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A record 24.04 million people visited Japan in 2016, welcomed by Japan's spirit of omotenashi . A nation where tradition and modernity share the same space, Japan offers an exciting, unique experience for everyone. From Tokyo’s urban sprawl to the peacefulness of Kyoto, from boisterous Osaka nightlife to Hiroshima's contemplative spirit, Japan’s attractions never fail to dazzle visitors. The amazing food, unique culture, and warm hospitality will keep you coming back!

To get you started, here are some useful tools for your trip: Convert US Dollars to Japanese Yen ・ Japan Weather Forecast ・ Japan train route finder (trip planner) ・ Another train route finder Download DC-based Japan Travel Agencies & JR Pass Distributors

Do I need to bring anything special?

Not usually - just a valid passport. If you are a US citizen, you do not need a visa to travel to Japan for up to 90 days with a roundtrip ticket. The purpose of your visit must be tourism, visiting relatives/acquaintances, attending a conference, etc.

Japan has made agreements to waive visa requirements for tourism with 61 countries and regions. You can find more information about this on the Embassy's visa section page . If you need to obtain a visa for your travels, please contact your nearest Consulate General of Japan or call the Visa Section of the Embassy at 202-238-6800.

Where should I visit in Japan?

What can i bring through customs, can i use a credit card, is japan a safe country, do japanese people speak english, what do i do if i need help or get lost, how can people call me while i'm in japan.

To call Japan from the U.S., dial 011 81 , followed by the area code and phone number. For Japanese cell phones, the area code is 80 or 90. Other common codes are 3 for Tokyo, 78 for Kobe, 75 for Kyoto, 6 for Osaka, and 82 for Hiroshima. If you're given a number that starts with 0, remove it and dial the rest. So, if the number is 080, just dial 80. You can also look up numbers via the Japan Phone Book.

Other options for calling abroad include VoIP services such as Skype .

How is Japan's public transportation system/How can I get a "JR Rail Pass"?

Excellent! Japan has an extremely modern subway and rail system, as well as the famous shinkansen bullet trains, and a large network of buses. Japan-Guide has an excellent guide to transportation in Japan, including information on the numerous tickets and passes available. You can also use the Japan train route finders at the top of this page.

The Japan Rail Pass is one of the most popular option if you'll be traveling long distances by train, or if you're looking for an economical solution for sightseeing. Japan-Guide has more information about the rail pass, but we also have a list of distributors in the DMV area available on our DMV Resources page . You must purchase an Exchange Order before you travel to Japan. You cannot buy a Japan Rail Pass in Japan.

For information about traveling on public transport system with a wheelchair or other disabilities, please check our special circumstances section below.

Can I use a drone/UAV in Japan for tourism?

UAVs are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism. Their website has a guide in English for those who would like to use UAVs in Japan.

For laws in specific cities and prefectures, you can try and contact local film offices, who might be able to provide you with information on filming with UAV.

What about prescription medications?

Medications are restricted by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. Certain medications require a Yakkan Shoumei import/export certificate which can take over two weeks to process. For information and/or restrictions on specific medications, please check with Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare .

For more information, please check the main Embassy's guide to bringing Medications into Japan . The Embassy of the United States in Japan also has good information on bringing medication for personal use, although we are not affiliated with them.

What if I'm in a wheelchair or have another disability?

What if i have a medical device (cpap machines, etc.), what if i have dietary restrictions.

Although Japanese food is considered some of the healthiest in the world, it can be difficult to find appropriate foods if you have dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and more. Many major restaurants now include pictorgrams on their menus to help, but smaller restaurants may not have them.

If you are gluten-free , Legal Nomads has provide a gluten-free card in Japanese on her website , and Celiac Travel has a different version on their website .

For vegans and vegetarians , HappyCow , Japan Vegan and Vege-Navi all have resources to help you find good restaurants. Additionally, Is it Vegan? Japan offers help with reading packaging.

For those with halal food restrictions, the JNTO provides a guide to Muslim friendly food stores as well as a travel guide. Additionally, Veg-Travel Tokyo is a vegetarian, halal, and kosher restaurant search. The Jewish Community of Japan also has helpful kosher guides.

If you have food allergies , be aware that any products containing eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp and crab will be labeled by law. The JNTO's English Tourist's Language Handbook includes information on how to indicate what you are allergic to.

Visa Traveler

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Japan Visa for Tourists in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: March 26, 2024

Japan Visa

After being completely closed for tourism for more than 2 years, Japan finally reopened on October 11, 2022, restoring the previous visa exemptions and reducing the visa requirements.

Many nationalities are exempt from having to get a visa. Nationals and residents of select countries can obtain an eVisa online and everyone else can visit one of the over 200 embassies and consulates worldwide.

Table of Contents

Visa policy and visa types.

Nationals from 70 countries can travel to Japan visa-free . Most can stay up to 90 days.

Unless exempt, nationals and residents from 11 countries can apply for an eVisa online. They may still have to visit their nearest Japanese embassy. The eVisa allows stays for up to 90 days.

Everyone else must obtain a regular tourist visa from a Japanese overseas mission before traveling.

Japan does not have a visa on arrival.

Below is a summary of available visa types for tourists. 

Entry Requirements

Japan Visa Requirements by Nationality

The following requirements apply to all visitors to Japan:

  • Passport, which will remain valid during the period of stay
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover the cost of stay
  • Return or onward ticket

Border officials rarely ask about the last 2. 

For the specific visa requirements, see the corresponding section below.

Visa Exemption

Nationals of 70 countries are visa-exempted to travel to Japan. 65 countries are allowed to stay 90 days and the remaining 5 countries are allowed to say 14 to 30 days depending on the nationality. 

There are additional requirements for some nationalities, outlined below. It’s best to check the official Japanese Foreign Ministry website for details.

  • Austria (6)
  • Barbados (5)
  • Czech Republic
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Germany (6)
  • Hong Kong (3)
  • Ireland (6)
  • Lesotho (5)
  • Liechtenstein (6)
  • Malaysia (2)
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • North Macedonia
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland (6)
  • United Kingdom (6)
  • United States
  • United Arab Emirates (2)
  • Indonesia (1)
  • Thailand (2)
  • Must register an ePassport at a Japanese embassy in the respective country. Registration is valid for 3 years but not longer than the passport’s expiry date.
  • Must have an ePassport, otherwise, need a visa.
  • Only for passports issued by the corresponding Special Administrative Region.
  • Must have a personal ID number.
  • Must have a Machine-Readable Passport .
  • Eligible to extend their stay to up to 6 months. Applications are made at a Regional Immigration Bureau inside Japan.

Japan eVisa

Japan eVisa Sample

All nationals and residents from below 14 countries are eligible to apply for Japan eVisa. Those already visa-exempt don’t need to apply.

  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • Mongolia* 

*Required to apply through an agency (see below).


  • Only for tourism
  • Valid for 3 months, single-entry only
  • Duration of stay up to 90 days
  • Fee 3,000 JPY or equivalent. Payable online or in person at the embassy. Some nationalities are exempt from the fee (check with your embassy)
  • Processing takes 5 days to issue but could sometimes take longer

Documents required

What documents are required depends on your nationality and residence. These are the most commonly asked documents but check on the eVisa portal online for an exact list.

  • Passport scan
  • Color picture taken within the last 6 months
  • Proof of immigration status (e.g. Permanent Residence Card or Visa if applicable )
  • Flight itinerary (you don’t have to buy the tickets in advance, an itinerary from an airline is sufficient)
  • Recent bank statement
  • Travel itinerary (must be specific format, download eVisa travel itinerary template here)
  • Proof of current residential address (e.g. driver’s license, state ID, utility bill, or lease agreement)
  • Visa for the country you will visit after Japan (unless it’s your own country)

Application procedure

Applying online is incredibly simple. You can check out this video from Japan’s MOFA or follow the steps below. 

  • Go to Japan eVisa portal
  • Register an account
  • Fill out the application and upload the necessary documents
  • Wait for your documents to be examined. You may be asked to submit additional documents. You will receive an email inviting you to pay when this step is complete.
  • Pay online or in person
  • After the eVisa has been issued, log in and make sure you can show the “ Visa Issuance Notice ” on your smartphone.

There’s no need to print any documents. On the contrary, you must show the visa on a digital device. Screenshots are not accepted either.

At the border, show the visa issuance notice with the QR code. 

Once inside the country, you will receive an email saying your eVisa has expired. Don’t panic. This means you cannot use it to enter Japan again. You are allowed to stay up to 90 days inside Japan.

Applying from China, Vietnam, and Mongolia

Obtaining an eVisa for Japan in these three countries comes with special provisions.

EVisa is available to nationals of China who reside in China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau). You must apply through a Japan Visa Application Center or an accredited travel agency.

The eVisa grants entry to Japan for up to 30 days. Read more about it on the Japanese embassy in China website .

EVisa is available to nationals of Vietnam, who reside in Vietnam. You must book a packaged tour organized by a travel agency.

EVisa is available ONLY to foreign nationals who reside in Mongolia. You must apply at the Japan Visa Application Center (VAC) in Mongolia. Check with the Japanese embassy in Mongolia for more information.

Read the Japan eVisa article for more in-depth information on eVisa requirements, processing times, application process and border procedures.

Japan Tourist Visa

Japan Visa Sample

Everyone who’s not visa-exempt must obtain a visa to travel to Japan. If the eVisa isn’t an option, then you must obtain a tourist visa from a Japanese embassy.

Tourist visas are mostly single-entry. The term of stay can be either 15, 30 or 90 days from the date of entry. The visa itself is valid for 3 months for single entry and up to 5 years for multiple entry.


The requirements for a tourist visa may differ depending on your nationality and the embassy you apply from. In most cases, they are:

  • Passport with at least 2 blank pages
  • Completed Visa Application Form
  • 1 Passport-sized color photo taken within the last 6 months
  • Flight itinerary
  • Hotel reservation unless staying in an invitee’s home. It must cover the entire stay in Japan .
  • Detailed, day-by-day itinerary in Japan .
  • Most recent bank statement
  • Proof of immigration status (if applicable)

The visa costs 3,000 JPY (~21$) or equivalent.

For further reading, check out the Japan Tourist Visa article for details such as when to apply, photo requirements and the application process.

Benefits of Japan tourist visa

Japan’s tourist visa is becoming a strong visa these days. That means Japanese visas have added benefits such as VISA-FREE travel to many other countries. As of 2024, you can travel to 14 countries with a Japanese visa. Read the VISA-FREE countries for Japan visa article for more details.

Transiting in Japan

Not leaving the airport.

If you are not already visa-exempt, you can transit in Japan without a visa only if:

  • You stay within the international transit area of the airport;
  • You have the necessary documents needed for the next country of destination;
  • within 72 hours for Tokyo Haneda Airport or Kansai Airport (Osaka);
  • within the same calendar day for all other airports.

Transit Visa

If you intend to pass through immigration and enter Japan for a short period, you must obtain a transit visa.

The requirements and procedures for obtaining transit visas are identical to regular tourist visas.

The main differences are in cost and duration of stay. The transit visa costs 700 JPY (~5$) and is issued for a maximum of 15 days but usually just 2-3 days until your next flight.

Japan Shore Pass

If you are transiting in Japan for less than 72 hours and you have a connecting flight that’s NOT on the same day, you may be able to obtain the Japan Shore Pass.

The application for it is usually done by the airline so it’s best to consult them.

To be eligible for the shore pass, you must arrive and depart from airports and seaports within the same group.

  • Airports : Narita, Haneda, Nagoya, Niigata, Komatsu, Yokota.
  • Seaports : Tokyo, Yokohama, Niigata, Nagoya.
  • Airports : Osaka, Nagoya, Komatsu.
  • Seaports : Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya.
  • Airports : Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Naha, Kadena.
  • Seaports : Hakata, Shimonoseki, Naha.
  • Airports : Chitose.
  • Seaports : Tomakomai, Otaru, Hakodate, Muroran.

Entry Procedure at the Airports

Japan Entry and Exit Stamps in Passport

You may use the Visit Japan Web to submit all required information online. It’s not mandatory. Instead of paper forms, you will show QR codes.

After landing, you will sequentially go through immigration and customs.

If you got the eVisa, show your visa issuance notice on a smartphone. Otherwise, just your passport. Get a stamp and enjoy Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a covid vaccination certificate required to travel to japan.

COVID vaccination certificates and tests are not required since April 29, 2023.

Can I apply for a Japan visa online?

Yes but only if you’re a national or resident of the 11 eligible countries listed above.

How much does a Japan visa cost?

Japan visa costs 3000 YEN or equivalent in another currency.

How long does visa processing take?

Japan visa processing normally takes 5 working days but it could take more. It’s a good idea to apply for a visa at least a month before you travel.

Can I get a multiple-entry visa?

Japan eVisas are single-entry only. Embassies may issue multiple-entry visas depending on your circumstances.


Thirumal Motati

Thirumal Motati is an expert in tourist visa matters. He has been traveling the world on tourist visas for more than a decade. With his expertise, he has obtained several tourist visas, including the most strenuous ones such as the US, UK, Canada, and Schengen, some of which were granted multiple times. He has also set foot inside US consulates on numerous occasions. Mr. Motati has uncovered the secrets to successful visa applications. His guidance has enabled countless individuals to obtain their visas and fulfill their travel dreams. His statements have been mentioned in publications like Yahoo, BBC, The Hindu, and Travel Zoo.


I highly recommend using these websites to plan your trip. I use these websites myself to apply for my visas, book my flights and hotels and purchase my travel insurance.

01. Apply for your visa

Get a verifiable flight itinerary for your visa application from DummyTicket247 . DummyTicket247 is a flight search engine to search and book flight itineraries for visas instantly. These flight itineraries are guaranteed to be valid for 2 weeks and work for all visa applications.

02. Book your fight

Find the cheapest flight tickets using Skyscanner . Skyscanner includes all budget airlines and you are guaranteed to find the cheapest flight to your destination.

03. Book your hotel

Book your hotel from . has pretty much every hotel, hostel and guesthouse from every destination.

04. Get your onward ticket

If traveling on a one-way ticket, use BestOnwardTicket to get proof of onward ticket for just $12, valid for 48 hours.

05. Purchase your insurance

Purchase travel medical insurance for your trip from SafetyWing . Insurance from SafetyWing covers COVID-19 and also comes with a visa letter which you can use for your visas.

Need more? Check out my travel resources page  for the best websites to plan your trip.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER We are not affiliated with immigration, embassies or governments of any country. The content in this article is for educational and general informational purposes only, and shall not be understood or construed as, visa, immigration or legal advice. Your use of information provided in this article is solely at your own risk and you expressly agree not to rely upon any information contained in this article as a substitute for professional visa or immigration advice. Under no circumstance shall be held liable or responsible for any errors or omissions in this article or for any damage you may suffer in respect to any actions taken or not taken based on any or all of the information in this article. Please refer to our full disclaimer for further information.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please refer to our full disclosure for further information.


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Travel Advisory January 8, 2024

Japan - level 1: exercise normal precautions.

Japan – Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions

Reissued after periodic review without changes.

Exercise normal precautions in Japan.

Read the  country information page  for additional information on travel to Japan.

If you decide to travel to Japan: 

  • Enroll in the  Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)  to receive Alerts and make it easier to locate you in an emergency.
  • Follow the Department of State on  Facebook  and  Twitter .
  • Follow Embassy Tokyo’s American Citizen Services section on  Facebook  and  Twitter .
  • Review the  Country Security Report  for Japan.
  • Visit the CDC page for the latest  Travel Health Information  related to your travel.
  • Prepare a contingency plan for emergency situations. Review the  Traveler’s Checklist .

Embassy Messages

View Alerts and Messages Archive

Quick Facts

Duration of intended period of stay. Please note you cannot travel on a passport you have previously declared as lost or stolen even if you subsequently locate it

One page required for entry stamp

Amounts equivalent to ¥1,000,000 or above subject to declaration

Embassies and Consulates

U.S. Embassy Tokyo  1-10-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8420 Japan Telephone: 81-3-3224-5000 Emergency After-Hours Telephone: 81-3-3224-5000 Fax: 81-3-3224-5856 Our Navigator Assistant will guide you to the information you need.

U.S. Consulate General Osaka-Kobe 2-11-5, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8543, Japan Telephone: 81-6-6315-5900 Emergency After-Hours Telephone: 81-3-3224-5000 Fax: 81-6-6315-5914 Our  Navigator Assistant  will guide you to the information you need.

U.S. Consulate General Naha 2-1-1 Toyama, Urasoe City, Okinawa, Japan Telephone: 81-98-876-4211 Emergency Telephone: 81-3-3224-5000 Fax: 81-98-876-4243 Our  Navigator Assistant  will guide you to the information you need.

U.S. Consulate General Sapporo Kita 1-jo Nishi 28-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 064-0821, Japan Telephone: 81-11-641-1115 Emergency After-Hours Telephone: 81-11-641-1115 Fax: 81-11-643-1283 Our Navigator Assistant will guide you to the information you need. All assistance at the Consulate General Sapporo is by appointment only.

U.S. Consulate Fukuoka 5-26 Ohori 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0052, Japan Telephone: 81-92-751-9331 Emergency After-Hours Telephone: 81-3-3224-5000 Fax: 81-92-713-9222 [email protected] Our Navigator Assistant will guide you to the information you need. Routine services are provided by appointment only.

U.S. Consulate Nagoya Nagoya International Center Bldg. 6th floor, 1-47-1 Nagono, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-0001, Japan Telephone: 81-52-581-4501 Emergency After-Hours Telephone: 81-3-3224-5000 Fax: 81-52-581-3190 Our Navigator Assistant will guide you to the information you need. Emergency services are provided by U.S. Consulate General Osaka-Kobe. 

Destination Description

See the Department of State’s Fact Sheet on Japan for information on U.S-Japan relations.

Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements

Visit the  Embassy of Japan  website for the most current visa information.

There are no COVID-related entry requirements for U.S. citizens.

Entry & Exit:

  • You must have a valid passport and an onward/return ticket for tourist/business "visa free" stays of up to 90 days. Your passport must be valid for the entire time you are staying in Japan.
  • You cannot work on a 90-day "visa free" entry.
  • "Visa free" entry status may not be changed to another visa status without departing and then re-entering Japan with the appropriate visa, such as a spouse, work, or study visa.
  • Visit the Embassy of Japan website for the most current information on all visa categories.
  • Japanese immigration officers may deny you entry if you appear to have no visible means of support. 
  • All foreign nationals are required to provide fingerprint scans and to be photographed at the port of entry. Exceptions to this requirement include diplomatic and official visa holders, minors, and individuals covered under SOFA Article IX.2. For further information about landing procedures, please visit the  Immigration Bureau of Japan’s website . 
  • Make sure your passport is valid. Note you cannot travel on a passport you have previously declared as lost or stolen even if you subsequently locate it. Japanese authorities will likely deny you entry into Japan if you attempt to do so. If you have reported your passport lost or stolen, you must apply for a new passport before travel.

Transiting Japan: 

  • Ensure that your passport and visa are valid and up-to-date before you leave the United States. Passport services are not available at the airport.
  • Airlines in Japan may deny you boarding for transit if you do not have the required travel documents for an onward destination in another country or if your passport does not have six months of validity remaining. For the entry requirements of the country you are traveling to, visit the  State Department's Country Specific Information  website.

Military/SOFA Travelers:  While active-duty U.S. military personnel may enter Japan under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with proper Department of Defense (DoD) identification and travel orders, all SOFA family members, civilian employees, and contractors must have valid passports to enter Japan. Please consult the  DOD Foreign Clearance Guide  before leaving the United States.

See  the Immigration Bureau of Japan’s website  for various immigration procedures.

HIV/AIDS Restrictions:  The U.S. Department of State is unaware of any HIV/AIDS entry restrictions for visitors to or foreign residents of Japan. 

Find information on  dual nationality ,  prevention of international child abduction  and  customs regulations  on our websites.

Safety and Security

For police services in Japan, dial 110. For fire or ambulance services, dial 119.

Crime:  Crime against U.S. citizens in Japan is generally low and usually involves personal disputes, theft, or vandalism. In addition:

  • Robberies committed after a victim has been drugged from a spiked drink can occur, especially in nightlife districts.
  • Sexual assaults are not often reported, but they do occur, and victims may be randomly targeted.  Victim's assistance resources or shelters are difficult for foreigners to access.
  • Hate-related violent crimes rarely occur, although some U.S. citizens have reported being the target of discrimination because of their nationality or their race.
  • Pick pocketing can occur in crowded shopping areas, on trains, and at airports.
  • Police reports must be filed before leaving Japan, as Japanese police will not accept reports filed from overseas. 
  • In instances involving credit card theft or fraud, Japanese police often provide a report number rather than a police report.  You can provide this report number to your credit card company to confirm the incident with the police.

Entertainment and Nightlife Districts in Tokyo: 

  • Exercise caution in all entertainment and nightlife districts throughout Japan, especially Roppongi, Kabuki-cho, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro. 
  • Incidents involving U.S. citizens in these areas include physical and sexual assaults, drug overdoses, theft of purses, wallets, cash and credit cards at bars or clubs, and drugs slipped into drinks. 
  • Drink spiking at bars and entertainment venues, especially in areas such as Roppongi and Kabuki-cho, near Shinjuku, has led to robbery, physical and sexual assaults, and credit card fraud.  Some victims regain consciousness in the bar or club; other victims may awaken on the street or other unfamiliar locations.
  • U.S. citizens have reported being threatened with gun or knife violence in such venues so that they will pay exorbitant bar tabs or withdraw money.  U.S. citizens have also reported being beaten when they have refused to pay or hand over money.
  • There have been reports of U.S. citizens being forcibly taken to ATMs and robbed, or made to withdraw funds after being unable to pay exorbitant bar tabs.
  • Please be aware that Roppongi, Kabuki-cho, and other entertainment and nightlife districts have also been the scenes of violence between criminal syndicates. 

See the  Department of State  and the  FBI  pages for information on scams. 

Police reports must be filed at the nearest police station prior to departure from Japan. The Japanese police cannot accept reports filed from overseas. Report crimes to the local police at 110 and contact the U.S. Embassy at 03-3224-5000 (011-81-3-3224-5000 from overseas).  Remember that local authorities are responsible for investigating and prosecuting the crime.

See our webpage on  help for U.S. victims of crime overseas .

  • help you find appropriate medical care;
  • assist you in reporting a crime to the police;
  • contact relatives or friends with your written consent;
  • explain the local criminal justice process in general terms;
  • provide a list of local attorneys;
  • provide information on  victim’s compensation programs in the U.S. ;
  • provide an emergency loan for repatriation to the United States and/or limited medical support in cases of destitution
  • help you find accommodation and arrange flights home; and/or
  • replace a stolen or lost passport.

Contacting Police, Fire and Ambulance Services:  You can reach the police throughout Japan by dialing 110. Fire and ambulance services can be contacted by dialing 119.  Note that English-speaking dispatchers may not be available. Please review advice on  “Calling for Help” on our  website . If you need assistance, you should be able to describe your address/location in Japanese or find someone who can do so, since few police officers speak English.

Domestic Violence:  Victim's assistance resources or battered women's shelters exist in major urban areas, but are difficult for foreigners to access. These types of resources are also generally unavailable in rural areas. Investigations of sexual assault crimes are often conducted without female police officers present, and police typically ask about the victim's sexual history and previous relationships.

Tourism:  The Victim's assistance resources or battered women's shelters exist in major urban areas, but are difficult for foreigners to access. These types of resources are also generally unavailable in rural areas. Investigations of sexual assault crimes are often conducted without female police officers present, and police typically ask about the victim's sexual history and previous relationships.

See our webpage for more  information on insurance providers for overseas coverage.

Local Laws & Special Circumstances

Criminal Penalties:  You are subject to Japanese law while you are in Japan. If you violate Japanese laws, even unknowingly, you may be arrested, imprisoned, or deported. If you are arrested in Japan,  even for a minor offense , you may be held in detention without bail for several months or more during the investigation and legal proceedings.

Some offences are also prosecutable in the United States, regardless of Japanese law. For examples, see our website on  crimes against minors abroad  and the  Department of Justice  website.

The vast majority of arrests of U.S. citizens in Japan are for drug-related offenses. Japanese authorities aggressively pursue drug smugglers and users, including recreational users with sophisticated detection equipment, "sniffing" dogs, blood tests, “stop and frisk” tactics, and other methods. Penalties for possessing, using, or trafficking a drug that is illegal in Japan are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and fines. Please note that some drugs which may be legal in certain jurisdictions outside of Japan, including marijuana and synthetic drugs, remain illegal in Japan. This also applies to certain prescription drugs that doctors in the United States may prescribe.  Japanese law makes no distinction between medical and recreational marijuana; therefore, having a prescription for medical marijuana will not help you avoid arrest or prosecution. Even possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal medical or recreational use can result in a long jail sentence and fine. Japanese customs officials carefully screen incoming packages, and individuals who are mailed drugs can be arrested and prosecuted as drug traffickers.   

Confiscation of Prescription Drugs and Other Medication:  It is important to note that some medications that are routinely prescribed in the United States, including Adderall and marijuana, are strictly prohibited in Japan. The Japanese government decides which medications may be imported legally into Japan. The Embassy and Consulates of Japan in the United States have limited information available and do not have a comprehensive list of specific medications or ingredients. Please see more  information on importing medicines  into Japan.

You must carry your U.S. passport or Japanese Residence Card (Zairyu Kado) with you at all times. In Japan, you may be taken in for questioning if you do not have your passport or Japanese residence card to show your identity and status in Japan (e.g., as a visitor, student, worker, or permanent resident).

It is illegal to work in Japan while in tourist or visa-waiver status. Overstaying your visa or working illegally may lead to fines of several thousands of dollars, and in some cases, re-entry bans as long as 10 years, or indefinitely for drug offenders. For additional information, please see  Japan’s Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act  and contact the  Japanese Embassy  or nearest Japanese Consulate in the United States for more information.

Driving under the influence of alcohol could also land you immediately in jail. The blood-alcohol limit in Japan is 0.03%. Punishments can be up to 10,000 USD in fines and up to five years in prison.

Possession of a gun or ammunition is a crime in Japan. Carrying a knife with a locking blade, or a folding blade that is longer than 5.5 cm (a little more than two inches), is illegal in Japan. U.S. citizens and U.S. military personnel have been arrested and detained for more than 10 days for carrying pocket knives that are legal in the United States but illegal in Japan. The possession of lock-picking tools is illegal in Japan.

Establishing a Business : Individuals establishing a business or practicing a profession that requires additional permits or licensing should seek information from the competent local authorities, prior to practicing or operating a business.

A  list of English-speaking lawyers  located throughout Japan is available on our  website .

Arrest Notification : If you are arrested or detained, ask police or prison officials to notify the U.S. Embassy immediately. See the Department of State’s webpage  and the Embassy’s  website  for additional information.

Counterfeit and Pirated Goods: Although counterfeit and pirated goods are prevalent in many countries, they may still be illegal according to local laws. You may also pay fines or have to give them up if you bring them back to the United States. See the U.S. Department of Justice’s website for more information .

Faith-Based Travelers:  See our following webpages for details:

  • Faith-Based Travel Information
  • International Religious Freedom Report  – see country reports
  • Human Rights Report  – see country reports
  • Hajj Fact Sheet for Travelers
  • Best Practices for Volunteering Abroad

LGBTQI+ Travelers:  There are no legal restrictions on same-sex sexual relations or the organization of LGBTI+ events in Japan.

Laws governing rape, sexual commerce, and other activity involving sexual relations do not apply to same-sex sexual activity. This leads to lower penalties for perpetrators of same-sex rape and sexual assault and greater legal ambiguity surrounding same-sex prostitution.

See our  LGBTQI+ Travel Information  page and section 6 of our  Human Rights report  for further details.

Travelers with Disabilities:  The law in Japan prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities. Japanese disability laws require the public sector to provide reasonable accommodations and the private sector to make best efforts in employment, education, access to health care, or the provision of other services; however, there are no penalties for noncompliance. Social acceptance of persons with disabilities in public is not as prevalent as in the United States.

Although Japan’s accessibility laws mandate that new construction projects for public use include provisions for persons with disabilities, older buildings are not likely to have been retrofitted for accessibility. At major train stations, airports, and hotels, travelers with disabilities should encounter few accessibility problems. Note that many smaller stations are inaccessible to those who cannot climb stairs. Information on travel in Japan for travelers with disabilities is available at  Accessible Japan .

Travelers with disabilities can learn more about resources available in country from the Japan National Tourism Organization’s  traveling with a disability page .

Students:  See our  Students Abroad  page and  FBI travel tips .

Women Travelers:  See our travel tips for  Women Travelers .

Conditions at Prisons and Detention Facilities:  Japanese prisons and detention facilities maintain internal order through a regime of very strict discipline.  U.S. citizen prisoners often complain of stark, austere living conditions and psychological isolation.  Heating in winter can be inadequate in some facilities, food portions can be significantly smaller than what many may be accustomed to, and access to specialized medical care, particularly mental health care, at detention facilities and prisons is sometimes limited. Additional  information on arrests in Japan  is available on our embassy website.

Customs Regulations:  Please contact the Japanese Embassy or nearest Japanese consulate in the United States, or  visit the Japanese Customs website  for specific information regarding import restrictions and customs requirements.

Japanese customs authorities encourage the use of an Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission (ATA) Carnet in order to temporarily import professional equipment, commercial samples, and/or goods for exhibitions and trade fairs into Japan.  For additional information, please call (212) 354-4480, or  email the U.S. CIB  for details.

