Toy Story Guests though.

Original gift, tote bag, and beverage package.

Artists image of pirate ship at Peter Pan's Neverland, Fantasy Springs

Artist’s impression. Fantasy Springs press image @Disney

Fantasy Springs – 3 Day Attractions and More Package includes

1 Day Disneyland Ticket

1-Day Fantasy Springs Magic Ticket

1 extra day at DisneySea – but not guaranteed entry to Fantasy Springs

2 Attraction Tickets for Tokyo Disneyland

4 Attraction Tickets for DisneySea

Three restaurant bookings for lunch and dinner

Original Gift, Tote Bag, Beverage Ticket, Popcorn case voucher (one per room)

This is where everything stands right now with dates of booking open until July 30th 2024. Things might change after that date if Disney expects things to calm down. I will try and keep an eye on things and amend this if they change, but do always check the website as things change fast when new areas open and if I’m off gallivanting around Japan (which I will be shortly), I might not get to update this immediately.

I will attempt to post up-to-date advice on my Tokyo Disney Facebook Group though so, join that for news as it happens.

So, which of the above is best for you? Well, first decide how many days you want to spend at the parks, but from then…

If you have people in your party who want to meet Mickey or Minnie, you might be better off choosing the ‘ Enjoy Attractions and More ‘ package as you’ll be able to jump the queue to this and it can be long.

Mickey Mouse dancing in a show at Tokyo DisneySea. He's wearing his characteric outfit of red trousers, white short and black tail coat

If you aren’t bothered about meeting Mickey or Minnie and are all about the rides, pick the simple Enjoy Lots of Attractions Package

If you want to do both, pick the Enjoy Attractions and More package as you can always buy another Premiere Access pass or two, but you can’t pay to skip the character lines.

If you want to go to Fantasy Springs, then you need a package that contains the Fantasy Springs Magic Ticket.

disney japan travel package

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Normally buying a Vacation Package is a cheaper way of visiting a destination, so it might surprise you to find out that this isn’t the case with a Disney Vacation Package.

Let’s walk you through an example of the costs…

How Much Does a Disney Vacation Package Cost?

The One-Night Disney Enjoy Attractions and More Vacation Package staying at Disney’s Ambassador Hotel in a Minnie Mouse Room on November 1st, 2023, would cost 285,200 yen for a family of four with two kids aged 6 and 8 – both with their own bed.

This includes all Attraction Tickets as those with paid-for Premier Access Passes – so, The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and The Beast, The Happy Ride with Baymax, Soarin’, etc.

How Much Would That Cost to Book Yourself?

This is how much it will cost to pay for everything in the package yourself for the same date, hotel, and number of people.

Hotel Room – 77,000 yen

Park Tickets x 8 – 56800 yen (roughly)

Six Premiere Access Passes per person – 42,000

Popcorn Bucket – 2400 yen (roughly)

3 x soft drinks per person per day in the park (24 total – average 300 yen per drink as prices vary) – 7200

Breakfast for four – 10,000 yen

One Present each – 6000 yen (roughly)

Total Cost – 191,400 yen

Difference in Price

So, you’d be paying around 93,800 yen (roughly US$647, AU$1000 or £510) more for booking a package than if you tried to book it all yourself.

It was also more expensive to book for a couple with no kids.

Exterior of the It's a Small World Ride at Tokyo Disneyland. Small dolls dressed in national costumes revolve around a clock with a smiley face.

As every package is priced individually, exactly how much difference there is between the package vs just a hotel room for you will vary depending on your date, the hotel and room you choose, how many people there are, and the different extra choices – but, generally you won’t save money booking a vacation package.

It might, therefore, seem silly to book the package, but, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you discount the idea.

They Can Go on Sale Earlier

From Nov 1st, Tokyo Disney hotel rooms go on sale four months before the date of check-in, but packages go on sale for the whole month on the 1st of the month four months before check-in, which gives you more options.

This makes a package potentially easier to secure – and that might be important if you’re really trying to get a specific date for, say a birthday, or a specific themed room.

Fantasy Springs Access

It’s by far the best way to get into Fantasy Springs at the moment simply because it lets you ride every ride more than once. Even I might have to buy a package for that.

Less Stress

Possibly because they are more expensive, I could also book all sorts of different room types for November 1st (I’m writing this August 11th) when researching this, but, very few hotel rooms were available for that same day.

During my research to add the Fantasy Springs update, I could buy packages for July 1st on February 7th with a few minutes wait- the hotel crashes the website when it goes on sale!

Admittedly July is also one of the quieter times at the Disney resort.

Booking a Tokyo Disney Hotel room can mean being online the minute they go on sale for your date Japanese time (even if that’s 4 am where you are), or getting lucky when people have changed their minds – it’s stressful.

Booking a package has less competition and more flexibility.

Boats moored in water at Tokyo DisneySea resort

Might be Better for Bigger Families

Typing in a few different dates and configurations, it seems like if you have two or more kids over four, you may have more chance of finding a room on a Vacation Package than booking individually.

Planners Will Love It

I was surprised to discover that everything is done during your initial booking.

You even book your Premier Access passes ride times – this reduces a lot of stress for the day itself and allows you to plan your day well in advance.

And don’t worry, you can make minor changes to things like pass times if you suddenly realize you booked your Attraction Ticket for Baymax during a parade!

Dining Reservations

It’s not mentioned on the list of official benefits, but, I’ve been told that if you’re a package guest you can make all your dining reservations for your stay in one go.

So, if you’re staying from say, December 10-13, you will be able to make all your bookings on November 10th. Non-package guests will need to log on daily to book dining. This could be helpful if you want to get into very popular restaurants like Chef Mickey or Magellan’s.

It’s very likely to cost you more than booking everything yourself. Celebration Hotel, the Park’s value offering, is also not included in packages.

Limited Nights

You can only book a maximum of two nights – if you want to stay longer, you’ll have to make a separate booking for a hotel room which could see you getting stuck in the hotel lottery anyway.

Exterior view of the Disney Ambassador Hotel in Tokyo Japan. It's surrounded by palm trees


You can’t change your park tickets. So if you want to stay for one night, but spend two days at DisneySea and skip Disneyland (or vice versa) you can’t do that on a vacation package.

You also can’t swap park days. So if you’d prefer to visit Disneyland first, but your package has DisneySea as your first park you can’t swap.

So Many Decisions

If you’re not a planner, trying to work out what type of Attraction Ticket you want and what time you might want breakfast could be a level of detail you’re not ready for if you haven’t even sorted out your hotel yet!

That’s what we think are the main pros and cons, but, before you make your choice there are a few other things to note…

Kids Details

Vacation Package prices vary by the number of people in your party, but children three and under are free. If you have children over four you must choose the ‘own bed’ option during the booking process.

Watch Breakfast Time

You might not want to use the inclusive breakfast as it can clash with the time for Happy Entry (see below if you don’t know how this works in Tokyo as it’s not quite the same as in the US parks), yet you can’t remove the cost from the package.

Also, watch the dinner and lunch bookings on the Fantasy Springs packages – these add a fair bit to the cost so only select these if you know you’re going to use them. If you’re not sure, just select no restaurant when you’re making up your package.

Ticket Guarantee

It can be reassuring to have your park tickets confirmed, but, if you are staying in an official Disney Hotel, you are guaranteed to be able to book park tickets anyway.

Shut Off Time

You can’t leave booking a Vacation Package until the last minute. Vacation sales close ten days before your date of arrival.

Statue of the Little Mermaid at Tokyo DisneySea

Credit Cards

Disney’s website can be tricky with foreign credit cards. They’ve got better, but your card must use 3D Secured for it to work – so check with your card issuer and make sure you pick the right one to secure your booking – you don’t want to get thrown out at the last minute.

Get Organised

You choose your Attraction Ticket choices before you enter the park. This can be great to help you plan your day for those where you also select a time but do your research carefully as to which types you’d like to include – see our Vacation Package Dictionary below for more advice here.

International Packages

The perks in the international packages aren’t the same as those for Japanese guests, who also get things like special parade viewing areas, which is a bit unfair.

So, hopefully, that’s given you enough information to help you decide whether a Tokyo Disney Vacation Package is worth it for your trip – and, if you have decided to buy one, you’re going to need to understand how a few things work before you go to book – and for that, you’ll need our dictionary.

Like many theme parks, Tokyo Disney Resort has its own phrases it uses to describe things, so, for clarification, here’s what the different terms mean and any important points you need to know about them when booking a Vacation Package.

Attraction Tickets Explained

These are the equivalent of the paid-for Premier Access passes and the free Summer Priority Pass ( explained here ), but they work a little bit differently. For starters, there are three types

Type One: Pick Ride and Time

For some rides (including The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, The Happy Ride with Baymax, Toy Story Mania! and Soaring: Fantastic Flight, you will pick both the ride you want to go on and a designated time to enter the ride. And you do this as you book your hotel – so, you’ll need to have an idea of roughly which you want and what time you want to ride.

Exterior of the Beast's Castle at the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and The Beast ride at Tokyo Disneyland. Queue jumping tickets to this can be included in a Tokyo Disneyland Vacation Package. It's a grey tiled castle with tiled turrets edged with gargoyles. Two big lions stand outside the door

Type Two: Choose a Ride But Use Any Time

Includes Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Here you pick the ride but you can go on at any time during your day in the park.

Type Three: Any Ride, Any Time

Includes most of the other ‘big rides’ – you don’t need to decide on these and can use these on any included ride at any time throughout the day.

Attraction Ticket Tactics

There are two schools of thought on how best to use Attraction Tickets.

One group says to book as many of the Premier Access rides as your package allows to avoid the risk of Premier Access selling out. They are also slightly cheaper than booking them in the park – adding two BATB passes puts a package up by just 2400 yen, it would cost 4000 to buy them in the park.

The other group says to book rides that don’t allow any kind of queue jumping to people not on a package to save more time as you can always buy extra Premier Access passes once you enter the park.

Greeting Tickets Explained

You can pick a time to visit either Minnie’s Style Studio or Mickey’s House to meet Minnie and Mickey with a short queue.

This is a pretty cool perk as you can’t pay to jump queues here otherwise.

Happy Entry Explained

As we said, this isn’t a specific Vacation Package benefit, it’s open to anyone staying in one of the official hotels, but it does mean you get into the parks 15 minutes earlier than the crowd through a special entrance.

Exactly which park you get Happy 15 Entry to depends on which hotel you’re staying in.

If you’re staying at any of the five official hotels, Happy Entry to Disneyland is included. However, Happy Entry is only available for DisneySea if you’re staying at the Deluxe Resorts – Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Disney Ambassador Hotel, and Tokyo DisneySea Miracosta Hotel.

Note: From June 6th 2024, Happy Entry to DisneySea will only be available for guests of Miracosta and Fantasy Springs Hotel – this may not be permanent, it might only be while the Fantasy Springs crowds are expected to be at their highest.

Queue before the park opens at Tokyo DisneySea

One thing to be aware of here is that the Tokyo theme parks tend to open earlier than the time they specify – if the park says it opens at 9 am and you rock up at 8.45 expecting to get a head start you’ll be sadly disappointed. This was the queue the day I went and I arrived about 7.45 am for a 9 am opening -the gates opened just after 8 am.

So, even with Happy Entry, you’ll still need to get to the park at least an hour and 15 minutes earlier than the specified opening time, ideally 90 minutes before – then head toward the special entrance for Disney guests.

Happy Entry is not available on your check-in day. Occasionally Disney also stops Happy Entry on specific days – they do publish these dates three months in advance though so check here before you book to ensure you’ll be able to take advantage of it.

You book them via the Tokyo Disney Resort’s official website.

As I said, packages tend to be put onto the site in one-month clumps, and this usually happens four months before the date of the first date in the package – ie December went on sale in August.

If they follow this pattern, then the next pack released will be for January 2024 and this will go on sale September 1st, 2023. Then February will go on sale October 1st – and so on.

I have noticed that March is on sale October 31st which is a break from the norm, so I’d start checking the last day of the month just in case this is the new plan going forward.

This all happens at 3 pm Tokyo time.

You can log on to book a package here.

Tips for Booking a Tokyo Disneyland Vacation Package

It will help to have your Disney account already set up, make sure your credit card company knows you’re likely to be making a foreign purchase, and, ensure you use a card with 3D Secure enabled.

Know what hotels you would like and the type of room you’re hoping for. Have a few alternative options ready just in case the one you want has already been booked. This is particularly important for the cheaper rooms and Toy Story Hotel which tends to sell out the fastest.

Bus leaving out of the Toy Story Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort

Remember, if your children are over four you need to select the own bed option when asked to choose bed share or own bed.

Also, have an idea of which Attraction Tickets you want to book and roughly what time you’ll want to use any of the ‘Type One’ style as you’ll book these now.

Also, think about what time you’re going to have breakfast – remember, you’re aiming for as early as possible if you want to use Early Entry. Early slots do go early though.

If you don’t get a package, do try again as people do change their mind. And don’t forget that even if you don’t manage to book a Vacation Package, or, a room at one of the official Disney hotels there are lots of other hotels very close to Disneyland and DisneySea – see more in our post on Hotels with Disney Shuttles.

If you’re still in two minds about whether you should stay at Tokyo Disney Resort in the first place, then you’re going to need our post spelling out the things to consider.

If you have any more questions then head over to our Facebook Group and ask them there.

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I’ve traveled to Japan five times before- solo and with my partner – and I’ve just returned from trip six in June 2023. So, everything here is pretty up to date.

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Don’t miss the World Bazaar, where you’ll find recreations of 20th-century American shops and restaurants. It’s a good place to have lunch or purchase snacks and souvenirs. Check the park’s schedule for live shows and parades. A highlight is the Nighttime Parade, featuring illuminated floats and dancing Disney characters.

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Tokyo Disneyland® is about a 30-minute drive from downtown Tokyo. It is easily accessible via public trains and buses. There are direct bus and train connections from Narita International Airport. Paid parking is available for up to 20,000 vehicles. A paid monorail links the various attractions and several hotels, which include three Disney-themed hotels.

Tokyo Disneyland® is open daily. Allow a full day to visit each of Tokyo Disneyland® Park and Tokyo DisneySea® Park. Check the resort’s official website for details of admission fees, including information on multiday passes. Purchase tickets online to avoid standing in line at the park’s ticket booths. Cut costs by bringing your own food to enjoy at designated picnic areas.

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Photographer, Professional Photo shoot - Tokyo

Photographer, Professional Photo shoot - Tokyo

Asakusa: Food replica store visits after history tour

Asakusa: Food replica store visits after history tour

Tokyo Mt. Fuji and Oshino Hakkai Bus Tour

Tokyo Mt. Fuji and Oshino Hakkai Bus Tour

Tokyo Private Day Tour by Car with English speaking Driver Guide

Tokyo Private Day Tour by Car with English speaking Driver Guide

Tokyo: Mt. Fuji 5th Station, Lake kawaguchi and Gotemba Outlets

Tokyo: Mt. Fuji 5th Station, Lake kawaguchi and Gotemba Outlets

Shopper's Dream: Private Tokyo Shopping Tour in Luxury SUV

Shopper's Dream: Private Tokyo Shopping Tour in Luxury SUV

Tokyo Local Fashion Designers Shopping Tour with a Stylist

Tokyo Local Fashion Designers Shopping Tour with a Stylist

Adventure & outdoor.

Mt Fuji and Hakone 1-Day Tour Return by Bus

Mt Fuji and Hakone 1-Day Tour Return by Bus

90 min Tokyo Go-Kart: Shibuya Crossing and Tokyo Tower *IDP MUST*

90 min Tokyo Go-Kart: Shibuya Crossing and Tokyo Tower *IDP MUST*

Multi-day bilingual driver for your trip anywhere in Japan!

Multi-day bilingual driver for your trip anywhere in Japan!

2 Days Drift Japan Tokyo to Ebisu Private Tour

2 Days Drift Japan Tokyo to Ebisu Private Tour

Day Mount Fuji Private Tour English speaking driver

Day Mount Fuji Private Tour English speaking driver

4 Day Tour - Mount. Fuji, Tokyo, Hakone, Kamakura and Yokohama

4 Day Tour - Mount. Fuji, Tokyo, Hakone, Kamakura and Yokohama

Trekking, Hiking and Camp in Japan Countryside (Nagano/Yamanashi)

Trekking, Hiking and Camp in Japan Countryside (Nagano/Yamanashi)

5-Hour Tokyo & Edo Hidden Gem Bike Tour with Lunch

5-Hour Tokyo & Edo Hidden Gem Bike Tour with Lunch

Kyoto, Osaka, Nara Full Day tour by Car English speaking Driver

Kyoto, Osaka, Nara Full Day tour by Car English speaking Driver

Reviews of tokyo disneyland®, 1/5 - terrible.

Rating was based on experience with massive crowds during late December. Surely, an experience any other time would be much more pleasant.

5/5 - Excellent

Buy your tickets ahead and be there before the amusement park opens.

Disney Sea is a must.

The after 6 PM pass is worth it, most of the attractions are exactly the same as the American counterparts, so you don't need to see those, which means that less than half of the park is different, so you don't need too much time at the park.

It takes about 3 different trains plus the Disney monorail (which you have to pay for) to get there. Kind of a pain the butt. We were in Shinjuku.

Lines to purchase tickets were really long. Suggest to order tickets online and print from home before going to park.

Popular places to visit

Tokyo disney resort®.

Bring the family to Tokyo Disney Resort® and enjoy this exciting theme park in Urayasu. Amble around this family-friendly area's seaside and enjoy its top-notch restaurants.

Conjuring a flash of Disney magic, this shopping palace consists of nine themed worlds, with a majestic courtyard, water features and a large movie theater.

  • Tokyo DisneySea®

Discover the secrets of the oceans in this magical theme park, where Disney’s sea-dwelling characters will take you on a journey to the world below the waves.

Urayasu Sports Park

Take your pick of activities at this huge sporting complex, where Olympic-standard facilities offer locals, visitors and professional athletes a place to train.

Tokyo Sea Life Park

Enjoy watching the adorable penguins and scary sharks, while kids learn about marine life through touch in this leafy aquarium in a seaside park.

Kasai Rinkai Park

The largest urban park in Tokyo complements its scenic vistas with a bird sanctuary, an aquarium and a Ferris wheel with marvelous light shows.

Best Lodging Options Near Tokyo Disneyland®

Check availability on hotels close to tokyo disneyland®.

Map of hotels in Tokyo Disneyland®

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  • Tokyo Big Sight
  • Sensō-ji Temple
  • Tokyo Imperial Palace
  • Ghibli Museum
  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  • Toyosu Market
  • Nippon Budokan
  • Meiji Jingu Shrine
  • Roppongi Hills
  • Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay
  • Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay
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  • Hotels near Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
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  • Hotels near Nippon Budokan
  • Hotels near Meiji Jingu Shrine
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  • Hotels near Tokyo Midtown
  • Hotels near National Stadium
  • Golf Hotels (197)
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Travel for Theme Park Fans

TDR Explorer

Tokyo Disney Resort Sign

  • Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages Return

Since 2020, Toyko Disney Resort Vacation Packages have been noticeably absent from the English version of the website. In 2023, Tokyo Disney Resort has begun offering its vacation packages again!

The Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages help make your time at the Resort much less stressful. Just like our updated 2023 guidebook for Tokyo Disney Resort ! Our guidebook is the best way to plan your trip to Japan.

Table of contents

Tokyo disney resort vacation package details, when do additional dates open, should i get the vacation package.

Vacation Packages for June 29 through September 30 are available beginning at 3 pm (Japan time) on May 30, 2023 , through the Tokyo Disney Resort website!

  • Enjoy Lots of Attractions
  • Enjoy Attractions and More
  • Available for June 30 through September 30
  • Available for June 29 through September 30

You can only book a maximum of 2 nights; if you want more, you must make a separate booking. I’m unsure when the next block of vacation packages will be released, but these are done three months in advance.

