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Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. (born 2 November 1974), better known as Nelly, is a Grammy award winning rapper, songwriter and multi-platinum recording artist from St. Louis Missouri, USA.

Originally born in Austin, Texas, Nelly moved to Missouri as a result of his parents’ separation at the age of 7. It was there that he found initial musical success, with the formation of the hip-hop group “St. Lunatics” with his high school friends in 1993.

After achieving moderate local interest with their song “Gimme What U Got” it became apparent to Nelly and the rest of the group, that he was the star of the group, and they encouraged him to push forward with his solo career.

He was finally signed by Universal, despite concerns about his geographical background not being commercially viable, as the majority of well-liked rappers hailed from New York or California at the time.

However Nelly’s debut release Country Grammar in 2000, was fairly successful, with the title track’s popularity helping pull the album to the top of various charts in the US. The album established Nelly’s personal pop-rap style, matched with his southern drawl that made him distinctive in the genre at the time.

Two years later, Nelly released his second full-length album, “Nellyville”, which took the rapper to superstardom. Tracks such as the catchy “Hot In Here” and R&B collaboration jam “Dilemna” with Destiny Child’s Kelly Rowland, established Nelly at the top of the charts around the globe, with the album certified as six times platinum and ranked as the fourth best selling rap album of all time.

Suddenly, Nelly and his trademark plaster were everywhere. His third LP, a “dual” album called Sweat, Suit, was a half Rap, half R&B album, Both albums were released simultaneously in 2004, with the latter featuring the hit single “Over and Over” a surprise joint track with country singer Tim McGraw. The album was yet another commercial triumph for the rapper, cementing his place as one of the true icons of the 2000’s.

Alongside his musical career, Nelly became known for his business acumen, during a time when rappers could seemingly release anything! Nelly’s ventures included, collaboration with Nike for a limited edition sneaker, his own brand of energy drink “Pimp Juice” and a women’s clothing range called “Apple Bottoms.” He also made a name for himself in the acting industry, starring in comedy sports movie “The Longest Yard” with comedians Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

Live reviews

Decent show....Wish he'd SING more as [IMHO] he's a better Blues Singer than rapper. Also, now that he's "middle-aged" (42-45-ish), wish he wouldn't worry so much at..?....I guess I'd say: Trying so hard to be cool! He's NOT 21 anymore AND he's got talent so there's just NO NEED to think he has to prove he's "cool/hip" if that makes sense. IOW, once you've made it big and you're in your mid-forties, I just think you should chill and be yourself and not think you have to compete with the likes of Justin Bieber or other little kids/20-something year olds! Just act your age man and let your talent shine. I REALLY HOPE NELLY READS his reviews because I'm not dissing him (my brother) rather I'm trying to convey the point that when you're in your mid-forties and you try and act like you're 21, it shows; everybody knows it/everybody can tell sadly. Other than that, it was a decent show. Props to him and all other performers that both come to and don't overlook the Permian Basin that has a population of half a million. A native Californian (Los Angeles), of Course Midland Odessa isn't that large to me but at the same time, half a million is a decent amount of people and there are some really decent venues here including the world-renowned Wagner Noel Center which many artists have commented on their Facebook page just how nice it is don't ever overlooked this area as there's a lot of money and people STARVING to go to concerts out here (we WANT MORE THAN UR HISTORICALL SAME OLD CRAP: COUNTRY & MEXICAN...1/2 the population HATES the latter & I do NOT mean that in a racist way but this is AMERICA!!! Our primary language is ENGLISH!!!! THEY DON'T PERFORM ENGLISH SHOWS IN MEXICO SO THEY SHOULD PERFORM ENGLISH SHOWS IN AMERICA! AND IT'S NOT TO SAY THAT I DON'T LIKE SOME SPANISH MUSIC BECAUSE I DO I JUST THINK WE SHOULD HAVE A VARIETY OF MUSIC...NOT JUST these 2 genres (Mexican & Country); we WANT: CURRENT (Key Word!) Pop, Hip Hop/Blues (thnx Nelly, really!), Adult Contemporary (like Christopher Cross came here on Valentine's Night 2014; awesome!), smooth jazz, Stand-Up Comedy (Chris Tucker even came here on a four-city Tour which included: New York, Dallas, Midland, & Los Angeles; that's freakingawesome!!!!), any genre you would find in Dallas or Los Angeles for example! Peace & Love to all people!

