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27 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Memes Only True Trekkers Will Appreciate

Mark Rennie

'Star Trek: The Next Generation' may have gone off the air but the memes are forever. If you're hungry for more be sure to check out the subreddit r/startrekmemes .

You Will Have To Trick Him

You Will Have To Trick Him

Set As Homescreen

Set As Homescreen

Resistance Is Futile

Resistance Is Futile

Savage Troi

Savage Troi

Can You Be More Specific?

Can You Be More Specific?

The CBS Empire

The CBS Empire

I'm The Captain Now

I'm The Captain Now

Riker Gonna Riker

Riker Gonna Riker

Q Is Quite The Scamp

Q Is Quite The Scamp

This Is Exactly How It Happened

This Is Exactly How It Happened

They're Just So Nice

They're Just So Nice

Drastic Measures

Drastic Measures

Tough Break, Kid

Tough Break, Kid

Picard Is Tough But Fair

Picard Is Tough But Fair

Adorable Worf

Adorable Worf

Hats In Space!

Hats In Space!

C'mon, Keep Up

C'mon, Keep Up

They Do Be Like That

They Do Be Like That

The Path To Success

The Path To Success

This Show Won A Peabody Award

This Show Won A Peabody Award

You Are Not Making Sense

You Are Not Making Sense

So We Like Grunge, Big Deal!

So We Like Grunge, Big Deal!

Thank You, Jazz Man

Thank You, Jazz Man

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Original Series Trivia

Meme Me Up: 15 Hilarious Star Trek: The Next Generation Memes

Set phasers to dank. We've got 15 hilarious memes that have been patrolling the Neutral Zone.

Sure, The Last Jedi is the big thing everyone’s talking about right now, but sometimes you just want your science fiction a little more focused. For more than 50 years, the adventures of various officers of the futuristic Starfleet have ruled many a nerd’s television set. A pop culture phenomenon, Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek has kept science fiction fans glued to their seats, following along with their favorite Captains as they set out on missions to explore the galaxy and forge alliances with new and strange lifeforms. Though the original series spent decades as a cult classic that spawned a successful film franchise, 1987 saw Star Trek truly explode into something magnificent.

Star Trek: The Next Generation took a new team of adventurers and sent them out even further into the reaches of deep space, exploring strange new worlds with bleeding edge technology and wilder and weirder plots than ever before. The series became a television mainstay, breathing new life into the franchise for decades to come. As with all things, the Internet has taken to memeing it, and something like Star Trek led to some of the best memes out there. Here are 15 hilariously unforgettable Star Trek: The Next Generation memes.


An early mantra for Star Trek: The Next Generation was that there’d be not many references to the original series. Series creator Gene Roddenberry was eager to create a unique world distant from the adventures of Captain Kirk. Alien species from the original were largely off limits, the exception being a Klingon named Worf who served as a bridge officer, largely remaining in the background.

Following the death of Natasha Yar when actress Denise Crosby opted to leave the show, Worf got a promotion to chief tactical officer and gained a much greater presence. Serving as the ship’s chief of security, Worf was often consulted when battle was necessary and became one of the Enterprise’s most prized crew members. Worf proved to be one hell of a pop culture phenomenon even today, years after ST:TNG and Deep Space Nine have gone off the air.


Captain Picard’s a busy dude. In addition to jetting around the Neutral Zone in the cutting edge of spaceship design and negotiating treaties with alien races both familiar and new, he’s still got to find time to schmooze with ambassadors and roleplay as a detective on the holodeck. Being a Starfleet Captain is pretty serious business!

Picard manages to come out above all that, though. Well-rounded, intellectual, and thorough to a fault, it’s no wonder Jean-Luc is considered the superior Captain by many fans. Picard’s kept more than busy over the years, as this meme reminds us. Though it’s a bit of a jab at some familiar Star Trek: The Next Generation moments, it also highlights some of the greatest moments in Picard’s storied Starfleet career.