What do the Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages Include?

Each Vacation Package includes your Disney hotel room (excluding Celebration Hotel), park tickets, breakfast at your hotel, original souvenir popcorn case, beverage ticket, attraction tickets (skip the line), and some include character greeting tickets (skip the line).

The items listed above are for everyone on your reservation.

How much do the vacation packages cost?

The prices fluctuate depending on the dates and demand. These are the prices I found on the Tokyo Disney Resort website:

  • 57,300 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  • 57,400 yen per person (starting) at Disney Ambassador Hotel
  • 64,800 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
  • 51,200 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel
  • 92,400 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  • 92,700 yen per person (starting) at Disney Ambassador Hotel
  • 107,200 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
  • 80,400 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel

Please note the prices may differ when you’re looking.

Before 2020 the Vacation Pcakges through the English website were open months in advance. Currently, it looks to be for 1-3 months ahead. We’ll keep you updated when/if this changes.

While they are much more expensive than simply booking everything yourself, if you want a hassle-free experience with park tickets, and riding the most popular attractions, then it’s worth considering.

You can only book these vacation packages directly through the Official Tokyo Disney Resort website . Please refer to the FAQ on the Official Tokyo Disney Resort website for specifics regarding the vacation packages.

More Things to Do in Tokyo

My recommendations for things to do in and around Tokyo! Plan a day at the Hello Kitty theme park, Sanrio Puroland , and an afternoon at the popular TeamLab Planets TOKYO . Take a tour around Tokyo with the convenient hop-on and-off bus . Spend a rainy afternoon inside Japan’s largest indoor theme park, Tokyo Joyoplis , near Tokyo Disney!

More on Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo disney resort guidebook.

Are you planning a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort? If so, you need our digital guidebook! Our guidebook is the most comprehensive resource available, covering everything you need to know about the park, including tickets, hotels, restaurants, attractions, shows, seasonal events, and more! With our guidebook, you’ll be an expert on Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea before you even set foot in the Parks. You’ll know what to expect, where to go, and what to do. You’ll also be able to avoid the crowds and make the most of your time.

TDR Explorer Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort 2024 Cover

Get tickets for Tokyo Disney Resort

Buying your tickets for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea ahead of time is vital. Read our comprehensive guide on tickets to learn how to purchase tickets. For recommendations on SIM cards, portable Wi-Fi devices, travel insurance, cheap flights, and hotel bookings, read our travel resources page .

Learn more about Tokyo Disney Resort

Want more Tokyo Disney content? Browse our dedicated page for everything about Tokyo Disney Resort!

Enjoy our content? Support us on Patreon as it helps us continue bringing you content to help you plan your trip!

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Buying services through these links at no extra cost to you help support TDR Explorer. Some links may be affiliate links to services I recommend. Please read our full disclosure for more details.


I received your 2023 Tokyo Disneyland and USJ guide last week and I was so excited. BTW, you look amazing in the guide 😉. Anyway, is there any issues, that you knew recently, regarding using credit card from US in purchasing the package? Thank you

Am I reading it correctly that drinks are unlimited or is it only 1 free drink? And does it just cover soft drinks (ie coke etc)?

Do Vacation Packages include Happy 15 (to both parks) for all of the resorts listed or just the ones that normally include Happy 15? Can’t seem to find the answer.

@TDR Any idea or know when they are going to release July 2023 vacation packages?

If I make 2 separate bookings for 4 nights total, will I have to change rooms? Or will I be able to stay in the same room?

Don’t know. We’ll update once we know.

Not sure. That’s a question you’ll have to contact TDR directly about.

We’re packages always limited to 2 nights prior to Covid ? The packages seem not workable given the price and limit to 2 nights. Just trying to understand if they might shift to packages like WDW where you can buy any number of nights and matching park tickets. We’ll be there next April for 4 nights.

H Hi! Did you find out about changing rooms? Curious as i would like the 2 day package as i only want 2 day in Disneyland and 1 day in DisneySea but wanted 2 nights in total so thought could book an extra night separately but not sure if we will then need to change rooms?

I am looking to purchase a 1 night Vacation package, the package includes tickets for Day 1 in DisneySea and Day 2 for Disneyland. Is there any way I can swap my Day 1 for Disneyland and Day 2 for DisneySea? Thank you

The fact that September package reservations have been available since May 30 sent me into a panic. Purchased the 2023 guidebook but it did not include tips for buying a vacation package. I cobbled together some tips sprinkled in other parts of the book like getting an early breakfast reservation so that I could be at the park early (if lines start forming at 8am). I wasn’t sure how much time to leave between attractions, but went with 1.5 hrs.

The vacation packages came back after we published the guidebook, so we didn’t include any information in there unfortunately. We’re going to have more details in the next edition. 1.5 hours should be good enough! I’m glad you were able to get a vacation package. Things are still weird with them as they’re not telling us far in advance when they’re available, which is frustrating.

Hi! Would you know how many park tickets (to enter the park) will be included in each vacation package? We’re a group of 6 planning to avail of the vacation package at the Ambassador Hotel. But not sure how many park tickets will be included.

Number of park tickets included will be determined by the number of guests included in the reservation.

You will need to contact the hotel directly for more information about this. Vacation Packages are separate from regular hotel reservations.

Are you allowed to book back to back packages? Say 2 two-night packages for a total of four nights at the hotels? I am sure you can book rooms, but I am specifically wondering about back to back packages like the other comments mention. I have watched all of your videos by the way. You are fantastic.

You can make two different reservations as long as there’s availability. If you’re specifically asking to stay in the same room in the hotel, that’s something you’ll have to call TDR directly about.

I was playing around with booking a vacation package on the official app, and it said it had to be booked for a minimum of two people. So if I’m traveling by myself, I can’t book it? Or would it potentially be cheaper to book everything separate anyway?

You can book it if you want, but it’s priced for two people so you’ll end up paying a lot more than booking everything separately for yourself.

The 2-night 3-day vacation package for 2 adults seems to be about AUD $1000 more than booking everything separately – the only benefit to a package seems to be a toy, the popcorn thingy, the drinks thing and bag. Am I missing something? It doesn’t seem like a good deal at all.

Breakfast is included for the mornings and depending on which package you choose, you’ll get “FastPasses” to select attractions. It’s up to you to decide if the convenience is worth it. The prices also fluctuate depending on the time of year you’re visiting too cause hotel prices are variable.

First time booking Tokyo Disneyland resort vacation package. I am planning to go with my wife and 2 kids (6 years old and 3 years old)

Does the vacation package comes with the kid admission tickets? At the confirmation screen, I only see disneyland ticket x2 (for two adults) and disneysea ticket x2 (for two adults)

Please help 🙏

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2024 Tokyo Disneyland Planning Guide

disney japan travel package

Our 2024 Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea vacation planning guide offers info for the two Disney parks, resort hotels, and ‘downtown’ district in Japan. We have tips & tricks, where to stay, how long to visit, must-eat food & snacks, best attractions, touring plans, avoiding crowds, and other things to do. ( Updated December 26, 2023 .)

Whether you’re eager to take your first visit to Japan or make a return visit for Tokyo Disneyland’s 40th Anniversary , we are here to help you start planning! The “Dream-Go-Round” celebration is the current big event at Tokyo Disney Resort, but far from the only thing happening or on the horizon. See What’s New & Next at Tokyo Disney Resort in 2024   for a more detailed look at what else is new and coming soon.

The next blockbuster addition is Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea , which will officially open in June 2024. That blockbuster new $2 billion expansion is the eighth themed port of call at Tokyo Disneysea, and is sure to draw massive crowds upon opening. If you’re debating when to visit, you might want to hold off until Fantasy Springs opens, as it’s the biggest expansion to any existing theme park ever. 

If you do travel to Japan in the first half of the year, one consolation prize could be lower crowd levels as Japanese locals postpone visits to Tokyo Disney Resort until the new Fantasy Springs opens. We discuss the likelihood of this dynamic in  When to Visit Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea in 2024 . There’s plenty of precedent for a slower first half of 2024–it’s exactly what happened when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (Disney’s last colossal new land) debuted in the U.S. parks.

It’s now been over a year since Japan reopened to individual travelers. We’ve already returned to Tokyo Disney Resort to experience everything that’s new and see how the parks have changed as compared to pre-closure. Even since we were last there, a lot has changed. While Japan is still not 100% back to pre-2020 normal, it’s ‘close enough’ to the point that this should no longer matter to anyone planning a trip.

Almost all health safety policies and protocols have been abandoned. Tokyo Disney Resort has dropped all face mask rules, both indoors and outside. Most businesses in Japan have also removed plexiglass barriers and other antivirus measures. You may wonder why we’re commenting on this in a planning guide for 2024, as it’s possible this hasn’t been a daily consideration to you for a few years  at this point.

However, it wasn’t until mid-2023 when Japan downgraded COVID–the country’s reopening has been much slower than the United States. Although most official policies and protocol have been abandoned, you’ll still see plenty of face masks throughout Tokyo Disney Resort and Japan, as a whole.

The percentage of people masking regularly has dropped precipitously.  Although ~60% of Japanese still wear masks at least “sometimes” ( per the latest NHK polling ), that number is trending downward and the percentage is (ballpark) usually around one-third of people at any given time. It’s even lower in touristy places, such as theme parks.

Accordingly, you won’t be out of place if you don’t wear one. You also won’t be made to feel uncomfortable or disrespectful by not masking–it was a pretty common practice (albeit not nearly to this degree) in Japan even pre-pandemic.

disney japan travel package

More broadly, the way to think about operations at Tokyo Disney Resort is that they’re about 18-24 months behind the U.S. parks in their ‘phased reopening’ progress. This is actually the dynamic throughout Japan, not just at Tokyo Disney Resort. Staffing shortages are an ongoing issue, restaurants and retail remain closed, entertainment is reduced or modified, and more. The bottom line is that the Tokyo Disney Resort of today is still very different from the Tokyo Disney Resort of 2019.

If it’s your first visit, you probably won’t even notice this–Tokyo Disney Resort still has more (and better) entertainment than the U.S. parks. However, if you’re a repeat visitor, there are ways that the parks currently feel missing or incomplete. The good news is that this has gotten better already, and will likely continue to improve. Our hope is that things are normal again by Spring 2024.

In other positive news/updates, Tokyo Disney Resort just brought back a version of free FastPass, albeit by a different name. Check out our Guide to Priority Pass & Premier Access at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea for everything you need to know about the new line-skipping services.

disney japan travel package

We’ve spent a ton of time in Japan over the last decade-plus, and update this almost neurotically as we learn from our travels and research. This Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland Guide has been refreshed dozens of times since we first wrote it, and more will be added over time as certain parts are clarified or expanded. We are slightly obsessed fans of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.

Prior to the closure, we visited Japan multiple times per year for 7 consecutive years, including several multi-month stays. We were Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea Annual Passholders (until TDR cancelled those) who have dined in almost every restaurant and stayed in most hotels at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Since 2019, things have obviously been different due to the closure–and also as a result of Annual Pass sales still be suspended, which makes it trickier for us to visit regularly. We’re currently planning our next big trip to Japan around the opening of Fantasy Springs, which will be our baby’s first visit! If you’re thinking about 2024 travel dates to Japan, you might want to consider doing the same and waiting until that’s open.

disney japan travel package

If you’re just starting to plan a trip to Japan, there’s a lot to consider. We recommend planning your time at Tokyo Disney Resort in tandem with where else you want to visit in Japan. Consult our Ultimate Tokyo, Japan City Guide for recommendations in the city. While we like Tokyo, we far prefer Kyoto.

Kyoto is our favorite city in the world, and a place that we view as essential to a trip to Japan. In our Ultimate Guide to Kyoto, Japan , we offer our “sales pitch” as to why we love it so much, and cover everything you need to know for planning a visit to that wonderful city. Total, we’d recommend Disney fans allocate around two-thirds of their trip to the cities of Kyoto and Tokyo–with more time in Kyoto.

Of course, all of this assumes that you should visit Japan in the first place. Let’s backtrack and address that threshold question…

Should You Visit Japan & Tokyo Disney Resort?

disney japan travel package

If you have the means to go to Japan or can save for it as a once-in-a-lifetime trip, we think you will be very satisfied with the decision to go. While there’s no question that international travel is costly, traveling to Japan might not be quite as expensive as you might think; you really should crunch the numbers before ruling out the possibility of swinging a trip to Japan. Without question, it’s worth the money for Walt Disney World regulars to visit the Japan parks.

Since we visit Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea regularly, we’ve been accused of being biased towards the Japanese parks. That isn’t true at all. We’re biased towards excellence. From maintenance to food quality to Cast Member friendliness, Tokyo Disney Resort is in a league of its own. Moreover, we have yet to encounter anyone who has told us they regretted visiting Japan. (If you want to be the first, feel free to say so in the comments.)

Without a doubt, traveling to Japan is outside comfort zones and one of the biggest things holding people back from visiting. From the long international flight to the prospect of navigating a foreign country without speaking its native language, a trip to Japan can be overwhelming. This is normal, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being anxious about traveling somewhere because it’s outside of your comfort zone.

Tokyo is a long flight to a place where English is a second language (at best). However, the Japanese are some of the universally nicest and most helpful people in the world. Once you understand the ‘system’ at one Disney theme park, you understand it at all of them, regardless of their dominant language.

disney japan travel package

In terms of the language barrier, there is not much of one at all. All signs are in English, park maps are available in English, and many attractions have dialogue in English. Even the attractions that have dialogue exclusively in Japanese mostly convey their message through visual means.

More importantly, most Cast Members either speak enough English to effectively communicate with English-speaking guests or can find someone to help you who does. Failing that, a bit of pantomime gets the job done. Verbal communication and pantomime with the first Cast Member you encounter is all you’ll need.

My social skills are poor and I can barely communicate with people in English, and I still do just fine. Irrespective of that, Cast Members in Tokyo are by far the nicest and most helpful in the world, and they will do everything they can to make your experience positive, so long as that does not involve breaking rules.

The Japanese concept of rules is different than the US concept of rules. Calling them “rules” might be a bit of a misnomer, because it some cases they’re unflexible policies. For example, you might be used to making substitutions to your meals in the US parks because of a food allergy or preference.

disney japan travel package

What’s on the menu is what’s on the menu in Japan, and attempts at substitutions or changes will typically be met with resistance or confusion. Americans are more likely to question the “why?” of a rule or policy here in the US and look at whether it really makes sense given the circumstances. In Japan, adherence to every rule/policy/procedure is universally expected, no matter how arbitrary it might seem.

Most of the time, this results in a more orderly, enjoyable experience. Only in Japan is there no line jumping, and everyone sits down for the parades! Sometimes it does have unintended consequences. We know some vegetarians who have gone to the parks and didn’t have the best of times because there were limited vegetarian options and they were unable to make substitutions because a substitution is going against established policy.

If you want to feel more comfortable before you visit, read our 101 Great Tips for Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea post, which offers a wealth of random advice that will familiarize you with a ton of ‘little things’ (and plenty of big ones) that you should know about the quirks of Tokyo Disney Resort. Our goal with that post is to help first-timers feel like they are touring the parks like locals.

With that question settled, let’s dig into planning a trip to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea…

How Many Days?

disney japan travel package

Part of answering this question requires determining how much time you can spend in Japan. If you’re traveling halfway around the world, hopefully you’re planning on seeing more than just the two Disney theme parks in Japan. In addition to these, we’d also strongly recommend spending a good amount of time in Tokyo and Kyoto at the very least.

The other part of answering this question is contingent upon whether you’re a Disney fan planning a pilgrimage to the two best Disney parks in the world, or a regular person visiting Japan who stumbled upon this post via Google. If the latter, two days is sufficient. We have itineraries below for seeing all of the highlights in a single day, and this guide is probably more than you want or need to know about Tokyo Disney Resort.

  • Tokyo DisneySea 1-Day Touring Plan
  • Tokyo Disneyland 1-Day Touring Plan

Those itineraries cover everything from the order you should do rides to experience them efficiently, to where you should eat, and more. Following those touring plans will help you make the most of your time in the parks and see as much as possible in only 2 days.

disney japan travel package

If you’re a diehard Disney fan wondering how many days you should spend at Tokyo Disney Resort…that’s a trick question. No number of days is enough…and that’s only a half-joke. Tokyo DisneySea is the best Disney park in the world and Tokyo Disneyland is also near the top ( second best, if you ask me ). Think of these parks as “fine moonshine.” You have to sip them slowly enough that you have a nice intoxication, because if you drink them in too quickly, you’re likely to go blind.

Hardcore Disney fans still should not overdo it, and should aim to spend no more than one-third of your trip to Japan at Tokyo Disney Resort–or a maximum of 4 days, whichever is less. Two days in each theme park might seem excessive, but we don’t think a trip to Tokyo is for the type of fan who views the parks as a collection of rides to “complete” as quickly as possible.

In our view, a balanced trip to Japan for a Disney fan includes 4 days at Tokyo Disney Resort, 3 days in Tokyo outside the parks, and 5 days in and around Kyoto. If anything, we’d be inclined to pull a day or two from the TDR and Tokyo portion of the trip to reallocate to Kyoto and other areas of the Kansai region (Osaka, Kobe, Nara, etc). Reasonable minds may vary on that, though.

disney japan travel package

These parks, DisneySea, especially, are meant to be slowed down and taken in. The best “attraction” at Tokyo DisneySea isn’t an actual attraction that you’ll find on any park map. It’s the sense of place that it has, and this is something that you’ll want to spend some time savoring.

When it comes to actual attractions, the lines can be long at both parks. These lines actually starting before the parks open, and guests running for popular attractions immediately. Tokyo Disney Resort’s main demographic is locals, and they don’t mind waiting hours in line for a single attraction because they can always come back later to see others.

When to Visit

disney japan travel package

Choosing the best time to visit is the most important aspect of planning a visit to Tokyo Disney Resort. We highly recommend reading our When to Visit Tokyo Disneyland in 2024 post, as that covers this essential topic in much greater detail. Everything from weather (Tokyo has extremes in both directions–it can even snow there!) to seasonal events to crowds is discussed in that post.

When picking our days to visit Tokyo Disney Resort, the first thing we consider is what season we want to visit. For subsequent trips, we wanted to see Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Pirates Summer. We’ve now visited during every season, and they’re all very well done.

disney japan travel package

Halloween and Christmas are the two most popular seasonal events at Tokyo Disney Resort, and the parks look awesome for both, with a lot of special seasonal entertainment. You can “double dip” by planning a HalloXmas Trip to Tokyo Disney Resort that coincides with both Halloween and Christmas. That’s our absolute favorite time to visit!

We have separate posts on these holidays and other seasonal events at Tokyo Disney Resort, so for more info, check out the following posts:

  • Tokyo Disneyland Halloween Guide
  • Tokyo DisneySea Halloween Guide
  • Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Guide
  • Tokyo DisneySea Christmas Guide
  • Tokyo Disneyland Easter Guide
  • Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days Guide
  • Tokyo DisneySea Tanabata Days Guide
  • Tokyo Disneyland Natsu Matsuri Summer Festival Guide
  • Tokyo DisneySea Pirates Summer Guide

With it narrowed down to which season we wanted to see, think about crowds…

disney japan travel package

As with weather, Tokyo Disney Resort is a place of extremes when it comes to crowds. This makes it really important to choose the least-crowded dates. Once we choose the time of year we want to visit (see our ‘When to Visit’ post above for recommendations), we generally consult 2024 Crowd Calendars for Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea to pick specific date ranges within the season that are predicted to be lightly crowded.

More important than the time of year is the days of the week you visit. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are least busy Monday through Thursday. Friday is the busiest weekday, and weekends are incredibly busy. Avoid weekends no matter what time of year you visit. This will save you considerable time in lines.