Pets:  The Japanese  Animal Quarantine Service  (AQS) sets procedures for importing pets. At a minimum, the process will take seven to eight months, though the process can take up to a year before a pet may enter Japan. Advance planning is critical. You can find more information about  importing a pet into Japan  or information about  exporting a pet from Japan  on our  Embassy website.

Employment Issues:  U.S. citizens should not come to Japan to work without having the proper employment visa arranged ahead of time. Teaching English, even privately, and serving as hosts/hostesses are both considered "work" in Japan and are illegal without the proper visa.

Some U.S.-based employment agencies and Japanese employers do not fully or correctly represent the true nature of employment terms and conditions. A minimum requirement for effectively seeking the protection of Japanese labor law is a written and signed work contract. If there is no signed contract, Japanese authorities are not able to act on behalf of foreign workers. If you are coming to Japan to work, carefully review your contract and the history and reputation of your Japanese employer before traveling to Japan. Complaints against U.S.-based employment agencies or recruiters may be directed to the  Better Business Bureau  or the Office of the Attorney General in the relevant state(s).

Disaster Preparedness : Japan is prone to natural disasters, including earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, and landslides. See the  Embassy’s  webpage for recommendations and steps you can take to prepare for an emergency. The Japan Tourism Organization’s  Safety Tips app  and  NHK World app  provide Japanese government emergency “J-Alerts” to your cell phone in English through push notifications. “J-Alerts” can provide early warning emergency alerts on earthquakes predicted in a specific area, sometimes seconds before an earthquake hits. 

Radiation: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant : The Government of Japan continues to closely monitor the conditions at and around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. You should comply with all travel restrictions and cautions put into place by the Government of Japan for areas surrounding the plant. For more information, contact the  Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority .

For police service in Japan, dial 110. For fire or ambulance, dial 119.

Ambulance services are widely available but receiving hospitals may decline to accept inbound patients unless they can provide proof of funds to pay for services.

COVID-19 Testing:

  • Travelers should contact Japanese local health providers to determine the location of testing facilities within Japan. A non-comprehensive list of some COVID-19 testing facilities can be found here on the Embassy website.

COVID-19 Vaccines:

  • The COVID-19 vaccine is available for U.S. citizens to receive in Japan.
  • Review the Government of Japan’s  English language website  on COVID-19 vaccinations in Japan.
  • Visit the FDA's website to  learn more about FDA-approved vaccines  in the United States. 

The Department of State does not pay medical bills.  Be aware that U.S. Medicare/Medicaid does not apply overseas. Most hospitals and doctors overseas do not accept U.S. health insurance.

Medical Insurance:  Make sure your health insurance plan provides coverage overseas. Some care providers in Japan only accept cash payments. See our webpage for more information on insurance providers for overseas coverage. Visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more information on type of insurance you should consider before you travel overseas.

We strongly recommend  supplemental insurance  to cover medical evacuation.

If traveling with prescription medication, check with the government of  Japan’s Ministry of Health website to ensure the medication is legal in Japan; possession, use, or importation of a prescription drug that is illegal in Japan may result in arrest and criminal prosecution. Always carry your prescription medication in original packaging with your doctor’s prescription. U.S. prescriptions are not honored in Japan, so if you need ongoing prescription medicine, you should arrive with a sufficient supply for your stay in Japan or enough until you are able to see a local care provider.

Vaccinations:  Be up-to-date on all  vaccinations recommended  by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Further health information:

  • World Health Organization
  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC)

Japan has a national health insurance system which is available only to those foreigners with long-term visas for Japan. National health insurance does not pay for medical evacuation. Medical caregivers in Japan may require payment in full at the time of treatment or concrete proof of ability to pay before they will treat a foreigner who is not a member of the national health insurance plan.

U.S.-style and standard psychological and psychiatric care can be difficult to locate outside of major urban centers in Japan and generally is not available outside of Japan's major cities. Extended psychiatric care can be very difficult to obtain.

Air Quality: Visit AirNow Department of State for information on air quality at U.S. Embassies and Consulates.

Travel and Transportation

Road Conditions and Safety : Driving in Japan can be complicated and expensive. Traffic moves on the left side of the road. Those who cannot read the language will have trouble understanding road signs. Highway tolls can be very high, and city traffic is often very congested. A 20-mile trip in the Tokyo area may take two hours. There is virtually no legal roadside or curbside parking; however, traffic is commonly blocked or partially blocked by those illegally parked curbside. In mountainous areas, roads are often closed during the winter, and cars should be equipped with tire chains. Roads in Japan are much narrower than those in the United States.

Traffic Laws : Japanese law provides that all drivers in Japan are held liable in the event of an accident, and assesses fault in an accident on all parties. Japanese compulsory insurance (JCI) is mandatory for all automobile owners and drivers in Japan. Most short-term visitors choose not to drive in Japan. Turning right or left on red lights is not permitted in Japan, and all passengers are required to fasten their seat belts.

Japan has a national 0.03 percent blood-alcohol-level standard for driving, and drivers stopped for driving under the influence of intoxicants will have their licenses confiscated. If you are found guilty of driving under the influence, speeding, or blatantly careless driving resulting in injury, you are subject to up to 15 years in prison. 

See our  Road Safety page  for more information. The National Police Agency (NPA) oversees the administration and enforcement of traffic laws in Japan. You can find further information in English on the  NPA English website . Information about roadside assistance, rules of the road, and obtaining a Japanese driver's license is available in English from the  Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) web site . See  the Japan National Tourism Organization’s website for car rental and driving in Japan.

Emergency Assistance : For roadside assistance, please contact the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) at 03-5730-0111 in Tokyo, 072-645-0111 in Osaka, 011-857-8139 in Sapporo, 092-841-5000 in Fukuoka, or 098-877-9163 in Okinawa.

International Driving Permits (IDPs):  An international driving permit (IDP) issued in the United States by the American Automobile Association (AAA) or the American Automobile Touring Alliance (AATA) is required of short-term visitors who drive in Japan. You must obtain an IDP issued in your country of residence prior to arriving in Japan. The U.S. Embassy andU.S. consulates do not issue IDPs. IDPs issued via the Internet and/or by other organizations are not valid in Japan. 

Foreign residents in Japan who use an IDP may be fined or arrested. In practice, the term “resident” involves more than simply visa status or length of stay in Japan and is determined by the police. In short, a driver license from country outside Japan is not a substitute for a valid Japanese license for foreign residents. See the U.S. Embassy’s  website  for more information on driving in Japan.

Aviation Safety Oversight : The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has assessed the government of Japan’s Civil Aviation Authority as being in compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aviation safety standards for oversight of Japan’s air carrier operations. Further information may be found on the  FAA's safety assessment page .

Maritime Travel : Mariners planning travel to Japan should also check for U.S. maritime advisories and alerts  in the Alerts section of the Embassy’s messages. Information may also be posted to the  U.S. Coast Guard homeport website , and the  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) broadcast warnings website portal  select “broadcast warnings.”

For additional travel information

  • Enroll in the  Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)  to receive security messages and make it easier to locate you in an emergency.
  • Call us in Washington, D.C. at 1-888-407-4747 (toll-free in the United States and Canada) or 1-202-501-4444 (from all other countries) from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays).
  • See the  State Department’s travel website  for the  Worldwide Caution  and  Travel Advisories .
  • Follow us on  Twitter  and  Facebook .
  • See  traveling safely abroad  for useful travel tips.

Review information about International Parental Child Abduction in  Japan . For additional IPCA-related information, please see the  International Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act ( ICAPRA )  report.

Travel Advisory Levels

Assistance for u.s. citizens, learn about your destination, enroll in step.

Enroll in STEP

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Recommended Web Browsers: Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Make two copies of all of your travel documents in case of emergency, and leave one with a trusted friend or relative.


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JAPAN VISA REQUIREMENTS & Application for Tourists

JAPAN VISA REQUIREMENTS & Application for Tourists

By continuing to read this article, you agree to double check with the authorities or other concerned entities for the latest updates.

Traveling to Japan as a tourist? Here’s our latest visa application guide with the LIST OF JAPAN VISA REQUIREMENTS and STEP-BY-STEP APPLICATION PROCESS. We added a detailed guide on HOW TO FILL OUT JAPAN VISA APPLICATION FORM. And as a bonus, we also answered some frequently asked questions. Note that this is for those applying as tourists.

Geographically Japan isn’t too far from the Philippines, and a good number of airlines fly to its major cities from Manila. Most Filipinos, however, feel that this amazing East Asian country is far more distant than it actually is. One reason is the visa requirement.

Visas are always a major hurdle for many Filipino travelers. One look at the list of requirements and some already feel intimidated by it. I felt exactly the same when I was new in the travel scene. But over the past few years, the Japanese Embassy has been more forgiving when it comes to visa applications.

Today, getting a Japanese visa is actually quite easy. Here’s a quick step-by-step chronicling of how I got mine.

Important! This visa guide is for those applying for a JAPAN TOURIST VISA (with and without sponsor or guarantor), meaning you will be staying in a hotel and you’re not visiting anyone in Japan. If you’re traveling to visit a friend or relative in Japan, we have a separate post for that. Read: Japan Visa Requirements for Visiting Friends or Relatives

japan multiple entry visa



1. philippine passport.

  • Must have a signature. In new 10-year passports, you’ll find the signature line on page 3 (the page opposite the bio page), just below the big Philippine flag image. In older e-passports, the signature is digitally encoded on the actual bio page.
  • Must have at least 2 blank pages. The Japanese embassy attaches a sticker to a page on your passport. Then the Japanese immigration adds an entry sticker on another page upon arrival.
  • Must have at least 6 months validity. The standard immigration practice is to reject passports with validity shorter than 6 months. In cases like these, you will not be allowed to exit the Philippines or enter Japan.
  • Must be in good condition. Broken and unreadable passports are not accepted.

2. A duly accomplished visa application form.

  • You may download it from  here .
  • Handwritten and computerized are both accepted.
  • Don’t leave any field blank. If a field is not applicable to you, write N/A.
  • Print the form on an A4-size paper. Other sizes will be rejected. No, legal (long) and letter (short) sizes are not allowed. Only A4.
  • Use a black pen or font. Do not use pencil or one of those erasable pens.
  • Avoid erasures. If it can’t be helped, use double line (2 strikethroughs). If there are too many erasures, start over. Never ever use correction tape or liquid.
  • If you need help accomplishing the form, we have a guide in another section below.

3. ID picture

  • Size: 4.5cm x 3.5 cm
  • White background
  • Must have been taken within the past 6 months.
  • Write your name and birthdate on the back side.
  • Paste it on the designated area on the application form. DO NOT STAPLE.

4. Birth certificate from PSA

  • Must be issued within the past one year from PSA Main Office or Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide). NO, certificates older than one year are NOT ACCEPTED.
  • If the birth certificate is marked LATE REGISTRATION, you must also submit Baptismal certificate, School Record (Form 137), and School Yearbook (if applicable). The address of the church or school must be indicated in the documents.

5. Marriage certificate from PSA

  • Only if you’re married. If you’re single, ignore this one.
  • Must be issued within the past one year from PSA Main Office or Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide).

6. Daily schedule in Japan

  • This is your daily itinerary in Japan.
  • Download the format here .
  • Must be printed on an A4-size paper.
  • It doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s what mine looked like: Sample Japan Itinerary

7. Accomplished list of Visa Applicants

  • Only if traveling as family/group. If you’re applying alone, no need to submit this.
  • You must have a REPRESENTATIVE APPLICANT , who will be the key person in your application. For example, if you’re applying as a family, one of the parents can be the representative. If one of the applicants/travelers will be sponsoring the rest of the group, that person can also be the representative.
  • In the “relationship with the inviting person and guarantor” field, write N/A if you’re applying as a tourist. Fill this in only if you’re visiting friends or relatives in Japan.
  • You can download the form here .

In addition, you also need to provide the following financial and employment documents. There is a separate set of requirements for those with guarantor from those who will shoulder their own expenses.

Additional Requirements if WITHOUT Guarantor

If you will shoulder part or all of your travel expenses, you must provide the following:

  • Income tax return (ITR Form 2316). They need a clear photocopy of it.
  • Bank certificate.  Must be issued within the past 3 months. I’m not sure if they require a receipt, but I submitted the receipt too. To be safe, when you get your bank certificate, ask for a receipt too. There’s no telling how big a fund is “enough” to get approved, but (in case you’re wondering) my account had only a bit north of P100,000. I planned on staying for a week. I didn’t encounter any problem.

Although a Certificate of Employment is no longer on the list of requirements, we still recommend that you provide one showing your start date, salary, and contact persons, especially if you have an irregular ITR (not covering the complete year or issued by your previous employer).

If for some reason, you can’t provide a specific document, you may write a letter explaining why you can’t and submit supporting documents instead. For example, if you don’t have a current ITR because you’re new at your job or you’re working abroad, you can provide copies of invoice or payslip or other tax forms. That’s what I did in one of my applications and they accepted it.

Additional Requirements if WITH Guarantor

If a guarantor will sponsor your trip, you will need to provide the following additional documents. Note that this only applies if the guarantor lives in the Philippines:

  • Guarantee Letter . Must explain your guarantor’s relationship to you and their contact details.
  • Proof of relationship between applicant and guarantor . For example, if the guarantor is a parent or a close relative, submit their birth certificate too.
  • Bank Certificate (original) of the Guarantor
  • Photocopy of the Income Tax Return (ITR Form 2316) of the Guarantor

Again, documents to be printed out must be done on an A4-size paper. Other sizes will not be accepted.

All birth certificates must be issued within the past year by PSA Main Office or Serbilis Center.

Update: NCov Questionnaire / Form

On 3 February 2020, the Japanese Embassy in Manila announced that visa applicants must answer and submit an additional questionnaire in accordance to the Japanese government’s decision to impose restrictions on travelers who have recently visited areas heavily affected by COVID-19.

All applicants must accomplish and submit this form, in addition to the other requirements.


japan embassy tourist visa requirements


  • Complete the requirements , as listed above.
  • Find an accredited travel agency . Except very special cases, the Japanese Embassy doesn’t accept direct applications. They must be coursed through any of their accredited agencies. You will find their very limited list of accredited agencies right here .
  • Submit the documents . Go to your chosen travel agency in the morning or as early as you can. These days, Japan travel is so popular, queues can be so long it can sometimes eat up your entire day.
  • Pay the Processing Fee . In reality, the visa is FREE, but the agency will charge a processing fee. The rates vary, but it’s usually between P800 – P1600 depending on the agency.
  • Wait for your visa . After you have submitted everything to the travel agency, there’s nothing left to do but to wait and hope for the best. If they encounter any problem (e.g. additional requirements), they will let you know. Thus, you must apply not so close to your date of travel. Visa processing normally takes 3-5 days, but sometimes up to 7 working days. For others, it takes weeks. The first time I applied, I received my visa 5 days later. The second time, it took them only 2 days.

Depending on your arrangement with the agency, your passport with the visa (if approved) either will be mailed to you or must be claimed at their office.

That’s pretty much everything! Good luck and enjoy the Land of the Rising Sun!


We get a lot of questions about the various sections of the application form so we decided to make this guide to help you accomplish it without problem.

Before anything else, take note of these general guidelines:

  • THESE SAMPLES ARE FOR TOURISTS. This won’t apply if you’re visiting a relative or a friend. Check this out instead: Japan Visa for Visiting Friends/Relatives .
  • Print the application form on an A4 paper only. Other sizes are not accepted.
  • Fill out the form either digitally or by hand. Both computerized (typewritten) and handwritten are accepted. But for handwritten forms, make sure that you write in block letters and that they are readable.
  • Use a black pen. Do not use erasable pens or pencils! Likewise, if you fill it out digitally, use black font.
  • Don’t use correction tape or liquid. Try to avoid any erasure. If something needs to be corrected, use double line (2 strikethroughs). If there are too many erasures, best to start all over with a fresh blank form.
  • Don’t leave any field blank. If the item or question doesn’t apply to you, write NA or N/A , which is short for Not Applicable .
  • Do not staple the form! The agency will most likely remove them too.

Now that we have those out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the form. You’ll see that the form is quite short and straightforward. It only has two pages.

For the purpose of this post, I’m accomplishing the form using big blue letters just to highlight my answers. But please use BLACK for your application to make it neater and more professional.

japan embassy tourist visa requirements

  • Given and middle names: Write both your given name AND your middle name (your mom’s last name).
  • Other names: If you have a nickname, write it down. But I just write N/A all the time.
  • Place of birth: Most questions we get about this part are from those born in Metro Manila. They ask what to put if they have no province. If it’s in Metro Manila, write Metro Manila. For example, if you were born in Mandaluyong, write: Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines .
  • Former and/or other nationalities or citizenships: Write N/A if it doesn’t apply to you.
  • ID No. issued to you by your government: You can write down any government-issued ID here like Driver’s License, SSS ID, or UMID. A few times, I wrote the passport number here too, I didn’t have any problem.
  • Passport type: Ordinary
  • Passport number: Make sure it’s correct.
  • Place of issue: You can write the city name. In the case of Manila, you can write MANILA. You can also be specific. I usually write DFA NCR EAST, because that’s what’s on my passport.
  • Issuing authority: DFA.

japan embassy tourist visa requirements

  • Purpose of visit to Japan: Tourism. (If you’re visiting a friend or family, write VISIT FRIEND/FAMILY.)
  • Intended length of stay in Japan: Number of days including the day of arrival.
  • Port of entry into Japan: Name of the airport. It can be Kansai, Narita, Chitose, etc.
  • Name of ship or airline: Just the name of the airline or the ship. It doesn’t matter if you’re already booked or not.
  • Names and addresses of hotels or persons with whom applicant intends to stay: If you’re traveling as a tourist, write down the name, address and telephone number of your hotel. If you don’t know the exact address or telephone number of your hotel, Google it!
  • Dates and duration of previous stays in Japan. Write N/A if it’s your first time in Japan. If you’ve been to Japan before write the inclusive dates of your previous visits and the number of days. If you’ve been to Japan many times and it won’t fit, use a separate sheet and indicate it on the form.

japan embassy tourist visa requirements

  • Your current residential address: If you have more than one address, list them all on a separate sheet.
  • Telephone number: If you don’t have a landline number, write N/A.
  • Current profession or occupation and position: Be truthful! If your current occupation or position doesn’t match the ITR you’re submitting (for example, you moved to another company), you can write a letter explaining it.
  • Partner’s profession/occupation: If you’re single and of legal age, write N/A. If you’re married, write the profession of your partner. If for a minor, write the profession or occupation of parents.

japan embassy tourist visa requirements

  • Guarantor/Inviter Info: Since you’re applying for a TOURIST VISA, just write N/A in all the fields.

japan embassy tourist visa requirements

  • If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, please provide relevant details: If you answered NO to all the questions, write N/A.
  • Signature: Sign it by hand. I’m not sure if digital signatures are accepted, but I doubt it. If the applicant is minor, a parent or legal guardian can sign, but the relationship must be indicated below the signature.


I’m visiting a friend or relative. is the process the same.

No, there is a separate set of requirements for those visiting a relative or friend. You’ll find the list of requirements and the application process here: JAPAN VISIT VISA REQUIREMENTS .

I was issued a Japan visa before. I just want to renew. What’s the process?

Still the same. The only difference is you don’t need to submit a birth certificate and marriage certificate. But you will need to submit the passport with your old visas.

Can I apply for a multiple-entry Japan visa?

The following can apply for a multiple-entry Japan visa:

  • A person who has travelled to Japan as temporary visitor within the last three years AND has sufficient financial capability to support their trip.
  • A person who has travelled to Japan as temporary visitor within the last three years AND has travelled as temporary visitor to G7 countries (excluding Japan) several times within the last three years. The other G7 countries are: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (USA).
  • A person who has high financial capacity (but has not been to Japan in the past 3 years). The keywords here are HIGH FINANCIAL CAPACITY.
  • Immediate family member (Spouse/Child) of a person who has high financial capacity.

HOWEVER, if it’s your first time to visit Japan, it’s generally safer to apply for a SINGLE-ENTRY VISA for higher chances of approval.


How to apply for a multiple-entry Japan visa? What are the requirements?

We also have a dedicated post for that. You’ll find that here: Multiple-Entry Japan Visa

Do I need a travel agency to apply?

Yes. Unless it’s a special case, all visa applications must be coursed through any of their accredited travel agencies.

Here’s the complete list of officially accredited travel agencies: Japan Visa Travel Agencies .

Do I need to book flights and hotel before applying?

No. It’s not a requirement. However, on the application form, you will have to write down the specific AIRLINE and HOTEL ADDRESS you wish to book (or have booked).

Some travel agencies accept flight itinerary if the applicant is already booked for better chances. Some don’t. In general, it is not a requirement. If you haven’t booked flights yet, don’t. Get a visa first.

How long is the validity of the visa?

Single-entry tourist visas are valid for 90 days upon issue and will usually allow you to stay for no longer than 15 days. So for example, your visa is issued on January 1, you can enter Japan any time between January 1 and March 31, but once you enter, you can stay for only 15 days maximum.

Multiple-entry visas will usually allow you to stay for up to 15 or 30 days, depending on what is given to you. But it’s usually valid for 3 or 5 years. Meaning, you can visit multiple times within 3 or 5 years since the issue date, but every stay must not be longer than 15 or 30 days.

How long does it take to process Japan visa application?

7 working days, if you ask the agencies. That’s their default answer.

In reality, it varies. My first time, 5 working days. Second time, 2 days. Then on my third and fourth times, 7 days and 2 days respectively.

I know people who have waited weeks for theirs. Pretty hard to tell.

How early can I apply for a Japan visa?

As mentioned, the standard single-entry visa is valid for 90 days since issue date, so you can apply as early as 3 months before your travel date. But “3 months before” would be cutting it too close to expiry date. I personally prefer applying 1-2 months before my travel date.

Can I apply 1 week before the travel date?

That’s too close for comfort. Although there are times when results are released only 2 or 3 days after application, for others it can take weeks. Best to apply 1-2 months before.

Some agencies also refuse to accept applications that are too close to the travel date. For example, Reli Tours at SM Megamall has a 7-working-days policy. If the flight is scheduled sooner than 7 working days at the time of submission, they will NOT accept your application. It happened to a relative whom I accompanied at the agency. They turned us away and asked that we apply at another agency instead.

I’m not sure if other travel agencies have the same policy. Call them first if your trip is urgent.

How much money should I have in the bank to get approved?

The Embassy doesn’t explicitly say how much money you should have in the bank. The amount isn’t the only factor. It’s probably on a case-by-case basis.

I have applied for a 15-day stay with only P100,000+ in the bank and my application got approved.

A friend of mine applied for a 5-day stay with only P50,000 and got approved. She has a full-time job.

Another friend applied for a 5-day stay with over P200,000 and got denied. She doesn’t have a regular job.

I think the rule of thumb is: how much savings you have should be proportional to how long your stay is. For example, if you have only P50,000, don’t apply for a 15-day stay because that would obviously raise a lot of questions regarding whether or not you can afford the trip.

Also, I think the Embassy is more concerned about whether or not you have a compelling reason to return to the Philippines, which is why they scrutinize your employment status and travel history.

I am tax-exempt. Do I need to submit an ITR?

You should still have an ITR even if you’re tax-exempt.

Since 2018, workers earning below P250,000 a year (P21,000 a month) are exempted from paying income taxes. But that doesn’t mean it exempts you from having an ITR. If you’re an employee, you can still get a copy of your ITR from your employer even if you’re tax-exempt.

I don’t have an ITR. What can I do?

You need to submit the following:

  • A letter explaining why you can’t submit an ITR.
  • Other proof of income or employment.

I was able to try applying without a recent ITR during my last visa application. I wrote a letter explaining that I wouldn’t be able to submit my latest ITR because I recently shifted to becoming an entrepreneur and I won’t have a copy of my ITR until the end of the year. I then added that I’m submitting a copy of my ITR for the previous year together with COE from my clients and my business registration docs.

Another workaround is to find a guarantor.

Is Certificate of Employment needed to get a Japan visa?

Technically, no. Certificate of Employment is no longer a requirement.

BUT — and it’s a big but — it’s always a good idea to provide one because it shows your financial capability, stability, and rootedness.

So I strongly recommend that you submit one.

I’m a freelancer. I don’t have a Certificate of Employment. What can I do?

You can try to get a letter from your clients indicating what you do for them, how long you’ve been working for them, and how much salary you get. This will help your application.

I was a freelancer before so I’ve done this and my Japan visa application got approved.

Here’s the format I followed .

I have a guarantor. Do I still have to submit my own bank documents?

NO need. Just submit your guarantor’s bank documents, guarantee letter, and other documents listed above.

I don’t have a bank account. Can I still apply for a Japan visa?

Yes, just find a guarantor. This way, you won’t need to submit your own, just submit your guarantor’s bank documents. For better chances, find a guarantor who is an immediate relative. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time convincing the embassy why your guarantor is willing to sponsor your trip. It’s still possible, but chances are lower.

Check out the list of requirements above for those applying with a guarantor.

Note, however, that you will still be assessed based on other criteria like employment and travel history.

Can my boyfriend or girlfriend sponsor my trip?

You can try, but no guarantees. If you want better chances of approval, an immediate family member is best to sponsor you. A parents or sibling is most ideal. You will have to submit proof of relationship, which is hard to establish if you’re not married to your sponsor or not an immediate family member.

Note that even if your trip is sponsored by someone else, you still need to provide your own bank and employment documents on top of your sponsor’s.

Can I submit a birth certificate issued more than a year ago?

NO. The birth certificate MUST be issued within the past year. You cannot fake your way around it. The issue date is printed at the bottom of the birth certificate so both the agency and the embassy can easily figure out how old your copy is.

Is personal appearance required for a Japan visa?

YES and NO. It depends on a lot of things: which travel agency you’re applying at, how you’re applying, and what your background is.

For example, based on my experience, Reli Tours and Friendship Tours require personal appearance for walk-in applicants. I have tried applying for my cousin at Reli Tours SM Megamall and they won’t accept the application. Our accountant also tried applying for my mom at Friendship Tours at Dusit Thani Makati but she was told that my mom had to be there in person. She was also told that we could just mail the application if personal appearance was not feasible.

However, on a separate occasion, my cousin was allowed to apply for my niece (a minor) at Reli Tours Southmall even when the kid wasn’t with her. It might be because of two things: because my niece was a minor and because they were traveling together (group).

I’m not sure if it’s the same for all travel agencies or for all branches. IF some of them allow it, make sure you have a signed authorization letter, ID of the applicant, ID of the representative, and proof of your relationship with them.

Best to just call your chosen travel agency to be sure.

Should the application form be typewritten/computerized or handwritten?

Either is okay. I’ve tried applying with both. No problem.

If the question doesn’t apply to me, should I write N/A or just leave it blank?

It confuses applicants because Japan and Korea have different policies, and most designated agencies process both Japan and Korean visas.

But here’s the generally accepted practice: For Japan Visa form, write N/A. For Korean Visa form, leave it blank.

What are the common reasons why Japan visa applications are denied?

I can only speculate, but based on the messages we receive from our followers, the usual reasons are the following:

  • You can’t prove that you can financially support yourself on this trip . You probably have insufficient funds or your guarantor is not in a good financial standing.
  • You can’t prove that you intend to return (rootedness). You probably don’t have a stable job at this point, unemployed, newly employed, or newly resigned, and it’s giving the impression that you intend to work there.
  • Your intention/purpose in Japan is unclear . This is why it is best to be specific when you’re detailing the reasons for your visit.

I plan to submit documents X, Y and Z, and I have been to other countries before. Will my application be approved?

I can’t say. It’s hard to tell. It’s based on a gazillion factors. And even if you send me all the docs you plan to submit, everything we say will still be nothing more than a wild guess. No one and nothing can guarantee approval. At the end of the day, it is completely up to the visa officer evaluating your application. Some are very strict; some are not so much.

I have a friend who has a stellar travel history, lots of money in her bank account, and stable job, but she was denied a visa regardless.

More Japan FAQs


Although there is a big chance you won’t need to pay a visit, here’s the address of the Japanese Embassy in Manila. You will need this address for the bank certificate. Embassy of Japan 2627 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, 1300 Contact No. +63-2-551-5710

Updates Log

2020 February 3 – Added the new questionnaire (related to Hubei Province) to the list of requirements 2020 February 13 – Replaced the NCOV questionnaire with a new version that includes Zhejiang Province.

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Quick question. I dont put much money in the bank, I put them in stocks and investment funds. Would the post a problem?


As Anony said in another comment, provide original documentation of your assets. And don’t forget your ITR and Certificate of Employment. :)

Mrs. Q

Hi! Im a housewife and my sister in sweden like to take me to travel in japan all expenses on her.. I don’t have an ITR.. Any suggestions on how can I apply a japan visa.. Thank you


Question, as per the FAQ I can get a letter from my freelancing clients but I still don’t have an ITR. Well I do have a number but not able to pay as the freelancing is not a regular thing. Let’s say project based work. Would that be a problem?

Yosh Dimen

Write a letter of explanation then provide other proof of income/employment.


Do you need to book a hotel and a roundtrip flight before applying for your visa?

