hospitality and tourism lyrics


Hospitality & tourism, lyrics of hospitality & tourism by noah guy.

hospitality and tourism lyrics


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Lyrics & Translations - Hospitality & Tourism by Noah Guy

Hospitality & Tourism Music Video

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"Hospitality & Tourism" Lyrics

WHO’S TAKEN TIME ?! (ACT II) EP Out Now Listen here:  Follow Noah Guy: IG:   TikTok:   YouTube:  Lyrics: Oh you say, oh u say that it runs deep  Tryna switch it up now with the dive and tuck  Now i’m gripping the back of the front seat And my greatest mistakes that I'm lonely Baby girl breath slow  If I open a can of my problems, Put it on the dashboard, would you keep cool, baby ?  Don’t think I’ve been away before (hey, ho, c’mon)  You picking it up and you move it around  No I can’t be the one that your saving  Oh i’m lying bout the way that you make me feel  And when I say that the breaks been healed  You picking it up and you move it around (move it around like) No I can’t be the one that your saving (one that ya saving)  Oh i’m lying bout the way that you make me feel (way that ya feel my love) And when I say that the breaks been healed  Oh you say, oh u say that it runs deep  And the distance was only a number  Now your hands on my back moving freely  Roaming high and low tracing shapes we know  And I bet you wont, I bet you won't Stay with this moment hold on a bit longer  I can’t let this go, can't let us,  Live in a world where our patience is all we know  Oh (oh you run, you run my love) run from the post card (yea) Oh (oh you run, you run my love) run from the post card (yea) Oh you run (you run my love) You picking it up and you move it around  No I can’t be the one that your saving  Oh i’m lying bout the way that you make me feel  And when I say that the breaks been healed  You picking it up and you move it around (move it around yea) No I can’t be the one that your saving (one that ya saving)  Oh i’m lying bout the way that you make me feel (way that ya feel my love) And when I say that the breaks been healed  Fold up my feelings, what a selfish goodbye  In presence there’s healing, put a face to my fight  It’s war on the seasons, it’s a war on our lives  In presence there’s healing, put a face to my fight  #NoahGuy #WHOSTAKENTIME #HOSPITALITY&TOURISM

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What Is Hospitality Management? Careers, Skills, Salaries, and More

Hospitality management involves all the tasks and aspects of managing a hospitality business. These businesses focus on welcoming customers and providing them with pleasant experiences through dining, lodging, events, entertainment, or travel.

[Featured image] A person working in hospitality management stands in a hotel lobby holding a laptop computer.

Take a closer look at how hospitality management is different from hotel management and examples of hospitality management career paths. You'll also discover the skills and education needed to succeed in this industry, the job outlook, and how to get started.

Hospitality management vs. hotel management

Hotel management has to do with the lodging industry only, and hospitality management involves a variety of industries. Hotel management is a type of hospitality administration. You'll find that hospitality businesses typically fall under one of five key categories:

Food and beverage

Meetings and events

Travel and tourism 

Career paths in hospitality management 

A background in hospitality management may open a variety of job opportunities. Here are some of the career paths you can take.

*All salary data sourced from Indeed as of January 2024

Hotel manager

Hotel managers use business, management, and interpersonal skills to oversee the day-to-day operations of a hotel, motel, lodge, inn, or resort. The various hotel department heads report directly to them, and they must know all areas of hotel management. Depending on size, the departments within a hotel might include:

Food and beverage services

Front office


Human resources

Information technology

Kitchen and food production

Maintenance and engineering

Marketing and sales

The level of education needed for a hotel general manager depends on the business size. You'll likely need a first university degree in hotel management or hospitality to work for a full-service hotel. Smaller hotels will often hire general managers with relevant vocational training. Luxury hotels may require a second university degree in hospitality management. 

Average annual base salary (IN): ₹4,40,000 

Restaurant manager

Restaurant managers perform all the tasks that ensure a restaurant runs smoothly, such as:

Hiring restaurant staff

Setting schedules

Dealing with customer problems

Overseeing food prep and plating

Ordering food and restaurant supplies

Special skills that might benefit you in this job include working under pressure, flexibility with your schedule, and good communication skills. 

To become a restaurant manager, you can finish secondary school and work your way up to a position in a restaurant, or you can get a university degree. Many restaurant management positions call for coursework or vocational training in restaurant or hospitality management.  

Average annual base salary (IN): ₹4,20,000 

Front office manager

Front office managers are responsible for the operation of a front office. In the hospitality industry, this might be the front office of a hotel, a casino, an event company, or an eco-adventure business. Some duties may include:

Overseeing the front office staff

Record keeping

Answering phone calls

Interacting with customers 

You'll need workplace skills to communicate in person and in writing, good supervisory skills, and the capacity to work well under pressure. 

You'll need at least to finish secondary school to become a front office manager and some experience working in a front office. Or, you can get a first university degree in communications, business management, or human resources .  

Average annual base salary (IN): ₹2,80,000 

Housekeeping Manager

A housekeeping manager is in charge of the housekeeping department in a business that provides lodging like a hotel or resort. Some duties include:

Hiring and training housekeeping staff

Managing staff schedules

Overseeing housekeeping needs for regular business and events

Helping out with cleaning tasks 

To get a position as a housekeeping manager, you might only need to finish secondary school and gain significant housekeeping experience. However, some housekeeping manager positions require a hotel or hospitality management certification.

Special skills needed for this job include:

The ability to work independently or with a team

Superior customer service

Good time management skills

Average annual salary (IN) : ₹3,36,000 

Sommeliers have a deep knowledge of wine and understand how to recommend and serve it to customers. Their knowledge of wine might include:

Types of grapes used to make wines

Where wine grapes are grown

Select wine regions around the world

The proper way to taste wine  

Becoming a sommelier helps to have experience in a fine dining restaurant as a front-of-house attendant. Working up to a sommelier position is possible, but an educational programme designed specifically for sommeliers can efficiently learn what you need to know. 

Two institutions offering advanced wine or sommelier education programmes include the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and the Sonal Holland Wine Academy. The time it takes to get these certifications can span from three months to three years.

Average annual salary (IN): ₹2,88,000

Catering assistant

Catering assistants work for catering companies, preparing and serving meals for events. Special skills needed for this position include knowledge of food preparation, food service, and food safety. You'll also need good time management and customer service skills . 

Catering assistant duties include:

Loading and unloading food and catering supplies

Washing, cutting, and peeling foods

Preparing salads and sauces

Setting up dining areas and buffets 

To become a catering assistant, you'll usually need to complete secondary school and get experience working in the food industry. 

Average annual salary (IN): ₹2,76,000 

Travel agent

Travel agents plan different aspects of trips for travellers. Duties typically include conducting research and consulting with customers. They're also responsible for booking flights, cruises, car rentals, hotels, tours, restaurant reservations, and event tickets. Special skills valuable to travel agents include good verbal communication, time management, and working under pressure. 

 To become a travel agent, you'll need to finish secondary school and take at least a few courses in travel planning from a college or a vocational programme. 

Average annual salary (IN): ₹2,77,740

As a tour guide, you'll inform visitors or travellers about a particular place or a group of destinations. Examples include museums, government buildings, historic sites, parks, neighbourhoods, and whole towns or cities. Additional job duties might include:

Collecting fees

Providing maps and brochures

Translating for foreign visitors

Giving briefings on safety procedures

Special skills that benefit tour guides include:

An engaging personality

Comfort with public speaking

The ability to stay organised

Foreign language skills 

Event planner

As an event planner, you're responsible for the activities that ensure an event goes smoothly. Your duties often include:

Booking event sites 

Hiring caterers, entertainment, photographers, and other vendors

Consulting with customers

Overseeing staff

Negotiating vendor contracts

Supervising event setup and breakdown 

Necessary event planner skills include time management, working under pressure, and attention to detail.

While some event planning jobs require a first university degree in hospitality management, several certifications may also help you qualify for more positions. Examples of online certificates you can get include a Certificate in Meeting Management (CMM) or the Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) credential. 

Average annual salary (IN): ₹6,36,000

Marketing manager

As a marketing manager at a hotel, you're responsible for maximising profits by boosting customer awareness and satisfaction. Duties typically include:

Managing hotel marketing staff 

Promoting the hotel through print, radio, video, and online marketing

Conducting market research to determine the needs of customers 

Building good customer relations 

Becoming a hotel marketing manager requires a first university degree in marketing or hotel management and some experience in sales or marketing.   

Average annual salary (IN): ₹14,00,000 

Do you need a degree to work in hospitality management?

Whether or not you need a degree to work in hospitality management depends on the job. While a tour guide may not need a university degree, a hotel general manager often requires a first and second university degree. 

What skills do you need to work in hospitality management?

Good communication skills, attention to detail, and proficiency in the technical skills specific to your job may help you succeed in hospitality management. Here's a look at the workplace and technical skills you will typically need.  