Poor Picard. He went through a lot of bad times, from being assimilated into the Borg collective to having to appear in Star Trek: Generations . But the season six two-parters “Chain of Command” showcased a different side of Picard. Captured while on a covert mission, Picard is tortured and interrogated in one of Star Trek’s most intense scenes to date.

In an attempt to break his will, a Cardassian interrogator shows Picard four bright lights and tells him the torture will end when he says there are five lights. The episode itself is a hell of a story, but Picard’s parting, defiant cry to his captor of “There are FOUR lights!” has become a meme in its own right. This meme might be one of the best takes on it, though, because let’s face it, we all hate fighting with those damn Christmas lights when December rolls around.


Hey, remember Google Glass? Google kinda hopes you don’t, but they’re also not really making a thing of it anymore. It was a smart device that you wore like a pair of glasses, giving you access to a number of popular Google features like maps and phone calls. The device had a limited release, but it didn’t do terribly well thanks to an exorbitant price and awkward interface.

Did they pull some inspiration from Star Trek: The Next Generation ? Possibly. A mainstay from the first episode, the ship’s chief engineer Geordi LaForge was notable as a Starfleet engineer with a disability. Blind since birth, Geordi wore a device referred to as a VISOR which allowed him to see. The device became a signature staple of the show and made Geordi one of the show’s most recognizable characters.


Oh, Guinan. Played by Star Trek superfan Whoopi Goldberg, the bartender aboard the Enterprise proved to be a fan favorite character. Mysterious, seemingly ageless, and always there to offer a shoulder to lean on, fans loved the down to Earth tone she brought to an otherwise fantastical piece of hard science fiction.

Guinan doesn’t interact all that much with the crew as a hold, appearing in only about 30 episodes or so, but that hasn’t helped her escape the fate of being a meme. Maybe it’s the unusual sense of style she possesses, maybe it’s that aloof and strange nature she carried. But ultimately it’s that Guinan tended to just be kind of goofy when the story didn’t call for her to be serious, that makes her pretty easy to meme.


Many fans likely didn’t see Star Trek: The Next Generation in HD for a long while. Originally airing on syndicated networks, the show was hardly primed to be the mainstream success it came to be. A testament to the quality of storytelling and production, ST:TNG really did age like a fine wine over the years.

With the rise of blu-ray, remastered Star Trek was only a matter of time. Released between 2012 and 2014, Star Trek: The Next Generation got a spiffy HD remaster (though limitations of the original film prevent it from being released in an aspect ratio other than 4:3). The HD remasters are gorgeous, but many fans aren’t using them for memes, still sticking to the original images and screencaps that have been floating around the Internet for years.


Starfleet ships are pretty crazy when you think about it. The panels seem to spew sparks seemingly at random. None of the seats have seat belts, which provides a number of issues when the ship is inevitably blasted to hell by Romulans. And that’s not even counting the Holodecks, which seem to exist with the sole purpose of being literal death machines.

It’s even crazier when you consider the Enterprise itself. As a ship intended to perform peacekeeping duties and patrol the Neutral Zone, the ship housed a number of civilians. There’s a lot to go wrong day to day on a ship that also houses a fully functioning school and a nursery. Fortunately, they’ve got a pretty competent crew to keep things intact, but it’s a miracle that the number of casualties racked up during ST:TNG ’s run weren’t worse.


Poor Data. He gets stuck with no shortage of jokes about his Android nature. It makes him something of an easy target when people are cooking up memes about Star Trek , in much the same way that Spock’s logical nature can make it easy for him. But for all the easy jokes, Data is an incredibly notable character in Star Trek lore.

Essentially the reverse of Spock, Data’s quest to obtain humanity made him a quickly relatable and easily lovable character. He may have had more than his fair share of falters, be it injuring crew members when he didn’t mean to or putting the crew at risk with the presence of his brother Lore, but Data’s personable nature and humble backstory made him a classic character almost instantly.


Will Riker is an interesting addition to the cast. With Captain Picard intended to be a purely introspective leader (in direct opposition to Captain Kirk, who spent much of his time on away missions, punching baddies and bedding ladies), it was decided that his second-in-command should fill the void of an action-oriented character in a leadership role.