If you’re researching a trip, you might have encountered photos of insane crowds that make you apprehensive about visiting. We think the crowds in Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea have taken on “urban legend” status as these photos spread.

The reality is that weekends and holidays can be insanely crowded–exactly as the photos depict. On the other hand, low-season days in the middle of the week can feel more pleasant than mid-January at Disneyland. The crowds at these parks fluctuate more than any other Disney parks in the world, which really underscores the importance of carefully choosing days to visit.

The perception of crowds always being insane at Tokyo Disneyland is totally inaccurate.

What to Pack

disney japan travel package

For any Disney trip, the things on our Unique Disney Packing List will be helpful. There’s not really anything specific to Tokyo that you will need. No voltage converter is necessary. However, there are a few things you might want to pack for the long international flight.

Sarah had trouble sleeping on our first couple of flights to Japan, so she purchased these reusable earplugs , this sleep mask , and this fancy inflatable airplane pillow (whatever pillow you get, make sure it’s inflatable–carrying a normal pillow while traveling is a hassle). Now she swears by all 3. I could sleep on a pile of hay during a death metal concert, so I don’t use earplugs or a special pillow.

If you’re visiting during the summer, things like Frogg Togg Chilly Pads will also come in handy, as will moisture wicking clothing because Japan gets really humid in June, July and August. Consult our Beating the Summer Heat at Disney post for more info. In the winter, it’s cold and can even snow in Japan, so read our Packing for Disney in Winter post for tips on visiting then.

We would caution against overpacking. This is especially true if you’re doing more in Japan than just Tokyo Disney Resort. The rail system in Tokyo is incredibly complex, with a lot of transfers. You will do a lot of walking, riding the rail, etc., and you really don’t want to be encumbered by excess baggage, especially during rush hour on the trains.

Perhaps the best advice we can give you is to pack light. Lay out everything you’re planning on taking before you pack it, and determine if you truly need it. Not if it “might come in handy, maybe,” but if you actually will use it. Don’t pack things you won’t use. If you are going to be staying in multiple hotels during your trip to Japan, we highly recommend packing cubes or compression bags (I prefer the cubes) for organization. You can read more of our “carry-on philosophy” and which types of bags we use here .

Buying Park Tickets

disney japan travel package

There are several ticket options at Tokyo Disney Resort, we discuss them in more depth in our Money-Saving Tips for Tokyo Disneyland Park Tickets post. If you are going on weekdays during non-holiday season, the easiest option is purchasing your park tickets on the day-of at the front of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. However, this isn’t without risk, as tickets can and do sell out for popular dates.

In an ideal scenario, you should buy tickets online about 30-60 days in advance of your trip (tickets are not currently sold beyond 60 days out) to avoid any issues upon arrival. To save money and buy tickets before leaving home, we recommend Klook (if they have inventory–which isn’t always the case). Not only are their tickets discounted, but it’s easier to navigate than the official (and more expensive) Tokyo Disney Resort website.

disney japan travel package

If Klook is sold out, we recommend using the official Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservation & Tickets website or the TDR app. Fair warning: these can be difficult to use, and often have issues with credit cards issued by U.S. banks.

Failing all of that, you can wait until you arrive to purchase your park tickets. Just be warned that Tokyo Disney Resort does sell out of park tickets in advance. However, guests of monorail loop hotels (like the Sheraton and Hilton Tokyo Bay) may usually purchase tickets from their hotel’s concierge even when the parks are sold out to the general public. (This was guaranteed pre-2020, but has become much more hit or miss. Even though the Hilton no longer advertises it online, they typically  do  have tickets available.)

Where to Stay

disney japan travel package

We have stayed at 10 different hotels in and around Tokyo Disney Resort, plus Airbnb apartments. Suffice to say, we have a lot of experience at hotels in Japan, and almost all of it is positive. For our thoughts on hotel options, read our Hotel Reviews & Rankings at Tokyo Disneyland post, as that covers the topic in greater depth, and provides links to specific hotel reviews.

As for an overview, you basically have three options: off-site, on-site “official,” and on-site Disney. We’ll start by covering the Disney hotels. These are Disney’s Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Hotel MiraCosta, and Toy Story Hotel. They are all very pricey. If you have the money, consider a night or two at Hotel MiraCosta or Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. We’ve stayed at both, and they are two of the most unforgettable hotel experiences we’ve ever had.

disney japan travel package

If you’re approaching them solely from a cost-benefit or value perspective, it’s difficult to justify any of the Disney hotels. Their big advantage is location, and that’s biggest in terms of the view from your room (which can be into the park at both Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Hotel MiraCosta) and not from access, since the on-site official hotels are also located on the monorail loop and also have theme park views in some cases.

Is it worth potentially $200-300/night more than the official hotels for that view into the park? Probably not, unless money is no issue or you’re viewing this as a once in a lifetime trip.

disney japan travel package

As for the on-site official hotels, these are hotels that are on the monorail loop, and typically offer large, Western accommodations, and are moderately priced given the circumstances. Many compare very favorably to a Walt Disney World Deluxe hotel. Large, nice rooms. Cinderella Castle or ocean views. Location on the monorail loop. All for $130-180/night, most of the time. (Prices do spike for these hotels certain times of year and at the last minute, so book early.)

Finally, there are the off-site hotels, which we do not recommend. There’s nothing wrong with a lot of the off-site hotels, but they are a more unknown quantity with rooms that will typically skew towards small, Japanese accommodations. Plus, many of the ones closest to Tokyo Disney Resort are overpriced considering what they offer.

There’s also the element of getting to and from the parks on public transportation, which can be a real hassle. Public transportation is also utilized by business people and students around the same time you’ll be heading to the parks, making it chaotic.

If you must stay off-site because the on-site hotels or full, or because you’re on a tight budget, we highly recommend doing an Airbnb rental instead…


We have a post that discusses our Tips for Using Airbnb in case you’re unfamiliar with the service. We’ve used it numerous times in Japan, near Tokyo Disney Resort as well as in Kyoto and Osaka. We typically use it on Friday and Saturday nights near Tokyo Disney Resorts, as hotel rates typically skyrocket for those nights.

When we are traveling throughout Japan but aren’t at Tokyo Disney Resort, we prefer Airbnb to booking hotels because it gives us the option for a much larger room, usually an entire apartment. Japanese hotel rooms (that are not Western chains) tend to be very small, and using Airbnb is the best way to avoid this issue.

Plus, the price is usually cheaper than a hotel room, and Airbnb hosts often include free MiFi so you can use the internet on the go. We’ve had some fun experiences staying at unique Airbnb locations throughout Japan, too. (The photo above is from an Airbnb we rented in Japan that was converted from a bar downstairs.)

Attraction Strategy

disney japan travel package

Even if you go at a less-busy time of year, we recommend arriving at either park 30 minutes before it opens for your first couple of days. There will already be a long line (or lines) to get inside when you get there, so don’t be alarmed. Once you get inside, walk briskly (or run lightly) for your first ride of the day.

This is covered in the strategy guides above, but it’s good to reiterate. Once you knock out the main headliners, you can take the ‘sleep in and go late’ approach, on subsequent days if you so desire–but your first day in each park you should arrive prior to opening.

We’ve already written extensive attraction guides for both parks, so there’s no point in rehashing those here. Those guides contain strategy as well as reviews of the attractions. There will be very few attractions you’ll want to skip in Tokyo DisneySea, perhaps more in Tokyo Disneyland (where there are more clones). Here are those guides:

  • Tokyo Disneyland Strategy & Ride Guide
  • Tokyo DisneySea Strategy & Ride Guide

Refurbishments are common at Tokyo Disney Resort, so make sure you consult the 2024 Tokyo Disney Resort Refurbishment Calendar before booking. It’s good for about 6 months out, so it may not be of much help. Much like the US Disney Parks Blog, Tokyo has an official Parks Blog where info on seasonal happenings and other stuff is posted.

Where to Eat

disney japan travel package

Dining at Tokyo Disney Resort is a huge topic unto itself, and this guide is already getting really long, so this will just cover the basics. First, for specific restaurants, make sure to check out our Tokyo Disney Resort Restaurant Reviews .

We have individual reviews from every Tokyo Disney Resort restaurant, plus restaurant rankings for both parks. We’ve eaten at every single restaurant in the parks, plus many in the hotels and Ikspiari, so that should help.

disney japan travel package

Snacking should be a big part of your trip. The cost of this can quickly add up, but it’s an integral part of the Tokyo experience. We have posts on Awesome Tokyo Disneyland Snacks and Awesome Tokyo DisneySea Snacks that you can check out to get some ideas. Tokyo Disney Resort has some crazy popcorn flavors, and they’re definitely worth trying so you can form your own opinion.

We also like stopping for full meals. In our experience, Tokyo Disneyland is the place to do counter service and Tokyo DisneySea is the place to do table service (its counter service options are also good, though). Both parks have some really amazing restaurants that are experiences in themselves.

disney japan travel package

The Tokyo parks have a reputation for small portion sizes and high prices, but that’s hit or miss. Portions can be small, but they aren’t always. We think prices are comparable to the US parks for counter service meals (for similar portion sizes and quality), and table service is cheaper at Tokyo Disney Resort. There’s no tipping (and it’s a strict rule–they won’t let you tip) in Japan, which plays a part in the price differences.

If you do plan on doing table service, know that restaurants often are fully booked in advance. Unfortunately, the only way to make dining reservations is through the Tokyo Disney Resort website (in Japanese) or by emailing the hotel if you are staying at a Disney-owned hotel.

As mentioned above, substitutions are not a ‘thing’ in Tokyo, nor is accommodating those with special dietary needs or preferences. If you are a vegetarian, dining in the Tokyo parks will be a challenge, as there are limited vegetarian menus. If you have other restrictions or preferences, you may have an even more difficult time.

Neither of us are vegetarians so we have no first hand experience in this regard, but we’ve heard stories from others. Fortunately, Tokyo Disney Resort has a list of restaurants that can accommodate guests with special dietary needs. Here it is for Tokyo Disneyland , and for Tokyo DisneySea . If you are a vegetarian, the buffets are your best option, but vegetarian options at counter service restaurants are starting to become more common.

disney japan travel package

Merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort is very different from what you’ll find at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Instead of items with the park logos or attraction names, most items at Tokyo Disney Resort are character-themed or kawaii. Depending upon who you ask, Tokyo either has the best or worst merchandise of any Disney destination in the world.

Our Guide to Tokyo Disneyland Merchandise gives you an idea of what to expect so that you can plan accordingly and adjust your expectations and budget. It’s worth noting that in the last few years, Tokyo has increased the amount of logo merchandise and either things appealing to broader tastes. We’ve found ourselves “embracing the kawaii” of Tokyo Disney Resort’s merchandise more and more, but it’s definitely an acquired taste that isn’t for everyone.

disney japan travel package

On your arrival or departure day, consider visiting Ikspiari, which is a dining, shopping, and entertainment complex located within walking distance of Tokyo Disneyland, the JR Maihama railway station, and with its own monorail station. It’s Japan’s take on the Downtown Disney concept.

Ikspiari has over 150 restaurants and retail shops, the highlights of which we cover in our Shopping Guide to Ikspiari at Tokyo Disney Resort . Note that while we referred to Ikspiari as Tokyo Disney Resort’s twist on Downtown Disney, it is decidedly not Disney. Oriental Land Company purposefully developed Ikspiari without Disney branding to avoid paying licensing fees.

disney japan travel package

For those who are big into shopping and want to do some of that in Japan, we’d encourage you to do so in Tokyo proper. Literally every major train or subway station in Tokyo has an above or underground labyrinth of retail and dining. Highlights can be found in the chic storefronts of Ginza and Roppongi Hills, and the otaku items of Asakusa and Harajuku.

However, none of these places will be as compelling for Disney fans as Nakano Broadway, which is full of second-hand stores that cater to collectors and geeks, including Disney fans! We visit Nakano Broadway frequently to buy great Tokyo Disney Resort collectibles. For more info & tips, see our Shopping Guide to Nakano Broadway on our non-Disney blog, .

Flights & Transportation

eternal-sea-light-tokyo-disneysea copy

Flights to Tokyo from the United States are 10+ hours, which is a lot of time in the air. Fortunately, the larger planes used for these flights are much more comfortable than your normal planes used for domestic flights. Complimentary in-flight entertainment (including the latest movies and television shows) also makes things easier.

If you know your travel dates and have no flexibility as to when you travel, we recommend ITA Software to search for flights. ITA is the best way to find the lowest prices on airfare for set dates of travel. Either HND or NRT will work as arrival airports. HND is located closer to the city center, whereas NRT is (slightly) closer to Tokyo Disney Resort, but farther from downtown.

If you’re in the preliminary stages of researching your flight, use fare alerts on . You can set some parameters for the alerts here (although not as many as I’d like) and receive email updates when they deem prices to be low.

disney japan travel package

Airfare prices are always changing and are highly dependent upon city of origin, time of year, etc., but with round-trip airfare out of Los Angeles to Tokyo regularly in the <$600 range, your complete airfare package should cost under $1,000/person if you put effort into choosing the right times to travel. If you’re booking at the last minute or don’t do any work to find deals, the sky is the limit on the upper end of airfare pricing.

If you are looking for a way to get more bang for your buck, you can use it to add stopovers to visit multiple locations. We cover this in our “ How to Visit 3 Disney Destinations on 1 Airfare ” post. It might seem complicated at first, but it is well worth reading that post and figuring it out. That post covers how to incorporate Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disney Resort into a single trip.

That covers airfare. Now for using ground transportation in Japan…


Out of all of the cities in the world we’ve visited, Tokyo has by far the most complicated transportation network. This should come as no surprise, as it’s the world’s largest city. However, improvements to Google Maps since we’ve started visiting have made this a breeze. (Google now has crowd predictions for trains at different times of day, and recommends certain ones to take!)

To get from either Tokyo airport to Tokyo Disney Resort, it’s relatively easy. You just take the Airport Limousine Bus, which you catch outside the airport after purchasing your ticket near the exit at a desk or the ticketing machine. It’s more expensive than public transit, but easier and direct. Note that while this bus runs regularly, its schedule generally stops around 5 p.m. Here’s the full schedule to TDR from Narita . If your flight arrives into Tokyo after 4 p.m., you should probably look at other options.

If you’re getting in really late, the easiest alternative is a taxi. These are waiting outside the airport and easy to find. The downside is price. Our understanding is that the cost of a taxi to a Tokyo Disney Resort area hotel from Narita is $200.

The cheapest alternative is to use public transportation. It’s intimidating at first, as Japan’s public transportation system is very complex, but we ultimately have had no issues and it’s a relatively straightforward route from the airports to Tokyo Disney Resort. Just use Google Maps.

Getting around Tokyo Disney Resort, you’ll want to take the monorail. It costs money, but it’s efficient, reliable, and clean. (That all might sound bizarre to Walt Disney World fans…especially the “reliable” part!) There are also Resort Cruisers, which are buses, that are free of charge. Just pay the minor fee for the monorail unless you have a large party. It’s fun and totally worth it. Walking is also an option, although it can be convoluted to get to Tokyo DisneySea.


disney japan travel package

There are three good options for this: renting a SIM card, renting a pocket WiFi/MiFi, or using your carrier as normal. We now use T-Mobile and simply use that as there’s no additional charge to use our data in Japan. It runs a bit slower, but we’ve found it perfectly usable for regular internet browsing. It’s becoming more common for cellular providers to offer international day passes that are comparably priced to MiFi, so check out that.

Renting a SIM card is a great option for some people, but we really liked the MiFi rental for our trips prior to switching to T-Mobile. For those unfamiliar with the device, it’s basically a pocket WiFi hotspot, providing you with unlimited LTE internet. MiFi/Pocket WiFi rental is pretty easy. You simply choose how many days you want to rent, how many devices, and specify at which airport you’ll want to pick it up. Here’s a relatively inexpensive and reliable option for MiFi rental .

We recommend renting one MiFi per person in your group, so you can communicate if you separate. If you will not–under any circumstances–separate, just get one MiFi. A single MiFi can handle a few phones on it simultaneously. We highly recommend renting in advance of your trip. If you wait until you arrive and simply pick one up from the shops at the airport or at a convenience store, prices are higher and data is typically limited.

While the internet can sometimes be spotty in Tokyo DisneySea, the MiFi overall is really reliable. We’ve used it regularly for iMessage for communicating with one another, email, Dropbox, and even uploading to YouTube. Most importantly, having the MiFi gave us the ability to use Google Maps on our phones for public transportation, and this was a huge lifesaver.

There is no publicly-available WiFi internet at Tokyo Disney Resort, except at the entrance to each park. Free public WiFi is uncommon in Japan. (By contrast, it’s very common in Hong Kong, if you’re going to both.)

Money/Credit Cards


Tokyo Disney Resort (and most Japanese retailers) accepts standard US magnetic strip credit cards, or chipped credit cards. Chipped cards aren’t required. With the parks, Tokyo Disney Resort accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. (If you’re trying to pre-book something online, you’ll need a credit card issued in Japan or a Mastercard. Even then, it can be a painful process.)

If you need an ATM, there are two at Tokyo Disney Resort that accept American Visa debit cards. One is in the basement of Ikspiari near the food court, and the other is in the lobby of the Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort (pictured above). If you’re staying at one of the official hotels on the monorail loop, the second location is going to be far more convenient to you. Typically, you do not need to carry cash at Tokyo Disney Resort, but you might need it in the city of Tokyo.

Other Resources

disney japan travel package

For general travel advice to Japan, we have another blog: , where we share our non-Disney experiences. We have written extensively about our favorite city in the world: Kyoto, Japan on TravelCaffeine . Kyoto has something for everyone, and offers a lot in terms of Japanese culture and history. As mentioned above, our Ultimate Guide to Kyoto, Japan also provides a wealth of planning information.

If you’re also visiting the Hong Kong or Shanghai parks, make sure to consult our Hong Kong Disneyland Trip Planning Guide and our Shanghai Disneyland Trip Planning Guide . There’s a lot more you’ll need to know for those visits!

There’s a lot more we could include in this guide, but this is already the longest post on the blog to date, so let’s cut it off there. We will definitely add to this based on common questions, and I’m more than happy to offer assistance and advice in the comments if you have questions. Want to see more photos or read about Tokyo Disney Resort in agonizing detail? Check out our Tokyo Disney Resort Trip Report from our very first visit to Japan over a decade ago, when we too were newbies!

Your Thoughts

Planning a trip to Japan is a lot of work, but it’s ultimately well worth the effort! Hopefully this guide provides a good jumping off point. If you’ve visited Tokyo Disney Resort, do you agree or disagree with our advice? Any questions? Hearing your feedback–even when you disagree with us–is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

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Written by Tom Bricker

' src=

Definitely have Japan and Disneyland Tokyo on our bucket list ! Great information here for future planning !

' src=

What’s a reasonable estimate for a moderate vacation budget (using public transport/monorail and staying at on site official hotels for Disney, and using air bnb for the rest of the trip) for a 2week trip for 2 adults to Japan including 4 days at their Disney parks and the rest of our time split between Tokyo and Kyoto??

' src=

Your baby’s first vist? OMG…your baby – and you, have some great times ahead! Congratulations!

' src=

When you stay for 4 days, do you generally stay in a Disney Hotel, and if so, do you ever buy the package? They are only for 2 nights and 3 day tickets max, and if I’d like to stay in a Disney Hotel for longer than that (4 nights, ideally), what are my best options? Given that I’d like to arrive and check in to a disney hotel on night 1, and then enter the park the NEXT morning, have I already given up my first Early Entrance the day before?