Workplace skills

Since jobs in the hospitality industry focus on giving customers enjoyable experiences, certain people skills are valuable. These often include:


Time management

Ability to multitask

Attention to detail

A positive attitude



Technical skills

The types of technical skills you'll need for a job in the hospitality industry depend on the particular job. For instance, if you have a position as a front office manager, you may need to be good with numbers and have familiarity with accounting software. For an event planning position, you'd want to know about design, and as a hotel marketing manager, you would benefit from having a solid grasp of social media.

What is the job outlook for hospitality management?

The coronavirus pandemic greatly affected the leisure and hospitality industry, but this sector is bouncing back in India. By 2027, experts predict income from India's travel and tourism market will grow to (US) $125 billion as compared to roughly (US) $75 billion in 2020 [ 1 ]. Therefore, the job outlook appears bright.  

To pursue your interest in a career in hospitality management, here are a few ways to get started:

Consider an internship or an entry-level job in the hospitality industry to determine if it's a good fit for you.

Identify if you have special knowledge or skills that would transfer to a hospitality management position.

Get a better understanding of the industry by taking a few hospitality courses. 

If you're interested in being a hotel general manager, front office manager, or marketing manager, check out this Hotel Management Specialisation offered by ESSEC Business School on Coursera. If the travel and tourism industry is more to your liking, you might be interested in a Sustainable Tourism Course from the University of Copenhagen. 

Article sources

1. India Brand Equity Foundation. “Tourism & Hospitality Industry in India, .” Accessed February 4, 2024.

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Editorial Team

Coursera’s editorial team is comprised of highly experienced professional editors, writers, and fact...

This content has been made available for informational purposes only. Learners are advised to conduct additional research to ensure that courses and other credentials pursued meet their personal, professional, and financial goals.

What to Know About Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree Programs

Hospitality management degrees are designed to train future leaders in the hospitality industry.

How to Study Hospitality Management

Businessman with just arrived a hotel room opening door.

Getty Images

Running a company in any segment of the hospitality industry requires not only financial and marketing prowess, but also an understanding of how to create an inviting environment for guests.

The art and science of hosting strangers is an essential skill for people working in many kinds of businesses, including airlines, casinos, cruise ships, festivals, hotels and restaurants.

Running a company in any segment of the hospitality industry requires not only financial and marketing prowess, but also an understanding of how to create an inviting environment for guests. Cultivating that marketable skill set is the goal of associate, bachelor's and graduate programs in hospitality management.

What a Hospitality Management Degree Is and What Classes It Requires

The goal of any course of study in hospitality management is to train people to create and maintain spaces where others will immediately feel at home.

“Understanding how to take care of the customer is a foundational aspect of the hospitality discipline,” Angela Ramsey, senior director of communication at the University of Nevada—Las Vegas William F. Harrah College of Hospitality, explained in an email.

Hospitality management degrees are, foremost, degrees in business, says Michael Sabitoni, chair of the food and beverage management department and the international travel and tourism studies department at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. They include classes in accounting, finance, human resources, law and technology, he says.

However, unlike a general business degree, a hospitality degree typically includes specialized coursework focusing on the hospitality industry, such as classes on food service business operations, event management principles, and hotel and resort leadership, Sabitoni says. An overview class about tourism is also typically included in hospitality management programs, and industry internships are often mandatory, he adds.

Many hospitality degree programs require students to participate in experiential learning by helping to operate a student-run hotel or restaurant. They may also contain classes on:

  • Eco-tourism or sustainable travel
  • Global tourism and special considerations involved with international trips
  • Customer service protocols
  • Assessing the quality of guest experiences
  • Specific types of hospitality establishments, such as country clubs, golf courses, resorts, stadiums, timeshares or theme parks
  • Nuances involved in planning certain kinds of events, such as conventions or weddings
  • Concerns that face certain demographics of customers, including women and people of color
  • Various types of tourism, including business trips and visits to cultural destinations or historical sites

Top Undergraduate Schools With Hospitality Management Majors

Many U.S. colleges and universities allow undergraduates to major in hospitality management, including multiple nationally renowned academic institutions. Cornell University of New York, an Ivy League college, has a school devoted to hospitality.

Exceptional hospitality programs are often based in major metropolitan areas that attract significant tourism. For example, New York University and Boston University in Massachusetts offer a hospitality management degree.

How to Know if a Hospitality Management Degree Is Right for You

An interest in the food and beverage sector, a love for travel or an interest in entertaining people may lead someone to consider pursuing a degree in hospitality management. But prospective students should be aware that the hospitality sector has leadership roles for people with all kinds of interests and personalities.

Though some managerial positions in the hospitality industry are customer-facing jobs that require significant people skills, there are also back-of-the-house managerial jobs that concentrate on logistics, Sabitoni says.

Significant cultural awareness and strong communication abilities are essential in hospitality. Foreign language skills are also valuable but not mandatory, Sabitoni says.

What You Can Do With a Hospitality Management Degree

Hospitality programs are designed to train future leaders in the sector.

“It can include anything within the hospitality vertical, from hotel investment companies to real estate firms to our big brands which are the Marriotts, the Hiltons, the Four Seasons, to data analytics companies to Googles to Amazons,” says Kate Walsh, dean of the Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration at Cornell. “Anything that touches hospitality as a part of their business product is something where our students get involved.”

Real estate investment firms often invest in hotel buildings, so people with degrees in hospitality management sometimes find jobs in the real estate sector, Walsh says. Alumni of hospitality management programs sometimes become management consultants who concentrate on assisting companies in the hospitality industry, she adds.

Executive and director roles in the industry typically require at least a bachelor's degree. Many high-level leadership positions at U.S. hospitality firms pay annual salaries above $70,000, according to an article published by, a job website.

In 2020, graduates of Cornell's Nolan School had an average base salary of slightly over $69,000 and an average bonus of nearly $15,000, according to the school's employment report .

Considerations for Potential Hospitality Students

Aspiring hospitality managers should be aware of trends that may affect them when they enter the industry, experts say.

This sector has severe labor shortages at hotels and restaurants, many of which laid off workers due to pandemic-related safety measures and now have struggled to replace those workers even after raising wages.

Because of these staffing concerns, many hospitality companies have introduced initiatives to recruit and retain talented staff, improve working conditions, increase job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover, Walsh says.

When comparing hospitality programs, prospective students should investigate whether those programs include experiential learning opportunities, experts say, noting that hands-on projects are one of the best ways to gain hospitality skills. It’s also optimal if hospitality schools offer courses on design, which can inform aesthetic choices about how a hospitality venue looks, according to experts.

“I think the industry needs innovative thinkers," Walsh says. "They need people who think big culturally, who are comfortable with different modes of work, so it’s a great time to join the industry. The industry is trying to be extremely intentional in providing compelling career paths.”

Searching for a grad school? Get our  complete rankings of Best Graduate Schools.

Grad Degree Jobs With $100K+ Salaries

hospitality and tourism lyrics

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IIHM and Mayfair Hotels & Resorts Strengthen Collaboration with MoU Signing

Iihm and mayfair hotels & resorts signed an mou to enhance hospitality education and industry collaboration in india. the partnership aims to provide training, internships, and placements for iihm students, ensuring their readiness for the hospitality sector. iihm's upcoming siliguri campus will focus on industry-relevant skills and networking opportunities. mayfair hotels & resorts will provide inputs for curriculum design and operational exposure, while iihm will handle student selection and conduct courses. this collaboration strengthens iihm's commitment to excellence in hospitality education and mayfair's focus on qualitative workforce development..

IIHM and Mayfair Hotels & Resorts Strengthen Collaboration with MoU Signing

In a significant effort towards enhancing the hospitality sector as well as the quality of hospitality education in India, the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) and Mayfair Hotels and Resorts today signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at IIHM's upcoming campus in Siliguri, West Bengal. This brings together one of India's biggest hotel companies and the world's biggest hospitality education brand in a ground-breaking partnership that aims to benefit both hospitality students and the hospitality industry. The partnership aims to bolster education, training, and industry collaboration to further elevate the quality of hospitality professionals in the country.

After a warm welcome to the Mayfair leadership, the momentous event took place at IIHM Siliguri, where the MoU was signed by Dr Suborno Bose, Founder and CEO, IIHM and Mr Pankaj Pradhan, Chief HR Officer, Mayfair Hotels and Resorts.

