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Prague's #1 nightlife experience.

Discover the top-rated nightlife experience in Prague. Dive into Prague's legendary nightlife accompanied by knowledgeable guides and a diverse international crowd. The only Pub Crawl that includes admission to Karlovy Lazne.


All you can drink beer, wine, vodka shooters and Bohemian absinthe at the first venue for 2 full hours if you start at 20:00.


Free entry to 2–3 of Prague’s best bars & clubs and a complimentary welcome shot at each door .


Experience the world-famous 5‑story megaclub , the biggest in Central Europe. (Regular entry is at least 10 €)


700 CZK / 30 €

Plus the legendary ‘ CRAWL WITH ME ‘ Pub Crawl t-shirt for just 200 CZK / 8 EUR extra.


Dive into the Prague’s legendary nightlife together with an international crowd of fellow travelers from across the world and highly motivated party guides

club tour prague

At the first venue we get the party started, give everyone a chance to loosen up and get to know each other with  unlimited drinks  during the famous  POWER HOUR . Free drinks include premium  Czech beer ,  wine ,  vodka shooters  and Bohemian absinthe .

Then we go bar-hopping Through the heart of Europe’s party capital and visit 2–to 3 of Prague’s best bars and clubs.

Around midnight we arrive at Karlovy Lazne , Central Europe’s biggest club with 5 bars and 5 dance floors spread out over 5 stories. At Karlovy Lazne we use a separate VIP entrance to skip the often-endless lines at the door . The party here continues every night until at least 05:00 AM.

club tour prague




Two hours of unlimited, drink-all-you-can beer, wine, vodka and absinthe at the first bar, if you start at 19:45. The entry to 2-3 more bars and clubs . One welcome shot at each place . And in the end VIP entry to Karlovy Lazne , one of Europe’s most famous night clubs, where the party continues until 05:00 every morning. (if you start at 21:45 you will get one hour of unlimited, drink-all-you-can beer, wine, vodka and absinthe at the first bar)


Every night at 19:45 and 21:45 You can join any time from 20:00 – 22:00 and you will get free drinks until 22:00. If that is too early for you we have another group starting at 22:00 where you will receive unlimited drinks until 23:00.


Our meeting point is the Ticket Office (Týnská 639/4, Prague 1) . That’s just 25 meters from Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock , right behind the Týn Church. Open 09:00 to 22:00 every day.


Not generally but if you wish to guarantee availability for your group or preferred start time, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance. You can conveniently secure your tickets on our website or at our ticket office.


We never know in advance. It depends on what’s on that night, how many people are in your group, etc. But the last venue on every crawl is always Karlovy Lazne .



The best party in Prague! Ends at Karlovy Lazne the 5-story club.

club tour prague



Just 25 meters from the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock, right behind the Týn Church. Open 09:00 – 22:00 every day. Tickets are available here until the start of the crawl or online in advance. At the ticket office we accept Czech Crowns and Euros. ATM is on site.



club tour prague


The same legendary party and our famous hour of unlimited drinks – just for you and your friends. Ideal for stag and hen tours, birthdays or any group up for an exclusive, wild night out, exploring Prague’s best venues.

club tour prague


Every night of the year Prague Pub Crawl organizes the biggest parties in Prague, but our New Years Eve Party goes beyond wild! In the past New Years parties we’ve had over 300 people  join the crawl! 

club tour prague


Pedal. Drink. Pedal. Swimming Beer Bike, Enjoy Prague from the river with the only Cycle Boats. This eco-friendly social experience is perfect for parties, team building, stag or hen tours.

club tour prague


One of our expert beer masters will give you an entertaining, colorful introduction into the world of beer – particularly beer in Bohemia, the place where Pilsener was invented

Your Prague Nightlife Guide – Best Bars & Clubs

By: Author Hannah

Posted on Last updated: 30 October, 2023

Your Prague Nightlife Guide – Best Bars & Clubs

Prague holds the title of the biggest party scene in Eastern Europe. In this post, we’re going to tell you why Prague’s nightlife is so epic and the best places to party in Prague .

What was once a quiet (suppressed) corner of the Iron Curtain, Prague, has made up for the oppressive, creatively deprived years under the Communist Regime.

Now, it may be unsuspecting that this fairytale of a city with its baroque architecture, pristine castles, and churches could host some of the largest underground music + dance scenes on the continent.

How could a place so quaint looking with such quiet locals harbor such an uproarious nightlife?  It might have something to do with the dirt-cheap drinks and super unique venues.

Once the tourists caught onto the flexible legal systems regarding certain vices in the Czech Republic, Prague nightlife became rowdy and bumpin’. It is now one of the main reasons that tourists come here (Besides all of the amazing sights in Prague during the day, of course).

Today, visitors will see tribes of British stag parties (Bachelor parties) running through the streets. Australians drinking like it is Christmas (don’t worry, we will tell you where to avoid these shenanigans …or not avoid them).

As austere and tight-lipped the Czechs seem during the day, they certainly know how to let loose at night. It will still take about five beers for them to open up with you. Patience is a virtue, or in their eyes, a waste of their time.

Prague locals have an impressive talent for turning any unsuspecting building into a place to get sloshed.  Here, you can have your pick of any excursion at any volume. From peaceful Prague beer gardens to wacky bohemian dance clubs to underground brick rooms under grocery stores, the Czechs know how to throw a party.

And in Prague, there is enough to keep you going for years. Seriously, if you went to one bar every day, it would take you just under two years to hit every single bar in Prague. Prague has over 600 bars and over 100 clubs, and you don’t have years. Whether you have a 2-week vacation or just 3 Days in Prague – You need to make the most of it, NOW!

With such little time and so much drinking to do – we put together a list of the best nightlife in Prague. Including the top bars, clubs, and late-night after bar food joints that you should indulge in as you spend your precious time in this glorious city.

If it is your first time in Prague, we suggest joining this Prague pub crawl . The price is a steal. It includes 2 hours of unlimited beer, wine, vodka, absinthe, and one free shot at the four different bars it visits. If you walk out sober from this tour, we would be shocked!  It is a great way to check out some of the best bars and meet some new friends. 

*When looking for the best price and biggest selection of hotels in Prague, check prices on . We’ve found they are the best option and have a great cancelation policy.

Best overall hotel in Prague – MOODS Charles Bridge Hotel

It’s in a great central location close to Old Town & the Charles bridge, with great views and tons of restaurants & shops at your doorstep.

Prague’s Bar Scene

Prague has the second-highest bar density rate in the WORLD. Where London, New York, and Tokyo have more bars in relation to their population, Prague has the most bars per person. Meaning if you get kicked out of one, all you have to do is wobble into the one next door and resume your night out in Prague.

Although many are rooted in tradition, the bar scene is getting a nice makeover. There are still iconic and archaic pubs that have somehow managed to stay open for over six centuries. Ok, it isn’t magic; they are selling BEER- an industry that doesn’t falter during any time of economic depression or dictator regime.

However, since the boom in tourism + uprising of craft breweries, the nightlife scene now bounces from traditional pub culture to whatever Millennials think is cool these days.

If one sentence gets you automatic respect ( Ok, slow down. When it comes to tourists, the Czechs are disinterested at best, gruff at worst), you should learn before the basic formalities.

Pivo, prosím= Beer, please

Even if you order it right, don’t expect a pat on the back and a hearty welcome to their city.

One aspect you may notice is that the Czechs have a slightly different rating system for their beers. Instead of alcoholic levels, they have a maltiness rating system. The maltiness has nothing to do with the alcoholic content, so don’t count on that number to gauge its potency.

Best Bars in Prague by night of the week

Without further adieu, here is a way to stay pleasantly buzzed with their liquid joy for each day of the week.

            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by CRAFT BEER SPOT (@craftbeerspot) on May 10, 2019 at 10:06am PDT

Monday:  Craft Beer Spot.

This is a place that gets to the point. With no artistic frills or interpretive metaphors to their name, you know what you are signing up for. This is a good joint for the more committed ( pretentious) beer geeks. But with a surprisingly friendly wait staff, they will help you navigate all that they have to offer.

The ten brews on tap come in a variety of styles, mainly featuring the microbrew trend in the Czech Republic but not excluding some foreign styles as well. Craft Beer Spot also offers biodynamic wines and ciders for non-beer drinkers. You can enjoy the modern white brick interior or sit out in the sun on their garden roof deck when the sunlight decides to grace this cold city with her presence.

Craft Beer Spot does offer live music on occasion. However, it isn’t publicized on their website, so you won’t know until you get there ( the Czechs are GREAT at communicating).

  • Monday- Friday: 11:30 am -11 pm
  • Saturday- Sunday 2 pm-11 pm
  • Address: Plaská 623/5, 150 00 Malá Strana
  • Dress code: Jeans + a tee shirt
  • Cover: None
            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by Kasárna Karlín (@kasarna_karlin) on Feb 15, 2019 at 5:12am PST

Tuesday: Kasárna Karlín

If you are traveling with children but still want to find places that think drinking with children is socially acceptable ( No judgment here. Most Czech kids find it more surprising to deal with their parents sober), Kasárna Karlín is the best of both worlds.

Kasárna Karlín is an old barrack that has been turned into a community center. What once housed soldiers has become an adult and child playground ( bars for the adults and a sandpit for kids ( ok, and adults)). They offer a wide range of multigenerational activities, click here to see the event schedule .

The hallways that once had stoic soldiers milling about now holds a softer side: art galleries, crisp white cafes, bars, and dance nights. Everyone is bound to find something they love about this place.

On Tuesdays, they have free movie showings. So now, you can sit back in lawn chairs that are the same color as your beer where soldiers once practiced military drills.

  • Monday – Friday 1 pm–11:30 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday  10:00 am–11:30 pm
  • Address: Prvního pluku 20/2, 186 00 Karlín, Czechia
  • Dress Code: None
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Wednesday: Nightmare Bar

Although you may feel like you are walking around in a fairytale, Prague does have its own dark magic. If you are over the pristine architecture and are looking for that grungy Prague you know exists, head over to Nightmare bar.

Right off the Town Square, you can walk down the stairs of this building into a literal horror movie. The Nightmare Bar is filled with horror memorabilia hanging on every wall, hologram pictures, and life-size Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface dummies line the bar. They will stare menacingly at you as if you had just cut in front of them (and you don’t want to cross them). Red lights line the top of the bar, and a jukebox blasts heavy metal ( you know, to give it a cozy feel ).

Their signature cocktails are themed after some classic horror stories (the Michaels Knife is surprisingly sweet). As you can guess, the Bloody Marys are a little too good….

Just be sure to keep count of how many people you came with ( Where’s Becky?!)

  • Monday – Saturday 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Closed Sunday
  • Address: Záhořanského 2007/7, 120 00 Nové Město, Czechia
  • Dress: None
            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by HEMINGWAY BAR PRAGUE (@hemingwaybarprague) on Aug 14, 2018 at 5:24am PDT

Thursday: Hemingway Bar

If you traveled to Prague to become more “interesting and contemplative,” the Hemingway bar is an excellent choice for your brooding + creative angst.

This dimly light prohibition-themed bar is decorated like an extravagant Great Gatsby party. High-class liquor bottles line the bar and are magnified in front of mirrors that reflect their decadence and your sorry mug.