' src=

Hello Tom My daughter has a severe peanut and tree nut allergy which requires us to review the ingredients list when eating anything in the parks. Through watching some videos on YouTube, it looks like the menu’s are written in Japanese and English, but do you know if the ingredients lists are also available in English? With as often as you’ve visited, I’m hoping you might have some insight on this. Thank you

' src=

We had such a great time! We went at the first of October. We used your guide for hope to navigate the park some. It was just my husband and I and we were celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. We thought it was awesome it was Disneys 40th also. Doing Beauty and the beast was solid advice. We waited 30 minutes. When we left the ride it was. 2.5 hour wait. We understood going that there were going to be a lot of people. We just enjoyed ourselves so much and didn’t let the lines bother us. So many details in each ride. They do a good job of moving the lines so you’re not just standing. We will be going back at some point. Thank you so much for your tips and tricks it was very helpful..

' src=

We visited in August 2023 and, regarding masks, I would offer the following observation: -At Disney, I’d guess less than 10% of guests were wearing masks. Cast was probably 70%. -Outside of Disney, and in general across Tokyo, I’d guess 20% of people were wearing masks.

I felt the parks were 80-90% “back to normal” in terms of food, entertainment, and attractions. This was compared to my pre-pandemic visit.

It’s absolutely still worth a visit, especially with the current exchange rate. Hands down the best Disney resort on the planet in every imaginable way. Tokyo Disney Resort will RUIN you for all other Disney resorts.

' src=

This needs to edited, there are no tickets sold on-site anymore and haven’t been since the pandemic. That advice could ruin someone’s vacation.

' src=

The tickets pictured in that section of the guide were purchased at the front gate of Tokyo Disneyland last November.

At the time, that was our best option because Klook was sold out and the TDR site was not accepting US issued credit cards. I’m not really sure how I should edit that section–it gives people an overview of options with the top recommendation being to buy in advance online.

@Tom, did you stay at a hotel? My guess is that’s how you bought them on-site. Tickets are available for hotel guests, but unless I totally missed something there are still no ticket booths open to the public at the parks. There are a variety of other ways to purchase tickets: The official site, Klook, travel agents, Japanese convenience stores, I think some Disney stores might also have ways to purchase them again.

We did stay in Hilton Tokyo Bay, but they only had single day tickets available for purchase–not evening passes. We bought those on the afternoon-of at the east ticket booth. You are correct that the machines aren’t selling tickets right now, but the window is also staffed and we bought our tickets via a Cast Member at that.

' src=

Hey Tom and Sarah congrats on the big news. What time do you think my parents need to arrive at Disney Sea by on a midweek evening in order to ride Soaring, Sinbad, and Indy in that order with time left over to ride 1 or 2 of Aquatopia, Gondolas, E-train or Transit Ferry? Do you think 4-5pm? Will there be premier access available at that later time to shorten the Soaring wait time? Also being that they are in their late 70s do you think Journey is any harder on the body than Indy if they were able to potentially incorporate that ride too? Thanks and best wishes.

' src=

I just wanted to thank you for all this valuable information. You are the fist blog I have found that provides me with very useful and concrete information. Thank you so much! I’ll be reading all of them! We leave March 6th 2024 and not including fly time we will be doing 2 days in Tokyo, 2 in Kyoto (probably to your dismay lol), 2 in Osaka, 3 in Disney, then 2 more in Tokyo. I would have ended with Disney but we would have to do the parks on a weekend then which I know wouldn’t be as good.

' src=

I am looking to rent a car when I arrive in Narita at 230pm, drive out to explore Hakone for 2 days, and return the car at Tokyo Disneyland. Do you know which car rental companies have desks at both areas?

' src=

Hi there, we are heading to Tokyo in late September with two kids under 6, our flight lands at Haneda around 10. 30pm. I am tossing between whether we should head straight to a hotel in central Tokyo or start our trip in Disneyland. we have 12 full days between Tokyo, Koyoto and Osaka (return flight from Osaka) Would you consider doing Disneyland and Disneysea at the beginning of the trip, or after a couple of days in Tokyo?

' src=

I would recommend not starting in Tokyo Disneyland. You’ll be tired and a bit jetlagged after the flight and I think it’s harder to deal with that in Disney than outside of it. We flew in and out of Tokyo, so put Kyoto in the middle and TDL at the end and that worked really well for us (as much as we loved everything else, TDL was still the highlight of the trip for us so ending on that note was good). It also allowed us to use our JR pass around Tokyo and for the Shinkansen both ways. That said, flying from Osaka, I’d put it TDL in the the middle

' src=

Any recommendations on the weekday evening tickets? Will we miss out anything that’s only available during the day?

' src=

Is there VIP tours available for Disneyland Tokyo or DisneySea?

' src=

Hi we have 2 and a half days to spend at the disney resorts in Tokyo. We will be staying onsite and have visited WDW and Disneyland numerous times. My kids are 13 & 15. Do you recommend the extra half day to be spent at Disney sea? We will be doing on day at each park and will be buying a package with some attraction tickets to reduce the wait. We are semi Disney fanatics.. LOL.

' src=

You are so Awesome! Thank you for this most valuable guide. I did have a question about traveling with a mobility scooter, being “Pooh Size”, senior, and solo. Is transportation available?

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Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort is extremely popular with the Japanese and has been very profitable for the Oriental Land Company, which owns and operates the resort. (That’s right, the Walt Disney Company does not own or operate Tokyo Disney. Disney provides the Imagineers, gets final say on certain aspects of the park and gets a piece of the profits, but that’s it.)

Tokyo Disney Resort has two theme parks: Tokyo Disneyland  and Tokyo DisneySea .

Tokyo Disneyland is sort of a cross between Disneyland in California and Magic Kingdom in Florida, but it has a unique layout and there are quite a few other surprises. Some of the attractions are different. For instance, Pooh’s Hunny Hunt is nothing like the Pooh rides in the US. It’s a spectacular ride in Tokyo. Some of the shows at Tokyo Disneyland do not exist elsewhere. There is also a do-not-miss, spectacularly-themed buffeteria restaurant called Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.

Tokyo DisneySea is ocean-themed, with “ports” instead of “lands.” They even call the employees “crew members” instead of “cast members.” It is a fantastic theme park that no Disney fan should miss. Start saving your pennies for a trip to DisneySea now! You won’t believe what Disney’s Imagineers can do when provided with the necessary resources. It puts the other Disney theme parks to shame. Virtually all of the attractions at DisneySea were created especially for this park and so far have not been duplicated elsewhere.

The resort also includes  three Deluxe resort hotels , the Art Deco-style  Disney Ambassador Hotel , the Italian-themed  Hotel MiraCosta  and the traditional-style  Disneyland Hotel . Tokyo Disney has one Moderate resort , Toy Story Hotel . There is one Value resort ,  Disney Celebration Hotel , however this hotel is not located in the Resort area. A new Deluxe hotel, Fantasy Springs Hotel is under construction near Fantasy Spring, the newest port in Tokyo DisneySea; both will open on June 6, 2024. 

Rounding out the resort is  Ikspiari , a shopping and dining center.

An Affordable Dream?

Hotel options, transportation, general tokyo advice & planning, other resources.

As long as the Yen is relatively weak against the Dollar (trading at 95 Yen or more to the Dollar), visiting Tokyo Disney Resort is not all that expensive for US residents. In fact, if you can afford to fly to Walt Disney World and stay in a Moderate or Deluxe hotel, you can almost certainly afford to visit Tokyo Disney Resort.

Airfares are not an insurmountable barrier. Everyday off-season (non-summer) fares from the West Coast of the US are frequently under $1100 roundtrip in Coach, and sale fares can be as low as $650-$700. If you have any frequent flyer miles accumulated, we strongly recommend using them to upgrade from Coach to Business class (or if you have enough miles, redeem them for free Business class tickets) because it is a long flight. Another good option: ANA and other carriers also offer a Premium Economy service that is actually very comfortable, and basically comparable to flying in First Class on domestic carriers. From Los Angeles, the travel time is 11.5 hours going to Japan and 9.5 hours returning (it’s faster coming back due to the jet stream). From Seattle, it’s about 10 hours going and 8.5 back. Read our tips and tricks to help you find the best airfares.

Tickets for the Tokyo Disney Resort theme parks are much less expensive than tickets for the US theme parks! (As of April 2021, they cost about 50%-70% as much as equivalent Disneyland California tickets and about 45%-60% as much as equivalent Walt Disney World tickets.) One quirk to keep in mind is that you cannot “hop” between parks on 1-day or 2-day tickets. If you buy 3-day or 4-day tickets, you can “hop” only on the third and/or fourth days (unless you stay in a Disney hotel, in which case you can buy special tickets that allow hopping on any day). On most Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, you can buy lower-priced “after 3:00 pm” tickets, and on most week nights (Monday-Friday) you can buy discounted “after 6:00 pm” tickets. There is a discounted 1-day Senior Passport (age 60 and over). Four days is the maximum length of a regular passport. Annual Passports are available, but are very expensive.

Meals at Tokyo Disney Resort are generally somewhat more expensive than in the US Disney theme parks.  Full-service dinners (especially character meals) at the official hotels are especially expensive. However, there are significantly less expensive dinner options at Tokyo Disney Resort, including non-character buffets and “buffeteria” locations. Full service lunches are a lot cheaper than dinners, so if you want to experience the nicer restaurants, do it at lunch! As you’ll find elsewhere in Japan,  “lunch sets”  (full meals that can include appetizer, entree, dessert and/or drink) are well-priced.  Counter-service meals are generally reasonable, with many offering higher-end dining options than you’d find at Walt Disney World. Most snacks and beverages from the theme park vending carts are similarly priced to the US parks, or perhaps a tiny bit cheaper.

If you’re worried that the food will all be unusual and Japanese, it’s really not. The vast majority of the food items in the parks are familiar to any American or European, partially because Japanese visitors to the park want to eat “exotic” (i.e. American) food, but also because Tokyo has a wide variety of food available, and Japanese people tend to be pretty familiar with foreign foods. You can easily find hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fried chicken fingers, etc. Sometimes you’ll find that a food comes with slightly different condiments or sides, but for the most part even the most picky eaters should find plenty they can recognize. For those who actually do want something exotic, you can find some unusual items here and there, and there are two traditional Japanese restaurants inside the parks that serve fairly straightforward lunch combinations like tempura, chicken teriyaki, tonkatsu and so forth, each served with some rice, miso and pickles.

Some sample meal prices from early 2021:

  • Magellan’s (high-end table service restaurant in DisneySea): full adult lunch with starter, entree, dessert, bread and coffee or tea ¥4600-¥5800; child lunch or dinner “set” ¥2100; full adult dinner with hors d’oeuvre, salad or soup, entree, dessert, bread and coffee or tea ¥5800-¥8000
  • Vulcania (“buffeteria” casual restaurant in DisneySea): chef’s special (full adult meal with appetizer or dessert and drink) ¥1880; adult entrees ¥980 each; child “set” (full meal with dessert and juice) ¥940; desserts, soups and salads ¥400-¥500; soft drink ¥320; iced tea, coffee ¥370
  • Counter service restaurants: meal “sets” (entree, salad and drink, and sometimes a dessert) ¥1000-¥1800; entrees ¥700-¥950; french fries ¥220; small soft drink, iced tea, coffee ¥300; Kirin draft beer ¥620; desserts ¥370-¥550
  • Snacks from theme park food carts: packaged ice cream treat ¥400; box of popcorn ¥400; souvenir popcorn bucket ¥2400; turkey leg ¥800

Hotels are the most expensive aspect of visiting Tokyo Disney Resort. Land is extremely precious in Japan and that is very much reflected in the cost of hotel rooms. If you want to stay on-site at one of the three Disney-owned Tokyo Disney Resort hotels, the cheapest room at Ambassador Hotel, in the lowest-priced season in 2021, is ¥32000 a night. Fortunately the resort is very close to central Tokyo — about 15-20 minutes by commuter train from JR Tokyo Station — so there are many other possibilities. See the Hotel Options section below for suggestions.

An important thing to bear in mind is that Japanese hotels typically charge per person, not per room, though if you’re booking at a big international chain or through an online travel agency like Expedia or Orbitz that shouldn’t be an issue; just enter the total number of people and it’ll show you the available rooms and how many people they sleep. (Unless otherwise noted, prices quoted below are for a double room sleeping two people.) Many Japanese hotel rooms are so small that they don’t sleep more than two, or at most three, people. That can be an issue if you’re travelling with a family: you may need to book two rooms, depending on the hotel.

Japanese hotels may be set up with beds that are labeled “single” but are a size we don’t have in America, about the length of an American single and about midway in width between a single and a double. They’re usually set with two small pillows side-by-side, and two small children could share one, but two adults would feel very  cozy, maybe not in a good way. When in doubt, search for an email contact for the hotel and ask questions; most hotels communicate quite well in written English, but understanding spoken English over a phone may be difficult.

Some hotel rooms will have “double” beds, which might be any size from what Americans would call a “double” all the way up to a “king.” There often aren’t very many of rooms with double beds and they tend to book up fast. It’s not uncommon to find all the double rooms booked and only single rooms available. The hotel may be willing to push two singles together and get something closer to a wide king bed, albeit one with a bit of a gap in the center; they offered to set one of our rooms up this way at the Disney Ambassador, so feel free to ask.

You will find that American-style double-sized beds are more common in American and European chains like Sheraton and Hilton. The official Disney hotels tend to follow the Japanese model with lots of single beds and very few double beds.

Deluxe Disney Hotels

Moderate Disney Hotel

Value Disney Hotel

Official Hotels

Hotel Dream Gate

Partner Hotels

Toyko Hotels

The Deluxe Disney Hotels are all very nice, and very expensive. You get a few special perks for staying in the official Deluxe Disney hotels. These change from time to time, but as of April 2021 the important ones are:

  • Guaranteed entrance to the parks, even when they have to close them to walk-up guests because of capacity.
  • 15-minute early entry every day to either park. Only one area of the park and one ride will be open during that 15 minutes. Generally it’s whatever ride is the newest and/or the most popular. When we were there, it was Toy Story Midway Mania in DisneySea and Monster’s Inc. Ride & Go Seek! in Disneyland.
  • You can purchase special tickets that allow park hopping on any of the days, not just on the 3rd or 4th day. They cost about ¥2000 more (per ticket, not per day).
  • Free pass to the monorail, which normally has a small fee to ride. Just ask for a monorail pass when you check in if they don’t give you one.
  • Delivery of your purchases to your hotel room.

Of the perks listed above, the 15-minute early entry and free monorail are the most useful, but even they aren’t that useful. A monorail pass is worth ¥350-¥650 per day, and 15 minutes isn’t a big head start; it basically gets you one extra ride. On our last trip we bought the special park-hopping tickets, but didn’t actually do any hopping on the first two days, so they didn’t really add any value for us. It’s really not a huge inconvenience to not be able to hop on the first two days. The primary reasons to stay in the Disney hotels are to get more Disney magic in your trip, via the lovely design and theming of the Disney hotels, and to get a somewhat shorter trip into the parks each morning.

Disney Ambassador Hotel is a lovely Art Deco hotel located right next door to the Ikspiari shopping center at the entrance to the resort. It will cost you ¥32000 or more per night, depending on season, for the the lowest-priced double room). It has just over 500 rooms. Standard rooms have two regular single beds and a trundle bed and sleep up to 3 people. There are a variety of family rooms and suites that can handle 4 or more, though not very many of them. The Ambassador is located about halfway between the entrance gates to the two Tokyo parks. You can walk to either park (about 20 minutes), or take a 5-10 minute bus ride to either of them. The buses come about every 8-10 minutes; there’s a printed schedule and they keep to it. You can use the monorail, but it’s about a 10 minute walk through the maze-like halls of Ikspiari to get to the Monorail stop; the buses are much more convenient.

Fantasy Springs Hotel , opening June 6, 2024, is located inside Tokyo DisneySea’s newest port, Fantasy Springs, with a special entrance just for hotel guests. The hotel is made up of two buildings: the deluxe Fantasy Chateau (with 419 rooms) and the luxury Grand Chateau (with 56 rooms, each with a balcony or terrace). Most rooms in both buildings sleep up to 4 people, but there are 250 room in the Fantasy Chateau that sleep up to 5 people. Standard rooms have 2 regular single beds, a trundle bed and an alcove bed. 

Hotel MiraCosta is a luxurious, beautifully-themed hotel located right at (actually inside) Tokyo DisneySea, and has its own private entrance into that park. The lowest-priced double rooms at this hotel cost ¥48000 or more per night, depending on season. This hotel is about the same size as the Ambassador (about 500 rooms), but it’s much prettier and extremely convenient to DisneySea, which means it tend to book up solid, even in low season. You may need to start looking very early and/or keep checking availability to snag a room here. Standard rooms have two regular single beds and a trundle bed and sleep up to 3 people. There are a variety of family rooms and suites that can handle 4 or more, though not very many of them. Tokyo Disneyland is about a 6-8 minute monorail ride away.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is the largest of the three on-site resorts (about 700 rooms) and features a Victorian architectural style similar to the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World. It’s located right outside the front gates of Tokyo Disneyland. The lowest-priced double rooms are ¥32000 or more per night, depending on season. Standard rooms have two regular single beds and a trundle bed and sleep up to 3 people. There are a variety of family rooms and suites that can handle 4 or more, and there are more of them than at the other two hotels. To get to DisneySea, you just take a 6-8 minute monorail ride.

There are four seasons at the Disney hotels: Value, Regular, Peak and Top. Value season is mainly weekdays in January and February. Regular season is mainly weekdays in May, September, October, November and the first half of December. Peak and Top seasons include most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the last half of July, all of August and the late December through early January holiday season.

Obviously it’s best to avoid Peak and Top seasons, both because of high prices and because of crowds. Read more about the best time to visit Tokyo Disney Resort.

Online reservations are available for the Tokyo Disney Resort hotels, but not all rooms are available online. If you can’t get what you want online, try calling. From the US, you must call 011-81-45-683-3333 between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm Japanese time. That is normally 15-17 hours ahead of US time, but it’s 14-16 hours ahead during Daylight Savings Time, because Japan does not participate in the time change. For instance, from California this would mean calling between 4:00 pm and 4:00 am PST, or between 5:00 pm and 5:00 am PST when Daylight Savings is in effect.

When you call to make a reservation, you will initially hear a recording in Japanese, but the recording then welcomes you in English and tells you if you need to speak to someone in English to please press 9 and then 1. The operators speak excellent English and are very efficient.

Toy Story Hotel  is a moderate Tokyo Disney Resort hotel. The hotel’s décor and theming is based on the Toy Story films. It has 595 rooms. All rooms feature a design inspired by Andy’s room, including blue sky and white cloud wallpaper. A standard room for 3 people has two twin beds and a trundle bed; a standard room for 4 people has three twin beds and a pull-down bed. Other features include a Slinky Dog play area and the Lotso Garden Cafe, which serves a breakfast and dinner buffet. There is a monorail stop (Bayside Station) just outside the hotel. There is a small fee to ride the monorail. 

Disney Celebration Hotel is the only Value hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort. It has just over 700 rooms in two buildings: Wish and Discover. It is the only Disney hotel not in the resort area; it is in the Shin-Urayasu area, which is about a 15-minute drive from the resort area (there is a FREE shuttle bus to each of the parks). The décor is inspired by the Disney Parks themselves – with chairs and tables in the lobby look like the teacups from the Mad Tea Party and couches modeled after the flying carpet from Disney’s Aladdin . Prices start at ¥22000 per room (for up to 4 guests) per night, depending on season. Standard rooms have two regular single beds and 2 daybeds and sleep up to 4 people. Each building offers a buffet breakfast only.