Dr. Suborno Bose, Chairman, IIHM Worldwide, expressed his enthusiasm for this historic collaboration by stating, ''This partnership with Mayfair Hotels and Resorts and all campuses of IIHM is testament to our commitment to providing students with the best education and industry exposure. Together, we are crafting the future of hospitality, where education meets excellence. Siliguri is experiencing a boom in tourism specially in tea. Many five-star properties are coming up in this town that is the gateway to the North East.'' Mr Manoj Gouda, President, Mayfair Hotels and Resorts, also showed a lot of excitement for the MOU and said, ''This MOU will help to add value to system and uplift the quality of the students making them fit for the industry as well as for Mayfair. I feel out of this arrangement the students will have an edge over others as they will not only learn the basics of hospitality from IIHM but also the culture of corporate organization like Mayfair. This strategic partnership is also aimed at enriching our existing staff with advance training and development opportunities. IIHM and Mayfair share a significant bond and this MOU will strengthen the bond more and help us to work closely with each other.'' Mr Pankaj Pradhan, Chief Human Resources Officer, Mayfair Hotels and Resorts, expressed his positivity about this MoU by saying, ''This MOU supports a lot of growth and help to the Hospitality Industry and help also to the aspirants of this industry. Nayfair being a pioneer of the trend will provide extensive support in terms of getting matching the right talent to the right career opportunity. '' The MoU, that has come into effect immediately, solidifies the partnership between IIHM and Mayfair Hotels and Resorts reflecting their shared commitment to advancing educational opportunities for students and promoting mutually beneficial linkages in the hospitality sector. Under the MoU, the key objectives and provisions are outlined as follows: • Background: The partnership aims to foster long-term collaboration in higher education, enhancing the learning experience for students pursuing Hospitality Management. It intends to create highly employable Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) Diploma and Certificate holders holders, validated by THSC and graduates of Degree in Hotel, Hospitality and Tourism Management.

• Mayfair's Role and Responsibility: Mayfair Hotels and Resorts will provide essential inputs to IIHM for curriculum design, industrial training, guest lectures, faculty development programs, student placement, and operational exposure.

• IIHM's Role and Responsibility: IIHM will oversee student selection, offer dedicated classrooms, and conduct courses, which include industrial training and exams, as per regulatory requirements.

• Students' Roles and Responsibilities: Students will attend all curriculum-related activities, accept internships and placements in Mayfair- managed hotels, and uphold the reputation of both IIHM and Mayfair.

• Program Management and Quality Assurance: Mayfair will provide material for dedicated classrooms and both parties will nominate representatives to monitor the MoU's implementation.

• Placement of Students in India: Mayfair-managed hotels will recruit the students of IIHM given admission under this MoU at the entry-level position in Mayfair's hotels in India subject to their final selection by the Mayfair-managed hotels This collaboration between IIHM and Mayfair Hotels & Resorts holds great promise for the future of the hospitality industry in India, emphasizing education, skill development, and industry engagement. The signing of the MoU is a significant milestone in the journey to elevate the standards of hospitality and tourism in the country.

About the Upcoming IIHM Siliguri campus: Siliguri, a sprawling town in the north of Bengal is the Gateway to the North East of India. With the rising tourism to the North East districts, there is a boom in the demand for good hotel accommodation and several five-star properties are coming up in the region. The opening of a new IIHM campus in Siliguri ensures a bright and secure future for students aspiring to pursue a global career in hotel management as a career. IIHM Siliguri promises to offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and training to develop industry-relevant skills. IIHM Siliguri will focus on the key factors essential for the hospitality industry like developing unique skill sets. IIHM in Siliguri will attract industry events like seminars and professionals from the region that will provide unparalleled networking opportunities to students.

About Mayfair Hotels and Resorts MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts, a luxury chain of hotels in India presently having 12 luxury resorts is already having a workforce of around 3500 employees and looking forward to fulfil the demand of qualitative manpower as required in the Group.

About IIHM IIHM (International Institute of Hotel Management) is one of the largest chain of premier hospitality and hotel management schools across India that started its journey in 1994 at Kolkata. IIHM is a part of Indismart Group, the conglomerate that operates the Indismart Hotels. IIHM campuses are located across eleven National and International cities with the associate institute IAM-IHM located in Kolkata, and Guwahati. Students passing out of IIHM are armed with an international degree from the University of West London and equipped with global hospitality skills that enable easy placements in any hospitality brand across the world. IIHM is dedicated to its pursuit of excellence in teaching and placements. Real time experience is the key to success in hospitality and that makes the institute popular. In recent years, IIHM has been instrumental in organizing the Worlds biggest Culinary Olympiad Young Chef Olympiad, with participation of over 50 countries, a unique idea and initiative inviting young culinary talents across the world. It has MoU's with over 50 countries for student and faculty exchange bringing the best of education for its students from around the World. The institute has bagged several prestigious awards in the past 24 years. The list includes the Best Education Brand Award from Economic Times consecutively in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. It was also featured in Forbes Magazine as Great Indian Institute and Great Place to Study consecutively in the year 2018 - 2019 and 2019 - 2020. IIHM was also awarded as one among the World's Greatest Brands & Leaders 2015-16 by URS International (IMEA - Process Reviewer PriceWaterhouseCoopers PL) and also received the Best Institute in Hospitality Education 2017 Award by Assocham from Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey, Hon'ble Minister of State for HRD (Higher Education), Govt. of India.

Please visit for more information: Media Contact: Abdullah Ahmed COO, IIHM Hotel School Group T: +91-(0)11-43204700 E: [email protected] Photo: Logo:

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Health News Roundup: AstraZeneca says it will withdraw COVID-19 vaccine globally as demand dips; Florida sues Biden administration over new transgender healthcare rule and more

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GLOBAL MARKETS-Asia stocks slip, dollar climbs as Fed rate path pondered

GLOBAL MARKETS-Asia stocks slip, dollar climbs as Fed rate path pondered

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INSIGHT-In rapidly ageing China, millions can't afford to retire

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Reuters Science News Summary

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hospitality and tourism lyrics


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Whether you’re already employed or looking for a job in the hotel industry, it’s important to know the words and phrases used in hotels.

Having the right vocabulary will help you have a smooth experience at work and succeed in your career.

In this post, you’ll learn over 100 common hotel words and phrases so you can communicate effectively with hotel staff and guests from all over the world . 

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English Vocabulary for Working in a Hotel

Types of beds and rooms, room features, inside a hotel room, hotel features and services, getting around the hotel, hotel staff, taking reservations, arrival/check-in, checking out, how to learn hotel vocabulary, go on a virtual scavenger hunt, watch authentic english media, and one more thing....

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First, we’ll start with the types of rooms and beds that are available in a standard (regular) hotel.


Mattress and bed sizes vary from country to country, and from manufacturer to manufacturer (the company who makes the mattresses). Below are the standard U.S. bed sizes:

  • Twin bed /  Single bed — A twin or single bed is the smallest type of bed (around 39 x 74 inches), where one person can sleep.
  • Full-size bed / Double bed — Nowadays, a full-size or double bed (around 54 x 74 inches) is usually for one person, but two people could sleep in it (very close together). 
  • Queen-size bed — A queen-size bed is bigger than a full bed (around 60 x 80 inches), and is usually shared by two adults.
  • King-size bed — A king-size bed is the largest size of standard beds (around 76 x 80 inches), and can comfortably sleep two people.

Now that we know the bed sizes, let’s take a look at standard hotel room types. Be careful though, because these terms are used differently by different hotels. Check at your hotel to see what each type of room contains.

  • Single room — A single room is for one person and usually has a full-size bed.
  • Double room — A double room usually has space for two guests, with a full-size or queen-size bed.
  • Twin room — A twin room usually has space for two guests but in two separate beds (twin/single beds).
  • Triple room — A triple room can sleep three guests, either in one double bed and a single bed or three single beds. 
  • Suite — A suite is bigger than your normal hotel room. In fancy hotels, suites could even have multiple rooms. You might also see an executive suite or a family suite.
  • Connecting rooms — This means that two rooms are connected together by a door going from one room directly into the other. Large groups of people or families might ask to be put in connecting rooms.
  • Adjoining rooms — Rooms that are next to each other but not connected by a door.


Here are various features that hotel rooms might offer.

  • Amenities — Amenities is just another way of saying “features,” often used in the hotel business. Hotel room amenities can include air conditioning/heating, internet access, a balcony and more. Hotel amenities can include a pool, gym, etc. (more on these later). 
  • Air Conditioning (AC) — Air conditioning (usually shortened to “AC”) keeps rooms cool when the weather is hot.
  • Heating — When the weather is cold, heating will keep the rooms and hotel warm.
  • Bathroom — This is the room where you’ll find a toilet, sink and shower. Most hotel rooms have their own bathroom attached (within the room).
  • Internet access — If a hotel has internet access, it means guests can use the internet somewhere inside. They might have Wi-Fi (wireless internet), which could be free or cost money to use and typically requires a password to access.
  • Wireless printing — This allows guests to print from their own computers to a printer somewhere else in the hotel (without being connected to the printer with a wire).
  • Fan — Some rooms might have ceiling fans or electric fans to move air around and keep the room cool. 
  • Balcony — A balcony is a small outdoor space connected to the hotel room. Balconies are on floors higher than the ground level (second floor and higher).
  • Patio —A patio is a paved area outside (on ground level) that usually has an outdoor table and chairs.
  • Smoke-free — If rooms are smoke-free, it means that smoking is not allowed. Smoking and non-smoking  are two other terms used to describe if smoking is allowed or not.
  • Complimentary — This adjective means “free.” Often hotels will serve a complimentary breakfast (included in the cost of your room) or have complimentary shampoos and soaps in the bathroom.


Here are some words that you might need to use when talking about the inside of a hotel room.