Nope! But you need to know which flight you’re planning to take and which hotel you plan to stay. :)

Navy wife

hi, I’m reading all the comments here. I’m planning to apply for a visa. but my situation is quite different with any of the comments here. my husband is as Navy based in the US. right now he is staying in japan until Nov. I cant apply for a tourist visa because im no longer working so I cant present an ITR. but I can provide bank certificate and I have travelled other Asian countries before. you also mentioned that I can apply for the visa even without getting a roundtrip flight? My husband is based in Misawa and tickets are quite pricey. so it was kinda relief to know that I can apply without a ticket. is that right? do you have suggestions on how I can go through this visa application? any information will be very helpful. thanks in advance


Jp just provide original documentation of your assets and im sure that would help as opposed to providing nothing. Your ITR and certificate of employment from a credible company will also go a long way. Also a history of travel will help


Thanks for the really helpful post! I’m Japanese but born in Canada, living in Manila with my girlfriend. I want to bring her there so bad but we thought it was hopeless with all the procedures. Only hurdle we may have is we’re self-employed (internet marketers/bloggers) so she has no ITR or Employment certificate. Hoping funds in the bank will help. Thanks again though, your outline is helpful and gave us hope to give it a shot!

Hope everything works out fine for you, guys!


I can’t provide ITR but I have employment certificate also I closed my bank account. What should I do?

Hmmm, I honestly do not know how to go about this, but I heard no visas will be needed starting June (not sure). So there’s that…

Edna Perillo

Can i ask something what if the reason why i need to be there in japan is to take care of my niece because my elder sister is working for how many hours…so she really needs someone who can take care of her daughter…that’s why she really wanted me to be there…


I was reading your blog and others an hour before I received a message from Reli tours, asking me to come over and pick up my passport. I was granted a Japanese single-entry tourist visa! yay!!

I know exactly how the others felt. I thought I didn’t have enough funds. I just have around 11x, xxx in the bank and I’m going to Osaka and Kyoto for 12 days. I thought there was no chance.

I’ve only been with my current company for a little over a year but I have all the requirements. COE, ITR, leave of absence, round-trip tickets, hostel reservations from hostelbookers, birth certificate, bank certificate and itinerary. I spent a lot of time on the fake itinerary and made sure it will not exceed my budget for sightseeing. I even had a walking itinerary. It has the amount I’m going to spend at each tourist destination like entrance fees and stuff. It’s fake since I won’t be following any of it. I’m going with my boyfriend and we planned to do other things like whitewater rafting, canyoning and hiking since we are both adventurous. But he’s a privileged one for having an Australian passport.

Prior to this trip, I went to Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Hong Kong. I started going out of the country since March. Then, sort of became a monthly thing. I was making ipon of the stamps. Too bad HK don’t stamp the passports anymore.

Anyways, I submitted my application last Thursday. the visa was granted on Friday and I received my passport today, Tuesday. To those who are reluctant, if you have all the documents, there’s no reason to get denied. Best of Luck!


Good day… is it possible po ba na aabot ng almost 2 months ang processing ni japan visa… kasi sa pamangkin ko nag submit kami sa agency ng requirements noon feb 26, 2019… hanggang ngayon wala parin feedback…

Brian M.

hi, i hope you will delete the part that you made a fake itin because if Japan Embassy reads this. they might impose stricter rules again for visa application next time. they don’t like cheating

Hi Brian M. As I explained, the only reason why I said it was fake was because I didn’t really follow it. But it’s as good of an itinerary as any other ones presented in the Embassy, if not better. If you have done a lot of travelling, you will know that you would be required for an itinerary when submitting a visa application, not all the time but most of the time. That does not necessarily mean that you have to follow everything in the itinerary as plans change all the time. I am quite happy with the itinerary that I made as I put a lot of effort into it. You can see for yourself.

What I didn’t include in this itinerary was that I went to the Awa Odori festival in Tokushima, stayed in a ryokan in Kyoto, stayed in another ryokan with the monks in Daiein Temple in Koyasan, my trip to Hiroshima as well as the island Miyajima. You cannot say it’s cheating as we are not bound by an itinerary.


Sorry, but I hate the “fake itinerary”. It sounded very unprofessional. I guess the proper term is “pseudo”.

clearly, you are inexperienced. what’s the difference of pseudo and fake? LOL. exactly. quit yapping around and start travelling

Maureenele Nepomuceno Lago

Hello wanderlustre! I got my reg tourist visa and flight ko na sa Sat. worry ko lang kasi yung itinerary ko sa Osaka and sa hotel ako magstay (Visa application then approved) but truth is I will stay at my friend’s house. Okay lang ba yun?

Champ wanders

Same here wanderlustre! Got my visa after 2 days (submitted on friday morning, got a call on monday afternooon that my visa application was approved, and went to the travel agency on tuesday to get my passport). I had Friendship tours in 2F Dusit Thani Hotel assisted me on the visa processing.


how about for working visa? after po ba na approve, what is the next process?


Hi wanderlustre! Where did you lodged your application? It only took them 1 day to process the visa? So fast!!! Awesome!!


I have a question please if your documents is ready to submit are u the one that will come by your self and submit it or the person that is running it for you will submit it??

Janine Tuason

Question, I do not have much money on my bank account but I will be going with my parents and will be the one financing the trip, do I have a low chance of getting my visa approved?


[…] – This blog can provide you tips on how to increase your chances of having that Japan visa application approved. I think the blogger already stopped responding to visa related queries, but if you will browse through its long comment thread, you will likely get the answers that you need […]


Hi, do i really need a round trip ticket first and hotel reservation before I apply for a visa? Thanks!

Ruby D

No need. :)

champ wanders

Your site made my Japan visa application preparation and itinerary planning easy and more efficient. I’ll send some additional tips to make everyone’s travel planning easier.

Just came back from my Tokyo trip and I had hella fun. Thank you!

Next stop: Seoul, South Korea and Osaka, Japan. Currently reading your entries about these places.


We are in the process of completing our requirements for the visa. We just found out though that I have two registrations with NSO under two completely different names so I’m unable to get the birth certificate that matches my passport and all my ids etc. We are not aware of the first registration which has me carrying the name of my absentee father hence all my life i carried another name and my mom’s surname (I’m proud to say I was raised by a single mom). We’ve consulted a lawyer already, and I will need to have the first registration canceled which takes about a year since it’ll need to thru the courts. Since our trip is in November already, here are the items I plan to submit:

– passport

– birth certificate from NSO dated 2011 with receipt (late registered – I was born 1983 and was late registered 1988).

– school form 137

– baptismal certificate

– all govt ids, etc that will show that I did not use any other name in my lifetime .

– letter explaining the reason behind the NSO issue which will hopefully include a petition already to cancel my first registration



– bank certificates (substantial amount from several banks if needed)

– Sunlife MF investment

– Manulife Investment

– Philamlife Investment

– property title

– plane tickets (piso fare, hehe)

Have traveled to several Asian countries already, HK, Sing, Taipei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, Mumbai, Bangkok and Malaysia.

Any thoughts on the items I plan on submitting? Really worried with the NSO issue, funny enough I can’t seem to find anyone similar to my situation.

We are traveling as a famjly as well, my mom, sister and GF. It’ my graduation gift to my sister who’s graduating in a couple of weeks.

Hope someone can help..


Hi, question lng po pwede po b hindi sundin ung na submit na itinerary at sa application form after ma approved ang visa? Kasi sa application narita pero ngaun kasi we are planning haneda para mas malapit then ung araw 5days we change it to 7days

Thank you in advance

Hi Kirstein, pwede naman po basta within the allowed validity period and length of stay pa rin.


what happened to your application? were you able to push your trip?


Hi, great blog you have here. I really got most of the information that I need but I have one problem though, I don’t have an ITR. I can provide a Certificate of Employment, and the reason why I can’t provide the ITR is because I just joined the company last February and this is my first job since I also graduated last February. Would a bank certificate, itinerary and a COE be enough? I plan to go to Japan on the last week of January for 6 days because I want to catch a concert on those dates.


Hi Destiny08? How’s your visa application? Did it push through even though you don’t have your ITR?

Joseline Alosbaños

Loved reading your piece on how to get a Visa in Japan. One question popped into my mind just now, what if I don’t get a hotel room? I’m planning to get an accommodation via Airbnb instead of a hotel/hostel stay. The reason why I am asking this is that you should include the hotel where you are going to stay.

Jun V Laya Jr.

Will I get a visa if me and my fiance planned to get married in japan? Or are there any possible requirements to get one?


Hi. I would like to ask if an employee, is the BIR Form 2316 required to have a BIR stamped? Because the company i am working with doesn’t give one with bir stamped. Thanks.


Hi! I have a question.. regarding the guarantee letter and invitation letter.. There’s something that says “SEAL” what was that for? because my Fiance is my guarantor and we are not sure what to place there since its not a company who will be helping with my visa.. Can you please help us with this.. thank you!


hi… my biggest concern about going to japan is actually the visa since i am not working right now… with that, i do not have an ITR.. Is there anything that could substitute to an ITR? I read from other blog that she did submit a Certificate of Involvement in a Non-Profit Organization… She got approved…. Since I am not doing any volunteering work, it would be difficult for me to get this certificate… I don’t know if it would matter, but I’ve been to couple of countries already… though most of which are those in the visa on arrival category.. any advice?

Marythel hone

How much show money i prepare for it..? I went there 2007 as tourist i dont know if the requirements before are same of now

Maria Clariza Matute

Hi. I would like to ask. The one will be shouldering my expenses in Japan is my aunt. Though she is leaving here in the Philippines. Can we put it at the visa application form and will they accept if we’ll use her bank certificate instead? Thanks


Hi, i would like to ask what happened to your visa application?


i am married w/ the japanese national since july 30, 2008 but eversince then he never take me to his country… he just coming home here in philippines every after 2yrs.. but as of now he didnt call me for 8months… & id like to go to japan to know how was my husband is…but i dont know how to apply my visa please help me…

[…] I also used other bloggers’ posts as reference. I’ve bookmarked the one by Adventure Accounting and the one by The Poor Traveller. […]

Ishii Weber

plane ticket needed before application??

Joanne Mascariñas Besmonte

Very helpful! Followed your sample iti when I applied for my visa last year.

Cathrine Jane Dequito

I don’t have ITR because I’m an OFW.. What do I do about that?

Kevin Ibojo

The Poor Traveler.Libre mo ko’

Mae Manuel

Kaka open ko lang ng bank acct and im planning to go in Jpn on march ? Ok lang kaya un ? Wala po ba magiging prob kung bago lang ung bank acct ?

John Vales

Mag asawa kayo ng hapun para magka visa kayo.

Enrico Galve

may isang mali dito, kung wala kang ITR a letter of explanation will suffice bakit wala ka nito

Myrna Mallari Cunanan

I love to go Japan, how much will it cost for 7 days will full accommodation, city tour including food.

Voltaire M. Gumban

Japan is such a nice place to visit! Best for photography! Food is perfect!

[…] more detailed information, check this well-written blog post. You can also check this website for some helpful […]

Edgar Orino

The bottom line is, DO NOT OVERSTAY! Follow the rules and be honest!


Hi. It was very kind of you to share your experience. I am planning on going this year and I woukd like to travel with my sister. So, if you are applying for VISA as a family, you just have to submit all the required documents as one set? So, I can just submit one bank certificate for the two of us? Thanks!

Hi Pam! As far as I know, you need to secure for both of you, unless you’re sponsoring your sister’s trip, in which case you need to secure a second copy of your bank certificate (and indicate in her application form that you are her sponsor).

Hello po, just want to ask po, after po na approve ang working visa to Japan, what is the next step po? kukuha pa po ba ng medical?


Hi.ask lang how long naprocessed ang working visa mo? I submitted mine may2 sa rajah travel agency upto now may 23 wala pdin result… ka ka takot magpamedical baka masayang lang po lase. Ty po

Ang comments pls?

Hi po.. question lang po.guys.. how long po to process working visa to Japan? I submitted mine last may 2 on rajah travel until now may 23 wala pdin resulta? Nag ffollow up n kasi ang employer.. Thank you po sa mga ssagot..


hi, i have a question about the bank cert. i dont have a savings account but i do have cc which has up to 100k limit. will that possibly suffice?

Nicole Lucille Vidal Perez

Hello!♥ I have a Japanese guarrantor and he invites me to stay in their family house. If I apply for a tourist visa, can I stay longer than the 5 days 4 nights travel package the accredited agencies offer? With tourist visa, we can stay for 15 days right?

yep, 15 days usually.


Hello po I have a question about my NSO birth cert, late registered po ako so meaning I have to provide baptismal cert and form 138? The problem is, I don’t have those docs anymore kasi ilang beses ako nagpalipat ng bahay..

I have a japanese national who will be sponsoring my trip, and I travelled different Asian countries already in the past few years so I guess I will not have a problem with other primary docs anymore except for the NSO thing. Pls. Let me know if there is a chance that the embassy will consider my NSO cert? And aside from that I renewed my passport thrice already and my travel stamps is on those old passports, and I only have Taiwan stamp on my new one, do I need to submit those 2 old passports to prove my travel history?

I hope somebody can help me cuz I am planning to visit Japan this Dec, 2017.


Hello! Can I ask what happened to your birth certificate issue?


You need to get those documents. The agency wont accept your application otherwise.

Lora Jae

Hi po, what if I can’t get ITR since Hindi pa po ako nag tatrabaho, student pa po ako but I have money sa bank so I can provide bank certificate. I have my own small business po kasi kaya ako nakaka pag save. Need po ba anG ITR or my other way?


if may business, as far as I know, you have to submit business permit tska BIR ng business.. if you cannot provide that, might as well don’t mention na lang na you have a business po it will sound like you’re a tax evader po. hope it helps

Martha Kristina Boladas

Hi. Question lang po. If magtravel ako in march, pwede na.po ba ako magsubmit ng application sa January? Thanks

Yep. As far as I know, a single entry visa has a 3-month expiry so pwede, aabot naman. :)

[…] Tina! All here: […]

Hi! your post is very useful..but I’m having a different situation here..

I hope you could help me..

Me and my son are full blood Filipino (from Philippines) and we’ve never been to Japan. I’m a single-parent and would like to work in Japan.. I want to bring my son with me there so I can enroll him at a daycare/nursery in Japan while I’m at work. Do you think it’s possible to happen?

I’m really having a hard time finding answers to this problem. :( as well as to what type of visa should me and my son apply for.

Initially, my plan is to apply for a tourist visa for both of us and find a job in Japan that can sponsor a work visa for me. The thing is, what would my son’s visa would be if mine would change to work visa? does enrolling him to a nursery will help him get a different kind of visa too?

my mom who is in USA is the one who would give me all the financial support until we can finally settle-down in Japan. She would get an Affidavit of Consent and Support for me and my son stating that she would shoulder all the expenses that we need.

therefore, the requirements such as bank statement (under my name), My own Income Tax Return and my Certificate of Employment will not be needed anymore.. that’s what I think of since I haven’t had a job since I got pregnant up until now that my son is already 1y.o. I’ve been a full-time mom.. but is that correct? Does my mom have to show an American bank statement? How should she provide me the money we need? Via bank or what?

My bestfriend who is a half Japanese lives in Japan, do you think she can do some help for me and my son too?

Thank you! any advise would be very much appreciated!!


hi mikka what happen toyour application?since we have the sme situation.thanks

Me and my friends are planning on going to japan this december, yet i’m the only one who’s unemployed since i’m helping my mom in our business. I don’t have ITR but i have a savings account since my mom put my name in her account. What alternative can i give for the itr? I have investments(stocks) but it’s still there (not going to touch/sell it yet since peso is down). I’m also a partly owner of a newly build business. I’ve been to singapore and SoKor. Would it help in getting a Japan visa?

Business registration docs and investment certificates would definitely help. :)


hi i am applying for a visa in Japan,but the new philippine passport has no signature on it..will it bring problem to the issuance of my visa?thank u


Hi there :-) my japanese husband lives with me here in Philippines, with our 10 year old son, we’re already married for 10 years, and now i decided to separate with him because of marital problems. My visa in japan already expires last 2013, and I’m planning to go back there and live with my son, is it possible for me to get a visa under my son’s name?


Hi, I’m planning to apply for a tourist visa to Japan with a guarantor. Is submitting photos optional? Di pa kasi kami nag meet in person but we’ve known each other for over a year na. Is it okay not to submit photos to prove relationship?


Hi. Im applying a tourist visa for the 2nd time and im not sure if the japan embassy will issue me again a visa due to lack of supporting documents. The 1st time i applied I was enrolled, I gave them my certificate of enrolment ID COM. They gave me 3mos visa. My visa expired last feb. Now, im not yet enrolled, school wont start til august. And I cant provide certificate of enrollment or ID COM. Should there be any concerns?

Daniela medala

Hi.. Thank u for your blog.. And now i wanted to know if what category am i.. I have a live in partner and we have a kids.. He has a mother living in japan.. And we decided to visit her mother this sept or october all of us.. So i dont know if i am consider as a close relative because we are not yet married .. Thank u for ur answer in advnce


hi good morning is it possible to get japan visa if someone have Nbi hit.looking forward for the reply thanks

Yep, di naman kasi required yung NBI Clearance. If you were ever convicted or charged, you need to declare it. (I think may tickbox dun sa application form.)

If may kapangalan ka lang naman, wala namang problem, wag mo lang icheck yun.


Hi. Good morning everyone! Is it possible that me & my husband are able to get Japan Visa. We’re both OFW here in PNG. We already have our return plane ticket. Actually, we’re planning to take our vacation on December for only 3days. We booked our ticket from PNG to Tokyo and Tokyo to Cebu. BUT, our problem is…We have those passport with existing working visa in PNG but bearing my family name when i was single (not yet change into my husband’s surname). We just got our marriage certificate last month. By the way, just got married last January 2017 that’s why our current passport and working visa as is when we’re both single. Do we need to declare that we’re married since we have our NSO-marriage certificate on hand or retain single base on our passport. Anyone same problem with us? Looking forward for reply. Salamat ng marami in advance….God bless


Hello Sihn, Did you get an answer to your question? I’m currently in the same situation and about to submit my visa application. My husband and I are travelling together, we recently got married with Marriage Certificate on hand but our passport and ITR still says “single”. Also I’m still under my single surname in all my documents. I’d love to know what you did :) Thanks in advance!


Hi, I’m planning a Japan tour for our family of four next year – at what point do I apply for a Japanese visa? How long is the before a visa granted expires? Hubby is an OFW in Middle East & we don’t know yet when he’ll be granted a vacation. He’ll only be able to apply for a visa when he’s here. Thanks!

Oops, typo error….I mean ” how long does a visa granted effective before it expires?”


Thank you The Poor Traveler! This website is very helpful! I got my Japanese Visa in 2 days time… Lodged it on the 28th of August and got it the next day! :)


Your blog was one of the many that I’ve read when before I applied for my Japan tourist visa. Very helpful and detailed. Got mine last Sept 28. Yey! So excited to visit Japan during Autumn. :-)

Yay! COngrats! Enjoy the autumn colors!

Hi Alecrystine! Basically what emoteranglaagan said. You can submit all your past passports because it will help.

As for the birth cert issue, it would be best to contact the agency through which you plan to apply if meron pang alternatives. :)


for the Birth Certificate it says there that you ‘must’ submit the following documents (baptismal and form 138) so i guess, these are badly required.

To heighten the probability of approval, much better if you’ll include your 2 expired passports.


Hi, do you have an idea if they look through credit card debt of an applicant? Not past due though and being paid monthly.

Hi! I don’t think they do, unless you submit your credit card bills.

Nette nepomuceno

Do i have to buy our tickets to the agency that will process our visa.

Flight tickets are not a requirement po.


Hi Yoshke, thanks for this blog. One question, you mentioned :Birth certificate from NSO. Must be issued within the past one year.:

I have an NSO Birth Certificate that was issued like 8 years ago, so I need to request another one?

Yep, you need to get a new one from PSA.


Thank you so much guys, your articles helped me a lot! Please allow me to contribute too for those who are also dreaming of visiting Japan?

Applied for Japan visa on Sept 25 (Mon) at Reli Megamall, by Sept 29 (Fri) got a text message that the passports are ready for pick-up. By Sunday, we picked up our Japan Visa. Yay!!! (price increased from 900 to 950) We were there on a Monday at 10am. Nagkaproblema lang kasi yung 2 shops for ID picture sa magkabilaang dulo Tronix and Photoline will take 30min-1hr daw to warm/fix their machines. So better make sure instead na nakaprep na lahat. Back at Reli ng 11am, mabilis lang! About 10-20 minutes.

Here are some notes on the documents we submitted: 1. Passport – Ours are renewed in 2016, completely blank because we have not travelled

2. visa application form – I used both the guide from the Japan embassy website and from Reli. Noticeable difference is how the names are written, so I followed what’s in the Japan embassy site – that is, LASTNAME FirstName MiddleName. With Reli, it’s all capslock

3. ID picture – we sbumitted 2×2 (and not 4.5cm x 4.5 cm). I didn’t paste it on the form yet, just wrote name and birth date at the back. I didn’t even see the Reli staff paste it on the form

4. Birth certificate from NSO – I tried to include the receipt from NSO, but the Reli staff returned it to me. NSO copy was blurred, so I also submitted a clear photocopy of a clearer original

5. Marriage certificate from NSO – the Reli staff only took 1 copy for both my husband and me, because she said it will be submitted together

6. Daily Schedule of Stay – I’ve spent literally months on researching and planning our trip and have an excel file, so this was a piece of cake. The itineraries are real and what we will really follow. The hotel is just tentative for intended accommodation. I followed the guide and wanted to submit 2 copies: one has “Name of Husband and 1 other”, and one “Name of Wife and 1 other”. I was concerned when the Reli staff only took one. Turns out, paranoia was all for nothing.

7. bank certificate – we submitted 2, each on our own names, both have xxx,xxx amount. I tried to include the receipt for it, but Reli staff returned it to me

8. ITR – we submitted photocopies only

9. Certificate of Employment from the company/employer – I think this was helpful. It shows our employment start date and compensation

Good luck! :)

Thanks for sharing, Liz! I think it’s time to update this guide again. Haha.


Hi Yoshke! After our Nov 2017 trip, we realized why you guys keep going back to Japan. Sobrang WOW, as in. Himeji was the highlight of our trip. So, babalik kami sa May (so soon) haha c/o Jetstar seat sale. Hoping ma-grant ng multiple visa hihi.

By the way, I messaged you guys dati sa fb kasi I was concerned na 2 visa nakadikit sa passport namin that time, yung isa may stamp na void. Hindi naman kami nagkaproblema about it.

Yay! Glad you have a great time! Balik ka na ulit soon. Pabalik ulit kami next week! :)


When you applied for your Japan visa, was it the first time for you to travel abroad? If not, how many countries have you been to before Japan? I’ve heard it’s difficult to get approved for first time travellers. I have ITR for the past 5 years, I have a stable job and sufficient bank savings but it’s my first time to leave the country, will that be a cause of a visa application denied?

Hi Peachy! Japan has been much more lenient than before. I personally know friends who have no international travel history but was approved. Just make sure you fulfill all the other requirements.



Get a guarantor.

ivan borgonos

how can you consider a passport “broken” i want to show my passport to you i’ve went to DFA this morning but they said i need to call their hotline. which i did prior in going to DFA.


Hi, Ivan. I’m replying on this year as I had the same situation wherein my newly renewed passport had water marks due to a typhoon. I first called the DFA hotline. I was told that if I was able to use my passport to other countries despite its situation, there is a probability that I can still use it for more stricter countries like Thailand, Europe or USA. However, they recommended in going to any DFA offices to personally present my passport for further assessment. Thus, I visited Ali Mall DFA, and I was informed by their Customer Service that my passport is already considered mutilated regardless if I was able to use it in traveling to Vietnam. So, I was skeptical at first, but I decided to proceed in renewing my passport again, but it was tagged as mutilated/new passport application. I had to submit additional documents such us explanation why it got mutilated and it needs to be authenticated. Then I had to pay 350 on top of the renewal fee as a penalty even if I didn’t intentionally soaked my passport in the water. I was told there is 15 days “cleansing” (their term) period, but I was able to get my 10-year passport for just 14 days. Also, the mutilated passport needs to be surrendered and will no longer be provided back to you. Since I learned my lesson, I will ensure to keep my passport in a much safer vicinity to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Joanna Morente

Hi. We already booked a flight to Japan for August. I will be submitting requirements for Italian visa this month, and Im thinking if I can already apply for Japan visa to maximize the validity of my documents. Thank you!

Single-entry Japan visa has only 3 months validity, so you won’t be able to use it in August if you apply now.


I submitted all my requirements last saturday with my fam.. Some of our documents are not in A4 size. Would that matter? I read on the Japan Embassy website that documents must be submitted on A4. I worry about it. Also, My husband’s application form has 1 erasure, he use a line as instructed by agency.. I hope we won’t have a problem!

Hoping for your feedback!


Hi Dom! May I know if your husband’s application got approved?


Hi Yoshke, does the erasure and document size matter? Please help, thank you

Yes. All printed documents have to be A4 size. Try to avoid erasures. If there’s just one or two, you can use double strikethrough to correct something. But if there are a lot of erasures, better start over.

Not sure whether or not it would affect the application, but at this point, there’s nothing you can do but wait. :) Do keep us posted!


Hi! My best friend from London invited me to go to Japan with him and he will shoulder all expenses. I dont have a bank account or ITR and im still a student. Will it e possible for me to still apply for a visa? Will they allow a friend to shoulder all your expense? Becasue ive read in their website that a relative can shoulder your expenses but they didnt say anything about a friend shouldering your expenses. Thanks!

Hi Marko. I honestly don’t know the answer to this, but I can imagine it would be much more complicated because they would also probably ask you to prove your relationship with your friend (as they do with relatives, hence the birth certificates).

Sue Ann

hi, would like to ask if the certificate of employment must also be issued in the past 3 months as well? thank you


Hi. You mentioned that passports should have 6-months validity. Is it 6 months upon the visa application or the date of the trip? So if my passport expires in July and my trip is on May, but I apply for a visa this month, will it be fine?


Hi Yoshke. Great post, thank you for this. I would like to ask this. This is my first time to travel overseas and I’m planning to travel to Japan this November 24. Like you said I need to include the date of arrival to my number of stays. I’m planning to stay for 15 days. Does this mean I need to get back to the Philippines on December 8 or can I extend my stay until December 9 since that will be my return flight?

Also, may I ask if I should return to the Philippines after my Japan visa expired or can I travel to another country? I’m planning to go to Taiwan next after Japan. Sorry for the long questions, I hope you can enlighten some of my confusions. Thank you so much for reading. Will await for your further correspondence.

Hi Reiko, as far as I know, you should be able to make it past Japanese immigration on or before December 8. You can double check with the agency to be sure.

You can visit Taiwan straight from Japan if that’s what you want. Just make sure you meet Taiwan’s immigration requirements.

Hi Vec, if your passport expires in July, you can’t leave the country in May. The Immigration Officers won’t allow you to exit the country because you need to have 6 months validity left for you to get through.

Also, if your trip is in May, the earliest you can apply is February because a single-entry visa is only valid for 3 months. This means that, for example, you’re granted a visa on January 30, you can only enter Japan until April 30. :)


Hi Mr. Yoshke,

Good day! Thank you for posting this informative article. I’ve been reviewing your blogs for almost a year. I’m a Filipino who was born and raised in the Philippines. I’m planning to visit Japan on April 2 for 15 days. This is going to be my first time to apply. I work as a Virtual Assistant, Freelancer as of the moment. I have a Japanese friend living in Japan who will serve as my guarantor for this trip.

I saw on the list of requirements that “Submission of supporting documents not listed above is encouraged (e.g. applicant’s economic or social ties with the Philippines, urgent reasons for visit: medical certificate, wedding invitation).” I learned from reading many blogs that others had submitted documents such as ITR, COE, Company ID, Leave of absence, and other proof that they have a strong indication to come back to the Philippines. Normally, those who I notice that submit those documents apply for a tourist visa without a guarantor.

Unfortunately, in my case, I don’t have such documents to show any proof. I have a been working as freelancer online, and my two bosses are based in the US. I can ask a boss of mine who is currently in Dubai to send to me a document proving that I work for her, although it might take a long time to wait for the documents to arrive here (I don’t know if a digital signature would be accepted by the Embassy that’s why it must be hand-written). Do you think that I really need to submit those documents or not? I’m wondering how can I address this matter.

Thank you very much. Looking forward to your response. :)

Hi Adi, based on experience — I’m the one who took care of my mom’s visa application last year — if the applicant has a guarantor who will sponsor the trip, no need to submit your COE or ITR. But you need a Guarantee letter, Income Certificate (Shotoku Shomeisho) from City Hall, Tax return certificate (Nouzeishomeisho: Form 2) from Tax office (Kakuteishinkokusho Hikae), and Bank Certificate of your guarantor in Japan.


Hi! I and two of my friends are going to visit Japan for 6 days, I only have 75k bank balance, do I have a chance of being granted a visa? I have a pretty stable job and my investments are in bonds and stocks. I am to submit a COE and an approved leave of absence. Would really appreciate some tips from you! Thanks in advance..

Hi Aiyen. Yep! We have friends who have similar amount in their bank accounts and they got approved probably because they have stable jobs. :)


Hello Sir Yoske, Your blog is very helpful and the comments too! I am planning to go there by Golden Week with my son, and Im 25weeks pregnant as well at that time. I am not married yet and the dad is in Japan na i-vivisit namen (he’s on 1-year training by their company) questions po: 1. I have COE, ITR, Bank cert (which i think is enough to cover me and my son in 12days – xxx,xxx) with me – do i need to send guarantee letter? Or inivitation letter lang? 2. Would the immigration folks (sa airport) question my profile kasi mag tour ako with 1.5 year old son then pregnant?. This worries me a lot..

