The 10 Best Soft Golf Balls For Satisfying Feel

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  • SOURCE Dick's Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy, Callaway Golf, Wilson Sporting Goods, LoveToKnow Media
  • PERMISSION Permission received from Dick's Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy, Callaway Golf, Wilson Sporting Goods

Soft is the newest buzzword in golf ball marketing. Some players simply appreciate the rewarding feeling of full compression at impact, a feeling that’s much easier to achieve with a soft ball. However, simply finding a ball that carries the “soft” label doesn’t mean it’s right for your game. There are varying definitions of “soft” along with some performance tradeoffs with various balls. So we’ve compiled the 10 best soft golf balls into one list to make finding the best soft golf ball a breeze.

Why Play a Soft Golf Ball?

It’s obvious that soft golf balls are more popular than they were 10-15 years ago, but why? Do soft golf balls bring performance benefits to certain types of players? If so, what are the benefits, and who do they help?

two golf balls side-by-side

Soft vs. Hard Golf Balls: How To Choose the One for You

The biggest reason soft golf balls appeal to golfers is feel. You get a greater sensation of compression at impact with a softer ball because it’s easier to compress. Compression is perhaps the most addicting feeling in golf, which explains why many golfers are fiending for soft golf balls.

Let's explain  the importance of compression  for a minute. A ball’s softness is defined by its compression rating. A lower compression rating means a ball requires a lower swing speed to achieve ideal compression. In other words, the lower a ball’s compression rating, the softer it is. Wilson Director of Innovation for Golf Balls Frank Simonutti gave a brief  explanation on YouTube  of how softening the core of a golf ball impacts performance.

“Generally speaking, there are two ways to make a golf ball softer, you can soften the core, or you can soften the cover.” Simonutti said. “If you soften the core, generally you can maintain distance, you will reduce spin, and if you go too far you end up with an impact durability issue.”

So generally speaking, balls with softer cores are lower-spinning, which helps both distance and accuracy. However, it’s worth noting that if you play too soft of a ball for your fast swing speed, you can actually over-compress a ball. When this happens, the ball is in a deformed state for too long and you begin to lose the advantages of compression, including some ball speed and total distance.

Another reason to consider playing a soft golf ball is that they tend to spin less. This helps keep your drives longer and straighter, and helps you launch the ball higher. That higher launch also results in a steeper descent angle, which helps make up for some of the stopping power lost due to the reduced spin. That’s a checklist most recreational players would love to have in their ball. One added bonus? Lower-spinning balls perform better in the wind than a high-spinning ball. If you often  play golf in the wind , it could help to use a ball that’s less susceptible to the elements.

Softer balls are often more forgiving than their firmer counterparts. The ball speed loss you suffer on mis-hits is less severe with a softer ball than it is with a firm ball.

How Soft Golf Balls Differ

We have established that not all soft golf balls are created equal. So how can you identify which one, or which options, will work best for your game? Here is how some common features translate to performance. Identify what you’re looking for from your ball, and find the balls that fit those needs. Then try a few to see which one actually works best for you.


There is no hard and fast rule of which compression rating fits which swing speeds, but if you want to get started in the right direction, a good rule of thumb is the slower your swing speed, the lower compression ball will fit you best. You can maximize your distance by playing a ball with the appropriate compression rating for your swing speed. 

If you  swing your driver faster than 105 MPH , look for a ball on the higher end of the compression scale, say 90 or above. If you have a pretty fast swing, 95-104 MPH, and want to play a softer ball, something in the 70-90 compression range should fit you great. For example, the Bridgestone Tour B RX, the ball that Lexi Thompson games competitively, has a compression rating of 75 and advertises right on the box that it’s best for players with swing speeds under 105 MPH.

If you swing driver between 85 and 94 MPH, a low to medium compression ball, something in the 50-70 range, might fit you best. If your swing speed is under 85 MPH, there are plenty of golf balls with compression ratings as low as the 35 that will help you compress it plenty and launch it as far as possible.


