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Haeundae is a district in the east of Busan that is known as the main tourist destination of the city and home to the nationally renowned Haeundae Beach.

Understand [ edit ]

Haeundae is one of the country's main tourist destinations. It offers Korea's most famous beach, upmarket hotels, the newest shops and luxury apartments. Due to the relatively recent development of the area, it lacks the tradition and history that can be found in the rest of the city.

Many Koreans have happy memories of traveling to Busan to spend a hot summer's day on the packed beach in Haeundae.

Although a little distance away to the east, the Songjeong area with its impressive beach is also part of the Haeundae-gu district.

Get in [ edit ]


By metro [ edit ]

The easiest way into Haeundae from central Busan is via metro line 2. The Haeundae area starts at the 35.169002 129.13154 1 Centum City station , stops by the beach at 35.163739 129.158319 2 Haeundae Station and ends at 35.169984 129.176859 3 Jangsan station . Haeundae Station will bring you closest to the action on the beach ( The train will even play seagull sounds on arrival ).

By bus [ edit ]

There is a direct limousine bus from Gimhae International Airport that will stop near most of the major hotels in the Haeundae area. More expensive than public transport, but more convenient if you have a lot of luggage. 60-90 minutes - ₩8,500. There are also a number of municipal buses that go to Haeundae.

By taxi [ edit ]

A taxi into Haeundae from most parts of Busan will cost between ₩7,000 to ₩25,000.

Busan Station to Haeundae Beach will cost around ₩18,500, and from Gimhae airport about ₩30,000.

By car [ edit ]

By car, you can drive east over the famous (at least for Koreans) Gwangalli bridge in order to get to the Haeundae area. Parking in Haeundae is possible outside during quiet days with various small car parks around, although parking near the beach on a hot summer's day or public holiday will be a challenge.

By train [ edit ]

The mainline train connections through the Haeundae area are now closed . Busan Station is about 40 minutes away from the area and is directly connected by metro line 2.

See [ edit ]

haeundae tourist information center

  • 35.157 129.182 4 Dalmaji Hill , Haeundae ( from Haeundae station (Line 2) it is probably easiest to take a short taxi ride; otherwise you can walk to the eastern end of Haeundae Beach (Mipo) and climb the small hill to arrive at the start of Dalmaji ). This is regarded as Busan's 'romantic road', and climbs a hill overlooking the sea. It is often called the Montmartre of Busan by locals, although the two locations only share the attributes of being romantic and on a hill. The majority of visitors are couples of all ages looking for a romantic experience. Along the way there are many galleries and at the top there are viewing areas, cafes, as well as an amphitheater with a dramatic ocean background.  

haeundae tourist information center

  • 35.156 129.178 5 MoonTan Road (문탠로드) , Haeundae ( half way up Dalmaji Hill (above) ). This is a nice forested walk along the sea coast on Dalmaji Hill with an impressive lookout in the middle. At night time the path is lit up.  
  • 35.1668 129.137 6 Busan Museum of Art , 40 APEC Road ( Line 2, Busan Museum of Art station ), ☏ +82 51 7402602 . 10:00 to 20:00 . Contains three art galleries of modern art (one being for children). You can probably feel pretty good about spending 2-3 hours here and feel like you've seen it all. Closed every Monday and January 1st. In case Monday is a national holiday then the museum is closed on the next day instead. Free .  
  • 35.171 129.127 7 Busan Cinema Center , 1467 Woo-Dong ( Line 2 - Centum City Station ). The Busan International Film Festival has had this impressive open cinema built for the October 2011 festival. Go at night time to appreciate the light show displayed on the ceiling. To get there take the subway/bus to Centum City. The building is behind Shinsigae Centum City.  

haeundae tourist information center

  • 35.179 129.201 8 Songjeong Beach ( 송정해수욕장 ) ( from Haeundae Station, take bus 100, 100-1, 139, 142, or 181 to Songjeong Station, with 181 taking one directly to the main street section and just meters away from the beach or Jangsan Station and a taxi ride ). Far out to the very east of Busan, Songjeong is a sandy cove-beach that is about 1.2 km long. There are many hotels and restaurants directly on the beach or within an easy walk. Since it is less crowded, this beach van be a better option than Haeundae beach in summer. Song Jeong offers a lot of Korean restaurants (especially Sundae), specialty coffee houses and a great deal of surf boarding in the Autumn and Winter.  

haeundae tourist information center

  • 35.182 129.143 10 Sengbulsa Temple ( 성불사 ) ( walk up a steep hill from Busan Museum of Art, or take a taxi ). Buddhist temple and monastery located up Jangsan mountain. Good scenic views over Haeundae.  

haeundae tourist information center

  • 35.1598 129.1919 11 Cheongsapo Fishing Village ( Number 2 minibus directly outside Jangsan station (direction Cheongsapo) - 15 minutes ). Although not particularly remarkable compared to Heaundae and Songjeong beaches on eigher side, this village is remote and away from the crowds with some cafes and restaurants by the sea. You can walk here either along the Moontan Road (hilly), along the disused rail tracks (flat) or the Number 2 Orange/Blue minibus outside Jangsan station.  
  • 35.1687 129.1668 12 Jucheonjogakbo Museum ( 주천조각보박물관 ) ( near Jungdong Metro Station ). 10:00 - 16:00 . Museum of Korean traditional art.  

Do [ edit ]

  • 35.1683 129.12914 1 Spaland Centum City , U2-dong Shinsegae Centum City 1F-3F ( take subway to Centum City ). 06:00-24:00 . Part of the Shinsigae mall, this spa is probably the most friendly/accessible spa for foreigners in Busan. It is directly on the Centum City subway station, making it very easy to get to. Signs and an Instruction leaflet are also provided in English. Unlike many other spas, there is a time limit of 4 hours here after which you would need to pay again. The quality of the spa facilities as well as the hot rooms are very high ( which helps explain the relative high price to other spas ), and the Korean restaurant inside serves good food. Entry price is cheaper before 08:00. Children age 12 and under are not permitted, and under the age of 18 must be under parental supervision after 22:00. ₩12,000 (weekdays), ₩14,000 (weekends) (discount for students) .  
  • 35.15845 129.170593 2 Haeundae Cruise Boat , Haeundae ( Line 2-Haeundae station; walk to Haeundae beach, turn left and walk to the end ). 09:00 ~ 22:00 . This boat trip starts off at Haeundae’s Mipo Ferry Terminal and heads towards Oryuk-do Islets and the Igidae area. The shores of Igidae are composed of breathtaking views of fantastically shaped cliffs. This 1-hour boat trip offers great views of Busan Harbor. The boat ride can be very bumpy and there is no way off, so check the weather conditions if you feel sea sick easily! ₩18,000 .  

haeundae tourist information center

  • 35.169266 129.136138 3 BEXCO , Subway Line 2 - Centum City . BEXCO is a large exhibition center with many halls, and although most of the events are rather dry ( i.e. Industrial Marine technology ) there may be something of interest whilst you're in town such as computer gaming or coffee making expositions. Check out the schedule on the website. Many cafes in Busan have promotional leaflets for upcoming events held in BEXCO and sometimes offer a discount. The Busan International Motor Show is held here every year.  

haeundae tourist information center

  • 35.181123 129.16744 4 Hiking up Jangsan Mountain ( a good starting point is Daecheon Park in Jangsan ). If you are near Haeundae, then Jangsan mountain can provide a good day's hiking. There are military bases at the summit complete with minefields ( Clearly marked and fenced off ), and great views over Busan and on a clear day to Japan. A hike to the summit and back should take 3-4 hours. Hiking trails are not really well marked, even if you can read Korean script.  

haeundae tourist information center

  • 35.16 129.17 5 Blueline Park . An old mainline trainline has been repurposed into two types of tourist train - a 'sky capsule' (an elevated small tram) as well a coastal train. Free .  
  • 35.1562 129.1513 6 Club 101 ( Across the road from the Westin hotel ), ☏ +82 51 726 8855 . A yachting club with a variety of boats for the public to try out, including tours with a yacht (₩60,000+), a dash around the harbor on a jet boat (₩40,000), Glass bottom boat (₩60,000) and jet skis (₩250,000+)  
  • 35.1587 129.1756 7 Vesta Spa , 1509-6 Joong-dong ( near the beginning of Dalmaji Road ), ☏ +82 51 743-5705 . Korean sauna with separate levels for men and women. Very nice water and views over Haeundae beach. Somewhat out of the way, but if you are visiting Dalmaji road anyway then worth visiting. ₩6,000 (sauna only) .  
  • 35.156 129.149 8 Bay 101 Yacht , 52 Dongbaek-ro, Haeundae-gu . Provides trips around Gwangan Bridge and beach in the neighboring area. ( updated Jan 2024 )

Biking [ edit ]

Biking is no longer allowed on Haeundae beach (as of 2024). The traffic and driving conditions around Haeundae are not friendly to bicycles, although people sometimes ride around. There are many dedicated bike lanes around the area, although pedestrians do not appear to heed them.

E-Scooters are available to hire, but also not really used much.