Hope to hear from you soon sir!. Godbless and more power!.

1. In your case, only the invitation letter will do (no more guarantee letter). But don’t forget the residence cert and proof of relationship (you can use your son’s birth cert + the dad’s birth cert as proof).

2. I don’t know the answer to this. :(

:) Good luck!

Thank you so much for your quick response :) Appreciate it!.

Thank you so much for your quick response :) Appreciate it!. More power!.


hi, I want to apply for a Japan Visa, I don’t have an ITR since I’m a housewife. How can I apply? Thanks

Have your husband or any other family member as a guarantor and submit the necessary requirements (for those with guarantors) as listed above.


Hi everyone, Do you have and idea if the Japanese Visa is still valid with Maiden Name, then nag change ka na ng Married name (kaka renew lang ng passport) Valid pa ba ang Visa? i hope someone could enlighten me.

Sarah Yap Mercado

Hi! My husband has just been to Osaka last week for an academic conference. He was given multiple visa entry. We are planning to go there by the end of this year together with our 5 year old son. He was sending messages to the travel agency that processed his visa application regarding the visa requirement for me and my son as we are his dependents but he hasn’t received any response from them yet. Would you happen to know the requirements for us? Thanks in advance.

Hi Sarah, not familiar sa process if ganyan. Have you tried calling Reli Tours? Dun kasi kami nag-aapply.


Hi, gud pm..mgask lng aq, pg senior mgaaply ng japan visa at housewife lng xa tas aq sna mggarantor s knya ppunta nya dun pro dto nq nktira at ngwowork s taiwan, either uuwi aq ng pinas tas sbay kming pupunta ng japan or hiwalay kmi ng departure tas s japan mgkikita, nid p b nyang mgpsa ng garantor letter pra ipasa s travel agency? tas nid p b nya ng show money? kc housewife lng xa kya no ITR or COE..tia..

Yep, kelangan pa rin ng letter from guarantor and ITR or equivalent ng guarantor. Pa-check na lang po ng requirements pag may guarantor sa taas.


Hi Sir, I have a question. Medyo paranoid na kasi ako coz its been 1 week since me and my spouse applied for tourist visa (no guarantor). Do we need to have an inidividual copy of marriage certificate on both of our applications? 1 for him and 1 for me? We submitted the application at the same time and hindi naman ako hiningan ng 2 copies of marriage certificate sa Reli. I only realized today that I just submitted 1 copy and it’s making me paranoid :( Hope you can answer my question. Thank you

Hi Jey, not sure. If tinanggap naman ng Reli, baka pwede naman. Usually sinasabi naman nila if kulang.

Faith joy

Hello yoshke! Ask kulang sna kung ang 5 year old ba need dn ng visa kung yung mother nya e mero na. Slaamt


Hello Sir Yoshi sorry to interrupt. I am planning apply for visa this comming March, my question is, do I need to make a photocopy of my passbook including the bank certificate?

You need ORIGINAL bank certificate, not photocopy. Photocopy of passbook is not necessary unless they request for it.


hi! ask ko lang po ano yung best explanation bakit di makapag provide ng Shotoku Shomeisho yung guarantor ko, di po kse nabayaran ng 1st company yung tax nya and kasama po sya sa tax ng asawa nya which is baka asawa nya hanapan ng Shotoko shomeisho hindi magprovide asawa nya kse separated na po sila. yan na lang po talaga last requirement na hinahanap sakin para ma process na yung visa ko. thanks po.

Hi Taylor, naku, pasensya na, di namin alam kapag ganyan ang situation. :(

pinapagawan na lang po kami ng explanation letter.


Hi! If my trip is on Oct 19-28, and my passport expires on Mar 25 of next year, is it invalid? I thought it should only be valid for 3 months. I’m confused now. TT_TT

No, you won’t be allowed to exit the Philippines. You should renew your passport.


is it allowed to change the date of visit to japan specified on your submitted itinerary as long as it is within 3months from date of issue of the visa?

Yep, basta within the validity period ng visa.


Hi, I have a question po. I am a US resident for almost 4 yrs now. My boyfriend And I were planning to visit japan in october. He is a filipino citizen. I am planning to be his garantor. He is also currently working but just started work in may. Is that a good idea? Or suggestions. Thank you.


I’ve applied for visa ldays ago, but I did not fill up the not applicable information. For examplen other names, date or previous stay in japan, former or other natianalities, current profession. I felt all of these blank as there was nothing to write. Do you think they can deny me visa because of this? Please help!!!

What if your visa got approved on June 20, 2018, stated on your itinerary is August 19 – 25, but you have decided to go 5 days earlier or 5 days later. Is it still ok as long as within 3 months from date approved? please answer ASAP. thanks.

Yes, basta within the validity period nung visa.


What if Im late registered in birthcertificate? Do i really need to submit my original baptismal certificate? Or kahit photocopy lang? Kase wala na akong original nun if ever na ibigay ko sa agency yon

Best to contact the agency kung saan ka apply na lang po.


Hi I’m an OFW before for 4 years and just went home for good last August 2017. Currently, I’m a fulltime mother to my 6 year old daughter and with my live in partner. We are planning to go to Japan in January 2019. Will we be considered as family? I don’t have a job now only my live in partner has. Does it mean we will be submitting documents with him as our guarantor right? Do you have a sample Guarantee letter? My cousin will be flying with us and she is a first time traveller without work. So my live in partner will also be her guarantor if ever or does she needs to find other guarantor? Your insights about this will be of great help, Thanks!


Hi! How true is the news that the visa for Filipinos travelling to Japan has been eased?

True, for business travelers and those traveling for cultural purposes.


Saan at anong agency po pinuntahan mo? Thanks

Reli Tours, Megamall.


Hi! I’m planning on taking a trip to Sapporo, Hokkaido. On the application form, should I indicate my intended flight going to Tokyo from Manila and also going to Sapporo from Tokyo or should I just include the flight number of the flight to Tokyo from Manila? Only one airline has a direct flight from Manila to Sapporo and it’s pretty expensive, so I am opting for a connecting flight. Thanks!

Hi Jaime, ako I just put the Manila-Tokyo flight number when I applied. Not sure if that’s the right thing to do, but that’s what I did. haha. Naapprove naman.

Janran Castillo

Hi, the poortraveler! I have been reading your blogs lately, I just want to ask my chances of getting a Japanese Tourist Visa, I only have 3X,XXX on my bank account. I have a stable job, I work in the Government. I will only be staying in Japan for 4 days. Will it be enough? Hoping for your response. Thank you!

Hi Janran, baka mababa? I have friends though na nag-apply na 40K or 50K yata yun, naapprove naman. Pero wala pa ako alam na 30K.

What I recommend is to have a guarantor/sponsor para mas safe. This way, you won’t need to submit your bank details. Yung sa guarantor na ung isusubmit. Mas okay if immediate relative mo ung guarantor.


I would like to know Po If is it okay to submit 2 Bank account Certificates? I just opened a joint dollar account last July 23,2018. And we will be travelling to Japan on October 2018. I have also my peso account which has already 50k but was last updated on May due to opening of my dollar account. In my dollar account I have also 50k.

Hi Janine, yep, okay lang na dalawa. :)


Hi Yoshke, just for clarrification, only Bank Certificate is required right? No more Bank Statement?

Hi Mei, yep, certificate lang.


Hi Yoshke! I just want to share my experience on Japan Visa. This site is very helpful to us and I am very grateful. Applied Visa Last July 17, 2018 at Attic Tours and got Approved!!

So here is our status: I will be travelling with my mom and aunt I have a travel history in Hong Kong last September 2011 pa whereas my mom had a travel history in HK and Singapore. But the thing is nawala yung passport niya so parang first out of the country yung kaniya. Parehas kami walang stable job( being a fresh graduate and a housewife) kaya nagpaguarantee kami sa dad ko who owns a business. Siyempre napakaparanoid ko kasi nga last 2011 pa out of the country ko and nawala pa old passport ng mom ko but naapproved padin kami. Patunay na lenient na talaga at relaxed ang Japan Visa ngayon. Kaya wag kayo matakot as long as complete papers kayo

Thanks for sharing, Ralph! Saan kayo sa Japan punta? We have travel guides to most major cities in Japan, too!

Hi! We’re going to Tokyo and Osaka. I already read your guide since last year pa hehehe. I really want to go to Tottori talaga because I am an avid fan of Detective Conan. Sana next year hehehe


My friend and I were planning to go to Japan next year January 2019, When can we apply japan visa? Can we apply visa already even if its still 5 months from our trip?

The validity of the visa is 3 months, so ideally, apply 1-3 months before.

Hello! What do you suggest that we submit as proof of relationship if my sponsor is my boyfriend? Photos po ba?

Thank you in advance po sa pagsagot.

Hi Joan, no idea. :(

Mary Ann

How to get ITR if I’m working abroad?

You can submit the equivalent tax document instead.


HI! Your post is really helpful. I am planning to apply for a visa this year, but I am new to my current job. The ITR that I currently have is from my previous company. Is that OK? Thanks.

yep, that’s okay. It happened to me before. The agency asked me to write an explanation letter saying that I just moved to another company.

Alex DC.

Hi! Can I still travel to Japan even if my passport validity left is one month? My visa expires on 2020 and multiple entry

You can still use the visa but you need to renew your passport. Kailangan at least 6 months ung validity ng passport eh. So pag may new passport ka na, you need to bring both the old and new passports pagpunta mo ng Japan.


Hi, no need to request/process a transfer of the multiply entry visa to the new passport?

No need. Just bring both passports when you travel.


Hi! If we are going on a multiple city tour, how do we fill out the “hotels or persons to stay with”? Do we need to list all in that field or can we just include 1 and the other is included in the itinerary. We are planning to visit Osaka and Tokyo.

Also, Is Certificate of Employment no longer necessary? Thanks!

Hi Mau, you can write just one and list all on a separate sheet or on the daily schedule.

Good day! This post has been really useful and its been my main resource for preparing the documents I need for my visa application. I actually have an ITR which I got from my employer in January 2018. The problem is I only joined the company in October 2017 and since I had only been paying taxes for 3 months before I got my ITR, there isnt much on it except for the 3 months of my contributions and taxes before the year ended. Would this be a problem for my application? I was thinking that maybe the embassy would think that I’m not financially capable and might reject my application? Any help would be appreciated! :)

Hi Jaime, that’s okay. Just write an explanation letter, saying you joined the company only last October so the ITR reflects that.

You can also submit ITR from your previous company if you used to work for another before. :)


Hello, what if you are unable to provide ITR from the previous employer? Do you think it will be an issue? Same scenario, got a new job and my ITR only reflects Oct to Dec from my current employer.

Hi Faye, can’t you request a copy from your previous employer? I think that’s possible.


Hello, will it be okay if the bank certificate that I will be using is from an account which was opened in April 2018 and I will apply this month? thank you

Hi Clau, I think pwede naman kasi na-reach naman ung 3 months na coverage. Pero syempre mas maganda pag older ung account.

Ah I see. Meron po akong older account but with less money in it. Pwede ko naman po ipasa pareho? Thank you po

Hi Clau! Yep, pwede pareho. :)

Thank you very much! :)


hi, is it possible na kumuha na kami ng visa as early as now kahit ang travel date is on August 25-30 2019?


Im married. Do i need to write my full maiden name on “other names known by”? Thanks

Hi Gggweng, I don’t know. But I’m publishing your comment in case other readers know the answer.


Hi! I would like to get your opinion: do you think it’s possible to get a visa with 30k show money in the bank for a tentative stay of 5 days? Given that I’ve already been to Japan twice? Thank you!

Hi Therese. I’m not sure. I know friends who applied with just around P50,000 and were granted a visa, but not P30,000.


hi Yoshke.. do u think i can get a visa? i have a sponsor which is my british husband he can provide bank certificate and employment certificate but no itr as he is working in other country not in England. weve been to different countries since 2012 but its a visa free. thanks!

yep. if no ITR, he can submit similar tax document in England. I’m sure they have an equivalent to ITR.


Hello. Can somebody help me on my concern? I had late registration in my birth certificate. I have a baptismal certificate. Do I need to submit school records (Form 137)? Thanks


Same situation for me when I applied last November 2017. What I did was – I provided my school record (Form 137) and an Affidavit of Loss (for my baptismal certificate because it’s nowhere to be found). Tinanggap naman ng Reli yung docs ko at naapproved naman ang application ko.

My comment might be a little too late but I hope this helps other people here.


Hello po sa inyong lahat,

Paano po kung walang Baptismal Certificate kasi hindi naman nag-i-isyu nun ang religion ng isa? Ano pong magandang gawin? Meron naman po akong School Form 137, at i-ta-try ko pong i-locate yung School Year Book ko nung elementary (I remember meron sa aming ibinigay na ganun). Maraming salamat po. :)

Hi Edgar, di ko sure pag ganyan pero submit mo pa rin ung School Form and then write a letter explaining bakit walang baptismal cert.

To be sure, call na lang ung agency kung saan mo balak mag-apply.


Little details I’d like to clarify: 1. Is a Certificate of Employment necessary, even if I already have ITR? 2. I’m going to use my SSS UMID ID and in the application form, there is an ID number field. What number should I input? My SSS number or the number on the UMID card that starts with CRN? 3. It is said that passport must be signed, where exactly in the passport should I sign? 4. Do I have to submit copies of my payslip?

1. Di required ang COE. Although kung kaya mo naman magprovide, pwede mo namang idagdag. We still recommend na magprovide ng COE.

2. UMID card that starts with CRN

3. If you’re holding an e-passport, there should already be a digital signature on your passport. No need to sign anything.

4. It is not a requirement, you can submit if you like.

Rowena kanoko

15days lang po visa ng pamangkin ko dito sa japan,pwede po ba sakto 15days gamitin,kasama ang mga araw ng pag byahe nya.?at kung gusto pong pa extend kailan po kami pwede pumunta sa immigration office.?

Hi Rowena, yep, okay lang na sagarin anf 15 days basta wag na wag syang lalagpas kahit oras lang.

No idea sa extension.

Hello ask ko lang po if magkaka problem ako kasi naalala ko un sinubmit ko na ITR is different sa amount ng COE ko. Nag karoon kasi kami ng mga increase comes 2018. Dapat ba nag pasa ako ng explanation letter para don?

Usually sinasabi naman ng agency if concerning yun. Pero feeling ko okay lang. Maluwag naman na yung embassy lately.


Hi, I have a question. I have my salary bank account where my employer puts money and I also have my own peso savings account. Do I need to provide both bank certificates from these banks? Also, do I need to submit bank statement from my own peso savings or bank certificate will suffice? Thank you.

Mas okay if you can submit both accounts. Certificate lang.


Hello. I would like to thank you for answering all my queries. You responded so fast and informative. Got my visa approved last week and you were one of those who helped me when I was still gathering my requirements. Continue inspiring and helping others. Cheers :)

Yay! Congrats on your visa! Enjoy Japan! :)


Hello. My son is coming with me, I wonder about his visa requirements as a grade school student. Going to Japan this December to spend the holidays. TIA! :)

Same requirements as when applying with guarantor.


I think even if you are only staying for 5 days, you have to write 15, 30, or 90 days only for the duration of stay . Also for number 19, Partner’s profession ( ) it says there that it’s about the guarantor in Japan so. I just want to clarify.

Hi Kate, I don’t think so. If you’re staying for only 5 days, you have to write 5 days. You don’t need to write 15 days. It will cause a confusion. And hindi magiging consistent yung documents mo since sa Schedule of Stay (Daily Schedule), 5 days yung isusubmit.

Dun sa Partner’s Profession, NO, it’s not about your guarantor in Japan. It’s about your partner (if you have one). Nalito ka lang kasi yung legend ng Reli Tours (blue and red na legend) ay nasa taas ng part na yan. The legend does not refer to that specific part of the form. It refers to all their answers in blue or red sa sample nila.


Hi! Thank for this informative post! I’m an OFW in the Middle-East and I’m planning on a 21-day trip to Japan next March 2019. I will be applying for a visa here in the Middle East. According to your post, the Embassy only issues single-entry visas up to 15-days, however I’ve also come across people who received 30-day single-entry visas according to their itinerary.

I’m conflicted now as to how I should plan my itinerary. Is it advisable to plan for a shorter trip instead to ensure travelling? It will be my first time travelling to Japan, but I have traveled to 4 other countries with my current passport.

Hi Z. Hmmm, I’m not sure about the process if you’re applying in the Middle East. I think the procedure and list of requirements change per mission.

But yes, here in PH, it’s always safer to apply for a visa for a shorter trip especially if it’s your first time to visit Japan because there’s always that risk that you’ll be granted a 15-day visa only.


Hi! Do I need the documents aside from the Application form to be in A4 size? (e.g. daily schedule and explanation letter, cover letter)

Yes, daily schedule and letters have to be in A4


Hi, saan agency ka nagpaprocess?

Reli Tours Megamall, madalas. Pero natry ko na rin sa Reli Tours Southmall and Friendship Tours Makati.

Asterio Favis

Hello Yoshke Dimen

Pwedeng patulong yong kasal namin mali ang nakalagay na birthday ni Mrs. April 26,1958 Peru nong lumabas ang NSO certificate ay May 1,1958 ok lang ba na may pinagawa kaming Affidavit of Dicrepancy isama ko sa marriage certificate namin ni Mrs.thank you God Bless.

Hi Asterio, you can ask po the agency kung saan kayo mag-aapply directly. Mas makakatulong po sila kasi for sure, may nahandle na silang case na similar. :)


Not sure where my previous comment went- apologies if this doubles up

Hi !thank you so much for this post. I plan to be a repeat visitor this year but this time , I am planning to go with my stepdad ( us passport holder )my mother,and my brother.

My stepfather will act as guarantor , providing his bank cert 1,***,*** My mothestepfather, currently a housewife will also provide hers 1**,***

That being said,I just have a few queries ,ma’am 1) we’re planning to stay for 15 days, booked a flight for nov 20 – dec 5 ( maxing out the 15 day stay ) I was just wondering whether or not it would be better to submit our roundtrip tickets and indicate that we intend to stay for 15 days given our financial background? Or will it be better to stay on the safe side and apply for a 7 day stay first instead para less analysis of finances for them?

2). Is it true that they approve applications as a group ( specially family ) more easily? :)

Thank you so much

My stepfather will be sponsoring our trip,he is set to come with us

1. Yes, there’s a bigger chance of approval if you apply for a shorter stay so they won’t set the bar too high re your funds. The only risk there is if they ask you for a flight itinerary, you’re gonna have a problem. But it rarely rarely happens. They don’t usually ask for flight booking.

Krisell Reynante

Hi ! Sana po masagot nyo Questions ko. Pupunta po kasi ako ng Japan next year at duon kami magkikita ng BF ko pero taga Taiwan sya Tourist lang din sya..Wala din po akong ITR Dahil sa bahay lang po ako. Ano need ko Gawin?

Thank you so much po

Hi Krissel, dunno kapag foreigner ung sponsor. :(


Hi, me and my mom is planning to go to Japan this December. My mom is a housewife, no work but has bank cert. What does she need to provide in lieu of the working documents needed?

Best to find a sponsor na relative para yung dun sa sponor ung isusubmit. :)

Me & my husband are going to apply for a japan visa. Were both senior citizens & retired.what documents are we going to submit aside fr.the bank certificate & do we hv to buy our tickets to the agency that will.process our visa? Thanks…

For seniors, ito po yung additional docs:

– Photocopy of Senior citizen card – Original copy of marriage contract – If retired, retirement documents – If dependent, Affidavit of Support

No need for a plane ticket pa po at this point. Ticket is not a requirement for visa application.


Hi Yoshke! I’m quite paranoid regarding the hotel we will stay at because in the application form, it is required to indicate a specific hotel, address and its contact number. i haven’t reserved a hotel yet though i wrote down a name of hotel and its address and contact. does the japan embassy really contact the hotel and ask if i have a reservation there? a friend of mine said they do. (not sure if it’s true) because i had the same situation regarding my korean visa and it was not a problem.

Hi Anna, based on my experience, no need for a hotel reservation. I just wrote down kung saan ko plan mag-stay kahit wala pang booking.

Ems Garcia

Hi, pag na approve na yung visa ok lang ba na mag book ng hotel upon arrival sa Japan or mahaharang ka sa immigration pag walang booking sa hotel?

Mas malaki ang chance na maharang ka sa Immigration ng Pilipinas or Japan if wala kang proof of accommodations.


I would like to ask if there is a specific requirement kapag nagwowork sa Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) for Visa? Thanks.

Hi Che, sa Saudi ka ba mag-aapply or sa travel agency sa PH?


Yoshke, I have a question din regarding sa Visa application… should I indicate all the hotels/hostels that I intend to stay in? Kasi sa schedule of stay nandun talaga lahat, pero sa visa app form? Lahat din ba or yung unang hotel lang? Since maliit lang yung space provided

Yung ginawa ko one lang sa form tapos the rest nasa Schedule of Stay naman. :)


Hello thepoortraveler, Thank you so much. Got my japan visa approved. Sobrang laking tulong niyo po para sa tulad kung first time kumuha ng VISA. Sinunod ko lng po lahat ng TIPS dito sa blog niyo. Ayon 2 days lng po yung process. :) Maraming salamat po :) Hooray.

Yayyyy! Congrats! Enjoy Japan! Nasa Japan din ako right now. :D

Jessica Jola

Hi! I couldn’t fit all the hotel addresses in one form (i’m travelling to three cities, so I’m staying at three different hotels). What do you think I should do? Should I just put one?

Hi Jessica, I put just one. Then the rest sa schedule of stay ko nilagay. :)


Hi! My children are planning to go on tour in Japan( 3 to 5 ) days only. Both are working in an IT field field,, a consultant and programmer, They want to bring me with them to treat me,. I am a housewife , and have been separated for 7 years now..What documents should i submit. Will i have a slim chance of being approved? 18 yrs ago me and my kids went to S.Korea (15 days)courtesy of my husband.Then last year i was able to travel to HK & Macau courtesy of my old aunt Kindly respond Thank you!

If sagot po kayo ng anak nyo, same lang po ng nasa taas. Yung basic requirements + yung WITH GUARANTOR. :)


Salamat! kailangan ko bang i submit yung NSO copy ng b. cert at marriage contract ko pati yung b.cert ng mga anak ko.? Promo seat sale lang ang bibilhin nilang tickets to make the most of their money . If March ang nakuha nilang booking kailan dapat mag apply ng visa. At kailangan bang i attach ang proof of booking?

Yes po, requirement ang PSA birth certificate (issued within the past year) and PSA Marriage cert if you’re married.

The validity of a single-entry visa is 3 months from the date of issue, so you can apply as early as 3 months before your trip. I usually apply 1 month before.


My brother and I were planning to go this month Nov 26-Nov 30. Our parents both have business and they will sponsor our trip. However, we would need your further advice of the ff:

1.) It is my brother’s first time and he’s currently studying, (are there any requirements needed of him aside from the above mentioned requirements?)

2.) I have been issued Japan VISA 9 years ago (but it was for business/commercial purpose). Do I need to attach my old passport with the said VISA as proof that I am returning (but as Tourist?)

3.) We are planning to book our flight ahead (as additional proof of our return). Would you recommend this option?

Currently gathering requirements as it is just a short notice.

Thanks in advance. :)

Hi AJ! Greetings from Japan! (I’m currently in Hiroshima with family!)

1. I took care of the visa application of my niece who is a student. Although we brought an enrolment certificate and a copy of school ID, the agency didn’t get these copies. But our application is still approved. I would still recommend that you have these docs handy, though. Just in case.

2. Yep. I always submit my old passport with past visas when I apply.

3. If you’re confident that there’s a big chance it will be approved, go for it. However, some agencies don’t accept the flight itinerary since it’s not part of the requirements. Some do. Best to call the agency where you plan to lodge your application first before booking.

Hello Yoshke,

Thank you for all the helpful points, at least we learned there are other things/documents that should come handy just in case.

Grateful to have found your blog. Enjoy autumn in Hiroshima with the fam! :)

No prob! Good luck with your application!

Forgot to update. Got our VISA! I was able to be granted with multiple (maybe they have considered my previous visit 9 years ago). Although I didn’t ask my agent if she submitted all of my previous passports. She just told me that she tried to apply a multiple for us. When the passports arrived my bother was granted single entry (maybe because he’s a first-time visitor) I have attached the above mentioned enrollment certificate and school ID of him as well. Very glad to have them secured prior submission to the agent and avoid late hassle of approval. Thanks Yoshke! Your detailed tips helped alot. Merry Christmas! :)

Yayyyyy! Congrats sa inyo ng brother mo. Enjoy Japan and Merry Christmas din sayo! :)

Rachelle Christie Banglos

Good afternoon Sir, Are there additional requirements for government employees?

Hi Rachelle, ang alam ko same lang din naman nung nasa taas.

Pero sa immigration na, you need Travel Clearance.


Hello! my question is: * if a minor is applying for a visa together with her parents, does the minor need to submit original documents of Bank Certificate, Certificate of Stock, etc since the parents are submitting the original documents?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Chryss, according to the members of our Support Group who experienced applying with family, no need for the minor to have original copy of parents’ bank docs if the parents are also applying. But don’t forget Guarantee Letter for the minor.


I have a question about this, I got a 90 days visa (single entry). and I stay in Japan from 87 days, I got no problem. what do you mean that even I got a visa valid for 90 days, I can only stay in Japan for 15 days maximum? it is quite misleading

Single-entry visas are USUALLY valid for a stay of up to 15 days. But you can only use it within 90 days from the issue date. The number of days you’re allowed to stay is indicated on the visa under “FOR STAYS OF.”

If you’re saying that you’re able to stay for up to 87 days with no problem, then you probably have a visa that allows you to stay for up to 90 days. Good for you.

But yours is not the usual case. The usual case is, first-time applicants are only allowed to stay for up to 15 days.


October 17, 2018 na-received ni Japan Embassy yung application for tourist visa until now (November 12, 2018) wala pa din

Tatlo kami nag apply – 12 days – paid flight na po MNL to FUK, FUK to OSK, OSK to MNL

Sa November 27 na sana lipad namen kaso wala pa kami visa

Lahat naman kami working at may ITR. Yung friend ko na isa at ako may letter of intent pa, yung isa wala sinubmit na letter.

Bank certificate:

Me – 180k with 98k ADB Friend 1 – 126k Friend 2 – 106k

Travel History: Me: HK 3x, Macau, Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu / Kuala Lumpur), Japan 9days (2018) Friend 1 – HK, Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu / Kuala Lumpur) Friend 2 – HK, Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu / Kuala Lumpur), Japan 9days (2018)

PS: Recently I was granted with Canada Tourist Visa (October 2018) Multiple Entry until my passport expiry

Ang sad until now wala pa decision samen tatlo

Ay hala, ang weird na wala pa rin. Wala namang sinasabi ang agency kung saan kayo nag-apply?

Kaka-apply ko lang for my family around a week before you applied, nakuha namin after 5 days.

Sobrang weird talaga, hindi ko ineexpect na ganito katagal.

Galing kami ni Friend 2 sa Japan last year October 27, 2017 for 9 days. Hindi naman kami nag overstay. At kung ano yung pinasa na COE namen last year e ganun pa din this year, I mean hindi kami lumipat ng work, same company pa din.

Si Friend 1 dati namen officemate pero nagresign tapos nagmmasteral ngyon at employed din naman.

Ilang beses nako email at tawag sa mismo Japan Embassy, we were told na “Under Verification” pa din.

Alam nyo po ba anong bina-background check nila?


Hi Andrea, may I ask ano nangyari sa case mo?

Approved yung Single Entry ko

Friend 1 – approved Friend 2 – denied (with travel history japan 2017)

Natuloy namin ni Friend 1 yung Japan Tour

Ngayon nag aapply ako ng ME. Submitted docs sa agency last Monday July 29, 2019

Hi Andrea, no idea. Sorry. :( They’re usually very fast eh and I don’t think they normally do background checks. Bihirang lang yung ganyan katagal.

Sana magkaupdate na kayo and sana approved yung visa! Good luck!

Just an update, tumawag ako Japan embassy kanina (November 14, 2018) for decision na daw appplication namen tatlo and anytime this week makukuha namen yung decision and passport.

Hoping na approve kami, grabe ang stressful :( Gusto lang namen kumaen ng ramen sa Ichiran at makita ulit ang Harry Potter :(

LOL at Ichiran. Naku, sana nga approved. Balitaan mo kami kung anong mangyari. :D


Hi. last time na punta namen binigyan kame ng 90 days na visa so akala namen 90 days is 3 months so nagoverstay kame ng 2 days. June 12 expiration sakto namimili kame nakita namen passport namen june 12 expiration so nagpanic kame tumawag kame agad sa immigration tapos pinapunta kame kinabukasan sa immigration. nagbayad kame then may sticker na void sa passport namen then this month nag apply ulit kame for visa pero nadenied kame so ask kolang if ano kailangan gawen sa next na apply namen para dina kame madenie ulit. thank you in advance :)

Hi Liza, naku, di ko alam. :( Try to call na lang yung agency kung saan ka mag-aapply. For sure mas may mabibigay silang tips.


hi, I’m travelling first time to Japan but my mother as a guarantor. okay lang po kaya yun? kahit na employed ako pero not enough funds for the trip. ma-accept pa po kaya visa ko? 65k laman ng bank acc. for 5 days. hope you can help me po sa supporting docs and application. thanks po.