The end result was Commander Will Riker. A bit emotional when the time called for it, a consummate ladies man, and arguably over-qualified by season 3 of the series, Riker’s choice to remain second-in-command overtaking his own ship became a key character trait in later episodes. These days, fans mostly meme Riker for his track record with women, poking fun at his many romantic encounters to take place over the course of ST:TNG .


Star Trek has had more than its share of influences on real-world technology. ST:TNG episodes featured the popular datapads, a series of tablet devices that crew members regularly would use for reading and transferring documents around in lieu of paper. These datapads would eventually be spotted by Steve Jobs, who cited them as the inspiration for iPad style devices.

Star Trek probably didn’t do much to inspire the selfie, but without the history of Star Trek , we wouldn’t be where we are today. Unfortunately, we’ve reached a point where the technology has surpassed the presented history of Trek technology. It created real problems with series like Star Trek: Enterprise aired decades after Star Trek but had to reconcile the prospect of modern technology versus the old school tech aesthetic of the original series.


There’s a lot of thought put into Star Trek ’s design, to the point that the LCARs system that powers the computers of the Enterprise exists as a fan-created OS conversion. Still, there are a few intricacies of the system that fans have taken note of. For instance, this meme points out how many incredibly complex maneuvers seem to be available with just a few button presses.

We see all sorts of things like this. The movies especially showcase this, with things such as Data disabling a self-destruct that needed three crew members to activate all by himself, or Picard pulling up a specific play with just a few taps on a screen. Still, they’re cheats all done in the favor of making the story more interesting. After all, who wants to watch a movie that features 20 minutes of Picard navigating an archaic file structure?


Naturally, Star Trek has been on the forefront of modern technology. However, it might be safe to say that this isn’t what they had in mind when they crafted this excellent moment from the episode “Phantasms.” Here Data was having strange dreams, which ultimately led to him seemingly losing his mind and even injuring Counsellor Troi.

Naturally, the episode ended with Data being fine, the dreams being the result of his android brain helping him resolve how best to destroy a parasitic organism infecting the Enterprise. Though the episode is hailed as an ST:TNG classic, it’s unlikely that this one particular image from Data’s dream, of Picard answering a phone inside his torso, is what the creators of Android had in mind when creating a new smartphone.


Have you ever thought about how wildly inconsistent the seemingly magical science of Star Trek can be? One episode featured Worf being paralyzed by a falling barrel and begging his close friend Riker to help him commit suicide, as per a Klingon tradition. The whole episode is played up as a deeply philosophical affair, but then at the end of the episode a doctor shows up and just gives Worf a new spine, no questions asked.

Captain Picard has a similar unique story. Stabbed in the chest while still a Starfleet cadet, Picard received an artificial heart. Obviously a marvelous medical feat, but how is there not a modern solution for Picard’s receding hairline? Truth be told this was once a consideration, with early footage of Patrick Stewart wearing a toupee appearing years ago, but one look at that footage highlights why producers opted not to go with the look.


Already in his late 40s, Patrick Stewart had the odds against him when he was cast as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation . Fans were somewhat put off by the much older Captain, given the years where they had been used to the much younger and more action prone Captain Kirk.

But damn, did Patrick Stewart prove them wrong. Even today, at age 77, Patrick Stewart is ripped and makes you feel like you’re lazy. Picard carried this on, too, in both the television show and following movies. Sure, he was more distinguished than other Captains, opting to settle matters with words as opposed to fists, but when it came time to throw down you definitely didn’t want to be on Picard’s bad side.


To be fair, this is a problem that every iteration of Star Trek has had so far. When you’re going down to a strange planet to encounter an unknown entity, who better to take planetside than every executive officer on the ship? Routinely, the likes of the Enterprise’s chief engineer, operations officer, tactical officer, commanding officer, and even the Captain will venture down into the unknown.

So what happens to the Enterprise if one of them dies? Or worse, just imagine the upheaval if all of them die. For a dangerous mission, you wouldn’t dream of sending crew members that important. Still, it has to happen. After all, Star Trek is a television program above all else, and no one would care about anything that happened planet-side if every excursion featured a group of no-name red shirts with no emotional attachment.