Buy [ edit ]

  • 35.161 129.162 1 Haeundae Market ( walk from Haeundae metro station to the beach, and the market street will be on your left ). A pedestrian street full of fresh food to buy and small restaurants to try out. ( updated Jan 2024 )
  • 35.169 129.129 2 Shinsegae Department Store ( 신세계 ), Subway Line 2 - Centum City ( in Centum City ), ☏ +82 2-2026-9000 . 10:30-20:00 . A department store with an interesting (albeit expensive) food hall in the basement. The Kyobo book store is very large and has a large variety of Korean and English books. It has two cinemas, an ice rink and a large public spa. It is also the biggest department store in the world according to the Guinness World Book of Records. ( updated Jan 2024 )
  • 35.17 129.13 3 Lotte Department Store , Subway Line 2 - Centum City ( in Centum City ). 10:30-20:00 . A smaller department store right next to the Shinsegae Department Store. Has a decent cinema as well as a small animal zoo (free) on the top floor. ( updated Jan 2024 )

Eat [ edit ]

Budget [ edit ].

  • 35.16132 129.161899 1 Kim Hee-dae Halmae Wonjo Gamasot Gukbap (Granny Kim Hee-dae's Original Cauldron Gukbap) , 612-2 U-1-dong ( cross the main road in front of the Novotel on Haeundae beach and walk towards the station: Haeundae Market is just one side street down ), ☏ +82 51 743 3888 . Gukbap is a hot bowl of rice and broth, and available in many of the old style restaurants in Heaundae market. ₩3,500 .  

Mid-range [ edit ]

  • 35.168 129.174 2 Korea Red Ginseng Samgyetang Galbitang , 1459-5 Baekchi, Jwa-dong ( outside Jangsan Station ), ☏ +82 51 704-3317 . Hot broths with either chicken or beef cooked with rice and the special Korean ingredient of Ginseng.  
  • 35.16 129.16 3 Namaste , Haeundae ( Subway Station no 203, Exit 3: walk down the main street towards the beach; take the fifth right (first diagonal street); the restaurant is on the right, basement level, just before the BMW dealer ). Solid Indian fare in a stylish environment. ₩12,000-20,000 .  
  • 35.1567 129.1519 4 Fingers & Chat ( in the Bay 101 building, near the Westin hotel ). Really good fish and chips with fresh batter that you can eat outside by the sea. Very long queues on weekends. Also good coffee and ice cream. ₩20,000+ .  
  • 35.1654 129.1694 5 Artista ( Leave Jungdong station, exit 2 ). After 18:00 . Mexican restaurant with a good reputation. Slightly out of the way, but has vegetarian options as well. ₩12,000 for a meal .  

Splurge [ edit ]

  • 35.159882 129.162972 6 Ventanas Grill Steak and Seafood , ☏ +82 51 743 1234 . Novotel Ambassador, Haeundae. Steak, fresh seafood, premier wine. Sephia style interior design, cozy atmosphere, and ocean view.  
  • 35.1609 129.184 7 Cola Mercato , Heundue, Chung Dong, 1490-3 5F , ☏ +82 51 744 55834 . Decent Italian restaurant at the top of Dalmaji Hill with views over the ocean. ₩20,000+ for mains .  
  • 35.1595 129.1595 8 Outback Steakhouse ( next to the beach ). Good if you want some familiar western food.  

Cafes [ edit ]

  • 35.1627 129.1632 9 Obs Bakery . Nice bakery with good snacks for the beach.  
  • 35.1566 129.147 10 Terrarosa Coffee . 09:00-22:00 .  

Drink [ edit ]

Most of the bars that appeal to westerners are on the main street ( Gunam-ro ) between Heundae subway station (exit 5) and the beach. Below is a small selection.

  • 35.18252 129.20516 1 Boracay ( in between Haeundae and the Apec Center ). In the basement of a hotel, this is an expensive Korean style booking club.  
  • 35.16175 129.16712 2 Starface Bar ( Dalmaji Hill ). Pool table and cool Americans aplenty on the weekends. Pretty sleepy during most weeknights.  
  • 35.1366 129.1014 3 Thursday Party ( on Gunam-ro near the station. ). A chain of bars in Busan and a popular place for Koreans and Westerners to intermingle.  
  • 35.16107 129.16296 4 U2 Bar ( across from the Novotel Ambassador Busan ). Has live DJs and occasional live bands on weekends. Plays requests during the weekdays. Darts, pool and Hookahs available. Though not busy on most weeknights, there are usually a good mix of foreigners and Koreans inside.  
  • 35.162329 129.159571 5 Wolfhound Irish Pub & Restaurant , Haeundae ( walk out exit 5 from Haeundae Stn for about 300 m and its on your right on the second floor just inside the fifth alley ), ☏ +82 51-746-7913 . From 17:00 weekdays, 11:00 weekends . A proper pub serving a large variety of premium draft beers and western food. Great place for a mid week dinner and pint or to party on the weekends. Good mix of Koreans and westerners. from ₩4900 .  

Sleep [ edit ]

The streets behind the western side of Haeundae beach are completely full of 35.1601 129.1569 1 cheap love motels .

The following listings are for traveler friendly hostel style accommodation:

  • 35.1625 129.16528 2 Haeundae With Guesthouse , 321, Haeundaehaebyun­ro (1398­7, Jung­ dong, Haeundae­gu) , ☏ +821077436996 , [email protected] . Check-in: 15:00 , check-out: 11:00 . Haeundae With Guesthouse is a 5-min walk from Haeundae beach, the common area has a bright open space where you can meet other travellers and locals willing to practice their English. The breakfast is good, you can cook your eggs the style of your choice, there is also fruit juice, toast and jam. Bed rooms are a little bit narrow but comfortable. Prices are fair for the location. Male/female dorm ₩14,900 .  
  • 35.15847 129.17529 3 Hill Spa ( On Moontan Road. From Haeundae Beach, walk east up the cliffside road towards the Jangsan area. Vesta has a bright neon sign and is 3 doors up from an iconic hotel shaped like a Japanese castle. Alternately, a taxi from Haeundae station will run about ₩3,000. ), ☏ +82 51 743-5705 . 15-min walk from Haeundae beach, sauna entry alone costs ₩8,000. This is a jjimjilbang and sleeping is on a large communal floor with only a limited supply of mats and pillows. It is locally famed and can get crowded on weekends. The entrance fee includes access to good saunas and baths, a variety of hot rooms and a small PC room. Facilities are not extensive, however the view over Haeundae beach from the sleeping floor and baths is stunning. ₩8000 . ( updated Jan 2024 )
  • 35.16055 129.16274 4 The Planet Guesthouse , Crystal Beach Officetel room 311 , ☏ +82 70-8201-6350 , [email protected] . Check-in: 14:00~20:00 , check-out: 12:00 . One min to the Haeundae beach, 5 min walk to the Haeundae station. Beautiful natural scenery. Women only . ₩30,000 dorm) .  
  • 35.16118 129.15861 5 Indy House , 45, Jungdong 1-ro ( Go out of Exit 1 and walk 80 meters straight (1 minute). Turn right onto first street at 'CU' convenient store. If you walked past the Megabox, you went too far. Walk along the street (400 meters) near the end of the street, Indy House will be on your left ), ☏ +82 70-8615-6442 , [email protected] . Owned by Indy, who is a nice guy and very helpful. Well equipped with small pool table, free internet, free movies and free laundry. Dormbeds start at ₩20,000 per night .  
  • 35.159768 129.16084 6 Sunset Business Hotel ( 선셋호텔 ), 1391-66 Joong-Dong ( a few minutes walking distance from Haeundae Beach, closest to Haunedae aquarium ). Check-in: 14:00 , check-out: 11:00 . Business class hotel as the name suggests. Rooms could be bigger but in room mod cons pretty nice. Some English spoken.  
  • 35.1613 129.1662 7 Toyoko Inn . Set back behind the Paradise Hotel, but only a couple of minutes walk to the sea front.  
  • 35.162105 129.158062 8 Ramada Encore Haeundae , Gunam-ro9, Woodong , ☏ +82 51-610-3000 . Check-in: 15:00~05:30 , check-out: 11:00 . Located in a busy area just a minute's walk from the nearest bus stop, and right in front of Haeundae station, this hotel offers a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, a 20-minute walking from Haeundae Beach and SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium. ( updated Oct 2019 )

Most of Busan's luxury hotels are along Haeundae Beach. The hotels listed below all offer ocean view and city view rooms, but be prepared to pay extra for the ocean view. Weekend rates are always more expensive than weekday rates, and rates go sky high during the summer peak season ( varies by hotel, but roughly July to August ). Rates can also go up during special events ( e.g. Busan International Film Festival ).

haeundae tourist information center

  • 35.16 129.163 9 Grand Josun . An upscale hotel on the boardwalk of Haeundae beach. Has excellent hot spring facilities with a view directly over the beach. (used to be the Novotel). ( updated Jan 2024 )
  • 35.16 129.165 10 Paradise Hotel . This hotel has an extensive range of facilities including duty-free shops in the basement, one (rather small) outdoor pool, a full service spa, gym, outdoor hot spring (with a view of the ocean), sauna, as well as a casino inside the hotel ( identification proving that you have foreign citizenship is required ). All sea-facing rooms have a balcony.  
  • 35.156 129.154 11 Westin Chosun Beach . A luxury hotel at the west end of Haeundae beach and next to Dongbaek Island. It's set back a bit further away (about 1 km) from the downtown Haeundae area.  
  • 35.159 129.155 12 Haeundae Grand Hotel . Unlike the three hotels above which are on the boardwalk or on the beach, this one is off the boardwalk, however still very close to the beach ( about five minutes walk ). Good amenities but each ( swimming pool, gym, etc.) charges separately.  
  • 35.156 129.141 13 Park Hyatt Busan . A luxury hotel in the Haeundae marine city, overlooking the ocean and Gwangan Bridge. This hotel offers a variety of dining and entertainment options, a fitness center, seven spa treatment rooms, an indoor pool, and 269 guestrooms including 69 suites.  