Hi Rio, pwede yun. Mas okay din yun pag mas maganda yung docs ni mother.


Hi we are planning to gon to Japan this march 2019, with my husband and he is also my guarantor. Kelangan pa ba namin mag submit ng guarantor letter? And may bank acct din naman ako kelangan ko pa din ba i submitt bank certificate ko or sa husband ko na lang? Thank you for your help.

Di ko lang alam kapag mag-asawa. Pero in general, if may guarantor, need ng guarantee letter. No need na for your own bank cert. Just submit the guarantor’s.

If you can afford naman to support your trip and you have complete docs (ITR, etc), that’s easier and safer than having a guarantor.


Hi, Ive read from a different blog that there’s no need to submit a birth certificate if I have an expired Japan visa already. Is this true?

Also, can I submit an ITR from 2018? I need to apply for visa this coming January 2019 and my company usually provides a copy of our ITR late February. Will travel to Japan second week of March.

Hi K-anne, if as a tourist (not visit relatives), no need for birth cert kung may visa ka na dati.

Yes you can submit pa yung ITR for 2017 (released in 2018) kung January ka mag-apply.


Hi I don’t have an ITR here in the Philippines since I’m a US permanent resident (Green card Holder) but I’m currently here in the Philippines for vacation. I still have a Philippine passport because I’m still a Filipino citizen. My issue is I don’t have an ITR here but I do have an tax declaration form in the U.S., You said we can write a letter to the embassy to explain this, can you show me the format of that letter? Thanks! :-)

Yes, you can write an explanation letter and submit a copy of your US tax declaration form instead.

No, I don’t have a format for it. It was simply a letter explaining why I can’t provide an ITR and what I’m providing instead.


Hello, Yoshke! :) May kasabayan kasi ako for Japan next year. Job order ang status ng employment nya pro more than a year na. Pwde kaya sya sa multiple entry visa application?

Hi Matessa, naku di ko po alam. :(


I am an OFW and i dont have ITR. I work for US NAVAL Base as a contractor . I have been in the company for the past 18yrs now. Since i dont have an ITR you think Certificate of employment would do ? I can also provide the some documents like land titles ,car registration and bank accounts. I also have records / history of ravel for the past couple of yrs . You think i can make . Or my chance is slim since i dont have an ITR?

Hi Anne, if you can’t provide ITR, you can write an explanation letter instead.

However, check with the agency if may additional requirements kapag employed by military to be sure. :)


We are planning to visit Osaka from 02/28 – 03/05 (tickets already booked). When is the most ideal time to submit our visa applications? Also, I am travelling with my wife and 7 y/o boy, are there any other docs that we need to provide for my son’s application aside from application form, passport, ID picture, and PSA Birth Certificate?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Russell,

January is most ideal. :)

Don’t forget the “list of visa applicants” used for group application.

Arriane Barrientos

Hello. My husband and I are planning to visit Japan on Apr 2- Apr 7. It is our first international tour. Is there a chance that our visa application will be denied just because we don’t have any other outside the country visit before? But we are both employed and could provide ITR and history of employment. By the way, is the visa application are we going to apply is the one for “group application”? Lastly, since we’re married is it ok to submit only the bank statement of my husband? Thanks in advance :)

Hi Arianne,

Parati namang may chance na madeny. Depende din kasi yun sa strength ng documents na isusubmit mo. Pero di ibig sabihin na pag first time mo abroad, denied agad. Mas considerate naman ang Japan embassy compared sa iba. :)

I think pwede ung group sa inyo. I-fill up mo lang ung List of Visa APplicants na form.

If bank statement lang ni husband, make sure na ilalagay mo na meron kang guarantor sa form mo (which is your husband). Pero pwede un basta yung laman ng account is enough to support both of you. :)


Hello Yosh,

bawal po bang magkaroon ng changes sa total savings na indicated sa bank certificate na sinubmit while the visa application is in progress?

Pwede naman. Nagwiwithdraw pa rin naman ako kahit ongoing ung application. Normal lang yun. Usually, di naman nila chine-check ulit unless in rare cases na pede sila humingi ng mas updated na document. So to be safe, wag lang yung sobrang laki nung mawawala from the account.


Sana po mapansin niyo to. :( tanong ko lang po sana kung bawal po ba mabawasan ung laman ng savings ko after ko kumuha ng bank certificate habang di pa po naapprove ung visa?

Thank you in advance! :)

Hi Fhaye, normally, they won’t check the bank details again unless in special cases. But to be safe, kung mabawasan man, dapat hindi malaki ung mawawala.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your prompt response :)

toto P

I’m a government employee, usually when travelling abroad I bring with me this letter of authority to travel issued by our HR Dept. as a clearance that we are free of any accountabilities before leaving the country. It is a must if ever the bureau of immigration would ask for it. The question is, Do i need to secure a letter of authority to travel to be attached in my requirements for visa application in japan?


Hi toto I would like to ask if your question was already answered? I have the same concern din kasi.

Hi Toto! Hindi ko alam, pero I don’t think so. I think sa Immigration sya talaga.

You can ask other members of our Support Group here:


Do you know if requirements are same for senior citizen? My mom is already retired. so no itr or ceo.

We will submit it by 1st week of Feb na! hehe

Ay, di ko po sure. Ask na lang po the agency kung saan nyo balak mag-apply.


Hi! My wife and I want sana to bring the yaya of our son to japan for a vacation. would you know if it will be hard for us to get her a visa since she doesnt have most of the requirements needed? (bank certificate, itr etc. she does have a passport tho. Thank you

Hi Paolo, won’t you be shouldering her expenses? You can be her guarantor para you can submit YOUR documents instead.


Hi! Would you know if kailangan pa ng employment contract of the yaya or sponsorship letter and explanation na lang sa cover letter? thank you!

Hi Maureen, I think the employment contract can help. I think it can serve as proof of relationship, so best to have it. I mean, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Faith joy bonifacio

Hi yoshke, tanong kulang kung ang 5 year old need paba ng japan visa kung ang mother e meron naman na . Salmat

Ang alam ko, yep, kailangan pa rin.


Hello! May sample explanation letter po ba kayo dun sa walang ITR? OFW kasi ako and ako yung magiging guarantor ng Tatay ko at Step-Mom for Japan Tour, both senior citizen na sila. Nakakuha na kami (family – husband and daughter) ng Japan Tourist Visa dito sa Dubai. Yung parents ko naman kukuha sila sa Pinas. Hope you reply. Thanks!

Wala po eh. Kahit magbigay ako ng sample, ung bulk ng letter kasi ay yung reason bakit walang ITR and ikaw lang ang makka-explain nun nang maayos. Simple lang naman yun, kahit straight to the point lang.


My fiancee from australia is attending japan business expo this march and planning na isama nya ko but im still in philippines is it possible kya na pwede nya ko isama ksi uwi xa ng ph this march and gusto nya sabay kmi punta pwede kya un ksi wala ako work now but before ofw ako,..thanks in advance

Yep, ang alam ko pwede. Finance documents ng fiancee mo ung gagamitin.

Hi, We recently got married last December and we decided to have a late honeymoon vacation this March. Basically, wala pa kaming PSA na Marriage contract. Can we just declare sa application form na Single pa din kami instead of Married?

Hi Mau, naku, di ko po alam pag ganyan kasi outside my experience. Consult na lang po a travel agency. :(


I thought you were supposed to write 15 days even if you only plan on travelling for 5 days. Isn’t that the rule before to only put 15, 30, or 90 days so Japan Embassy will approve? or bago na yung ruling na ilalagay talaga yung exact days of stay in Japan? This is confusing, please let me know the answer. Sorry :(


I read this in one of the travel blogs also. I remember the blogger saying, one of the reasons bakit daw naddeny is because they do not put 15, 30 or 90. Thank you for this clarification.

Nope. I’ve experienced applying many many times for myself, friends and family, I never wrote just 15, 30 or 90 days. I write the ACTUAL number of days I intend to stay in Japan. Never had any problem.

Even the sample accomplished forms by Reli Tours have “10 days” as sample, not 15, 30 or 90.

I think writing 15, 30 or 90 is not ideal because if you only intend to stay for 3 days, writing “15 days” will just make things more confusing.


Hi, I am planning to applied for a visa and my mom’s husband (Japanese) is the one will sponsor my trip. I already have a one way ticket. Is there a need to have a return ticket though I still don’t know how long am I gonna stay there?

Hindi required ang ticket sa visa application.

Pero malamang hanapin yan sa Immigration.

Diane Cervantes

Hello! Thank you very much sa post na to. But i still have questions po sana hope po ay matulungan niyo ko.

Teacher po ako, planning to apply visa by february para sa April for 7 days. Kasama ko mother ko to visit Japan, retired principal and senior citizen. Nag-apply na po kasi ako mga 5 years ago na denied, di ko po sure if ano reason. Do i need to get permit from DepEd and submit COE attached to my requirements?

Also, ung mother ko po ay yung guarantor ko sana. Kasama ko rin sya, ano po kaya ung financial standing dapat meron sya? So hindi napo ako magpapasa ng bank certificate? How about ITR po?

Thank you very much! Sana po matulungan niyo ako.

Hi Ma’am Diane, usually di naman required ang COE although makakatulong talaga sya sa application.

Di ko rin po sure kung ano requirements kung ang guarantor ay retired. Kasi usually, need na isubmit ng guarantor yung ITR.

May napili na ba kayong travel agency na magpoprocess? Best na tawagan nyo na lang po sila para sure.

Thank you po sa response.

Bali meron po kaming ipapasa na Bank Certificate at ITR ng mother ko since may business naman po sya. Ok lang po ba na sya ang guarantor ko tapos kasama ko sya sa travel?

Reli Tours po sa SM Megamall, meron po ba kayong updated contact number nila para makapagtanong, Bulacan papo kasi kami.

Salamat po talaga, laking bagay ng response niyo. Godbless Sir!

Hi Diane, yep, okay lang po yun basta ok yung funds nung account.

Yung contact number ng reli, yung andito lang po alam ko:

Diana Lyn O. Cervantes

Hello sir, i’m currently filling out form po. Yung sakin at sa mother ko. May ilang questions po. Pasensya na po pero napakareliable po kasi ng answers niyo kaya po para masure ko lang po na tama details ko. Sana po pagbigyan niyo pong sagutin. Thanks in advance po.

1. Teacher po ako, pero may guarantor which is my mother na retired principal pero currently merong business at kasama ko din magtravel, ITR lang po niya ipapasa namin? yung ITR ko po hindi na po?

2. *Partner’s profession/occupation (or that of parents, if applicant is a minor) – sa form ko po N/A (Single and legal age) – sa form po ng mother ko? Byuda na po sya. N/A din po ba?

3. Guarantor or reference in Japan – mother ko po guarantor ko, retired principal, sa profession or occupation and position ano po ilalagay ko? pwede po ba na OWNER?

4. Nationality and immigration status – FILIPINO (ano po sa immigration status)

5. Inviter in Japan – “same as above” po ba lalagay ko? Wala po ako inviter from Japan, may guarantor lang po.

Salamat sir! Hoping po na matulungan po ninyo kami. SALAMAT PO TALAGA.

Hi Ma’am Diana,

As much as I want to help, I can’t answer your questions for sure kasi I have never applied for someone na retired, and my knowledge is limited to my personal experience. Best to call yung agency kung saan po kayo mag-apply.

Diane cervantes

Thank you very much po sir! Godbless po. Sana maaprove kami.


Hello, do I need to make a letter of explanation for not using a granted single entry visa to japan, on the given valid dates on the visa?

Hi Joy, naku, I don’t know. Best to contact the agency kung saan ka mag-apply.

Girruette Harvenheit

Hi po! Share ko lang po :) Religiously kong binibisita ung blog niyo about tourist visa application. Interested lang ako noong 2016 at ngayong 2019, pinush ko na talaga mag-apply. January 18, 2019 po nang magsubmit ako sa Reli Tours and Travel. It made me so anxious kasi wala pa talaga akong travel history at all tapos single at babae pa po ako. Bago lang din ako sa trabaho last March 2018. ITR lang ang kulang ko pero may explanation letter naman. Ung amount sa bank ko nasa 6-digit naman since 3 years na akong nagtatrabaho. Though wala pang result, I wanted to claim na makakakita na ako ng cherry blossom during my birthday. Positive or negative ang kalalabasan, nagpapasalamat ako sa step by step guide ng application sa blog niyo :) More powers po!

Salamat for using our guides! Good luck with your application! Sana maapprove. Balitaan mo kami! :)


/Hi, when filling out the form do you have to put the flight number or just the airline name. I have a flight booked already.

Just the airline.

Grace P

HI, I would like to ask, my husband is a British and we live here since 2014. We planned to travel in Japan and we have plane ticket already. The only thing we need to do is to apply Tourist Visa. With his case, he has ACR ID as Phil permanent residence from immigration and he works as online teacher, and paying tax in BIR quarterly. With this we can used his Phil ID ACR and ITR-BIR as other form of documents for the approval of his visa? Above stated that we need to have a Birth certificate. My husband have copy from UK and we can request marriage contract in PSA.

Our trip will be on May, what is the best month to apply for a visa?

Hi Grace, I have no idea po pag ganyang case kasi limited po sa personal experience ang alam ko. You can try contacting the travel agency kung saan nyo balak mag-apply para sure.


Hi, Just to reiterate re: bank certificate— “Must be issued within the past 3 months” Does this mean, for example, if I requested for a bank certificate on February, I can use it for Japan visa application on March (until May)? Thanks!

Hello! (1) My passport is under my maiden name. But my bank accounts and other assets are under my married name. Would that be okay? (2) Also, the bank account where I keep the savings are in my husband and I’s joint account, will that be a problem? I appreciate the response. Thanks!


Same situation here. How did it go with your application? Did you face any issues? Hoping to hear from you. Thanks!

Hi Mary, I think okay lang basta may marriage certificate ka rin na isusubmit. Ask na lang the agency po.

Michelle C

Ask ko lang kung ano ilalagay sa “Name of Employer” kung self-employed professional? – BIR registered (no business name / no DTI — Occupational Tax Receipt yung meron ako) – yung nakalagay sa COR ko is Name ko lang, then nature ng work.

Please advise.


Same concern. How did your application go?

Hi Michelle, naku, di ko alam pag self-employed professional. Yung sa akin kasi ay registered sole prop, so may business name ako tapos yun ang nilagay ko. Tawag ka na lang sa agency para sure sure sure.


I’m also a freelancer and I would just like to ask what I should write as my occupation. Should I say “freelance marketing specialist” or just “marketing specialist”? It’s my first time to apply for a Japanese Visa and I’m just worried na if I write “freelance” it may affect the approval. I have COR and ITR btw.

Your blog has been super helpful and I hope you can answer my question. Thanks! :)

Hi! How did it go?

Hi Kathleen, in my case, when I was a freelancer, I just wrote “Marketing Consultant.” Di ko na nilagay na Freelance. Pero nagsubmit ako ng letter from my clients explaining ano arrangement ko with them.

Jericson Rubiano

Ask ko lang po kung lahat po ba ng document na ipapasa should be in a4? Including the bank certuficate?

Binigay sa akin ng BDO ay naka short.

Hi Jericson, yung bank certificate, I think, di kailangan na A4. Yung A4 ay para dun sa mga docs na ikaw ang magpiprint. :D

J Cervantes

Hello. My Auntie from Ireland together with her family is planning to visit Japan for 4 days and isasama nya kasi ako. She will shoulder my hotel stay and yung ibang gastos dun, airfare lang yung sakin. I have a full time job nman. Do i still need to get their bank statement kasi parang sila ung sponsor ko for that trip? I still have enough money in my account too.

Hi J, if idedeclare mo na sponsored ng iba yung trip mo, yes, you need to get their bank docs.

If hindi naman, you need to submit yours.

Mariel B

Hello Mam! I found your blog and it’s very informative especially when applying for Japan visa. I am an OFW working in Bahrain as an executive assistant sa CEO ng company namin. Me and my fiance (who also resides in Bahrain) are planning to tour Osaka this July 2019, after our wedding. But we are applying as unmarried since plan namin sa May 2019 mag pasa ng application at di pa kami married. Is it okay?

Also, we are concerned since yung bank account ko dito sa Bahrain is only a salary account and I am putting all my savings in my peso account for a long time na. Will it suffice kung bank statement lang ang i submit ko for my peso account? Kasi i checked with my bank sa Pinas, they said for them to issue me a certificate, I need to be there to fill out a form. But they can provide me bank statement and they can send it to me sa email ko. Is it acceptable kaya for Japan visa? Do i need to request the bank to send me through courier the original document or scan copy will be okay?

We are really concerned coz naka book na kami ng ticket for July 2019.

Appreciate your feedback, and God Bless you! :)


Hi, I just renewed my passport this month and I’ll be applying for a visa, would you know if I can give my old passport along with my new one to show my travel history? Thanks!

1. I think okay lang. Di ka pa naman magpapalit ng passport? If di pa, I think wala pa namang magiging problem since same pa rin yung name mo sa passport and sa visa.

2. I think okay lang din na form another country yung account. Gawa ka na lang ng letter explaining na you’re based in Bahrain but temporarily in PH. And yes, dapat original yung bank document.

If mapapansin mo, puro ako “I think” kasi hunch ko lang din talaga ito ha. Hindi ko alam for sure. Ang best talaga na gawin is i-ask yung travel agency kung saan ka mag-apply kasi mas alam nila. Baka kasi may additional requirements na di ko alam kasi outside my experience ito.

Jean Bulacsao

Hello! Question on bank certificate. Does it needs to be printed in A4 size paper? The bank issued me a bank cert in short bondpaper. Is it okay?

Hi Jean, as far as I know based on experience ko, okay lang. Yung mga nasa control mo lang yung A4 like app form, guarantee letter, schedule of stay, etc.


Hi! I wanted to apply for a Japan Tourist Visa. However, I am resigning from my current job and will be starting a new one last week of February. Will this post a problem with my application? What can you suggest? Thank you.

Hi Denise, apply now if you haven’t resigned yet so your COE and ITR still match. It just makes things simpler. :)

But if you’re applying after you resign, that’s possible too. I’ve done that before. My ITR was different from my COE, so I wrote a letter explaining that I have just switched companies recently.


Hi Yoshke, do you have a sample somewhere of that letter you wrote? Thanks!

No, unfortunately.

I just wrote it by hand at the travel agency’s office upon the staff’s suggestion.


Hello! I would like to ask if it is okay to put our booked accommodation via Airnb in “Name and address of hotel” instead of hotel room for visa application form? Thanks!

Hi Gian, di ko sure kasi pa ako nag-AirBnB sa Japan. I think okay lang, i-indicate mo na lang na AirBnb?

Or i-blank mo muna tapos ask mo na lang yung agency pag nagsubmit ka para sure. :)

Another question, if you applied in a group, and then may isa na di qualified or di approved, will everyone in the group be affected? Or siya lang ang maddeny?

Ang alam ko, individually naman ina-assess yung application kahit part of a group.


Hi po, married po aq s Malaysian at d2 npo aq nkatira s Malaysia. My husband and my son d n nila klangan ng visa to visit Japan aq lng. I’ve been to japan twice 16 yrs ago as legal worker. Maging grounds kya to pra ideny nila application q.

PS. I’m not employed so my husband will shoulder all the expenses for 15 days in japan.

Hi Shireen, sorry po, di ko po alam. :(


just got my 5 year multiple entry visa and i’m so excited to use it next month. Thanks for all your tips, big help talaga. One thing that i can share if you can prove your capability to travel to japan even though you have friends or relatives to visit better not to declare them. Also make sure that your application is neat and no erasure para presentable. I love japan more than any other countries in asia (coz i never been to US or Europe. Haha.)

Thanks for sharing these tips! Congrats!!!

Okay lang na hindi ka pa nag US or Europe. Kami nag-Europe na pero Japan pa rin fave namin. hehe


Hi, okay lang ba na ilagay ko yung address ng friend ko for my accommodation itinerary. Visa form ko is no guarantor. May chance ba na madenied? at Kaka open ko lang din ng bank acct ko and planning to go in Japan this April na ? Ok lang kaya ba yun ?


Hi Sarah. Just wanna ask how your application for visa went? Did you went ahead for “Visit Friend” type of visa and wrote your friend’s address sa accommodation itinerary? I have the same case as yours po kasi. I have no guarantor din coz I can shoulder my own expenses naman. Thanks in advance.

Hi Sarah, are you applying for a TOURIST visa or a VISIT FRIENDS/RELATIVES visa?

These are two very different things and it’s one of the reasons why people get denied. They apply for tourist visa but write a person’s address in the form. This post is about TOURIST VISA though.

If you’re applying for a TOURIST VISA, you must enter a hotel/hostel name and address. You can’t write a friend’s address.

If you’re applying for a VISIT VISA, yes, it’s okay to write your friend’s address. More info about VISIT VISA here:

Hi Yoshke. Your blog really is helpful. Just got our visa (whole family)! Thank you for answering my queries.

Thanks, Crizel

Congrats, Zel! Enjoy Japan!

Carlota C. Tutaan

Hi. I”m so lucky to have found your blog. I find it very informative. My family will be going to Osaka on Apr 9-14. We do not have our visas yet. Questions: 1. Among my 3 children, one is already working but we will pay for her trip. In her visa application, do we indicate that she is working? 2. If yes, what documents does she need to support her visa application? 3. She has a bank account also, does she need to submit a bank certificate? Certificate of Employment, etc? 3. how much is the visa application?

Thank you very much in advance and more power..

1. Yes. If she’s employed, she should declare that she is. It will help her application.

2. ITR, as stated in the post above. Pwede ring magsubmit ng COE as additional supporting doc.

3. If she’s declaring that you will be shouldering the expenses, no need for her bank certificate. But she needs to submit the your (the guarantor’s) ITR and bank docs.

4. Depende sa agency. May iba na P800, may iba na P1000+. Nadiscuss din po sa post sa taas.


Hello po ~ ask ko lng po kung included sa number of stay yung day of arrival? Fukuoka airport po kase eh gabe na arrival. TIA !

Ang alam ko po, kasama yung day of arrival sa count kapag Japan. Di ko po sure, pero ganun yung ginagawa ko.

Sam Bustos

Just want to ask if same ba ng requirements and ng application form kapag transit visa lang ang iaapply? I’m going to the US kasi and connecting flight ko is sa Narita. I’m a non revenue passenger so stanby lang ako and possible na next day ako mkasakay if puno ang flight that is why I need a transit visa.

Hi Sam, naku, wala po akong idea pag transit visa.

isagani espinosa

I’ve just renewed my Philippine passport recently. This coming March we have an scheduled tour in Tokyo. And my concern is our unexpired 5 years visa is in my old passport. Can we get through the immigration by presenting both the new and old passport with visa or is there a need to get another visa for our new passport? Help me out.

Yep, you can bring your old passport with the visa and present it together with your new passport. The visa remains valid kahit expired na yung passport.

I’m not expecting an immediate response and I’m all set to go to Japan Embassy today for an inquiry. It’s good I’ve checked out your site first before proceeding. Thank you very much for being around helping people fixing our travel concerns.

No prob! :)


Hello, Balak ko pong kumuha ng tourist visa attend conference and mag sightseeing with a group pero ako lang yung may guarantor (boyfriend dito sa Pinas). Medyo takot lang po kasi first time.

1. Nung nag fifill up po ako ng visa application need ng ID no. Passport lang po yung valid governement ID ko, pero meron po akong TIN ID pwede na po ba yun o yung passport nalang din lagay ko? Yung student id ko po kasi walang validation date and for this term hindi ako enrolled so wala akong pero may remaining unit pako.

2. Pwede na po ba yung kahit certificate from school lang para ma prove na student ako ? *Sobrang kabado lang.

3. Mas ok po ba na as unemployed nalang kaysa student ang ilagay ko?

1. I have tried writing my passport number there a few times, tinanggap naman. I think okay lang din ang TIN.

2. I think okay lang ang certificate from school. Di ko sure though.

3. If I were in your shoes, I’d state student.


Hi, ask ko lang po regarding sa situation ko. Bali housewife po ako and can present bank certificate (joint account with husband), Pero No ITR, and COE. Kailangan pa rin po ba ng letter of guarantee kahit joint account na yung sa bank?

yung usually sinusubmit ko na bank account, joint account din with a family member, pero since no ITR and COE, baka best na ideclare na sponsored ka ni husband pa rin. For that you will need his documents. Pero not sure if nag-apply ang Guarantee Letter pag mag-asawa. I think need pa rin. Call na lang ung agency kung saan ka mag-apply to be sure.


Hi. What if the birth cert falls under delayed registration, apart from the supporting documents like, baptismal cert., school record and year book, what other pertinent papers can be submitted in lieu of the above-mentioned docs? Thnk you.

Hi Zenie, di ko po alam, contact na lang po the designated travel agency kung saan kayo apply.


Hi, planning to fly Manila-Sapporo, stay there for three days, then fly Sapporo-Osaka to stay there for three more days before going home Osaka-Manila. Is that ok to do on a single entry visa? Or do i need a multiple entry visa kasi pag arrive sa Osaka it’s considered as another entry?

Hi Inna, single entry is okay. :)


Your blog really helped me a lot! I have been obsessing over it for the last few months. I recently booked a discounted plane tix via PAL to Japan. Late October pa naman to Tokyo, but nagpreprepare na ako this early.

I just wanna ask if Jap Embassy is strict with SOLO FEMALE travelers? I have been to the usual Macau, HK, SG and Korea. I also have a valid 3yr multiple entry visa to the latter. I have a stable job as a lawyer (private), and I can provide naman all required documents plus COE. Do you think I should also submit an approved leave of absence? Sorry, medyo paranoid lang ako sa chances ko :P

Second, do you recommend Reli Tours in Makati, Dusit? I have read that you use this agency, but in Megamall. I live in Makati kasi, so hassle pumunta ng Megamall. Meron din Friendship dun sa Dusit, but I read one horror story hear that it took almost one month yun processing (no reply kung nakuha nila on time yung visa).

Finally, I’m planning to apply in August 26, 2019 (my trip in on October 20). Is that too early/late?

Thanks for all your hard work! Nakabookmark na sakin yung mga itineraries mo :)

In general, the Japanese Embassy is more lenient than, say, Schengen embassies or Korean Embassy.

At Dusit, I’ve tried Friendship Tours twice, and both times were pretty smooth and I liked my experience. :)


Hi! I would like to ask, I plan to bring my sister to Japan for a vacation next year. This will be her first travel abroad. We already have our budget and other requirements ready but is there a chance that her visa application will be denied since she has no travel history yet? Thanks!

Hi JM, there’s always that chance, but travel history is not a requirement. You can be a first time international traveler and still granted a visa.

Although the safer way is to visit non-visa countries first.

Hello Yoshke, thanks for the reply! Also, my boyfriend and I plans to have our honeymoon in Japan. Travel month is same with wedding month, we should put single on our visa application, right?


Hi! Good Day! I’m currently having a problem with documents. I’m employed with near minimim wage salary for less than a year and my father would sponsor my trip who is currently working abroad (not in Japan) which means he doesn’t have an ITR. I was told to submit tax exemption which needs affidavit as the requirement. However, for it to be notarized, they said it must have red ribbon. Is it really necessary for tax exemption? Because some only submit letter of explanation as to why they don’t have an ITR. Do I still need to submit my own ITR? (I also don’t own bank account because the company is still giving my salary by cheque)

Thank you so much! And your blog posts have been helpful for my past trips! Thank you!

Hi JD, di ko po alam yung process pag nasa abroad yung sponsor. Pero ang alam ko, tumatanggap naman ang embassy ng tax documents ng ibang bansa, yung equivalent ng ITR sa bansang yun. Di ko lang sure kasi di ko pa naranasan.

Usually, pag sponsored yung trip, di na need magsubmit ng sarili mong ITR.

I see. Thank you so much for the reply! I got the tax exemption certificate. Hopefully it’ll serve as the valid excuse for not having ITR. Also another question, is it necessary that we are booked at the accommodations I put in the daily schedule? Or I can just put them as the assumed accommodation? Thanks again!

No booking required. Just the accommodation where you plan to stay. If hotel, you just need the hotel name, address, and contact number.


hi my sister, my mother and I will apply for tourist visa and my sister will be the guarantor living in PH my question is if do I need to provide her birth cert, ITR and her bank cert if we are applying together and travelling together?

Thank You so much in advance.

Hi Dianna, you will need to provide your sister’s ITR and bank docs if sya yung guarantor.

If group application, based sa experience ko nung nag-apply ako with family recently, kahit 1 copy lang, okay na. Just fill out the List of Applicants na form.


hi me, mom and dad will travel to japan. my dad will shoulder my mom’s expenses or he’ll be her guarantor. on the 2nd page of the form, about the guarantor, should i write the name, address of my father?

See FAQ #1 in this post:


Hi! What if I have unused Japan visa? And I’m planning to apply again?

Hi Den, according to some of our readers who had similar experience, you need to write a letter explaining why you weren’t able to use your visa.


Hi, I’ve a question regarding the bank certificate. Would you know if there’s a standard format for that? I’m planning to get a bank certificate from BDO and am wondering if it would include ADB? If yes, would it also be possible to request the bank to not include it and would this be accepted by the agency/embassy? Thanks.