  • Bathtub — A bathtub is in the bathroom, where people can wash themselves by taking a bath.
  • Shower — Showers allow people to wash themselves while standing up. The shower head is the part that sprays water and the drain  is on the floor, where the water leaves. Most bathtubs have showers in them, but a standing shower  is in a smaller space by itself (without a bathtub).
  • Towel — People use towels to dry themselves off after taking a shower or a bath. There are also hand towels, which are smaller, and a bath mat —a towel or small rug you put on the floor to stand on.
  • Robes — Some hotels provide robes for guests to wear after they shower. They’re also called bathrobes .
  • Toiletries — Toiletries are small personal items you might use in the bathroom, such as shampoo/conditioner (for washing hair), soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Many hotels offer free toiletries in small travel sizes.
  • Hair dryer — Most hotels will have an electric hair dryer for guests to use to dry their wet hair after washing it. In standard hotels, hair dryers are attached to the walls with a cord. These are also called blow dryers .
  • Sink — The sink is where people wash their hands. The faucet is where the water comes out. A guest might complain that the faucet in their bathroom is leaking  (water is dripping out when it’s turned off). 
  • Soap — Soap is used to kill germs and bacteria when you wash your hands. It can be either liquid (stored in a soap dispenser) or a solid bar. Some hotels have both hand soap and body soap .
  • Lamp — Lamps provide extra light somewhere in the room. Guests might tell you that a light burned out in their lamp, meaning it needs a new light bulb .
  • Executive desk — Some rooms might come with a desk to sit and write or work. These are sometimes called executive desks (just a fancier name, often used in business suites).
  • Kitchenette — This is a mini-kitchen where people can prepare basic food, usually with a sink and microwave . Many hotel rooms have a mini-fridge (small refrigerator) that has some beverages (drinks) and snacks inside. If guests eat the snacks and beverages, they have to pay for them when they check out.
  • Coffee machine — Coffee machines in hotel rooms allow guests to make their own coffee in the morning. Guests might need more filters or coffee grounds   if they run out (use them all). 
  • Curtains — These usually hang from a curtain rod to cover a window. Curtains can be pulled open or closed to let sunlight in or keep it out. In a more modern hotel room, the windows might have blinds instead.
  • TV — Most rooms have a TV with a remote control (small hand-held device used to change the channel or volume). The TV remote might need new batteries from time to time. Some hotels have a listing of the local TV channels. There are also often pay-per-view channels or movies, that guests are later charged for.
  • Safe — This is a small box locked with a combination or key where guests can keep valuable items locked and secure.
  • Cot — This is a small bed that folds up and rolls on wheels, so it can be moved into rooms when an extra bed is needed.
  • Pull-out sofa — This is a couch that can pull out into a sofa bed.
  • Armchair — This is a more comfortable chair with rests for both of your arms.
  • Linens — These are cloths such as sheets on the bed, pillowcases to cover the pillows, a blanket to keep warm or a comforter (the thick blanket on top of a bed). Sheets have a thread count , which tells their quality/smoothness.
  • Iron and ironing board — When clothes are wrinkled, guests can get rid of the wrinkles by using an iron with an ironing board.
  • Private jacuzzi — This is a hot tub somewhere inside or attached to the room. “Private” is the opposite of “public,” and means that this jacuzzi is just for the people in that room.


  • Turndown service — This is a service that has housekeepers go into the room and remake the beds. They might put a mint or chocolate on the pillow to show the bed has been “turned down.”
  • Bar — Here’s where you can order drinks and sometimes food. Some hotels have their own restaurant  where guests can order full meals.
  • Brochures — These are small pieces of paper that advertise local attractions such as water parks and museums.
  • Airport shuttle — Some hotels have shuttles or large vans that give guests free rides to and from the nearest airport.
  • Parking — Guests will want to know if there’s a parking lot where they can park their car, and whether or not it’s free. Fancy hotels might have valet parking , where guests drive up and get out of the car, and a hotel worker parks it for them.
  • Continental breakfast — This is a light breakfast, usually included with the cost of the room, and served in a common area like a dining room.
  • Room service — This is a service that lets guests order food or drinks and have it delivered to their hotel room.
  • Catering — Some hotels offer catering services, meaning they can be hired to cook and serve food for events.
  • Buffet — A buffet consists of many different kinds of food, and guests serve themselves. For example, your hotel might offer a breakfast buffet or a dinner buffet .
  • High chairs — Family-friendly hotels will have these for toddlers (very young children) to sit at tables. Booster seats are set on top of chairs/benches so younger children can sit higher up and reach their plates easier.
  • Ice machine — This is a machine where guests can get ice to use as they need. They’re usually in the hallways on each floor.
  • Vending machine — These are machines where guests can purchase candy, snacks or beverages with coins.
  • Wheelchair accessible — This means that people in wheelchairs can get around the hotel, usually with elevators  and ramps  (inclined/tilted ground instead of stairs).
  • Fitness/workout room — This might also be called a gym , and is a place for guests to exercise. There might be treadmills or free   weights  in the room.
  • Swimming pool — This is a place for guests to swim, and could be indoor (inside the hotel building) or outdoor  (outside).
  • Jacuzzi /  whirlpool /  hot tub — This is a small, very hot “pool” of water with bubbles or “jets” that adults sit in to relax.
  • Spa — A spa for relaxation might offer massages or a sauna (a small room filled with hot steam).
  • Laundry — Hotels might offer laundry service, meaning they will wash guests’ clothes (for a fee). There could also be coin-operated   laundry machines, where guests can wash their clothes themselves by putting coins into the machines.
  • Dry cleaning — This service cleans clothes that can’t be washed. They’re marked as dry clean only .
  • Business center — This is a place where guests might be able to use computers, make telephone calls, send faxes or make photocopies.
  • Pets allowed/pet-friendly — This means that pets are allowed in the hotel. If pets are not allowed, most hotels will still allow service animals (used to help people with disabilities).
  • Ski storage — Hotels near ski resorts might offer a room or place for guests to safely store their ski equipment.


  • Main entrance — These are the principal (main) doors to enter the hotel.
  • Reception — This is where guests are greeted, which comes from the verb “to receive.” It’s often called the front desk .
  • Lobby — This is an area shared by all guests of the hotel, usually on the ground floor near reception. It’s a common meeting place so there are often chairs/sofas and a bathroom.
  • Banquet / meeting room — This is a large room used for big events, such as conferences or weddings.
  • Elevator — This is a small space that raises and lowers guests between floors once the doors close and they press a button. It’s called a lift  in British English.
  • Stairs / stairway —   These are steps so guests can walk up to higher floors in the hotel, or down to lower floors. In an emergency, everyone should use stairs instead of elevators.
  • Hall(way) — This is a long passageway with doors on either side, which open into rooms. It’s also called a corridor .
  • Emergency exit — In case of a fire or another emergency, some doors will be marked “emergency exit,” which lets you leave (exit) the hotel quickly.


  • Manager — The manager is in charge of many people who work in hotels. Guests don’t usually interact with the manager unless there’s a serious problem.
  • Receptionist — This person is found at the front desk/reception. They answer the phones and greet the guests.
  • Concierge — A concierge helps guests with needs such as arranging travel, booking local tours, calling taxis, etc. In this well-known scene from the movie “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” you’ll hear the line, “This is the concierge, sir!”
  • Bellboy / bellhop / porter — These are all names for the person who helps guests carry their suitcases/luggage up to the room.
  • Housekeeping / housekeeper — These are the people who clean the hotel and its rooms. If guests don’t want housekeeping to come into their rooms to clean, they can put a small sign that says “Do not disturb” on the doorknob of their hotel room. 
  • Tip — This is a small amount of money (in cash) given to bellboys or left in the room for housekeepers at the end of your stay to thank them for their service.
  • Uniform — Most hotels will require workers to wear special, matching clothes called a uniform.
  • Staff meeting — This is when staff meets at a specific time and place to talk about work topics.


  • Booking a room — This is the same thing as reserving a room.
  • Making a reservation — Guests will ask to make a reservation (book a room) when they’d like to stay at the hotel.
  • Vacancy — This means there are still rooms available in the hotel. Hotels might have a “Vacancy” sign to show they’re accepting new guests or a “No Vacancy” sign when they’re full.
  • Credit card — Most hotels will ask for the guest’s credit card number to reserve the room. They may also need to provide the card’s expiration date and security code (the three digits on the back of card).
  • Conference / convention — Often hotels host conferences or conventions, which are large meetings a day or several days long with people from all over the state, country or even world. Conferences usually include a banquet (a formal evening meal with speeches).
  • Wedding party — When people get married and their guests travel for the wedding, they can usually reserve many rooms for a special deal (lower price). When the wedding guests call the hotel, they should mention that they’re with the [Names] wedding party to get the lower price (and be put in the correct room).