This bar honors the beverages that gave Hemingway his liquid inspiration to write his glorified memoirs and novels. Rum, absinthe, and champagne cocktails are poured into dainty crystal glasses and surrounded by typewriters ( in case you get the sudden urge to start that novel you have been thinking about).

It is also an excellent spot to try out the alcohol outlawed in many other countries: absinthe. Their pink cocktail, the Revenant, is served in a strange bottle (not unlike the shape of an ostrich) with an orchid floating in it (a drink so ostentatious you might as well just liquify a 100-dollar bill, add some simple syrup and drink that).

This place is tight and fills up quickly. Reservations are recommended, but you can always sit at the bar. CASH ONLY

  • Monday-Thursday: 5 pm – 1 am
  • Friday: 5 pm – 2 am
  • Saturday: 7 pm – 2 am
  • Sunday: 7 pm – 1 am
  • Address: Karoliny Světlé 26, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia
  • Dress: Flapper dresses + three-piece suites
            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by Pivovar U Fleků (@pivovar_u_fleku) on Jun 10, 2019 at 11:04pm PDT

Friday:  U Fleků

U Fleku is so well renowned that most people have this brewhouse above seeing the Astronomical clock on their to-do list in Prague. Fortunately, the clock is right around the corner.

There are several bars and beer halls that claim the title as the oldest running spot in Prague. They keep trying to settle it in a drinking contest, but after 30-minutes everyone eventually forgets what they were fighting about and forget about the quarrel for another 100 years.

Nevertheless, U Fleck is said to be one of the oldest beer halls in the city. The first written document dates back to 1499, meaning they could have been drinking there for YEARS and forgotten to write it down. It was made at a time when people thought that syphilis was treated with liquid mercury (what could go wrong there?). THAT is how old this place is. Regardless, it has proudly been brewing for over 500 years.

Moreover, the building has been maintained to look like the time it was made in. The numerous rooms are filled with large + long tables that will make you feel like you are in a drinking scene from a Shakespearean show. You have enough room to bring all of your closest friends and new acquaintances for a less pious version of the last supper.

Each room is filled with rustic paintings, cobbled archways, and suits of armor. They also have great traditional Czech food to pair with your beer.

Every Friday, there is a weekly Cabaret. There is no better way to kick off the weekend in Prague than Cancan dancers swinging their skirts and dancing around your tables.

  • Hours: 10 am-11 pm daily
  • Address: Křemencova 11, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia
  • Dress code: None
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Saturday: U Medvidku

Rivaling U Fleku is U Medvidku for the title of the oldest beer hall in Prague. U Medvidku claims to be established 550 years ago in 1466, meaning this place might be older than the founding of the Americas. It proudly serves one of the Czechs strongest beers: a bittersweet dark lager ranking at 11.8% alcohol. It’s titled X-Beer, and they claim it’s the  STRONGEST BEER IN THE WORLD .

What makes U Medvidku better than U Fleku is that you can sleep there. No, you can’t starfish on one of the tables once your melatonin kicks in early after all of your beer drinking. U Medvidku part of a hotel, click here for rates . Prices are usually $50-90, depending on the dates. You can stay the night or drink from the comforts of your own room ( no need to tip your bartender).

They are as well known for their drink as their food ( and claim to have the best pork knuckle in Prague). They also offer beer brewing classes if you are so inclined to make your own.

  • Address: Na Perštýně 345/7, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia
  • Hours: 24 hours if you are sleeping there

Sunday: Roesel

So let’s make the assumption that you probably didn’t get home until 6 am.  If you want to find a quiet space to get over your hangover and get the ringing out of your ears, pop over to Roesel. On the castle side of the city, Rosel is tucked away by the Charles Bridge.

They are known for their phenomenal idea of a pairing of beer and cake ( the Czechs can really match beer with anything if you give them a chance).  Roesel is a nice spot to eat a rich chocolate cake with a dark beer as you journal or read. Fortunately, they have lower alcohol content beers, so you can wean off your hangover.

They also have good lunch and dinner selections ( but you came here for the beer and baked goods, right? Don’t pretend that you suddenly care about your waistline ). It is an ideal spot to step away from the crowds and have some nice quiet time or conversation with your friend. Plan on talking since they don’t have cellphone service in the building…you read that right.

Roesel is bringing things back to basics. They may be a response to the hordes of tourists that leave a trail of chaos behind them as they head back home Sunday evening from their crazy weekend indulging in Prague nightlife. Roesel is trying to bring back quiet Prague.

  • Hours: 10 am -10 pm daily
  • Address: Mostecká 45/20, 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia
  • Dress: Nothing fancy
  • Cover: None.

Prague Club Scene (+ Best Nights)

There isn’t a night where you can’t find yourself nodding to tech music or bopping your head to some classic 80s jams. The Czechs were a little culturally stunted because of communism and still think that the Friends theme song is an appropriate dance party tune. Regardless, you will not be bored with the club scene in Prague.

It may feel like a time warp after you spend five hours rocking your head to drum and bass in a laser-filled basement to forget it is 2019.  But the American study abroad student vomiting on the sidewalk across the street will quickly remind you what year it is.

            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by KU Club & Bar (@kuclubbar) on Nov 27, 2018 at 9:44am PST

Monday Night in Prague: Ku Bar + Lounge

Who said Mondays had to be hard? Not Ku Bar + Lounge. Ku Bar + Lounge is one of the original clubs in Prague. While they are open seven days a week, Monday is their specialty. Lots of original cocktails.  It has helped Prague maintain the title as one of the club capitals of Europe with its Mad Mad Monday parties.

It is one of the longest-running parties in the city ( because they know that the beginning of the week is already hard). The DJ set ranges from RnB to House music.

Additionally, Ku Bar even offers cocktail masterclasses with a mixologist where you can learn how to mix your own drinks.

  • Tuesday – Thursday 6 pm – 2 am
  • Friday – Saturday 6 pm – 4 am
  • Sunday 6 pm – 2 am
  • Monday 6 pm – 4pm
  • Address: Rytířská 534/13, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia
  • Dress code: Chic
  • Cover: Depends on the event
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Tuesday Night in Prague: Cross Club

Welcome to the steampunk dreams you have always wanted. Upon entrance, you might think you have hit your head on the door and woken up in  Tim Burton’s brain. This club is designed with machinery parts hanging from every nook and cranny. It feels like you are walking through a hoarder’s garage who has a penchant for car parts and machinery.

Every day, Cross Club has two main stages and offers non-mainstream live musical performances or live electronic music. But they go beyond techno beats. You can dance to a wide range of music, from dubstep to reggae to rockabilly. During the weekdays, they also offer community programs such as book readings, live theatre, panels, and screen features. They also have a restaurant and cafe with incredible and affordable food.

Try to keep track of time. You might feel like you have been gone for hours until you look at your clock and realize only 5 minutes have gone by.

  • Sunday – Thursday 6 pm – 5 am
  • Friday & Saturday 6 pm – 7 am
  • Address: Plynární 1096, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice, Czechia
  • Cover: Depending on the event
            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by Le Valmont Club & Lounge (@levalmontclub) on Feb 1, 2019 at 10:08am PST

Wednesday Night in Prague: Le Velmont

If you are feeling a little dramatic and are looking for a classy night, enter Le Velmont. This underground, dim-lit “ Paris in Prague” feels like you walked into an interior designer’s private lounge, who happens to have a taxidermy business on the weekends.

This brick-layered speakeasy has everything: classy cocktails, giant gazel heads mounted on the walls, crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling sandwiched between Can-Can dancers swing. It is like a mini Moulin Rouge. On occasional nights you might find a dancer swinging and singing from the ceiling.

The building itself is part of a UNESCO site. How the Czechs were able to persuade the organization to take a preserved piece of history and repurpose it into a drinking station is beyond impressive.

While it is technically a dance club, the tight space fosters more philosophical conversations than dancing. But it might finally give you and your friends the time to contemplate, “ What was Camu really saying in the Stranger?”

  • Wednesday & Thursday 7 pm – 3 am
  • Friday & Saturday 7 pm – 5 am
  • Friday & Saturday 10 pm – 5 am
  • Address: Uhelný trh 414/9, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia
  • Dress code: while there is no overt dress code, I wouldn’t come here in jeans and a tank. People here wear nice blazers and leather shoes and have a chance to look nice.
  • Cover: Depending on events

Thursday Night in Prague: Radost FX

If your neck is starting to get a little sore from nodding to all that techno and you want to move the rest of your body, Radoat FX is the place to go. It is one of the few places that has a heavy rotation of Hip Hop + R&B.

Its interior is what I like to call “gypsy space” and meets “gaudy Victorian.” Large furniture shaped for royalty ( or the moon? I’m not sure what is going on here) is made out of cheap materials and painted with electric colors.

While it is a vegetarian restaurant during the day, it takes the phrase “Please Don’t Stop the Music” a little too seriously, as is one of the later nightclubs around. Probably because Rihanna filmed her music video for that song there).

  • Thursday – Saturday 11 pm – 5 am
  • Address: Bělehradská 234/120, 120 00 Vinohrady, Czechia
  • Dress Code: Clubbing get up ( but try to look nicer than the Jersey Shore)

Friday Night in Prague: Lucerna

Lucerna is centrally located and one of Prague’s biggest nightclubs + music venues. It is great for live music. It hosts a lot of local celebrities and occasionally gets a bigger Western name to play. There is typically an event happening every evening but check the local listing for what they have going on.

They typically have events every Thursday-Sunday and then hopscotch between events throughout the week.  The specialty is Lucerna’s 80’s + 90’s nights, where people will sing “ We Built This City” with sincerity. Sorry, but it wasn’t built on rock and roll.  It was built on communist tears and the blood of their enemies.

  • Address: Štěpánská 61, 116 02 Nové Město, Czechia
  • Hours: Varies
  • Dress code: Clothing – preferably matching 80’s head + wristbands or motorcycle crew leather jackets

Saturday Night in Prague: Mecca

Mecca is another of Prague’s biggest clubs and stands by its name. It is Prague’s capital for deep house, techno, and electronic music lovers. This three-story club is filled with flashy lights, large dance spaces ( that do get quickly crowded), and tucked-away little lounge rooms for you to rest your feet from dancing. It typically attracts an upscale crowd, so bring your one-night dress out for this.

There are three floors, 5 bars, and two music stages, making it one of the best places for a taste of Prague nightlife. Each night varies with events, so you need to check their calendar before you go. This place is a bit pricer in drinks, but the party doesn’t end until 6 am, giving you more than enough time to make the most of your money.

  • Hours: Depends on their events
  • Address: U Průhonu 799/3, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice-Praha 7, Czechia
  • Dress: Nice club outfits
            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge (@cloud9prague) on Sep 26, 2018 at 9:31am PDT

Sunday: Cloud 9: Rooftop Lounge

Cloud 9 Bar and Lounge steps away from the archaic vibe of Old Town and is a space to go if you are craving some modernity. It is sleek and contemporary from the inside out. It feels like one of those bars that James Bond would walk through as he tries to seduce a Russian spy ( of which there are many in Prague).