Hi Klar, each bank has their own standard format. The new BDO format doesn’t indicate the ADB. And yes, that will still be accepted by the agency/embassy.

Noted. Thank you very much for the quick reply! :)

No worries. Good luck with your application!

Prabu Natraj

It was really wonderful. This blog was very informative and useful. I am planning for an abroad. Thank you very much for posting this really helpful


Hello po Ask ko lang po regarding my situation. I am applying for a student visa but I am not enrolled this sem. Can I submit my registration form last semester instead?

Hi Kim, sorry po pero wala po kaming alam about student visa. :(


Please help po, yung agency po na mag-pprocess ng visa application namin is requiring me and my cousin to submit a school certificate. My cousin graduated from senior highschool while I graduated from college.

Recent lang ba yung graduation nyo? This year lang?

Aaah. Baka kaya nila hinihingi kasi to prove that you just recently graduated.


Good day po, late registered po ang aking birth certificate, pwedi po ba ang TOR (Transcript of Record) ? salamat

Hello! May I ask what happened to your application?

Hi Kim. Di ko po alam if pwede ang TOR. :( Call nyo na lang po yung agency.


My wife and I are planning on traveling with my son who’ll be 1yr old. My wife an I both have JP visas already, do we just apply for our son a separate visa application with guarantor?

Yep! It will also help to write an explanation letter stating that you, the parents, already have your own visas and then attach a copy of your visas. :)


Late registered Birth Certi ko, can I just provide by Transcript of Records instead of Form 137?


Hi.. I have a friend and the problem is she doesn’t have a middle name since she is using her mother’s surname. Is it really a big problem not having a middle name going to japan? She was told that she cannot take the interview because of it. Please reply. I badly need an answer and some advice. All her papers are done except for the intrview. Thank you.

Hi Kharen, wala po akong idea sa ganyang cases. Consult a travel agency na lang po or call the embassy directly.


Hi, got denied sa Japan Visa last October 2018, then i got approved sa Korean Visa last February 2019. Been there this April. and now i am planning to apply for Japan Visa again. Do you think this time mas may chance na ma approve ako sa Japan Visa? TIA.

3 Yrs employed btw :)

Axel, it can improve your chances, but it’s really hard for me to assess without any other information. But yes, improved travel history helps.

This post might help too:


Hi Yosh! Have you tried applying for a Japan Visa for your niece/nephew? Im planning to take my nephew again on a trip but this will be his first Visa trip. Im assuming the DSWD Travel Clearance is required and maybe the affidavit of support from his parents.

My common law and I will be applying with my nephew. If one of us gets denied, to the best of your knowledge/experience, does everybody get the same decision?

1. Yes, I’ve applied for a Japan visa for my niece and nephew a few times now.

2. Yes, you will need a DSWD Clearance for Immigration. But it’s not required for visa application. Here’s how to get one:

3. Yes, you will also need an Affidavit of Support. Here’s a sample:

4. I’m not sure, but as far as I know, applications are assessed individually so it is possible for one of you to be denied while the others are approved. :)

Thank you Yosh!

We did the Travel Clearance before for HKG. We just need to replicate the steps for Japan this time. As far as Visa application is concerned pala, there is no need for the travel clearance or affidavit? Sorry just making sure my understanding is correct. What docs did you submit for your niece and nephew?

Thanks again!

Yep, di ako nagsubmit ng clearance for visa application. In fact, lagi ako nauunang mag-apply ng visa before DSWD clearance kasi takot ako ma-deny, sayang bayad sa clearance, haha.

As far as I can remember, same lang din ung requirements ng what’s listed above. May additional lang na birth certificates to prove ung relationship ng sponsor sa mga bagets tapos ung Guarantee Letter, Invitation Letter, etc.


I am planning to apply for a Japan tourist visa and to travel alone this May/June. I am still a student (but I am not enrolled this sem so I don’t have a valid student ID/school certificate) and my parents will pay for my trip. Based on my case, what are my chances on getting a visa? And what are the requirements that I need to pass?

Hi Trix, okay lang naman yun. Yung sa pamangkin ko, di naman kinuha ng agency yung school docs. If okay naman ang employment and financial status ng parents, ok pa rin naman ang chance na maapprove.

By the way, how old are you?

I’m 23 yrs old na po. Is my age a red flag?

Btw po, I already applied and submitted my requirements (Apr 24). Hindi na rin po ako hiningan ng school docs. I put my mom as my guarantor so I submitted her (Actually, ‘our’ bank certificate (7 digits) because it’s a joint account with me & my dad). Hopefully, having my name in the bank certificate would increase my chance.

Hi Trix, good luck.

I just asked yung age to check if nasa typical age ng students ka and if mas believable for them.


Hello! i hope u can answer my question po. we are family of 4 applying for japan visa me, my husband, son and my mom. me and my husband are ofw in dubai and we will all apply in manila. both of us will be the guarantors for this trip. our bank here provides what they call ‘balance certificate’ and not bank certificate. on top of the certificate its written ‘certificate of balance’. tho the certificate indicates my name, type of acct, acct# and the current outstanding balance in number and words (dirhams currency). there is signature and stamp from bank. can this be accepted as bank certificate as well? thank you in advance!

Hi Lou, I can’t be sure because this is beyond my experience, but I think this is acceptable naman.

Giang Thi Pang

Thank you very much. I got my visa few days ago now and everything was fine. I am a vietnamese citizen.

Congrats! Enjoy Japan!


Thanks for the tips, I actually use your blogs as my reference when applying my Japan visa. I’ll be travelling to Japan this May and it’s my first time. I got a multiple visa entry for 5 years :)

Thank you again :)

Thanks din, Shy! And enjoy Japan! :)


For everybody’s peace of mind. I was granted a japan visa kahit 28k lang nasa bank cert ko. Just make sure you present all requirements.


Hi!! This is awesome! May I ask if how long is your stay? And how long is the validity of ur visa?

Wow! Thanks for sharing, Tabeloka!

Hi Yoshke! Your content is very informative! I am planning to visit Japan in December. I will be visiting my boyfriend (a filipino) however he doesnt have enough requirements yet to support my application. I’ve read that 50k is acceptable for 5 days stay, and I think that is the possible way for me getting a visa. However, I wanted to maximize my vacation so I’m planning of staying there for 12 days since everything will be at my boyfriend’s expense. Will it be possible if I will apply for 5 days (for the sake of getting a visa)? But will be really staying for 12 days? Thanks in advance!

Yes, that’s possible. The standard length of stay that Japan allows is 15 days, even if you apply for only 5 days.


Is it really possible? hindi ba magiging TNT yun labas mo once na ang na approve sayo is only 5 days? but you stayed 15 days?

Yep, nagawa ko na po yan na longer than what I submitted yung stay ko. Basta hindi ka nag-overstay. Basta hindi longer than the allowed number of days, okay lang.

Hi!! Its me again :D i’m gonna try to apply for tourist visa w/o guarantor with mentioned situation above. However, it’s my first time to travel. I am nervous i might get denied. Is it okay if I include “meet up with a friend” in my itinerary though i dont have any invitation from that person? Thank you!

If you’re applying as a tourist, best to not mention the friend.

This is noted. Hoping to get approved :D Thanks so much!


Hello! My sister only started working last December (she’s a fresh graduate) so she doesn’t have enough funds in her bank account (less than PHP50,000). My brother has signed a work contract but he hasn’t started working yet and he doesn’t have enough funds in his bank account as well. My father is unemployed and I am still a student. We are planning to apply for Japan visa this May because we’re set to leave at the end of July. My mother already has a multiple entry visa. I was just wondering if it’s a good idea to have my mother as guarantor for all FOUR (4) of us? Her annual net pay is around 1,xxx,xxx. Thank you so much!

Hi Paponei, that can work. Your mom is currently employed right now?

Yes, she is. Thanks a lot!

Yes. Thank you! :)

Hi! My middle name consists of ñ but in our PH passport, it became n. Will this be a problem when I apply for a Japan visa? If the answer is no, what should I put in the application form, n or ñ? Thank you!

Hi Alex, naku, di ko po alam pag ganyan. :(

Just want to ask. Hindi ba magiging conflict yun sa bank certificate ko if Joint Account or naka OR account samin ng sister ko? possible ba na ma approve ako? Thanks

Hi Ayan, nakapag-try na ako a few times (including ung first time ko) na joint account (OR din) with my nanay ang sinusubmit ko. Naapprove naman.

Is it possible to have 1 guarantor (my mother) for 4 single-entry tourist visas (my father, brother, sister, me)?

Depende po sa funds sa bank and sa ITR kung malaki ung income.


Hi po. May problem ako kasi hindi ako makakuha ng copy ng Form 137 ko since bakasyon sa school ngayon. Hindi ko din alam pano ko irireach out yung guidance counselor dun. Okay lang kaya na mag send na lang ako ng letter of explanation? Tsaka ano po kayang pwede kong gamitin na other proof? Thank you po.

Hi Mitchelle, best to consult a travel agency since you will be coursing your application through one anyway. Mas alam po nila yung gagawin.


A greetings of peace. Gusto ko po ask if mag submit ako ng credit card statement of account copy should i put a black mark para ma cover yung account number details ko? I am worried po kasi.


Hi, gusto ko sanang mag tanong kung ok lang bang mag apply uli ng tourist visa ang isang may record na ng overstaying? Na deport kasi sya last August 2010, naka pasok sya ng Japan July 2007, almost 3 years overstay, so it is almost 9 years na mula na ng na deport sya pauwi dito sa Pinas, As fas as I know 5 years ang blocklisting period para pde uli mag apply, Tama po ba? They are planning to go back to Japan with his husband, ok naman po un mga documents ng husband nya, but mejo natatakot lang baka ma denied because of her overstaying case. di bale yung husband nya ang mag susupport ng finances plain housewife lang sya kasi ngayon. Please advice po. Thank you

Hi Robert, naku di ko po alam. Best to consult na lang po a designated travel agency.


Hi just need an advice, I plan to travel in Japan maybe Jan and my bank account had always been ready. I have at least 100k plus save for the past 4 years that I’ve been working. But due to better opportunity I might change my job soon, so will my chances to get approve with a Japan visa still be high even if I’m just employed for 6 mos? Coz that’s what holding me back for resigning I’ve always wanted to visit Japan and that’s my motivation for saving a lot. Thanks

I would still go for it, if I were in your shoes. Japan isn’t as strict as before and your switching companies can easily be explained.

I had a sort of similar experience. I had to explain in a letter why my ITR was from a company that is different from my current employment. I simply explained that it was a better opportunity and should not be a concern and that I had traveled to other countries before and returned each time.


Hi, Yoshke! Question lang. I just renewed my passport, and I’ll be applying for a Japan visa next month. Is it possible for me to submit my old passport as well to show my travel history? Super fresh kasi nung new passport, and it has no stamps pa. :)

Hi Gelo, when I apply, I always submit my old passport. Sometimes the agency accepts, sometimes they return it to me. My advice is to just bring your old passport and let the agency decide.

Dee J.

Hi Yoshke, thank you for sharing this! I used your article as a reference when I was consolidating my documents (it’s my first time to apply for a Japan Visa on my own). This was really helpful. :)

Just want to share this also to others (kasi I learned this today the semi-hard way haha): you don’t need to submit a birth certificate if you already have an old Japanese visa, regardless of when it was issued. In my case, I got my old visa last 2010. The agency (Reli Tours) accepted it and returned my birth certificate to me. Sayang yung perang pang-apply sa PSA haha.

Now I’m just waiting for the result. Hope my application gets approved.

Thank you for the tips!

Thanks, Dee J!

Re birth certificate, yep, no need for it if you had a visa before. We discussed it in the FAQs! You might have missed it. :P

Ahaha, I wasn’t expecting they’d still accept my 2010 visa, kaya I got a birth cert just to be sure. So yeah, lesson learned the hard way. ^^;

That’s okay! You can still use it for another visa application! Maybe another country? :D


hello sorry makikisali lang hehe. can I still use my old visa in replacement for Birth cert kahit na nabasa sya sa tubig? nasama kasi sa labahin hahahaa

Hi Ash, di ko po alam pag nabasa. Readable pa rin ba?


The bank certificate that BDO issued me doesnt account number. Is this ok?

Hi Joshua, yung saken and relatives ko nung last na nag-apply ako, wala ring account number. BDO rin. Name lang and ung finances na.

hi! the bank cert issued by my bank is not in A4 size paper. would that be okay?

Hi Ash, in my experience, tinanggap pa rin kahit di A4 ung bank certificate. Basta yung mga ikaw mismo ang magpoproduce like application form, schedule, etc., dapat A4.




rude. kelangan naka caps. bat di ka mag tanong mismo sa agency. parang obligado pa yung blogger na sagutin ka ora orada.

Nasagot na po kasi yung question dito sa isang post kung saan kayo nagcomment.

And please refrain from using all caps po kasi para kayong sumisigaw.


OK lang ba na back to back yung application form nung naprint ko?


Hi! The day po ba ng pagpasa nung visa, counted as day 1 un? Because I haven’t heard from the agency since I passed it last May 24, 2019 (Friday). It’s already June 4 na… Sa Reli Tours Dusit Thani ako ngpasa.

Hi Den, medyo di ko gets ung question. Counted as Day 1 ng validity ba? If yun, hindi naman magsastart ang validity ng visa on the day of submission. Usually the validity starts on the date of issue (kung kelan nila inapprove).

Note na iba ang validity period sa length of stay na allowed.

I mean the processing of the visa. Kasi day 7 na kahapon (June 4) tapos sakto pa walang pasok today (June 5). Dami ko kasi nababasa 2-5 days nakukuha na nila and they are approved. Nakakaba pag ang tagal sakin.

Iba-iba sya. Maraming factors kasi. Minsan depende sa case, minsan baka malaki lang yung volume of applications.

My first time, 5 working days. 2nd time, 2 days. 3rd time, 7 days. 4th time, 2 days.

I’ll be going to Osaka, end of July! Thank you for this helpful blog! More power! First time ko nakapasa kaya super saya ko, sorry! Haha (Ako pala ung todo tanong sayo about schengen visa). Try and try lang! :)

Maganda yung Arashiyama bamboo forest pag summer kasi green na green. :D Medyo mainit lang so mas okay if maaga ung start ng day lagi. :D

Hi Yoshke! Just an update! I’m approved! (YAAAAAAAAS) 1 day processing lang. Pag hindi pa nagtext sayo yung agency na sinubmittan mo ng application after 5 days, call them! Unresponsive sa mobile number nila ang Reli tours, so always call them via telephone number.

Haha, thanks for sharing, Den!

Congraaaats! San ka sa Japan punta?


Hello! I would like to ask kung my difference ba kung maliit lang yung gross income ko sa ITR when applying visa? Ex. 91,000 gross income from my previous work but i resigned and changed where i’am currently working right now.


Thank you for sharing this. Maeexpire kasi yung passport ko on March 29, 2020. One of the requirements is dapat 6 mos valid yung passport (September 29, 2019). I was planning to apply for a visa next week kasi pupunta ng Japan sa long weekend ng August (7 mos valid pa naman yung passport ko by that time).

Do you think safe pa rin ba na mag-apply ako ng visa? Lahat kasi ng stamps ko nasa passport ko ngayon kayo ayaw ko pa sana ipa renew para may proof ako ng travel history.

Hi Bielle, yep, pwede pa yan. Tatanggapin pa rin ng Japan Embassy yang passport mo. :)

Thank you Yoshke! :)

Naapprove na yung visa ko! Ang bilis within two days narelease na agad passport ko. Thank you sa infos dito sa blog mo. ☺

Yayyy! Congratulations! Enjoy Japan!

*pupunta kami


Just wanted to share my experience! Applied at Reli Tours SM Megamall.

1. I printed my own application form. Ok lang na back-to-back. 2. I was told by the visa consultant in Reli that I need to have my 2×2 photo replaced kasi masyado daw naka-smile so hindi na kita yung mata ko. Buti may Tronix imaging sa 5th floor ng Mega A :) 3. Paid Php500 initially for the consultation fee. After that, went to Tronix to have my new 2×2 pic taken. 4. Went back after an hour to submit my new photo. No need na pumila ulit. Then paid the balance of Php450. 3. I prepared all requirements, even COE and copies of hotel/flight bookings. COE lang yung tinanggap ng Agency the rest binalik na lang sakin.

I submitted my requirements last June 8! Stil waiting for the text/call that my passport is ready for pick up. The anxiety is real :( hahaha hopefully ma-approve.

Thank you for this blog! Laging kayo reference ko when making an itinerary. All the best!


Na approved ka?

Thanks for sharing, Arnel! Very helpful!

Sana ma-approve! #TiwalaLang #FingersCrossed


Hi! I’ll be travelling with my husband. I do have a job but the salary is just little-above-the minimum and I am afraid that my application would be denied. My husband though is a businessman. I am thinking of putting him as the guarantor so I dont need to provide an itr. Would that do? Or should I still submit an itr and COE? We do have US and Korean Visas.

Hi J, if you have a guarantor, you don’t need to submit ITR. That req shifts to the guarantor, as mentioned in the post. :)

Oh. Sorry for missing that one out! This very much helped ease out my worries! Thank you so much!


Hi Yoshke! Thanks for sharing! I have questions regarding list of visa applicants form.

1. Sorry dumb question. For nationality, would that be Filipino or Philippines? I saw different answers on the web.

2. Visa applicant (representative applicant) – Can I put my name here? Since I’m the one who will be applying for the rest of us.

3. Then the rest will be my husband’s details and my kids?

Thank you! All the best!

1. Ako, I always write Filipino. Never naman ako nagkaproblem.

2. Yes, you can be the representative applicant.

Thanks so much! :)


Hi Yoshke :) Paano kung ang guarantor ay hindi Filipino? From Slovenia kasi sya and makakuha lang ako ng spouse visa(schengen) sa Japan, China and India. Napili namin ay Japan. Same requirements pa rin ba kahit na hindi pinoy ang guarantor? btw, sya nagsend ng link sakin about sayo hehe :)

Hi Irene, di ko po alam. Sabi po ng iba same lang, ung equivalent lang nung documents sa kanila. Pero di ko po sure kasi di ko pa natry.

Ohhh wow I got a response from you! ^_^ Okies sige, will email the agency na lang. Your blog is really informative and big help to sa pag-asikaso namin ng papers. Thank you for sharing~~~

Rejean Cayanan

Hello, just want to ask your advice. Me and my husband are planning to apply for japan visa this coming july. Here’s the situation. My husband has ITR, can provide bank certificate BUT unemployed for now (will start a new job on july). Does he need to have a guarantor (me) or he will submit a letter explaining that he is new in his company? Which do you think is better for higher chance of visa approval. Thanks!

Hi Rejean, yung sa case ko po dati, inexplain ko lang na bagong lipat ako ng work and why yung ITR ko na sinubmit is iba sa current company ko. Wala namang naging problem.

Ryan Paul

Hi, I am still allowed to apply for a Japan Visa 1month before my travel date? Or doest it really need to be months before? Thanks!

Hi Ryan, pwede pa yung 1 month before. :)


hello, ask ko po sana pwede kayang Business permit pero walang ITR ? possible kayang magrant ng visa?balak ko sana mag apply ng visa para sa Nov. at least 3 days mag tour sa tokyo.

Usually pag walang ITR, pede pong magsulat ng letter explaining bakit wala. Pero dapat valid ung reason. Chinecheck din ng agency ung reason.


Hi. we have Japan incentive trip c/o by company. I don’t have bank cert and my new passport has no history of travel, though its not my first time abroad. Can we still have chances na ma deny ung visa application?


do i need to provide bank cert (which i dont have namn) pero with itr 350k and coe and trip will guarantee by company since incentive trip namn cya.


Thanks to your blog I was able to plan & go to 3 Asia trips within the last year! Super helpful. I’m now planning to visit Japan, but I’m a bit torn if I should apply for a Tourist visa or Visiting a Relative. My sister lives in Japan, but she doesn’t really have the financial capacity to “guarantee” someone (low balance in bank account).

Should I apply for a tourist visa instead? My bank account I think can support me naman (80k+).

Hi Andi, if I were in your shoes, I’d apply for a tourist visa instead because it’s easier, cheaper, and less complicated, and because di rin naman ako igua-guarantee ni sisterette. You have a stable job naman and ITR right?


Hi Yoshke! Thanks for answering.

Yup! I’m a full-time regular employee at an international tech firm but I’ve only been here since October 2018. I already have a consolidated ITR (the one with both previous + current employer).

Another question, though: I’m planning on staying with my sister for some nights to save money. I understand that this wouldn’t affect my visa application (because I can just write down a hotel/airbnb) but do you think this would affect me at immigrations? Kasi wala akong hotel/booking documents? What can I do kaya?

I’ve tried this in 2017. I applied for a tourist visa because I was supposed to go to Nagoya. But when I was already issued a visa, my sister suddenly asked me to visit her first in Tokyo, so I used the visa to visit her in Tokyo instead. I didn’t have any problem with the Immigration naman. Not sure if I just got lucky. Haha

Hi Yoshke! Got my visa approved pala :D Thank you for your help! So excited to finalize our itinerary, gonna look at your other posts pa!! :D

Hi Yoshke! It’s me again. Haha.

Just need a second opinion re: which Bank Certificate to submit:

Option 1: Personal savings, low ADB (20k+), 6 year maturity Option 2: Payroll account, medium ADB (40k+), just turned 1 year

Both have 160k+ balance. Thank you so much! :)

Hmmmmm. Normally, I would say, submit both.

Pero bakit biglang taas nung current balance compared sa ADB? Pwedeng pagdudahan yan.

Thank you for answering! :D I’m gonna go with the tourist application na lang. Hehe.


Hello. I am trying for Japan work visa. What is the process I want to much it cost .can I get your number.

No idea about work visa, sorry. :S


It seems that you have visited Japan a couple of times already. I could only assume that you were granted 4x single entry visa base on “HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PROCESS JAPAN VISA APPLICATION?” part. I just want to ask if you already tried applying for multiple entry? If yes, how did it go? I have visited Japan 2 years ago and planning to apply for multiple entry that’s why I’m curious. =) Thank you.

Two of my Japan visas (my 2nd and 4th) are multiple-entry visas. Been to Japan 17 times! :D

We have a separate article for Multiple Entry Visa:

Oh wow! Thanks for clarifying that. Such a poor traveler indeed hahaha! Thanks for sharing the article. =)


Hi po would like to know po if mataas po ba chances ko if being approved. Will be applying for SE visa with guarantor.

Applicant: 22 y.o, female Licensed professional (with PRC ID) Currently enrolled in med school

Guarantor: My mom Bank cert – 300k+ Licensed Nurse Works in government owned company (23 years)

Will not be traveling with my mom.

I will be applying alone, since my travel companion (friend) already has her ME visa.

What do you think po? Thank you so much!

Hi Ro! Yes, I think okay naman. Just make sure to submit birth cert ng both sayo and sa mom mo to prove relationship.

Thank you for your response! I’m nervous since it’s my first time to apply, and my only travel history is HK. Hope it turns out fine.

Jan Ace

I am applying for a tourist visa would it help if I attach my mother and father multiple japan visa photocopy?

Thank you looking forward for your reply!

Hi Jan Ace, are they joining you sa trip? If so, isama mo na lang din. If hindi naman pwede ay tatanggalin nung taga-agency.

Jim T.

I have a stable job, annual income is around 350k. I have a personal bank account with 150k pero nagdeposit kasi ako ng malaki last April (before April, stale lang siya at 50k for months) but have been depositing consistently until today in prep nga for the Japan trip. Do you think they’ll find that big deposit suspicious?

Given above, what are my chances of getting approved without guarantor or mas malaki chances if I have my mom as a guarantor na lang?

Hi Jim, naku, hard to tell. :S

Jayson Go

My friends and I will visit Japan for an 8-day trip this September. Question regarding the section ng application form regarding “Names and addresses of hotels or persons with whom applicant intends to stay”, since we will visiting 4 cities in Japan and we will stay in different hotels during the entire tour, should we just write the info of the first hotel that we will be staying in the form or should we provide the info of all the hotels that we will be staying in a separate sheet? Thanks in advance for your great help!! :)

What I usually do, I write the first hotel on the app form. Then the rest, I make sure I include in the Daily Schedule that I will submit. :)

Peter Oleveira

What if 50-50 ang hatian namin ng mother ko sa expenses? Possible ba yun? Tnx :)

Di ko po alam. Pero baka mas nakakalito kapag ganon.


In regards to the Bank Certificate, this is only for the ADB, right? There is no requirement for the Bank Statement? I am planning to use my Security Bank account instead of my other bank accounts since this is where I currently put some of my savings. My only concern is that I was not using this account for a year and I only got like Php 10,000. I deposited Php 500,000.00 last March for my US Visa Application but eventually withdrew it by May 2019. I had series of deposits by the succeeding months and currently have more than Php 200,000.00 as my savings.

My question is, will this be a problem on my end if I apply for Japan Visa this October 2019?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Harry


HELLO! I just want to clarify the ITR part, kailangan pa ba pumunta sa BIR branch or anything? Or straight print nalang yung form sa bahay along with the email confirmation? Thank you po!

Hi Thea, yung sa akin piniprint ko lang.


Sir yong about sa itr, need ba may receipt ng banko? kasi tax exemted ako, paano ba yon?

Hi Will, kahit naman tax exempted ay dapat may ITR pa rin po.

When I applied po, di naman po hinanap ung resibo.

thank you sir..

lastly sir; yong itr na pinasa mo ba sir wla din tatak galing bir?


Grabe sobrang detailed. i really love your page. this is definitely my go-to page everytime I travel. Sobrang helpful. Keep it up! I also enjoyed watching your Youtube videos. Will do my first ever solo travel to Japan this December and this post is really a great help. On behalf of all your readers, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Yehey! Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us. Happy to know we get to help others! :)

Saan ka sa Japan punta? :)

I came from the Japan trip (Osaka) last July, me and my friends got lucky to booked a seat sale to Tokyo next year, spring. Pwede na ba ako magapply ng visa (multi-entry) sana?

I suggest up to 3 months before your travel trip pa rin. Even if you apply for multiple, there’s still that chance they’ll give you a single entry visa. So the safest is still up to 3 months before.


tanong ko lang po, if guarantor is outside the country? and they shouldered all my expenses, purpose ko po sa Japan is pumunta ng Lithuanian Embassy to process my working visa in Lithuania? need ko padin po ba ng guarantor residing here in Philippines? complete naman po papers ko, contract, commitment letter from my employer, and working permit. Sana po masagot nyo tanong ko, nalilito din kasi employer ko kung need ko mag guarantor dito sa Pinas. Thank you.

Hi Eric, naku, di ko po alam :(

Michelle Quizon

Hi Yosh! (wow, close? lol)

How are you na? Haha. I dunno if you already have come across this question but I’ll give it a try. Hehe. Do they need an original copy of the form 137? I requested a copy from my elementary school but, they can only provide a photocopy. I have my baptismal certificate though.

Thanks a bunch, Ming

Hi Michelle, di ko po alam if pwede ang photocopy lang. :(


Hi! Can I put sa List of Visa applicants regarding sa relationship with the inviting person/guarantor na Girlfriend’s Mother or Friend? Sponsored kasi kami ng mama/step father nya.

Hi Renz, di ko alam alin ang better na ilagay between Girlfriend’s mother and friend. :S

Do you have any sample itinerary that we can use for our Osaka trip this December? This will only be a 5-day trip. Your help is much appreciated.

We have sample itineraries here:

and here:

Great! Thank you so much Yoshke! Hope you’re having a good time on your Thailand trip.


I live in Spain. My siblings in Philippines and I want to visit Japan. We are planning for a group tour. Can I apply for Japan tourist visa with them in Philippines or should I apply in Spain?

Thanks, Juna

Hi Junalyn,

Not sure. I think okay lang na isabay mo na sa family application mo dito sa Pinas. Pero di ko sure. Best to get in touch with a designated agency.


Hi Yoshke, This is my first time to apply a tourist visa in Japan, My Friend is asking me to visit him, he is Us Navy, i don’t know if i can get ITR here in Philippines because i am working overseas, plus i don’t have 50,000pesos, Please assist me of what i supposed to do to process my self?


Good day .. Tatanong ko lang po sana kung pano po kung first country to visit ko po ang Japan . pwede po ba ko mag apply ng visa? Possible po ba na maapprove?

Hi Dess, pwede naman. May mga first-timers naman na naaapprove. Mas malaki lang talaga yung chances pag may travel history na.

And make sure na maayos ung mga requirements.


First I’d like to thank you for sharing all your experiences in applying for travel visas. This is my go-to blog for anything related to visa applications!I went to Japan last year and fell in love with Japan, especially with the autumn season!

This November I will be going to Japan and this time, with my mom who is a senior citizen. You mentioned that you also applied for your mom’s Japanese visa. Can you please share your experience and what additional documents did you submit? We will be going to Japan for 10 days and our itinerary will include Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka. I paid for her airline tickets and will also be paying for all our hotel bookings (i’ve set aside money for this already), but she has her own pocket money and bank account so she will NOT have a guarantor. Her bank account has over 140K. She is a retired government employee and as of July has been receiving her monthly pension. Here are my questions and I would be grateful if you can share your thoughts.

