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  1. Azipod

    Azipod. Azipod is a trademarked azimuth thruster pod design, a marine propulsion unit consisting of a fixed pitch propeller mounted on a steerable gondola ("pod") containing the electric motor driving the propeller, allowing ships to be more maneuverable. They were developed in Finland in the late 1980s jointly by Wärtsilä Marine, Strömberg ...

  2. Azipod® electric propulsion

    Azipod® XO is available up to 22 MW unit power and it is an ideal choice for vessels like ferries and cruise ships. Azipod® XO brings energy efficiency, excellent maneuverability and improved passenger comfort. For fast vessels, a Contra Rotating Propeller concept can be applied, leveraging an Azipod® propulsion unit and shaft line ...

  3. Propelling the Fleet: An Inside Look at the Making of Royal Caribbean's

    Navigating a Narrow Port: How One of the World's Largest Cruise Ships Sails into St. Thomas. For Oasis, one of the world's largest cruise ships, arriving to St. Thomas in the Caribbean can be daunting. With narrow water ways, sailboats anchored in the harbor, a tight turn and just six feet of clearance below the keel, the water around this ...

  4. Azipod® propulsion

    The success of Azipod® propulsion in the cruise industry can be traced back to its simple, yet highly robust design. An electric motor housed in a pod is suspended under the ship's hull, with the propeller connected directly to the motor shaft, allowing the unit to rotate 360 degrees, improving vessel maneuverability, as well as minimizing noise and vibration.

  5. ABB's Azipod® propulsion passes 100 cruise ship ...

    Azipod® propulsion, the ABB technology that has become the industry standard in the cruise segment since its launch in 1990, has secured its 100th cruise ship order, winning a contract for powering the world's first electric hybrid icebreaker. The luxury polar expedition cruise ship, due delivery for the French cruise company PONANT in 2021 ...

  6. Azipod® propulsion: 30 facts for 30 years

    The largest cruise ship in the world - Symphony of the Seas - is equipped with three 20-megawatt Azipod® units - enough to power 500 cars. ... Norwegian Coast Guard's vessel KV Svalbard has become the first ship powered by Azipod® propulsion to reach the North Pole in August 2019. 17. Since a vessel with the Azipod® system has no ...

  7. Azipod® electric propulsion

    Azipod® propulsion is available in power ranges from 1MW to 22MW, making it suitable for smaller crafts, ferries, cruise ships, cargo carriers and icebreakers capable of independently operating in the harshest conditions. To date, ABB has sold over 700 Azipod® units. Azipod® propulsion's success is due to a simple, yet highly robust design.

  8. PDF ABB Azipod® electric propulsion marks 30 years of excellence at sea

    tons of fuel in the cruise segment alone. Over three decades, ABB has developed Azipod® propulsion to meet varied and ever-changing needs of shipping companies, bringing higher performance for all kinds of vessels. Today, over 25 different vessel types rely on Azipod® technology - from cruise ships to cargo carriers, icebreakers, ferries and

  9. ABB celebrates 30 years of Azipod® propulsion

    The story of Azipod® has been written by innovative believers on a quest to deliver a new and better solution for propelling ships. Now Azipod® propulsion has rounded 30 years of service to society, saving fuel and reducing emissions while delighting captains and passengers alike with smooth, precise and powerful performance.

  10. One Hundred Cruise Ships Feature ABB Azipods

    Published Mar 6, 2018 7:36 PM by The Maritime Executive. ABB has received its 100th cruise ship order for its Azipod propulsion, first launched in 1990. The record comes after news ABB won a ...

  11. Episode 5: How I Sea It

    What propels a 306 meter, 130,818 gross ton mega cruise ship through the water? On all ship's in the Celebrity Cruises' fleet, it's the azipods, a.k.a. an e...

  12. Fincantieri orders mid-range Azipods for four cruise ships

    ABB has secured a contract from Fincantieri to deliver a total of eight mid-range Azipod propulsion systems for four forthcoming medium-sized cruise vessels. The ships are due for delivery in 2024, 2025, 2026 and in 2027. "We are looking forward to working with our long-term, trusted partner ABB on these newbuilds that promise optimum ...