On Sundays, from 4 pm-6 pm, they offer Drunch.  You know, the universally understood time between dinner and lunch. It’s before Luper and after snackernoon. During this Drunch, they have a nondescript “bottomless offer.” They have a special DJ set for their Drunch events, and is probably a good way to keep working off that hangover.

The views from the top of Cloud 9 are stunning, and the bar offers a wide variety of interesting cocktails. Just don’t stand too close to the edge of the roof during Happy Hour.

  • Monday – Saturday 5 pm – 2 am
  • Sunday 4 pm – 12 am
  • Address: Pobřežní 1, 186 00 Karlín, Czechia
  • Dress Code: Nice, not Sunday church nice, but a little chic.

Where to Go At 4 am Looking For Drunk Food in Prague

So you have just spent the last god knows how many hours hopping from pub to bar and dancing to Michael Jackson’s “ Don’t Stop Till You Get It Up” until 4 in the morning.

You have worked up an appetite.

Sadly, a lot of restaurants in Prague close their kitchens around midnight. Your best bet is hitting up one of the sausage stands, which is one of our favorite foods in Prague. They are typically open until 2 am and are located in more popular places like Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, and close to the castle. They also offer fried cheese for your drunk vegetarian friend.

Regardless of where you participate in Prague’s nightlife, there is nothing like staying out late enough where you walk up Petrin hill, wreaking of beer + cigarettes, and watching the sunrise. You will never feel more alive, and you can only do that in Prague.

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Best clubs in Prague – updated list

Picking the right club for you to spend your time in while there is the hard part. Unfortunately, most clubs don’t value customer service or music quality. You can quickly come across a club or a bar on each corner of the city.

While most of them are visitor traps, only a few places are available where you can have a perfect time.

club tour prague

The biggest nightclub in Prague , Karlovy Lázně, is located near Charles Bridge on the Vltava River and is one of Europe’s largest.This Prague 5 story nightclub attracts a mixed crowd of locals and tourists with hip-hop, R&B, house, and throwback hits. 

Address : Smetanovo nábřeží 198/1, 110 00 Staré Město, Prague 1, Czech Republic

Google Review : 4.2

club tour prague

Duplex, the most famous nightclub in Prague , is known for its elegant decor, spectacular rooftop position, and lively nightlife. Duplex on Wenceslas Square offers stunning views of Prague’s skyline, including Prague Castle and the National Museum.

Duplex hosts themed nights and special activities throughout the week to suit diverse tastes. 

Address : Václavské nám. 21, 110 00 Nové Město, Chechia

Google Review : 4.8


This bar is famous for serving delicious, well-made cocktails at pocket-friendly prices. It is situated in the Old Town near the Vltava River. Enjoy the lively atmosphere here as you enjoy the talented DJs’ music and dance to it. The DJs are just there to ensure you’re well entertained.

Address : Voršilská 6, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

Google Review:  4.3


MOON CLUB is a renovated historic building, with a magnificent bar with a view of the night sky, and they also offer you comfort as you sit in one of the lounges

They prepare you their signature cocktails or a classic cocktail of your choice. You can order delicious Japanese sushi in this trendy club as you enjoy the sophisticated entertainment.

Address : Dlouhá 709/26, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Google Review: 4.1


The trendy nightclub where everything happens and a modern cocktail bar with all the drinks you desire to sip. This sophisticated club offers you a chance to celebrate life and love wonders with them

Address : Uhelný trh 414/9, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Google Review :4.4


It gained fame by constantly promoting the parties in Prague’s best clubs such as Radost, Chapeau Rouge, Duplex, One Club, and you name it!

You get to experience the best of Prague’s best clubs each night at the latest top location as you listen to fine-tunes and party crew.

Address : Jakubská 2, Prague, Czech Republic

Green Devil's Absinth Bar & Shop Prague

Enjoy the church service at  San Giacomo, then hit this green Devil’s Absinth Bar & Shop. The recommended dish is the well-cooked broth. You’ll love its food, especially the bon parfait and the tasty ice cream. It may be helpful to try a tasty wine, absinthe, or liqueur.

The Bar and Shop are famous for their excellent service and friendly employees who are always ready to help. The prices in this bar deserve attention as they are attractive. Fantastic decor and a great atmosphere make tourists feel relaxed while here.

Address : Týn 637/7, Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Google Review:  4.7


Its classic and elegant 1920s decor, exposed brickwork, candlelit ambience and crystalline chandeliers, embellished with a Mucha-inspired stained glass window, behind the bar, give it an air of old-world glamor.

Address : V Kolkovně 920, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Google Review : 4.7


A handcrafted cocktail bar that combines puzzles, keys and spectacle with stylish decor for an unforgettable experience only next to  Wenceslas Square

Address : Provaznická 386, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Google Review : 4.6


Consider taking a break from your sightseeing by going to Prague golf & games, which is a perfect place to unwind: Prague themed blacklight indoor mini-golf, table football arcade games, air hockey, pinball, billiards or table tennis table. Prices from 7 EUR. The perfect way to start your party night!

Address : Opatovická 160/18, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

Google Review : 4.5

Now that you have an updated list of the best clubs in Prague and their Google ratings, we know you will make a better decision and choose the club that best suits your needs. Prague nightlife is something not to be missed!

Prague Nightlife Ticket

Experience the best of Prague’s nightlife with the Prague Nightlife Ticket. Get free entrance to more than 10 of the city’s best clubs, including the world-famous Karlovy Lázně, Retro Music Hall, and Cross Club. Receive free welcome drinks or buy-one-get-one-free cocktails at more than 20 venues.

  • Explore Prague’s vibrant nightlife scene with free access to 10 of the city’s top clubs.
  • Indulge in complimentary welcome shots at select venues, adding a festive touch to your night out.
  • Sip on buy-one-get-one-free cocktails at renowned establishments like Hard Rock Cafe Prague and other participating venues.
  • Take advantage of substantial discounts on a range of experiences, from paintball to karaoke to tattoo studios, making your Prague adventure even more memorable.
  • Prague Nightlife Ticket, valid for 2 or 7 days, providing access to a selection of Prague’s best clubs.
  • Free entrance to specified venues, allowing you to explore the city’s nightlife without additional cover charges.
  • Complimentary welcome shots at certain venues, enhancing your enjoyment and setting the tone for a fun-filled evening.

Prague, renowned for its stunning architecture and rich history, also boasts a vibrant nightlife that draws locals and tourists alike. The city’s club scene offers a diverse array of venues, from underground hideouts playing the latest electronic beats to opulent establishments that hark back to the golden age of disco. Among the most sought-after clubs is Karlovy Lázně, a five-story nightclub that claims the title of Central Europe’s largest club, offering distinct musical genres on each floor. Duplex Prague and Lucerna Music Bar cater to those seeking mainstream hits and retro classics, respectively, while Roxy Prague remains a favorite for electronic music enthusiasts. Mecca and Sasazu, two other notable mentions, provide a blend of cutting-edge music and thematic nights. This guide to Prague’s best clubs is a testament to the city’s enduring appeal as a nightlife destination, promising unforgettable evenings filled with music, dance, and the unique charm of the Czech capital.

Explore the vibrant nightlife of Prague with the latest list of the best clubs and relive the magic of Czech disco from the 80s and 90s with the greatest hits – a journey through top dance classics.

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The Future Sound of Egypt 300 live at SaSaZu in Prague

The 11 best clubs in Prague

Partying in the Czech capital? These are the best clubs in Prague for throwing shapes and letting your hair down

Ready to party? Look no further than Prague , which is home to a bunch of brilliant bars for the first stage of your evening, as well as some seriously fun late-night clubs too, for the second stage. 

The best clubs in Prague are all-night affairs, covering everything from EDM bangers to dingy clubs via glitzy swank and more. Truth be told, the theme doesn’t matter; a good night is all but guaranteed. Whatever you’ve got planned for your night out, you’ll find it in Prague. Here are its best clubs. 

RECOMMENDED: 🪩 The best nightlife spots in Prague 🍴 The best  restaurants in Prague 📍 The best  things to do in Prague 🏘️ The best  Airbnbs in Prague

Auburn Scallon is a writer based in Prague. At Time Out, all of our travel guides are written by local writers who know their cities inside out. For more about how we curate, see our editorial guidelines . 

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Best clubs in Prague


1.  Roxy

With a rotating roster of DJs and regular live music nights, this Dlouhá Street hotspot is a staple of Prague’s nightlife scene. Expect house, techno and drum and bass nights, plus the occasional hip hop or pop concert. The crowds at Roxy are just as eclectic, ranging from twentysomething travellers to local yopros kicking back at the weekend. Try the adjoining NoD cocktail bar for a sophisticated pre-party drink.

Lucerna Music Bar

2.  Lucerna Music Bar

In Prague, there’s an enduring nostalgia for the pop music of the ’80s (when it was largely inaccessible here under Communism), and there’s no better place to sing along to ‘Greased Lightning’, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack or Kylie Minogue than Lucerna Music Bar  on Fridays and Saturdays. This long-running club off Wenceslas Square also hosts mid-sized concerts of (reasonably) current Czech and international bands throughout the week.

Vagon Music Pub & Club

3.  Vagon Music Pub & Club

Nostalgia strikes again at Klub Vagon , where tribute bands pay homage to rock legends like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd and Queen. This unapologetically weathered underground space brings tattooed and ponytailed fans to its Old Town location near the National Theatre. Music kicks off at 9pm every night, with videos keeping the party going from midnight to 6am from Tuesday to Saturday. 

4.  Vzorkovna Bar

If you can’t remember the name of this underground Old Town club, just ask for directions to ‘the dog bar’. The owner's Irish wolfhound can sometimes be spotted wandering among the dressed-down, international crowd, pallet furniture, swings, table football and bartenders pouring microbrews into mason jars. At Vzorkovna , Unscheduled live music and jam sessions could take place on any given night. One quirk – payment requires loading money onto an electronic bracelet at the entrance.

5.  Radost FX

If you want a preview of this Vinohrady dance spot housed beneath one of Prague’s first vegetarian restaurants, stream Rihanna’s iconic video for ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’, which was filmed on-site. Highlights at Radost FX include the Thursday night Bounce! parties, spinning hip hop and R&B, and the Saturday #Swerve parties, for dancehall, afro beats and R&B. Crowds fill the floor until 5am from Thursday to Saturday (and just might be back for brunch upstairs after a quick nap).


6.  Swim

Swim , found off Wenceslas Square – a few doors down from Lucerna Music Bar – put on nights in a small former swimming pool. Hence the name, obviously. A young, international crowd takes advantage of the ‘club meets kitchen’ concept with daytime brunch (served to a delightfully late 3pm) and evening tapas before hitting the dance floor and enjoying some delicious cocktails.


7.  Friends

Unlike many of Prague’s primarily gay or lesbian spaces, Friends is a ‘gay-friendly’ venue that welcomes the mixed friend groups common among younger generations. Students, happy-hour crowds and travellers come to sip cocktails under disco balls and socialise to a soundtrack of pop divas every night of the week. The drinks are reasonably priced, especially for the Old Town, while programme highlights include drag shows and karaoke.