Stay safe [ edit ]

haeundae tourist information center

Haeundae is, like Busan and South Korea in general, very safe. Refer to the Busan article for details.

There is a Tsunami warning system and signs on the beaches, although the risk of a Tsunami is far less than in nearby Japan . In the unlikely event a tsunami warning is issued for Busan or the South Korean coastline, head for the top of a tall building or higher ground. ( Higher ground is not easily accessible from Haeundae Beach. )

Traffic can be hectic with a lot of tourists unfamiliar with the area trying to find their way around whilst driving. It is worth checking carefully before trying to cross the road even if you think that you have the right of way.

Connect [ edit ]

Along the beachfront there is government provided free Wi-Fi. Most coffee shops around the area also seem to offer.

haeundae tourist information center

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Haeundae Beach

haeundae tourist information center

Haeundae Beach is a wide sandy beach and the most popular and well-known beach in Korea.

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Haeundae Beach: The Busan representative

Busan Sea Festival 2023 (Aug.1-6, Haeundae Beach and Dadaepo Beach)

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Haeundae beach, Busan

Getty Images/Flickr RF

Top choice in Busan

Haeundae is the country’s most famous beach. During the peak August travel season, umbrellas mushroom across the 2km-long beach while frolickers fill the water with inner tubes rented from booths behind the beach. It’s a fun family outing with 100,000 friends, though the marketing material portraying Haeundae as a world-class resort is bunkum.

U-dong Haeundae-gu

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051 749 4000

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Haeundae Beach (해운대해수욕장) is Busan ‘s most popular beach along with Gwangali and Songjeong Beach . It is about 1.5 km long and almost 30 to 50m wide.

Its blue waters perfect for a swim and white sand make Haeundae the perfect location to spend the hot summer days in South Korea. Whenever we visit Busan, Haeundae is simply a must!

Haeundae Beach Busan

Highlights to Haeundae Beach in Busan:

– Haeundae is one of the most beautiful beaches in Korea! It is certainly the most popular one… – At nightfall, there is a festive atmosphere that animates the beach and its surroundings as many artists (singers, magicians, stuntmen) come to perform to the delight of its visitors. – There are many nice hotels in Haeundae, which makes it the best place to stay in Busan! – Haeundae offers many other attractions such as the Blue Line, the Aquarium, Dongbaek Island etc.



Haeundae Beach Busan

During the 9th century, the beach was referred to as “Haen”, which literally meant “sea and clouds” thanks to an illustrious poet named Choi Chi-Won.

Apparently, a glimpse at this beach allowed him to build a lodge on the top of Dongbaek Island. The latter currently houses many commemorative objects dedicated to the renowned artist.


1. check out the shows at night on haeundae beach.

HaeUnDae Concert

Haeundae Beach is frequently home to many singers and musicians, who offer free shows throughout its promenade.

Besides musicians, you can have your portrait taken by one of the painters and drawers, check out the young student dancers putting on a great show, or be amazed by the magicians. Koreans love these activities and don’t hesitate to join in and cheer on showmen.

We love it too 🙂

2. Haeundae Sand Sculpture Festival

Busan Haeundae Beach

The Haeundae Sand Sculpture Festival in Busan will amaze you with its incredible sculptures! This festival is a competition that usually takes place in late May or early June. Follow the route and see all the works of art made with sand, some works are really worth a look.

For more info on the Haeundae Sand Sculpture Festival, check out their official site here .

3. Dongbaek Island

Busan Haeundae Beach

By walking more west from Haeundae Beach, right behind the famous Westin Chosun Busan Hotel, you can reach the beautiful Dongbaek Island. You do not need to take a boat to reach Dongbaek, it is directly linked to Haeundae.

Off the southern coast where camellias grow, there are many islands that bear the name Dongbaek, “camellia”. Among them, Dongbaek Island in Busan is probably the most famous one.

On Dongbaek Island in Busan you can admire camellias and fir trees. At the top of the island stands the statue and memorial of Chiwon Choi (BC 57 ~ AC 935), the great scholar and man of letters of Silla. The city of Busan has declared Dongbaek Island Memorial Site Number 46.

Dongbaek Island is very pleasant for a walk in the shade of the trees. Continue the walk to its lighthouse and Nurimaru APEC House where important government meetings are held. You will meet many Korean families, walkers, and joggers along the way.

4. Go on catamaran tour

Busan 03

As we absolutely love boats, we were so excited when we heard we could go on a boat tour in Busan. The catamaran started near Haeundae Beach, which was really convenient. The tour was absolutely stunning.

The Catamaran tour last for 1 hour. You can enjoy the view of the majestic Gwangandaegyo Bridge, also called Diamond Bridge, Gwangalli Beach, and Haeundae Beach, and simply have a relaxing time on the water. There are free drinks on the boat for you to enjoy.

We picked the timing just before sunset, and it was absolutely fabulous. We highly recommend this tour if you are in Busan .

The departure is from Suyeong Bay Yachting Center, which is just a few minutes’ ride from Haeundae. You can book your tour directly here . Booking in advance is recommended as this attraction is very popular in Busan…

5. Busan Aquarium is one of the best things to do in Haeundae

Busan 05

Kids will be very happy with a trip to the Sealife Aquarium in Busan, located in Haeundae Beach. The site contains more than 35,000 marine animals. It spreads with 3 underground levels, each containing nearly 250 aquatic species.

In addition, a walk through a glass tunnel invites you to contemplate the depths of the sea. Overall the Busan Sealife aquarium is a pleasant experience. It is a great attraction on a rainy day.


6. Haeundae Sky Capsule, is another fun thing to do in Haeundae in Busan!

Busan 08

This activity is a must-do in Haeundae, Busan . Head west from Haeundae Beach and at walking distance you can reach Haeundae Blue Line Park Sky Capsule Station.

Those mini trains full of colors, can bring you from Haeundae to Cheongsapo fishing village along a beautiful coastal rail line. From Cheongsapo you can continue by foot all the way to Songjeong Beach, the best surf spot in Busan.

The ride on the Sky Capsule lasts for about 30 min. The capsule only goes 5 to 10 kilometers per hour.

Operation Hours

Low season & Winter season (November ~ April): 09.30 – 18.00 Peak Season ( May ~ June / September ~ October): 09.30 – 20.00 Extreme Peak Season (July ~ August): 09.30 – 22.00

For 2 people One way trip: KRW 30,000 For 2 people Round trip: KRW 55,000

Website:  Blueline

Another option is to take the Beach Train, which starts at the same station. The Beach train is also a very nice way to discover the coast of Busan. The advantage of taking the train is that you can get directly to Songjeong Beach.

On the way make sure to stop by Cheongsapo Daridol observatory. This is a skywalk, which means a transparent glass platform above a cliff. The entrance is free. The only thing you need to do, is to wear some sort of slippers to avoid damaging the glass. The view from Cheongsapo Daridol Skywalk is stunning. Simply close your eyes and feel the sea breeze and the sound of the waves underneath your feet.

7. Haeundae Street food

海雲台市場, 釜山廣域市, 韓國, 南韓, 大韓民國, Haeundae Market, Busan, Pusan, Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea, Republic of Korea, ROK, Daehan Minguk, 부산해운대시장, 부산, 광역시, 부산광역시, 대한민국

From Haeundae Beach, you can easily access the famous Haeundae market (해운대시장) which is full of restaurants and street food. A dinner or lunch at the Haeundae Market is a must during your stay in Busan . The market stalls sell most of the traditional Korean street food with obviously more seafood being so close to the sea.

The main food to try is the famous Busan fish cakes, fritters, tteokbokki and pancakes. The menu is especially easy to navigate for foreign tourists, as signs above the stalls display names and prices in English.

At night we also went to a Kalguksu place toward the end of the market. The food was so delicious and so fresh. Kalguksu are traditional Korean noodles served most of the time with seafood. It comes in a huge bowl to share, so yummy!

Busan 04

The Bay 101 is not far from Dongbaek Island. It is now a trendy spot at the foot of the luxurious skyscrapers of Marine City. Cafes and restaurants attract the trendy youth of Busan. The marina and the Yacht Club are also in the surrounding area.

After our catamaran tour, we enjoyed some delicious fish and chips and beer right by the sea. Such a lovely evening.

If you are a fan of cinema, do not miss the Haeundae Cinema Route, 500 meters away.

9. Take a stroll along Haeundae Cinema Street

Busan Haeundae Beach

Busan is Korea’s movie capital and also a central movie place for the whole of Asia. This is mainly thanks to the annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). Busan citizen are very proud of this title of movie capital. The city also made extra effort to promote cinema for visitors coming to Busan .

Cinema Street is a seafront walkway by Marine City in Haeundae, where you can enjoy the peaceful sea breeze and at the same time view the many film-related sculptures and images. It is also a great time to take photos with the trick-eye images painted on the ground and check out the vintage film posters of some of the most famous Korean Movies.