  13. Cruise ship FAQ

    Most cruise ships have two pods. However, Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas have three pods. Several ships have a combination of azimuthing pods and pods that do not turn (sometimes called "fixipods") that are used to provide forward and backwards propulsion. Not all cruise ships use pods. Ships like Norwegian Epic, Carnival Dream ...

  14. ABB's mid-range Azipod® propulsion to power four cruise ...

    ABB has secured a contract with Fincantieri, one of the world's leading shipbuilding groups, to deliver in total eight mid-range Azipod® propulsion systems for four forthcoming medium-sized cruise vessels. The ships are due for delivery in 2024, 2025, 2026 and in 2027. "We are looking forward to working with our long-term, trusted partner ...

  15. ABB's mid-range Azipod® propulsion to power four cruise vessels for

    Cruise ABB has secured a contract with Fincantieri to deliver in total eight mid-range Azipod® propulsion systems for four forthcoming medium-sized cruise vessels for Explora Journeys. The ships are due for delivery in 2024, 2025, 2026 and in 2027. "We are looking forward to working with our long-term, trusted partner ABB on these newbuilds ...

  16. The all its glory...

    Of the cruise lines with azipod-propelled ships, Royal Caribbean International has the most, with seven ships using turbine-powered electrical-generating systems. Its Voyager of the Seas came into service in 1999, followed by Explorer of the Seas (2000), Adventure of the Seas (2001), and Radiance of the Seas (2001). ...

  17. Tech company ABB to power four Fincantieri-built cruise ships

    Tech company ABB signed a contract with the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri to deliver 8 mid-range Azipod propulsion systems for 4 forthcoming medium-sized cruise vessels.. Each of the ships is to be equipped with two 7,7-megawatt Azipod units. According to ABB, the system meets the design requirements of contemporary medium-sized ships.

  18. VIDEO: The Azipods Used to Propel the World's Largest Cruise Ships

    Today, ABB's Azipod propulsion systems are used on a wide range of vessels such as cruise ships, icebreakers, ice-going cargo vessels and offshore accommodation ships. Tags: abb

  19. An Inside Look at ABB's Azipods [VIDEO]

    ABB released this video today that gives a new look at their Azipod ship propulsion systems that they are successfully ... Each of the 125,000 ton cruise ships will have a passenger capacity of ...

  20. Pod Propulsion System

    #azipod #podpropeller #electriclpropulsionThe Pod propulsion system is a modern propeller cum rudder system for rudderless ships. ABB's AZIPOD® propulsion sy...

  21. Royal Caribbean CEO Addresses Cruise Ship Azipod Issue

    A further update will be sent to guests by Saturday, September 9. The September 15 cruise is a 7-night cruise departing Seward, with calls on Juneau, Skagway, Haines, Icy Strait Point, and ...

  22. ABB and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings expand long-term partnership

    Since the first installation on a cruise ship over 25 years ago, Azipod® technology has saved more than one million tons of fuel in the cruise segment alone. ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company's solutions connect engineering know-how and ...

  23. Azipod Question

    Also, the number of azipod units in service (of the size for cruise ships) is very small. ABB has just over 250 azipods, total, in service or on order, for cruise ships (130 ships). Compare this with the 50,000 merchant ships operating today, and that shafted propellers have been around for over 150 years.

  24. Disney Adventure

    Disney Adventure is an upcoming seventh cruise ship owned and operated by Disney Cruise Line, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, due to enter service in 2025. Disney Adventure is the first and only ship of the Global class, with her then-planned sister ship scrapped due to Genting Hong Kong, Star Cruises, Dream Cruises, and MV Werften all filing for bankruptcy from January to June 2022.

  25. The top 10 biggest cruise ships in the world

    9. Costa Cruises - Costa Smeralda: 185,010 gross tonnes The Costa Smeralda is the first LNG-powered vessel in the Costa Cruises fleet. With a gross tonnage of 185,010gt, the 20-deck Excellence ...