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tony.driggers’s profile image

Dante Thomas the songs he brought out was the best he's boss singer wanna here more from you

Kevin Lytle deadly love he's music songs he brought really brought me the crowd out

Fat-man Scoop He really lit the stadium up brought the crowd wild especially me love fat man scoop he just brought the right songs out to Perth funny when u brought them girls on the stage

Blu Cantrell Nice Songs love hear some more from him good singer love the beats they played for him

Blackstreet one my best old school groups I listen to No DDiggity my favorite song I listen to from u people love have all your other music

Montell Jordan great singer love the songs beats from u really made the crowd go wild

Mya the best one best old school girl singers growing up you really opened the stage up with your music dancing dancers deadly really brought old school Dancing Singing to Perth The best

112 best music ever listen to from u people and missing you is my 1 favorite song to listening u the songs u brought to perth was best songs too seeing u at concert was darty

TLC you one best old school group girls love all your songs growing up songs you brought out was my favourite you really lit the stadium up dancers was deadly the last song Waterfalls when u played that almost made me cry that's my favorite

Nelly you is my No 1 can never stop listening to you when you came out on the stage that really lit me up all all night your music u sang at the concert was best I can never stop watching u sing you was deadly the best i sing them everyday watch them

I listen to you all day everyday day

I Love meet you you the best

ElijahL94’s profile image

Nelly has not had frequent appearances on the charts over the last couple of years yet during his incarnation and first few years he scored chart choppers on both sides of the Atlantic. His set lists are now carefully considered to include some of his very best material along with the crowd pleasing mega hits from the mid 00's.

From the opening intro of 'Party People', Nelly swaggers around the stage and whips the crowd into frenzy. Perhaps the most iconic of all his tracks 'Hot In Herre' of course evokes screams of delight as Nelly commands the audience 'to take off all your clothes'. Yet other tracks such as 'Country Grammar' and 'Ride Wit Me' gain an equally big rap/sing-along. His biggest international hit 'Dilemma' sounds fresh and despite no guest appearance from Kelly Rowland, it is a highlight of the show.

One of the best surprises is a great mix of 'Flap Ya Wings' with Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines'. Nelly has been a consistent hip hop artist with a great selection of commercial successes, an incredibly enjoyable act to see live.

sean-ward’s profile image

I saw Nelly on the Florida Georgia Line Summer Series tour. I’m not sure how I didn’t get any pictures of Nelly’s performance. I think I was in shock when he first came out. I’m not sure what song he was rapping to but it was awkward. I’ve been so involved with country music the past few years that I’ve forgotten how to appreciate other music genres. But then he broke into his older songs that we all knew and loved. I hadn’t realized Nelly has been around for 15 years. I was 10 when Country Grammar came out then. And he tested us. He wanted to see how many of us had been around since the beginning and my group knew every word of Country Grammar. I have a feeling none of the younger crowd knew what was going on. Nelly had a few humble speeches towards the end of his set. He was so grateful that country music fans accepted the Cruise Remix and made him feel welcome on the tour with Florida Georgia Line and Chris Lane. He also told the crowd to chase their dreams like he had before ending the night with Just A Dream.

ddmercer’s profile image

The VIP was horrible, the tables were all the way in the back couldn't even see the stage so it kind of sucked to spend that much money on a show yet the people who got in free were right up front to the stage. The servers brought us our bottle but then that was it they were too busy making twerking videos of each other instead of asking if we needed anything, they never came back to our table after bringing us the bottle. It was not a good "vip" experience at all I would of rather saved my money and did the free admission. Nelly was late he came a little after 1am and only performed about four songs but not all the way through, it was more of a night club with the DJ than a performance which sucks because I've been a huge Nelly fan since I was 13 so for 17 years and was looking forward to this show, the overall experience was disappointing.

rdelima-1’s profile image

When Nelly came out, I had to leave. I am a conservative country music fan of Flordia Georgia Line and Nelly's show was the most inappropriate show I have ever seen. I went for Flordia Georgia Line and was excited for Nelly. Sadly, the girls he had dancing were barely dressed and were dancing in a very inappropriate manner. Everything in my soul told me that I needed to leave the show while he preformed. This was a huge let down because I had bought very expensive seats. This was a very disapointing experience for me. I saw mothers with children leaving the same time I left. I would never come see Nelly or a similar artist in Wheatland again. I wish I was notified that Nelly was going to have suggestive and degrading dancers . Please keep your shows for the whole family.