The construction of a golf ball has a big impact on its performance. Two-piece golf balls are best for distance, especially among slower swing speed players. Meanwhile, 3-piece balls, and anything above that, offer an extra layer to enhance performance through the bag. 

The middle layer or layers are what allow premium balls to be low-spinning with the driver but high-spinning with short irons. Different clubs and different swing speeds activate different layers of the ball. That’s why 2-piece balls, while great for distance, come with some performance tradeoffs as you get closer to the green. 

To sum that all up, multi-layer balls, all of which on this list are 3-piece, are better for players who need performance throughout the bag. Of course, that extra layer costs a little extra money.

The cover on your golf ball matters, as it impacts performance and price. Urethane-covered balls offer the most spin. All premium golf balls and every golf ball played on tour has a urethane cover. And guess what? Urethane balls cost more.

On the other hand, ionomer and Surlyn golf balls spin less, which is great for players who want to reduce pesky side-spin and aren’t as worried about stopping their ball on a dime from 175 yards away.

Because the players who demand the spin of a urethane ball also demand tee to green performance, you won’t find any two-piece, urethane golf balls on this list.

The Best Soft Golf Balls

That’s a lot to take in, but by now you should have a good picture of what profile of soft golf ball will fit your game the best. With that in mind, here is our list of the 10 best soft golf balls, and which players should consider using them.

Best Overall Soft Golf Ball: Wilson DUO Soft+

Wilson DUO Soft + golf ball badges

  • DESCRIPTION Wilson DUO Soft + golf ball badges
  • SOURCE Wilson Sporting Goods
  • PERMISSION Permission given by Wilson Sporting Goods

The  Wilson DUO Soft+  is as soft and low-spinning as golf balls come. That means maximum distance and more accuracy with the longer clubs for most recreational golfers. The 2-piece, 35 compression ball also launches high with a steep descent angle to help you stop it on the greens.

The DUO Soft+ is geared towards average players with driver swing speeds in the mid-90s and lower, which is why it’s one of our  top golf balls for beginners  and one of  the best balls for seniors . Those players will likely notice distance gains through the bag due to the low-spinning characteristics of the DUO Soft+. 

Players who swing faster than that will find that a higher-compression ball results in more distance off the tee, and offers more stopping power when hitting into greens. At just $23 per dozen, anybody whose swing speed fits the profile should consider giving the DUO Soft+ a try.

  • Low spin, including low side spin
  • Maximum distance
  • High launch
  • Swing speeds above 95 MPH will lose distance compared to a firmer ball
  • Low spin could make holding greens challenging

Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel golf ball with badges

  • DESCRIPTION Srixon Soft Feel golf ball with badges
  • SOURCE Dick's Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy
  • PERMISSION Permission given by Dick's Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy

The  Srixon Soft Feel  checks so many boxes for a massive golf audience. Its incredible soft feel, high launch, great distance, low spin, and price earned it a place on our lists of  the best golf balls for value , beginners, slicers, and our  top recommended golf ball for seniors , in addition to being one of the best soft golf balls you can find.

With a compression rating of 60, the Soft Feel is a great option for any golfer with swing speeds into the 90s. The two-piece construction emphasizes distance, and the Soft Feel is one of the easiest balls to launch high in the air, which also helps when it lands on the green.

As with many 2-piece balls, the Soft Feel offers an appealing $23 per dozen price tag, giving you easy access to experiment.

  • Soft feeling ball that fits a wide range of swing speeds
  • Easy to launch
  • Great option for majority of recreational golfers
  • Players with aggressive swing speeds will not reap the performance benefits

Titleist TruFeel

Titleist TruFeel golf ball with badges

  • DESCRIPTION Titleist TruFeel golf ball with badges
  • SOURCE Titleist
  • PERMISSION Permission given by Titleist

If you want the confidence that comes with playing  a Titleist ball  but prefer a soft-feeling, 2-piece distance ball, the  Titleist TruFeel  is a great choice for you. Not every player fits into a Pro V1, but countless golfers want to put Titleist balls in play, partly because of the brand's unmatched ball-to-ball consistency.

