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Where Is the Carnival Cruise Terminal in New York? A Complete Guide

New York, the vibrant and bustling city that never sleeps, isn’t only renowned for it’s iconic landmarks, cultural diversity, and thriving entertainment scene, but also as a prominent hub for cruise ship embarkations and disembarkations. For those embarking on an unforgettable voyage with Carnival Cruise Line, it becomes imperative to locate the Carnival Cruise Terminal in New York, strategically positioned to provide seamless access to the city's enchanting attractions and ensure a stress-free embarkation process. This comprehensive guide aims to inform travelers about the exact location of the Carnival Cruise Terminal, detailing it’s accessibility, nearby transportation options, and the myriad of exciting experiences awaiting them in the city that never fails to captivate the imagination of it’s visitors.

Where Do Carnival Cruises Leave From in NYC?

The Manhattan Cruise Terminal is the main departure point for Carnival cruises in New York City. Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Hells Kitchen, this picturesque terminal offers a breathtaking backdrop for the beginning of your voyage. Located on the west side of Manhattan, the terminals prime location on the Hudson River allows cruise ships to sail under the iconic Verrazano Bridge and pass by the majestic Statue of Liberty.

Once you arrive at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, youll be greeted by a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide a seamless embarkation experience. The terminal boasts modern amenities, including spacious check-in areas, comfortable waiting lounges, and a wide range of dining options. Passengers can also take advantage of the terminals stunning outdoor promenade, which offers unobstructed views of the Hudson River and the surrounding cityscape.

As you board your Carnival cruise ship, youll be treated to a world-class experience that combines luxury, entertainment, and exceptional service. With a variety of itineraries available from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, you can embark on exciting journeys to destinations such as the Caribbean, Bermuda, and New England. Whether youre a seasoned cruiser or new to the world of cruising, Carnival offers an array of activities and amenities to ensure an unforgettable vacation.

It’s prime location, stunning views, and convenient amenities make it an ideal starting point for your cruise adventure. So pack your bags, board your ship, and get ready to set sail from this iconic terminal, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of New York City as you embark on a journey of a lifetime.

A Detailed Description of the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, Including Information About It’s Facilities, Parking Options, and Transportation Access.

  • The Manhattan Cruise Terminal is a popular cruise port located on the west side of Manhattan, New York.
  • It offers a range of facilities to enhance the cruising experience for passengers.
  • One of the key features of the terminal is it’s spacious and modern passenger terminals.
  • These terminals provide a comfortable environment for check-in, security procedures, and boarding.
  • Passengers can also take advantage of various amenities, such as duty-free shops, restaurants, and lounges.
  • For those arriving by car, the terminal offers convenient parking options.
  • There are both short-term and long-term parking facilities available.
  • A parking garage is located onsite, allowing passengers to easily access their vehicles upon their return.
  • In terms of transportation access, the Manhattan Cruise Terminal is well-connected to various modes of public transportation.
  • Passengers can opt to take a taxi, use ride-hailing services, or utilize public buses or subways to reach the terminal.
  • Additionally, the terminal has it’s own dedicated transportation hub, providing easy access to shuttle services.
  • These shuttles can transport passengers to and from nearby airports, hotels, and other points of interest.
  • Overall, the Manhattan Cruise Terminal offers a convenient and enjoyable experience for cruise passengers, with it’s excellent facilities, parking options, and transportation access.

The Carnival Liberty departs from the newly-constructed Cruise Terminal 3, which was built specifically for the Mardi Gras but also services other Carnival ships like the Liberty.

What Terminal Does Carnival Liberty Depart From?

Carnival Liberty, one of Carnival Cruise Lines popular ships, departs from the newly-constructed Cruise Terminal 3 in New York. This terminal is a state-of-the-art passenger terminal located in the port area, designed specifically to accommodate large cruise ships like the Mardi Gras and Carnival Liberty.

The Cruise Terminal 3 stands out as one of the ports most impressive additions, with it’s modern architectural design and facilities. As a passenger terminal, it serves the purpose of efficiently boarding and disembarking passengers for water vessels, including ferries, cruise ships, and ocean liners.

Whether it’s exploring the ships lively entertainment options or discovering the magical destinations on their itinerary, guests can start their journey with ease and embark on unforgettable memories from this impressive terminal.

The Features and Amenities of Cruise Terminal 3

  • Modern architecture
  • Spacious waiting areas
  • Efficient check-in counters
  • Multiple security checkpoints
  • Vibrant retail outlets
  • Various dining options
  • High-speed Wi-Fi access
  • Convenient parking facilities
  • Accessible restrooms
  • Panoramic views of the ocean
  • Seating areas with charging ports
  • Well-equipped conference rooms
  • Children’s play areas
  • Wheelchair-friendly infrastructure
  • Well-trained staff

When it comes to setting sail from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, travelers have several options for choosing the most convenient airport in New York. Among the top choices include the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), La Guardia Airport (LGA), and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). These airports are in close proximity to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, offering ease and convenience for cruise passengers.

Which Airport Do You Cruise Out of New York?

Manhattan Cruise Terminal, located in New York City, is a popular departure point for cruise vacations. When planning your trip, it’s essential to know which airport to choose for your arrival. The three closest airports to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal are John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), La Guardia Airport (LGA), and Newark Liberty International Airport (ERW).

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is situated in Queens, approximately 15 miles from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. It’s one of the busiest airports in the United States and offers a wide range of international and domestic flights. Travelers arriving at JFK can easily reach the cruise terminal by various transportation options, including taxis, private shuttle services, or using public transportation such as the AirTrain and subway.

La Guardia Airport (LGA) is another convenient option for those cruising from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. Situated in Queens, LGA is the closest airport to Manhattan, with a distance of around 10 miles. This airport mainly serves domestic flights and is well-connected to the city through taxis, private transfers, and public transportation.

Newark Liberty International Airport (ERW), located in Newark, New Jersey, is also a viable choice for cruisers. Although it’s slightly farther from Manhattan, with a distance of approximately 16 miles, it offers a wide range of international and domestic flights. Travelers can easily reach the Manhattan Cruise Terminal from Newark Airport using taxis, private transfers, or public transportation options such as AirTrain and subway.

All three airports provide numerous transportation options to and from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey. It’s advisable to plan your travel in advance and consider factors such as flight schedules, proximity to your accommodation, and personal preferences when choosing the airport for your cruise departure. Regardless of the airport you choose, you can rest assured that reliable transportation options are readily available to help you reach your cruise ship in a timely manner.

Comparison of Transportation Options Between the Three Airports and the Manhattan Cruise Terminal

When it comes to getting to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal in New York, there are several transportation options available from the three major airports: John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

If you’re flying into JFK or LGA, you’ve the option of using a taxi, ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft, or a shared shuttle service to get to the cruise terminal. These options provide convenience and door-to-door service, but they can be more expensive, especially during peak travel times.

Alternatively, you can take public transportation from JFK or LGA to the cruise terminal. JFK has an AirTrain service that connects to the New York City subway system, which you can take to reach the cruise terminal. LGA has a bus service that connects to the subway as well. Public transportation is a more cost-effective option, but it may require some walking and navigating through the city.

If you’re flying into EWR, you can also take a taxi, ride-sharing service, or a shared shuttle to the cruise terminal. However, given the distance between EWR and Manhattan, these options can be more expensive. Another option is to take a train from EWR to Manhattan, such as the Newark AirTrain and then transferring to the subway.

In conclusion, there are various transportation options available from the three major airports in New York to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. Whether you choose a taxi, ride-sharing service, public transportation, or a shared shuttle, it’s important to consider factors such as cost, convenience, and travel time when deciding on the best option for you.

Carnival Venezia is all set to embark on her inaugural summer season, offering an array of exciting itineraries departing from the vibrant city of New York. Passengers can immerse themselves in the beauty of the Caribbean, Bermuda, and explore the captivating ports of Canada and New England. With a variety of sailings ranging from four to eight days, Carnival Venezia promises an unforgettable journey filled with adventure and exploration. Delight in the charming cities of Halifax and Saint John, or bask in the sun-drenched beaches of the Caribbean – the choice is yours. Get ready to set sail from the lively city of New York and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Where Does Carnival Sail From NY?

Carnival Cruise Line is known for offering a wide range of exciting itineraries for it’s passengers. When it comes to sailing from New York, Carnival offers a variety of options for those looking to embark on a memorable cruise. The Carnival Venezia, one of their magnificent ships, sets sail from the Carnival Cruise Terminal in New York.

During her first summer season, the Carnival Venezia offers an array of sailings from New York. Passengers have the opportunity to choose from four, five, six, and eight-day itineraries. These sailings take them to different destinations, including the beautiful Caribbean, the picturesque Bermuda, and the charming ports of Canada and New England.

When it comes to the Caribbean, the Carnival Venezia takes passengers to stunning destinations, where they can soak up the sun and enjoy the crystal-clear waters. From vibrant and lively islands to secluded and tranquil beaches, the Caribbean offers something for everyone.

For those looking to explore closer to home, the Carnival Venezia also sails to Bermuda, a gorgeous island known for it’s pink sand beaches and turquoise waters. This destination offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, with opportunities for snorkeling, beachcombing, and exploring the local culture.

New York City, with it’s bustling ports, serves as a gateway to an array of exciting cruise destinations. From here, travelers can embark on voyages that take them to captivating regions such as Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Europe, the United Kingdom, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and beyond. In addition, New York is often included on the itineraries of prestigious world cruises, allowing passengers to experience the vibrant city before continuing their global explorations.

Where Do Cruises Go Out of New York?

Cruises from New York offer a gateway to various exciting destinations. Passengers have the opportunity to embark on unforgettable voyages to Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Europe, the United Kingdom, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and beyond. The New York cruise terminal serves as a vibrant launch point for a wide range of itineraries, allowing travelers to explore both familiar and exotic locales.

One popular choice for cruisers departing from New York is Canada. These cruises take passengers on a journey through breathtaking landscapes, charming cities, and picturesque coastal towns. From the stunning beauty of the Canadian Rockies to the vibrant culture of Quebec City, there’s something for everyone on a Canadian cruise.

For those seeking a more adventurous experience, Greenland and Iceland provide a unique and awe-inspiring destination. Cruise itineraries to these remote Arctic regions offer a chance to witness dramatic glaciers, rugged mountains, and a rich array of wildlife, including whales, seals, and polar bears.