8.  Termix & Termax

Vinohrady’s best-known gay clubs are only a few streets from each other, making it easy to bounce between the intimate (and often sweaty) dance floor at Termix and the larger Termax on Friday and Saturday nights. Soundtracks centre on remixed pop favourites from the ’80s and ’90s. If you’ve got the pipes and performance chops, head to Termix for karaoke on Thursdays.

9.  Cross Club

Hip hop, hardcore and dubstep draw a diverse clientele to the warehouse setting of Cross Club in Holešovice. This genre-spanning club runs late most nights, running until 7am on Fridays and Saturdays (the only two with a cover charge). If you need a meal or a caffeine kick, drop by the onsite restaurant for burgers, pizza or nachos beforehand.


10.  SaSaZu

SaSaZu ’s expansive dance floor is tucked behind an Asian fusion restaurant of the same name inside the Pražská Tržnice market in Prague’s Holešovice neighbourhood. Expect a well-dressed crowd ready to party to international DJs like Carl Cox, Steve Aoki, and Paul van Dyk or concerts from charting stars like Lewis Capaldi and One Republic. The entertainment usually starts around 10pm, so book a table for grilled meats and cocktails before dancing the night away.

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club tour prague

15 Unique Nightclubs in Prague: Party Animals Guide!

Explore Prague's vibrant nightlife with our guide to 15 unique nightclubs! Perfect for every party animal visiting Prague. Get tips, locations & more.

club tour prague

Is Prague good for nightlife?

Prague has one of the most diverse nightlife scenes in Europe with a variety of great venues suitable for all types of party animals! From cool, rooftop cocktail bars to gritty underground basement clubs and even a 5 level Superclub which is one of the biggest in Europe!

Which part of Prague is best for nightlife?

Prague 1 (Central) is the best area for nightlife in Prague. A famous Prague party street is Dlouhá street close to Old Town Square.

Check out 15 unique nightclubs in Prague. In addition, to some essential Prague nightlife tips and even a guide on where to eat at 6AM in the morning in Prague!

You'll know you're in Prague when you see bright  neon signs ! This is done to light up the streets, which are normally darker.

15. Duplex Club  (Rooftop Bar):

Duplex Club/Roof top bar is a very large, stylish rooftop bar with city views over Wenceslau Square (Main Shopping street).

After being greeting by the hostess, you will take the elevator up to the seven floor, where you will come to this scenic rooftop bar, offering epic views of Prague!

If you take the spiral staircase up a little further you enter a fully fledged nightclub, with booming sound system, talented DJ and a rooftop view seating area for when you want some quiet time.

club tour prague

Duplex Prague rooftop Club/Bar Source: Duplex Rooftop Bar Club, Prague (Best Nightclubs in Prague/Prague Nightlife Guide )

Prices & Entry Cost:

Prices are Reasonable for drinks, with Monday specials including:

Beer – 50 CZK . (Approx $2 USD, 1.95Euro, £1.76 GBP.)

Cuba Libre 90 CZK

Gin Tonic 90 CZK

Vodka Orange 90 CZK

This venue is popular most nights with Mondays and the weekends being especially so! Entry price is 5Euro or free if with a tour group/party hostel.

Music Type:  Mix of Music, House, Dance, commercial, Hip Hop/RnB, Afrobeats.

Dress Code:  Like most of Prague nightclubs the dress code is relaxed. I have gotten in with smart jean shorts & black trainers no problem. Although one guy was turned away for wearing swimming style shorts! Typical brit on holiday!

Location:  Václavské nám. 831/21, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

Insider Tip:  Popular all days of the week, especially the weekends & Monday.

14. Harleys

Harleys  is a ruff & ready biker themed bar for those who want some real rock music! As most nightclubs in Prague play commercial, EDM and trance this place is a refreshingly different. The bartenders are entertaining & spit fire, use flamethrowers & perform all other sorts of antics!

Harleys is located 5 mins from old town square in what I like to call the Bemuda triangle of central Pragues mini club scene, which includes M1 Hip Hop Club, James Dean 1950’s bar and Harleys. There is also Moon Club which is just two doors down from Harleys but offers a very different scene.

Location:  Dlouhá 704/18, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

13. M1 Nightclub

If you fancy some RnB & Hip Hop in a central location head to  M1 Club  5 minutes walk old town square, although a small venue the atmosphere is great for a celebration. This venue is very popular, due to its location.

club tour prague

M1 Club Entrance Fee:

Entrance costs is 200Kc (, $9 USD, 8Euro, £7).  Bottle/Table service is popular with tables along the edge of the club. A couple of scantly clad ibiza style dancers on podiums get the party started.

Location:  Masná 705/1, 110 00 Staré Město

Music Type:

Hip Hop & RnB.

Dress Code:

Like most of Prague nightclubs the dress code is relaxed. I have gotten in with smart jean shorts & black trainers no problem.

Insider Tip:

Head down at 11-11:30pm, when its starting to get busy but your still won't have to wait in the que to long. It will get real busy by about 1AM-2AM+. The only negative of this place is it can get a little cramped due to the narrow layout.

12. Music Club Zlaty Strom

Zlaty Storm, is located in the basement of Golden tree hotel between Charles Bridge & old town square. The underground maze leads to three different dance floors each offering a different type & style of music. This is definitely a cool venue to experience.

club tour prague

11. James Dean Bar/Nightclub

A stylish 1950’s american style diner bar/club honoring the great american movie star James Dean. This Bar/Diner & Nightclub is popular all week round, including Sundays!

Upstairs you will find great food, drinks and friendly waitresses in 1950’s style outfits. Head downstairs, past the Harley Davidson suspended from the ceiling and you will find a basement club with flamethrowers coming out of the bar!

club tour prague

James Dean Bar/Nightclub in Prague. Photo by Ben at (Copyright) (Best Nightclubs in Prague/Prague Nightlife Guide )[/caption]

There is also a classic Cadillac converted to comfy private seating. In a cage on the dance floor you will see a dancing girl, with a 1950’s style bikini on! A real unique  bar/nightclub  to check out.

Food at James Dean Diner:

They serve a variety of classic all american foods, burger, fries, ribs and tasty chicken wings with melted blue cheese sauce. There is also bacon & cheese covered fries. Don't worry if yo don't finish it all as they will even provide you with a doggy bag to take the food home! Food is served until 11pm and the last orders are at 10:45pm.

club tour prague

James Dean Bar Prague Photo by Ben at (Copyright) (Best Nightclubs in Prague/Prague Nightlife Guide )

James Dean Club Entrance Fee:

Cost of Entry: FREE

1950's Rock & Roll up until 11-12pm, then the music shifts to a mixture.

Very Relaxed dress code.

V Kolkovně 922/1, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia.

(2 mins walk from M1 hip hop club)

10. Deja Vu - Cocktail Bar

Deja Vu  is a local favourite just a couple of minutes down the road from Chapeau rouge. Despite it's central location, (just of old town square), the drink prices are very cheap.

During happy hours or their happy day (Thursday) you can grab  tasty cocktail for £2, $2.50, €2.20. Downstairs you will find a small basement style club.


Split up your group into 2's or 3's before entering, as this place can sometimes stop large groups on the weekend, as they are a small venue.

Jakubská 648/6, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

9. Comics Music Club

Comic Club, just of old town square is a unique, small & gritty underground club with some mad street art painting inside, a must see location to check out.

The art here will truly wow you! This place creates a sharp contrast between the large tourist numbers by the astronomical clock and the gritty venue beneath Pragues old town square.

club tour prague

Comics Club Art Prague. Photo by Ben at (Best Nightclubs in Prague/Prague Nightlife Guide )

Entrance Fee:

Comics Club is FREE Entry.

As you head down the steep staircase into the basement venue, watch out for the low ceiling, it’s very easy to bang your head on! I know I still have the lump!

Karlova 25 , Prague, Czech Republic

8. Prague Boat Party/Bar Crawl

Head on a famous Prague Boat Party. These have an indoor with bar, DJ and club like atmosphere. Outdoors there a great terrace to see all the views.

The pre Party runs between 20:00 – 22:30, where you can take full advantage of the ALL YOU CAN DRINK BAR!! Thats right ALL YOU CAN DRINK! Drink selections, include beers, wine and a variety of shots!

club tour prague

This is also a great place to meet other people heading on the boat, play drinking games such as beer pong or flip cup before heading to boat.

The Boat party runs 23:00 to 1:00, and heads down Vltava River where you can see the famous Prague sights such as Charles Bridge, Prague Castle & the islands.

The party party ticket, includes free entry to some of the best clubs in Prague such as The Roxy, Chapeau Rouge, Duplex or Radost. The boat guide will usually walk the entire boat party to the club.

How much does a Boat Party Cost in Prague?

The Boat party in Prague costs €30 pp , including pre party (ALL YOU CAN DRINK FOR 2.5 HOURS and after party entrance.

If your not a big drinker, there is a €20 pp version which skips the pre party.

Prague Pub Crawl

If you fancy staying on dry land, there are a variety of pub crawls operating in Prague such as the Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl & Clock tower pub crawl. These both have a one hour ALL YOU CAN DRINK open bar at the start! Before finishing in one of the popular nightclubs.

7. Ace Club

Ace Club , is a new Hip Hop/RnB club in central Prague (Prague 1).  This place is popular with the locals. Table options/VIP is available but many online reviews have warned against this for tourists. Still though its a great night out regardless!  Popular on the weekends.

club tour prague

Location:  Melantrichova 5, 110 00 Staré Město

6. Chapeau Rouge

Just 2mins walks from DeJa Vu you will come to the popular backpackers nightclub of  Chapeau Rouge .

This three storey venue, offers a range of music from chilled in the upstairs bar, to house music/techno on the middle floor to drum & bass or hip hop in the exposed brick basement floor depending upon the night.

club tour prague

Mix of Music across the three floors, heavy techno, hip hop , drum & bass.

Cost of Entry:  Entry to the upstairs bar is FREE, to enter the downstairs basement clubs, there is a small fee of 100Kc ($4, £3.50,  €3.90).

They run a special event on Mondays called, "Mondays like Fridays" which is popular with party hostels, backpackers and even some locals.

Jakubská 2, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia.

Roxy  is one of Pragues greatest classic nightclubs, which promises to revive the” music club through visual arts”. The atmosphere is electric & the interior of the club has a colorful wow factor!

Over the many years, Roxy has attracted some of the biggest bands and live music acts in the world! Over all Roxy is an experience which should definitely be on your bucket list.

club tour prague

Roxy Rooftop Parties:

If your here during June/July, you may get a chance to experience one of Roxy annual rooftop parties. This is great during the summer sunshine.

Roxy Dress Code:

Like most Prague nightclubs, Roxy has a relaxed dress code.

Dlouhá 33

Prague 1, 110 00

4. Moon Club

A fairly new & stylish place, which attracts many locals. A high end looking place with reasonably priced drinks, a vibrant dance floor offering, a mix of music from Hip Hop to funky house/techno.

There are two cocktails bars downstairs & upstairs, nice cocktails to try here include, Mysterious fog, a zombie or Cuba Libre.

club tour prague

Moon Club Prague-Best nightclubs Prague. Photo by Ben at (Copyright) (Best Nightclubs in Prague)

Apreol Spritz are on special offer at just 95Kc or £3.34, €3.70, $4

Upstairs there are some comfy seating & tables to chill out on. This is definitely one of my favourite nightlife spots in Prague, fairly new so it's not to busy yet!