The TruFeel is a low-compression ball that launches and spins low. The ultra thin cover that debuted in the updated 2022 TruFeel allows for a larger,  1.6-inch core  which boosts distance. Adding to the appeal of the TruFeel is the $25 price tag, which makes it Titleist’s lowest price ball, and half the cost of  the Pro V1 and Pro V1x . 

  • Large core results in added distance
  • Penetrating ball flight for players who don’t need help with launch
  • Simple, effective alignment aid
  • Not ideal for players who need an easy-to-launch ball

Bridgestone Tour B RX

Bridgestone Tour B RX ball badges

  • DESCRIPTION Bridgestone Tour B RX ball badges
  • SOURCE Bridgestone Golf
  • PERMISSION Permission given by Bridgestone Golf

The  Bridgestone Tour B RX  is a different breed of soft golf ball than many others on this list. As a 3-piece, urethane-covered ball with a compression rating of 75, it’s clearly geared towards the most skilled players who prefer a soft feel, without needing the long distance, high launch, and low spin benefits that come with some of the softer 2-piece options. That's why we believe the Tour B RX is  the best golf ball for mid-handicap golfers . This is just another example that the term “soft” is relative. In this case, a soft refers more to the feel than the performance.

We mentioned earlier that Lexi Thompson games the Tour B RX. If you’re wondering what that means for your game, consider that Lexi averages about 275 yards off the tee. Unless you’re swinging driver well over 105 MPH and hit it closer to 300 yards, there’s a good chance the Bridgestone Tour B RX will hold up for your game too.

As a 3-piece ball, the Tour B RX delivers much better spin into greens than its soft, 2-piece counterparts. Of course, those performance enhancements come at a premium price, as the Tour B RX costs $50 per dozen. If you try the Tour B RX and appreciate the performance but crave a slightly softer feel (and welcome a little more spin), try its sibling the Tour B RXS.

  • Excellent wedge spin
  • Great for holding greens with irons and wedges
  • Premium tee to green performance
  • Core is not as soft as others on this list

Vice Pro Soft

Vice Pro Soft golf ball badges

  • DESCRIPTION Vice Pro Soft golf ball badges
  • PERMISSION Permission given by VICE Golf

The  Vice Pro Soft  fills a gap that not many balls occupy. It combines all the elements of a premium ball with a urethane cover and 3-piece construction, with the super low compression rating of 35. That makes the Pro Soft a great ball for golfers whose fastest swings are behind them, and need to convert to a ball better suited for a declining swing speed. Or, juniors who haven’t unlocked their full potential yet, but still need a ball that meets high performance demands.

The 3-piece construction gives the Pro Soft tee to green performance, meaning you can hold a green with a mid-iron and get plenty of response in the short game. The ball is best suited for golfers who carry their driver around 200 yards, and the ball was tested with swing speeds in the mid to low 90s. If either of these numbers match your game, the Pro Soft could add many performance elements you won’t often find in other truly soft golf balls.

  • The most premium truly soft (35 compression) golf ball 
  • Impressive distance in the long game
  • Controllable spin with irons and wedges
  • Many players who demand the performance of this ball swing too fast to use it

Piper Black

Piper Black golf ball badge

  • DESCRIPTION Piper Black golf ball badge
  • SOURCE Piper Golf
  • PERMISSION Permission given by Piper Golf

If you swing hard and want a soft-feeling golf ball without sacrificing controllable spin,  the Piper Black  might be the ball for you. The Black gets its soft feel from a soft urethane cover, meaning you don’t need to worry about over-compressing a core that’s too soft for your swing. That allows the Black to produce the high spin rates that skilled players need in order to shape shots and hold greens.

"The custom soft urethane cover on the Piper Black provides top-notch feel, spin, and control,” Piper Golf founder Mike Gottfried told GolfLink.