  • Check-in / check-out — When guests arrive at the hotel, they check in to get their room key. On their last morning, they check out to pay their bill.
  • Key card — Most hotels use key cards (that look like credit cards) instead of an actual key to get into the room. Sometimes the magnetic strip on the card gets damaged or deactivated so that it won’t open the door correctly and needs to be replaced.
  • Deposit — This is money that is paid before guests actually stay in the hotel. It’s often used to reserve (hold/save) their place, and there are policies (rules) about what happens to the money if they cancel their reservation.
  • Room number — Guests need to know the number of the room where they’re staying. The first number often corresponds to the floor where the room is (for example, room 208 is usually on the second floor). 
  • Morning call / wake-up call — At many hotels, guests can ask that hotel staff call them at a certain time to wake them up, instead of relying on an alarm clock.
  • Noise complaint — A noise complaint is when a guest tells the hotel reception that the guests in a room near theirs are being too loud or noisy. You may have to deal with this and ask the noisy guests to be quieter.


  • Invoice — This is a piece of paper with a guest’s total charges (expenses) that they need to pay when they check out.
  • Tax — One line on the invoice will be for tax, a percent of the total expenses that goes to the local/national government. In the United States, the state tax rate is different from state to state.
  • Damage charge — If guests break or ruin something in the room, they might need to pay a damage charge. If a deposit  was made, this type of expense might be paid for from the deposit.
  • Late charge — If guests check out later than the check-out time, they could have to pay a late charge.
  • Signature — Sometimes guests need to sign their name on an invoice or credit card receipt. Ask for their signature.
  • Customer satisfaction — If guests had a great stay and were happy with the service, they are satisfied customers  with high customer satisfaction.

You can use hotel websites or travel booking sites like Expedia or to learn new words through this fun game. In a scavenger hunt, you have a list of things that you have to find within a certain time.

But in this version, you don’t have to go anywhere. Just print out this post and search for the words from the list on hotel websites. When you find a word, mark it on the list and read the sentence or section it’s in to understand its meaning.

Challenge yourself by setting a timer and see how many words you can find in five minutes. Keep practicing until you find all the words!

You can learn new vocabulary and practice your pronunciation and listening skills by watching authentic English media. Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Travel vloggers. These “video bloggers” often talk about the hotels they’ve stayed at, restaurants, local attractions and other travel-related subjects—topics you’ll likely discuss with hotel guests. For example, check out the videos by Jessica Olivia Travels or ViaTravelers.
  • Comedy skits. There are a few funny Saturday Night Live skits set in hotels like this one about checking in  and this one about checking out . They make fun of (joke about) how these processes can sometimes take longer than the guest may prefer.
  • Movies and TV Series. Try watching movies or TV shows that take place in a hotel. The Wes Anderson film “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and the hugely popular TV series “The White Lotus” on HBO are two great options.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

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Parallel Lines

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What IHCL’s 4th Hotel in Varanasi Says About India’s Religious Tourism Boom

Bulbul Dhawan , Skift

May 3rd, 2024 at 8:18 AM EDT

Religious tourism is booming in India and hospitality companies are now catching up to cater to this demand.

Bulbul Dhawan

Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) announced the signing of a fourth hotel in Varanasi, a 101-key Ginger hotel. It currently has two Taj Hotels and a SeleQtions hotel (as part of the Tree of Life conversion) in Varanasi, a city with deep cultural and religious significance.

On Thursday, IHCL also announced the signing of its reimagined Gateway brand in Sarnath further strengthening the hotel company’s spiritual tourism circuit.

With these two additions, IHCL will have 24 properties in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, of which 11 are under development. 

Once popular for being home to the Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh is now looking to build itself as a religious tourism hub through cities like Prayagraj, Kashi, Ayodhaya, Varanasi and Sarnath.

The Uttar Pradesh government has launched about 500 projects with an investment of more than INR 850 billion ($10.2 billion) to develop religious and spiritual tourism spots.

Impact of Religious Tourism

The tourism industry in Uttar Pradesh has been transformed after the inauguration of the Kashi-Vishwanath corridor in Varanasi in December 2021, according to state tourism deputy director Preeti Srivastava said.

“After that, in 2022 and 2023, a total of more than 130 million tourists visited the pilgrim city. The success from this project was also implemented in other parts of the country, including Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.”

She added that with Ayodhya now being developed as a religious destination, and Mathura next in line the tourism prospects of Uttar Pradesh are set to bolster. while noting the Holi and Easter Holiday trends in March had also noted that spiritual destinations were among the most-searched . 

In January, the public opening of a controversial Hindu temple in Ayodhya saw half a million visitors on the first day.

On December 31, Oyo Group CEO Ritesh Agarwal had tweeted, “80% more users are searching for stays in Ayodhya today! Seeing one of the highest spikes.”

Na hills, na beaches!  80% more users are searching for stays in Ayodhya today! Seeing one of the highest spikes 👀  #CheckIn2024 — Ritesh Agarwal (@riteshagar) December 31, 2023

“If a destination like Varanasi, Ayodhya, or Mathura is developed, the tourists that visit will then spill over to other regions. Since these are one or at most two-day destinations, tourists then prefer to club more cities in Uttar Pradesh together. There are many tourists who come to Lucknow, which allows them to explore the Mughal heritage. They then go to Ayodhya, Prayagraj, and Varanasi,” she said, adding that tourists also visit smaller destinations along the way. 

Entry of Hospitality Brands

Expecting its annual tourist footfall to reach 850 million by 2028, the state is seeking to create a robust hotel supply chain, paving the way for the entry of major hospitality brands.

Accordingly it is eyeing investments to the tune of INR 320 billion ($3.8 billion) in the hospitality sector to cater to the expected increase in demand. The focus is on tourism hotspots of Varanasi, Ayodhya, Prayagraj and Agra.

Last year, Japanese hotel chain Hotel Management International (HMI) signed an agreement to develop 30 new hotels in the state. These will be located in Agra, Varanasi and Ayodhya. 

HMI public relations director Takamoto Yokoyama said, “Uttar Pradesh’s efforts to realize and develop the tourism potential have created immense possibilities for the hotel industry. Varanasi has seen a significant increase in tourism after the development of the Kashi-Vishwanath corridor. For us, this is a great chance.”

Some recent key developments in the spiritual destinations in Uttar Pradesh include:

  • Wyndham Hotels and Resorts opened a Ramada Plaza in Varanasi last year
  • ITC Hotels signed boutique hotel Storii Prayagraj in May 2023
  • IHCL and Radisson Hotels Group have expressed interest in opening five-star hotels in Prayagraj
  • Hilton Opened DoubleTree by Hilton in Varanasi in September 2023

The Ayodhya Effect

Currently, this boom is led by hotel development in Ayodhya, which was revamped recently in the run-up to the consecration ceremony of the Ram temple held in January .

The town could attract over 50 million tourists annually, according to a report by brokerage firm Jeffries.

In January, Radisson opened its Park Inn by Radisson in the city. In an interview with Skift , Radisson Hotel Group executive vice president Elie Younes said that religious cities in India are a focal point. Another Radisson hotel is coming up in Ayodhya, while it has one under development in Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh. 

Last year, IHCL signed two hotels in Ayodhya under the Ginger and Vivanta brands. The company signed its third hotel at the destination this year, under the IHCL SeleQtions brand, and is planning a fourth property under the Taj brand. 

Apart from this:

  • Domestic hospitality company Lemon Tree Hotel is also planning a 200-key property in Ayodhya
  • Online travel company EaseMyTrip also entered the hospitality industry with a hotel in the holy city
  • Wyndham has signed a Ramada Encore hotel in Ayodhya
  • Hilton is also looking at Ayodhya as it ramps up signings in India.

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Photo credit: The holy ghats of Varanasi. Varanasi District website

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hospitality and tourism lyrics

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Top Industries

  • Hotels and Motels
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Source: LightcastTM (2023). Unique job postings for July 2022-2023. Projected growth for years 2023-2033.

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A co-worker (judge) has asked you to explain why the manager has stressed emotional intelligence when dealing with hotel guests.

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Discover Moscow

A Moscow state of mind

Moscow by night

Moscow is a city of many facets but, to all who visit, the iconic domes of St. Basil's Cathedral and majestic sweep of Red Square do add up to a bewitching mix of monumentality and mystery. The surprises do not stop at these famous locations, however: get ready for a safe and modern metropolis with a multitude of colours, lots of character and an admirable defiance of the elements too: the winter calendar heats up too. The city simply crackles with cultural life and buzzes 24/7—but from the bustle of the MKAD Moscow Ring Road to the soaring spires of the Moscow State University and space-age swagger of Ostankino Tower, it's also that monumental state of mind.