Head here, like most Prague clubs 12 or later.  Entrance is 100Kc/5Euro,  girls go free.

3. Lucerna Music Club

Lucerna club  is one of the largest nightclubs in Prague and a true icon of the cities nightlife. With spacious dance floors and well equip stages the venue also attracts many famous live music acts.

club tour prague

Lucy Lei | Wiki

Head down on Friday for the fun 80’s & 90’s nights! This is a great opportunity to dress up in some wacky outfits.

Location:  Štěpánská 61, 116 02 Nové Město

2. Radost FX

Radost FX is a very popular Hip Hop/RnB club with an asian themed style. This is a hotspot for Extravagant parties loved by locals but still tourist friendly!

club tour prague

Visit on a  Saturday night  for “Swerve parties every Saturday”, a popular event which brings great DJ’s & atmosphere

  • Best for Hip Hop & RnB

Location: Bělehradská 234/120, 120 00 Vinohrady, Czechia

1. Karlovy Lazne - 5 Level Nightclub

One of the most iconic and highly rated clubs in Prague is the 5 Storey  Karlovy Lazne Club . This venue claims to be the “one of the Biggest Nightclub in central Europe”.

club tour prague

Highlights include:

  • 5 Floors of different music, Dance, Classic, hip, RnB etc.
  • Reasonable Priced drinks,
  • A video floor, which serves as a dance floor,

This is your best option if you have a large group of friends, as it’s spread out over 5 floors so there will be something here for everyone!

How much is the entrance to Karlovy Lazne (5 storey club)?

Entrance is slightly higher than other nightclubs at costs 300Kc, or 10€. Although you do get alot of different scenes for your buck!

Location:  Novotného lávka 198/13, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Map of the 15 Best Nightclubs in Prague

I have created this very helpful Map below which outlines the 15 Best nightclubs in Prague.

15 Essential Prague Nightlife Tips

1.   Head to the Nightclubs around midnight or later!  As in many other parts of Europe such as Spain Czech Nightclubs don’t get busy till after midnight.

(With me being from the U.K, this was a sharp contrast as in the U.K its best to get out early, 9pm-10pm to avoid ques, most places even stop letting extra people in after 2AM.

2.  Pre Drinking options  include some fun Karaoke at London Underground Bar, or a few drinks in one of the cool bars such as the Dubliner Irish Bar, Absinthe Bar or even  Ungelt Jazz & Blues Club , near old town square. They have food upstairs and live Jazz downstairs.

(Don’t Head to the Jazz Dock Riverside Jazz Bar before 10pm! As there is no Jazz until then!! Madness I know.)

3.   Split up your group into smaller 2/3’s before approaching a club  as some nicer places do not like large groups of guys, although most are ok.

4. Dress code at most Czech nightclubs in the centre is relaxed.  Which is refreshing being from England, where the bouncer will not let you in if your wearing trainers or are not smart. However, in Czech I got in places like Chapeau Rouge wearing jean shorts & black trainers without any issue.

5. Don’t use the ATM/Cash Points in Prague:  They are setup or to try and get you to withdraw large amounts & also give you a really bad rate.

6. Best to bring Czech money (Czech Koruna) with you  and perhaps some of your local currency, which you can exchange at a bureau if you run out. If you really need a cash point, use a bank and try to go the least amount of times.

7. Be Careful Using your bank card for payments  - You can pay on card for drinks at alot of venues, but be careful with this as a friend of mine was overcharged massively when he was drunk! Cash is king!

8 .  Best Conversion rate:  If you do pay on card for a meal, “select charge in local currency” not using there conversion rate. That way your bank will do the exchange for you at a better rate.

Local currency, Czech Koruna:

Approximate rates: (Aug 2019):

1 USD = 23.21 CZK

1 Euro = 25.80 CZK

1 GBP = 28.40 GBP

9. Don’t Burn out during the day.  It all kicks of in Prague past midnight, so try not to drink to heavy during the day if you really want to hit it hard during the night.

10. Watch out for trams , after a heavy days drinking it can be easy for your balance & awareness to go, so be ware of the fast moving trams some of which won’t slow down! A friend of mine, wasn’t even drunk but was just walking along the edge of a tram line and nearly got taken out!

Prague nightclub/Party Tips Photo by Ben at (Copyright)

11. While in Prague you will be doing alot of walking!   So make sure you wear comfy shoes/Trainers.

Taxis are extortionate, and the series of cobbled alleyways make it difficult for pick ups in the centre. But if you really need one, use Uber as they have a fixed price. If your feeling adventurous you could use the city bus/trams, use google maps to tell you which to take.

club tour prague

prague Nightlife tips. Photo by Ben at (Best Nightclubs in Prague)

12. When you lose your friends, which you will if in a large group!  Find a good pub/bar then share your location with them on whatsapp so they can follow the route directly to you.  For apple phone, go onto the WhatsApp messages, then click the plus button & share your location.

13. Be Respectful in the club & Meet new people.  Prague is a friendly city on nights out, I only saw one fight in 12 nights out in Czech! Which compared to the U.K is amazing. So feel free to chat to new people & make some interesting friends.

14. Learn Czech Phrases.  Although the majority of people in the centre of Prague speak English. A couple of useful phrases can go along way. Ahoy (Hello), Thank you (Děkuji) (Pronounced Je Qui), good day (dobrý den).

15. Drink lots of water.  Alcohol is a Diuretic means it can dehydrate you! So drink plenty of water before bed, to avoid that pesky hangover. This will allow you to not waste your day & party again the next night with no issue! ;)

Best all night Food Venues in Prague - After Clubbing!

So you’ve been out till the early hours and your stomach is starting to rumble! You really want some food to help ease your hunger & have a great sleep.

1. McDonalds

The Safe option, you know the food, you know the brand and you know what your getting. The Mcdonalds in central Prague 1, is  Open   24 hours:

Address:  Na Příkopě 852/10, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

2. Burrito Loco - Healthy Alternative!

I virtually lived of just Burritos from Burrito Loco my whole time in Prague. A healthier & tastier alternative to Mcdonals! Burrito loco provides a subway style make your own burrito process.

Where you choose the toppings, chicken, beef, vegetarian, Mexican beans, salads and a selection of spicy sauces. They also do a Burrito in a box, which is the same but without a wrap.

There is a variety of Burrito shops all over Prague.  Open until 6-7AM each night.

Masná 620/2, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

(Just opposite M1 Nightclub, across from James Dean Bar) (5 mins from Old town square)

Want more on Prague? check out:

Ultimate Bachelor Party Itinerary for Prague -

(This contains vital info on must try daytime activities, such as info on beer bikes etc.

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club tour prague

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Prague Nightlife Guide: Bars, Clubs, Party Districts...

The hottest nightlife districts in Prague. Bars, clubs, restaurants, and general tips for a vibrant night in Prague's scene.

What Do I Need to Know?

Prague is a cosmopolitan city! Even if the nightlife can't quite match that of metropolises like London or Berlin, it's still sophisticated and exciting. Behind its artistic and cultural heritage, Prague also hides a young soul, which is evident in its vibrant nightlife. 

There are nightlife options for every budget: from cozy and affordable pubs, to classy trendy bars, to sinfully expensive nightclubs. Most venues are open daily all year round, but some open-air clubs open only in the summer.

Prague is a destination for fans of electronic music and although the clubs are small, the quality is first class. If you don't like disco, go to a place with live music, a brewery, a pub, or a classical concert.

Nightlife Tips

  • Opening Hours:  Prague does not sleep! From sunset until the early hours of the morning.
  • Nightlife District:  Charles Bridge to Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square.
  • Prices: European prices apply.

Beer in Prague: T he   best  beer is said to be brewed in the Czech Republic, there are about 40,000 pubs all over the country. With 140 liters per inhabitant the country has the world's highest beer consumption. Many   famous beer brands come from Prague and the pub is still considered the most popular public meeting  place .

Karlsbrücke bis Altstädter Ring Prague

Charles Bridge to Old Town Square

Between Charles Bridge and Old Town Square there are a myriad of bars, pubs, and discos. Every alley in the Old Town hides a place to party.

Kalovy Lázně is the largest club in Central Europe and is located right by Charles Bridge. Different music genres are played on 5 floors. The audience is mixed, locals and tourists, students and pensioners.

This area is very lively and frequented by locals and tourists until late at night thanks to the many clubs and pubs with good beer, local cuisine, and live music.

Directly on the Vltava River, there are somewhat more exclusive places to eat. Examples include Kampa Park Restaurant and La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise, Prague's only restaurant with a Michelin star.

Wenzelsplatz, Prague

Wenceslas Square

On and around Wenceslas Square there are many pubs, clubs, and discos. You can find something for every taste here.

Particularly famous is the Club Duplex, a huge glass cube that extends over the top two floors of a building on Wenceslas Square. During the day you can enjoy the view here and party at night. Mick Jagger celebrated his 60th birthday here.

In some side streets there are establishments reminiscent of the red light district.

Moldau Dinner Cruise in Prague

Vltava Dinner Cruise

Experience a magnificent panoramic view of the illuminated Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, as well as the skyline of the City of a Thousand Spires from the comfort of a boat on the Vltava River and pass through a historic lock.

Enjoy the atmosphere while a multi-course dinner is served on deck. In cool weather, sit in the heated interior and enjoy the view through the floor-to-ceiling panoramic riverboat windows. 

Prag Pub Crawl

Prague Pub Crawl

The best beer is said to be brewed in the Czech Republic, and there are close to 40,000 pubs throughout the country. Statistically, each inhabitant drinks 140 liters of beer per year, which is the highest beer consumption in the world.

The pub is still considered the most popular public meeting place for Czechs. Many famous beer brands come from the Czech Republic, such as Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser, Radegast, and many more.

An experienced guide will safely take visitors from one pub to the next. On most pub crawls, guests are allowed to drink as much as they want in the first pub for an hour, so everyone can really get in the mood. Often the tours end at a club that stays open until the wee hours of the morning.

Klassische Konzerte in Prague

Classical Concerts

Prague's reputation as a city of music and composers precedes it, and the city is best known for its classical concerts.

The most famous is the Estates Theater, which went down in history with the premiere of the opera Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on October 29, 1787. Mozart dedicated this opera to the people of Prague.

The Prague State Opera is also world famous, where the premiere of Richard Wagner's "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg" took place on January 5, 1888. 

Concerts in the Basilica of St. George in Prague Castle are very popular. Classical concerts are held regularly in many churches.

In addition, there are numerous other stages that offer a program that is as demanding as it is varied.

Vorsicht Touristenfallen, Prague

Beware of Tourist Traps!

Prague is a basically safe city. 

There are comparatively few tourist traps in the city. It is important to note that changing money in Prague can unfortunately become a problem. 

This applies equally to ATMs, exchange offices, and payment by credit card with card readers.

1. Currency

If ATMs or card readers ask "Settle in euros or Czech crowns" at the end of the withdrawal, the national currency crowns is the correct choice. Otherwise, ATM operators may set the exchange rate between the euro and the koruna. It is often 4 to 12% worse than the daily rate of Visa or Mastercard. In addition, the foreign or foreign currency fee of credit cards may still apply.