The Piper Black isn’t the only ball that’s made to give skilled players precision in the short game with the opportunity to shape shots and hold greens from the fairway and hit bombs off the tee. It is, however, about $20-$25 per dozen cheaper than most other balls that offer that level of performance. Try the Black for $30 a dozen, and if you decide it’s the ball for you, subscribe and save for about $25 per box.

  • Soft-feel option for single-digit handicap players
  • High spin allows players to shape shots and hold greens
  • About half the cost of balls with nearly identical profiles
  • Not as durable as other premium balls
  • Softer cover compromises ball speed

Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Supersoft golf ball with badges

  • DESCRIPTION Callaway Supersoft golf ball with badges
  • SOURCE Callaway Golf
  • PERMISSION Permission given by Callaway Golf

When you take a closer look at  the Callaway Supersoft , it should come as no surprise that it’s one of the best-selling golf balls on the market today. That’s because it checks almost every box for the largest population of golfers, the average recreational golfers.

When it comes to performance, Supersoft is known for churning out great distance, a straight ball flight, it’s easy to launch, it has superb soft feel, and at $25 a dozen, it’s a great value. That’s exactly why we put it on our “Best Golf Ball” lists for value, beginners, slicers, and women, in addition to soft feel.

Supersoft is a low-spinning, 2-piece ball and is about as soft as they come with a compression rating of 38. The low spin means more distance and less sidespin that exaggerates slices and hooks. For golfers who swing driver about 95 MPH or less, it’s one of, if not the best all-around balls. 

  • Great soft feel
  • Low spin means long distance and straighter shots
  • Spin may even be too low with driver

TaylorMade Soft Response

TaylorMade Soft Response golf ball badges

  • DESCRIPTION TaylorMade Soft Response golf ball badges
  • SOURCE TaylorMade Golf
  • PERMISSION Permission given by TaylorMade Golf

The  TaylorMade Soft Response  is the only 3-piece ball on this list that does not have a urethane cover. That means players who want the tee to green performance that comes with a 3-piece ball, but want the forgiveness of an ionomer-covered ball have a great option. 

The Soft Response utilizes the “Extended Flight Dimple” pattern to keep the ball in the air as long as possible, even with lower club and ball speeds. Soft Response is a low-spin ball with driver, which is how it achieves peak distance from slower swings, but the middle layer boosts wedge spin to help you as you get closer to the green.

Don’t expect to master a draw or fade with the Soft Response, but you can expect exceptional soft feel, impressive distance, enjoyable accuracy, and satisfying short game control.

  • Forgiveness results in consistent ball speed even on mis-hits
  • 3-piece construction offers short iron and wedge performance
  • Appealing price point
  • Not as workable as some other soft 3-piece balls

Maxfli Softfli

Maxfli Softfli golf ball badge

  • DESCRIPTION Maxfli Softfli golf ball badge

The  Maxfli Softfli  blends soft feel, distance, accuracy and value, so we had to put it on our list of the best soft golf balls. With a compression rating of 35, it’s in the “as soft as they come” feel category, and as a two-piece, ionomer-covered ball, it’s purely a low spin, distance ball. So if you’re looking for the best-priced, softest, low-spin distance ball for your moderate or lower swing speed, the Maxfli Softfli is it.

The Softfli is easy to launch and is responsive in the short game. We also like the simple, yet effective, alignment aid. If you’re intrigued by the Softfli, but want a ball that goes all-in on a straight ball flight, at the expense of feel,  Maxfli also offers the Straightfli , which we think is  a great choice for beginners , high-handicappers, and slicers at the same appealing $20 per dozen price point.

  • Among the best value balls on this list
  • Low-spinning ball results in tighter dispersion
  • Nice wedge and short game response
  • Not the longest ball in the “soft” category

Noodle Long and Soft

Noodle Long & Soft golf ball with badge

  • DESCRIPTION Noodle Long & Soft golf ball with badge
  • SOURCE LoveToKnow Media

The  Noodle Long and Soft  golf ball is a classic, and there’s a reason it’s stood the test of time. For starters, it’s not overcomplicated. Everything you need to know is in the name, the ball is long, and it’s soft. Secondly, it’s straight-up one of the best value golf balls you can buy, especially considering its pedigree and performance. Finally, it’s a great ball for a huge market of golfers. The Long and Soft gives players soft feel and great distance. 