Cinema Street, 91, Marine city 1-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea

10. Check out some amazing cafes


Like everywhere in Korea the coffee scene is simply amazing. Haeundae is famous for having beautiful cafes facing the sea. Some of our favorites are Edge 993 (Instagram here). The view from the Sky Capsule and Haeundae Beach is simply stunning. They also serve simple brunch food.

The newest cafe which is trending at the moment is Rendeja-Vous . Not only this is one of the best coffees we had in Busan, but the setting and atmosphere are also so unique. The cafe has a full view of Haeundae Beach, a must-see if you are in Haeundae. Check out their Instagram here .

Aslan is our last recommendation for the best cafes in Haeundae. This gorgeous and stylish cafe is also known for its great bakery. If the weather is nice, make sure to check out their rooftop and chill up there with your perfect cuppa (Instagram here )


1. songjeong beach, the best spot for surfing in busan.

Busan 10

Songjeong is a lovely beach located near Haeundae. You can access it by taking the Beach Train or Sky Capsule (+20min walk along the coast) or by a short taxi or bus ride.

Songjeong is the surfer paradise in Busan. There are many surf shops along the beach and is one of the most popular places for surfing in Korea.


2. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Busan 11

Known as the most beautiful temple in South Korea, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple should be on everyone’s bucket list of things to see in Busan.

The temple is directly facing the sea, and surrounded by mountains. This setting is gorgeous. Haedong Yonggungsa is just a short bus ride or short taxi ride from Haeundae, which makes it very convenient to visit if you are staying in Haeundae.


Cheongsapo Daritdol Skywalk

Busan 09

After your journey on the Sky Capsule, you will get off at Cheongsapo station. From there continue your journey on foot along the coast and you will be able to reach Cheongsapo Daritdol Observatory. This skywalk opened in August 2017 and is located at the end of the beautiful Cheongsapo fishing village in Haeundae. This is a great place to observe the sea and it’s free 🙂


If you travel to Busan we highly recommend a stay in Haeundae. Not only you can enjoy the best beach in South Korea, you will also be located near some of the main attractions in Busan .

Here are our favorite hotel in Haeundae:

1. Shilla Stay Haeunda

Busan Haeundae Beach

In terms of location, value for money, and quality of the facilities, our favorite hotel in Busan is Shilla Stay located in Haeundae. Directly facing the most famous beach in Korea, the view from the room or the rooftop pool is absolutely stunning.

You can also enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast every morning. The hotel also has different restaurants on the first floor with Japanese food, Korean food, and a bar serving all kinds of draft beer. Overall we highly recommend staying here if you go to Busan.

You can book here directly

2. Paradise Hotel Haeundae

Busan Haeundae Beach

For the ultimate luxury experience by the beach, we love the Paradise Hotel in Haeundae. This hotel is pricier than Shilla Stay, but it’s a really gorgeous place. We especially love the pool, directly facing the sea. We felt just like in Bali for a moment 🙂

Besides, Paradise Hotel also has a casino with a fair amount of slot machines, blackjack tables and roulettes.

For more details on Paradise Hotel Busan, you can check out this link .

3. Fairfield by Marriot in Haeundae

Busan Haeundae Beach

For a more affordable option in Haeundae, we recommend a stay at Fairfield by Marriot . The hotel is in the prime location of Haeundae, just a few minutes from the beach. The rooms are very neat and clean.

This hotel doesn’t have a pool, so if you do not intend to relax by a pool during your stay in Busan, then we highly recommend Fairfield by Marriot. You can book here.


Busan 17

  • Haeundae Station (line 2, exit 3/5). 5 mins walk. (around 50 mins by subway from Busan Station).
  • Take Bus #1003 from the bus stop in front of Busan Station (same side), about 50m straight from exit 10 of Busan Subway Station to Haeundae Beach. 45 mins.
  • Taxi from Busan Station, 40 mins.


haeundae tourist information center

The maximum occupancy of the beach is estimated at 120,000 people.

If you have a car, there are many of parking around the beach.

Facilities such as toilets, shower rooms, and benches are available along the beach.

During the summer you can also rent beach stuff right on the beach such as beach tents, umbrellas, life jackets and other useful accessories. During the day there is also a rescue team and constant police patrol for your safety.


1. taean on the west coast.

Taean Korea

Taean located on the west coast of South Korea is a national park which counts many great beaches. One of the most famous Beaches is Mongsanpo Beach, especially famous for camping all year round. Mallipo is another nice beach famous for surfing and sometimes referred to as the California of South Korea.

Our favorite beach in Taean is actually a less known one which we discovered by chance. The beach is called Sambong Beach. This is a spectacular beach full of natural beauty. On the day we went there, we were the only one on the beach which stretches a few kilometers. We went there for sunset, we will probably never forget the beautiful moments we had there.

To discover more about Taean, check out our full post here.

2. Gangneung on the east coast

Gangneung Korea

Gangneung is a maritime city with several cultural and historical treasures located on the east coast. In fact the east coast of South Korea is well known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. We particularly enjoy Jukdo Beach for surfing although it is not the most beautiful one.

Gyeongpodae Beach and Naksan Beach are our favorite ones on the east coast near Gangneung.

To find out more about Gangneung we wrote a full post here, check it out.

3. Hamdeok Beach in Jeju

Hamdeok Beach_Jeju

We visited many beaches in Korea, but Hamdeok in Jeju stood out for us. The colors of the waters, this particular emerald shade, made us fall in love with Hamdeok instantly. Ever since we went there for the first time, Hamdeok became our #1 visited places in  Jeju  right after landing at the airport.

There is always something to do in Hamdeok: concerts, sporting events, nightlife, the beach is very popular with locals and foreigners. Hotels, restaurants and cafes are numerous in this part of the island, it is easy to practice some water activities such as kayaking and sometimes surfing.  You can check the best spots to surf in South Korea here . And of course, the place is ideal for camping with family or friends.



A Fun Couple Chilling on the beach

Haeundae Beach is Busan’s and even South Korea’s most famous beach. Therefore it is a place not to be missed during your trip to South Korea.

People flock to Haeundae Beach every summer as it is an ideal swimming destination with clear water, white sand, and stretches for about 1.5 km. Haeundae is the perfect setting for a summer vacation.

If you are planning to visit Busan in the near future and have any questions that this post does not answer, please send them to us by adding a comment below. We respond quickly to the various comments posted on the blog!

We compiled the list of 25 best beaches in South Korea here. Check it out for more awesome time in Korea.

For more posts related to South Korea, check out this link here .

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' src=

We are Hammer and Guillaume, a fun couple traveling the world. We will take you to some of the most amazing places on earth. Hammer is a yoga instructor and Guillaume a true water baby, enjoying all kinds of water sports. Follow-us to get the latest update about our travels.

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travelling South Korea logo black

Haeundae Beach Busan

James Yeong

  • July 16, 2023

Welcome to the sparkling jewel of South Korea’s southern coastline, Haeundae Beach Busan. Renowned for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant nightlife, and cultural richness, Haeundae Beach is more than just a beach – it’s a destination that offers an unforgettable blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion.

You’ll find a range of accommodations to suit your budget and some of the best shopping in South Korea. Don’t forget to experience the vibrant nightlife and eclectic festivals that make this beach truly unique. Welcome to Haeundae Beach!

Location and Accessibility

Haeundae Beach is located in Busan , South Korea and it’s easily accessible via public transportation. Imagine stepping off a bustling city bus onto the streets of Haeundae District. You’re immediately greeted by the salty air, gentle ocean breeze, and the distant sound of waves crashing against the shoreline. The beach is only a short walk away from most stops on Busan’s extensive subway system or even a quick taxi ride from anywhere in the city.

Haeundae Beach

Navigating to this slice of paradise isn’t complicated at all. Just hop on Line 2 of Busan Metro and get off at Haeundae Station. From there, you’ll just have to take a leisurely ten-minute stroll straight towards where the sea meets the sky. There’s also an abundance of buses that service this area if you’re coming from different parts of Busan – simply check your options online or ask any friendly local for directions.

The accessibility doesn’t stop with public transportation though. If you prefer driving yourself around, there are plenty of parking spaces available near Haeundae Beach too! However, do note that like many popular destinations worldwide, traffic can sometimes be heavy during peak holiday seasons or weekends.

As for access hours, here’s some good news: Haeundae Beach beckons visitors all day long! That’s right – it’s open 24/7 so whether you’re an early bird hoping to catch a breathtaking sunrise or more inclined towards night-time strolls under starlit skies; this beach has got you covered!

So why wait? Pack your beach bag now and let yourself be swept away by the mesmerizing beauty and convenience that Haeundae Beach offers!

The Beach and Its Scenic Beauty

As you set your foot on the powdery sands of Haeundae Beach, it’s hard not to be awed by its stunning beauty. The azure waves lapping against the shore, and the panoramic views of skyscrapers lining the beachfront create a unique blend of nature and urban sprightliness. It’s an experience unlike any other – offering you a chance to bask in scenic magnificence while also enjoying practical amenities at arm’s length.