2. Exchange Offices

Check the rate of exchange offices and do not sign any documents in Czech. Many change offices advertise a good rate and write a much worse rate on the receipt. An example is a written rate of 1:25 and 1:16 on the receipt. Customers at exchange offices in the Czech Republic have the right to exchange their money up to three hours later. The notice is written on the back of all receipts.

ATMs, especially near the Charles Bridge, have extremely high preset minimum withdrawal amounts, for example from 5,000 to 20,000 Czech crowns. This corresponds to an amount of around € 200 to € 800. The minimum withdrawal amount can be changed by selection. Especially often, the blue yellow Euronet ATMs have such a setting.

4. Street Vendors

Signs in front of the main train station, in the center, and near bars warn about money-changing street vendors. Most of the time they exchange the money instead of Czech crowns into rubles from Belarus or similar currencies with a much worse exchange rate. We strongly advise against changing money on the street!

Nightlife Tickets

Experiences at Night

Concerts, Pub Crawls, and Beer Tours. Discover Prague's nightlife with groups, book individual tickets and reserve admission to theaters.

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club tour prague

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club tour prague

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club tour prague

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Take A Shot With Us

At Shots Bar & Club, we pride ourselves on creating an electrifying atmosphere where visitors alike can come together to celebrate life, let loose, and make lasting memories. Whether you’re a seasoned party-goer or looking for a night out with friends, our club is the place to be.

The destination for a legendary night of drinking, partying, and endless fun right in the heart of Prague’s vibrant center in Týn, Old Town. Indulge in our extensive selection of shots, expertly crafted by our talented bartenders.

club tour prague

Get Ready To Hit The Dance Floor

Come join us at Shots Club and experience the vibrant nightlife that Prague has to offer. Drink, party, and have the time of your life with us.Our resident DJs spin the hottest beats all night long.

Our state-of-the-art sound system and cutting-edge lighting will create an immersive experience that will have you moving to the rhythm in no time. Let loose and dance like nobody’s watching!

Whether you’re looking for an intimate space to host a private party or a larger area to entertain guests, our VIP sections have got you covered. With a variety of seating options, bottle service, and tailored packages, our VIP sections are designed to exceed your expectations.

Our staff is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction and ensuring that your every need is met. We take pride in our team’s dedication and enthusiasm in creating an unforgettable time for all of our guests.

At our establishment, we prioritize the well-being and safety of our valued members above all else. We strongly believe that creating a secure and protected environment is paramount to ensuring that everyone can fully enjoy the activities and amenities provided by our club.

What People Say

We pride ourselves on creating an electrifying atmosphere where locals and visitors alike can come together to celebrate life, let loose, and make lasting memories. Whether you’re a seasoned partygoer or looking for a night out with friends, our club is the place to be.

Where To Find Us

Shots Club is strategically located in the heart of Prague’s Old Town, making it easily accessible for locals and tourists alike. So whether you’re exploring the city or simply looking for a place to unwind after a long day, our doors are open to welcome you.

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club tour prague

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Join us for a night of thrilling entertainment, vibrant atmosphere, and unforgettable moments at Shots Bar and Club. We can’t wait to create a memorable night for you!

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Tours in Prague

All tours in prague.

All tours in Prague - preview image

Prague offers relaxed atmosphere, breathtaking views, rich history, the great Emperor Charles IV, Jewish Quarter, The Astronomical Clock. See it all on your guided tour. Group or private - we offer both.

Tours to Prague Castle

Tours to Prague Castle - preview image

The monumental Prague Castle is much loved by the Czech and the whole world. Visit the largest ancient castle in the world. Some tours are with admissions. As locals, we ae very proud of the castle and its history.

Tours to Charles Bridge

Tours to Charles Bridge - preview image

Emperor Charles IV. was very busy during his days. Walk on the 14th century Charles Bridge and feel the history pouring into you...Fall in love with the views of the Prague Castle standing proudly above the bridge.

Guided tours in Prague

Guided tours in Prague - preview image

Explore Prague, discover the most attractive places and learn about their history. Friendly guides will introduce you to the most important things, tell you interesting stories, and recommend local attractions.

Private tours in Prague

Private tours in Prague - preview image

Just you and your guide! Get to know the most beautiful places in Prague in private or only with your loved ones. Safe anti-covid tours with knowledgeable guides will ensure you unforgettable moments on the most attractive spots.

Old Town Square tours

Old Town Square tours - preview image

Visit the most beautiful square in Prague! A must-see for all lovers of history and architecture. See the unique medieval Astronomical Clock adorning the Old Town City Hall, Church of Our Lady before Týn, or magnificent St Nicholas church.

Historical center tours

Historical center tours - preview image

Take a walk around the very heart of Prague. From the Old Town, most ancient Prague´s quarter, through picturesque Jewish Quarter, across magic Charles Bridge, you will get to Lesser Town and the biggest castle complex in the world, Prague Castle.

Jewish Quarter tours

Jewish Quarter tours - preview image

Choose your Prague Jewish Quarter tour. You will get to know the most ancient synagogue in Europe, The Jewish Ceremonial Hall, the famous Old Jewish Cemetery, and other monuments that survived the Nazi occupation.

Prague Lesser Town tours

Prague Lesser Town tours - preview image

Wander around Prague Lesser Town, the most romantic quarter of Prague abounding with magnificent palaces and gardens. You will see the breathtaking St Nicholas church and picturesque Kampa Island with the famous Lennon Wall.

Vyšehrad tours

Vyšehrad tours - preview image

Get to know Vyšehrad, the oldest settlement in Prague, home to the first Czech kings and place where Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, or Alfons Mucha got buried. Vyšehrad park offers a 360-degree view of Prague, so enjoy breathtaking views of the city!

Special tours

Special tours - preview image

Do you want to get to know Prague while enjoying your daily portion of running? Or will you become a professional Prague photographer for a while? Choose from some specialized and unique tours and experience Prague differently!

Prague's opera houses


Online tickets for guided tours of Prague's most beautiful theatres: The National Theatre, the Estates Theatre and the State Opera. Explore the plentiful interiors, find out about the history, see the perks! Tours are conducted in English language.

Bus tours in Prague

Bus tours in Prague - preview image

Bus tours of Prague are a great way to quickly get to know the city and get a basic orientation. Explore Prague Old Town, Prague New Town, the Lesser Town, Prague Castle, and other beautiful parts of Prague without having to get off the bus.

World War II tours

World War II tours - preview image

How did the people of Prague live during World War II? How did they resist the horrors of the occupation? Discover memorable places in Prague, where the dramatic moments of World War II took place, get to know the brave heroes of that time.

Food & Drinks tours

Food & Drinks tours - preview image

Would you like to taste what we Czechs like to eat? Knowledgeable guides will show you where to try the best specialties of Czech cuisine. Visit some of Prague’s famous historical breweries and indulge in an array of Bohemia’s finest beers.

Museums & galleries

Museums & galleries - preview image

Book your tickets to the most attractive Prague museums and art galleries. Discover the rich collections of the world and Czech painters, see extraordinary works by contemporary local artists. Get to know Prague´s cultural richness.

Towers of Prague

Towers of Prague  - preview image

A must-see in Prague: climb up the ancient Prague towers and enjoy breathtaking views of Prague. Some towers offer permanent exhibitions. Admire the Prague Old Town Tower and explore the Astronomical Clock from the inside.

Musicals in Prague

Musicals in Prague  - preview image

Visit Karlín Music Theatre or Hybernia Theatre in Prague to see the world ´s renowned musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Sister Act or Czech popular musical Galileo etc. Look forward to top cast, great production, a lovely experience.

Sightseeing cruises

Sightseeing cruises - preview image

Take a boat tour and enjoy unique views of Prague´s most beautiful sights. Whether you treat yourself to a romantic dinner on board or choose an hour-long guided cruise, you will get to know Prague from the river Vltava like never before from its banks.

Day trips from Prague

All day trips from prague.

All Day trips from Prague - preview image

Top-rated tours in Czechia aim to get you familiarized with our beloved country: group or private tours will take you to the concentration camp Terezín, spa Karlovy Vary, scenic Český Krumlov or Kutná Hora with its famous Ossuary.

Český Krumlov tours

Český Krumlov tours - preview image

Don´t miss the most popular day trip from Prague! Český Krumlov is a magic UNESCO-listed town located in the south of the Czech Republic. Get lost in its romantic narrow aisles, admire Renaissance frescos, see the fairy-tale Český Krumlov Chateau.

Guided tours from Prague

Guided tours from Prague - preview image

Explore the Czech Republic, discover the most attractive places and learn about their history. Friendly and knowledgable guides will introduce you to the most important things, tell you interesting stories, and recommend local attractions.

Kutná Hora tours

Kutná Hora tours - preview image

Only one hour away from Prague, you will discover a uniquely preserved medieval silver mining city with the Gothic masterpiece, the Cathedral of St Barbara. If you like unusual things, don´t miss the macabre Bone Chapel in nearby Sedlec.

Karlovy Vary tours

Karlovy Vary tours - preview image

Book your tour to Karlovy Vary and spend a great day in the most famous Czech spa town. Admire the splendid buildings, enjoy the elegance of its collonades, taste Becherovka liqueur and spa wafers, visit Moser glassworks factory, and much more.

Terezín tours

Terezín tours - preview image

The Terezín Memorial honors the victims of the Nazi persecution during WWII. Although the exhibition is emotionally draining, it carries an important message. At these awful times, facing death daily, the prisoners kept a strong will to live and love.

Karlštejn Castle tours

Karlštejn Castle tours  - preview image

Get online tickets for Karlštejn Castle tour, one of the most beautiful and famous Czechia's castles founded in the 14th century by the Emperor Charles IV. See the magical Karlštejn town,enjoy the surroundings of the castle.

Group discounts

Group discounts - preview image

Make use of discounts for groups. We offer discounted tickets for groups of 10+ people. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to negotiate the best possible price for you. Just choose your tour, we will take care of the rest.

Traditional Folklore Night with Dinner, Dance and Wine  - preview image

Traditional Folklore Night with Dinner, Dance and Wine

April 28, 2024 | 19:30 (Sun)

Restaurant U Marčanů

Explore Prague, visit Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Old Town

As a Prague based company, we offer the biggest selections of Prague tours: walking tours & excursions, boat cruises or art tours. Discover Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Walk up to the Prague Castle  with your tour guide. Take a tour in the  Prague Historical Center  or in  Old Town Square . Admire the Charles Bridge. Visit the Jewish Quarter . Walk through the picturesque Lesser Town or explore Vyšehrad Castle .   Prague boat cruises on Vltava river are perfect all year round.

Czechia group or private sightseeing tours in many languages

Explore the most beautiful cities and castles of Czech Republic. We offer group or private tours. Get your tickets for  Český Krumlov tour ! Visit the famous spa city  Karlovy Vary . Pay your respects to the WWII victims in  Terezín Memorial . Get a bus or private tour to mining city  Kutná Hora  with the world famous Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Church) located nearby. Karlštejn Castle is a perfect destination for history lovers. We guarantee the same prices as the tour guides. And our personal touch. 