Izzi15’s profile image

Juvenile didnt make it to the show has apart of the head liner bc he missed connecting flight amd Nelly was late 45 mins coming on stage due to flight delays as well. I know weather happens but it would have been nice to know what was goin on. The venue did not let the concert goers know about the cancellation of Juvenile or that Nelly would be late so I dnt think that was right. But over all Nelly himself did a great job. The crowd was ready for him after listening to the DJ play the same music over 5 hrs. Wish he would have played alittle longer considering how long we waited. Glad Nelly apologized as well bc alot of artists wouldnt have cared they kept fans waiting.

ashley-traughber-bre’s profile image

SAVE YOUR MONEY! After 3 hours of watching music videos (don't get me wrong, watching 90s hip hop vids really got us into the mood for Nelly - but 3 hours!?) he finally came on stage at 12:40 am on a Thursday night. To our horror, he didn't sing full songs and his hits were remixed with different background tracks. I would say most people at this concert were in their 30s and 40s (teenagers in the 90s)and came to hear the songs of our glory days. Most also had to work the next day. We left after about 4 songs, the sound was terrible which was surprising because they had over 3 hours to get it right.

higgs.bri’s profile image

Absolutley amazing show , he gave the people what they paid for :) been listening to his music since he started out and still love his music now. The dj's who played before him were entertaining the crowd well before the main event. Would love for him to come back to the uk and tour again as i would go see him again.

andrea-green-2’s profile image

OMG absolutely FabUlous. 10/10. Loved the he got the crowd involved. Never seen that before and he seemed very humble. Love that guy. The arena made it quite intermat also the other guys with him were amaaaazing and loved they were recording with other people's phones. Well good.

Dillon7’s profile image

Posters (45)

Nelly Concert Tickets - 2024 Tour Dates.

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Scotiabank Arena

Pine Knob Music Center

Shrine Nightclub at Foxwoods

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Janet Jackson Schedules Second Round of ‘Together Again’ Tour Dates for Summer 2024

By Larisha Paul

Larisha Paul

Last year, Janet Jackson made her grand return to the stage with the Together Again tour after being off the road for four years. And now that she’s been bitten by the performance bug once again, she doesn’t want the fun to end. On Tuesday, the music icon announced the summer 2024 return of her Together Again tour.

Nelly will join Jackson as a special guest on the 35-date run scheduled to kick off on June 4 in Palm Desert. The musician will make stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Boston, Toronto, Newark, Brooklyn, Baltimore, Tampa, Orlando, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and more. The tour will conclude on July 30 in Phoenix.

General sale for the Together Again tour begins on Friday, Jan. 19 at 10 a.m. local time, following a presale beginning on Wednesday, Jan. 17 at 10 a.m. local time.

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TOGETHER AGAIN 2024 TOUR DATES: June 04 — Palm Desert, CA @ Acrisure Arena June 06 — Chula Vista, CA @ North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre June 08 — Los Angeles, CA @ The Kia Forum June 09 — Anaheim, CA @ Honda Center June 11 — Sacramento, CA @ Golden 1 Center June 12 — San Francisco, CA @ Chase Center June 14 — Salt Lake City, UT @ USANA Amphitheatre June 16 — Denver, CO @ Ball Arena June 18 — Saint Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy Center June 19 — Chicago, IL @ United Center June 21 — St. Louis, MO @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre June 22 — Cincinnati, OH @ Riverbend Music Center June 23 — Indianapolis, IN @ Gainbridge Fieldhouse June 25 — Cleveland, OH @ Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse June 26 — Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center June 28 — Boston, MA @ TD Garden June 29 — Hartford, CT @ The XFINITY Theatre July 02 — Detroit, MI @ Pine Knob Music Theatre July 03 — Toronto, ON @ Scotiabank Arena July 05 — Buffalo, NY @ Darien Lake Amphitheater July 06 — Hershey, PA @ Hersheypark Stadium July 09 — Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center July 10 — Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center July 12 — Washington, DC @ Capital One Arena July 13 — Baltimore, MD @ CFG Bank Arena July 14 — Charlotte, NC @ PNC Music Pavilion July 16 — Tampa, FL @ MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre July 18 — West Palm Beach, FL @ iThink Financial Amphitheatre July 20 — Orlando, FL @ Kia Center July 21 — Atlanta, GA @ State Farm Arena July 23 — New Orleans, LA @ Smoothie King Center July 25 — Fort Worth, TX @ Dickies Arena July 26 — Oklahoma City, OK @ Paycom Center July 27 — Austin, TX @ Moody Center July 30 — Phoenix, AZ @ Footprint Center

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