You get a few special perks for staying in a Value Disney hotel. These change from time to time, but as of April 2021 the important ones are:

Of the perks listed above, the 15-minute early entry is the most useful, but isn’t  that useful. Fifteen minutes isn’t a big head start; it basically gets you one extra ride. On our last trip we bought the special park-hopping tickets, but didn’t actually do any hopping on the first two days, so they didn’t really add any value for us. It’s really not a huge inconvenience to not be able to hop on the first two days. The primary reasons to stay in the Disney hotels are to get more Disney magic in your trip, via the design and theming of the Disney hotels.

Near the theme parks, and connected to them by the Disney Resort Line monorail service, are six full-service “official” hotels: Hilton Tokyo Bay , Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay , Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel , Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort ,  Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay  and Sunroute Plaza Tokyo .

These hotels have a few special “perks.” Most notably they have free bus service to the Disney Resort Line monorail station (though none of them is very far from the station; it’s probably faster to walk in many cases), and guaranteed admission to the parks even when Disney closes the parks when they hit capacity (which happens often during peak times). You can, if you want, walk from your hotel to Tokyo Disneyland, but it’s a pretty long walk (25-40 minutes). The walk to DisneySea is even longer (45-60 minutes).  Realistically you’ll be taking the monorail to the parks. The monorail, unfortunately, is not free for guests of the Official hotels; you’ll need to get a day pass, pay for each trip, or use a Pasmo or Suica card (a rechargeable train pass available in nearly any Tokyo subway or train station) to pay for each of your trips.

Hilton Tokyo Bay and Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay are both very nice hotels and can be easily booked through their respective websites in English. Both have English-speaking staff members.

  • If you are fortunate enough to have a lot of Hilton Honors or Marriott Bonvoy points built up, you might be able to get a “free” stay at one of these two hotels by using your points.
  • Otherwise, count on paying a minimum of ¥20000-¥40000 per night, depending on season, for a standard double room. However, if you watch carefully, you may be able to score a last-minute deal. reader Larry N points out that he kept checking rates on the Hilton Tokyo Bay website even after he had booked his room. At the last minute he paid just over half of the original rate he’d booked.
  • Another option is booking way in advance. reader Cynthia reports that the Hilton Tokyo Bay hotel rooms can be booked up to 2 years in advance. In October 2006 she began to plan her trip for November 2008. She was able to get a fantastic pre-paid and non-refundable rate, but she reports that she also had the option of reserving a slightly higher, but still very good rate that included a breakfast buffet for her entire family of 4 and was refundable/changeable. She also notes that the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay can be booked up to 18 months in advance.
  • Several of these hotels can be booked through online travel agencies like Orbitz, which is handy if you’ve built up a stash of Orbucks or other loyalty points you want to use.

Another reader, Richard K, reports, “I’ve been to The Tokyo Disney Resort half a dozen times and stayed at two hotels: The MiraCosta and the Hilton Tokyo Bay . I am a DVC member and always stay at Disney hotels whether on the east or west coast of the United States. That said, I now ALWAYS stay at the Hilton in Tokyo Disneyland. Considering that it is half the price per night of the MiraCosta or Ambassador hotels, it is (in my opinion) nicer! I always have (for Japan) an unusually large room with two beds and an ocean view. It’s really a lovely hotel and I think a better option for more of your readers than MiraCosta or Ambassador which, in addition to being more expensive, are much harder to actually get into!”

Hotel Dream Gate Maihama is located at JR Maihama Station, the train station that serves Tokyo Disney Resort. Rooms at this hotel are somewhat spartan, with single beds only (up to 3 per room) and still quite expensive, depending on season.

Rooms may be noisy due to the trains overhead. Dream Gate is primarily marketed to Japanese people and the English language website is pretty minimal. The hotel staff speak a little English.

Tokyo Disney Resort has a group of “Partner Hotels” that are outside the immediate resort area.

Bookings for these hotels can also be made via Disney Resort Reservations Center at 011-81-045-683-3333 (9:00 am – 9:00 pm Tokyo time). The phone system is automated and initially the “person” will speak in Japanese. Wait all the way till the English spiel starts and then proceed from there.

Fortunately Tokyo Disney Resort is not far from the eastern districts of central Tokyo. From JR Tokyo Station, it’s about a 15-minute train ride to JR Maihama Station at Tokyo Disney Resort. The trains run very frequently and absolutely on time. There are a wealth of hotel options if you stay in Tokyo. When you get to Maihama, it’s a pretty quick 5-10 minute walk to Tokyo Disneyland, or you can take the monorail to either park.

The thing to keep in mind about Tokyo is that there are no “bad areas” — some are nicer or more convenient than others, but none are dangerous. The overall quality of Tokyo hotels is very good. You can count on cleanliness even at the lower end, though rooms are often very small in less expensive accommodations.

We recommend checking Expedia and searching by price. Expedia frequently has very decent 2-star and 3-star Tokyo hotels at low rates ($100 or less).

Another worthwhile option to consider is Priceline . Only a few hotels in Tokyo seem to be participating in Priceline, which allows you to choose an area and a quality rating (up to 5 stars), but does not allow you to pick the exact hotel. All of the hotels are very nice, though you should expect small rooms, as is typical of Japanese hotels. Most rooms will have either two twin beds or one small double bed in the room — it is highly unlikely you’ll get a room that sleeps more than two.

Getting To and From Tokyo Disney Resort

Airport Limousine Bus (“Limo Bus”) Service

Getting Around on Japan Rail (JR) and Subways

To get to Tokyo Disney Resort directly from Narita airport , simply go to the Airport Limousine  bus counter (it has a bright orange logo that says “Airport Limousine” or “Friendly Airport Limousine”) and buy a ticket for your specific hotel in the Tokyo Disney Resort area (¥2450 adult/¥1230 child, one way). The buses run frequently and will take you straight to the resort in about 60 minutes. If you come in too late (after 5:00 pm) and have missed the last bus to the Tokyo Disney area, you can take an Airport Limousine bus to the Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay in Shin-Urayasu, which is fairly near Disneyland and then take a 5-10 minute cab ride to your final hotel. Buses to Shin-Urayasu run until about 8:30 PM. If you come in later than that, you may need to take a cab from the airport to Tokyo Disneyland, which will be somewhat expensive (¥16,000 – ¥20,000).

Coming back from Tokyo Disney Resort to Narita, at least a day before you leave ask at your hotel’s concierge or bell desk for a ticket for the Airport Limousine to Narita. They will set you up with a reservation and ticket and tell you when you need to be there to get your bus. Be there on time; everything in Tokyo runs  on time and the bus stops for just a minute or two, so don’t miss it.

To get from central Tokyo out to the resort , get to JR Tokyo Station and find your way to the JR Keiyo Line. (It’s a long walk — be prepared!) When you reach the gate for the Keiyo Line, put your JR ticket through the gate (or tap your Pasmo or Suica card on the glowing RFID reader). Hold on to your ticket, which must be inserted/tapped at the gate on your way out of the destination station.

If you don’t already have a JR ticket, you can buy one from the machines on the walls in the main part of the station, before heading off to the Keiyo Line. There is a button in the upper right corner of the ticket machines’ screens marked “English” that will make the machines switch languages. If you are not sure of the exact fare, you can buy the least expensive fare and then stick your ticket in the “Fare Adjustment” machines before you exit on the other end. The machines will will tell you how much more you owe. Insert that amount and it will be added to your ticket.Alternatively, you may want to consider buying a Pasmo or Suica card.

From JR Tokyo Station, you can take pretty much any Keiyo Line or Musashino Line train (which is just a variant on the Keiyo Line), since they all seem to stop at JR Maihama Station, the station at Tokyo Disney Resort. If you take a “Local” train, Maihama will be the sixth stop; if you take a “Rapid” train, it will usually be the third stop. Normally there will be lots of families and schoolkids on the train, and they’ll all get off at Maihama, which will be a good indication if for some reason you’re unsure. When returning, just make sure you’re getting on a train going to Tokyo. That’s the last stop, so it’s pretty idiot-proof.

The fare will vary depending on where you start from and whether you use a JR train to get to JR Tokyo Station, but it will be relatively inexpensive, typically ¥400 or less.

The easiest way to travel between Narita Airport (NRT) and Tokyo (including Tokyo Disneyland) is to use the Airport Limousine bus service, often called the “limo bus.” Despite the name, this is not a limousine; it’s a bus service, and while lots of people call it the “limo bus,” the company name is actually “Airport Limousine” or “Friendly Airport Limousine” (different posters and signs use either interchangeably). The Airport Limousine buses are frequent and go directly to major hotels in Tokyo and to Tokyo Disneyland. One major advantage of this service is that they handle your luggage for you and take you door-to-door.

Due to traffic it takes quite a while to get into Tokyo. Budget for 60 minutes to Tokyo Disney Resort, 90 minutes to the eastern Tokyo districts (Ginza, Shimbashi) and 2 hours to the western districts (Shinjuku, Roppongi), and if it takes less, count your blessings. Also, the seats are narrow, so if you’re a big person, be prepared for a tight squeeze.

Airport Limousine has somewhat limited service going to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort from Narita. The last bus typically leaves around 5:00 pm, so take that into account when booking your air ticket. You can look up departure times on the Airport Limousine website . Buses run later going into Tokyo.

If you find that you’ve missed the last direct bus (especially if you arrive after 5 pm), they might suggest you go to Shin-Ureyasu station, which has later bus service and is one stop (about 2.5 miles) from the Tokyo Disney Resort. You can easily get a train from there to Maihama station, which is actually at the resort. Taking the train does mean handling your own luggage, and when you get to Maihama you’ll still need to get to your hotel. A better option is to take a taxi direct to your hotel once the bus drops you at Shin-Ureyasu station (about 10-15 minutes, ¥1500-2000).

When going into Tokyo proper, you may find that the next bus that goes directly to your hotel is an hour or more away, and they might suggest (or you might choose) to go to the Tokyo Central Air Terminal (TCAT) station, and then take a cab from there. This is a perfectly fine approach for many hotels in the central area (basically the area near Tokyo train station). There are always buses going to TCAT leaving about every 5-10 minutes and the fare is usually much cheaper (though you’ll still have to pay cab fare, which might wipe out any savings). There are lots of cabs near TCAT, and just about any Tokyo driver can understand enough English to get you to a major hotel. Just in case, it’s a good idea to have a Tokyo map with your hotel marked on it, or the name and address of the hotel in Japanese, so you can show the driver where you need to go.

The trains operated by Japan Rail (JR) and Keisei from the airport to central Tokyo are faster than the Airport Limousine  (about one hour). The cost is about the same. It is perfectly safe and the trains run on time.

To get to Tokyo Disney Resort, you can take the Keisei Access Express to Higashi-Matsudo station (about 30 mins), then get a JR train direct to Maihama from there (about 25 mins). However, this is more confusing than the Airport Limousine bus or other direct options.

Furthermore, you’ll be dragging your luggage up and down stairs, because many stations either don’t have escalators or elevators, or tuck them out of the way where they are hard to find. Also, major stations like JR Tokyo Station and JR Shinjuku Station are extremely large and confusing, which is guaranteed to be frustrating if you’re jet-lagged. If you’re arriving during rush hour, you will find yourself “swimming upstream” through absolutely mind-boggling crowds, too. In short, this is not a fun way to start your trip.

If you will be visiting Tokyo and/or other parts of Japan in addition to Tokyo Disney Resort you may want to consider a Japan Rail Pass . However, it is really only cost-effective if you plan to cover long distances by rail. For instance, it will pretty much pay for itself if you plan a roundtrip between Tokyo and Kyoto plus at least one other fairly long journey. Otherwise, it’s usually better to skip it and buy separate fares for long trips and/or get a Passmo/Suica card that covers all your Tokyo-area subway and short rail hops.

There is also a JR East Pass that is good for travel in the Tokyo area and areas to the North and East of Tokyo, but again you will have to do a lot of rail travel to make it worthwhile.

Bear in mind that if you buy a rail pass, that locks you into using Japan Rail (JR), but often JR is not the most convenient or desirable option. For instance:

  • There are smaller, privately-owned rail systems that are cheaper and/or more convenient for visiting many of the popular tourist destinations (i.e. Hakone, Nikko, etc.)
  • You can use JR lines within Tokyo, but sometimes the subway is faster, more direct and puts you closer to your destination within the city. Even if you use JR lines in Tokyo exclusively, however, it will take a lot of trips to pay for a rail pass, since fares within the city are generally under ¥200.
  • As discussed above, JR transfers to and from the airport are not always your best bet.


If you will be traveling around Tokyo a lot, consider buying a Suica card  or Pasmo card , either of which works on JR and other (e.g. Keisei, Keihin) rail lines and Tokyo subway lines, as well as the Disneyland Resort Line monorail. Having one of these cards will save you a lot of time and calculation, since you just tap it on the reader at the ticket gates and the fare is automatically debited. Either card costs ¥500 plus whatever amount you choose to put on it (minimum seems to be ¥1500, which will probably last you a week unless you take a lot of trains and subways). The ¥500 base cost is actually a deposit, which you can get refunded on your way out of Japan at the JR office in the airport, if you want. The Suica card can be purchased in any JR rail station or at the airport JR office, for cash only. The Pasmo is available in Tokyo subway stations from the ticket machines. You can refill them at machines in the stations or any convenience store.

Taxis in Tokyo are expensive. The minimum charge is ¥710 for the first 2 kilometers (about 1.25 miles). Plus, due to the constant heavy traffic, taxis are extremely slow, except on Sunday, when the traffic drops to next to nothing. The JR commuter trains and subway trains are tremendously faster and cheaper. That said, when you need to get somewhere that isn’t a simple one-line subway trip, a taxi can be very handy. Taxis can be hailed on the street, or can be found at nearly any JR train station or hotel. Note that we found people understood the word “taxi” more often than “cab,” so if you are asking someone for a cab and getting a blank look, try asking for a taxi instead.

Also, be sure you have written directions in Japanese to your destination (get your hotel front desk or concierge to write them out for you) and/or have a map with the destination clearly marked. Some taxi drivers don’t speak much English, so having a way to show them where you want to go is very handy.

Planning, Maps and Guidebooks

Changing money, language issues in tokyo, language issues in the disney theme parks, cell phones in japan.

  • Renting a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Mobility Issues When Visiting Tokyo and Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort is most crowded on weekends, especially on Saturdays. If you can manage to visit on a weekday, crowds will be significantly lighter.

Probably the nicest time of year in Japan, weather-wise, is spring (April-May), though you should still expect some rain. However, you’ll want to avoid Golden Week (see below). The fall is also pleasant, particularly in October-November.

Winter can be cold (low 30s to upper 40s F) but January and February offer the lowest crowds at the theme parks.

If at all possible, avoid going in the summer . It’s miserably hot and humid, it rains a lot, and there are also two holiday time periods in mid-July and mid-August associated with Oban that can have bigger crowds (the date of the holiday can vary in different areas of Japan).

Be aware that Japan has two national holiday periods that you will definitely want to avoid : New Year (January 1-3 and any associated weekend) and Golden Week (April 29-May 5 and associated weekends).

You will want maps in Tokyo. If you will have an international data plan on your smartphone, you can use Google Maps. Alternatively, you can pick up paper maps for free at any tourist information counter in the airport or major train stations.

We do recommend downloading and printing out both JR commuter train and Tokyo Metro subway maps in English, before you leave on your trip. Carry these with you in case you get lost or find yourself in a station with no maps marked in English. When you download the files, if you get a pop-up from Adobe recommending you download the Japanese language add-on, we recommend you do this so that the text prints properly. Also, be sure to use a color printer, because the train lines are color coded.

Because relatively few English-speaking visitors go to Japan, English-language guidebooks aren’t updated annually. Most guidebooks to Japan are updated only every 3 to 5 years. So by far the best and most up-to-date planning resources for travel to Japan are online. A few of the most useful and interesting sites are:

  • Go Tokyo – Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) Website
  • Tokyo Food Page
  • The Quirky Japan Homepage

It’s good to have some Yen in your pocket, because Japan remains a relatively cash-oriented society — at least more so than the US. For instance, many small restaurants only accept cash. (One thing you won’t need cash for: tips. There is essentially no tipping in Japan.) However, you can use major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) at many hotels, department stores and chain restaurants, as well as throughout Tokyo Disney Resort, except at food stands.

You can pre-order some Yen through Travelex or a major US bank, but it’s easier to use an ATM (which is generally called a “cash machine” outside the US) to get some cash once you arrive. Before you depart, call the number on the back of your ATM card and let your bank know you’ll be using your ATM card internationally. Most banks will block international withdrawals if you don’t warn them. Be sure to ask how much the ATM fees will cost you: many banks charge something like 3% plus $3 per transaction. If that’s the case, to save on transaction fees, consider taking your maximum per-day limit in Yen out of an ATM at the beginning of the trip. Lock some of it in your hotel safe if you want, but don’t worry about carrying a fairly large amount. We wouldn’t give this advice almost anywhere else — and certainly not in a major US city — but in Tokyo it’s safe to walk around with cash in your wallet, because there is virtually zero street crime.

Not all ATMs in Japan will accept foreign ATM cards. ATMs in the airport, 7-Eleven stores, Citibank locations and post offices will work. Most ATMs are not open 24 hours, either. In fact, outside of the airport, many ATMs are open for very limited daytime hours. However, reader Jae reports, “At most 7-Elevens you can use the ATM free of charge (at least I didn’t get charged) and typically with a better exchange rate than you get from the bank. [You will need a] card with the Plus sign on the back. You have to withdraw about ¥10000 at a time, but it’s a lot more convenient than the post office (which often closes at 3) and 7-Elevens are typically everywhere, at least in Tokyo.” ( Check here for 7-Eleven locations. ) This is good advice if you’re heading into Tokyo. If you’re going straight from the airport to Tokyo Disney Resort, however, you should get your cash at the airport, since there are no 7-Elevens at Disney.

Mary Waring (founder of and her husband Mike headed off to Japan for their first visit knowing exactly two words of Japanese — arigato (thanks) and konichiwa (hi). Yet the language barrier was not as problematic as they expected. When you consider the relatively small number of English-speaking visitors who go to Tokyo each year, it’s remarkable how close the city is to being bilingual (Japanese/English). A great many directional signs, instructional signs, advertisements, “you are here” map displays, etc. are at least partially in English as well as Japanese. Train stations in central Tokyo show the station names and train line names in both languages, so it’s easy to navigate through the stations. On some of the major train lines, all announcements are made in both Japanese and English.

Most Japanese young people who work in public positions throughout Tokyo can speak at least a few words of English. For instance, most of the time restaurant servers know relevant English words and phrases like “thank you,” “water,” “lunch set,” numbers in English, etc. Between that and the common practice of providing plastic food displays and picture menus at many restaurants, you’ll usually have little trouble ordering what you want. Most shops in central Tokyo have at least one sales person who speaks some English.

Every so often you’ll hit a location in Tokyo where everything is in Japanese, and you’ll be confused or disoriented. Don’t panic. The solution is to ask someone who works there for help. Even if that person doesn’t speak English, they will find someone who does, or you can communicate by pointing to places on maps and using sign language.

Make sure you always have a street map (or Google Maps) and both JR and subway maps in English with you, and you’ll be all set.

At Tokyo Disney Resort you’ll have no problem navigating the theme parks even if you know no Japanese. Virtually all of the signs throughout Tokyo Disney Resort are in English.

However, the narration in the the actual show or attraction is often completely in Japanese and can be a bit difficult to follow if you don’t speak the language. You can usually get the general idea. Ride announcements are made by Cast Members in Japanese, but they are pretty obviously the same ones you’d expect in the US: keep your hands and arms in the vehicle, etc. You’ll be able to figure out what you’re supposed to do.