Description of the beach

You’ll find the beach absolutely breathtaking, with its long stretch of fine white sand and clear blue waters. Haeundae Beach in Busan is not just a place to relax but also an aesthetic marvel waiting to be explored.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The Sand Quality is exceptional, so soft under your feet it feels like walking on velvet.
  • A vast expanse of pristine water that mirrors the sky and changes hues with the time of day.
  • Unique rock formations dotting the coastline, each one telling a different story.
  • An impressive display of Beach Wildlife , from playful seagulls to tiny crabs scurrying across the beach.
  • The enchanting sight of local fishing boats bobbing gently against the backdrop of a radiant sunset.

Haeundae provides an immersive experience that goes beyond typical beach outings!

Unique features

It’s not just the pristine sand and clear waters that make this place special, but also its unique features. Haeundae beach is a marvel of marine conservation, boasting a thriving beach ecosystem that’s teeming with diverse sea life.

As you walk along the shoreline, you’ll find yourself immersed in an environment where nature and city coexist harmoniously. You can witness crabs scurrying across the sand or gaze at seagulls taking flight against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers.

The local authorities have put efforts into maintaining this delicate balance between urbanization and preserving nature. They’ve implemented regulations to protect marine life and maintain cleanliness, so remember to do your part during your visit too.

Haeundae isn’t just a beach; it’s an experience—one that leaves you with a deeper appreciation for our planet’s precious ecosystems.

Water Sports and Activities

There’s a wide variety of water sports and activities to enjoy at Haeundae Beach, from jet skiing to paddle boarding. The feel of the warm sun on your skin, the cool sea breeze in your hair, and the adrenaline rush as you ride the waves – there’s nothing quite like it!

One popular activity is Scuba Diving. Dive beneath the surface and explore a whole new underwater world teeming with vibrant marine life. Don’t fret if you’re a beginner; there are plenty of diving schools offering instructions for newcomers. For those who prefer riding the waves rather than exploring beneath them, Surfing Lessons are also available. The water sports available are;

  • Jet Skiing: Feel an adrenaline rush as you zoom across the waters on a jet-ski.
  • Paddle Boarding: A fun yet relaxing way to navigate through calm waters.
  • Banana Boat Ride: Hold tight as this inflatable boat zips across the ocean!
  • Underwater Exploration:
  • Snorkeling: Get up-close with colorful fish and coral reefs without needing any heavy equipment.
  • Scuba Diving: Explore deeper into Busan’s rich marine biodiversity with certified instructors.
  • Wave Riding Opportunities:
  • Surfing Lessons: Learn how to catch that perfect wave under expert supervision.
  • Windsurfing: Combine sailing and surfing in this thrilling water sport.

As daylight fades into twilight, take time to savor these experiences. Reflect on your day full of adventure while watching one of Haeundae Beach’s breathtaking sunsets. This place truly offers more than just sand and surf—it gives memories that will last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Dive right into these exciting water adventures!

Local Cuisine

As you stroll down the lively streets of Busan, your senses will be captivated by the enticing aromas of popular local dishes wafting from vibrant food stalls and world-class restaurants. Each bite offers a taste adventure, whether it’s indulging in the city’s renowned seafood delicacies, or delighting in traditional Korean cuisine that’s been lovingly prepared using age-old family recipes. Don’t miss this culinary journey where every mouthful tells a story of Busan’s rich gastronomic heritage combined with contemporary flavor twists.

You’ll find a variety of popular local dishes near Haeundae Beach, including fresh Korean seafood and the famous Busan-style pancakes. Imagine yourself walking along the bustling food stalls, lured by the tantalizing aroma of grilling fish, clams, and oysters. You’ll see vendors using traditional cooking methods to prepare these maritime delicacies. The sizzle of the pan as the pancake batter hits it is nothing short of music to your ears.


Savoring every bite of your seafood pancake filled with scallions and shrimp or a hearty bowl of spicy fish soup will be an unforgettable gastronomical adventure. Now imagine washing it down with some locally brewed soju while watching sunset over Haeundae beach – that’s a taste of heaven right there in Busan!

Best food stalls and restaurants

Having savored the distinct flavors of Busan’s local dishes, it’s time to dive deeper into the city’s rich street food culture. Haeundae Beach isn’t just a paradise for sunbathers and surfers; it’s also a gastronomic haven brimming with delightful culinary traditions. Embark on a flavor-filled journey starting from the bustling food stalls lining the beachfront, each one offering irresistible treats that capture the essence of Korean cuisine.

The sizzle of meat on grills, the tangy aroma of spicy stews, and sweet notes from traditional desserts fill the air, creating an atmosphere that is utterly captivating. Venture further into acclaimed restaurants tucked away in narrow alleyways or overlooking stunning sea views. Here, you can indulge in authentic gourmet experiences that will make your visit to Haeundae Beach truly unforgettable.

There’s a vibrant nightlife at Haeundae Beach, with numerous bars, clubs and restaurants that come alive after sunset. As the sun sinks below the horizon and day turns into night, this bustling area transforms into a lively hub of entertainment and excitement. Dance clubs pulse with music, their lights flickering in time with the beat, drawing in those looking to let loose on the dance floor. Karaoke bars beckon with promises of fun-filled evenings belting out your favorite tunes.

Stroll down the main strip where neon signs light up your path towards diverse nightlife venues. From swanky cocktail lounges serving up inventive concoctions to cozy pubs offering local brews on tap, there’s something for everyone’s taste. The city’s vibrant energy is palpable as you weave through crowds of locals and tourists alike, all drawn by the allure of Busan’s nocturnal delights.

If dancing isn’t really your thing or if singing isn’t your forte, fret not! Haeundae Beach offers more than just dance clubs and karaoke bars . You can opt for a quiet evening at one of its many beachside cafes or wine bars – perfect spots for unwinding under starlit skies while listening to calming waves crash against sandy shores.

The magic continues late into the night as countless street food vendors set up shop along pedestrian walkways – each offering delectable treats that perfectly round off an exhilarating evening.

As daylight starts peeking over Busan’s skyline again, you’ll find yourself filled with unforgettable memories from an incredible night at Haeundae Beach– truly showcasing why it’s considered a go-to nighttime hotspot by many.

Nearby Attractions

Just a stone’s throw away from the bustling nightlife of Haeundae Beach, you’ll discover an array of captivating tourist spots that are just begging to be explored. Envision yourself stepping into a postcard-perfect scene with day trips that take you beyond the beach and into the heart of Busan. From enchanting local markets to serene temples , there truly is something for everyone within walking distance or a short trip away.

Tourist spots within walking distance

You’ll find numerous tourist spots within walking distance of Haeundae Beach, allowing you to explore the vibrant city of Busan at your leisure. As you stroll down the sun-drenched promenade, you can’t help but notice the beach’s remarkable cleanliness – a testament to local efforts in marine conservation.

Just around the corner is Dongbaek Island, home to an ancient lighthouse and panoramic vistas that will take your breath away. The rhythmic crash of waves against rocky cliffs becomes a mesmerizing soundtrack as you wander through its winding trails.

Further inland, immerse yourself in centuries-old traditions at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple . Here, amidst the scent of incense and tolling bells, it feels like time has paused for a moment. All these experiences are waiting just steps away from Haeundae Beach.

Day trips from Haeundae Beach

After exploring the local attractions within walking distance of Haeundae Beach, you might be itching to venture a bit further. Lucky for you, there’s a wealth of day trip opportunities waiting just beyond the beach. With an array of transportation options at your disposal, it’s easy to broaden your South Korean adventure. Hop on a bus or train and immerse yourself in the cultural experiences that define this diverse region.

Perhaps take a ferry ride to Yeongdo Island and explore its lush green parks and tranquil beaches. Or visit the Gamcheon Culture Village with its vibrant murals and quaint houses. Maybe delve into history at Gyeongju Historic Area, where ancient temples whisper old stories. The choice is yours! Make each day uniquely memorable as you uncover new experiences around Haeundae Beach.

Accommodation Options

There’s a wide variety of accommodation options near Haeundae Beach, making it easy to find something that suits your budget and preferences. From family-friendly lodgings to chic boutique hotels, you won’t have any trouble finding a place where you can rest comfortably after a long day of sightseeing.

If you’re traveling with children, there are plenty of family friendly lodgings available. These accommodations may offer amenities like spacious rooms, dedicated play areas for kids, and even on-site babysitting services. It’s effortless to enjoy some adult time while knowing your little ones are in safe hands.

For those on a tighter budget, there are numerous budget accommodations within walking distance from the beach. You’ll find guesthouses or hostels that offer clean and comfortable rooms at pocket-friendly prices. Here’s what you might expect:

  • Shared dormitory-style rooms offering an affordable option for solo travelers or small groups.
  • Private ensuite rooms for those who prefer more privacy without breaking the bank.
  • Common areas such as kitchens or lounges where guests can mingle with each other.

Luxury seekers aren’t left out either. High-end resorts line the beachfront, providing stunning views of Haeundae Beach right from your room window. Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of waves lapping against the shore – now that’s vacation perfection!

As you explore these diverse options near Haeundae Beach, remember that availability may vary depending on seasonality and booking lead times. So when you’ve found your ideal fit among these offerings – be it cozy family suites or cost-effective bunk beds – don’t hesitate too long before securing your reservation!

Shopping Opportunities

You’ll find yourself swept up in the vibrant hustle and bustle of local markets near Haeundae Beach, where you can browse through unique trinkets, locally crafted goods, and tantalizing street food. Don’t miss the nearby shopping centers either – they’re brimming with a blend of high-end boutiques, popular international brands and Korean fashion houses that are sure to satisfy your retail cravings. Whether you’re on a hunt for an exclusive designer piece or just want to pick up some quirky souvenirs for loved ones back home, these shopping havens cater to every taste and budget.