If you don’t need a 3-piece, urethane-covered ball that you can work both directions and stop on a dime,  the Noodle Long and Soft  probably suits your game as well as any ball. You can get the Long and Soft for a bargain no matter where you find them, or you can probably find one in the woods at your local muni and give it a spin for a few holes.

  • Long and soft, like the name suggests
  • One of the best values in golf balls
  • Fits a large demographic of players
  • Not suited for faster swing speeds
  • Lacks the spin and short game characteristics better players demand

The Best Soft Golf Ball for You

We recommend a few simple steps to find the best golf ball for your game. First, identify what profile of ball fits your game best. Do you want the longest, straightest, soft-feeling ball available, or do you need something with some added performance features? If you’re unsure, try a ball from each category and see which suits your game best on the course.

Once you’ve determined what you need from your ball, look at the balls that fill those needs. There should be multiple options for everyone on this list. Try two or three that catch your attention and see how they actually perform on the course for your game. After a round or two of comparing different options, the best soft golf ball for your game should rise to the top.


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GFore 728 x 90

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review

More in reviews:.

Footjoy Pro/SLX BOA

50 Words or Less

The Titleist Tour Soft golf ball is a solid option if you’re not set on a urethane-covered ball.  Soft, low compression feel and excellent distance.


When you think of Titleist, “Twitter war” is not the first thing that comes to mind, but that’s just what the company got thanks to their new Tour Soft ad campaign.  By calling out Callaway’s Chrome Soft , TaylorMade’s TP5 , and Bridgestone’s Tour B RXS , Titleist brought down a wave of criticism about comparing apples to oranges.

Leaving all that aside, we grabbed a box of the new Tour Soft to see for ourselves if the performance lives up to the hype.

tour soft golf balls

Off the putter, the Titleist Tour Soft lives up to its name.  I found it to be softer than the ProV1.   Where the ProV1 produces a mid-pitch “tock” at impact, the Tour Soft’s sound is lower pitch, hence the softer feel.  All that said, the difference is slight and might not be noticeable during a round.

In comparing it to the other balls that Titleist calls out, I would rate the Tour Soft as similar to the TP5 but firmer than the Chrome Soft or the Tour B RXS.

Launch monitor testing and on-course play showed that the Tour Soft stands up well in comparison to premium golf balls.  One of our staffers normally plays a Chrome Soft and felt that the Tour Soft was equally long on the course, though he added that his comparison came during a stretch of very good ball striking.

Driver spin was extremely consistent with the Titleist Tour Soft.  While not the lowest spinning ball off the tee, only the very worst strikes produced spin outside of a 200 RPM range.

With the irons, the story was similar.  The Tour Soft produced average spin numbers but was very consistent.

tour soft golf balls

The short game is where non-urethane covered balls tend to fail in comparison to tour balls, and that was largely true for the Tour Soft.

On full swing wedge shots, the Tour Soft was fairly close to the ProV1 and other urethane-covered balls.  As I backed down to shots of 60 yards and less, the gap grew dramatically.  Urethane covered balls like the ProV1 spun about 20% more on those half-wedge swings .

If maximizing short game spin is a priority, you should stick with a urethane-covered golf ball.  That said, the Tour Soft is very good in the short game compared to other non-urethane balls.

The Titleist Tour Soft is a good, soft-feeling golf ball, but it isn’t a category-buster.  If you want top-end performance in your short game, you still need urethane.  However, for the vast majority of golfers for whom durability and value are more important, the Tour Soft is a solid choice.

Buy Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls HERE

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' src=

Did anyone else read most of this review with Jim Nantz’s voice in their head or was that just me?