The best sights in Prague & tours from Prague with local guides

Discover the Czech history. The Prague Castle with its iconic St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most visited sites in Czech Republic. Highly knowledgable private or group guides can make your stay in Prague the most memorable. Your Prague private tour guide is flexible enough to alter the route according to your needs. Book a tour to visit the Ss. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral, a memorial of Operation Anthropoid. Each sightseeing tour is tailor-made. Private tours are convenient and the group tours are fun! 

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club tour prague

Prahos turisto vadovas


club tour prague

As with most European cities, there are many bars and clubs in Prague, which makes a fascinating nightlife scene.

Keeping track of the cool places to go is quite difficult as it seems that once they become ‘cool’ and well-known, they are no longer the place to be seen.

Here we list only the long-established ones. You can pick up a listings magazine that will tell you what’s on and where to go for the best in Prague nightlife in most hotels and hostels and decide for yourself. We’ve listed some here that are worth checking out. Bars are open all day, and the clubs usually kick off around 11 pm and stay open until about 4 am. If you are looking to keep the party going after 4 am, you will find some clubs that stay open later.

Prague Nightlife, Clubbing

Dance/Music Clubs

Duplex – Duplex is one of Prague’s most popular nightclubs, with huge dance halls filled with local teenagers and even stag-party stragglers. It is a combination of nightclub, café and restaurant. During the day, a 6th-floor terrace restaurant is a great place for coffee to enjoy the views. At night offers a view overlooking the lights of Wenceslas Square. Location: Wenceslas Square 21, New Town,

Mecca – very fashionable club, featuring industrial-chic club to dance to house and techno music.  Location: Pruhonu 3, Holesovice,

Karlovy Lázně – another huge and very cool nightclub. Each floor has its own style, from chill-out to hardcore trance; live bands at ground level, dance to classic disco on the first floor (Discotheque), rock to 1960s and 70s music on the second floor (Kaleidoskop), or house and techno on the third floor (Paradogs). Location: Novotneho lavka, Old Town (close to Charles Bridge),

RadostFX – this very famous club features top local and international DJs. Exquisite sofas, mosaic-topped tables … Café serving great veggie food and cheesecakes, a Moroccan lounge in the back for relaxation and a downstairs dance club that only gets going after late hours. Locaton: Belehradska 120,Vinohrady (close to underground station IP Pavlova),

La Fabrique – disco with a couple of dance floors for people of all ages. Location: Uhelný trh 2, Old Town,

Roxy – If funk and techno is your favourite, then Roxy is the best club in town. Arrive around midnight when the fun starts. Location: Dlouhá 33, metro Namesti Republiky,

U Buldoka  –   With Staropramen beer and excellent traditional food, the Bulldog is a classic cheap Czech pub with a disco. Wednesdays nights are popular for singles looking for a date or a one night stand. Location:  Preslova 1, Smíchov, Prague 5;

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  • Read more about Dance and Music Clubs in Prague
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Cocktail bars

There are some sophisticated cocktail bars in the centre of Prague. Try Tretter’s bar , near Old Town Square, which has a classic atmosphere with the friendly bar staff. Also in the area are Zapa Bar and Bugsy’s, which are excellent choices too. Behind the Tyn Church on Old Town Square , there is Tynska Bar and Books .

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Tasting Czech Beer

The Czech Republic is also very famous for its beer . Pilsner Urquell and Budvar are the best-known brands. So if you want something exceptional, try going to Kolkovna , near Old Town Square , which is popular amongst ex-pats. This restaurant serves fresh unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell on tap, which is a delicious brew. The Czech cuisine is a little more expensive than a local-oriented pub, but many find it worth visiting. But be warned, the large restaurant is often full.  Other recommended places for hanging out and drinking great beer with your food are Pivovarsky Dum on Ječná, not far from Wenceslas Square, U Vejvodů near Narodní Třía, and the historic brewery, U Fleků , near Charles Square.

Tip: U Pinkasů – first pub to serve world-famous Czech beer Pilsner Urquell, traditional Czech food (close to underground station Mustek).

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Adult Clubs

The side streets near Wenceslas Square (especially Perlova Street) are full of strip clubs. This is Prague’s small red-light district. Pickpockets can be a problem in this area at night (often employing women who run up to groups of men asking for a hug, etc., to divert attention from pickpockets).

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Limousine with Lap Dancer – Book Lincoln or Hummer limo from Airport. Party balloons, champagne.
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Prague Guide

Adult Nightclubs in Prague

Local Expert

With over a hundred nightclubs (“night club” in the Czech Republic means brothel) as well as many escort agencies and lots of private apartments, Prague indeed appears to have a pretty good nightlife. The exact number of unofficial nightclubs and escort agencies privately run in flats is difficult to estimate but can be counted in hundreds.


The nightclub scene in the downtown area near Wenceslas Square is dominated by giant cabarets like Darling Cabaret, K5 Cabaret, Hot Peppers, and Goldfingers, which employ several hundred beautiful girls, go-go girls not included. The largest cabaret in downtown Prague near Wenceslas Square sometimes has up to 150 girls on five stages and in three bars, and similar ones nearby have about 80 girls to choose from. Many of the downtown nightclubs pay someone to entice you off the street and into their nearby establishment. Those establishments cater mostly to foreign visitors and, from the local perspective, are heavily overpriced, but on the other hand, they offer top sexy beauties.


The quality of the girls in the Prague nightclubs is mostly high. Though it may vary from place to place, it appears to be on the highest level in the Czech Republic and possibly in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. In several cabarets and other nightclubs in Prague, one can often find a very good selection of Czech and Slovak girls and Ukrainian, Russian, Brazilian, and even now increasingly African girls (mostly from Nigeria and Uganda).

This trend of internationalization by itself may not really be a specific feature of the Prague nightclubs, as it has also gained a foothold in the livelier nightlife centres at the peripheral border crossings. But the number of girls here is vastly higher than there. The best nightclubs and cabarets in Prague are, in a manner of speaking, gigantic ensembles of models from all over Eastern Europe.

TIP  Avoid contact with women and men acting as street prostitutes as they are often pickpockets.

Prague is much more professional and more commercial than the border regions. Commercialization means that many nightclubs, strip bars, and especially cabarets in Prague implement a profit-maximizing system. Thus the costs for the customers are enhanced by pricey drinks like cocktails and champagne, and further by striptease, luxurious separate rooms, and, last but not least, comparatively expensive erotic services. In the presence of large tourist crowds, the cabaret has materialized in downtown Prague, which yields the highest profits. The entrance fees alone (unless you have a pamphlet luring you with free entrance) plus the prices for the drinks multiplied by the number of customers yield vast sums of money there.

Once you get to your chosen nightclub, bouncers or bar staff will explain the rules of each place on arrival. Mostly, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee which ranges from 200 to 500 CZK covering a strip or other show, even if you opt to sit at the bar. This fee is sometimes waived if you are there to pay for erotic services immediately or if you have leaflets advertising free entry. An entrance fee is never required for entering private nightclubs in privately-run flats. In this case, when you arrive, you will be introduced by girl companions, and again the rules will be explained, and you might be offered drinks. In such private nightclubs, prices are reasonable and much lower than those in the downtown area.

Many nightclubs in Prague have also established themselves in the luxurious segment by offering additional facilities like Roman baths, different kinds of whirlpools, thematic rooms, tantric massages, and even free limousine pick-up if you spend a certain amount on drinks and the like.

The final piece of advice is that you should always check the prices of services and drinks when you enter a nightclub and then enjoy. It might save you a big surprise when the bill arrives. The sex night clubs on Melantrichova and Skořepka, close to the Wenceslas square, regularly rip off unsuspecting tourists and might be dangerous. They’re packed mainly with younger Russian and Czech girls. This district is among the popular places for British stag parties.

Price of Sexual Services in Prague

Prostitutes, adult clubs, 23 comments.

I am a tourist from Canada, when I arrive in Prague, I visit this salon all the time.Very convenient location near the Prague Astronomical Clock. earlier this salon was located at jilska 8, Prague1 esterday I visited their new salon at Havelska 16.I was satisfied once again for the warm welcome.Thank you girls and see you next time. I recommend this salon. +420774208644

Hey my sexual travelers.

Visit our erotic massage studio in Prague , Cool and excited masseuses with happyending. :-)))

I can recommend best Erotic Massage in Prague, studio Sexy Dolls. Very proffesional masseuses with spiritual connection. They do many varints erotic massage, like nuru, tantra etc. Mainly with happy end! Best for man and woman ! 🙂

I can recommend the best erotic massage in Prague:

Do you forgive boyfriend for sleeping with 5 girls in 1 night together 4 years

Just go fuck another 5 guys and get even xx

I can recommend the best erotic massage in Prague:

I often visit a night club in Prague There is absolutely great atmosphere, cleanliness, music and a varied bar. The girls in the club are sexy and beautiful.

Last weekend i visited Prague with my friends. Actually we werent looking for clubs like that but we met a guy on Wenceslas square. He was all dressed up in red and worked for Darling Cabaret. We chat a little, got a leaflets with sale for the entrence. I think it was 50% off, something around 300CZK. We were kind of curious, didnt actually know what to expect. Girls were amazing, really beautiful, shows were really nice, it reminds me of Chicago the musical. We did not wait for the service and if you buy a bottle there is table dance included. Really good and hot surprise. Dont go there without money, its really expensive but its worth it.

I visited K5 Relax few nights ago with my colleague and we were really satisfied. The location is perfect – it´s in the center of Prague in nice neighbourhood Vinohrady, about 1, 5 km from Wenceslas Square. The club is very nice and intimate, you can sit down, have few drinks and watch beautiful girls. Also there is a sauna and cocktail bar. Everyone is so friendly and they are doing their best to make you feel comfortable. If you don´t know what to do, managers help you and can recommend you a girl of your dreams – not just to watch :). If you want to go somewhere where you can relax and have a good time, K5 is the best place for you.

Darling Cabaret is very nice club with lot of cabaret show. During the weekend you can find there about 100 girls. When we was going there, we use to a transfer by limousine. You just call +420 732 250 555 at you get it for free. The price for entry is 690,- but you can buy the tickets at the street for 350,- so its much cheaper. i was looking around and more reviews you can find at I recommended visit darling during the night, but is open also at afternoon. 🙂

The decreasing prices means the decreasing of girl’s quality too? Or it is the winning deal, cheap price for hottest girls?

In Prague, there is also quite a few studios providing erotic massages. Wonder, why there’s no mention about it 😀 . It’s an interesting experience as well! Czech girls are just cute and hot as hell! So far I tried the Nuru massage and it was absolutely great… The lady was really skillful – I just dont understand the fact she was able to hold on whole the time withnout taking a break 😀 . She must be some kind of a sports-woman. I would recommend you NOM (Number One Massage at the Skolska street). Been there just once, but definetely not for the last time!

Please would you mind giving the address and telephone number for such studios and how much they charge and for how much time? Thank you.