Local markets

Busan’s Haeundae Beach area isn’t just known for its stunning views, it’s also home to a bustling local market. As you stroll through the vibrant lanes, you’ll get a real sense of Korean culture and tradition. Amidst the hustle and bustle, remember to keep in mind some market etiquette – respect the vendors, don’t touch items without permission, and always bargain with a smile.

  • Haggling : Bargaining is part of the fun at these markets. Keep your bargaining techniques light-hearted yet firm.
  • Seafood Stalls : The market is renowned for its fresh seafood stalls offering an array of exotic fish.
  • Craft Souvenirs : Look out for traditional Korean crafts sold by local artisans – unique mementos to take home.

Immerse yourself in this quintessential Busan experience that offers more than just shopping – it’s about soaking up the ambience and understanding the daily lives of locals.

Nearby shopping centers

If you’re after more modern shopping options, don’t fret as the area nearby boasts large shopping centers sure to satisfy your retail cravings. Just a stone’s throw from Haeundae Beach lies the Shinsegae Centum City Department Store, an enormous retail haven where you can explore the latest fashion trends and immerse yourself in a world of high-end brands.

As you wander its sleek corridors under a sky of twinkling lights, your senses will be tantalized by the aroma of designer perfumes wafting through the air. Delight in rows upon rows of glossy boutiques offering everything from chic clothing to elegant jewelry. For souvenir ideas, head to their dedicated section brimming with unique trinkets and local crafts that capture Busan’s vibrant culture. Truly, it’s an enchanting fusion of contemporary luxury and traditional charm.

Haeundae Beach Festivals

Don’t miss out on the annual festivals at Haeundae Beach, they’re truly a sight to behold! Delight in the vibrant colors and infectious energy that fill the air. These festivities are not just about fun and entertainment, but also hold great cultural significance. They offer a unique blend of traditional Korean culture with modern influences.

  • Haeundae Sand Festival : This is one of Korea’s most popular summer festivals. Its history traces back to 2004 as a local event and has since grown into an international spectacle drawing millions each year. Here, you can marvel at gigantic sand sculptures or join various sand-related games and activities.
  • Busan Sea Festival : Launched in 1996, this festival celebrates Busan’s rich maritime heritage. Enjoy water sports during the day and be mesmerized by illuminated boat parades at night.
  • Polar Bear Swim Festival : A winter tradition since 1988, it attracts both locals and tourists who dare to plunge into icy waters for good luck.
  • Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) : Held every October since 1996, BIFF showcases Asian cinema’s finest while transforming Haeundae area into a movie lover’s paradise.

Each festival brings its own charm to the beachfront scene of Haeundae Beach, creating unforgettable experiences for all attendees while highlighting their historical context within Korean culture.

As these waves crash upon this bustling shore again next year, remember what makes these festivities so special – their deep-rooted cultural significance coupled with unparalleled fun and excitement! Soak up the atmosphere; let yourself get lost in moments that will become memories etched deep within your soul!

Tips for Visitors

To make the most of your visit, it’s crucial to keep a few tips in mind. Haeundae Beach is not just a beautiful sandy expanse and glistening sea; it’s an experience that calls for respect towards its environment and adherence to beach etiquette.

Start by arriving early in the day. The beach can get crowded as the sun rises high, so beat the pack and claim your spot. Don’t forget to apply ample sunscreen, as Busan’s summer sun can be unforgiving. Now, let’s talk about beach etiquette. Stick to designated areas for swimming and refrain from playing loud music that could disturb fellow visitors or wildlife nearby.

Sustainable tourism is another aspect you should consider while at Haeundae Beach. Remember to carry a trash bag and collect all your waste before leaving the place as clean as when you arrived. Not only does this protect the environment, but also enhances the experience for those who come after you.

When hunger strikes, head over to one of the many seafood restaurants lining up along the shore instead of carrying food onto the sand which may attract seagulls or other wildlife species disrupting their natural behavior.

From the soft sand beneath your feet to the rhythmic splashing of the waves, every moment spent here is a testament to the beach’s enchanting allure. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning traveler, Haeundae Beach promises a unique and unforgettable experience that will make you fall in love with Busan all over again.

James Yeong

James Yeong

Once a quaint dweller of the English countryside, James is now a vibrant voice narrating his adventures in the bustling heart of South Korea. Since relocating to Seoul in 2019, James has immersed himself in the dynamic tapestry of Korean culture, from the serene temples tucked away in mountainous terrains to the neon-lit streets of modern cities.

This blog has become a haven for those seeking an outsider's yet intimate perspective on South Korea, often shedding light on hidden gems and local favourites rather than just the typical tourist hotspots. With a keen eye for detail and a writing style dripping with wit and warmth, James has managed to amass a devoted readership from all corners of the globe.

Whether you're planning a trip to the Seoul, the surrounding cities or just vicariously traveling from the comfort of your couch, Jame's tales of exploration and discovery are sure to ignite a passion for the Land of the Morning Calm.

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Haeundae Beach in Busan is famous both in Korea and abroad. Not only is it popular as the largest summer vacation spot, but it also attracts people even in the spring, autumn and winter for its variety of festivals and events, such as the Busan International Film Festival, the International Yacht Race and the Haeundae Sunrise Festival. These festivals help keep Haeundae busy as a popular tourist site all year round.

With Haeundae Beach at its center, Haeundae Special Tourist Zone offers diverse marine leisure activities and fresh seafood. The zone has transformed itself from a typical vacation spot into a destination where one can stay long-term while enjoying leisure activities and cultural events. Today, the zone attracts an increasing number of tourists from around the globe.

The zone not only has natural resources, such as Haeundae Beach, Dongbaek Island, Dalmaji Hill and sea water hot springs, but also a convention center and IT complex. Well-equipped with cultural facilities, including movie sets, arts galleries and aquariums, it is a qualified destination for MICE (Meeting, Incentive tour, Convention and Exhibition) tourists.

The coastal drive course is another way to enjoy Haeundae Beach. Moontan Road, offering a grand night view and various walking trails, including Galmaet-gil lying along the coastline, should not be missed as well.

The skyline at Haeundae underwent a dramatic change with the advent of Centum City. At night, the city skyline that is brilliantly illuminated by the high-end residential/commercial buildings captivates travelers. Inside Centum City are luxury apartments and a grand shopping complex, including a department store and a retail outlet.

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KoreaToDo - What to Do & See in South Korea

SEOUL - north  |  SEOUL - south

Day Trips from Seoul  | Busan  |  Best Collections

🌸Festivals ( Seoul • Busan )

Oryukdo & Igidae (Oryukdo Skywalk, Oryukdo Sunrise Park & Igidae Coastal Trail) | Busan, South Korea

Oryukdo & Igidae Attractions: Oryukdo Skywalk, Oryukdo Sunrise Park & Igidae Coastal Trail

부산 남구 오륙도로 137 | 137, Oryukdo-ro, Nam-gu, Busan

(address of Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center)

Oryukdo & Igidae - Admission Fees

Free to visit

Kyungsung Univ. Pukyong Nat'l Univ. Station (line 2, exit 5). U-turn, walk along the curve of pedestrian walk and go straight 100m. Take bus# 24, 27 or 131, 18 mins ride OR bus# Nam-gu 2, 27 mins ride.

Busan Station (line 1, exit 6). Turn right upon exit. At the traffic light next to the subway's exit, cross to the middle of the road and turn right for the bus stop. 2 mins walk. Take bus# 27. 47 mins ride.

Get off at Oryukdo Skywalk 오륙도 스카이워크 stop.  Walk 120m towards Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center directly in front. 1 min walk. This is the base to Oryukdo Skywalk, Oryukdo Sunrise Park & Igidae Coastal Trail. (Busan Metropolitan City Namgu, Department of Culture and Sports)  | (Busan National Geopark)

The scenic Oryukdo and Igidae coasts of Namgu district in Busan comprise of volcanic rocks and tuffaceous sedimentary rocks made about 80 million years ago. They are recognised as geological sites ( geosites ) of  Busan National Geopark .

💡 National Geoparks of Korea are geo-scientifically important areas with outstanding natural beauty, certified by the Minister of Environment to preserve for its educational and tourism values.

This is also the place where 2 famous cross-province trails, Namparang Trail and Haeparang Trail come together, including the popular Busan Galmaet-gil Trails .

Busan Geopark Map - Oryukdo Islands & Igidae

As such, it it definitely worthwhile to spend some time to explore, experience and immerse in the natural beauty of Oryukdo and Igidae  while in Busan .

Oryukdo Skywalk, Islets & Sunrise Park

Oryukdo-Igidae Route Overview & Orientation

Haeparang-gil tourist information center ♦ haeparang cafe ♦ orykudo observatory (rooftop), oryukdo-igidae route overview.

This guide will cover the route based on arrival at  Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center  to explore the surrounding areas from Oryukdo Quay to the famous Oryukdo Skywalk and Oryukdo Islands , followed by Oryukdo Sunrise Park ,  Igidae Coastal Trail and complete the hike near Yongho Starlight Park in about 2.5hrs .