Europe and the United Kingdom are also accessible from New Yorks cruise terminal. Passengers can embark on transatlantic voyages that take them to iconic cities such as London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. With numerous ports of call along the way, travelers can immerse themselves in the rich history, culture, and cuisine of these renowned destinations.

Bermuda, with it’s pink sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, is a favorite among many vacationers. Departing from New York, cruises to Bermuda offer a convenient and enjoyable way to explore this tropical paradise. From relaxing on the beach to engaging in water sports or exploring historical landmarks, there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy in Bermuda.

With destinations like the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, passengers can indulge in the vibrant cultures, delicious cuisines, and pristine beaches that the Caribbean is renowned for.

In addition to these specific destinations, New York also serves as a frequent stopover for world cruises. These epic journeys circumnavigate the globe, allowing passengers to visit multiple continents and experience a truly global adventure.

Understanding the terminal's prime location in Manhattan, specifically at the West Side Highway at 55th Street, allows travelers to efficiently navigate and make the most of their pre-cruise and post-cruise experiences. Moreover, appreciating the terminal's proximity to renowned attractions such as Times Square and Central Park adds an extra layer of convenience and excitement for visitors.

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New York Cruise Ship Terminal Directions and Parking

Google Maps : View Map

Website :

Parking Reservations :  Make a Reservation

Parking Information Rates are subject to change . 

$45.00 USD per night   

  • Open rooftop, gated, outdoor parking lot
  • Payment is due upon arrival into the parking lot 
  • Accepted forms of payment: Visa Credit Card and MasterCard Credit Card
  • There is no upcharge for sports utility vehicles; height restrictions for all passenger vehicles is 8'3".
  • No advance reservations accepted. Space is subject to availability and is provided to cruise parkers on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Cruise parking opens at 8:00am. Passengers from the previous cruise are usually off the property by 10:30am, freeing up parking spaces. 
  • For parking information, email [email protected] or call 646 299-4670.
  • Embarking :  Passengers arrive at the street level of the pier where their cruise vessel is berthed. Signs identifying the vessel are posted on pillars nearest the proper berth. Access the Customs Hall by using either of the two passenger elevators at the head of each pier, or use the escalator on the south side of the entrance area. Baggage will be received by porters and moved to the vessel.
  • Luggage Drop Off : Passengers arriving by private car should first park and then drop off luggage on the second level for check-in. Passengers requiring parking are unable to drop off bags and then park without exiting the terminal. Porters are available by 9:00am. 
  • Parking is a revolving system. Passengers who have parked at the terminal from the previous cruise are usually off the property by 10:00am-10:30am, freeing up parking spaces. 

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Manhattan New York Cruise Terminal Information

Last updated on January 21st, 2024 at 09:32 pm

Situated on the west side of Manhattan, the cruise terminal offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Explore the vibrant neighborhoods, world-class museums, and renowned landmarks of Manhattan before embarking on your cruise adventure.

The Manhattan cruise terminal is one of two cruise terminals that make up the Port of New York.

For information on the Brooklyn cruise terminal, click here .

The Manhattan terminal (Piers 88 and 90) is one of the busiest in North America and has recently undergone $200 million dollars in state-of-the -art renovations. It is in the process of upgrading to be able to accommodate the world’s largest ships .

The Manhattan terminal is located at 711 12th Avenue. If driving, note that all cars enter the terminal from the north at the intersection of 55th St. and State Route 9A (12th Ave) . You will see directional signs directing toward the “Ship Terminal.” Also, there is no ability to drop off luggage prior to parking. See here for detailed parking information.

Coming from a hotel or the airport? Click here for helpful information on getting around New York City. 

When arriving, you will be at street level, and need to take an elevator or escalator to reach Customs and check-in.  Signs will be posted on pillars identifying which ship is docked at which berth.

Note: there is no luggage storage available at the pier, but you can arrange for luggage storage through Luggage Hero. Click here to find locations closest to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal.

Cruises from New York

The Manhattan Cruise Terminal is one of the most active cruise ports in the United States, servicing cruise lines such as Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Oceania Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Disney , Silversea and Holland America. When arriving, signs will be posted to inform which ship is at which berth.

New York Weather

In New York, temperatures hit their peak in July and August, with humidity reaching up to 90 percent. There aren’t usually any snowstorms to worry about until December due to the city’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Mild and pleasant summers are typical for the rest of the state. Keep in mind that winters can be very cold especially upstate, and there may be heavy snow and ice until well into May.

Click here to see tours and excursions in New York.

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New York (NYC Manhattan-Brooklyn)

Cruise port schedule, live map, terminals, news.

New York cruise port

Region East Coast USA and Canada New England

Local Time 2024-05-08 08:45

Port New York cruise ship schedule shows timetable calendars of all arrival and departure dates by month. The port's schedule lists all ships (in links) with cruises going to or leaving from New York, NYC Manhattan-Brooklyn. To see the full itineraries (ports of call dates and arrival / departure times) and their lowest rates – just follow the corresponding ship-link.

Port New York has two cruise ports with their own passenger terminal facilities. Port Manhattan (4 berths on 2 piers - numbers 88 and 90) is located on Manhattan Island's western coast, beside the Hudson River. Port Brooklyn (1 berth) is located approx 6 mi (10 km) to the south, on eastern Upper Bay on Brooklyn’s Red Hook waterline.

Cape Liberty Cruise Port is also in New York Harbor but is part of Bayonne City (New Jersey) . Bayonne's Military Ocean Terminal serves Royal Caribbean Group/RCG-owned ships from the fleets of RCG's subsidiaries RCI-Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises , while ships of RCG's subsidiary Silversea dock at NYC's Manhattan Terminal.

Currently, NYC's Manhattan Cruise Terminal serves CCL-Carnival , NCLH ( NCL-Norwegian , Oceania , RSSC-Regent Seven Seas ), TUI ,  Virgin Voyages and other major companies .

Currently, NYC's Brooklyn Terminal serves Cunard Line and MSC .

All these ports/cruise terminals are part of the "Port of New York and New Jersey" - a port district in the New York Metro (total population 20,1+ million).

Around 8,1 million New Yorkers live on Long Island (population density 5860 per mi2/2262 per km2).

NYC cruise port

Port NYC NJ (officially "Port of New York and New Jersey") handles a huge cargo shipping volume and is US East Coast's biggest seaport.

Port's cruise schedule lists voyages the whole year round. During winter are popular southbound itineraries – to the Caribbean and Bahamas. During summer are operated mainly roundtrips to Bermuda as well as Transatlantic crossings (USA-UK/ Southampton ). In autumn are offered "Fall Foliage" cruises to Canada and New England USA.

In May 2013, Port NYC started a project to raise Bayonne Bridge in order to allow access to the world's largest container ships  to the cargo ports of New York City and New Jersey (Elizabeth and Newark). The project also included dredging (deepening) the navigation channel.

On September 7, 2017, the boxship CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt (2015-built, IMO 9780873) passed under the elevated Bayonne Bridge. The vessel has TEU capacity 14855 containers, LOA length 366 m, volume 152,991 GT-tons. It became the largest ship to pass under the Bayonne Bridge.

On September 28, 2023, NYC's Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC/1991-founded nonprofit) announced new port usage agreements (for Manhattan's and Brooklyn's terminals) signed with Carnival Corporation, NCLH-Norwegian and MSC. The agreements were designed to increase revenues and sustainability/emissions reduction, with term lengths ranging between 3-15 years, each with an optional 5-year renewal.

The 2023-signed agreements included establishing a Community Priority Fund (by adding US$1 per cruise passenger; to be used for projects in the cruise terminals' neighborhoods/Red Hook and Midtown Manhattan), planning ground transportation (improvements to maximize public transportation/reducing road traffic), reducing CO emissions (where feasible, including shore power connections/all cruise ships in NYC must be equipped with the technology by 2028), increasing local provisioning and developing educational partnerships with NYC-based institutions.

Port New York and New Jersey

Port New York and New Jersey is the seaport of NYC metro. It encompasses an area with a radius ~25 mi (40 km) and includes all navigable waterways in NY–NJ Harbor Estuary. The covered coastline is around 650 mi (1050 km) along both states. NYC Harbor is among the world's largest natural harbors. By annual cargo capacity, the seaport is ranked USA's 3rd largest - after South Louisiana (Mississippi River) and Houston (Texas).

Within the seaport there are 2 FTZs (foreign-trade zones) where commercial goods (domestic and foreign) receive same Customs treatment as outside USA. Annually, Port NY-NJ handles around USD 208 billion in shipping cargoes, around 3,4 million TEU's (shipping containers) and nearly 0,4 million cars.

  • In July 2017, the port's largest container ship so far (CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt - 14,400 TEUs ) passed under the raised Bayonne Bridge.
  • The channels (as draft) and the bridges (as heights) limit the vessels that can enter the harbor.
  • Verrazano-Narrows Bridge's clearance is 228 ft (67 m).
  • Brooklyn Bridge's clearance is 135 ft (41 m).
  • Bayonne Bridge's clearance (lowered-raised) is  155-215 ft (47-65,5 m).

The company "Port Authority of New York and New Jersey" was established in 1921 to manage all facilities and services within the combined NY-NJ harbor area. The company also controls all vehicular and rapid-transit systems connecting New York and New Jersey, several airports, as well as real estate developments. It also maintains its own police force.

US Army Corps of Engineers are involved in regular harbor maintenance works (bulkhead and channels). USCG (Coast Guard) maintains all floatable debris and marine accidents and incidents (spills, rescues, counter-terrorism operations). Both states (NY and NJ) maintain maritime police units. US Customs and Border Protection and US Immigration and Customs agencies regulate international shipping imports and cruise passenger arrivals.

Port's foreign trade zones - FTZ 1 (New York) and FTZ 49 (New Jersey)  handled in 2010 a combined shipping traffic of 4811 vessels and over 32,2 million tons of cargoes valued USD 175+ billion.

In March 2006, some passenger terminals were transferred (as management) to DP World ( Dubai -based corporation).

The seaport has 4x containership terminals, ranking it (by combined volume) the US East Coast's largest, USA's 3rd busiest and the world's 20th largest cargo port. Terminals are leased to private operators.