' src=

Jim Nance, now that is funny. Old Sugar Puss hisself. Anyway with all the science involved in make clubs and balls I am sure that what is being done in weight and hardness of the Ball it will all be better. The tour and tour quality players still go for the, what they call heavy and strong stuff and the hard Ball, but that is changing with the new generations. You see for example more and More Graphite Irons as the kids that grew up with it continue to use what they are used to. So, lighter clubs and softer Balls will only get better and better,,,,,,,,,,,,,

' src=

It’s a 2-piece ball, like a range ball, and twice the price of the average 2-piece.

' src=

that’s like saying all cars are alike just because they have four wheels. Do you want to rethink your statement or stay with all two piece balls are alike because there both round

' src=

I get a lot out of Mr. Saternus’ reviews – he is an accomplished golfer who can actually produce the swings necessary to test ball performance, making his review worthwhile. And it confirms what is known about the difference between urethane and non-urethane balls and about modern golf balls in general. That is, they are all long and straight off the tee, and really differentiate only on scoring shots of what, 150 and in, maybe a little less. But to say that the Tour Soft is nothing more than a range ball is stupid. Titleist opened the door to comparison of its new 2-piece ball to urethane covered balls and the results generally show what would be expected for many golfers. I would bet however that the Tour Soft would fare very well against plastic covered 3-piece balls or any non-urethane ball especially in overall feel and playability. It would be interesting to compare it with Callaway Supersoft, Superhot, Diablo Tour, Srixon Q-Star etc. and if some Bridgestone e5’s are laying around (2-piece urethane) those too. But in general, just as Dean Snell and Frank Simonutti (Wilson) have said, everything is long and straight nowadays and will be 5 yards between one another on robot tests with long shots. Those experts say that balls differentiate only on high spin scoring shots and it is an open debate whether most golfers are really benefitted by high spin around the greens. So buy a ball that fits your budget and the feel /spin you prefer. Anyway this was a nice succinct review of a solid new offering by Titleist.

' src=

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy the reviews. Sadly, I feel like your take on golf balls is not hot enough for today’s internet environment. ;)

' src=

Have been playing tour soft for a few weeks now. All I can say is WOW! I am an unabashed Duffer my skill level is closer to Dorff than Arnie and I can honestly say that these balls are extraordinarily forgiving. All of a sudden I am deadly with my gap wedge weather 40 or 120 out, my 60 degree suddenly flops like Phil and I have mysteriously learned how to putt. I haven’t really messed with my swing ( I am nowhere near pure) and my handicap has dropped a few in a few weeks. Just for S and Gs I tried going through a few other balls in my bag along with my tour soft today and found a clear difference ( Q Star, Chrome, TaylorMade distance). It wasn’t the golfer it was definitely the ball. It may just be a case of matching a ball with my club head speed or by some miracle or extensive prayers from my church my golf game has improved that much but, it seems to correlate too tight to the ball change. Heck even my drives got an extra 15-20 on it and they ain’t slicing like they used to. Just my personal experience not an endorsement for anybody else’s game but, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try a sleeve or two. Playing Taylor RocketBladez and RBZ driver my driver swing speed on the simulator is popping up in the 90s I guess it’s okay for an old fat guy.

' src=

I played these one round and the ball definitely flies far and straight and feels great ! I was skeptical of a 2 piece non urethane ball The check up around the green was not great but everything else is outstanding Price is ok but not great since you can Get Srixon Z stars on sale $30 usually.

' src=

I have also been playing these for a couple of weeks. I am loving this ball. They do go far off the driver and have a very nice feel to them. I have been playing the true soft but these Tour soft have a nicer feel to them. My control is enhanced. I use hybrids to arc the balls up in the air and I am not real concerned with spin of the wedges either. This enhanced control, touch and feel call it what you will is a different world with this ball. I have also played the Chrome soft and I like this Titleist Tour Soft much better. They got this one right.