Screen Rant

Star trek: 10 tng logic memes that are hilariously true.

Star Trek: TNG is full of techno-babble and pseudo-science, These memes showcase all the stupid logic on the show that are hilarious and true.

With the pressure of being the first Star Trek series after the iconic original from the '60s,  Star Trek: The Next Generation   could have collapsed under the weight of expectations. While it got a rocky start, it has endured as one of the pinnacles of the franchise with its dramatic storytelling, contemplative narrative, and innovative production design. It showcased a new crew, a new captain, and a new  Enterprise, but   proved that just because it was different than its predecessor didn't mean it was doomed to failure.

The triumphs and failures of the crew of the  Enterprise- D made for some unintentional humor over seven seasons, often attributed to plot devices that could only be described as "Star Trek logic". Incredibly complex commands solved with a few button presses on a console? Star Trek Logic. The ability to create artificial hearts but no cure for male pattern baldness? Star Trek Logic. Here's ten memes celebrating the hilarious times logic took a back seat to entertainment in  TNG.

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In the original Star Trek series, Klingons weren't the honorable warriors of  Star Trek: The Next Generation.  They were more akin to the Ferengi in terms of ruthless deviousness, the vestiges of which can be seen in their representation in  TNG.  Worf talks at length about the honorable approach a Klingon would take to the calamities that befall the  Enterprise,  as though Klingons don't do some pretty shady things.

For instance, the use of cloaking technology, a stealth maneuver, to win at all costs. Since only victory brings a Klingon honor and glory, according to their logic using subterfuge and under-handedness is perfectly fine. Sort of like Duras trading top-secret information to the Romulan Empire and having the Klingon High Council cover it up.


Admit it, there's Starfleet personnel in the bowels of the  Enterprise- D constantly harping about the fact that Wesley Crusher, who'd never attended Starfleet in his short life, got a bridge appointment and they didn't after slaving in engineering for five years. So what was so special about Wesley?

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He was something of a boy genius, understanding warp coils in a way that far surpassed his years, having insight into ship mechanics and quantum physics that even gave Geordi some difficulty, and he happened to be the son of Beverly Crusher whom Captain Picard was sweet on. Still, not ever having to go through the proper protocol to be given the bridge assignment was highly irregular.


This statement serves as both an outstanding piece of irony and a qualifying logic meme for the simple reason that Data's bringing up a point in Season 1 of  TNG  that should have directly applied to what happened to him in Season 2. Here he's bringing up the fact that by 2026, the United Nations ensured that no citizen of Earth has to be held accountable for the actions of its race, but he brings it up at his own trial.

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In Season 2's episode "Measure of a Man", when Data's personal liberty and agency is jeopardized by Starfleet, Data is made to answer for his (android) "race" because he's put between a rock and a hard place; he wants to resign rather than face disassembly. We'll chalk it up to the fact that Starfleet doesn't see Data as a "person" but "personal property" of Starfleet.


By the time Star Trek: The Next Generation   takes place, the Federation is based on a system called the "New World Economy", existing in a Utopian society that wants for nothing. Even trade is rarely needed, except to acquire goods in a system of specialized labor. With things like replicators, Federation citizens can produce literally whatever they need, so their personal motivations can transcend the pursuit of materials or money as we know it.

Still, for all things impossible to replicate, or when dealing with societies that cannot replicate things themselves, currency is sometimes necessary. The crew of the  Enterprise- D comes in contact with many societies that use currency, yet never mention having any. Do they replicate it whenever necessary?


It's always a little tricky to say exactly how the field of medicine operates in the Star Trek universe. On  TNG,  we see Dr. Beverly Crusher bravely bring a variety of species back from the brink of death . Making and implanting an artificial heart is a routine procedure. Transporter technology has even been used to save lives by keeping crew members' unique coding safe inside the transporter buffer.

Yet there's still no cure for things that have plagued human males for thousands of years, like male pattern baldness. Wouldn't that be one of the first things that the Federation's top medical scientists and geneticists would easily find a cure for?