  • Howland Hook Marine Terminal (northwestern Staten Island)
  • Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal (Newark Bay)
  • Port Jersey Marine Terminal and Red Hook Marine Terminal (both in Upper New York Bay)
  • Maher Terminals LLC operates the port's largest containership facilities, served by a total of 11x Liebherr STS (ship-to-shore) megamax container cranes.

NY-NJ port's main imports are petroleum, appliances, vehicles, plastics, electronics, chemicals, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, optical and photographic materials, precious gems and metals.

ExpressRail network supports intermodal freight transport interconnecting all major terminals. In 2014, the total number of handled intermodal TEUs was 391,596. Most imports are transported in TEUs. Petroleum and scrap metals are handled at bulk cargo terminals, many of which are located along the port's straits and canals.

  • New York New Jersey Railroad serves freight cars across Upper Bay, connecting Jersey City with Brooklyn (between Greenville Yard and Bush Terminal Yard). The 4 km crossing takes 45 min.
  • Cross-Harbor Rail Tunnel is a proposed project under Upper Bay, with western portal at Greenville Yard and eastern portal still undetermined.

Cruise ships and ferries in Port New York and New Jersey dock at the berths of Cape Liberty Cruise Port (Upper Bay, Bayonne NJ) , Brooklyn Cruise Terminal (Upper Bay, NYC) and New York Passenger Ship Terminal (Hudson River, NYC).

  • Regularly scheduled ferry service across Upper Bay connects South Ferry with St George Ferry Terminal, serving daily around 75,000 passengers.
  • Major ferry terminals are Hoboken, Battery Park City, Paulus Hook, Weehawken Port Imperial, Pier 11, West Midtown and the East 34th Street Landing. Most smaller-sized ferries serve only 1 route.
  • Small boats operate leisure tours, excursions and NYC harbor cruises. They circumnavigate Manhattan or navigate into Upper New York Bay.

In July 2017, through bidding, Ports America won a contract for operating Manhattan and Brooklyn cruise terminals until 2029. The deal required investments of USD 38,5 million in infrastructure improvements, including Pier 90 berth rehabilitation, extended aprons, new fenders. Brooklyn Pier was extended by 45-60 m (150-200 ft) to allow berthing for larger boats. Construction works started in 2018.

Season 2018 featured two large newbuild liners - Carnival Horizon (133500 GT-tons, 4700 passengers) and Norwegian Bliss (168000 GT-tons, 4900 passengers).

New York ferries

In 2018 was inaugurated the ferry line connecting Bayonne NJ with Manhattan (across Hudson River).

A US$650,000 federal grant was given to the city for the building of a new ferry terminal. The facility is on the southern part of the Military Ocean Terminal, on an artificial peninsula east of NJ Route 440.

The 1,5-acre land site (former US Navy base) was purchased in 2010 and leased for ferry docking at US$200,000 per year.

In the previous year (2017) NYC Ferry inaugurated the commute ferry service linking Manhattan with Long Island (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx). In 2016, NYC Ferry's fleet consisted of 19 newbuild boats.

  • On May 1st were launched the East River route (North Brooklyn to Midtown and NYC's Financial District) and the Rockaway route (Lower Manhattan to Sunset Park and The Rockaways).
  • On June 1st was launched the South Brooklyn route (8 terminals/between Corlears Hook and Bay Ridge) linking Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, Red Hook, Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • On August 29th was launched the Astoria route (between Western Queens and Roosevelt Island) linking Wall Street/Pier 11, East 34th Street, LIC/Long Island City Queens, Roosevelt Island Manhattan, and Astoria Queens.

In August 2018, NYC Ferry launched a link between Soundview (South Bronx) and Manhattan. The landing site in Bronx is at Clason Point Park (Sound View Ave's end). The nearest subway station (Morrison Ave-Sound View) is 2 mi (3 km) away. Ferry travel time Bronx-Manhattan is 45-min. In Manhattan, ferries stop at 90th St (Upper East Side), East 34th Str (Midtown), Pier 11 (Wall Str). Currently, NYC Ferry operates 6 routes.

New York cruise terminal

The following NY & NJ cruise port map shows the locations of all three cruise terminals (NYC's Manhattan and Brooklyn, and Bayonne NJ's Cape Liberty).

NYC Manhattan Cruise Terminal

The Manhattan passenger terminal is on Hudson River (on Manhattan Island's shoreline), located is between West 44 and West 52 streets. Both Newark International Airport and LaGuardia Airport are located approx 15 mi (24 km) away, while JFK International Airport is approx 20 mi (32 km) away.

This NYC cruise terminal has 3 wharves – Pier 88 (2 berths), Pier 90 (2 berths), and Pier 92 (1 overflow berth). They can accommodate up to 5 cruise liners simultaneously and each has a fully-functioning passenger terminal building. Manhattan terminal serves NCL Norwegian , Carnival Cruise Line and Holland America . At Pier 92's south side dock large liners.

In early 2017, NYC Economic Development Corporation selected Ports America as long-term cruise ship terminal operator for both Brooklyn (1 berth) and Manhattan (Pier 88 and Pier 90), Ports America also supplies cruise ship provisions for vessels docked at Pier 92.

At the top of all the piers, there is a building with dedicated parking lots, snack bars, restrooms, check-in, VIP areas, customs, newsstands.

  • Address: "Manhattan Terminal, 711 12th Avenue, New York, NY 10019"
  • Manhattan Terminal parking: daily parking rate ($18, for 10 hours), overnight rate ($23, for 24 hours). Theparking rate for multiple days is $20 daily.

NYC Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Located across Governors Island, Brooklyn NYC cruise port terminal is in Red Hook. LaGuardia Airport is 12 miles away, Newark International Airport – 16 miles away and JFK International Airport is 20 miles away.

Brooklyn New York cruise ship terminal used to be a cargo port. You will get very ”industrial feel”. The terminal building on Pier 12 is a new one. The facilities are vending machines, check-in, restrooms and customs. There is a parking area with 500 spots. Brooklyn New York cruise port terminal can accommodate only one ship. It serves Princess Cruises and Cunard ships.

  • Address: "Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, Pier 12, Brooklyn, NY 11231"
  • Brooklyn Terminal parking rates (subject to change): $35 daily.

Brooklyn cruise terminal's shorepower

Since 2016, Brooklyn Cruise Terminal provides shore-power .

The shore-to-ship electric power supply project was first announced in 2011.

Cunard's liner RMS Queen Mary 2 was the first-ever vessel (officially plugged-in on November 12th, 2016).

The US$21 million system was signed off by the New York and New Jersey Port Authority and turned over to the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), which currently oversees the cruise shipping program for Brooklyn and Manhattan. As of September 2016, NYCEDC has responsibility for the system's operations and maintenance.

The plug-in shorepower was installed by Cochran Marine. This is a dual-voltage system targeted for use by Cunard Line and  Princess Cruises , which are the terminal’s primary customers. The Terminal's cable positioning device is removable, so it can be stored during winter.

Connecting to Con Edison power grid, the shorepower system allows ships to run their onboard systems without using diesel generators. This eliminates ~1500 tons of CO2, ~95 tons of NOx, and ~6,5 tons of soot/particulate matter annually.

In 2010, the NY-NJ Port Authority estimated that improvement to air quality could yield public health benefits of USD 99 million over 15 years. That was a key element for community groups around the terminal’s Red Hook neighborhood to start pushing for shore power. Beyond the infrastructure cost, the project was delayed by haggling over the price of electrical power – in an era where cheap fuel prices made shipboard generation more economical. The power costs are subsidized in part by the EDC and the New York Power Authority, with terminal user Carnival Corp picking up the rest. As part of an agreement,  Carnival Corporation pays USD 12 cents per kilowatt-hour for shorepower.

Costs were ~USD 10 million (to service one slip) and involve substantial infrastructure improvements. Ship operators must spend ~USD 1 million to make a vessel shorepower-ready. Demand on the energy grid is substantial too. A typical container ship in port uses about as much energy as a single terminal at Boston ’s Logan Airport, while RMS Queen Mary 2 requires 13 megawatts (equal to the entire airport).

New Jersey Cape Liberty cruise terminal (Royal Caribbean)

In October 2014, RCCL-Royal Caribbean and NYC Port Authority dedicated a Cape Liberty cruise terminal for the RCI's ship Quantum OTS. The new terminal started operations on November 10, 2014.

The new facility is located at Port Terminal Blvd (Bayonne waterfront), adjacent to the Tear Drop Memorial (Russia-built 10–story sculpture). The US$55 million building project included port expansion with a new passenger terminal, featuring a total covered area of 125000 ft2 (11600 m2) that hosts check-in, customs and immigration, luggage storage and processing area, parking area (capacity 950 cars/costs US$25 per day including taxes) and also improvements of the existing docking pier. The new terminal building is adjacent to the 2004-inaugurated terminal.

Port Cape Liberty is in close proximity to EWR-Newark Liberty Airport (10 mi / 16 km to the west, ~20-min travel time by car) and easy to access, skipping NYC's heavy traffic and bridges.

  • Empire State Building: don’t miss that famed building. It is 1050 ft tall. You can take a look from the airy promenade after a great lift to the Observatory.
  • Central Park: the iconic park dates from 1857. It is a large landscaped area where you can enjoy the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, the Bethesda fountain, the Great Lawn and Belvedere Castle.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: located between East 81 and East 82, dates from 1870. Discover artworks of famous artists – Aristotle with a Bust of Homer by Rembrandt, Wheat Field with Cypresses by Van Gogh, Young Woman with a Water Pitcher by Vermeer and The Unicorn in Captivity, medieval tapestry.
  • Brooklyn Bridge: the bridge dates from the late 19th century. It spans across the East River. The Brooklyn Bridge and the views across Brooklyn, Upper Bay and Manhattan are breathtaking.
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden: 39 acres with beautiful gardens. Walk through the Bonsai Museum, the Tropical Pavilion, the Aquatic House and the Desert Pavilion. You can also have a coffee, buy a gift or something from the garden store.

New York tours, shore excursions, hotels

City tours and shore excursions.

Crystal Serenity ship welcomes American disco singer Gloria Gaynor for special concert cruise

Crystal Serenity ship welcomes American disco singer Gloria Gaynor for special concert cruise

Renowned 2-time Grammy Award-winning artist Gloria Gaynor is set to perform aboard the Crystal Serenity during the October 26 sailing from Quebec...