I think it this –

Erotic Massage in Prague

You mean parlors? I may recommend you one, it seemed to me as non-traditional because of the atmosphere, or maybe this is because of my emotions from the first nuru massage in my life 🙂 It is this one:

If you are interested you can find all the info you are looking for right here Erotic massage is an awesome experience. I would recommend anybody to try. Its pretty awesome relax after a long day. 🙂

Hi can you please give details of studios especially where there are only 2-3 girls

Once I was on a tantric massage, here , I was very happy with everything and highly recommend it.

One of my favorite place in Prague is erotic massage salon – . Girls there are sexy and young, massage perfect ??

I went to Prague 3 weeks ago for business for the first time. About K5 told me my friends, they visited 2 years ago and from 5 days stayed there 4 nights in row 🙂 (they did try also other places, but they liked this one best). Didnt know what to expect, we have striptease clubs or escorts, but not places, where you can relax immediately. Security downstairs – which is good to feel secure, was very polite. On reception was standing lady manager – brunette and one of the ladies showed me the places. It was tuesday, already few people inside, but not too crowded. I was a bit nervous 🙂 the manager – Petra came to my table and explained me all the system. The computers on the tables are very helpfull, some of the girls were busy, so on the screen you can see all girls which are there in the night. I took few drinks, also steak for eat – very tasty, tooked a time to look around and later on I met lady name Selma. She is beautifull (most of the girls speak english, if you can decide by yourself, the manager helps you). I dont kiss and tell, but I had really terrific evening with a lot of fun and relax 🙂 For sure I will be back, shame Prague is not nearer 🙁

No doubt K5 asked you to write this OBVIOUS!!

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Wenceslas square offers brothels and drugs on every corner, recent comments, free prague walking tour.

During the 4-hour walking tour of Prague, you will be introduced to the most interesting and significant historical sites in Prague, such as the Jewish Quarter, the historical buildings of the Old Town and the renowned Charles Bridge, before finishing off at the Prague Castle.

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Gaily Tours & Excursions in Czech Republic: Prague

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  • Gaily Tour in  PRAGUE  with your LGBT Friendly Guide
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ABOUT THE CITY... Picturesquely situated on the Vltava River, Prague is possibly one of the world’s most intriguing and romantic cities. Its LGBT scene is linked to Vinohrady district, a hedonist's and stylish quarter where you will find most of the gay bars and clubs there. The city is a place that needs to be explored, revealing hidden gardens, quaint squares and old-fashioned bars & restaurants. THE BEST LGBT FRIENDLY HOTELS IN PRAGUE (Click on the Link to See the rates and book them)

  • numa | Flow Rooms & Apartments ****
  • numa I Republika Rooms & Apartments ****  
  • The ICON Hotel & Lounge ****
  • Boutique Hotel Seven Days ****
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Get ready for special tours in this amazing city ! Meet our Gay/Lesbian Tour Guide for a private walking tour of Prague Gay and experience one of the most incredible cities in the world.

Prague • Classic Tour

Start your Prague tour with our Gay/Lesbian Guide with a view of the main highlights. Begin your tour from the Old Town Square with the worldwide known the Astronomical Clock (entrance included), one of the greatest treasures of the city with a fascinating mechanical performance which in the Middle Ages was considered one of the wonders of the world, also known for the legend about clockmaster Hanus. Then observe the elegant Gothic Church of Our Lady in front of Tyn, erected by the Roman Emperor Charles the IV, and the pink Rococo Kinsky Palace once hosting a highschool frequented by Franz Kafka. Continue to the unique building 'At the Black Madonna' where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed the world premier of his opera 'Don Giovanni'. Continue to the Municipal House, a beautiful Art Nouveau building and a national cultural landmark decorated by Jan Preisler, Max Svabinsky, and Alfons Mucha. Finish your tour at Wenceslas Square in the centre of the New Town, which inspired world architects in the beginning of modernism. Here take a look to the famous statue of two soldiers kissing each other before the end of your tour. Included: * Gay or Lesbian Friendly Tour Guide for City Tour (3 hours) * Entrance Fee – Astronomical Clock

Prague • Gay Tour & Lesser Quarter’s Secrets

Discover more about Prague, the Czech Republic, with its history and architecture, customs, gay life and much more. After meeting your Gay/Lesbian Guide, cross the famous 14th century Charles Bridge with its many statues and mysteries to the Lesser Quarter below Prague Castle, which houses numerous Renaissance and Classicist palaces. Then visit the churches of St Nicholas and Our Lady Victorious head up to Prague Castle, Pražský hrad. Founded in the 9th century, the castle became the seat of Czech rulers and later presidents. The panoramic view of Prague Castle is one of the most spectacular in the world. Enter the largest castle in the world, strolling aroung its courtyards, palaces, museums and garden all day long and whilst doing so, admiring the overwhelming beauty of a place which has been the seat of Czech kings, emperors and presidents for a thousand years. Discover the secret of this symbol of the Czech Republic and a place which makes Prague one of the most beautiful cities in the world. After the visit end of the tour. Don’t miss in the evening to explore Prague’s best gay bars and clubs. Included: * Gay or Lesbian Friendly  Tour Guide for City Tour (3 hours) * Entrance Fee – Prague Castle

Prague by Night • Gay Tour

Enjoy an enlightened Prague and an amazing walking tour through Prague’s gay & lesbian bars and clubs to live on your skin the magic atmosphere and LGBT scene of the city. Enjoy your included drink (also alcohol free drink available) and own the night ! Included: * Gay or Lesbian Friendly  Tour Guide for Night Tour (2 hours) * Drink in Gay Bar (1 Drink)  


Get ready for a special full day Gaily Excursion from Prague Gay with us !

Cesky Krumlov (from Prague) Terezin Concentration Camp (from Prague) Karlovy Vary (from Prague) Karlstejn Castle (from Prague) Kutná Hora (from Prague) Dresden (from Prague)

  • Gay or Lesbian Friendly Tour Guide and/or Driver
  • Every Entrance Fee or Tasting described in the program

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Prague • Classic Tour Prague • Gay Tour Prague by Night • Gay Tour

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SHARED EXCURSION since you don't need a private one? No Problem ! You can take part to our amazing shared scheduled excursion in English with LGBT Friendly Tour Guide and share this fantastic experience with other travellers. Contact us at [email protected] for more Info & Prices * The tours are on request and rates are subject to the availability of the providers at the time of booking. Prices are subject to change if travel occur during trade shows, bank holidays or special events and supplements may be applied.

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    Clock Tower Bar Crawl in Prague. 557. Make the most of Prague's party vibe without wasting time looking for the liveliest bars with this Clock Tower pub crawl. Hit the first hang-out and make friends over drinking games and all-you-can drink beer, wine, and sangria.

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    TÝNSKÁ 639/4, PRAGUE 1. Just 25 meters from the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock, right behind the Týn Church. Open 09:00 - 22:00 every day. Tickets are available here until the start of the crawl or online in advance. At the ticket office we accept Czech Crowns and Euros. ATM is on site.

  6. Your Prague Nightlife Guide

    They are as well known for their drink as their food ( and claim to have the best pork knuckle in Prague). They also offer beer brewing classes if you are so inclined to make your own. Address: Na Perštýně 345/7, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia. Hours: 24 hours if you are sleeping there.

  7. 10 Best Clubs in Prague for a Night to Remember

    The biggest nightclub in Prague, Karlovy Lázně, is located near Charles Bridge on the Vltava River and is one of Europe's largest.This Prague 5 story nightclub attracts a mixed crowd of locals and tourists with hip-hop, R&B, house, and throwback hits. Address: Smetanovo nábřeží 198/1, 110 00 Staré Město, Prague 1, Czech Republic.

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    2,176. See Charles Bridge, Lesser Town, the Jewish Quarter, Old Town and Prague Castle on a city walking tour of Prague. This 6-hour sightseeing excursion includes a traditional Czech lunch and a 1-hour boat cruise on the Vltava River. Hear insightful commentary from a professional guide along the way.

  9. Cocktail Club Tour

    Customer testimonials. Rated 9.6 / 10 based on 427 + customer reviews.. Prague specialist - since 1999.We are proud of more than 80 000 satisfied customers who traveled with our company! 93 % our guests would recommend us to a friend.

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    Advertising. 9. Cross Club. Hip hop, hardcore and dubstep draw a diverse clientele to the warehouse setting of Cross Club in Holešovice. This genre-spanning club runs late most nights, running ...

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    Best for Hip Hop & RnB. Location: Bělehradská 234/120, 120 00 Vinohrady, Czechia. 1. Karlovy Lazne - 5 Level Nightclub. One of the most iconic and highly rated clubs in Prague is the 5 Storey Karlovy Lazne Club. This venue claims to be the "one of the Biggest Nightclub in central Europe". Highlights include:

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    7. Prague: 45-Minute Historical River Cruise and Refreshments. See Prague from a different perspective and go on a 45-minute historical boat tour along the Vltava river. Embark a traditional canal boat and explore the waterways of old Prague while listening to an audio commentary.

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    Between Charles Bridge and Old Town Square there are a myriad of bars, pubs, and discos. Every alley in the Old Town hides a place to party. Kalovy Lázně is the largest club in Central Europe and is located right by Charles Bridge. Different music genres are played on 5 floors. The audience is mixed, locals and tourists, students and ...

  14. X Bar Prague

    6 reviews. #270 of 710 Nightlife in Prague. Gay Bars. Open now. 10:00 PM - 4:00 AM. Write a review. About. X Bar Prague is a modern and stylish cocktail bar located in the heart of the city. With a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, it's the perfect spot to unwind with friends after a long day of sightseeing or to kick off a night out on the town.

  15. Home

    Come join us at Shots Club and experience the vibrant nightlife that Prague has to offer. Drink, party, and have the time of your life with us.Our resident DJs spin the hottest beats all night long. Our state-of-the-art sound system and cutting-edge lighting will create an immersive experience that will have you moving to the rhythm in no time.

  16. Gay Prague Guide 2024

    Prague Tours. Browse a selection of tours in Prague from our partners with free cancellation 24 hours before your tour starts. The best gay bars, dance clubs, gay-rated hotels, gay saunas and gay cruise clubs in Prague. Check out reviews, photos, and more info on

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    As a Prague based company, we offer the biggest selections of Prague tours: walking tours & excursions, boat cruises or art tours. Discover Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Walk up to the Prague Castle with your tour guide. Take a tour in the Prague Historical Center or in Old Town Square.

  18. Nightlife and Clubbing in Prague

    At night offers a view overlooking the lights of Wenceslas Square. Location: Wenceslas Square 21, New Town, Mecca - very fashionable club, featuring industrial-chic club to dance to house and techno music. Location: Pruhonu 3, Holesovice, Karlovy Lázně - another huge and very cool nightclub.

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    Prague is well known for its beautiful Eastern European girls, and the same goes for nightclubs and Czech beer. Nonetheless, the image of Prague as a stag destination is slowly disappearing, as stag nights which mainly took advantage of the low prices, cheap beer, and abundance of nightclubs, are now less appealing due to the increasing prices in recent years.

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    * Gay or Lesbian Friendly Tour Guide for City Tour (3 hours) * Entrance Fee - Prague Castle. Prague by Night • Gay Tour. Enjoy an enlightened Prague and an amazing walking tour through Prague's gay & lesbian bars and clubs to live on your skin the magic atmosphere and LGBT scene of the city.

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