Sure, there are a  few  members of Starfleet brass that showed up on  TNG  that weren't megalomaniacs or certifiable, but more often than not the trend was that if an admiral showed up, the episode would be focusing on how despicable their ideologies and methods were. Why? Because while Starfleet captains and crews were out there on the front lines, cushy admirals were kicking back on desk duty out of touch with the realities of Starfleet missions.

Whether they're trying to treat Data like a calculator instead of an individual, brokering shady alliances, or contributing to mass hysteria and paranoia, they represent the establishment as a corrupt, selfish entity. It's no wonder that Picard wanted nothing to do with being one .


Yes, Star Trek fans like to see their favorite characters go on exciting away missions. They like to see how their favorite characters react to the perils of a new planet and its foreign inhabitants. Their favorite characters happen to be members of the main cast, spread across every important department on the  Enterprise-D,  which means that they're all included as well as the captain's second in command.

It's entertaining, yes, but doesn't offer a lot of tension. Since the main cast is on the away mission, you know nothing bad will happen to them (unlike nameless red shirt crew members). Aside from that, In-Universe it doesn't make a lot of sense to put that many of your key staff in jeopardy.


There's no denying there's a lot of gobbledy-gook in the Star Trek franchise. It's loaded with enough techno-jargon to mask any inaccuracies it has in relation to real science, hence its success in the wide genre of science-fiction. That factor aside, there are many situations were incredibly complex commands are issued, and a crew member at the appropriate station is able to comply within one or two steps to accomplish them all.

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Data is the most notorious for this. Sure, his positronic brain may allow him to find the easier, more concise solution to a wide variety of problems, but surely that isn't reduced to pressing a few buttons at his console and rerouting auxiliary power from engineering, main power to the deflector dish to send a tachyon pulse. But it happens all the time in  TNG.


Everyone likes to think of ship's counselor Deanna Troi as a perfectly compassionate and understanding half-Betazoid, but even given her empathetic nature, she's not above a little pettiness. You can bet any time a crew member has tried to make a pass at her (poor Barkley) she's gone straight to Captain Picard with another amusing tale of men's dogmatic study in futility.

Does this make Troi an inherently bad person? No, it just makes her more human. If she wasn't so human, she wouldn't be able to relate to the base emotions and motivations of her clients, which might make her insight less invaluable.


It's almost a running joke at this point in  TNG  that if any of the crew members want to do something on the holodeck, the setting will be a particular Earth era, hundreds of years ago. Time periods have included Victorian London, the Wild Wild West, '40s San Francisco, and WWII-era Paris, to name a few.

The same also applies for music. Whenever a crew member wants to listen to music, it's rarely contemporary (only Geordi seems to know the latest jams). Star Trek fans have often thought the purpose of having this reoccurring theme in their recreational habits was so that viewers could relate to them, and make the distant future not seem quite so far away.

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Star Trek Memes for Titular Trekkies (April 26, 2023)

Happy Tuesday, Trekkies! It goes without saying, but the Star Trek universe has had one of the greatest impacts on internet meme culture out of all the big nerd franchises. In my opinion, it's easily had THE greatest impact. 

Now, I didn't grow up watching Star Trek. In fact, I had no idea exactly what it was for the longest time. It was just some vague, random space thing that I often conflated with Star Wars. But all that changed one day. It wasn't my friends or family who introduced me to the franchise. It wasn't stumbling upon reruns of "The Next Generation." Of all things, I got into the franchise through the legendary "Picard facepalming" meme.

I'd bet that many others have experienced that very same cultural osmosis. Like it or not, memes are paramount to pop culture. As a long-time Star Trek fan, I'm perfectly pleased with that phenomenon. 

So what better way to celebrate the universe than with a smorgasbord of Star Trek memes? With everything from cringey to clever, here's a mix of what we found!

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star trek tng memes reddit

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    Donald Trump's net worth tumbled by $1 billion along with the shares of his social media business after it disclosed a more than $58 million loss in 2023, as revenue for the former president's ...