  • English guide maps for the parks are available from guest services at the Disney hotels and at the front of the parks. However, the daily schedule of shows may not be available in English, so check the Tokyo Disney Resort website and print one out before you leave.
  • An English guide map to Ikspiari is available from guest services at the Disney hotels and from guest services in Ikspiari.
  • A few attractions have English subtitle devices that can be requested from the Cast Members when you enter the attraction: Enchanted Tiki Room in Tokyo Disneyland, The Magic Lamp Theater in DisneySea and Mermaid Lagoon Theater in DisneySea.
  • A colorful storyboard (complete with English version lyrics of the Menken song) is available from the Cast Members at Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage in DisneySea.

US phones with 3G or later will work in Japan, but be sure to check with your provider about international roaming plans, or you might end up paying through the nose for any calls, texts or data you use during your stay in Japan.

If you have  Skype  loaded on your smartphone, you may be able to call home for very low cost through a Wi-Fi connection, such as the one in your hotel.

Renting a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

One handy and relatively inexpensive option for getting online in Tokyo (and potentially anywhere in Japan with cell access) is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This is a small device about the size of a smartphone that just connects to the LTE or 3G cellular data network, then opens up a Wi-Fi connection point for you to connect your phones, ipads, laptops, etc. You put your phone in airplane mode or turn off cellular service, but turn on Wi-Fi so it can connect to the hotspot.

This is probably not as useful for the times when you’re at your hotel, as most hotels have Wi-Fi now, but it might be better service than the hotel provides, and it can be very handy for walking around Tokyo and/or Disneyland Tokyo. This device does not enable traditional voice or text service; it is only for internet access, but you can make and receive calls via Skype, MagicJack or other similar services, and sent messages between your family using WhatsApp or other instant messenger.

Typically you reserve and pay for the rental online, then either pick up the device at their booth in Narita Airport, or have the company send it to your first hotel. Then on the way home you drop it off at Narita. Usually the device rental comes with “unlimited” internet. It’s unlimited in that it never actually cuts off, but it will drop down to low speed after you’ve used your daily allotment. The daily allotment for the companies we’ve looked at seems pretty high, though, and you’d be unlikely to hit it unless you start streaming videos or doing big downloads.

We have not rented one of these ourselves (we used the Wi-Fi in our hotels, and then got a small data roaming plan for two of our phones), but reports from the field are generally good. Make sure the device you pick out is going to have service in the places you want to go, and has enough capacity to handle the number of devices you want to use. Devices are advertised as having 3-8 hours of battery life, depending on the specific device you choose, but you would do well to invest in a spare portable battery, since the real-world battery life of these devices is likely to be lower than the advertised life.

Two companies that focus on renting portable hotspots to tourists, have English-language websites and get decent reviews are Global Advanced Communications  and Japan Wi-Fi Buddy .

Thanks to reader Jeff N for info.

Tokyo has an inexpensive and extremely reliable public transportation system, but only if you have full use of your legs. In most train stations you must be able to walk up and down a significant number of stairs. Many stations have no elevators (although more are being installed all the time) and many trains are not wheelchair-accessible due to gaps between the platform and the edge of the car.

For that reason alone, visiting Tokyo has the potential to be challenging and expensive for anyone in a wheelchair or with any kind of mobility issue. Outside of Tokyo things are usually even worse. However, Japan is making greater efforts to become “barrier free,” and with careful planning it’s not an impossible prospect for someone in a wheelchair or who has difficulty walking. If you want to try it, be sure to check out the Japanese Disability Information Resources site (which has an English version) for some useful information.

Walking around Tokyo is extremely tough for anyone with bad knees. There are lots of stairs everywhere and the terrain is hilly. For those who have difficulty with walking long distances and/or up and down stairs, be aware that it is difficult to avoid those things if you’re going to visit Tokyo Disney Resort and stay in central Tokyo. For example, the connection from the central part of JR Tokyo Station to and from the Keiyo Line that serves Tokyo Disney Resort is 520 meters (about a third of a mile) and involves three escalators, three moving walkways and a couple of flights of stairs.

Once you are at Tokyo Disney Resort, the situation is significantly better than Tokyo in general. The train station that serves the resort (JR Maihama Station) does have elevators, though you’ll have to do some research on how to get there and where you can go from there, since many other stations do not have elevators.

Most of the attractions, particularly at the newer park, Tokyo DisneySea, are accessible. The accessible entrances are not always clearly marked and you’ll need to allow extra time. It would be wise to call ahead and ask for help, too. Lots of people in wheelchairs visit Tokyo Disney Resort and there are wheelchair rentals available.

Your first stop should be the official Tokyo Disney Resort  website, which is in English and is quite informative and comprehensive.

The Independent Guide To Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the very few Tokyo Disney Resort guidebooks in English.


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Tokyo Disneyland (JDT Recommends)

Make your dreams come true.

Make Your Dreams Come True

Japan has its own "Happiest Place on Earth" , Tokyo Disneyland. Taking it's design from the original Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida, this was the first Disney Park opened outside of the Unites States in 1983. In 2013 (just 30 years after opening), Tokyo Disneyland became the second most visited amusement park in the world, edging out the original Disneyland before falling short to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

Tokyo Disneyland consists of seven themed lands based on the attractions at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom:

  • World Bazaar - A shopping arcade designed like an early 20th century American Town at the park's entrance filled with shops and restaurants.
  • Tomorrowland - Based on the future and outer space. Popular attractions include Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlasters, and Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.
  • Toontown - Based on the neighborhood where Disney characters live, this part of the park is filled with rides for younger guests. Popular Attractions include Mickey's House, Donald Duck's boat, Chip n Dale's Treehouse, and a roller-coaster for children.
  • Fantasyland - Based on the classic Disney films, Cinderella's Castle sits in the center of the park. Other popular characters include Snow White, Peter Pan, and attractions like It's a Small World, The Haunted Mansion, and the Tokyo Disney Exclusive: Pooh's Hunny Hunt .
  • Critter Country - Based on the Disney film Song of the South , this is the smallest part of the park but features a popular favorite: Splash Mountain .
  • Westernland - Similar to Frontier Land , this part of the park is based on the Rivers of America and features Tom Sawyer's Island and the Mark Twain Riverboat.
  • Adventureland - Split between the jungle-theme and New Orleans-themed areas, this part of the park features the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and the Enchanted Tiki Room.

The Happiest Place on Earth

The Happiest Place on Earth

Tokyo Disneyland features lavish parades and decorations throughout the park depending on the season. Much like the parks in the United States, the park features special shows and celebrations during the holidays. Tokyo Disneyland is also very popular for the special Disney-themed snacks. There are the typical Disneyland choices like Tiramisu ice cream sandwiches, but also Japanese-style treats like Gyoza Dogs and the Little Green Men Mochi Ice Cream - little ice cream shaped as the Green Aliens from Toy Story . A few other great choices are the Mango Mickey Waffle, Mike Wazowski Melon Bread, Honey Popcorn, or the Mickey Hand Sandwich! Don't miss out on the chance to try some of these creative, unique snacks during your time at Tokyo Disneyland. Fun Fact: contrary to the name, Tokyo Disneyland is not located in Tokyo, but rather in the Chiba prefecture next to Tokyo.

Adjacent to the park is Tokyo Disney Sea , a Disney theme-park opened in 2001 inspired by the sea and meant to appeal to an older audience than Tokyo Disneyland. You can add both parks after a Japan tour with us during a post-stay in Tokyo after an Anime Japan tour, or add Tokyo Disneyland to your itinerary on a private Japan tour vacation package!

View Tokyo Disneyland Official Site

New Fantasyland Brings Beauty and the Beast to Life

New Fantasyland Brings Beauty and the Beast to Life

Disney fans rejoice! Tokyo Disneyland has announced the opening of a new area, “New Fantasyland”, and brings to life the magical story of Beauty and the Beast. The new area will span across three of the seven themed lands: Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Toontown. This new addition is the largest expansion to date for Tokyo Disneyland and previews up to this point look as though it will not disappoint. While New Fantasyland was initially set to open on April 15th, the opening date was pushed back due to the coronavirus. However, with September 28th set as the opening date, upcoming visitors will sure to be thoroughly delighted. New Fantasyland will feature a magnificent brand new castle which looks as though visitors can walk through and has a color themed to conjure a fairy tale atmosphere. Likewise, the shops, restaurants, and Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast attraction have all been meticulously designed to immerse visitors in the world of Beauty and the Beast. Everything from the carts and staff outfits to Gaston’s fountain statue and miscellaneous decorations, they are all working in harmony to create a wonderful experience. In conjunction with the opening of New Fantasyland, Tomorrowland is also getting a new ride! The world’s first Baymax ride, “The Happy Ride with Baymax”, will open on the same day. While not much has been revealed about the ride other than a concept art being released, it looks to be a thrilling ride for people of all ages. Toontown will also have a new meet and greet space called Minnie’s Style Studio where people can take pictures with Minnie as well. Your next visit to Tokyo Disneyland will surely be filled with new magical experiences and memories!

Tokyo Disney Land | Related Japan Tours

disney japan travel package

Private Tokyo Japan Tour

disney japan travel package

Essence of Spring | Anime

disney japan travel package

Essence of Spring Tour

Tokyo disney land | related travel.

Tokyo Disney Sea (JDT Recommends)

Sea Themed Amusement Park located next to Tokyo Disneyland

Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan

First Universal Studios park in Asia; features the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Fuji-Q Highland (JDT Recommends)

Fuji-Q Highland (JDT Recommends)

Major amusement park with record holding thrilling rides

Sanrio Puroland (JDT Recommends)

Sanrio Puroland (JDT Recommends)

Dedicated to Hello Kitty and Her Sanrio Friends

Ooedo Onsen

Ooedo Onsen

Hot spring theme park where every day is festival

Tokyo Character Street

Tokyo Character Street

Line of Anime, Candy, and Ramen stores in the JR Tokyo Station Underground area

Nagashima Spa Land

Nagashima Spa Land

Major amusement park in Mie featuring a water park and onsen

KidZania Tokyo

KidZania Tokyo

Educational Amusement Park replicating a real city


Hong Kong, Shanghai & Tokyo

  • HONG KONG | Hong Kong Disneyland Park + 3 Hotels
  • CHINA | Shanghai Disneyland Park + 3 Hotels
  • JAPAN | Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea + 6 Hotels 

How many of Disney’s twelve different theme parks have you seen? Die-hard fans know that if you want to visit Disney’s most beautiful and innovative parks, you’ll need a passport! 

Tokyo Disney Resort is home to the 3rd and 4th most visited theme parks in the world. Many Disney experts consider Tokyo DisneySea the greatest Disney park on Earth, and Disney’s newest castle is now charming guests in the adorable Hong Kong Disneyland.  With Shanghai Disneyland’s innovative new attractions, all of Disney’s Asian international parks set a high bar for creative enchantment.

But coming out of the pandemic, visiting Japan and China has become extra tricky. When is the best time to go? Can international guests easily access the Disney parks? What kind of reservations or visas are required?

We know Japan & China.

Chris from Wishful Thinking studied abroad in China and has visited Japan many times. He recently visited all four Asian Disney parks in December 2023.

For 2024 and 2025, we’ve got up-to-date information on the international travel & visa requirements to visit Asia. Post-pandemic international travel to Japan and China has more than rebounded — it’s thriving. Now more than ever, it’s wise to start planning as early as possible. 

We’re happy to help. For free.

Thankfully, Wishful Thinking is more than merely an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. We’re experts about Disney destinations around the world, and we’ve planned detailed trips to Asia for dozens of clients for more than a decade. 

As soon as you’ve got travel dates in mind, it’s smart to start planning. Asia’s Disney destinations sell out months in advance. To learn more, visit our FAQ articles below.


Shanghai disneyland resort, hong kong disneyland resort, tokyo disney resort.

For over a decade, Chris from Wishful Thinking has made regular visits to Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea; most recently in December of 2023.

Post-pandemic travel to Japan is thriving. 

Wondering which hotel is best? How many days for sightseeing in Tokyo? How to include visits to Kyoto, Osaka, or Universal Studios Japan? Scroll down for some expert advice, which we updated in April 2024.

Fantasy Springs is going to dramatically raise the bar. Disney’s most exciting, new, state-of-the-art attractions are coming this June to Tokyo DisneySea . 

Now’s the time to plan your visit to the Land of the Rising Sun!

Tokyo Disney Resort | FAQ

Curious about Tokyo’s two spectacular theme parks, their five Disney-owned resort hotels, and some of the most creative Imagineering on Earth? Tokyo Disney Resort is preparing to launch Disney’s latest innovations to Tokyo DisneySea at the deeply imaginative new Fantasy Springs.  Disney fans are thrilled to finally see these sights with their own eyes. 

But when we compare it to Disneyland (in California) and Walt Disney World (in Florida), what’s different about Tokyo Disney Resort?  Let’s answer some of the most common questions:

• TIMING | When is the best time to visit Tokyo Disney Resort? How many days do I need? What holidays or days of the week should I avoid? Should I visit Disney before or after some sightseeing in Tokyo? Should I wait for the new Fantasy Springs  buzz to die down? | Get the answers ▸

• FANTASY SPRINGS | What do we know so far about the exciting new Tangled, Frozen, and Peter Pan -themed areas at TokyoDisneySea? What attractions are on the way? Fantasy Springs opens on June 6, 2024. What can we expect? | Get the answers ▸

• HOTELS | What are the best hotels at Tokyo Disney Resort? The Disneyland Hotel, the Hotel MiraCosta, the Toy Story hotel, the Ambassador hotel, or the Celebration hotel? What about the other hotels along the monorail? When will the new Fantasy Springs Hotel open for bookings? | Get the answers  ▸

• TICKETS | How do I get theme park tickets for Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea?  Can I get single-day tickets without a hotel stay? Will North American credit cards work? | Get the answers ▸

• PACKAGES | Is a Package a good value? Is Fantasy Springs access guaranteed? What are Attraction Tickets? If are packages only available for one or two nights, how can I extend my stay? | Get the answers ▸

• TOURISM | What should I see & do in Tokyo? How many days do I need for sightseeing? How should I get around? What’s the most essential etiquette? | Get the answers  ▸

• TOKYO + SHANGHAI + HONG KONG | What’s the best way to visit all three Asian Disney destinations?  Which should I visit first? How many days do I really need in each location? What’s the best way to schedule this kind of trip? 

These are just the first batch of questions you’re likely to have. Thankfully, we’re experts on travel to Asia, and we’re ready to help you plan every detail of your trip — for free.


The weather’s different, the holidays are different, and the local traffic patterns are very different from North American Disney parks. You won’t want to arrive in Japan and question if you’ve timed it right. How many days do you need to see everything? Is it best to wait to visit after Fantasy Springs opens at Tokyo DisneySea?

When you think about planning your visit, keep these guidelines in mind:

You’ll probably want four days to see the parks. | If you’re a major Disney fan — like many Wishful Thinking clients — you’ll probably want at least four days to properly explore Tokyo Disney’s parks.

Tokyo Disneyland’s shows, restaurants, parades, and shops are completely unique. You’ll want to see them all. Other one-of-a-kind attractions — like their new Beauty & the Beast attraction, Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek, and others — are so cool that you’ll want to ride them more than once to notice new details! 

Tokyo DisneySea is Disney’s best theme park. You could easily spend an entire day exploring the astonishing theming without getting on a single ride. Nearly all the attractions at DisneySea are unique to Tokyo; you’ll want more than one ride. Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage, The Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Nemo & Friends SeaRider are all originals. Even the Tower of Terror has an entirely unique story.  

On June 6 2024, Fantasy Springs will open at DisneySea.  | This will feature the most state-of-the-art projects that Disney Imagineering is currently working on, with attractions and lands themed to Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan. Previews are now underway and  it’s fair to say that anticipation is absolutely through the roof. If you want to avoid Tokyo’s biggest crowds, show up before this land opens. If you want to see the best that Disney has to offer, wait until months after this land opens.

Plan for intense jet lag. | If you’re arriving from North or South America, It isn’t wise to visit Disney immediately upon arrival. Why? Because you’ll be dealing with intense jet lag symptoms. For the first two or three days, you’ll feel like you’re sleepwalking. Your body will be saying, “Cannot do this right now. Must. Lie. Down. Immediately.” You’ll be foggy-brained and exhausted. 

Plan for Tokyo sightseeing first. | At the start of your trip, give yourself a few full days in Tokyo. Fill your itinerary with flexible sightseeing plans. Book a comfy, centrally-located hotel where you can sleep in or take mid-day breaks without fearing that you’re wasting the precious time you’re supposed to be in the parks. Save your Disney days until after your body has had some time to adjust. | See our expert tourism tips ▸

Expect massive crowds. | 38 million people live in Tokyo Disney Resort’s backyard. On Saturdays and Sundays — all year long — you’ll see an influx of local families with kids and huge groups of teenagers who crowd the parks. If there’s any way to visit during the week — at least before June — it’s a bit more chill. However, when Fantasy Springs opens, you should expect sold-out peak capacity days every day of the week until the fall. 

Prepare to wait in lines. | At Disney, there are no VIP Tours, and FastPass was discontinued. If you cannot handle waiting in queues, do not go to Tokyo. It’s that simple. The Japanese queue up for everything in Tokyo, even beyond Disney, from train stations to restrooms to ramen shops. That’s how things are in the world’s largest city.

Avoid Japan & China’s major holidays. |  The parks’ busiest periods are during  Golden Week (late April into early May), Obon (August), and the New Year (Dec 31 through early January). Hotel rates are higher throughout the country. historically Chinese New Year brings many vacationers to Japan, and Chinese tourists love Tokyo Disney Resort. The Western holidays of Christmas, Easter, & Halloween don’t bring major crowds — they do, however, bring delightful decorations to the parks.

Tokyo’s weather is similar to Washington, D.C. | Tokyo has four distinct seasons. Summer is hot and humid, fall is cooler and dry. Winter sees frigid temperatures & occasional frozen rain / snow. Spring tends to arrive a bit early, with warm sunshine and springtime showers. Tokyo’s Disney parks are designed for this weather, with more indoor queues than you’ll find in Florida or California. But even sub-zero temperatures don’t drive away crowds — guests show up in their warm winter coats & fuzzy character hats, and make it a fun day with hot cocoa and warm hugs. Extended rainy days — like during a fall typhoon — do tend to inspire the locals to stay home. 

Tell us about your travel dates & let’s start planning ▸   


Curious about the enchanting additions coming to Tokyo Disney Resort’s Fantasy Springs,  opening on  June 6, 2024? If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to see Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival or sail up into the sky on pirate ship with Peter Pan, get ready for an adventure like no other. Disney’s just announced all new details for Fantasy Springs, its captivating attractions, dining, and more!


Get ready for a whole new world of Disney magic with all-new state-of-the-art attractions, restaurants & entertainment inspired by Tangled, Frozen, and Peter Pan. The eighth themed port at Tokyo DisneySea promises a paradise of enchantment, featuring three waterfront areas: Rapunzel’s Forest, Peter Pan’s Never Land, and Frozen Kingdom.

At last — you’ll see the light! Join  Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival as you sail away on a romantic boat ride, reliving the heartwarming tale of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.  Head to The Snuggly Duckling  for a delicious meal in a brand new restaurant that’s ready to refresh all your ruffians.

Never-grow-up adventures will unfold in Peter Pan’s Never Land.  Explore a swashbuckling pirate ship playground, then chow down at Lookout Cookout, the hideout for the Lost Kids.  Peter Pan will host an all-new one-of-a-kind attraction that soars far beyond Peter Pan’s Flight. Little ones are sure to giggle as they help Tinker Bell deliver packages in Pixie Hollow on the Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies .

Frozen Kingdom will beckon you into the unknown on  Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey . You’ll relive the heartwarming sisters’ story and enjoy captivating views of fjord cliffs at the  Royal Banquet of Arendelle restaurant. The park’s newest snacks will tempt your tastebuds at Oaken’s OK Foods.