And yes, a little mystery too. Patriach's Pond, Patriarshiye Prudy to the locals, appears in many stories but come to Moscow and you will find that the place really exists, a haven of genteel charm and throwback to the 19th century that's still part of the Moscow's mega-sized urban fabric (with a monument to the author too). Yes! This city invites wandering with the unfamiliarity serving as the greatest of temptations for the urban explorer: it may take you to the leafy courtyard of a hidden museum, to a rooftop bar with a smashing view of this glittering northern global city or to one of the underground peoples' palaces, those vaunted stations of the Moscow Metro. Moscow in its sheer size and in its inscrutability is something that few global cities actually are: a thrill. Exploring it is both an education and thoroughly modern exercise in exhilaration.

hospitality and tourism lyrics

Understand that Moscow is Russian to the core but a colossal human achievement as well: we are talking about a city founded in 1147 that is now home to more than 12 million people. Historical heft, meet modern allure and say hello to more than 250 theaters, 450 museums and 13 000 restaurants. No wonder Moscow won, for the second year in a row, the World's Leading City Destination award at the World Travel Awards this year, because simply put this city is a winner. The introduction of the Russian e-visa in January 2021 will make it easier than ever for citizens of 52 countries to get acquainted with Moscow as will RUSSPASS , a new digital travel service that will allow visitors to fully plan a trip to Russia and Moscow by offering more than 600 destinations, tours and author's routes all over Russia. RUSSPASS was launched in July and since then 82 regions of the Russian Federation have signed cooperation agreements with it — and more than half of their offers are already on the site. As RUSSPASS encompasses a wide range of city services and attractions—museums, parks, restaurants, theatres, cafes, and other city events from all over Russia— any person living in Moscow, or anywhere inside or outside Russia can now easily organize a customized travel itinerary or pick a ready-made tourist product. Currently available in Russian and English versions, in the future RUSSPASS will also be available in other languages.

hospitality and tourism lyrics

Once you're in Moscow and though it's easier to navigate than you might think—metro signs and announcements, for example, are in both Russian and English. But try your hand at learning how to say Red Square like a local (it's easy: Krásnaya plóshchad ) then go and behold the marvels it contains: the massive St. Basil's Cathedral , completed in 1561 by order of Ivan the Terrible to mark his victory over the Tartar Mongols and with its exuberant onion-shaped domes, and of course the crème de la crème itself, the Kremlin fortress . The Kremlin is almost as old as Moscow itself, though Italian architects expanded it in the 15th century. There you can see the Russian Orthodox cathedrals with their remarkable painted frescoes, Peter the Great's Arsenal and the Ivan the Great Belltower, but book a private tour to see the Grand Kremlin Palace and tsars' private rooms. One side of Red Square is now home to stunning Zaryadye Park , which was designed by the architects of New York's High Line. The vast park is divided into four climatic sections and features a cool cantilevered viewing post suspended 70 meters above the River Moskva. There's also a brand new tourist information centre at the park.

hospitality and tourism lyrics

Moscow is much more than dramatic public squares and cathedrals, of course. The multitude of museums includes the Pushkin State Museum of Arts, with everything from mummies to Rembrandt paintings, the State Historical Museum, the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VDNH) park with its pavilions commissioned back in 1939 (admission is free), and Museum of Cosmonautics, with its epic monument of a steel rocket blasting to the sky. In Gorky Park you'll find, along with plenty of cafes and restaurants, the sleek Garage Museum of Contemporary Art . The Tretyakov Gallery contains masterpieces of Russian art from the eleventh century up to the early twentieth—Vrubel, Kandinsky, and Malevich are some of the big names represented among the 190,000 artworks displayed in the elegant gallery.

And expect Moscow to shatter some preconceived notions you might have about the Russian capital. The Bolshoi, for example, is not just for ballet anymore! You can nibble on caviar and blinis at a luxe restaurant right behind the famous theatre. In fact, the gourmet dining and cosmopolitan nightlife scene in Moscow can only be described as fabulous, and culinary scenesters are truly spoiled for choice. This is the world in one city but a connected global city too, and one that's primed for business. Moscow supports the tourism and hospitality industry too, and a key industry initiative was the launch of the Moscow Travel Hub online platform last spring. The main aim of the Hub is to provide conditions for the creation of new products and services, developing a collaboration and implementation of new technologies in the tourism industry.

hospitality and tourism lyrics

Moscow also offers great opportunities for youth tourism. It has developed the unique "City of discoveries" project that lets 18-to-35s explore the capital during their trip by being proactive 'researchers' of the city. There are eight educational routes consisting of such industries as energy, transport and space, digital technologies and telecommunications, ecology, creative industries, biotechnology and biomedicine, humanities, and urbanism. In spring of 2020 Moscow held Russia's first tourism hackathon (Moscow Travel Hack, with more than 260 participating developer teams), and the official tourist information portal Discover.Moscow is practically an encyclopedia of Moscow. There you can find not only a selection of interesting places and routes, but also learn about "secret places" that are known only to Muscovites, read interviews with noted chefs of Moscow restaurants, find unique archival materials about the capital and even more.

hospitality and tourism lyrics

But the discoveries are for all ages and are all around Moscow. While the borders are still closed, you can get the latest information on Moscow's top sights, family vacation destinations, and cultural and culinary events using the online platform #Moscowwithyou . Start with virtual visits of the highlights there to prepare you for your Moscow city experience when you come here, from gleaming modern skyscrapers to the pastel shades of the building facades on atmospheric Arbat Street, one of the oldest streets in the city. Your urban impressions will be exciting and diverse, from the commercial bustle of historic Tverskaya Street to the relaxation of an invigorating "branch massage" at one of the city's traditional banya steam baths. Add some quality cultural time in your museums of choice and maybe a night (or two) on the town in 1905 Street, an area of restaurants and nightclubs on the banks of the River Moskva, and in no time at all you too may find yourself settling into something quite rightly called a Moscow state of mind.

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© Discover Moscow

Moscow for everyone: Here's how to enjoy the Russian capital whatever your passion


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Hospitality and Tourism Management Major

White Lodging-J.W. Marriott, Jr. School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Consistently ranked as one of the leading hospitality and tourism management programs, both globally and nationally, Purdue’s hospitality and tourism management program will immerse you in the fast-paced hospitality industry and prepare you to work in a variety of management positions. Hospitality is internationally relevant and a powerful economic driver, and Purdue’s hospitality and tourism management major equips you with valuable skills to create memorable experiences for consumers.

Coursework is challenging and relevant to today’s workforce needs, and you’ll learn from faculty who bring years of industry experience into the classroom. To prepare you to be a well-rounded hospitality business professional, courses explore accounting, marketing, lodging, food service, tourism, human resource management, law and more. The major also offers a strong foundation of management classes. Additionally, the program’s hands-on learning experiences will prepare you to work in any facet of the industry, from food service to lodging to tourism and beyond. You’ll also participate in a 320-hour hospitality and tourism management paid internship that aligns with your professional career goals. 

Through a tremendous partnership with White Lodging — a relationship that is unique to Purdue — students are also provided with opportunities and support from a leading hospitality company that is second to none. The White Lodging LAUNCH Hospitality Immersion Program provides hospitality and tourism students the opportunity to work on campus at the Union Club Hotel , part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection of brands. These world-class facilities provide an exceptional learning laboratory for students, and is the only luxury student-run hotel of its kind.

Career Opportunities

Students who majored in hospitality and tourism management have a 98% job placement rate, finding successful careers at Amazon, Disney, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Marriott International, White Lodging Services, and more. The following are notable career paths for hospitality and tourism management majors:

  • Account executive
  • Airline operations manager
  • Catering director
  • Convention/event planner
  • Corporate recruiter
  • Corporate travel manager
  • Country club manager
  • Director, convention and visitors bureaus
  • Entrepreneur
  • Events services manager
  • Event planner
  • Facilities manager (casino, healthcare, resort, sports venue, etc.)
  • Food and beverage director
  • Food service manager
  • Hotel general manager
  • Hotel operations director
  • Human resources recruiter
  • Marketing associate
  • Product/equipment supplier
  • Property manager
  • Reservations coordinator
  • Restaurant designer
  • Restaurant owner/manager
  • Revenue manager
  • Sales representative
  • Travel agency manager

Career Resources

  • The  HTM Career Center  provides career planning services and coordinates more than 700 interviews each year.
  • HTM Career Day  brings representatives from the industry to campus each fall for a career fair, keynote address and reception for employers and students.
  • The  Center for Career Opportunities offers additional career fairs and assistance.
  • The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation can complement your hospitality and tourism management degree without the need to take additional credits.

Learning Experiences

  • Connect all your hospitality and tourism management knowledge in the capstone course as you build your own hospitality business with a team of classmates.
  • Complete two mandatory  paid internships .
  • Immerse yourself in a world-class hotel learning experience right on campus at the Union Club Hotel when participating in White Lodging’s LAUNCH Hospitality Immersion Program . 
  • Train in the school’s two  restaurants : the John Purdue Room (fine dining) and the Boiler Bistro (quick service).
  • Complete an optional six-month paid internship at a Shangri-La Hotel in China, or  study abroad  at various destinations around the world.
  • Join  HTM student organizations that are mentored by our award-winning faculty, including the HTM Society, which organizes the annual  Black Tie Dinner fundraising event.
  • Enhance your plan of study by completing the event and meeting management minor or a certificate in the White Lodging-J.W. Marriott, Jr. School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  • Participate in research activities to explore of a variety of topics within hospitality and tourism management.