Virgin Voyages unveils inaugural cruise itineraries (2025-2026) for Brilliant Lady ship

Virgin Voyages unveils inaugural cruise itineraries (2025-2026) for Brilliant Lady ship

Virgin Voyages has unveiled the itineraries for its 4th ship, Brilliant Lady, scheduled for launch in September 2025. Brilliant Lady's maiden...

NCL and Fincantieri mark milestone with float out of Norwegian Aqua

NCL and Fincantieri mark milestone with float out of Norwegian Aqua

NCL-Norwegian Cruise Line and Fincantieri celebrated the float out of Norwegian Aqua at Fincantieri’s Marghera shipyard on Tuesday, April 23...

NCL-Norwegian Cruise Line launches 2024 Europe Season with Greek Isles and Italy voyage

NCL-Norwegian Cruise Line launches 2024 Europe Season with Greek Isles and Italy voyage

NCL-Norwegian Cruise Line inaugurated its 2024 Europe travel season on April 19, 2024, with Norwegian Epic docking in Civitavecchia/Rome, before...

MSC Cruises unveils Summer 2024 'Stay & Cruise' program for extended holiday experiences

MSC Cruises unveils Summer 2024 'Stay & Cruise' program for extended holiday experiences

MSC Cruises has introduced its latest offering, the summer 2024 'Stay & Cruise' program, designed to enhance guests' 7-night cruise experiences...

Cunard unveils stellar lineup: Three Queens to grace path of next Solar Eclipse

Cunard unveils stellar lineup: Three Queens to grace path of next Solar Eclipse

The recent celestial event of the solar eclipse has sparked anticipation for the next occurrence on August 12th, 2026. Cunard UK announced that...

P&O UK unveils summer 2026 cruises with early booking discount

P&O UK unveils summer 2026 cruises with early booking discount

P&O Cruises UK has unveiled its summer 2026 program, accompanied by an enticing early-bird booking promotion. The itinerary collection...

ACL-American Cruise Lines introduces exclusive New England voyages in 2024

ACL-American Cruise Lines introduces exclusive New England voyages in 2024

ACL-American Cruise Lines unveils its captivating summer lineup of New England voyages, presenting the sole coastal itineraries in the region...

RSSC/Regent launches the world's most expensive cruise in 2027 (Seven Seas Splendor ship)

RSSC/Regent launches the world's most expensive cruise in 2027 (Seven Seas Splendor ship)

RSSC-Regent Seven Seas Cruises, renowned for its 3-decade legacy of luxury cruising, introduces an extraordinary offering for 2027. The upcoming...

Norwegian Joy's refurbishment details/changes unveiled (SPA, Suites, Beach Club)

Norwegian Joy's refurbishment details/changes unveiled (SPA, Suites, Beach Club)

NCL-Norwegian Cruise Line has unveiled a series of enhancements aboard the Norwegian Joy following a 3-week drydock refurbishment project. Among the...

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Port Transportation: Getting to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal Without a Car

If you are flying in for your cruise or just don’t want to deal with the headache and expense of dealing with parking your car, we have you covered.

The good news is that in a city with a mature transportation network like New York, you have a number of options in getting to the port. And if you’re overwhelmed with trying to get around the city, don’t worry, we’ll tell you exactly how to get to the terminal without dealing with driving.

As for convenience, it’s hard to beat transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft. By downloading the app, you can call a car on demand, anywhere in the New York/New Jersey area. So even if you are flying into Newark or staying outside the city proper, you can still get a ride.

Unlike most cities across the country, rates for Uber/Lyft are roughly in line with their taxi counterparts, but it does depend on where you are coming from and where you are going. For example, if you are flying (or staying) in New Jersey and sailing from Manhattan, then you’ll be charged extra for your car going from New Jersey to New York. Uber charges $20 for going between the two states. Lyft charges $15 for passing between the two states.

Still, it’s hard to beat the convenience and high service level associated with these services. Below, we’ve listed their estimated prices from the areas around town to the Manhattan port. (Note that the taxi fares include a customary 20% tip. Uber & Lyft prices do not. Uber doesn’t use tipping. Lyft makes it optional.)

If you think you want to take a rideshare service, you can read more details about Uber & Lyft here .

When you think of New York, one of the most iconic images is of a person waiting on the side of a busy street hailing a yellow taxi. With around 15,000 taxis in the city alone, they are a popular (and highly visible) way to get around.

If you are coming from an area airport to the Manhattan Terminal, then picking up a cab at the airport is easy as they all have taxi stations where you can hop in. Elsewhere in the city you can have your hotel call you a cab or simply go out and hail one like a local.

Rates are typically a little higher than rideshare services. We’ve listed estimated rates in the table above. As you can see, you’ll spend a little (but not excessively) more to take a taxi.

One suggestion is to take a cab if you are coming from JFK International. The taxis have a flat rate of $52 from the airpot to anywhere in Manhattan .

Cruise Shuttles

The two most frequent visitors to the Manhattan Terminal are Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Both offer shuttle service to the port.

Carnival has the most offerings of any cruise line we’ve seen in the area, with shuttles that will transfer you from all three major area airports. Prices are reasonable if traveling solo or as a couple, but you can still find a better deal with a cab or Uber/Lyft. Here’s a look at Carnival’s transfer rates. Note that rates a per person.

Newark Airport One Way: $31.00 Round Trip: $62.00 LaGuardia Airport One Way: $32.00 Round Trip: $64.00 John F. Kennedy Airport One Way: $33.00 Round Trip: $66.00

Norwegian Cruise Lines also offers a shuttle, but only between New York’s LaGuardia Airport. If you are flying into JFK or Newark, you’ll need to use alternate transportation. The fare is $40 one way, per person.

For a couple of reasons, we usually suggest going with another option than a cruise shuttle transfer. First, it is expensive if traveling with more than just one or two people.. The rates shown above are per person. So a family of four is paying $31 each ($124) just to get from Newark Airport to the cruise port, or $248 round-trip. Other options usually price based on the car, not the number of occupants.

Second, cruise transfers are extremely limited. In this case, they run only from area airports to the Manhattan Terminal… and only on the day of sailing. So if you come in early or are staying at a hotel in the area, then the cruise line transfer isn’t a viable option.

Independent Shuttles/Car Services

If you are traveling with a larger group to the Manhattan port, then your best bet is likely to look for an independent shuttle or private car service. These providers can offer private service to the port, usually for less per person than a taxi or other service, assuming you have seven or more passengers.

To be frank, the number of shuttles and car services in the New York area is extremely high. That means we can’t list them all here. Instead, we’ve rounded up a sample list of area companies to give you a good start to go from.

The prices quoted by these companies can vary widely depending on what sort of service you need and exactly where you are coming from. However, as a general rule expect it to be a better value the larger a group you need to transport. Be sure to shop around before selecting a service as it can save you considerable money.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the prices you are quoted won’t include gratuity, which can add on another 15-20% to your fare.

Public Transportation (MTA)

If you want to use public transportation, the M50 bus runs east and west across Manhattan, along 49th and 50th Streets, dropping off right near the terminal. Bus fare is $2.75.

You’ll likely need to transfer to the bus from a subway, unless you are staying near the M50 bus route. Many major subway lines have a station on either 49th and 50th Streets, including the A, C, E, N, Q, R, B, D, F, and M. You’ll simply need to get off and then catch the M50 bus eastbound to the cruise port.

While cheap, riding public transportation can be a little confusing for first timers, and stressful when you are trying to carry your bags for a cruise. You can check out the information about the M50 route and riding the bus here to help you get your bearings.

Photo: Heather Paul

More on cruising from manhattan.

Manhattan Terminal Cruise Parking — Parking at the port? We’ve got you covered with all your parking options, including costs and discounts.

Manhattan Terminal Cruise Hotels — Getting in late? Leaving early? Simply need a place to rest your head? We’ve rounded up the options for places to stay near the port.

Popular: 39 Useful Things to Pack (17 You Wouldn't Think Of)

Read next: park & cruise hotels for every port in america, popular: 107 best cruise tips, secrets, tricks, and freebies, related articles more from author, 12+ convenient hotels near the manhattan cruise terminal, guide to new york cruise parking (cape liberty, manhattan, brooklyn), dropping off passengers at new york cruise ports (with pictures), 12 cheap hotels (under $200) within 2 miles of the manhattan cruise terminal, sailing from new york city ports, taking uber & lyft to the manhattan cruise terminal.

I just wanted to thank you for the concise and seemingly complete info about travel from a New York airport to the port-of-departure for a cruise. I am a first time cruising person. As a Canadian, I was unsure about booking my cruise departure location. I was worried about arriving in “New York, New York” I am so very grateful that you have dispelled the myths about being unfriendly to visitors.

I’m sorry to have thought that I thought New York was an unfriendly place. Your website is full of very informative stuff that I thought was just for “the ‘insiders’- ‘only for new yorkers’, etc.” . New York city is seemingly, actually welcoming and understanding to visitors.

Thank you so very much. Beverly Miller

just got off NCL Star and the food was fine. It’s not as fancy as some but perfectly good and attractive. The service can be excellent or good but rarely mediocre.

My family has been thinking about going on a cruise this fall. So, I liked that you pointed out that when we get off the boat there are several different transportation options. Personally, I think that a large shuttle or car service would work with our family.

Don’t go Norwegian, you will have more fees than anything. THe food is like slop and service is mediocre.

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15+ Hotels With Cruise Shuttles Between Orlando and Port Canaveral

57 must-have tips, advice, and info for first-time cruisers, what i wish i knew about my cruise cabin before i sailed, hotels with cruise shuttles for every major port in america, 107 best cruise tips, tricks, secrets, and freebies, 39 useful things to pack for your cruise (including 17 you’d never think of).

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Norovirus outbreaks linked to 2 cruise ships with over 150 infected

A total of 161 passengers have reported falling ill during voyages on princess cruises' sapphire princess and royal caribbean international's radiance of the seas.

Check out what's clicking on

FOX Business Flash top headlines for April 29

Check out what's clicking on

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating two seemingly separate outbreaks of Norovirus linked to U.S. cruise ships.