Tokyo’s just announced that all guests who want to see Fantasy Springs will need a valid park ticket for Tokyo Disney Sea plus at least one of the following:

  • A Standby Pass, which is essentially just like one of Disneyland / WDW’s Virtual Queues — it’s free. You’ll request one in the Tokyo Disney app on the day of your visit after you enter the park.
  • Disney Premier Access — which is just like an Individual Lightning Lane — it’s available for a fee. You will be able to purchase them within the app on the day of your visit after you enter the park — or — receive one as a perk of booking a specific Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package. View the latest updates on Premier Access ▸ 

TDR has announced that guests will only be able to obtain these entry methods after they have passed through the turnstiles. This is one reason why Early Park Entry is being restricted to Tokyo DisneySea; after June 6, only the guests of the Hotel Miracosta and the Fantasy Springs Hotel will have early park entry at DisneySea. (Disney’s said that this is subject to change.) It’s reasonable to assume that not everyone who enters Tokyo DisneySea on a given day will gain access to Fantasy Springs. (If everyone did, guests would lack a strong incentive to purchase Disney’s Premier Access for entry.)


It’s a new type of 1-day ticket that bundles together Tokyo DisneySea theme park entry with a Disney Premier Access pass for Fantasy Springs. It guarantees that you’ll gain entry to the land. Currently, they’re only available to those who book new type of Disney Vacation Package — although they may become available to regular ticket buyers. We’re awaiting details.


Built right into the perimeter of the park, the elegant new Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel brings enchanting luxury accommodations and Art Nouveau to Fantasy Springs. With rooms and restaurants that gaze directly into the land, the Fantasy Springs Restaurant will offering buffet-style dining, La Libellule will serve gourmet French cuisine, and Grand Paradis Lounge will offer a relaxing salon with wide open windows and one-of-a-kind views. Read on below for more info about Disney’s resort hotels.


A whole newly-themed Space Mountain and surrounding Tomorrowland is set to open in 2027, with ultra-modern styling that’s undeniably leaning into future-fantasy.

Complete this form and we’ll keep you up to date on all the news from Tokyo ▸


If this is your only chance to visit, you’ll want to be comfortable. Let’s explore the Disney resort hotels — plus the hotels along the Disney resort monorail line. And, let’s discuss why you shouldn’t stay in central Tokyo for your Disney days.


Before you think about where to stay, let’s cover some navigational basics:

Tokyo is huge. | You can easily spend two hours traveling from one side of the city to the other. That’s why you’ll want to stay right near Tokyo Disney Resort during your theme park days. Stay in central Tokyo when you’re sightseeing.

Tokyo Disney Resort is located on the distant southeastern waterfront. | It’s about as far from central Tokyo as Disneyland is from central Los Angeles. It’s in the neighborhood of Urayasu, along the shores of Tokyo Bay. Technically, Urayasu is not in Tokyo — it’s in the neighboring Shiba prefecture. The train station nearest to Tokyo Disney Resort is Maihama .

View the location on Google Maps ▸

Traveling to Tokyo Disney Resort can be a hike. | Depending on which train you catch (and the time of day), reaching Urayasu can take 30 minutes from Tokyo Station, 35 minutes from Shinagawa Station, and 45 minutes (to an hour) from Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station, and Ikebukuro Station. Like any major city, there are rush hour delays. If you’re traveling here directly from either international airport —  Narita (NRT) or Haneda (HND) — trains and shared shuttles are your best transfer options. The Friendly Limousine Airport Bus is slowly resuming service after pausing its operations. 

More on traveling from HND  Airport ▸ | More on traveling from NRT Airport ▸

The resort area includes five Disney-owned hotels and six Official Hotels (aka ‘Good Neighbor’ hotels) | All but one of them are accessible along Tokyo Disney Resort’s monorail line. Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel is a quick shuttle ride away.

View the resort hotel map* ▸    * the new Toy Story Hotel is located between map markers 4 and 5


The official owner of Tokyo Disney Resort is the Oriental Land Company (OLC) , which owns and manages the following Disney-themed hotels.

HELPFUL TIP: At each link, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you’ll be able to view a simple calendar that reveals which dates have rooms remaining and the nightly rate (in Japanese Yen) of the lowest-price available room. As of today, hotel rates and booking are only available 120 days in advance. We’ve got expert tips and advice about how to start planning now; complete this form and we’ll send you three very helpful FAQ guides. Be sure to also see our information about Disney Travel Packages below.

• Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel | Opening in June 2024 | Luxury / Deluxe |  Disney’s newest luxury hotel experience will open on June 6th when the land itself opens.  The hotel is divided into two areas: the Grand Chateau offers Luxury accommodations and amenities (including line-skipping privileges) , while the Fantasy Chateau is classified as a Deluxe hotel. Its three new restaurants will offer beautiful views of the park, and this hotel benefits with unique ticketed access to Fantasy Springs plus the 15-minute early park entry directly into Tokyo DisneySea. | View more details about the hotel ▸ 

• Tokyo Disneyland Hotel | Deluxe | Luxurious, classical, elegant. Similar Victorian-era design as Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Orlando, but nicer (if you can believe it) . Located just outside the monorail station entrance to Disneyland park. Some rooms feature views of Cinderella Castle; you may see fireworks in the distance. You’ll find art inspired by Alice in Wonderland, beautifully appointed rooms with subtle theme details, themed suites, and a gorgeous lobby with high-end restaurants and cafes. | View the room availability & rate calendar ▸ 

• Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta | Deluxe | Ornate, sumptuous, opulent. The world’s only hotel located inside a Disney theme park. Baroque design invites you to relax within an 18th-century Italian waterfront village, inspired by Portofino and Venice. Its main façade serves as the entry point to Tokyo DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor. Many rooms feature water views of the park’s nightly spectacular. Its recently renovated, sophisticated rooms feature rich brocades, tapestries, and wood-carved furnishings. The stunning domed lobby features fresco paintings and entryways to a collection of delicious restaurants. | View the room availability & rate calendar ▸ 

• Disney Ambassador Hotel | Deluxe | Clever, cool, comfortable. Art deco design evokes 1920’s – 1930’s railway sleeper cars and Atlantic steamships. Although the rooms are simply appointed (on par with a Moderate-level hotel at Walt Disney World) the lobby, pools and common areas feel like a Deluxe resort. Around every corner, you’ll find extravagant details and gleaming artwork from the period. The hotel is located near the back of  Disneyland Park, but it’s a bit too far to walk. Entrances to both parks are just a few minutes away via the monorail. Dining includes a gourmet table service restaurant, a casual diner, and some of Tokyo’s only character dining, Chef Mickey’s. | View the room availability & rate calendar ▸ 

• Toy Story Hotel | Moderate | Colorful, whimsical, imaginative. Tokyo’s newest Disney-themed resort hotel, located right along the monorail line. Think: Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World / Disneyland Paris — the vibe is identical.  Lots of two-dimensional drawings and oversized toy-sized architecture. Rooms are inviting and full of clever details, like an Etch-A-Sketch TV screen and Andy’s iconic bedroom wallpaper: blue sky & white clouds. The hotel’s extensive original merch, kid-friendly play areas, and casual affordable eateries make this family-friendly hotel ideal for guests of all ages.  | View the room availability & rate calendar ▸ 

• Tokyo Celebration Hotel | Value | Fanciful, cute, casual. The only Disney-themed hotel located beyond the resort, about a 15-minute complimentary shuttle drive away. Formerly the Palm & Fountain Terrace Hotel, Oriental Land Company began to transform these hotels a few years ago by adding all-new Disney designs to its rooms, lobbies and pools.  The comfortable rooms are modestly-appointed. The amusing, brightly-colored murals and various bed configurations, however, are designed to appeal to families with young kids. Affordable nightly rates make this hotel one of the most economical lodging choices for Tokyo Disney Resort. | View the room availability & rate calendar ▸ 


In addition to the hotels above, Tokyo Disney Resort also features six official hotels which are located along the resort monorail.   These are similar to what you might know in the USA as Good Neighbor Hotels. OLC doesn’t own or manage them, but they meet the resort’s high standards for cleanliness, service, and amenities. Each of them has an on-site official Tokyo Disney Resort ticket & planning desk.

Two of the hotels are owned by American brands, and are exceptionally accommodating for English-speaking travelers.

HELPFUL TIP | Unlike the Disney hotels above, these hotels may be booked up to 1 year in advance, and Wishful Thinking can set up your hotel reservation .

• Hilton Tokyo Bay | Modern, efficient, familiar. Our top choice for where to stay if you’re not in one of the Disney hotels. This large, recently renovated resort hotel feels like any upscale Hilton you might find back home, with polished marble floors and sleek, modern décor. The Front Desk staff speaks impeccable English. Standard rooms are divided into two design categories — one is more serene and classic, the other more colorful and contemporary — but you can’t go wrong here. The on-site restaurants are big — if a tad bit overpriced — with impressive menus that cater to North American, European, and Asian travelers. Best of all, the hotel’s just a quick monorail ride away from the theme parks. | Get pricing ▸

• Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay | Pleasant, reliable, anodyne. A perfectly nice hotel that guarantees a comfortable stay for international guests. It’s probably due for some refreshed décor and room renovations, but you’re unlikely to remember what the hotel looks like when you’re staying this close to the Disney parks. Like the Hilton, it’s especially accommodating for English-speaking guests. | Get pricing ▸


Tokyo’s main sights aren’t near Tokyo Disney Resort. You’ll want a separate hotel in central Tokyo for your sightseeing days. Some guidelines:

Choose a cool neighborhood. | You’ll probably have the easiest time getting around the city if you stay in Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, or Ginza. These neighborhoods are all full of terrific dining, elaborate shopping, and vibrant street life.  I f we had to pick just one neighborhood, we’d probably point you toward Shinjuku. But it’s a tough call; they’re all great.

Choose a hotel near a train station. | As we explain below, Tokyo is all about train travel. If possible, select a hotel that’s within a comfortable walking distance of a big train station. 

Compare North American hotel brands vs. Japanese lodging. | If you don’t have a lot of international travel experience, try to minimize your culture shock. A North American hotel chain might be your smartest option. Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, and IHG  all have properties in Tokyo. 

What’s the biggest advantage? Familiarity. Their websites, support staff, and on-site front desk staff will work in fluent English. In the guest rooms, you’ll find familiar bed sizes and amenities. If you need to modify / cancel your booking, you’ll be able to rely on English language phone support. When you’re visiting an unfamiliar country, that can help guarantee more restful nights.

However, if you’re an adventurous, seasoned traveler and you’re drawn to unique experiences, consider staying in a  ryokan . These traditional, family-owned lodges are Japan’s most memorable accommodations, particularly in historic locales like Kyoto, Nara, or Osaka. Learn all about ryokan ▸

We have a terrific shortlist of hotels in central Tokyo. | Get in touch and we’ll identify the best match for your particular travel party and time of year. 

Get pricing & information on Tokyo hotels ▸


When should I visit? And how far in advance can I book?

It greatly depends on whether you want a simple hotel stay, a Disney Vacation Package, or if you’d simply like to visit Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea during a longer stay in Tokyo. Tap below and we’ll send you a free, informative FAQ to help you think through all these decisions.

Let’s plan your trip to Japan ▸


Having trouble with North American credit cards? Wondering if you should get your theme park tickets before you arrive in Japan? Are theme park reservations required?

Learn the secure & guaranteed way to get Tokyo Disney Resort's theme park tickets

Here’s the main thing you need to know: many of Tokyo Disney Resort’s operations have changed post-pandemic.

That’s especially true of their ticket & reservation systems. Much of what we could tell you today could be different tomorrow. 

Here are the most essential updates (updated April, 2024):

If you’re an overnight guest in one of the Disney resort hotels, Disney instructs you to WAIT to buy theme park tickets through your hotel. |  As Tokyo Disney Resort explains on their helpful FAQ, all Disney resort hotel guests are guaranteed to be able to enter the parks on all their dates of stay (check-in through check-out) even if all the day’s theme park tickets are sold out for non-hotel guests.  However, you should wait to purchase your tickets for a few big reasons: one, you’ll need the type of ticket that includes early park entry. Those tickets aren’t available on the internet. Two, Disney may someday offer other types of tickets that were paused for the pandemic, namely, a park hopper ticket and a multi-day ticket. As of April 2024, only one-park-per-day tickets are being sold.

The Disney resort hotels are:

  • Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  • Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
  • Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel
  • Disney Ambassador Hotel
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel
  • Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel

Guests at the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel have unique access. | As of April, 2024, guests of this hotel (who are not package holders) have exclusive access to a one-day ticket that includes guaranteed Fantasy Springs entry and reduced wait times at its attractions. Learn more here. Additionally, guests in the Grand Chateau rooms receive extra line-skipping privileges .

If you’re a guest in one of the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels — the ones which are not Disney operated & themed — guests may buy tickets through the hotel. | All guests of the Hilton Tokyo Bay may purchase one-park, one-day tickets in person, in the lobby of the Hilton, even when the tickets are sold out for the general public. Wishful Thinking can book you today into the Hilton, and we highly recommend it. Start here ▸ 

You may buy advance-day tickets online, but you can’t buy tickets more than 60 days in advance. | Currently, online tickets are only valid on the date you select when you purchase them — no additional Theme Park reservations are required. As of now, there are no in-person theme park ticket sales at the parks. You MUST buy your tickets online (or through your Disney-area hotel).

Tickets do not include Genie+ — that’s not how things work in Tokyo. | Instead of FastPass or Genie+, Tokyo Disney Resort offers Premier Access, which any guest may purchase on the day of their visit within the Tokyo Disney Resort app. As of now, Premier Access is only offered on about 3 or 4 attractions per park — here’s the list of attractions and prices. It works almost identically to Individual Lightning Lane purchases at Disneyland in California. You purchase the enhancement after you scan into the park.

Many USA-based credit cards are declined because the Tokyo Disney Resort website and app rely on advanced credit card security called 3D Secure. | The 3D Secure verification is standard for Japan-based banks, but it’s a protocol that isn’t yet standard within the USA. For this reason, many USA-based credit cards will not work if you try to book a hotel or purchase tickets on the Tokyo Disney Resort site. If your card is not working, you need to get a new card. Why? Because you will need a card with this feature when you actually visit Japan. The paid features in the Tokyo Disney Resort app won’t work without one, and many other vendors in Japan require this type of authentication.

Get a card from Revolut. | We highly recommend the safe, secure, internationally-accepted debit cards & credit cards from Revolut, which specializes in international travel . Their exchange rates are tremendous, there are no international transaction fees, and you can even store online balances in multiple currencies — a great strategy if you’d like to buy JPY in advance when the USD is strong. Best of all, their cards support 3D Secure verification.

Explore debit & credit cards from Revolut ▸

Multi-day tickets are still not available. | The 2-day Passport, 3-Day Magic Passport, 5-Day Magic Passport, Annual Passport, and many other long-standing ticket categories are currently not available, and we don’t know when Tokyo Disney Resort may resume the sales of these ticket types. 

Wishful Thinking provides expert guidance & assistance for Tokyo Disney Resort. | Complete our form and we’ll send you an extremely informative, helpful FAQ, direct to your inbox.


Packages at Tokyo Disney Resort are very different from what you’ll find at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. For starters: they’re more expensive than simple hotel bookings + park tickets. You’re paying for unique perks & privileges . So are they worth it? What are the minimum / maximum number of hotel nights and theme park days? When do Tokyo Disney Resort Travel Packages become available? We’ve got all the nerdy details.

Nothing confounds international visitors more than Tokyo Disney Resort’s Disney Travel Packages.

Why? Because their offerings and restrictions are dramatically different from Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Pay attention to the details we’re sharing here; they matter tremendously.

To begin, it’s important that you recognize a few things about Tokyo Disney Resort:

• The crowds are massive. | Every day of the week. Ignore outdated information online that says that things are only busy on weekends. Not anymore. See what rope drop looks like.

• FastPass doesn’t exist anymore. | Post-pandemic, Tokyo Disney Resort replaced their FastPass system with a new benefit called Premier Access, which any guest may purchase on the day of their visit within the Tokyo Disney Resort app. As of now, Premier Access is only offered on about 3 or 4 attractions per park — here’s the list of attractions and prices. It works almost identically to Individual Lightning Lane purchases at Disneyland in California. You’re waiting in line for everything else. UNLESS you have a Disney Travel Package. 

• Tokyo Disney Resort does not offer VIP tours | This is simply not a thing at Tokyo Disney Resort. Pre-pandemic, the park offered informational tours in Japanese (similar to the Keys to the Kingdom Tour at Magic Kingdom ), but they haven’t returned.

Therefore, knowing that avoiding crowds are the MAIN thing that its guests would want, Tokyo Disney Resort offers exclusive additional line-skipping (and show / parade viewing) privileges within their Disney Travel Packages. But there are severe restrictions:

Packages are ONLY available for a one night stay or a two night stay.

  • A ONE NIGHT package includes TWO DAYS of theme park tickets: Tokyo DisneySea on day one and Tokyo Disneyland on day two.
  • A TWO NIGHT package includes THREE DAYS of theme park tickets: Tokyo DisneySea on day one, Disneyland on day two, and DisneySea again on day three.
  • You cannot modify when you use your tickets; your first ticket MUST be used on your check-in day, and your last ticket MUST be used on your check-out day. For this reason, you will probably not want to begin any Disney Travel Package on the day you arrive in Japan. Thankfully, we’ve got expert recommendations for additional hotels in Tokyo. Get pricing ▸
  • Disney will not permit any guest to purchase two tickets for the dame day — therefore, you CAN NOT simply book back-to-back packages. (That would mean you’d double up on tickets when one package’s check-out day is another package’s check-in day.)
  • As of April 2024, there are no packages available for longer stays. This is all there is. See our recommendations below about adding a hotel stay to your package.

Currently, package perks include extra line-skipping privileges . This is the sweet gooey center of Disney Travel Packages, and this is why Disney guests are willing to pay more for them. When you book your package, you’ll gain the ability to select from a handful of attractions that are NOT offered as part of Premier Access . Disney simply calls them Attraction Tickets, but they work essentially like a FastPass. They’re available for the ‘2nd tier’ of popular attractions, and they include:


  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!
  • Pooh’s Hunny Hunt
  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Star Tours: The Adventures Continue


  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • The Magic Lamp Theater
  • Nemo & Friends SeaRider
  • Raging Spirits
  • Tower of Terror
  • Turtle Talk

See more details about Attraction Tickets included in Vacation Packages ▸ 

What to choose? | When you purchase your package, you’ll make your selection as for which attractions you’d like to use for your benefit. Because the ultra-popular attractions Beauty and the Beast and Soaring; Fantastic Flight are also available via Premier Access, we suggest that you use your perks here for one of these ‘2nd tier’ attractions that are ONLY available to package holders. That’s the best way to maximize the value of your purchase. Buy Beauty & the Beast after you’ve entered Disneyland. And if you’re big into the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (S.E.A.) , don’t miss Soaring: Fantastic Flight. The pre-show is stunning. 

Guaranteed Fantasy Springs Access | As of now, all packages for stays beyond June 6th also include guaranteed entry to the new Fantasy Springs land at Tokyo DisneySea on one of your days. We don’t know how long that benefit will be offered as a package perk, and we don’t know whether future packages might include it. But because this is currently the ONLY way to guarantee that you’ll get into Fantasy Springs, these packages are highly sought after. This also explains why they cost so much.