1) Since she has no ITR, we will submit a letter explaining that she is already retired. In addition to the letter, I am planning to send a copy of her official retirement document, which contains information on the monthly pension she receives. She will also be sending a bank certificate. Do you think these docs are enough? Are there any additional documents she can share? 2) Should I send a photocopy of her senior citizen ID? 3) As I’ve said, she has over 100K in her bank account and also receives a monthly pension (25K++ monthly). For a 10 day trip in Japan, do you think it is safer if she can get a guarantor, or those figures are okay? 4) We just came back from a 5 day trip in an Asian country which is her first time ever. So if she will be granted visa, this will be her first time :-)

Do you think she has a strong shot at getting a visa? What other documents/letters do you think should help?

Thanks and would really appreciate if you can share your experience when applying for a senior citizen. Thank you and more power!

1. I think these are sufficient. 2. Yes. We submitted my mom’s senior ID before but I don’t remember if the agency took it. haha 3. Yep. That should be fine. If you’re a bit nervous about this, you can shorten your declared length of trip. They’re not gonna ask for flights anyway.

I think retired seniors on family trips have greater chances of approval because they don’t really tend to overstay. Do you have your own visa na? If not yet, best to apply at the same time and submit the “list of visa applicants” with you as the representative applicant. It will paint a better picture of your trip.


My wife just renewed her passport and changed name (married name) as well. But her old passport has multiple visa (expiring 2022) under her maiden name. Can we still use it? Anyone here have done this?

I have been told and read online that we can still use it provided that we supply it with marriage certificate. Also, during visa application she also noted her married name on the “other names known by”

Thanks in advance and appreciate any help or feedbacks.

Hi Josh, yun din ang alam ko, need ng marriage cert. Pero di ko alam for sure. :(

beng baleros

does Japan embassy verify flight bookings before approval of visa

They don’t expect you to book flights before application.


Filipino here, wanted to apply for Japan Tourist Visa but my guarantor is residing in other country (Canada), what could be the requirements I will ask from the guarantor? Thanks!

I dunno for sure. I think the Canadian equivalent of the docs? But it’s best to contact the agency where you plan to lodge your application.


I’m an OFW in Saudi, I guaranteed my mom when we applied Japan visa last January 2019. Aside from guarantee letter form from Embassy website that you need to fill up, i also submitted a letter explaining why i guarantee my mom and why i want her to join me in Japan. To support the guarantee letter, I also submitted my Saudi bank statement, my Saudi Employment Cert.,my Saudi Residence ID copy, and ofcourse my passport and my PSA issued Birth Cert and my mom’s Marriage/Birth cert. to prove family relation. The agency (Reli Tours) accepted it and her JP visa got approved after 2 days.


Hi HunterPM! I’m also an OFW here in KSA (Abha) wife and I are planning to visit Japan on Jan 2020..I have a few questions if u don’t mind..

1. Nasa Pinas ka ba nung nag-apply ng Japan visa? Kc ako I’m planning to ship my passport and documents to PHL, then my wife will submit the application to the agency (Attic Tours)..sabi ng Attic tours ok lang naman na ipasa ko mga docs ko while nasa KSA ako.

2. Hahanapin kaya ng embassy yng Exit/Re-entry visa? Balak ko kc ipadala yng docs ko sa PInas by 1st week of November, and sa tingin ko hindi pa ko mabigyan ng exit/re-entry visa ng company ko since it’s too flight to PHL is on Dec 17

Appreciate your prompt response bro :-)

Thanks for sharing! It’ll help our other readers for sure!


Hi! Do you have any sample on how to fill up the letter to guarantee? Also, regarding the bank certificate, should I submit one copy per applicant even if 2 of them have the same guarantor (my father who will not travel with us will be my mom and sister’s guarantor)?

Hi Micaeluh,

Wala po kaming sample ng Guarantee letter for Japan. Pero madali na lang yun kasi may format naman.

Nung family trip namin, we produced 1 copy of bank certificate for EACH, pero 1 copy lang talaga ang kinuha ng agency. So yung copies ng iba eh nasayang lang, haha. Pero tawag ka na lang sa agency to be sure.


I’ve been reading your blog almost everyday since me and bf are planning to go to Japan this end of November and I find your blog very informative and helpful. Meron lang po akong question, we are planning po na Osaka/Kyoto/Nara > Tokyo kami and balak namin is 10 days pero idedeclare lang namin sa visa is 7 days because not sure po kung enough na yung tig 100k kami sa bank. Is it okay po ba na di masunod ung days na nilagay namin sa application? hindi po ba kami maquequestion pagdating namin sa immigration? Thank you po in advance! :)

1. yep, ok lang.

2. normally hindi naman.

3. okay lang.

pero if nabobother ka, declare nyo na lang yung totoo. :)


Hello can you please email me and I need help for my Japan Visa Letter. I will further explain it through email. thank you

Salamat po! Will update you sa result ng application namin 1st week of Oct. ☺️

Hi po sorry follow up regarding dun sa question ko, aside from the days, okay lang po ba na ang ideclare namin na pupuntahan is just around Osaka pero mag Tokyo din kami if ever? Thanks again


Hi! ask ko lang po i got single entry visa, and we are travelling to tokyo and osaka. From tokyo to osaka we will take by plane kc mas cheaper sya compare sa train. Are we allowed to entry to Osaka after Tokyo? Thank you!

Hi Janice, yep, if direct naman from Tokyo to Osaka, pwede. Basta domestic, pwede, kasi di ka naman dadaan sa Immigration nun.

Eunice Lalican

Hi! I just want to ask if paano kung ung guarantor ko doesn’t have an ITR because my mom is a businesswoman. Is there any document na pwede ireplace with ITR as per guarantor’s requirement?

Pag businesswoman, usually may ITR pa rin dapat.

If wala talaga, you can write an explanation letter and submit other proof of income. Another option is to find another guarantor na mas maayos ang documents.

irish dela cruz

Im planning to travel japan this december before christmas alone , Ive been in japan last 2 weeks as japan entertainer / talent , i was there 2 times same as entertainer . and i hAve 150k or less on bank account and my account is new , is this acceptable ? , and im planning to get multiple visa entry . my concern is if i have a chance to get my visa before the target date of my travel , and what requirements i need to get ?

Di ako familiar masyado kapag ganyang case. :S


Ask ko lang po about working in Japan po. first timer po kasi ako, but i have my adopted family po kasi sa japan pero wala akong corresponding documents to see na adopted parents ko sila pero sila na po ang tumaong magulang ko. gusto ko sanang pumunta sa kanila and then maghanap nang work. Is that possible? Thanks sa info.

Hi Andre, I have no idea about working in Japan.


Hello! Magkaka problem ba ako if magkaiba yung address sa ITR at COE ko? Lumipat na kasi kami ng building but the registered address sa BIR is still yung previous.

You can write an explanation letter.

for itinerary need ba pati oras ?

Hi Yoshke. Great post, thank you for this. I would like to ask a few questions since I’ll be applying for my visa next month. This is my first time to travel overseas and I’m planning to travel to Japan this November 24.

Like you said I need to include the date of arrival to my number of stays. I’m planning to stay for 15 days. Does this mean I need to get back to the Philippines on December 8 or can I extend my stay until December 9 since that will be my return flight anyway? Or would that be an overstay of 1 day already. I’m planning to max out the 15 days since I’m meeting with my Japanese boyfriend. My mom is my guarantor.

Also, may I ask if I should return to the Philippines after my Japan visa expires or can I travel to another country? We’re planning to go to Taiwan next after my stay in Japann flight is December 9. Is this allowed or should I go back to the Philippines after my stay in Japan?

Sorry for the long questions, I hope you can enlighten some of my confusions. Thank you so much for reading. Will await for your further correspondence.

Hi Reiko, i already answered this question.

As far as I know, you should be able to make it past Japanese immigration on or before December 8. You can double check with the agency to be sure.

You can visit Taiwan straight from Japan if that’s what you want. Just make sure you meet Taiwan’s immigration requirements.

Jerome M.

If we are to stay at multiple hotels (cos will be travelling to Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto within 8 days), do we need to indicate the names and addresses of all our hotels, or just pick one with the longest duration we will be staying?

Hi Jerome, I usually just write the first hotel sa form tapos I clarify na lang sa Daily Schedule.

Not sure if tama yun, but that’s what I usually do for myself and for friends/family na nag-aapply. So far wala pa namang naging problem.


Thanks sa blog mo, really helpful!

However, i’ll ask a question that might be irrelevant sa blog pero i’ll ask na rin just in case alam mo. I’ll be travelling to Japan next month kasama Mom and niece ko na 9 years old. Cut the long story short, would you know if pwede siya magtravel without her parents? May consent letter naman from both of the parents kaya lang kasi sabi ng agency baka daw hingian kame ng DSWD documents and other stuffs pagdating sa immigration.

Hope you know or just an idea about it. Thank you!

If a minor is traveling without either parent, they need a DSWD Travel Clearance. I travel with my nephew and niece a lot without their parents, a DSWD is required.

We have a separate post about DSWD Clearance here:


Hello Yoshke!

I will be travelling to japan this march 2020. One of the requirements mentioned is a bank certificate. I have yet to open a bank account so by the time I will apply for a VISA it will be approximately a 5 month old bank account. I have a job and have been with the company for 4 years already I can give my ITR and perhaps the Statement of account of my payroll account which i dont leave any money in it. will it be a red flag in terms of financial capacity? or is it better to accompany a letter of explaination as to why i have just opened a bank account? I am quite bothered due to my poor financial decisions in life.

If I were in your shoes, I’d submit both the accounts and add a letter of explanation.

Another way is to find a guarantor.

Mutya M.

Hi po Sir Yoshke,

Ask ko lang po re dun sa mga documents na kailangan ipasa for Japan Visa Application, kase po my Company yung tito ko tapos ginawa nya po ako isa sa mga stockholder. Kailangan ko pa po ba magpasa ng ITR ko (2316) oh yung sa Company nalang namen yung (1701)? Incase po ba yung ITR kailangan my tatak ng BIR? Kase po yung binigay samen ng accountant namen is wala daw po talaga tatak ng BIR. I hope po matulungan nyo po ako. Thanks in advance

Which is better depends highly on kung ano ang laman nung 2316 and nung 1701.

Pero in general, less complicated kung yung employee ITR (personal).

Naranasan ko na mag-apply as employee, walang stamp, ok lang. Nag-apply na rin ako as self-employed pero may stamp ung sinubmit ko, so di ko alam if okay lang na wala pag self-employed.


Great article! Very informative and orderly. I just want to be sure on the subject about ITR. My mom is a senior citizen but she still teaches. My sister and I are split between getting her an ITR. I believe she needs it because she is still working and my sister believes she doesn’t need it because she is a senior citizen. I have contacted the travel agency already but I would appreciate your help on this as well. Thank you and I look forward to your reply. Keep up the fantastic work!

I would still submit the ITR, if I were in your place.


Hi, its been a week now since I haven’t heard my visa application. Me and my friend applied together last week, that was wednesday. The agency send our application by thursday to the embassy and my friend got texted by the agency the ff day that she can pick up her passport. While in my case I haven’t got any updates. Is it possible umabot pa til next week akin? I’m a little worried kc.

Anong sabi ng ng agency? Wala pa rin daw sa kanila?


They said to wait for the text lang kaso no news yet? I guess it’ll be the 8th day na. Although I read the Japan Embassy website na if wala padin after a week I’ll call them directly sa embassy na.


Hi! I am a fresh graduate, and I am applying for Japan Visa. What should I write in the occupation part of the application form. “Unemployed”? If I write “student”, would they ask for my school documents like Certificate of Registration? Tho, my Mom will be my guarantor for my trip.


Hi! For my Document 2316 there is a part there that reads: “to be accomplished under substituted filing” Kailangan po bang signed ung signature ng HR sa part na un ? Digitally signed na po kasi ung main part ng ITR pero yung sa part na “to be accomplished under substituted filing” wala pong sign.

Hi Paolo, di ko po alam. Pero hopefully alam ng ibang makakabasa.


Passport ng mga bata required ba may signature din?

Pwede ba ang white shirt sa picture? For korea or china kasi nakaspecify talaga sa website ng embassy na white shirt is not allowed. Pero sa jaoan embassy wala naman nakaspecify. Pero may ibang travel agency ayaw tanggapin pag naka white shirt

Raul Laureta

Is airbnb stay recommended in fukuoka?

I will be travelling in Japan with my family (3 kami) and I am also their guarantor, will the visa application be approved, we’ll stay for 4 days? I have a full time job naman, but only 200k in my bank.

PS. What is the weather in Fukuoka during end Jan to Feb? :)

1. Ok lang naman AirBnB sa Japan. Legal naman. Just make sure malapit sa train station para madali lang magexplore.

2. I think ok lang naman ang 200k for 3 pax. Basta low-cost carrier ilagay mo na airline sa application form.

3. For the weather, best to check apps like Accuweather. :D

Hi! I freelance on Upwork and registered as a self-employed professional with BIR. What should I put in line 18? Self-employed? How about the name, address, contact no? Because you said it should reflect on what’s stated in my ITR.

Ay, di ko alam pag professional. :( Yung saken kasi is as sole proprietor so ung name ng business ung nilagay ko. Best to leave it blank tapos dun mo na ifill up sa agency para sure. :D

BTW, pwede kaya mobile no. na lang sa part 18? Wala kasi kaming landline kasi di naman talaga namin need.

:( I see. Sige po. Thank you. :)


Hi! I will be sponsoring 2 in the group (we’re a group of 5), they’re my titas. Do we put my name in their application forms, under “Guarantor or Reference in Japan”? There seems to be no field to write for Filipino Guarantors specifically, not Japanese. Or do we leave it N/A and just attached the Guarantee Letter? Thanks!

Hi Marky, iba-iba ang sinasabi ng agency about that.

see FAQ1 here:

Pamela De Leon

Hello! Ask ko lang po if enough na po ito.

I have 15k balance in my account, pero I still have my mother as my guarantor. She has 110k on her bank. Bale tatlo po kami sa trip, ako, my mother and brother. Bale mother po namin magssponsor ng trip kasi student palang po yung kapatid ko. Nakabili na din po kami ng roundtrip ticket so bawas na siya. Plus sa Osaka po yung trip namin and listed a cheap hotel. Do you think it is workable po? Thank you!

Yung 110K tapos 5 days, if one or two people lang, feeling ko ok pa rin ang chances na maapprove.

Ang approval/denial ay depende sa napakaraming factors ha, hindi lang sa funds. Pero assuming na everything else is OK, I think yung 110K for 5 days for 1 or 2 pax ay ok pa rin ang chances pa rin na maapprove.

Pero for me, parang malabo na pag 3 people na. Masyado na syang maliit for 3 pax, I think.

Di ko alam if makakatulong kung ieexplain mo pa yung parating na 13th month. Nagiging complicated kasi tsaka mahirap panghawakan kung wala pa. Yung bookings naman, you can try na isama ung mga proof ng mga nabook nyo na pero di ko alam if ok din yun. May nagsasabi kasi na iba na minsan tinatanggal yun ng agency.

Ang best talagang gawin is to consult a designated agency kasi mas alam nila ang dapat gawin.

Ilang days ang trip nyo?

7 days po all in all pero 5 days ang libot po namin sa Japan. First day is arrival, Second day is Kyoto tour sa mga free tourist spots lang since New Year non and baka sarado yung establishments. Third day is Nara Deer Park, Fourth day is rest day since Sunday and baka around the guest house lang kami. Fifth Day is Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi. Sixth day is Namba and shop ng pasalubong. Sixth day is alis

Note ko lang din po na 6th month ko palang po sa work and nilagay ko sa letter na i’ll still add more than sa 15k since may sweldo pa ng december. For transpo naman po, hiwalay yung bayad namin doon and ibang money nakin gagamitin since bibili kami ng kansai thru pass and osaka amazing pass (may nangutang po kasi kay mama and babayaran this dec)

all in all po kasi 6 days (7 days kung kasama arrival), pero sa itinerary na sinubmit namin, 4 days lang kami gagala since sa first day of arrival, accommodation lang and sa last day is alis na ng hotel and derecho flight bale eto po kasi yung itinerary namin

Day 1: Arrival sa evening Day 2: Day trip Nara Day 3: Day trip Kyoto Day 4: Rest day since Sunday po siya, baka bumisita lang kami sa nearest shrine and eat Day 5: Tour Dotonbri and Shinsaibashi Day 6: Tour Namba and baka dito na po kami magstart mamili ng pasalubong Day 7: Departure na

Bukod po kasi sa show money na 110k ni mama at 15k ko, may nakalaan na kami for transportation (like may iba kaming pangbili ng Kansai Thru Pass at Osaka Amazing Pass [w free attraction passes] – may nangutang po kasi sa amin na kamaganak and this december niya po babayaran at yun po pambibili namin doon through Klook)

And I said din po sa letter na I’m still planning to add funds on my 15k since there would be a bonus and 13th month pay on December. 6 months palang po kasi ako sa work


Hi, my guarantor which is my Tita is currently living in Sweden and also a british citizen, is that possible for her to be my guarantor? I’ve also been there (SWEDEN) last year for a month and she all paid for my expenses.

Hi Karrenrrt, sorry, I have no idea. :(


Thanks for the informative post! It really helped me when I was gathering my requirements for my tourist visa (w/o guarantor). I just submitted mine yesterday.

I must say, I would be screwed if it weren’t for this. Haha I actually forgot to write my name and birthdate at the back of my picture! good thing I checked this before going to the agency.

You’re probably tired of answering questions again and again. But I just wanna ask a few things (they kinda dawned on me after passing my requirements). I apologize in advance as it’s gonna be a long one. Hopefully you could give me your insight/opinion.

1) Would it matter if I didn’t specify what type of tourist visa I was applying for (single or multi) in my cover letter?

2) Would it matter if I didn’t state that I’ll be traveling with friends? I’m actually traveling with some friends, but I also forgot to mention that too, again, in my letter. I just submitted a copy of our confirmed tickets, hotel bookings, even our JR pass confirmation . We weren’t able to apply as a group due to personal reasons (1 already has ME visa, 1 is still waiting for the elusive 13th month pay, 1 is still in the middle of passport renewal). I’m a bit worried about this part as I was not able to explain it.

3) I’ve been to Japan before, but under the Engineer’s visa. Stayed there for 2 years (with occasional uwi sa Pinas because luto ni nanay and Jollibee ) so I included that in my application form, passed my old passport too. My question is, wouldn’t the embassy think that I’m going back just to look for a job? I mean, I did pass my ITR from my previous employer and a CoE from my current employer and stated that my purpose is for tourism only in my letter. I also explained why my ITR doesn’t match as I just started working for my current employer last May 14. I submitted copies of my payslips too, together with my bank certificate. Would these be enough proof of my ties here in the Philippines?

Again, sorry about this. I don’t know if I’m being anxious over nothing. I travelled to other countries before, but this is my first time applying for a tourist visa.

I just submitted mine and my partner’s application this Monday, November 25 in Reli Tours. Our travel date is on December 13, 2019 and I am a bit anxious if we can still get our visa on time. Both of us are first time travelers to Japan. I have my previous China, UAE, South Korea, and US Visa but my partner has no visa yet. He has traveled to 4 non-visa countries this year but he was denied of South Korean Visa last year.

I applied for the both of us and we share the same itinerary in Japan. Is it possible that we get our visa before our scheduled travel date?

I asked Reli Tours and they told me that it normally takes 7 to 10 working days but my friends got theirs within 4 days only.

If you’re asking if it’s possible that you will get your visa before December 13, yes, it is possible. Like what your agency said, the normal processing time is 7-10 days.

It’s only been 3 days! I think it’s too early to be worried.

Hi Yoshke. We got our visa by November 28. It was issued in November 26. That was really fast! Thank you.

Just an update, got my visa today, 3 days after I passed my requirements, and it’s approved!! Single entry for 15 days :)

Guess I was worrying over nothing hehehe.

Anyways, thanks to this blog! It really helped a lot.


Hello there. You’ve mentioned that all documents must be printed in A4 paper only. Does that really include the 2316 form too? I mean, it is sized way more than A4, and impossible to photocopy without leaving out bits from the header and trailer.


Hi Yoshke Dimen

I would like to ask a questions which you could answer.

Do they accept my bank certificate to show around 400k to up more than 100k for single-entry visa?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi good day! I would like to ask about the A4 size in all documents, is the birth certificate should be size A4 as well?

Many Thanks

Hi Ayesha, Di need na A4 ang birth certificate.

The A4 rule only applies to documents you have control over (schedule, application form, etc.).


Good day! I have a question with regards to a minors passport. My nephew is 8 years old and Japan embassy requires signed passport. As per agency, its okay for either parent to sign but DFA site says it must be left blank for 12 years old and below. Though ive read somewhere na she asked dfa baguio and said its ok to sign din daw.

So i had my brother sign his son’s passport. The thing is i am getting paranoid if there will be a issue with immigration since i will be travelling with my nephew without his parents. We have dswd clearance. Have you been in this situation with your niece/nephew wherein a parent signed their passport but neither is travelling with the minor?

Hi Jennica,

Sa experience ko po na mag-travel kasama yung niece ko na below 12 years old without her parents, may signature po ng parent yung passport. Wala naman pong naging problem sa amin.

Jennica Yeo

Okay sige il ask din sa DFA pero medyo nagka-hope naman ako na walang issue. I have DSWD din and naka-travel na kami twice this year. Yun lang wala kasi signature yung passport nya before kasi di naman required.

Hi Yoshke, salamat sa reply! Either parent di nyo kasama? signature lang ba? Kasi sabi sa isang nabasa ko nilagyan nya ng (father) sa gilid. E natatakot ako tuloy sulatan na ng kung ano yung passport ng nephew ko.

ay sorry na-slow ako! without her parents pala. Thank you!!! Signature lang? Wala ng kahit ano? Ganun na lang din gagawin ko :)

Dun sa passport? Yep, signature lang. (Pero may dala akong DSWD clearance pa rin.)

I’m just sharing our experience ha. We’re not sure if it’s the same for everyone. Best to contact DFA pa rin.


Sa list of applicants, since we have more than 5 people in our group, can we just print 2 copies of the form?

Hi Regina, not sure but I think that should be fine.

Thank you so much!


Hello Jennica!

I’m also worried about this. Did you ask DFA? Ano po ang advise nila?

ERwin Pascua

Hi, Is it okay if maglagay kame ng any hotels sa application form? we have not decided yet pa sa final. We are going to process na kase our Visa . THanks

Yep, yung target pa lang naman na hotel. Hindi need na naka-book na.


If we have osaka and tokyo hotels, how do we write it down in the application form? sample i’ve done – Names: Cross Hotel osaka AND Dai-ichi Hotel annex Telephone: No.1 AND No. 2 Addresses: address 1 AND address 2

Is this ok?

I’m not sure if this is correct, but what I always do is, I just write one hotel in the form. Then I write the complete list of hotels in the Daily Schedule.


Hi! My in-laws are planning on travelling to Japan with our Family (me, my husband and son) this April.

My questions are:

1. I don’t have a bank account yet but my husband does. Will it be okay for him to be the guarantor for me and my son? Or is it safer if we convert his account from sole to joint? 2. Can my in-laws be our guarantor(for me and my son)?

This will be our first out of the country trip so we are really clueless and I would really appreciate answers. Thanks in advance! God Bless!

1. Yes, you husband can be the guarantor for you and your son, provided that he has the funds and source of income. :)

2. Yes, that’s okay too, again provided that your in laws have enough funds to support you too. :)


Hi, regarding your answer above (FAQ section), you said that the date of issuance of Birth Certificate is indicated below the document. Can you be more detailed where and what portion of it? I have a PSA Birth Certificate but I forgot when it was issued. I was thinking it was issued still within 12 months but I’m not certain anymore. It would be difficult for me to acquire a new one. Thank you.

If you got your birth certificate from PSA, you will see a barcode at the bottom left corner of the certificate. It has a string of numbers below the barcode. Towards the end of the sequence is the date. You can spot it by looking for the year first. Something like 20180202, which means it was issued in 2018.


Thanks Yoshke. I dropped by our nearest PSA satellite branch in our city but when I checked the newly-issued Birth Certificate, the number below does not even have the “2020” number to indicate that it was issued just this year. I asked the staff and she said that the only determining factor to estimate the date of issuance is the color of the security paper used. She said that the color is being changed from time to time and PSA informs different agencies the current color used.

Hmmmm. Baka depende sa lugar.

But whenever I apply for me or for my family/friends dito sa Manila, they check the numbers sa barcode sa baba.


My visa is expiring in feb 19 2020 can i still use it for my trip jan 25-feb 2, 2020

By the way, last question, when I submit my completed requirements to the accredited agency, will they check all the documents? How can I be sure that my personal info/details will only be known by Japan’s Embassy? I’m afraid that these documents might be copied or used elsewhere fraudulently. Where should I put the documents in? Brown envelope? Folder? Thank you.

when I submit my completed requirements to the accredited agency, will they check all the documents? — Yes, they’ll check in front of you. If they see something that needs to be amended/corrected, they’ll tell you on the spot. At least, sa experience ko, ganun lagi.

How can I be sure that my personal info/details will only be known by Japan’s Embassy? — You can’t. There is always that risk when applying for a visa via agencies. But I don’t think there is any other way.

Where should I put the documents in? Brown envelope? Folder? — There is no prescribed container. I’m not sure if it’s the same across all agencies, but sa lahat nang napag-applyan ko, no need for folder or envelope. Tinatanggal lang din ng agency. Isusubmit sa kanila as a bare pile lang then they will check in front of you. When everything is good, iro-rolyo nila or kung ano man ang system nila.


Hi! My mom and I are planning to visit Japan, are we considered as travelling as a family? Also, my mom is a plain housewife, I will shoulder all the travel expenses, I am currently confused on what are the additional documents I need to submit. Hope you can help me with this. Thank you!

Yes, you can be considered family. Just submit your applications at the same time.

The list of requirements in the post above applies to both of you. (Including the docs under WITHOUT GUARANTOR for yourself and WITH GUARANTOR for your mom)

In case of overlapping documents like bank certificate & birth certificate, only one copy is enough. Just make sure you’re applying as a group.


My passport and all my bank accounts and government IDs are still under my maiden name but I am expecting to receive our PSA marriage certificate some time mid 2020 (i got married Nov 2019). My flight to Tokyo with my husband is on October 2020. Can I still apply for a visa to Japan without changing any of my IDs to my married name but still submit my PSA Marriage certificate? Or should we just apply as Single or is that a bad idea? I plan on updating my name in my ids and bank records next year or end of the year. My passport expires 2022 so i was thinking of not renewing it yet


Hi! Can I apply with a guarantor even if I have a full time job?

And my father wants to be my mother’s and sister’s guarantor however he is an OFW and is still abroad. What can we do in this situation? Like how can he put his signature on the letter of guarantee?

And if I computerize my application letter, can the date of application be left handwritten?


Hello. I have a question. My kids and I are planning a trip to Japan with my parents and sister. I am a housewife. My husband is an OFW (in short, he doesn’t file ITR). He will finance our (kids and me) trip but he won’t be going with us because he can’t go on vacation yet. What do I need to submit? We have a joint account here as well as checking account and investments under my name and our kids’ names.

Hi peaches,

If walang ITR, write a letter lang explaining that your husband, who will finance the trip, works abroad so walang ITR. Then submit other proof of employment ni hubby.

You can submit yung bank certificate nung joint account, okay lang yun basta may sufficient funds. :)


I have a question for bank cert. I have eastwest opened since Aug or 2019 with 6 digits funds (me and my younger brother since i’ll sponsor him) and we plan to travel on March 2020. I have other banks na opened more than 5years na but the funds is only 5 digits. is it ok na eastwest lang i submit ko or to be safe do i need to get bank cert for my other banks as well?

Hi Nica, best to submit din even yung old. Makakatulong din yun. :)


Hi! My multiple entry Japan visa is expiring on Dec 2020, i booked a Japan trip on June 2020. Do i still need to renew my visa prior to my Japan trip?

No, valid pa rin naman yung Japan visa mo. :)


Followed the tips here. I got a ticket from ceb pac on a seat sale last November with travel date of February. I applied visa last week attaching my roundtrip ticket. It got approved in just two days. My bank cert adb is low 5 digit however my final balance was 6 digits due to the bonuses and 13th month. I will try for multiple visa naman after this february trip. Maybe during autumn naman.

Tip: make itinerary simple and hotel accommodations cheap. Like hostels or inn.

Thanks for sharing, Gabrelov!

Korina DC

Hello! Ask ko lang: Magapply kasi kami ni bf ng Japanese Tourist Visa this Feb para sa travel namin on April 4-11. May travel history ako sa Japan pero last 1995-1996 pa sya (around 5 years old ako). Do I need to present yung old passport ko kahit more than 20 yrs na sya? Do I need to submit PSA birth cert too? Thanks in advance!


Good day! Our Travel date is March 1 to 6 this 2020.We already have plane ticket as well as hotel .all are paid na po.Visa nalang kulang. However, ma la late and uwi sa pinas yung husband ko dahil nasa port sila ng China.Hndi sila pwede umuwi dahil sa corona virus.So Sa australia pa sila uuwi.bale 23 or 24 pa sila lalapag ng pinsa.Mag apply kmi kinabukasan or that day mismo. possible po kaya na makuha namin agad yung result ng visa application namin kung sa last week ng february kami mag apply?Sayang namn kasi lahat is ready na Visa nalang:(((

Hi Mhara, medyo tight. Usually within 1 week makukuha na yung result. Usually. Pero may mga agencies na hindi na tumatanggap ng ganyan ka-tight na timeline.