Cases have been linked to Princess Cruises' Sapphire Princess and Royal Caribbean International's Radiance of the Seas.

The CDC's Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) is tracking the "very contagious" outbreaks following reports of passengers in distress .


Radiance of the Seas

The Radiance of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, is pictured docked at a port in Seward, Alaska. (iStock)

Approximately 67 out of 1,993 passengers on the Radiance of the Seas reported falling ill during its voyage from Tampa to Los Angeles between Apr. 8 and 22. An additional two crew members also reported illness . 

The predominant symptoms reported from those affected by the Norovirus were diarrhea and vomiting.


CDC Sign

A view of the sign at the Center for Disease Control headquarters is seen in Atlanta, Georgia. (Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images / Getty Images)

Approximately 94 of 2,532 passengers on the Sapphire Princess reported similar symptoms during its voyage from Los Angeles into the South Pacific that began Apr. 5 and is scheduled to conclude on May 7.

An additional 20 members of the 1,066 crew reported symptoms as well.

Fox Business reached out to both Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean International for comment on the situation but did not receive a response.


Sapphire Princess

This photo shows the Sapphire Princess cruise ship, operated by Princess Cruises, docked at the Marina Cruise center in Singapore. (ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images / Getty Images)

"Norovirus is a very contagious virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea. Anyone can get infected and sick with Norovirus," the CDC states on its website. "Norovirus is sometimes called the 'stomach flu' or 'stomach bug.' However, norovirus illness is not related to the flu, which is caused by influenza virus."

One of the biggest health risks posed by Norovirus infection is dehydration — the CDC recommends those infected drink plenty of liquids to aid recovering.

The CDC's Vessel Sanitation Program requires cruise lines to report and document cases of illness on their ships in order to facilitate coordinated responses in case of emergency.

carnival cruise nyc address

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Brilliant Lady ship

This new mega-ship liner will set sail from NYC next year

Brilliant Lady will embark on a North American tour in September.

Anna Rahmanan

All aboard!

Brilliant Lady, the fourth and final ship in Virgin Voyages ' current fleet, will officially set sail from NYC in September of 2025, embarking on a cross-country sea trip that will stop in Boston, Charleston, Eastport, Bermuda and Quebec City, among other destinations. 

In addition to the exciting travel plans, passengers will get to revel in the cruise line's signature luxury: think red balcony hammocks, high-end wellness spaces overlooking the ocean and over twenty award-winning eateries that cover all sorts of cuisines, from Mexican to Italian, Korean and more.

Brilliant Lady ship

"Virgin fans have been asking for years if we’d consider sailing from places like New York, Los Angeles or Alaska, so it's wonderful to give our Sailors and First Mates what they wanted: fresh itineraries spanning North America from 5-14 nights in length with new experiences that they will remember forever," said Nirmal Saverimuttu, CEO at Virgin Voyages, in an official statement. "As the fourth and final ship in our fleet for now, Brilliant Lady will not disappoint.”

Just like the other ships that are part of the fleet, Brilliant Lady will feature the image of a mermaid on its facade, this one an entirely novel design by Toronto-based illustrator Janice Sung that was inspired by, according to an official press release, "historic Renaissance paintings as well as traditional Japanese and Chinese art, fashion and beauty."

Brilliant Lady ship

In addition to the inaugural trip kicking off in New York, the ship will embark on a wide range of other voyages, as the above-mentioned statement makes clear. These include a 7-12 night route from Miami, a longer one across the Panama Canal Crossing, another option from Los Angeles, plus Seattle, Alaska and more. 

We're always itching for a long vacation but, suddenly, the ocean is calling out our name.

  • Anna Rahmanan

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Protect Your Trip »

15 top adults-only cruises for 2025 & 2026.

Pack your bags and leave the kids behind for your next cruise adventure.

Top Adults-Only Cruises

Six adults, drinking and laughing, at the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat on Carnival Cruise Line's Mardi Gras.

Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

If your idea of getting away from it all includes a vacation without the kids, consider booking an adults-only or adults-oriented cruise . While some lines provide a fully adults-only experience (i.e., children are not allowed on board), others offer adult-focused venues and activities on the ship to keep you separate from younger patrons.

The following cruise lines provide upscale amenities, immersive excursions, sophisticated dining options, lively nighttime entertainment and time for relaxation among like-minded – and similarly aged – travelers.

Find your perfect cruise

Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Star Explorers' Lounge at night.

Courtesy of Viking

Travelers ages 18 and older are welcome aboard Viking 's adults-only ships, which feature destination-focused itineraries around the world. The line's 11 oceangoing ships carry between 930 and 998 guests (at double occupancy) and offer luxurious, comfortable Scandinavian-style spaces. The line will add Viking Vesta to its ocean fleet in 2025.

Viking's exploration program boasts special access to behind-the-scenes experiences curated for travelers who are interested in history, food, the arts or science. Immerse yourself in local culture with a visit to a traditional family farm near Bergen, Norway, or spend an evening dining on Chinese specialties at a home-hosted dinner in Shanghai .

In addition to these off-the-beaten-path excursions, guests can visit iconic sites like the ancient city of Ephesus (Kuşadasi) in Turkey and the Acropolis in Athens, Greece . Viking also hosts onboard enrichment programs like cooking classes and lectures by historians. Cruise fares include stateroom accommodations with a private veranda, all meals (including specialty dining venues), wine and beer at onboard lunch and dinner, 24-hour room service, one free excursion per port, complimentary Wi-Fi access, and access to onboard amenities such as the Nordic Spa and fitness center.

In addition to its ocean vessels, Viking offers river cruises in destinations around the world – including Mississippi River cruises aboard Viking Mississippi. The line also has two Polar Class 6 expedition ships, Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris, which traverse waterways from Canada, the U.S. and South America to remote destinations in Antarctica and the Arctic.

Virgin Voyages

Terrace jacuzzi on Virgin Voyages cruise.

Courtesy of Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages offers an adults-only retreat for guests ages 18 and older. The line currently has three sister ships: Scarlet Lady (the first in the fleet), Valiant Lady and Resilient Lady . The line's fourth ship, Brilliant Lady, is set to debut in September 2025.

All the ships in this adults-only cruise line feature 1,404 cabins (most with balconies) and RockStar Quarters suites, where guests have access to Richard's Rooftop, an exclusive outdoor deck space. The superyacht-inspired vessels boast 20-plus eateries, including restaurants by Michelin-starred chefs, and a variety of onboard fitness and wellness spaces. At Redemption Spa, relax and recharge in the mud room or salt therapy chamber – and then take rejuvenating dips in the hot and cold plunge pools. You can even order a bottle of bubbly anywhere on the ship via the Virgin Voyages app's secret "Shake for Champagne" feature.

Itineraries on Virgin Voyages span destinations in the Caribbean, Europe and Morocco, as well as trans-Atlantic crossings. The line will also feature 21 new ports across its global fleet in 2025, including destinations in Iceland, Turkey, Oman, Italy, Portugal, the Cayman Islands and more. Cruise fares cover meals at all the dining venues and basic beverages such as soda, water, tea and coffee. Gratuities for the crew, Wi-Fi access, entertainment and group fitness classes are also included. While on board, be sure to indulge in a swanky dinner at The Wake and an immersive show at The Red Room, a unique multiform theater at sea.

P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises ship at port at sunset.

Courtesy of P&O Cruises

Two ships in P&O Cruises' U.K.-based fleet – Arcadia and Aurora – are exclusively for adults 18 and older. Arcadia, the slightly newer of the two ships (debuted in 2005), carries 2,094 guests at double occupancy, plus 866 crew. The ship departs from Southampton in the U.K. and sails to a variety of European destinations, ranging from Spain and the Canary Islands to Norway and Iceland; some cruises visit the U.S. and Canada. The ship will also sail world cruises in January 2025 and 2026.

Arcadia's 15 restaurants, cafes and bars include Indian cuisine with a British twist at Sindhu, as well as steaks and seafood by renowned British chef Marco Pierre White at Ocean Grill. Passengers can take a class to sample the line's branded gins; sip Champagne at Intermezzo, the ship's cocktail and Champagne venue; or enjoy a pre-dinner aperitif at the yacht-inspired Spinnaker. After exploring exciting ports of call, head back on board to enjoy Arcadia's elegant interiors and top-notch service. You can splurge on a stone therapy treatment and a visit to the thermal suite at the spa for some extra pampering, followed by a live show at the three-tiered theater, The Palladium. Then, finish off the evening dancing the night away at The Globe.

Aurora is a slightly more intimate ship, carrying 1,874 passengers (double occupancy) and 850 crew members. A four-level atrium gallery sits at the heart of the vessel. Itineraries include destinations in the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the British Isles, Iceland, the Caribbean and South America. There are 19 restaurants, bars and cafes on the ship, including club-style restaurant Alexandria and casual spots like The Beach House. After dinner, live entertainment and dancing await you at the show lounge Carmen's, as do larger productions at the ritzy 660-seat Curzon Theatre.

Top Cruises Designed for Adults

While some all-inclusive – or mostly all-inclusive – boutique and luxury cruise lines are family-friendly, many of the onboard venues and activities are adult-by-design. Since there are few (or no) activities geared toward younger cruisers and no babysitting services, you typically won't find parents with young children on these ships.

Aerial shot of the Azamara ship sailing into the sunset.

Courtesy of Azamara

Azamara's four upscale boutique ships provide immersive travel experiences geared toward adults. These smaller ships – accommodating a maximum of 702 guests – sail waterways and rivers that larger ships can't access, docking in city centers and unique ports of call around the globe.

Many Azamara voyages also offer longer stays and overnights in port, unlike some competitors' itineraries. Some even feature special events, such as a 12-night voyage from Rome to watch the Monaco Grand Prix in May 2025, or a 25-night cruise in February 2025 from Buenos Aires, Argentina , to attend Carnival in Rio de Janeiro . In addition, the line is extending its offerings on Country Intensive voyages in 2024 and 2025 with itineraries in various continental European countries, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Iceland and Australia.

On board, you'll find a wide selection of casual and formal dining options ranging from Windows Cafe to the main dining room, Discoveries Restaurant. Specialty restaurant offerings include top-notch steak and seafood at Prime C and Italian fare at Aqualina. Atlas Bar is a unique venue on Azamara Onward (the line's newest ship), though its artisanal cocktail menu is also available on the line's other ships. Discoveries Lounge is another guest-favorite spot, and wine aficionados will enjoy pairing limited-production and rare vintages from the Wine Cellar with dinner.