Program Quick Facts

Degree Type: Bachelor’s

Location: West Lafayette

Department/School: White Lodging-J.W. Marriott, Jr. School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

White Lodging logo


Environmental Sustainability

The optional environmental sustainability concentration examines issues related to sustainability in the hospitality and tourism industry. Courses cover sustainable tourism and responsible travel, environmental ethics, environmental policy and more.

Hospitality Facilities Design and Management

The optional hospitality facilities design and management concentration allows you to focus on the systems, technology and architectural components of the hospitality industry. Courses cover mechanical and electrical systems, technology systems, construction management, facility design, project management and more.

Marketing and Sales

The optional marketing and sales concentration is designed for individuals interested in the process of generating revenue for hospitality and tourism businesses. Courses cover public relations, advertising, relationship selling, marketing, consumer behavior and more.

The optional finance concentration allows you to gain in-depth knowledge of managing financial affairs and financial decision-making in the business world. Courses cover investment management, corporate finance, international finance and more.

“Growing up as a part of a military family, I have moved many times. When it came time to select a university, I was living in Germany and had no idea where I wanted to go, but I knew I wanted to become an event management professional. After doing my research, I chose Purdue because of its highly esteemed HTM program!” — Claire

Hometown:  Fayetteville, North Carolina Major:   Hospitality & Tourism Management   Why Purdue:  Growing up as a part of a military family, I have moved many times. When it came time to select a university, I was living in Germany and had no idea where I wanted to go, but I knew I wanted to become an event management professional. After doing my research, I chose Purdue because of its highly esteemed HTM program! Favorite Place at Purdue:  My favorite place at Purdue is either the Marriott atrium or Mackey Arena. So many fun memories in both of those locations! Advice for an Incoming Freshman:  Don’t be afraid to change! College is all about finally having the chance to become someone you’ve always wanted to be. Seek out exciting opportunities to learn and grow, and trust me, these four years go by so fast, and you don’t want to waste a minute of it! I’m the president of HTM Society’s   Black Tie Dinner , if you have questions about anything please contact  [email protected] . Instagram:  @purdueblacktie

Other Hospitality and Tourism Management Majors

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Volusia tourism veteran Bob Davis extols the value of hospitality workers in Daytona Beach

Bob Davis, president and CEO of the Lodging & Hospitality Association of Volusia County, touts the value of hospitality workers in Daytona Beach.

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BS in Hotel and Tourism Management Student at Roman Colosseum

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management

If you are considering a hospitality major as your undergraduate program of study, the BS in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management, offered by the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality prepares students for careers in hospitality, travel and tourism, tourism experience management, hotel and resort management, and hotel real estate development. The curriculum provides you with flexibility to explore career options way beyond what a typical hospitality and tourism degree might offer. As a student enrolled in this program, you’ll benefit immensely from earning your degree at NYU , home to more than 50,000 students from around the globe, while launching your career in New York City—a location defined by its world-class hotels and tourist attractions.

Degree Advantage

  • Curriculum  prepares students for hospitality and tourism jobs around the world
  • Provides an NYU liberal arts education
  • Concentrations  in Event Management , Hotel Real Estate Finance and Development , Marketing and Analytics , Leadership and Management , Travel and Tourism Development , and Entrepreneurship
  • Internships at leading NYC hotels, restaurants, tourism bureaus, online travel agencies, and promotional companies
  • Study abroad opportunities  and industry site visits
  • New Hospitality Innovation Hub for students, start ups, and industry partners


Who should earn the bs in hospitality, travel and tourism management.

If you have a passion for travel, love to interact with people, and have an innate curiosity to learn about different cultures, this degree provides the knowledge and skills needed for a hospitality career. The diversity of the Tisch Center student body and faculty members promotes a worldview that will be critical for your success in a field that is more globally interconnected than ever before.

Degree Overview

Learn from a faculty of world-renowned experts.

Faculty members are respected experts in the hospitality, hotel management, and travel and tourism sectors who share their knowledge, insights, experiences, and connections. They work directly with you to ensure that you identify and pursue the professional path that best fits your career goals and objectives. Their support and deep dedication is what makes earning a degree from the Tisch Center an experience unlike all others.

Gain Invaluable Experience Through Study Abroad

Study abroad opportunities abound for BS in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management students through Global Field Intensives (GFIs). These travel experiences provide international business experience while attuning students to the cultural, socio-economic, and political forces that influence the international hospitality, and travel and tourism industries. Recent GFIs include trips to: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Prague, and Berlin.

Benefit from Unsurpassed Networking Opportunities

The BS in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management provides unsurpassed networking opportunities through the annual  NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference , chaired by  Jonathan M. Tisch , chairman and CEO of Loews Hotels and Co. (left); the Grossinger-Bergman Distinguished Lecturer Series, which features hospitality leaders such as  David Marriott ; and fireside chats with the likes of famed chefs and restaurateurs  Daniel Boulud  and  Danny Meyer .

Internships and Job Opportunities

Through the Tisch Center of Hospitality and the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development at NYU SPS, hospitality, travel and tourism management majors have the opportunity to complete a wide range of hospitality, and travel and tourism internships that provide the hands-on experience needed to accelerate their careers. Many of these internships evolve into permanent hospitality and tourism jobs. Our graduates go on to careers at top hotel chains, boutique hotels, travel organizations, tourism bureaus, media companies, restaurants, and food and beverage companies including:

  • Estee Lauder Companies
  • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  • Loews Hotels
  • Marriott International
  • The Standard Hotels
  • Walt Disney World


How does this degree differ from a hospitality management degree.

The BS in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management differs from a hospitality management degree in its holistic approach to the hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors. While traditional undergraduate hospitality management degrees focus on hotels and restaurants, you will have the opportunity in this degree to also explore subjects like destination marketing, tourism development, and event management.

Will this degree prepare me for hotel management jobs?

The BS in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management will prepare you for a range of hotel industry jobs and career paths. You will have the opportunity to specialize in your field of interest, including hotel or tourism operations, sales and marketing, revenue management or hotel development. Our students secure internships and work at large multinational hotel chains as well as independent boutique hotels.

Is tourism management a growing field?

Tourism management offers a broad range of career options for those who are interested in pursuing tourism jobs. The tourism sector has experienced incredible growth in the past decades. with 1.8 billion tourists—just over one in five persons in the world—traveling around the globe by 2030 (UNWTO). The BS in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management provides students with the opportunity to secure internships at a broad range of tourism destinations including Walt Disney World.

Can an undergraduate hotel management degree help my career?

An undergraduate hotel management degree can help your career, because it will provide you with a wealth of business skills and the networking opportunities that can lead to a wide variety of hotel management jobs. The hospitality sector is vast and offers a wealth of career choices, but even if you decide to switch career paths, the business foundation you acquire will allow you to pursue a career in a variety of other professional sectors. In addition, earning an undergraduate degree at NYU will open the doors to job opportunities in New York City and around the world.

What are the advantages of earning a hospitality management degree in New York City?

The advantage of earning your hospitality management degree in New York City is that you will be studying in the hospitality capital of the world. New York City is home to top hotels, the finest restaurants, major tourist attractions and thousands of world-famous events. The City will become your professional base for exploring your interests in hospitality, travel and tourism management and for gaining the experience you need to secure a job in this growing field.

hospitality and tourism lyrics

Angola-UAE Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation in tourism, hospitality

A BU DHABI, 8th May, 2024 (WAM) -- Dr. M'zée Fula Ngenge, Vice Chairman of the Angola-UAE Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the UAE investment climate provides Angola citizens with qualitative opportunities that highlight their capabilities and energies in enhancing trade between the two countries.

In statements to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) on the sidelines of the second day of the 13th AIM Congress in Abu Dhabi, Dr. M'zée Fula Ngenge noted the presence of over 63 Angolan companies in the UAE, spanning various sectors, notably automotive, electronics, gold, and diamonds trading.

Expressing his aspirations to bolster cooperation between the two nations in tourism and hospitality, Dr. Ngenge highlighted tourism's role in Angola's infrastructure development and investment stimulation. He emphasised the potential for increased air traffic between the UAE and Angola, both for passengers and cargo, which would boost the latter's exports, particularly in agricultural products to the UAE.

Dr. Ngenge underscored the significance of the Angola-UAE Chamber of Commerce and Industry's participation in the AIM Congress, citing it as an opportunity to showcase Angola's investment potential and attract Emirati investors, emphasising the invaluable expertise Emirati investors bring to Angola's economic advancement.