' src=

The Titleist Tour Soft is a good, soft-feeling golf ball.every golfer enjoy golf by play this Titleist Tour Soft ball. Thanks

' src=

Played the Tour Soft past weekend. I’m 62 and a 12 h. Distance and flight path were fine but 135 yards on in I could NOT get the ball to check up. Some were really high flying 8 iron shots that would hit and roll. It’s too bad because the ball feels great of the club face. I usually play Wilson Professional or Vice Pro Soft which hit , spin and roll about a foot. Don’t waste your money on the Tour Softs. Much better balls out there for less $

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tour soft golf balls

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tour soft golf balls

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Titleist Tour Soft 2022 Golf Ball Review

In this Titleist Tour Soft 2022 golf ball review, Neil Tappin sees what this mid-priced golf ball has to offer

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Titleist Tour Soft 2022 Golf Ball Review

For those in search of a soft feel golf ball, the Titleist Tour Soft 2022 delivers an impressively balanced set performance characteristics. It offers a good feel without compromising consistency or distance in the long game.

Impressive long game distance

Consistent ball flights

Feel was not as soft as some in this category

Why you can trust Golf Monthly Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test .

Neil Tappin

For those golfers after a soft-feeling ball, Titleist has a new mid-priced offering in the shape of the 2022 Tour Soft. The third generation of this soft compression model promises longer distance through a new aerodynamic design.

We wanted to see how the performance stacks up against the best golf balls of 2022 so we tested the Titleist Tour Soft on a SkyTrak launch monitor and out on the golf course. We also tested it alongside the previous version of this ball and a competitor ‘soft feel’ model in the 2022 TaylorMade Soft Response . 

Tour Soft on course testing

During my on course testing I was impressed by the overall performance on offer here. As a faster swinger (my driver head speed is around 112 mph), my worry with soft feel golf balls is that they’ll have a tendency to dip out of the air in the long game and I’ll lose out on distance. This wasn’t something I noticed as I played with it alongside the Titleist Tour Speed 2022 golf ball . My distances in all areas of the game were within a few yards of what I’d expect from my usual golf ball, the Titleist Pro V1x. 

Just as importantly, the mid-height ball flights were very consistent. With the TaylorMade Soft Response, I hit a few shots that dipped out of the air and came up short. That wasn’t something I noticed with the Titleist Tour Soft. 

This was also evident during my driver launch monitor testing. The Tour Soft delivered five yards extra carry over the TaylorMade Soft Response 2022 golf ball. However, I didn’t see much difference in distance performance versus the previous generation Tour Soft. One thing I did notice was a slightly lower ball flight from the newer model. 

With the mid irons, there really wasn’t much in it between the Tour Soft and Soft Response. Both golf balls delivered an impressive balance of distance, consistency and control. Both golf balls spun at around 4000rpm, which with a 7-iron is slightly less than I would be looking for but they both offered plenty of height.

As for the feel, the Tour Soft offers a good balance. For me, it was responsive but without being too soft. I liked the feel here but it didn’t feel as soft as TaylorMade’s offering in this department. This might be worth considering for those in search of an all-out soft feel golf ball. 

Tour Soft Side stamp

The Tour Soft features a newly designed T-Shaped side stamp to aid with alignment

One of the big trade-offs with a golf ball like this versus some of the best premium golf balls comes with greenside spin. It was evident that I wasn’t getting the same level of spin control from close range as I’d expect from a Pro V1x. Whilst this comparison might seem a little unfair, I think it highlights what you give up if you decide to drop down to a less expensive ball. 

From tee-to-green, there was a lot to like about the Titleist Tour Soft 2022 golf ball. It is long and feels nicely responsive as you get closer to the green. I was particularly impressed with the consistency of the ball flights - it is a real stand-out feature within this soft feel category.

If you would like to buy Titleist equipment to add to your bag, consider checking out our Titleist promo codes .

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In July 2023, Neil became just the 9th editor in Golf Monthly's 112-year history. Originally working with the best coaches in the UK to produce instruction content, he has also presented many Golf Monthly videos looking at all areas of the game from Tour player interviews to the rules of golf. 