Igidae Coastal Trail Map | Busan, South Korea

Starting Point & Orientation

Once you get off the bus, you will see Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center building right in front. On the RIGHT of the building (facing the sea) is Oryukdo Quay , Oryukdo Islets and Oryukdo Skywalk . On the LEFT is the Oryukdo Sunrise Park and Igidae Coastal Trail .

Signs at Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center Building

Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center 해파랑길 관광안내소 (opening hours 9:00 - 18:00)

Oryukdo Haeparang Trail Tourist Information Center offers tourist information on Nam-gu  district, tourist maps, souvenirs, and not forgetting the beautiful ocean view from the center.

Oryukdo Haeparang Trail Tourist Information Center

Haeparang Cafe 해파랑 카페 (2F, opening hours 9:00-21:00)

Located on the 2nd floor of the building is the Haeparang Cafe . It is one of the cafes in Busan with best ocean view and a great place to chill out.

Oryukdo - Haeparang Cafe - Cliff & Ocean View

Oryukdo Observatory (rooftop)

The rooftop of the building is the Oryukdo Observatory that offers panoramic views of Haeundae skyline and its Haeundae LCT the Sharp (3 tall buildings) on the left and Taejongdae Park in Yeongdo on the right.

💡 Haeundae LCT The Sharp is the tallest building in Busan and 2nd tallest in South Korea . You can visit its observatory, BUSAN X the SKY located on 98-100th floor of is tallest Landmark Tower . At BUSAN X the SKY , you can also dine at its famous  Sky 99 Grill & Pasta (@99F) and chill out at the tallest Starbucks (@99F) in the World.

Oryukdo Observatory - Stairs to Rooftop Observatory

Orykudo Attractions

Orykudo quay ♦ orykudo islets ♦ orykudo skywalk ♦ orykudo sunrise park, orykudo quay 오륙도 선착장.

Located next to a big public carpark is the Oryukdo Quay where you can get a closer look at the cliff edge and Oryukdo Islets . This is the also the intersection of East Sea and South Sea .

💡Instead of taking the uphill walk towards Orykudo Skywalk and take the long zigzag stairway down to the quay, it will be much easier to walk along the road next to Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center heading down towards the big public carpark.

Oryukdo Skywalk & Cliff Edge

a) Fishing Boat Service

Operating Hours: 30 mins before sunrise to 30 mins after sunset, departs hourly

Fees (return trip): ₩20,000 (age 14 & above) / ₩10,000 (age 8-13) / ₩25,000 (per pax for night fishing) - cash payment only

Course time: 25 mins

At Oryukdo Quay , tourists can purchase tickets at the small ticket office for their boat trips around Orykudo Islets . In fact, the water around Oryukdo is abundance with sea life and these boats are hugely popular with anglers whom will either get off at the Orykudo Breakwater (with red and white lighthouses) or Orykudo Islets for fishing.

💡The boats are literally fishing boats, not the typical tourist sightseeing cruise boats. Please do check with the ticket office on the latest schedule and any drop-off requests.

Oryukdo Quay - Fishing Boat Ticket Office

b) Haenyeochon (Yongho Fishing Village) 해녀촌 (용호어촌계) 海女村

Oryukdo Haenyeochon is the women divers village's market stalls selling freshly caught seafood like sea cucumbers, sea urchins, abalones and conches. You can buy the seafood and eat them at the nearby eatery tent where they also serve drinks and ramyeon (Korean instant noodles).

💡See if you are lucky enough to catch the women divers in their wet suits hunting for seafood near the quay.

💡Cash payment only.

Oryukdo Quay - Haenyeochon - Fresh Seafood Stalls

Orykudo Islets 오륙도 五六岛

Oryukdo Islets (or Islands) is group of six rocky islets designated as Scenic Site No. 24 by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea in October 2007  and a Marine Protected Area (MPA)  by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in December 2003 .

The name ' Oryukdo ' literally means ' five or six islands '. One theory is you can see 5 or 6 islands based on east-west viewing direction, another saying is due to the low-high tide. Regardless, they formed an exquisite natural scenery with almost vertical coastal cliffs, marine plateaus and sea cave. There is also a lighthouse established in 1927 at Deungdaeseom Island , the furthest island from mainland as a guide for ships to Busan Port .

💡The meaning of ' 5-6 islands '  is particularly clear in its official Chinese and Japanese names whereas its official English name, ' Oryukdo ' is based on Korean pronunciation.

💡 About 120,000 years ago, these islets were part of a small peninsula once connected to the mainland but was separated due to wave erosion.

⭐Take a worthy sightseeing day cruise, Haeundae Cruise from Haeundae Mipo Wharf to tour around Oryukdo Islets . The wharf is conveniently located at the left end of Haeundae Beach .

Oryukdo Islets & Haeundae Sightseeing Cruise

Orykudo Skywalk (Observatory) 오륙 도 스카이워크

Opening hours 9:00 - 18:00, last admission 17:50, free, closed on snow/rain/strong winds

Oryukdo Skywal k , opened in October 2013 is the first skywalk in Busan .

Compared to Songdo Cloud Trails (2015) at 365m long and Cheongsapo Daritdol Skywalk (2017) at 72.5m, Oryukdo Skywalk is relatively shorter at only 15m long. However, Oryukdo Skywa lk is the highest skywalk in Busan at 37m and will certainly give you the thrill of ' walking in the sky ' on the glass observatory.

Uphill path to Oryukdo Skywalk from Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center

On the left of Oryukdo Skywalk observatory are the beautiful Igidae Cliff  and view of the famous Haeundae in a distance. Oryukdo Islets  are in front with Oryukdo Quay and  Taejongdae Park on the right.

The view from the skywalk is simply phenomenal!  It is no wonder ​ Oryukdo Skywalk  continued to be popular even with new and longer skywalk observatories that have built over the years in Busan .

Orykudo Sunrise Park 오륙도 해맞이 공원

Located on the hill top, left of Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center is the Orykudo Sunrise Park . The park offers expansive view of Oryukdo Skywalk and Oryukdo Islets .

Uphill path to Oryukdo Sunrise Park

This park is extremely popular in Spring (late March to early April) when Daffodils and Canola flowers are in full bloom, brightening up the whole area with cheery spring atmosphere.

Oryukdo Sunrise Park - Daffodils

There is also Igidae Nature Garden with fountain, water wheel, sculptures and wooden deck for leisure walk around the pond.

 Illustrated Forest Background

Igidae Coastal Trail 이기대 해안 산책로

Nongbawi rock ♦ batgolsae ♦ chima rockface ♦ eoul madang ♦ sea cave ♦ suspension bridges ♦ dongsaengmal observatory.

Access to Igidae Cliff  was once restricted as it was a military zone. The area was only opened to the public in 1993 .

The Igidae Coastal Trail is a 4.7km scenic hiking trail in Nam-gu starting from Yongho Byeolbit (Starlight) Park to Dongsaengmal Observatory , Oryukdo Sunrise Park , Oryukdo Skywalk  and  Oryukdo Quay in 2.5 hrs .

A fair portion of the walkway is on the cliffs by the sea, an impressive architecture and sight that allows hikers to experience the beauty of nature up close.

💡For this guide, we will travel in the reverse order as it is easy to get direct to the starting point on public transport and more descend (instead of uphill) course.

💡Please do wear proper footwear and bring enough drinking water for the hike.

Igidae Coastal Trail

Igidae Coastal Trail Crossing with 3 Other Famous Trails

❶  Busan Galmaet-gil Trails 부산갈맷길

Busan Galmaet-gil is a 278.8km walking trail with a total of 9 courses and 21 sections across Busan. It is the 2nd most popular walking trail after Jeju Olle-gil.

Course 2-2 starts from Oryukdo Quay to end before Millakgyo Bridge in Suyeong-gu (after Gwangalli Beach) with a total distance of 12.6km in 4hrs.

Busan Galmaet-gil Trails - Logo | KoreaToDo

❷  Haeparang Trail 해파랑길

Haeparang Trail is a walking trail along eastern coast of Korea covering 770km (10 sections, 50 courses). The trail starts from Oryukdo Sunrise Park in Busan to Goseong Unification Observatory in Gangwon.

Haeparang Trail - Logo | KoreaToDo

➌ Namparang Trail 남파랑길

This is a 1,463 km trail on the southern coast of South Korea starting from Oryukdo Sunrise Park in Busan to Ttangkkeut Village in Haenam, Jeollanam-do.

Namparang Trail - Logo | KoreaToDo

💡You will come across their names and logos on the signage/maps in your hike along Igidae Coastal Trail.

💡Igidae Costal Trail runs alongside Busan Galmaet-gil Trails and Haeparang Trail.

Course & Distance

Haeparang Trail Tourist Information Center   ⋞1.4 km ➠ Nongbawi Rock ⋞ 0.7km ➠ Chima Rockface ⋞1.2km ➠ Eoul Madang ⋞ 0.5km ➠ Women Divers' Shelter ⋞ 0.3km ➠ Sea Cave ⋞ 0.4km ➠ Suspension Bridges ⋞ 0.2km ➠ Dongsaengmal Observatory

🐾 section:  Haeparang Trail Tourist Information Center/Oryukdo Sunrise Park ➠  Nongbawi Rock

After getting around the well-known tourist attractions of Oryukdo , its time to kick start on the less travelled and hidden nature treasure of Igidae Coastal Trail .

From Oryukdo Sunrise Park , get on the wooden stairs going uphill and follow the easy forest and coastal trail to Nongbawi Rock .