Thank you po sa reply. We will move nalang po ng 2nd week ng March para sure.We will rebook nalng our plane ticket. Sa hotel naman okay lang kasi i got it on sale for 1600 pesos only(6days na yun).Sayang but thats fine.Mas sayang kung di tanggapin application namin haha.Thank you Sir.You helped me a lot.More power!!

No prob, Mhara!

Actually another way is to declare a much later date, but we don’t recommend that coz it will still be pretty risky.


Hi! I just want to ask, diba you will submit a sample itinerary sa visa application? What if you put there 5 days lang but in reality you plan to stay in Japan for more than 5 days? Like make the most of the 15 day visa approval. Pwede ba yun?

Huhuhu Yoshke, di mo nako nareplyan hehe. :)

Hi CG, sorry, nagta-travel din kasi ako ngayon so hindi ko mareplyan lahat.

Re your question, maraming gumagawa nun. Syempre kami, we can only encourage to be truthful. Pero may mga gumagawa nung ganun na hindi naman nagkakaproblem kasi once you’re granted a visa, ang nagmamatter ay basta within the allowed length of stay and validity.

Thank you, Yoshke! Appreciate it!


Hi! Your blog helped me a lot with the tips you have! I just have a few questions since we’re still a bit confused.

We’re applying for a Japan visa this month and we’re just getting all the necessary documents.

About the bank certificate, do we need to address it to the Japan embassy instead of the agency who will be handling our application? We’re just curious, because if the bank certificate will be directly sent to the Japanese embassy’s address, will they read and keep it despite not accepting direct applications? I mean, don’t we need to address the bank certificate to the agency instead since sa kanila naman po dadaan yung papers before sa embassy? Not sure what to put in the address po kasi.

Also, I read somewhere that one of the reasons why the visa application may get denied is not putting a guarantor but entering a home address from a relative. My aunt in Japan is no longer working and so is her husband so we can’t really add them as our guarantors since they cannot provide tax certificates. We stayed there last 2006 for a month but my mom threw our old passports away since she didn’t know back then that it can become handy.

I hope you can acknowledge this po. Thank you!

When I apply for a visa, all my documents are addressed to the embassy, not the agency.

Regarding your second question, hmmmm, if you’re applying for a TOURIST VISA, then yes, it is fishy to declare you’re staying with someone. Pag tourist, generally, dapat hotel address kasi may separate stream sila pag may dadalawin, which is VISIT VISA.

Thank you po! Just a follow-up question po. We decided to stay in a hotel nalang po to prevent complications. Can we put the address of the hotel on the application form maski na hindi pa kami nakabook sa hotel? Kasi we’re thinking na baka may makita pa kaming mas mura na hotel while waiting for the visa results so baka maiba yung address ng hotel by the time ng alis namin.

Yep, okay lang kahit di nyo pa na-book. Yung target nyo pa lang na hotel, okay lang yun.

OK, thank you! Last na po, is it possible to just put the targeted hotel on the application form pero magstay there for around 2 days lang tapos the rest of the days (4 days), dun kami makitulog sa tita ko? Will the embassy check on our hotel info or other info about the place we will be staying in that may cause problems with our departure?


Hi! Is 500k bank cert enough to cover 3pax for ME visa application? Pero under guarantor po kaming tatlo ng mom and brother ko. My dad will be the guarantor but he will not coming with us to Japan. Or should we increase the amount pa? Thank you.

Hi Chloe, how long is the trip?


Hi! It will be for 9 days but I think we’re only declaring 6 days :) or should we declare it as 9 days instead?

Gis Lav

Hi! I just want to ask kung mabibigyan ako ng multiple entry visa since nakapagbook ako ng RT tickets MNL – KIX – MNL for July 2020 and MNL – NRT – MNL for Dec 2020 naman i have 130k+ sa bank. Employed for 2+ years. Downside is I only travelled outside of PH once. Second country palang ang Japan. Thanks.

Hi! It’s hard to say kung mabibigyan ka ng multiple entry. Meron namang nabibigyan ng multiple entry on their first try, pero generally safer ang single entry for first timers. Best to ask the agency pag nagsubmit ka ng docs.


Okay lang po ba na ang ilagay sa purpose of visit ay TOURISM (HONEYMOON)?


Hello! Your blog is very informative! Thank you for providing all the details. By the way, I have a question. I want to invite my family here in Japan. My husband will be the guarantor. I want them to apply for the SOFA visa for Japan. Since my husband will be the guarantor, I’m planning to let my family submit my MC as proof of relationship. Kailangan din ba na newly released or 1 year valid din yung MC ko from PSA? Or the rule for PSA documents validity only apply to the applicant?

Hi Angelique,

Di ko po sure. Ang alam ko dapat within 1 year pa rin.


Hi po ask ko lang po if possible na b ako mag apply ng visa on last week of march 2020 kahit ung flight ko is on JUNE 1 , 2020????

Basta within 3 months before your travel date, pwede.


Hi ask ko lang po about bank certificate , sabi ” Must be issued within the past 3 months.” feb po ako nakakuha ng bank cert kaso medyo may delays lang kasi yung guarantor ko is sending pa his documents thru lbc , question is , til when po valid ang bank certificate ko ? TIA

If Feb po kayo nakakakuha, within the past 3 months pa rin naman po yun.

Thanks po , medyo narealize ko na , isa pa pong question, im married po sa isang american citizen and he will sponsor everything , ano po ba ang need marriage certificate namin or birth certificate nya ? problem po kasi sa US ndi sila basta basta nag iissue ng birth certificate agad agad unlike dito anytime pwede kumuha, meron naman ako birth certificate nya kaso medyo luma na , base po kasi sa nabasa ko dito pag married ” marriage certificate lang ang need tama po ?

Hi! Naku, di ko po alam if paano pag ganyang case. :S

thanks in advance po

btw, eta ng documents is around feb 26.. so sa tingin nyo po valid pa yung bank cert ko ?


Hi. Is it ok to apply for Japan visa 45 days before the travel date? Thank you.


Good PM! Ask ko lang po sa contact box ng schedule of stay form, whose contact/number do i write if i’m staying in a hotel? Tama po ba na phone number ng hotel and NOT my mobile number?

Contact number ng hotel. More info here:

Thank you very much for your reply.

Sir, one last thing…sa id number issued to you by your govt…need pa po ba ilagay what kind of id? ex: SSS 123-456-789 or just the numbers without spacings?

Nilalagay ko rin po yung type.

Thank you very much. God willing ma-approve visa application ko. God bless!


Question: Is the invalidation of visa temporary (i.e. visa is not valid within a specific timeframe) or do existing visa holders need to reapply again?

According to GMA News, it’s only temporary, possibly until the end of April but still subject to review.


Good day Sir.My visa was granted February 12 to May 12. Supposedly, my flight should be on March 18, but due to Covid 19 crisis, my flight was cancelled. I am now planning to rebook my flight within this year but it would be done after my visa expires.Do i need to apply for another visa with regards to the ongoing crisis? Thank you so much.


Hi. My question is, while us children have money of our own, for visa application purposes we’ll put my mother as guarantor. My father passed away, leaving us some his assets. My mother doesn’t work. However, she manages the real estate assets left behind by my father. Is is enough to be stated in guarantor letter without her ITR, with only her bank certificate?




Question lang po. Ok lang po ba reason yung planning to get married to the person I’m inviting Here in Japan?

Hi Joey Anne, naku, di ko po alam if may implications yung ganun sa application.


Hi TPT, we’ll travel to Japan this coming May 2023, spending 2 nights in Tokyo, 1 night in Kawaguchi, 2 nights in Kyoto and 2 nights in Osaka. Can I use only one IC card (Suica) for all of those places we are going to visit? Is Osaka Amazing Pass still worth buying for the Osaka leg of the trip if I already have IC card?

Hi Arki, SUICA (and PASMO) CANNOT be used to cross regions (e.g. Tokyo to Osaka).

You can use them WITHIN certain areas (for example, within Tokyo or within Osaka or even from Osaka to Kyoto). But NOT when crossing regions.


What if po is Sponsor po sa my bf is we want to meet halfway in japan for first time and need po ba return ticket? Pag sa IO na?ano po need need po ba CFO and affidavit of support?

Jo Mi

hello po, may question lang po ako. confused ako kung anong visa ang kukunin ko. tourist or visiting a friend. kasi hindi ako nagbook ng hotel, sa friend ako magsstay. alin po mas safe?

If you’re staying with a friend, VISIT FRIEND visa po.


Hello, I have a family member in Japan, specifically Nagoya but my main purpose is really for tourism. I don’t intend on staying with them but I can meet up with them if they want to provided that they will travel to Osaka which will be our entry point. I’m wondering if I should apply for a visit visa instead of tourism? I am traveling with my boyfriend and we will shoulder all our expenses. None will be taken from my family in Japan. I hope you could help me with this. Thank you.

If you’re spending your nights in a hotel and your family member will not shoulder anything, I think better to apply for a Tourist Visa so it won’t get complicated.


Hello, good day. We are applying as a family of 3 (husband, wife, kid). We have uploaded a marriage certificate as required. Does it mean that we also need to submit 2 PSA copies of marriage certificate to the agency or embassy?

Maria Cristina F. Cedilla

My visa was denied. The agency didn’t tell me the reason. What is the possible reason?


Hello po,   Question. This is my international travel, is there a chance na hindi ako ma approve? I can submit all of the documents it’s just that natatakot ako ma disapprove. Also the reason why I’m travelling to Japan is to accompany my Auntie. My cousin will go in Japan and kami ng Tita ko dito sa Pinas ay pupunta dun to meet him and para makapagtravel na din si Tita kasi gusto ng cousin ko nga makatravel din si Mama. My Tita and my Cousin are both have US Passport so no need na for them to get a Japan Visa.

Yung sa akin lang winoworry ko. If in case na gagawin kong guarantor si cousin, ilalagay ko ba ang details nya under “Guarantor or reference in Japan”?

Thank you sa maka sagot. March pa kami aalis pero I need to prepare for this kasi first time ko. 

Hi Keen, si cousin po ay anong status sa Japan? Nagwowork po ba sya doon? Resident po ba sya dun?

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Do I need a Visa for Japan? Japan Visa Policy

Japan visa

There are a number of different types of Japanese visas which are designed by the Japanese government for different purposes and lengths of time.

There are over 60 countries whose citizens can enter visa-free for tourism or business. Other nationalities currently need to go to a Japanese embassy or consulate to apply for a visa.

Japan introduced an eVisa for citizens of the US and Canada in 2022 that simplified the application process to acquire a Japan visa during pandemic visa suspensions.

Canadians and Americans no longer need a visa for Japan for short stays, but the eVisa is expected to launch for other visa-required nationalities in the near future.

Japan visa types

There are several  types of visas for Japan and more will be introduced in the future, including the eVisa.

Visas are obtained directly from Japanese embassies and consulates, although the application process for the eVisa will be completed entirely online.

Japanese visas can be grouped in 3 main categories :

Working visa

Non-working visa.

  • Family Related Visas

Working visas are considered long-term stay visas  and cover the kind of work that requires high-level professional knowledge or skills and ‘thus, they do not include simple labor tasks. Jobs like waiter, construction workers, sales people, etc. cannot obtain a working visa. Typical working visas:

  • Engineer, Specialist in Humanities, International Services Engineer. Engineers and Specialists in Humanities must have a university degree in their corresponding fields or 10 years of professional experience. International Services Engineers must have 3 years of professional experience in their field.
  • Intra-company Transferee. This status applies to expats of foreign companies or the subsidiary companies of Japanese firms located overseas who have worked more than one year in the said office in overseas.
  • Skilled Labor. Jobs involving foreign cooking, architecture, or civil engineering characteristic to foreign countries, training animals, instructing sports, sommeliers, processing precious stones will fall into this status. It’s mandatory to have at least 3 years of professional experience in the field.
  • Business Manager. Those who are going to start a business or invest into a business in Japan. It also applies to those managing business on behalf of investors.
  • Highly-Skilled Professional. This visa aims to attract workers who are likely to contribute to the Japanese economy.

Those with a certain status, knowledge, or skills can get the following working visas:

  • Diplomats or Officials, Personnel of the embassies and consular offices, Diplomatic missions, Government personnel and their families.
  • Research and education at university or equivalent educational institutions.
  • Instruction of foreign languages or other education at elementary schools, high schools, etc. Those instructors looking to work in private language schools must apply for the Specialist in Humanities / International Services visa.
  • For those whose artistic activities provide enough income to support their living in Japan.
  • Religious activities. Missionaries sent to Japan from foreign religious organizations.
  • Those journalists who have signed contracts with foreign media organizations. It includes freelance journalists.
  • Legal and Accounting services.
  • Medical Services. Medical specialists with Japanese qualifications.
  • For those researchers working under a contract with public or private organizations in Japan.
  • All of those working in show business and sports.

Anyone who holds a non-working visa is allowed to work as long as the immigration office grants them permission. This type of visas is considered a short-term stay visa and some restrictions apply. Those doing some work under a non-working visa cannot exceed the number of authorized hours per week.

Who can benefit:

  • The visa application is submitted through the school.
  • Those training to acquire technology, skills or knowledge. This status is granted only when the candidate will work in a job requiring that technology, skills or knowledge once he returns to his home country.
  • Technical Internships. That covers internships after training under trainee visa.
  • Spouses or children of people staying in Japan under the work visa and non-working visa (except for temporary visitors and trainees).
  • Cultural Activities. Cultural or artistic activities with no income.
  • Students or researchers of Japanese cultural or artistic activities.
  • University students taking part in an internship without remuneration.
  • Temporary Visitors (also known as Tourist visa ). This status includes visitors on vacation, sports, family visits, participants in seminars and conferences, business meetings, market research, and those traveling to Japan to engage in PR activities.

There is also another epigraphe for non-working visas that is granted case by case: Designated Activities. Students on internship, working holidays, diplomats’ housekeepers are some of the people who can apply for this visa.

Family related visas

Family related visas are considered short-term stay visas and have no retrictions when it comes to employment, so you can engage in more than one activity or change jobs. Those who can apply to these visas are:

  • Spouses and children of Japanese nationals
  • Long Term Residents
  • Permanent Residents
  • Spouses and children of Permanent Resident

Japan tourist visa

Any tourist wanting to visit Japan must obtain a tourist visa prior to entering the country. Nonetheless, Japan excludes several nationalities from having to comply with this requirement.

For instance, citizens from most European countries, United States, Australia, and Argentina do not need to get the Japan Tourist Visa since they are considered visa-exempt countries for tourism purposes. Nationals from any of those regions can stay in Japan for a maximum of 90 days visa-free and are assigned Temporary Visitor status.

Japan tourist visa is a short-term stay visa for the purposes of sightseeing, visiting friends, or attending conferences or courses . A tourist visa is normally valid for a single-entry stay of up to 90 days.

Tourists can also apply for a double-entry visa for 2 short trips within a 6-month period. It is important to note that the Japan tourist visa does not allow travelers to engage in paid work while in the country.

Other short-term stay visas

  • Business visa:  There is a temporary business visa for stays of up to 90 days which can single or double-entry visa (if both trips are within a 6-month period). Business purposes include conferences, meetings, signing contracts, and market surveys.
  • Transit visa:  Some nationalities need a transit visa to stop over in Japan when going to an onward destination. Many travelers do not need this as long as they stay within the allocated zone and do not leave the airport.

Which countries need a tourist visa?

All nationalities who are not visa-exempt need a visa to enter Japan. Citizens of certain countries can enter with Temporary Visitor status for limited periods of time ( 15 to 90 consecutive days ) for tourism or business purposes.

Visitors receive a stamp in their passport which is a requirement for the Japan Rail Pass . The rules are very strict and it is not possible to get the pass without showing the stamp (tourists with other types of visas are not eligible for the Pass).

The following nationalities are eligible for Temporary Visitor status (all others need a visa to enter):

The nationalities listed above can enter for tourism , visiting relatives, and business purposes. However, visitors cannot be paid for work under Temporary Visitor status. In these cases, it is necessary to obtain a work visa .

Citizens of the following countries will need a Japan tourist visa in order to enter Japan:

  • Philippines
  • CIS countries and Georgia


Japan tourist visa requirements

To successfully apply for a tourist visa for Japan, applicants must meet the following visa requirements :

  • Hold a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining and 2 blank pages
  • A completed visa application form
  • Provide a recent color passport photo and a certified copy of your birth certificate
  • If married, submit a marriage certificate (if issued within the last year)
  • You must have the intention to leave Japan at the end of your authorized stay
  • Proof of financial ability demonstrating you can support yourself financially during your stay in Japan
  • Provide a certificate of your financial situation for the previous 6 months issued by your bank
  • Submit the applicant’s tax return
  • If applying without a sponsor, a copy of your Certificate of Employment must be submitted
  • Provide a schedule and travel plans for the trip

If you still have questions about what you need in order to obtain the Japan tourist visa, you can find out more by checking the Japan entry requirements FAQ.

Japan tourist visa validity

Single-entry visas are valid for 3 months upon issue and usually allow you to stay in the country for up to 90 days. It is not possible to extend its validity.

Double-entry visas have a validity of 6 months from the date of issue.

Multiple-entry visas are usually good for a period of 1 to 5 years, depending on the visitor’s nationality, the purpose of the visit, and the type of passport they hold. Multiple-entry visas allow you to visit Japan multiple times within this period of 1 to 5 years since the issuing date, but each stay cannot exceed the 15 or 30-day period.

Japan tourist visa fees

A fee must be paid in order to obtain your Japan tourist visa. These fees vary depending on whether you are applying for a single-entry visa, a double-entry or a multiple-entry visa, as well as on the nationality of the tourist.

It is a good idea to check with your Japanese embassy or consulate before submitting your application since fees are subject to change at any time. Also, please note fees are collected in the local currency where the embassy or consulate is located and must be paid at the time of submitting your application. Once that has been done, you will receive proof of payment.

Japan Tourist eVisa

Japan tourist visa

A Japan Tourist eVisa launched in August 2022 as part of the government’s wider plan to reach 60 million foreign visitors a year by 2030.

The eVisa for Japan was available for Canadians and US citizens, but these nationalities are now once again able to enter Japan visa-free. However, it may it is expected to launch for other nationalities in the future.

The online application form will be straightforward to complete and means that tourists do not need to go to an embassy or consulate to complete the application. It has been designed to simplify the visa application process.

It will be necessary to make a payment by credit or debit card to submit the application. Once an application has been submitted and approved , the eVisa approval notice will be sent to applicants by email.

More information:

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U.S. Travelers Won’t Need a Visa to Visit Brazil Just Yet — What to Know

The new visa requirements were most recently set to go into effect on April 10 of this year.

japan embassy tourist visa requirements

Pintai Suchachaisri/Getty Images

Brazil has postponed its travel visa requirements for American visitors until 2025 just as it was set to go into effect. 

The new visa requirements for tourists from the United States, which has been postponed several times and was most recently set to go into effect on April 10 of this year, will now go into effect on April 10, 2025, according to the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Brazil . A visa will also be required for tourists from Australia and Canada, Visit Rio shared with Travel + Leisure.  

"We applaud the government's decision… to delay the visa," Joao H. Rodrigues, the U.S. representative for Visit Rio, said in a statement shared with T+L. "In the first two months of 2024, the arrival of Americans in Brazil was 11% higher than in the same period of the previous year. Without the visa requirement, we expect to maintain the growth in the arrival of foreign tourists from these international markets visiting Brazil and [especially] Rio de Janeiro."

When it does take effect, American travelers will need to obtain an electronic visa to enter the country. The e-visa will cost $80.90 per person and will be valid for 10 years, according to the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Brazil.

The decision to bring back these visa requirements comes about five years after the country eliminated visa rules for U.S. travelers exploring for up to 90 days.

While Brazil is bringing back visa rules for American travelers next year, several countries are dropping them or making it easier for U.S. tourists to visit. Turkey, for example, dropped visa requirements earlier this year for travelers visiting from both America and Canada. And China made it easier for Americans to visit by eliminating the requirement for U.S. travelers to submit proof of a round-trip air ticket, proof of a hotel reservation, proof of their itinerary, or an invitation letter to apply for a tourist visa.

There are also several other countries where American travelers are not required to obtain a visa before going, including many European, Caribbean, Central American, and South American countries.

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  1. Visa and Travel Information

    If you do NOT need a visa, skip to STEP #6. Prepare all the required documents: Types of Visas & Documents. Visit the Embassy of Japan and submit all the documents: Application Drop-off Hours. Visit the Embassy of Japan to pick up the visa and pay the visa fee: Pick-up/payment Hours & Fees.

  2. VISA

    Inquiries about Visas Application. Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC) MOFA Visa Information. Yotsuya Tower 13F, 1-6-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0004 Navi-Dial: 0570-011000. (For some IP phones and calls from overseas, please call +81-3-5369-6577) Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00.

  3. Information for U.S. citizens traveling to Japan

    If you need after-hours assistance in an emergency, please call 03-3224-5000 and ask to speak with the Embassy's duty officer. Emergency Contact Information for U.S. citizens. Emergency Preparedness for U.S. citizens in Japan. Sources of Help, including counseling services. Medical Assistance in Japan.

  4. Japan Visa Requirements

    Any foreign visitor entering Japan must have a valid passport for the duration of their stay, and all visitors must comply with the conditions of their visas. See below for information about the current visa requirements for Japan. Visa Information. If you have any further questions, please contact the Japanese embassy or consulate in your ...

  5. Japan Tourist Visa: Requirements and Application Process

    Applying for Japan tourist visa at the embassy is usually a 5 step process. Step 1: Gather all the necessary documents. Step 2: Apply in person at the Japanese embassy. Step 3: Remain available to reach - the embassy may request additional documents or an in-person interview.

  6. Visa/Consular Services

    3. Advanced procedures for Customs, Immigration and Quarantine. 1. From 29th April 2023, all entrants/returnees to Japan do not need to submit a valid vaccination certificate nor a negative certificate of COVID-19. 2. Please use "Visit Japan Web" for smooth Immigration and Customs procedures when traveling to Japan.

  7. VISA

    April 1, 2024. Japanese. Tweet. Foreign nationals/people who wish to travel to Japan for tourism for a short-term period can apply for a visa online and receive an electronic visa (eVISA) through the JAPAN eVISA system. As of April 1, 2024, the JAPAN eVISA system is available for nationals/people residing in the following countries/regions.

  8. JICC

    Japan has made agreements to waive visa requirements for tourism with 61 countries and regions. You can find more information about this on the Embassy's visa section page. If you need to obtain a visa for your travels, please contact your nearest Consulate General of Japan or call the Visa Section of the Embassy at 202-238-6800.

  9. Visas to Japan for U.S. Citizens

    Visas for U.S. citizens hoping to travel, study or work in Japan are controlled by the Japanese government. While the Japanese Government is the ultimate authority on visa matters, we would like to present some general information on visas for U.S. citizens to aid in your planning. U.S. citizens without a work visa cannot work in Japan.

  10. FAQ about JAPAN eVISA

    A3: It is a visa that is issued and recorded electronically. If you apply through JAPAN eVISA, an electronic visa (eVISA) will be issued. You will not have a visa sticker in your passport. When checking in at the airport, you will be asked to display a "visa issuance notice" on your device (e.g. smart-phone, tablet) to prove that you have a ...

  11. Japan Tourist Visa

    No, for the moment, you cannot apply online for any of the Japan visas. The Japanese government planned to launch an online system to accept Japan Tourist Visa applications starting in April 2020. The main reason behind the launch was to facilitate the application system for Japan Tourist Visas ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games.

  12. Japan Visa for Tourists in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

    Updated: March 26, 2024. After being completely closed for tourism for more than 2 years, Japan finally reopened on October 11, 2022, restoring the previous visa exemptions and reducing the visa requirements. Many nationalities are exempt from having to get a visa. Nationals and residents of select countries can obtain an eVisa online and ...

  13. Japan Visa Document Requirements

    Along with the required documents for Japan visa applications, you also need pictures which follow these specifications: Dimensions: 4.5cm x 4.5cm. White background. Taken in the last six months. You must be staring straight ahead, with a neutral facial expression. Your entire face has to be visible.

  14. Visa Information

    Any foreign visitor entering Japan must have a valid passport for the duration of their stay, and all visitors must comply with the conditions of their visas. Visa exemptions are currently made for citizens of sixty-eight (68) different countries provided that their stays are within ninety (90) days, for sightseeing purposes only and that they ...

  15. Japan International Travel Information

    Call us in Washington, D.C. at 1-888-407-4747 (toll-free in the United States and Canada) or 1-202-501-4444 (from all other countries) from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays). See the State Department's travel website for the Worldwide Caution and Travel Advisories.

  16. Visas

    Visa Waiver Program. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) enables nationals of certain countries to travel to the United States for tourism or business (visitor visa purposes) for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa. Not all countries participate in the VWP, and not all travelers from VWP countries are eligible to use the program.

  17. JAPAN VISA REQUIREMENTS & Application for Tourists

    LIST OF JAPAN VISA REQUIREMENTS. 1. Philippine passport. Must have a signature. In new 10-year passports, you'll find the signature line on page 3 (the page opposite the bio page), just below the big Philippine flag image. In older e-passports, the signature is digitally encoded on the actual bio page.

  18. Japan Visa Requirements: Do I need a Visa for Japan ...

    To successfully apply for a tourist visa for Japan, applicants must meet the following visa requirements: Hold a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining and 2 blank pages. A completed visa application form. Provide a recent color passport photo and a certified copy of your birth certificate.

  19. Japan Visa Requirements in the Philippines for 2023: What to Prepare

    Go to an accredited travel agency that will process your application and submit all the Japan visa requirements in the Philippines for 2023. Remember that the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines doesn't accept direct applications, so this step is a must. Sit back and relax. The travel agency will process your Japan visa application.


    "I hereby consent to the provision of my personal information (by an accredited travel agent, within its capacity of representing my visa application) to the Japanese embassy/consulate-general and (entrust the agent with) the payment of my visa fee to the Japanese embassy/consulate-general, when such payment is necessary." (Day)/(Month)/(Year)

  21. VISA

    Currently, all foreign nationals who wish to newly enter Japan need to apply for a visa except for re-entry cases. Meanwhile, the visa exemption measures for passport holders of countries/regions eligible to visa exemption will be resumed from 0:00 am (JST) on October 11, 2022. [For entrants until October 10, 2022]

  22. Revised Visa Reciprocity for Visitor Visas for Papua New Guinea

    April 17, 2024. The U.S. Embassy is pleased to announce that starting April 17, 2024, visitor visas (B-1/B-2 visas) issued to Papua New Guinean citizens traveling to the United States will be valid for a maximum of six months with single entry. B-1/B-2 visitor visas for Papua New Guineans were previously valid for a maximum of one month with ...

  23. Brazil Postpones Visa Rules for U.S. Travelers to 2025

    Brazil has postponed its travel visa requirements for American visitors until 2025 just as it was set to go into effect. The new visa requirements for tourists from the United States, which has ...

  24. Message for U.S. Citizens: RSVP for Town Hall in San Juan del Sur

    The U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua invites U.S. citizens to attend a special Town Hall event hosted by the Consul General on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. to12:00 p.m. The event will take place at Villas de Palermo Hotel, located at Km 139 Carretera Rivas-San Juan del Sur.

  25. Visa Application

    Step 1. Prepare the following documents. Passport (holder's signature required) Visa Application form (one 4.5cm x 3.5 cm facial photo must be attached) Birth Certificate (issued by PSA within one year) Marriage Certificate (issued by PSA within one year, for married applicants only) Itinerary in Japan. Note: If there is a used Japanese Visa ...

  26. Security Alert for U.S. Citizens April 8, 2024

    Location: Mogadishu Event: The U.S. Embassy in Nairobi has received information about threats to multiple locations in Mogadishu, including Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu. All movements of U.S. Embassy personnel have been canceled for Tuesday, April 9, 2024. The U.S. Department of State level-four travel advisory ("do not travel") for Somalia remains in effect due to crime ...

  27. Auction on Saturday, April 20, 2024

    The U.S. Embassy will conduct a live auction of used and excess U.S. Government (USG) property on Saturday, April 20, 2024 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Palm Business Trade Center (PBTC) at Hudi Laran, Fatumeta, Dili. Items range from office and residential furniture to equipment. This is a live bid auction. The lots can be viewed from 8:30 a ...

  28. Weather Alert (April 16, 2024)

    Weather Alert (April 16, 2024) Due to neighborhood surface road flooding leading to the U.S. Embassy in Manama, the Embassy will officially open at 10:00 am today Tuesday, April 16, 2024. For visa applicants with appointments scheduled for Tuesday, April 16, 2024, your appointments will be rescheduled to a different day. You will receive an ...

  29. United States Breaks Ground for USA Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka

    On April 17, U.S. Ambassador Rahm Emanuel visited Osaka to break ground on the USA Pavilion site. Ambassador Emanuel celebrated the groundbreaking at an evening reception with Minister for World Expo 2025 Jimi Hanako and, earlier in the day, he joined Expo 2025 Commissioner General Ambassador Haneda Koji, Osaka Prefecture Governor Yoshimura Hirofumi, and City of Osaka Mayor Yokoyama Hideyuki ...


    entitle the bearer to enter Japan upon arrival at port of entry if he or she is found inadmissible." ... (by an accredited travel agent, within its capacity of representing my visa application) to the Japanese embassy/consulate-general and (entrust the agent with) the payment of my visa fee to the Japanese embassy/consulate-general, when such ...