Cruise fares include stateroom accommodations; select spirits, wine and beer; gratuities; 24-hour room service; and nonalcoholic beverages. You'll also have access to complimentary AzAmazing Celebrations with special evening and daytime events ashore and on the ship. You can purchase a package that includes additional amenities like unlimited Wi-Fi, specialty dining, shore excursion credits and other perks. Butler service and other extras come with suite accommodations.

Lumière restaurant on Scenic Eclipse.

Courtesy of Scenic

When it launched in 2019, Scenic Eclipse I was touted as "The World's First Discovery Yacht." The intimate vessel offers an all-inclusive, ultra-luxurious experience for just 228 guests (double occupancy). The line's second luxury yacht, Scenic Eclipse II, which is nearly identical to its sister ship, debuted from Lisbon, Portugal , in April 2023. The Polar Class 6 rating enables these two yachts to sail to destinations like Antarctica; on these expedition-style voyages, the ship carries only 200 guests and offers a nearly one-to-one crew-to-guest ratio.

All suite accommodations include a private veranda or terrace; butler service; state-of-the-art amenities; a king-size Scenic Slumber Bed; and an in-suite minibar stocked with wine, spirits and other personally selected beverages. You'll also find indulgences like onboard helicopters for intimate excursions and the line's submersibles for underwater exploration.

Guests can enjoy up to 10 dining experiences on the ship, including French fine dining at Lumière; innovative Asian flavors at Koko's Asian Fusion; Italian, steak and seafood specialties at Elements; or an immersive dining experience at Chef's Garden @ Epicure. When it's time for an after-dinner drink, sample craft cocktails or the impressive selection of whiskeys available at Scenic Lounge Bar. Other onboard activities include getting an invigorating treatment at Senses Spa or just relaxing with Champagne and spectacular views on deck 10 at the Sky Bar.

Scenic's ships sail to destinations in Australia and the South Pacific; Europe and the Mediterranean; Asia; the Americas and the Caribbean; and the polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Deluxe Suite on Regent Seven Seas Cruises ship.

Courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Following Seven Seas Grandeur's launch in December 2023, this line now has six luxury vessels in its fleet. Regent Seven Seas ' all-inclusive fares include round-trip business class or coach airfare (depending on the destination); complimentary pre-cruise hotel stays; two- or three-night land packages; all meals and beverages; free shore excursions; prepaid gratuities; and more. Seven Seas Grandeur is a sister ship to the elegant Seven Seas Explorer and Seven Seas Splendor ; it features 372 luxurious all-balcony suites and an impressive ratio of 548 crew members to just 744 guests (double occupancy).

In the evenings, diners can choose between French cuisine at Chartreuse; creative Asian fare at Pacific Rim; steaks and seafood at Prime 7; Italian dishes at Sette Mari at La Veranda; or design-your-own-entree options at the ship's largest specialty restaurant, Compass Rose. For a casual evening, plan to dine alfresco at the Pool Grill. Adults can also enjoy pre-dinner cocktails in one of the lounges and nightly entertainment at the Constellation Theater. For a nightcap, sip a fine cognac in one of the ship's favorite hideaways, Connoisseur Club. There are also plenty of options for exercise, fitness and relaxation at Serene Spa & Wellness.

If you're planning a once-in-a-lifetime adventure on the high seas, consider booking the Regent Suite. Situated on deck 14 – and boasting more than 4,400 square feet of indoor and outdoor space – this luxurious accommodation features an impressive balcony with a minipool spa, in addition to two bedrooms, a living room and dining room, and a private in-suite spa. Cruise fare for the suite also includes a long list of high-end amenities such as access to a private dining room called The Study, a personal car and guide in every port, free in-suite spa services, a complimentary cocktail party for eight guests, a private butler and more.

Regent's 2025-2026 Legendary Voyages include sailings to destinations like Barcelona, Tokyo and more. If a world cruise is on your bucket list, you can circumnavigate the globe for 154 nights beginning in January 2026 aboard Seven Seas Mariner.

Silversea Cruises

Veranda Suite on Silversea ship.

Courtesy of Silversea Cruises

Silversea's all-inclusive luxury ocean and expedition cruises offer voyages to more than 900 destinations across the seven continents. Silversea's 11 ultra-luxury ships and expedition vessels range in size from 51 to 364 suites and boast spacious ocean view accommodations – most with private verandas. Cruise fares cover door-to-door transfers from home to the ship, including airfare (business class in some destinations) and pre- and post-cruise hotel stays. On board, guests will have butler service, a nearly one-to-one ratio of guests to staff, 24-hour gourmet dining, premium alcoholic beverages, one complimentary shore excursion in each port, gratuities and more.

Silver Ray is set to become the 12th ship in the Silversea fleet when it debuts in summer 2024. The luxury vessel adds more open spaces and top-notch cuisine. Silver Ray is also the second vessel in the fleet to be powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and is billed as a more sustainable cruise ship.

Four of the line's ships are purpose-built expedition vessels that sail to the farthest reaches of the Earth, including Antarctica, the Arctic and Greenland, French Polynesia and the Pacific, Asia, and more. On these sailings, guests will experience immersive exploration with as many as 28 expedition staff per cruise. Unique upcoming itineraries visit Greenland and the Arctic Circle, as well as remote locales like Robinson Crusoe Island, Tahiti and more.

Seabourn Cruise Line

The Retreat on Seabourn ship.

Courtesy of Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn features an all-inclusive adult-focused experience on its five luxury ocean vessels and two expedition ships. One of the line's newest ships, Seabourn Pursuit, is an ultra-luxury Polar Class 6 purpose-built expedition vessel with 132 oceanfront veranda suites. The ship is equipped with two submarines for underwater exploration, kayaks and 24 Zodiacs. There's also a 24-person expedition team to assist guests with exploring far-reaching destinations like Antarctica, the Arctic, the Kimberley region of Australia, the Amazon and the Northwest Passage.

The new Seabourn Ovation accommodates up to 600 guests (double occupancy) and offers amenities found on most of Seabourn's ships: well-appointed oceanfront suites, living areas with dining tables, verandas and nearly a one-to-one staff-to-guest ratio. Guests can try Seabourn's new Mediterranean venue, Solis, on four of the line's ships, including Ovation. You'll also find health and wellness programs curated by Dr. Andrew Weil.

The Seabourn Conversations program is another highlight. Accomplished experts host adventures ashore, participate in meals and chat with guests on board. For a special treat, don't miss the Caviar in the Surf beach party. This event (available in select destinations) includes chilled Champagne, caviar, music and a barbecue set against a backdrop of white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Windstar Cruises

Star Grill dining are on Star Breeze by Windstar Cruises.

Michel Verdure | Courtesy of Windstar Cruises

Windstar's six intimate ships accommodate between 148 and 342 guests. Passengers can choose between cruising on one of the line's three-masted Wind Class vessels or one of its three Star Plus Class ships.

Windstar just announced the addition of two new ships to its fleet; Star Seeker is expected to launch in December 2025, followed by Star Explorer in December 2026. These two vessels will feature 112 suites with private verandas and infinity windows, two Owner's Suites with wraparound balconies, a water sports platform, a two-story spa and fitness center, and more. The ships are constructed with ice-strengthened hulls that position them for exploration in remote destinations like Antarctica.

Windstar's adult-focused and casual – but still elegant – onboard experiences feature locally inspired top-notch dining, guest lecturers, a water sports platform on all ships, an open bridge policy and an engaging social environment. If you're looking for a romantic getaway, Windstar is also regarded as one of the most romantic cruise lines for a wedding, honeymoon , vow renewal or anniversary trip, especially in magical destinations like the South Pacific or Europe.

Windstar's smaller ships can reach ports, coves, harbors and villages that are not accessible by larger vessels. They also offer more than 2,000 immersive cultural experiences in port, many with small groups. You'll find culinary-themed voyages in partnership with the James Beard Foundation, as well as wine-focused itineraries around the world. What's more, Windstar's itineraries offer late evenings and overnights in its ports of call, allowing guests to experience local culture and cuisine after dark.

Windstar will begin sailing in South America in December 2025 with the 312-passenger (double occupancy) Star Pride, offering excursions to UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the town of Cusco , Machu Picchu and the Galápagos Islands .

Other Top Adults-Only Cruise Options

While these larger ships offer activities for families and children of all ages, adults can also find hidden retreats and venues just for grown-ups. These spaces are typically quieter and situated away from the crowds.

Celebrity Cruises

Aerial of pool and deck on a Celebrity Cruises ship.

Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises offers spaces created with adult guests in mind. On Celebrity Beyond and the newest addition to the fleet, Celebrity Ascent , adults can have a unique dining experience at Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud. The world-renowned Global Culinary Ambassador for the line, Daniel Boulud created the menu at this elegant venue, incorporating dishes inspired by his travels. You'll also find an impressive wine list to accompany your dining experience.

When it's time to relax, The Solarium is a popular adults-only area located on the Resort Deck of all Celebrity ships. This light-filled pool area encased by a glass dome is the perfect quiet space for reading a book or taking a nap. While there, you can also grab a light breakfast or lunch at the Spa Cafe and Juice Bar, or order your favorite cocktail while lounging in the hot tub.

Other adult-focused venues to check out on Celebrity Ascent, Beyond and Apex are the new elevated bar spaces. The Edge series World Class Bar – a popular spot on other Celebrity Cruises ships – features craft cocktails in a beautiful setting. And don't miss the two-story Sunset Bar on Celebrity Ascent, a reimagined space by interior designer and TV personality Nate Berkus. The aft location of the bar offers almost twice the space as previous iterations and beautiful wake views.

Princess Cruises

Lounging area on a Princess Cruises ship.

Courtesy of Princess Cruises

The Sanctuary, a retreat for guests ages 18 and older, offers an escape from bustling public spaces. The relaxing top-deck venue is available on all Princess Cruises ships and features plush lounge chairs, a spa-like setting and Serenity Stewards, who serve light bites and other refreshments. To fully unwind, consider reserving a private cabana, where you can book an open-air massage. The child-free venue varies from ship to ship, with some offering the exclusive Retreat pool, cabanas and a bar area, and newer iterations featuring more space.