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The Taliban are working to woo tourists to Afghanistan

Afghans work in the garden of the renovated Darul Aman Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, April 24, 2024. (AP Photo/Siddiqullah Alizai)

Afghans work in the garden of the renovated Darul Aman Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, April 24, 2024. (AP Photo/Siddiqullah Alizai)

Afghans take selfies at the renovated Darul Aman Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, April 24, 2024. (AP Photo/Siddiqullah Alizai)

Afghans walk outside Hazara’s Sakhi Shrine in Kabul, Afghanistan, Friday, April 19, 2024. (AP Photo/Siddiqullah Alizai)

A general view of Kabul, Afghanistan, on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. (AP Photo/Siddiqullah Alizai)

An Afghan works in the garden of the renovated Darul Aman Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, April 24, 2024. (AP Photo/Siddiqullah Alizai)

Taliban fighters take selfies by the tomb of Afghan Kind Nadir Shah in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, April 24, 2024. (AP Photo/Siddiqullah Alizai)

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KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Around 30 men are crammed into a Kabul classroom, part of the debut student cohort at a Taliban-run institute training tourism and hospitality professionals.

It’s a motley crew. One student is a model. Another is 17 and has no job history.

The students vary in age, education level and professional experience. They’re all men — Afghan women are banned from studying beyond sixth grade — and they don’t know anything about tourism or hospitality. But they are all eager to promote a different side of Afghanistan. And the Taliban are happy to help.

Afghanistan’s rulers are pariahs on the global stage, largely because of their restrictions on women and girls . The economy is struggling, infrastructure is poor, and poverty is rife .

And yet, foreigners are visiting the country, encouraged by the sharp drop in violence, increased flight connections with hubs like Dubai , and the bragging rights that come with vacationing in an unusual destination. The numbers aren’t huge — they never were — but there’s a buzz around Afghan tourism.

Afghans walk outside Hazara's Sakhi Shrine in Kabul, Afghanistan, Friday, April 19, 2024. (AP Photo/Siddiqullah Alizai)

In 2021, there were 691 foreign tourists. In 2022, that figure rose to 2,300. Last year, there were 7,000.

Mohammad Saeed, the head of the Tourism Directorate in Kabul, said the biggest foreign visitor market is China because of its proximity and large population. Afghanistan also has advantages over some of its neighbors.

“They’ve told me they don’t want to go to Pakistan because it’s dangerous and they get attacked . The Japanese have said this to me also,” Saeed said. “This is good for us.”

But there are disadvantages, too.

FILE - Afghan families onboard a truck head toward a border crossing point in Torkham, Pakistan, Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2023. For more than 1 million Afghans who fled war and poverty to Pakistan, these are uncertain times. Since Pakistan announced a crackdown on migrants last year, some 600,000 have been deported and at least a million remain in Pakistan in hiding. They've retreated from public view, abandoning their jobs and rarely leaving their neighborhoods out of fear they could be next. It's harder for them to earn money, rent accommodation, buy food or get medical help because they run the risk of getting caught by police or being reported to authorities by Pakistanis.(AP Photo/Muhammad Sajjad, File)

Visas are difficult and expensive to access. Many countries severed ties with Afghanistan after the Taliban returned to power , and no country recognizes them as the legitimate rulers of the country.

Afghan embassies either closed or suspended their operations. There’s an ongoing power struggle between Afghanistan’s embassies and consulates staffed by people from the former Western-backed administration, and those under the Taliban administration’s full control .

Saeed concedes there are obstacles for Afghan tourism to develop but said he was working with ministries to overcome them.

His ultimate aim is to have a visa on arrival for tourists, but that could be years away. There are problems with the road network, which is half-paved or non-existent in some parts of the country, and airlines largely avoid Afghan airspace .

Afghans take selfies at the renovated Darul Aman Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, April 24, 2024. (AP Photo/Siddiqullah Alizai)

The capital Kabul has the most international flights, but no Afghan airport has direct routes with major tourist markets like China, Europe, or India.

Despite the challenges, Saeed wants Afghanistan to become a tourism powerhouse, an ambition that appears to be backed by the Taliban’s top leaders.

“I have been sent to this department on the instructions of the elders (ministers). They must trust me because they’ve sent me to this important place.”

The students also have aspirations. The model, Ahmed Massoud Talash, wants to learn about Afghanistan’s picturesque spots for Instagram posts and its history for media appearances.

Business school graduate Samir Ahmadzai wants to open a hotel but thinks he should know more about tourism and hospitality first.

“They hear that Afghanistan is backwards, poverty and all about war,” said Ahmadzai. “We have 5,000 years of history. There should be a new page of Afghanistan.”

Taliban fighters take selfies by the tomb of Afghan Kind Nadir Shah in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, April 24, 2024. (AP Photo/Siddiqullah Alizai)

Classes include Afghan handicrafts and anthropology basics.

An unofficial subject is how to interact with foreign women and how their behavior or habits could clash with local customs and edicts. Examples might be women smoking or eating in public, to mixing freely with men who are not related to them by blood or marriage.

The Taliban have imposed a dress code for women and requirements for them to have a male guardian, or mahram, when they travel. Dining alone, traveling alone, and socializing with other women in public have become harder. With gyms closed to women and beauty salons banned , there are fewer places where they can meet outside the home.

In a sign that the country is preparing for more overseas visitors, the country’s only five-star hotel, the Serena, has reopened its women’s spa and salon for foreign females after a monthslong closure.

Foreigners must show their passport to access services. Women with “born in Afghanistan” on their ID are barred.

The restrictions on Afghan women and girls weigh on overseas travel companies, who say they try to focus on the positive aspect of cultural interactions by making donations, supporting local projects or only visiting family-run businesses.

Shane Horan, the founder of Rocky Road Travel, said visiting Afghanistan should not be seen as an endorsement of any particular government or political regime.

“Ultimately, the goal should be to support responsible tourism practices that contribute positively to the local economy and foster mutual respect and understanding, while also remaining cognizant of the broader political context in Afghanistan.”

A general view of Kabul, Afghanistan, on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. (AP Photo/Siddiqullah Alizai)

He said there was no input from authorities about what tour groups saw or did, and that the company worked closely with a women’s rights organization in Afghanistan. A percentage of the tour cost went into supporting this organization’s programs, Horan added.

There are no women at the Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management. The students don’t mention it. But an official at the Tourism Directorate does.

“It’s a heartbreaking situation,” said the official, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals. “Even female family members ask if they can study here. But there was a change in policy with the change in government. The women who were studying before (the takeover) never came back. They never graduated.”

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Hospitality expert with international teaching experience brings entrepreneurial perspective to students

Chang brings knowledge of organizational behavior and human resources to department of hospitality, hotel management and tourism.

February 9, 2024 - by Paul Schattenberg

An expert with wide-ranging hospitality, international teaching and entrepreneurial experience, Wen Chang, Ph.D., has joined the Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Department of Hospitality, Hotel Management and Tourism as an assistant professor.   

Chang, who earned her graduate and doctoral degrees in the U.S. and taught here before going back to her native China, has returned to the U.S. to share her knowledge and experience with students and colleagues in the department.  

Her expertise ranges from human resources, financial, revenue and leadership management in the tourism industry to hospitality management, operations and law. Her industry experience spans food and beverage management, as well as spa and recreation management.

Headshot of a woman, Wen Chang, Ph.D. She is wearing a blue jacket with a white shirt.

“Dr. Chang brings a wealth of personal experience and expertise related to the hospitality industry, as well as an international background as an instructor,” said Brian King, Ph.D., head of the Department of Hospitality, Hotel Management and Tourism. “Our department and students are benefiting from her knowledge of issues relating to organizational behaviors within the hospitality industry, focusing primarily on employee motivations, leadership and technology-mediated service quality enhancements.”

King added that Chang’s contributions to academia and industry reflect her dedication to advancing knowledge and improving the hospitality sector.

“I feel my international teaching experience and familiarity with both the Chinese and U.S. hospitality industries will bring a new perspective to the department and my students,” Chang said. “And having owned and operated my own business, I also bring an entrepreneurial perspective to my teaching.”  

Education and teaching experience

Chang earned a bachelor’s degree in tourism and hotel management from the School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, China. She came to the U.S. in 2009 to continue her studies, earning a master’s degree in hotel and restaurant management from the Conrad Hilton School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston. After that, she earned her doctorate in hotel administration from the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Chang’s extensive experience includes time as the associate dean at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and as an associate professor and director of international programs at the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.   

Chang also spent time as an assistant professor at Iowa State University’s College of Human Science Department of Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management, and as a visiting lecturer and teaching assistant at the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for five years.

“In my teaching, I strive to give my students the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the hospitality industry,” Chang said. “I want them to know the way things really are, why they matter and why they should be done a certain way. My main goal with my students is to prepare them for a career in the industry.”  

Chang chaired master’s committees and served on several doctoral committees at Iowa State University and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. She was also an external Doctor of Hotel and Tourism Management committee member at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Publications, presentations and achievements

Chang’s work has been published in numerous peer-reviewed publications, and she has served as an editorial board member for the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management and the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights.

Chang has made conference presentations on a wide variety of topics, including employee performance, leadership influence, service robots, wine consumer behaviors, anger in hospitality, employee engagement, tourism career motivators and barriers, career satisfaction, formal mentoring, social media use and more.

She has also successfully secured research grants from the National Science Foundation of China and the Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission, as well as teaching grants from the Educational Department of Liaoning Province.   

Chang also received internal grants and scholarships from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; the University of Houston; the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics; and the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics.

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