Most Wishful Thinking clients choose to book a package PLUS an additional hotel stay. As you can imagine, many who journey from abroad want more than a two night stay. We recommend that you obtain an additional hotel reservation — a la carte — and purchase any additional theme park tickets on-site at your Disney hotel. (As you’ll see above, ALL Disney resort hotel guests are guaranteed to be able to purchase theme park tickets for the dates of their stay even if tickets are sold out to the general public.)  Do note, however:

  • Tokyo Disney Resort does NOT guarantee that if you purchase an a la carte hotel stay for the same hotel as your package that you’ll be able to remain in your same room. These decisions are handled on a case-by-case basis after you arrive at your hotel.
  • If you’re in a different room type at the same hotel, Cast Members will transfer your bags for you.
  • If you select to stay at a different Disney resort hotel  — including the Hilton Tokyo Bay or the Sheraton, but excluding the Celebration Hotel — Disney Cast Members will transfer your luggage for free to your next hotel. See details about the luggage delivery service ▸ 

IMPORTANT NOTE ON THE JAPANESE-LANGUAGE SITE | Package type availability and benefits differ between the Japanese-language portal of the site and the English-language portal.  Just as Disneyland has special offers for California residents and Walt Disney World has special offers for Florida residents, Tokyo Disney Resort has special offers for Japan residents. Don’t try to be sneaky and enter the name of your Japan-based lodging; if you cannot enter your legal name, permanent address, and credit card billing address using Japanese characters, you will not qualify for these packages. 

When do Tokyo Disney Resort Disney Vacation Packages become available? | Since early 2024, as the resort prepares for / promotes the new Fantasy Springs expansion, Disney’s been releasing them in monthly ‘dumps.’ Typically, Disney only provides a few days notice as to when the next release is coming, and no one knows how long this release pattern will continue.

Bookmark this page and watch for announcements ▸ 

Can an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner or a travel agent book a package for me? | No. As of April 2024, you are literally the only person on the planet who can book a Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package; Disney explicitly forbids others from booking a package on your behalf, and if any agent offers to do this for you, your tickets may be invalidated.

What CAN Wishful Thinking quote and book for me? | We’re experts on Japan and Tokyo travel, and we can quote / book all your additional hotel stays in Japan, plus guided day tours, private transportation, and phenomenal multi-night guided tours via Adventures by Disney and National Geographic Expeditions. Also, as of spring 2024, we can book a la carte hotel stays at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel — but these are not Disney Travel Packages. You’ll still need to purchase your tickets after arriving at the hotel.

Share your plans here — we’ll send free Disney tips and expert recommendations on Japan hotels & sightseeing ▸


The world’s biggest metropolis: 20 million people live here. Thankfully, it’s also one of the most hospitable destinations for international travelers. But what are the real must-sees? And how should you get around the city?

Have you ever walked into an incredible party in full-swing and thought, “gosh, if I’d known it was going to be this cool, I would have shown up earlier!” 

That’s what it’s like to visit Japan for the first time. It’s even cooler than you imagine it’s going to be. Most North Americans have only a surface-level knowledge of Japanese cuisine, history, & culture. Research can only get you so far. You simply have to go.

Here are a few of the key things you’ll need to know as you plan your visit to Tokyo:

It’s all about the trains | Getting in a car means you’ll be sitting in traffic, not moving. Taxis & rideshares are very expensive — we’re talking $250+ USD just to get to the airport. Not worth it. Getting around Tokyo — and journeying to cities beyond — is all about train travel. There are 3 major train systems in Tokyo:

  • The Japan Rail (JR) |  A nationwide rail network, kinda like Amtrak in the USA (but far, far better)
  • Tokyo Metro | 9 train lines serving 179 stations
  • Toei Subway | 4 train lines serving 106 stations

Taken together, they form an interconnected web of train lines that service the whole city. Thankfully, an IC (integrated circuit) payment card (like  Suica ) works for all three systems, so it doesn’t really matter which train you use. There are many major train station hubs where you can easily transfer from one train to another: Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Kita-senju and Tokyo Station are the busiest.

Check out this excellent guide to Tokyo’s train systems ▸ 

Bullet trains to other cities | The JR lines also include Japan’s famous bullet trains, known by the Japanese word shinkansen . These high-speed trains are excellent and affordable and provide easy access to cities like Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, and Hiroshima. Many theme park fans who visit Tokyo Disney Resort are also interested in Universal Studios Japan in the city of Osaka, which is 3+ hours away by train. 

View shinkansen routes, schedules & tickets ▸

Japan’s trains can be intimidating at first. Soon, you’ll learn that the station signs, onboard announcements, and train schedules are available in English — once you know where to look. Within a few days, you’ll wish that travel in North America was this quick, efficient, and easy to navigate!

Sightseeing: a contrast of ancient & modern | The sights of Tokyo inspire you to appreciate one of the world’s most incredible ancient cultures with a non-stop eye on the future. From Buddhist temples to high-tech shopping, you should give yourself at leas t three full days for sightseeing. Remember, you’ll be very jet-lagged, so don’t plan on overdoing it. Here are the most popular tourist sights for international visitors:

  • Tokyo National Museum | An eye-popping, incredibly curated museum that traces Japan’s history from the shogun to the modern era. More ▸
  • Sensō-ji Temple / Kaminari-mon Gate | Tokyo’s oldest and most spectacular temple, dating back to the year 645. More ▸
  • Meiji-jingū Shrine | A beautiful, picturesque Shinto shrine within a peaceful evergreen park — one of Tokyo’s most-photographed locations. More ▸
  • Ghibli Museum | A family-friendly, incredible museum devoted to the films of the legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke & many more). A must-see, especially for Disney fans. More ▸
  • Shibuya Crossing & Hachikō statue |  The zig-zag pedestrian traffic crossing that you’ll recognize from countless video composites of Tokyo. You might not be familiar with the touching story of the adorable Akita who waited for his dearly-departed master here every day for ten years. More ▸
  • Takeshita-dori street in Harajuku | An alley-style shopping bazaar catering to the latest youth trends. You’ll find cutting-edge fashion and the newest must-have snacks. More ▸
  • Ginza | A tawny neighborhood with impressive department stores offering high-end accessories, housewares, and designer clothing. More ▸
  • Kamakura | The former capital of Japan and an ideal day trip from the city. Visitors flock here to explore its beautiful ancient temples and pose in front of one of Asia’s largest Buddha statues. More ▸
  • Nightlife in Shinjuku  | Among many nightlife districts, Shinjuku is especially energetic and over the top. Check out the  Mario Brothers Go-Kart experience and the must-be-seen-to-be-believed Robot Restaurant . Shinjuku Ni-Chome is where you’ll find a collection of tourist-friendly LGBTQ+ bars and dance clubs. More ▸

Learn Japanese manners and courteous phrases. | Japan is a very, very polite society. To avoid unpleasantness, it’s best to learn the most common Japanese phrases, along with the most essential etiquette:

  • Payment is given & received with two hands. | When greeting a cashier, always present your cash or credit card with two hands, and do the same when receiving it back.  More ▸  
  • Don’t walk & eat / drink at the same time. | Food and drink are meant to be consumed while seated indoors. Even if you place an order ‘to go,’ never eat or drink while walking. You’ll notice that there are virtually no trash cans on public street corners — and this is why. The one spot in Japan where you can probably get away with this? Inside Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea. 
  • Remove your shoes in establishments, if requested. | Many traditional tea shops, restaurants, and ryokan hotels will provide slippers or sandals for you to wear upon entry. Place your shoes in the provided cubby holes and change into the footwear they provide.  More ▸
  • To visit gyms, pools or onsen spas, be cautious about tattoos. | Tattoos are considered disrespectful by traditional Japanese society. If you’ve got large, elaborate tattoos, it’s possible that you may be denied entry to certain gyms, pools, or onsen spa baths. You may want to seek out a tattoo-friendly gym or onsen that has a stated tattoo-friendly policy. Learn more  ▸
  • Learn important, courteous Japanese phrases. | It’s absolutely crucial to learn the Japanese words for please, thank you, hello, goodbye, etc. Here’s a great guide  ▸

This is just the beginning. We’ve got far, far more tips to share.

Wondering where to find the biggest selection of kawaii collectibles, manga , and anime merch? Wondering where to pipe up for some karaoke with the locals?  Want to try fluffy Japanese cloud pancakes, giant multi-colored cones of cotton candy, or the city’s best sushi, omakase, gyoza, ramen & more?

We’ve been to Japan many times, and we’d love to tell you.

If you plan your trip with Wishful Thinking, we can provide a shortlist of our favorite restaurants, the coolest shops, most unique bars, and the best locations to find the hot new food trends. We’ve also got lots of practical tips on how to overcome jet lag, how to set up your WiFi and phone service, how to pay for things, tipping & gratuities, and more. It’s never too early to start planning!

Let’s plan your Japan adventure ▸

Shanghai Disneyland Resort | FAQ

Do I need a visa to enter China if I want to visit Shanghai Disneyland Resort? How many days should I spend in the park? What are the best Shanghai Disneyland resort hotels?  What’s the best way to include a visit to the Great Wall of China? We’ve got answers to the most common questions below.


Shanghai Disneyland is around 11 miles from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It’s in the Pudong District of Shanghai, just 12 miles from the city center. Most guests take the train.


Shanghai’s weather offers four distinct seasons. Summers are sizzling, and winters can be rather chilly. The sweet spot for visiting? Spring and autumn. Here are the historical average temps.


If you’re a major Disney fan, we recommend at least two full days in the park, plus at least two additional days for sightseeing. If this will be your first destination after flying from North America, schedule your sightseeing days first. Jet lag is going to be absolutely brutal.


It’s best if we set up your theme park tickets with your Disney resort hotel stay. See below.


There are two Disney-owned hotels. The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel is an upscale resort with blissfully charming Art Nouveau décor. It overlooks the beautiful Wishing Star Lake. For a more budget-friendly option, the Toy Story Hotel makes Andy’s room larger-than-life. They’ve each got their own pros & cons, which we’d love to share with you:

Get pricing and expert insights for the Shanghai Disney Resort hotels ▸ 


Just like any other Disney park, dining is a combination of table service, quick service & kiosks. Traditional Chinese cuisine is served in the beautiful Wandering Moon Restaurant, while the Royal Banquet Hall is a must-see fine dining restaurant inside the castle. The Tangled Tree Tavern is a charming quick service spot serving international fare. Sweet treats are available at the Duffy & Friends-inspired Cookie Ann Bakery Café on Mickey Avenue.

After you book your trip , we’ll happily steer you toward the best dining options.


Shanghai Disneyland boasts seven unique themed lands:

Mickey Avenue | Here’s the welcome mat of Shanghai Disneyland. Imagine a Disney character-infused hometown, rather than your typical Main Street, U.S.A. vibe. Pick up your “why yes, I’ve been there” apparel in Avenue M Arcade — their equivalent of the Emporium — where you’ll find a huge selection of unique Disney merchandise. 

Gardens of Imagination | A touch of calm with a dash of imagination, Gardens of Imagination is where you’ll come across the Chinese Zodiac-themed garden, a Disney twist that’s genuinely delightful. Key spots? The Storyteller Statue and the Fantasia Carousel. And, of course, there’s the Enchanted Storybook Castle — it’s the largest one that Disney’s ever built.

Fantasyland | Step into a realm brimming with classic Disney stories. The enchanting Voyage to the Crystal Grotto is a must-do. Kids (and kids at heart) adore Peter Pan’s Flight and the Hunny Pot Spin.

Adventure Isle | Time for some adrenaline rush. Prehistoric fun meets high-stakes adventure in attractions like the Roaring Rapids and Soaring Over the Horizon. And don’t miss out on the Camp Discovery challenge trails — they’re like full on hiking adventures.

Treasure Cove | All aboard mateys for the one and only fully pirate-themed land across all Disney parks. A must-see? Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure . Widely considered the world’s best Pirates. Discover legends and lore on a real pirate ship: Siren’s Revenge. And don’t miss Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular.

Tomorrowland | Shanghai’s Tomorrowland aims to be actually futuristic. The TRON Lightcycle Power Run is a definite bucket-list item, while the Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue provides an entertaining (if familiar) alternative.

Toy Story Land | It’s time to play along with Woody, Buzz, and friends in this fun-filled setting. Ride high on Slinky Dog Spin, test your courage on Rex’s Racer, or join Woody’s Roundup. Remember to pop by Al’s Toy Barn and grab a bite at the Lotso Lunch Box.


Although Shanghai Disneyland Resort doesn’t offer the vast outdoor recreation activities of Walt Disney World, Shanghai Disneyland’s footprint is unique — it’s the one Disney ‘castle park’ where the main thoroughfare — Mickey Avenue – is located  before the theme park’s turnstiles . In Celebration Square, the Market District and more, you’ll find ample Disney shopping, dining, and entertainment . For a quieter moment, take a stroll around Wishing Star Park to enjoy nature, views, and tranquility.


How much time have you got? Many North Americans only know of a handful of sights — the Great Wall of China, maybe the Forbidden City, or the Xi’an Terracotta War Soldiers. China is a gigantic country with 1/5th of the world’s population. Planning a trip here can be incredibly complicated, even for seasoned travelers. None of these must-see sights are within easy reach from Shanghai.

That’s why we highly recommend the Adventures by Disney trip through China , which includes an unforgettable visit to both Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland.


Explore Hong Kong Discover the vibrant harbor city with an iconic skyline, world-class shops and exciting street scene.

Hong Kong Disneyland & Shanghai Disneyland Check 2 more Disney theme parks off your bucket list as you immerse yourself in Disney magic at China’s Disney theme parks.

Great Wall of China Cable Car Ride Reach new heights as you ride to Mutianyu for an amazing walk atop this iconic structure.

Victoria Peak Be awed by panoramic views of Hong Kong’s stunning skyline and harbor from the top of the mountain.

Beijing’s Ancient & Modern History Tour Walk through centuries of history as you tour this modern city with a rich past.

Beijing’s Temple of Heaven Tour this massive temple built for emperors to worship the god of heaven.

Panda Visit Get a rare peek at China’s cutest residents on a tour of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Sichuan Opera Enjoy music, acrobatics and the classic face changing act that has delighted audiences for centuries.

Shanghai Acrobat Show Experience the excitement of this acrobatic performance and live rock show.

Lijiang River Guilin Boat Tour Cruise the Li River and take in the scenic landscapes, including the “gumdrop mountains.”

Terracotta Warriors & Horses in Xi’an Marvel at this sculpted army created to protect China’s first emperor in the afterlife.

Explore Shanghai Discover the sprawling skyline, classic architecture and waterfront district of this truly international city.

Tiananmen Square Walking Tour Learn the rich history of this focal point of celebration and protest with a local guide.

Yu Garden Tour in Old Shanghai Find peace and inspiration in this 300-year-old garden sanctuary in the heart of Shanghai.

Get 2024 / 2025 dates and pricing for an Adventures by Disney trip to   China ▸ 


Travelers from 50+ countries — including USA, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom — can enjoy a visa-free visit to China for up to 144 hours if they’re transiting to another country. That’s 6 days. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date you enter the country. There are specific restrictions on where you can travel in China and which ports of entry / airports you may use, so it’s very important to study the regulations. Fact check everything.

How it works: upon arrival at the immigration desk in the airport or cruise terminal, you’ll complete a simple form (in English) that includes your lodging address and the reason for your visit. It about 5 minutes to complete.  In addition to your completed form, you will need to present a departure from Shanghai travel confirmation (i.e., a cruise itinerary or a flight confirmation). It’s best to print up this document on paper and have it ready for inspection; the officials will photocopy your confirmation and return it to you. Please note that if you only have the conformation on your phone, the officials will ask you to unlock your device so they can screenshot your phone’s screen. Paper is better.

Learn more about China’s 144-hour visa-free travel policy and review the countries which qualify ▸ 

If you plan to do any sightseeing in mainland China beyond Shanghai, you will you will need a visa . Best to apply for your visa 2 to 3 months before your trip.

If you are ONLY planning to visit Shanghai (for less than 144 hours) and Hong Kong, most international travelers do not need a visa before arrival. See information under Hong Kong, below.

CHINA CONSULAR SERVICES:   For citizens of the USA ▸   |   For citizens of Canada ▸  

List of China consular service websites for other countries ▸ 


The sooner we start, the better prepared you’ll be for the adventure of a lifetime.

Start planning your trip here ▸ 

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort | FAQ

Please check back soon — we’re updating this section as we speak! Chris from Wishful Thinking was just able to visit Hong Kong Disneyland and experience the new Arendelle – The World of Frozen. This absolute gem of a Disney park has so many delights that aren’t well known in the USA, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!


Walt Disney World in 2024 & 2025

When is the best time to visit? How busy will it be in the theme parks?

Why should I book a hotel on-property vs. off-property?

What’s located at each  theme park? What’s a must at Disney Springs?

What rides, dining, & experiences are most popular & need reservations?

How can I combine  park tickets, dining, and hotel stays to save money?

What are realistic tips for  transportation and getting places on time?

How much do park tickets cost? Which ticket options save money?

When & where do I use the  smartphone app, Genie+ and MagicBand?

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Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel Package

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Japan: Kyoto, Hiroshima, Takayama and Tokyo

Adventures by disney guided vacation.

  • Receive Up to $2,000 Costco Shop Card

For departures beginning January 12, 2022, all guests must provide proof of being fully vaccinated before joining any trip. Proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result will no longer be accepted as an alternative. Before finalizing your travel plans, refer to the following website for the most up-to-date travel guidelines:

Discover Japan, the island nation that embodies its ancient culture while embracing the modern world. From an isolated mountain village to Tokyo, the capital city where sacred shrines stand in the shadow of skyscrapers, you’ll become immersed in the people and customs of this proud country on an amazing ADVENTURES BY DISNEY® family vacation.

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Guided Vacation Details

Included extras, executive member benefit.

Executive Members receive an annual 2% Reward, up to $1,000, on qualified Costco Travel purchases

Digital Costco Shop Card

Receive a Costco Shop Card with every ADVENTURES BY DISNEY® Package†

Vacation Includes

Visits to Kyoto, Hiroshima, Takayama and Tokyo

Transportation within your adventure

Disney-trained Adventure Guides

Accommodations at Hyatt Regency Kyoto, Hotel Associa Takayama Resort, The Peninsula Tokyo

Nine breakfasts, four lunches, six dinners

Luggage service

Taxes and gratuities for bellman, housekeepers, waiters, drivers and local experts

Trip Highlights

Rickshaw Tour: Tour Kyoto's Arashiyama district and the Bamboo Forest in a traditional rickshaw

Kyoto Dinner and Show: Feast in an elegant setting and meet a Maiko - an apprentice geisha

Origami Crane Folding in Hiroshima: Celebrate peace and fold a unique paper crane, then add it to the museum's collection

Hozugawa River Boat Ride: Take in the enchanting scenery that surrounds you on an exhilarating ride on the Hozugawa River

Sumo Experience & Museum: Discover the ancient sport of sumo wrestling and see a live demonstration

Rural Japan Bike Ride: Enjoy a leisurely bike through the farms and rice fields of Japan's scenic countryside

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Property offers the ultimate in elegance and sophistication, with highly personalized service and hospitality.

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Any unused portion(s) of inclusions are nontransferable, nonrefundable and not redeemable for cash. Seasonal surcharges, availability, blackout dates and restrictions may apply. Cancellation and change fees may apply. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Costco Travel disclaims liability for any inaccuracies or typographical errors.

Amount of package refers only to the "tour cost". Additional costs incurred by adding airfare, insurance, or any other optional add-ons are not calculated in the "Amount of Package" when determining Costco Shop Card amount.

As to Disney artwork/properties, © Disney.

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    Tokyo Disney Resort has a group of "Partner Hotels" that are outside the immediate resort area. Bookings for these hotels can also be made via Disney Resort Reservations Center at 011-81-045-683-3333 (9:00 am - 9:00 pm Tokyo time). The phone system is automated and initially the "person" will speak in Japanese.

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    Japan Trip Highlights. Kyoto, Hiroshima, Takayama, Tokyo - 10 Days / 9 Nights. Tour Kyoto's Arashiyama district and the Bamboo Forest in a traditional rickshaw. Feast in an elegant setting and meet a Maiko—an apprentice geisha. Celebrate peace and fold a unique paper crane, then add it to the museum's collection.

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