Spellbound by Magic Castle is an exciting new venue aboard the line's newest ship, Sun Princess, for adults 21 and older. The collaboration with The Magic Castle private club in Hollywood offers guests an evening of magic, illusions and theatrical cocktails in a Victorian-inspired space.

If you're heading off the ship for an excursion to Princess Cays (the cruise line's private island in the Bahamas), plan to chill out for the day in an adults-only Sanctuary Bungalow. Located just minutes from the ocean and beach, the rentals accommodate four people, and the price includes two complimentary float rentals. You can also order a gourmet picnic to enjoy while lounging on shore.

Back on the ship, adults can reserve a spot for the line's new Winemaker Dinners, a partnership with Caymus Vineyards. These 12-guest evenings are offered fleetwide, two to three times during each cruise. Winemaker Chuck Wagner personally selected the wines from the notable Napa Valley winery to pair with the elevated five-course menu.

Carnival Cruise Line

Serenity Adult-Only Retreat on a Carnival Cruise Line ship.

The Serenity Adult-Only Retreat is located on all of Carnival Cruise Line 's ships. Access to this tranquil outdoor hideaway is complimentary for passengers 21 and older. While there, guests can enjoy relaxing loungers, daybeds and whirlpools. Take in the warm sun and ocean breeze with a signature sangria in hand, or stop for a healthy meal at the Fresh Creations salad bar (available on select ships) for an alfresco lunch.

Disney Cruise Line

Lounge area on a Disney Cruise Line ship.

Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Though Disney Cruise Line tends to attract families and younger travelers, it also offers multiple spaces and activities for adults 18 and older. Disney's newest ship, Disney Wish , boasts several luxurious adults-only venues featuring characters and scenes from "Beauty and the Beast."

For top-notch steaks, contemporary Italian cuisine and panoramic ocean views, make a reservation at the Cogsworth-inspired Palo Steakhouse. If you prefer French-style fare and world-class wines served in an elegant and shimmering setting, Enchanté by three-Michelin-starred chef Arnaud Lallement is the perfect place for a romantic dinner for two. Before dinner at either venue, enjoy a signature cocktail at The Rose. After dinner, you won't want to miss the galactic libations and ever-changing views of faraway galaxies at the adults-only Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge bar.

Depending on the ship, adult travelers can also dance the night away in a trendy club, watch live entertainment or a cabaret show, catch a sports game on satellite TV, or relax with an after-dinner cocktail at a bar or lounge. Outdoors, the kid-free Quiet Cove Pool is a tranquil place to relax on all the ships. For even more pampering, Senses Spa & Salon boasts treatment rooms with ocean views, luxurious spa villas and other amenities. On Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line 's private island, adults can head to Serenity Bay – a scenic, adults-only stretch of the beach.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Spice H2O beach club on Norwegian Cruise Line ship.

Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line has three adults-only outdoor venues for guests 18 and older (though specific spaces vary by ship). On Norwegian 's Bliss, Escape, Getaway and Breakaway ships, the Vibe Beach Club sun deck invites guests to relax in oversized hot tubs and comfy daybeds, adding perks like a full-service bar and chilled towels. Guests can enjoy two-story beach clubs on Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Encore, while the clubs on Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva include the line's first infinity hot tubs. You can purchase a multiday pass in advance for the club, and cabana rentals are available for more privacy.

At Norwegian Epic's two-level Posh Beach Club, complimentary perks include fruit skewers, cold water spritzers and a snack menu. Multiday passes are available to all adult cruisers, while travelers who book a Haven suite can access Posh Beach Club for free. Spice H2O is another adults-only venue on the Norwegian Bliss, Joy, Escape, Getaway, Breakaway, Epic, Star and Spirit vessels; access is complimentary. At night, the space becomes an open-air dance club where you can spend the evening partying under the stars.

Royal Caribbean International

The Solarium on the Spectrum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International.

Michel Verdure | Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

Solarium is Royal Caribbean International 's complimentary, child-free space open to guests 18 and older. Located at the front of every ship in the fleet, this indoor-outdoor oasis (or indoor-only on Quantum Class ships) offers impressive vistas and endless views of the sea. Thanks to a full glass canopy over the interior space, adult passengers can enjoy quiet lounging areas, swimming pools and whirlpool tubs with a view, no matter the weather. Select ships feature a cascading lagoon for further relaxation.

Be sure to grab a tropical cocktail or zero-proof drink at Solarium Bar (or Sunshine Bar, on Quantum ships) to sip poolside while enjoying the ocean vistas. Guests of both bars must be at least 21 years old when sailing from North America or a minimum of 18 when departing from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Adult cruisers (18 and older) can relax and chill out at the first suspended infinity pool at sea at The Hideaway on Royal Caribbean's newest ship, Icon of the Seas. The beach-vibe neighborhood, perched eight stories above the sea at the back of the ship, features Champagne cocktails, a DJ spinning tunes, full-size daybeds, a wraparound bar, and endless ocean and sunset views from the multilevel terrace.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Adults-only cruise ships – or adults-only spaces on cruise ships – have become increasingly popular over the years," says Chris Gray Faust, executive editor at Cruise Critic. "That's not only because fewer people are having families. It's also because parents themselves often want the chance to get away, either by themselves for a romantic trip or with friends to celebrate a special occasion, girls' or guys' weekend, or milestone birthdays."

"I seek out adult spaces on cruise ships primarily because I want my experience on a ship to mirror my life on land – a little quieter, with more sophisticated food and drink options," she explains. "I also appreciate the opportunity to connect with my friends who are parents in a space where we can have personal one-on-one conversations or let loose a bit with some drinks. Adults with children are more than just their kids, after all – and they also appreciate a space where they don't have to worry about their little ones."

Anne Scully, a partner at the luxury travel company EMBARK Beyond, says, "With so many cruise lines and sailings, it's always a good idea to have options – and adults-only cruises are very popular." She adds, "Viking and Virgin have always focused on adults-only cruises and most river cruises also cater to adult passengers."

Adults-only cruises are designed with guests ages 18 and older in mind, from the staterooms and dining venues to the onboard entertainment and shore excursions. What you typically won't find on board are water or theme parks, climbing walls, game rooms, and restaurants serving kid-friendly foods.

If you're looking for a relaxing, fun and romantic vacation without the kids in tow – and you don't want to deal with the other passengers' children on your getaway – consider booking a sailing specifically for cruisers at least 18 years old. Alternatively, select a cruise line or ship that caters to mostly adults and doesn't offer any services, kids clubs, babysitting or activities for children.

You don't have to be a kid to be a Disney Cruise Line fan. While the line does not have an adults-only vessel within the fleet, there are plenty of kid-free spaces for adults only. Adults can enjoy cocktails, dinner and entertainment in several venues and relax at designated pool areas on the ship. There's also private, adults-only stretch of beach, Serenity Bay, on the line's private island, Castaway Cay.

In addition, Disney offers one of the best programs to keep youngsters entertained at sea, so you'll find that many of the children hang out in the kids club during the day and in the evening. These club spaces are divided by age groups, and they're typically open until midnight or 1 a.m. so parents – and even adults without kids – can enjoy a night out on the ship sans kids.

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Gwen Pratesi has been an avid cruiser since her early 20s. She has sailed on nearly every type of cruise ship built, including the newest megaships, luxury yachts, masted sailing ships, river ships in Europe and Vietnam and Cambodia and an expedition vessel in Antarctica. She covers the travel and culinary industries, specializing in cruises, for major publications including U.S. News & World Report.

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Carnival Cruise Line Celebrates 30 Years of Sailing from New Orleans

  • May 6, 2024

Carnival Celebrates 30 Years of Sailing in New Orleans

Carnival Cruise Line celebrated its 30th year sailing from New Orleans today with an event on the Carnival Liberty.

Community leaders and the cruise line’s Chief Culinary Officer Emeril Lagasse, world-famous for his New Orleans cuisine, were onboard to mark the important milestone just after the ship arrived in its new home of Port NOLA for the first time, according to a press release.

Carnival’s Chief Communications Officer Chris Chiames and former Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald, a New Orleans native, thanked local leaders for their longstanding partnership.

Carnival is the top cruise operator in New Orleans and the only ocean cruise line to homeport in the city year-round,.

Nearly seven million guests have cruised from Port NOLA on a Carnival ship since the cruise line began the port’s first year-round service from the city in 1994, according to Carnival.

“It’s an honor to share this great milestone and build on our successful partnership with the city and the port of New Orleans. We sail more than 400,000 guests from Port NOLA annually and for every one of them, our goal is the same: providing a fun and memorable vacation. That’s certainly a shared objective with the City of New Orleans, for all its visitors, which drives our partnership’s continued success,” said Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy.

In the spirit of marking the special 30-year milestone, Carnival donated $30,000 to the Emeril Lagasse Foundation to support New Orleans’ education and culinary programs for youth. Lagasse led a tour of the ship’s main galley for a group of kids from the Belle Chasse Academy, a local school partner of Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen, shortly after making the first cut of a special anniversary cake created by Carnival Liberty’s culinary team.

“Even before joining the team, I knew well that Carnival has been a great partner to our incredible city. We’ve all seen and enjoyed the growing popularity of cruising from our port over the years, which continues to bring more people here to enjoy all the rich culture our city has to offer,” said Lagasse. “My restaurants, Emeril’s and Meril, are just a few blocks from the pier, and it’s also special getting to welcome a ship docking here for the first time. We’re proud Carnival Liberty and her great team are now calling New Orleans home.”

The Carnival Liberty’s arrival maintains Carnival’s two-ship, year-round deployment strategy in New Orleans. The ship offers a variety of sailing options, with mostly week-long cruises visiting popular destinations in the Bahamas, Mexico and the Caribbean. Two unique 14-day Panama Canal cruises are also open for sale and next year, the Carnival Liberty will sail several voyages visiting Celebration Key, Carnival’s all-new, exclusive destination on the island of Grand Bahama. The ship shares its new home with the Carnival Valor, which also offers four- to seven-day cruises.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this monumental milestone with our valued partner, Carnival Cruise Line,” said Brandy D. Christian, President & CEO, Port of New Orleans and New Orleans Public Belt Railroad. “For 30 years, Carnival has shown an unwavering commitment to the New Orleans cruise market, and we are most grateful. Our cruise industry is thriving – and on track to exceed pre-pandemic numbers with the support of Carnival’s two year-round homeported vessels. We look forward to many more years of partnership and successes.”