Throughout his time with the brand he has also covered equipment launches that date back well over a decade. He clearly remembers the launch of the Callaway and Nike square drivers as well as the white TaylorMade driver families, such as the RocketBallz! If you take a look at the Golf Monthly YouTube channel, you'll see his equipment videos dating back over a decade! He has also conducted 'What's In The Bag' interviews with many of the game's best players like Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm. Over the years, Neil has tested a vast array of products in each category and at drastically different price-points. 

Neil is currently playing: Driver: TaylorMade Stealth Plus Fairway Wood: Titleist TSR2 Hybrid: Titleist TS3 Irons: PING Blueprint S (4&5), PING Blueprint T (6-PW) Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM7 50˚, 54˚, 60˚ Putter: Odyssey Triple Track Ten Ball: Titleist Pro V1X

Robert MacIntyre chats to his caddie at the PGA Championship

Despite the Scot making a par from the concession stand on his 16th hole of the day, MacIntyre was forced to endure a 25-minute wait on a ruling as his PGA Championship hopes hung by a thread

By Matt Cradock Published 18 May 24

Adam Hadwin hits a tee shot with his driver, whilst a fan jumps in the water

Although it's unclear as to how Adam Hadwin's club ended up in the drink, the Canadian did manage to get it back thanks to a very eager fan

Tiger Woods stands in front of a Rolex advert board

Despite firing rounds of 72 and 77 in Valhalla, the 15-time Major winner remained upbeat, claiming he is 'better physically' than he was a month ago

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  1. Titleist 2024 Tour Soft Golf Ball Review

    The Titleist 2024 Tour Soft offers really strong performance for a mid-priced golf ball. The soft feel will please those who prioritise this, particularly with the scoring clubs, but thanks to a new faster core, ball speeds also remained fairly high. A great alternative to premium golf balls without sacrificing too much.

  2. The 10 Best Soft Golf Balls For Satisfying Feel

    Best Overall Soft Golf Ball: Wilson DUO Soft+. Srixon Soft Feel. Titleist TruFeel. Bridgestone Tour B RX. Vice Pro Soft. Piper Black. Callaway Supersoft. TaylorMade Soft Response. Maxfli Softfli. Noodle Long and Soft. The Best Soft Golf Ball for You. Why Play a Soft Golf Ball?

  3. Ball Lab: 2022 Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review

    MyGolfSpy Ball Lab is where we quantify the quality and consistency of golf balls. Today, we’re reviewing the 2022 Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls. To learn more about our test process, click here.

  4. Titleist Introduces New Tour Soft Golf Balls

    Tour Soft golf balls feature a 346 quad dipyramid dimple pattern, resulting in extremely efficient aerodynamics for optimized flight and distance. AVAILABILITY AND PRICE. New Tour Soft golf balls will be offered in white, high optic yellow and green and will be available in golf shops worldwide on January 24, 2024 for $39.99.

  5. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review

    The Titleist Tour Soft is a good, soft-feeling golf ball, but it isn’t a category-buster. If you want top-end performance in your short game, you still need urethane. However, for the vast majority of golfers for whom durability and value are more important, the Tour Soft is a solid choice.

  6. Titleist Tour Soft 2022 Golf Ball Review

    We wanted to see how the performance stacks up against the best golf balls of 2022 so we tested the Titleist Tour Soft on a SkyTrak launch monitor and out on the golf course. We also tested it alongside the previous version of this ball and a competitor ‘soft feel’ model in the 2022 TaylorMade Soft Response .

  7. 2024 Tour Soft

    Beyond every other soft golf ball, there's Titleist Tour Soft. Who's It For? For the player who prioritises soft feel with great all-around performance. Features. Dependable soft feel with longer distance off the tee from a new faster large core. Reliable short game control from a new, thin reformulated cover.

  8. Titleist Tour Soft 2024 Golf Balls

    Product # 2000000041430. Reviews. NEW. Titleist. Tour Soft 2024 Golf Balls. $ 39.99. Color Select. Delivery. Select product options. Add to Cart. Convenient ways to shop. Free shipping on all orders over $99. Free in-store pickup. Buy online and pick up at your local store. Buy now. Pay later.