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Carnival Cruise Lines celebrates 30 years of sailing from NOLA with new ship

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE)—For a generation, Carnival cruise ships have set sail out of New Orleans. On Monday (May 6), a new boat joined the fleet.

“It’s beautiful,” said Gabbi Arcement. “We’ve been on the Valor before, which is the sister ship. So, it’s a very similar build, and I’m excited.”

The Carnival Liberty will call the Port of New Orleans home, sailing year-round to the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal.

“She’ll be 6-to-8-day cruises, typically,” said Carnival’s Chris Chiames. “This week, she’s going to the Caribbean and Cozumel, but she’ll do a variety of Caribbean cruises out of here on a weekly basis.”

The ship was built in 2005 but is new to NOLA.

Carnival carries an estimated 400,000 passengers from New Orleans every year. A 2023 Port NOLA study found the cruise industry generates more than 300,000 hotel room nights and more than $125 million spent around town.

Most of the guests we talked to did not have to travel far to get on board.

“You just pull up and you’re gone for seven days,” said one eager passenger.

Celebrating this generation of Carnival Cruise vacations from New Orleans comes a new investment in the next generation: Carnival is investing in the Emeril Lagassee Foundation and even inviting culinary students to tour the ship.

“Emeril has been with Carnival for about four years. He’s been the Chief Culinary Officer for two years now,” said Chiames. “We had supported the foundation previously, but for our 30th anniversary, we’re having a celebration on board today and making a donation to the foundation as well to celebrate and share in our success.”

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  1. Manhattan Cruise Terminal and Port Information

    There are two cruise piers at Manhattan Port (Pier 88 at 48th Street and Pier 90 at 52nd Street). When only one cruise ship is in port, it will embark or disembark from Pier 90. Check in for both ...

  2. Manhattan, New York City, NY

    Manhattan, New York City, NY. Start your Carnival cruise from the city that defined 'cosmopolitan': New York City. This urban island overflows with art and architecture, lively ethnic neighborhoods, designer shops... and the best restaurants in the world, from the ultra-high-end to the comfy neighborhood hole-in-the-wall.

  3. New York

    Pier 88/90/92. 711 12th Avenue at 55th Street. New York City, New York 10019. Embarkation tims (subject to changes): 1 pm - 3 pm (Departure 4 pm)

  4. Where Is the Carnival Cruise Terminal in New York? A Complete Guide

    The Manhattan Cruise Terminal is the main departure point for Carnival cruises in New York City. Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Hells Kitchen, this picturesque terminal offers a breathtaking backdrop for the beginning of your voyage. Located on the west side of Manhattan, the terminals prime location on the Hudson River allows cruise ...

  5. New York Cruise Ship Terminal Directions and Parking

    Cruise parking opens at 8:00am. Passengers from the previous cruise are usually off the property by 10:30am, freeing up parking spaces. For parking information, email [email protected] or call 646 299-4670. Embarking : Passengers arrive at the street level of the pier where their cruise vessel is berthed.

  6. Manhattan Cruise Terminal Directions & Parking

    625 8th Avenue New York, NY 10018, 212.564.8484 - Automated bus carrier information 212.502.2200 - General information. New York City Buses- Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) The closest buses to Manhattan Cruise Terminal are as follows: M57 Bus - 57th Street Cross Town M31 Bus - 57th Street/York Avenue.

  7. Cruise Terminal Information and Parking

    Cruise Terminal Information and Parking. Results 1 - 1 of 1. Cruise Terminal Information and Parking.

  8. Manhattan Cruise Terminal [Cruise Port Manhattan NY]

    The Manhattan cruise terminal is one of two cruise terminals that make up the Port of New York. For information on the Brooklyn cruise terminal, click here. The Manhattan terminal (Piers 88 and 90) is one of the busiest in North America and has recently undergone $200 million dollars in state-of-the -art renovations.

  9. New York (NYC Manhattan-Brooklyn) cruise port schedule

    New York cruise port schedule 2024-2025-2026, map, address, ship terminals, hotels, tours, shore excursions. ... Manhattan terminal serves NCL Norwegian, Carnival Cruise Line and Holland America. At Pier 92's south side dock large liners. ... Address: "Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, Pier 12, Brooklyn, NY 11231" Brooklyn Terminal parking rates ...

  10. Manhattan Cruise Terminal, 711 12th Ave, New York, NY

    Get more information for Manhattan Cruise Terminal in New York, NY. See reviews, map, get the address, and find directions. Search MapQuest. Hotels. Food. Shopping. Coffee. Grocery. Gas. Manhattan Cruise Terminal. 22 reviews ... Cruises also offers attraction packages that combine the Statue of Liberty experience with other top attractions in ...

  11. 8 Must Know Things About the Manhattan Cruise Terminal

    Luckily, there are various options around the city to choose from. A few of the best parking options are: Official Manhattan Cruise Terminal Parking: $40 per night. MTP Manhattan Cruise Parking ...

  12. Port Transportation: Getting to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal Without a

    The two most frequent visitors to the Manhattan Terminal are Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Both offer shuttle service to the port. ... New York city is seemingly, actually welcoming and understanding to visitors. ... You can visit the "Contact" page below, or mail us at: Laisman Publishing, LLC, 5114 Balcones Woods Dr. Suite #307-123 ...

  13. Contact Us

    Have questions about our website or need technical support? Contact our Online Support team. (800) 845-2599. Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET

  14. Cruise Search: Find Your Perfect Carnival Cruise

    Book your Carnival cruise online using our convenient cruise search. Find a cruise based on date range, home port, destination & duration. Get started!

  15. Cruise Terminals

    The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is located in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY. The 182,000- square-foot, full-service cruise terminal represents a $52 million investment in the city's booming cruise sector, now the third-largest cruise market in the U.S. The Cape Liberty Cruise Port is located in Bayonne, New Jersey, and is operated and ...

  16. Which Cruise Port Does Carnival Use in New York?

    If you're planning a cruise with Carnival departing from New York, you might be wondering which port the line uses. Well, the answer is simple: Carnival Cruise Line departs from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, also known as Pier 88 or 90. Manhattan Cruise Terminal. The Manhattan Cruise Terminal is located on the west side of midtown Manhattan.

  17. Cruise Ports

    Find the cruise ports near you. Cruise from Miami, Galveston, Charleston, New York, Baltimore, Seattle, New Orleans, and more with Carnival Cruise Line.

  18. Directions to Manhattan Cruise Terminal

    Driving directions to Manhattan Cruise Terminal, 711 12th Ave, New York, NY including road conditions, live traffic updates, and reviews of local businesses along the way. ... Get step-by-step walking or driving directions to Manhattan Cruise Terminal, 711 12th Ave, New York, NY. Avoid traffic with optimized routes. location-A. location-B.

  19. Carnival Venezia

    2 cruises from. $. 1509. *. Avg PP. See Cruises. * Taxes, fees, and port expenses are additional per person. Carnival Venezia offers the ultimate Fun Italian Style experience sailing from New York. Explore deck plans, staterooms, and more.

  20. Embarkation and Departure

    Embarkation and Departure. Gu ests must select their Arrival Appointment and complete their Online Check-in process no later than midnight (eastern time) prior to their sailing date. Guests should arrive promptly within their Arrival Appointment to reduce wait time in line. At check-in, guests must present their boarding pass, picture ID and ...

  21. Cruises

    LEARN MORE Sail from Sydney or Brisbane for Aussie adventures or to exotic South Pacific Islands. Carnival cruise deals and cruise packages to the most popular destinations. Find great deals and specials on Caribbean, The Bahamas, Alaska, and Mexico cruises.

  22. Cruise FAQ

    I need to cancel my booking, is there a penalty? See all popular Questions. New to cruising? Get answers to FAQs ranging from cruise preparation to debarkation. Browse by category or click to see the most popular cruise questions.

  23. Two Norovirus outbreaks linked to cruise lines reported by CDC

    Norovirus outbreaks linked to 2 cruise ships with over 150 infected A total of 161 passengers have reported falling ill during voyages on Princess Cruises' Sapphire Princess and Royal Caribbean ...

  24. A new cruise will set sail from NYC in 2025

    Brilliant Lady, the fourth and final ship in Virgin Voyages' current fleet, will officially set sail from NYC in September of 2025, embarking on a cross-country sea trip that will stop in Boston ...

  25. 15 Top Adults-Only Cruises for 2025 & 2026

    All the ships in this adults-only cruise line feature 1,404 cabins (most with balconies) and RockStar Quarters suites, where guests have access to Richard's Rooftop, an exclusive outdoor deck space.

  26. Carnival Cruise Line Celebrates 30 Years of Sailing from New Orleans

    Carnival Cruise Line celebrated its 30th year sailing from New Orleans today with an event on the Carnival Liberty. Community leaders and the cruise line's Chief Culinary Officer Emeril Lagasse, world-famous for his New Orleans cuisine, were onboard to mark the important milestone just after the ship arrived in its new home of Port NOLA for the first time, according to a press release.

  27. US Air Force Makes Long-Range Airlift From Carnival Cruise Ship

    Carnival Venezia had set sail from New York on April 26 for a 10-day cruise to the Bahamas and the Caribbean. After calls to Nassau, Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, and Amber Cove, the ship was ...

  28. Carnival Cruise Line Celebrates 30 Years of Sailing from New O

    Carnival Celebrates 30 Years of Cruising from New Orleans - Photo by Carnival Cruise Line Laissez les bons temps rouler - Carnival Cruise Line is celebrating its 30th year of sailing from New Orleans! Carnival leaders, notable community members, and Carnival Chief Culinary Officer Emeril Lagasse gathered aboard Carnival Liberty to celebrate as the ship arrived in its new home of Port NOLA for ...

  29. Carnival Cruise Lines celebrates 30 years of sailing from NOLA with new

    The ship was built in 2005 but is new to NOLA. Carnival carries an estimated 400,000 passengers from New Orleans every year. A 2023 Port NOLA study found the cruise industry generates more than ...