💡When at the top of the stairs, do look back for the majestic panoramic view of Oryukdo Sunrise Park , Oryukdo Skywalk and Oryukdo Islands .

Igidae Coastal Trail - Oryukdo Sunrise Park

🐾 section:  Nongbawi Rock ➠ Batgolsae & Chima Rockface

From the Nongbawi Rock Observatory , you can look out for  Nongbawi Rock , one of the popular landmarks along Igidae Coastal Trail . The rock is said to have the shape of Buddha , praying for the safety of passing ships.

Igidae Coastal Trail - Nongbawi Rock

🐾 section:  Batgolsae &  Chima Rockface  ➠  Eoul Madang

Batgolsea is the landscape of coastal cliffs and wave-cut terraces. Chima ('skirt') Rockface is named as its flatness looks like Korean skirt.

They are both breathtaking sights of the Igidae coastal cliffs formed by powerful eruption of andesitic volcanoes 80 million years ago and shaped by waves pounding against the volcanic rocks and sedimentary rock strata.

Igidae Coastal Trail - Looking back at Batgolsae

🐾 section:  Eoul Madang  ➠ Sea Cave

Eoul Madang is a big open area and well-known as the filming location of the popular movie (2009), ' Tidal Wave ' (/' Haeundae ').

From here, you can see the well-known Gwangandaegyo Bridge and Haeundae Skyline with Jangsan Mountain in the background.

💡For those who need to 're-charge', there is a small convenience store selling instant noodles and ice-cream at the top of the stairs.

Igidae Coastal Trail - Eoul Madang

🐾 section:  Copper Mine, Haenyeo Barracks (Women Divers' Shelter) & Sea Cave  ➠ Suspension Bridges

There used to be five copper mine shafts around area during the Japanese colonial era, producing 99.9% pure brass.

The stone-layered structure, Haenyeo Barracks is the rest area and fishing gears storage place for haenyeo women divers 海女 who harvest seafood off the coast for their livelihood.

A natural sea cave can also be seen on the trail.

Igidae Coastal Trail - Copper Mine

🐾 section:  Suspension Bridges ➠ Dongsaengmal Observatory

This is one of the most scenic sections along the trail. There are a total of 5 suspension bridges one after another, covering a total length of 127m .

💡Do remember to look back on the trail for the spectacular sight of the bridges against the mountainside, coastal cliff and blue ocean.

Igidae Coastal Trail - Suspension Bridges

🐾 section:  Dongsaengmal Observatory  ➠ Trail completion near Yongho Starlight Park 용호별빛공원

Dongdaengmal Observatory offers the best panoramic view of Haeundae spanning from Gwangandaegyo Bridge , Haeundae Marine City , Dongbaekseom Island and  Haeundae LCT The Sharp ( Busan 's tallest building).

You will reach the end of Igidae Coastal Trail after your descend from the long wooden stairways to 'ground' level near Yongho Starlight Park .

Igidae Coastal Trail - Dongsaengmal Observatory

🐾🚌 Trail completion near Yongho Starlight Park 용호별빛공원  ➠  Kyungsung Univ. & Pukyong Nat'l Univ. Station (line 2)

From the base of the wooden stairway, you can walk to the nearest bus stop across the road from  Bunpo High School 분포고등학교 (9 mins) and take bus#  Nam-gu 2 back to Kyungsung Univ. Pukyong Nat'l Univ. Station (line 2) . 11 mins ride (get off at Kyungsung University Entrance 경성대학교입구 bus stop). Walk straight ahead after getting off the bus, turn right at Suyeong-ro and you will see subway station's exit 3. 1 min walk.

Igidae Coastal Trail - Air gun for dust removal

Map of Getting from Kyungsung Univ. Pukyong Nat’l Univ. Station (line 2) to Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center (ORYUKDO – IGIDAE) & Nearby Attractions

Map of Getting from Kyungsung Univ Pukyong Natl Univ Station to Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center & Nearby Attractions | Busan, South Korea

Map of Getting from Yongho Starlight Park (end of Igidae Coastal Trail) to Kyungsung Univ. Pukyong Nat’l Univ. Station (line 2)

Map of Getting from Yongho Starlight Park to Kyungsung Univ Pukyong Natl Univ Station | Busan, South Korea

KoreaToDo TOP PICKS - Tours, Activities & Discount Tickets

➥ Handpicked experiences by KoreaToDo for their uniqueness, value, popularity, price competitiveness and at times, tedious to reach by public transport.

Lotte World Adventure Busan 1 Day Pass

Lotte World Adventure Busan 1 Day Pass

1st theme park in Busan!

Busan City Day Tour (Haeundae Sky Capsule)

Busan City Day Tour (Haeundae Sky Capsule)

✚Oryukdo Skywalk, Huinnyeoul Culture Village & Gamcheon Culture Village

Haeundae Busan X the Sky Observatory (98-100F)

Haeundae Busan X the Sky Observatory (98-100F)

largest observatory in Korea

2 Skywalks, Gamcheon Village & Temple Day Tour

2 Skywalks, Gamcheon Village & Temple Day Tour

lunch (pork soup & rice) ✚ popular Songdo Skywalk & Cheongsapo Daritdol Skywalk

MUSEUM 1 SIGNS of LOSS Ticket (new modern art)

MUSEUM 1 SIGNS of LOSS Ticket (new modern art)

152.4m mega sized LED media art!

Oedo Botania Island & Geoje Cable Car Day Tour

Oedo Botania Island & Geoje Cable Car Day Tour

Hill of Wind, Cruise Ship, Haegeumgang, Oedo Botania & Geoje Panorama Cable Car

Spa Land Centum City Ticket

Spa Land Centum City Ticket

top-notch service & facilities

​​Korea Rail Pass: KTX Bullet Train (BUSAN⇌SEOUL)

​​Korea Rail Pass: KTX Bullet Train (BUSAN⇌SEOUL)

★tourist exclusive: 2, 3, 4 or 5 days / instant pass issuance / online seat reservation

♔  KoreaToDo recommends , Asia leading in-destination service provider.

haeundae tourist information center

🌸SPRING HOT PICKS🌸 Handpicked Experiences in Busan

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival Day Tour (from Busan)

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival Day Tour (from Busan)

24 Mar - 5 Apr 2024

famous Cherry Blossom Festival

Chasing Cherry Blossoms/Spring Flowers & Blueline Sky Capsule Tour

Chasing Cherry Blossoms/Spring Flowers & Blueline Sky Capsule Tour

25 Mar - 5 Apr 2024

best of spring in Busan

Jinhae Pink Cherry Blossom Festival Day & Night Tour (from Busan)

Jinhae Pink Cherry Blossom Festival Day & Night Tour (from Busan)

22 Mar - 5 Apr 2024

largest spring festival in Korea!

Hwagae Cherry Blossom Festival, Ssanggyesa Temple & Cable Car Tour

Hwagae Cherry Blossom Festival, Ssanggyesa Temple & Cable Car Tour

5km cherry blossom road

Busan Secret Cherry blossom & Blueline Beach Train Day Tour

Busan Secret Cherry blossom & Blueline Beach Train Day Tour

29 Mar - 7 Apr 2024

local favourite destinations

Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Day Tour

Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Day Tour

25 Mar - 7 Apr 2024

Bomun & Daerungwon Areas

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Songdo cloud trails - 365m skywalk observatory near songdo beach and busan air cruise marine cable car, busan green railway - 4.8km coastal walking trail on wooden deck along the abandoned donghae nambu railway line from haeundae to cheongsapo and songjeong., osiria coastal walk - 2.1km easy coastal walk on well-maintained path from ananti cove (/ananti hilton busan) to orangdae park in gijang., still looking explore koreatodo handpicked collection of:, top hidden attractions & secret places in busan.

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Busan Destinations: Create a Precious Memory With “Panorama Haeundae Service”

The ‘Panorama Haeundae Service’, which takes pictures of landscapes and people at the same time as if they were taken with a drone, is being offered at Haeundae Beach.

The Panorama service can be used by scanning the QR code with a smartphone at the photo zone on the sandy beach in front of the Haeundae Beach Tourist Information Center.

If you press the shoot button, two high-definition cameras installed on the roof of the tourist information center about 100 meters away will take pictures of tourists and Haeundae and send them to you via email or smartphone.

It has the advantage of being able to capture the subject and the foreground at the same time with the optimal angle of view, breaking away from the limitations of the existing method of taking pictures with a smartphone or selfie stick at tourist attractions.

The city plans to produce a reel video that shows how to use the panoramic Haeundae service in conjunction with social network (SNS) influencers and post it on the YouTube and TikTok Visit Busan channels.

In addition, a giveaway quiz event commemorating the service operation will be held from February 8th to February 28th through the Busan City Tourism Portal .

Haeundae-gu, the jurisdiction, will also hold a giveaway event. If you take a picture of Panorama Haeundae Road, post it on your personal Instagram with a hashtag, and write a comment on the Haeundae-gu official Instagram event page, 10 people will be given a prize every month through a lottery.


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haeundae tourist information center

Enjoy Spring Flavors at Momoyama

Jr. whopper special at burger king, dates and locations announced for this year’s new zealand wine festival in seoul and busan, baedal minjok is the most used food delivery app, but coupang eats has highest satisfaction rate, what to expect at this year’s 62nd jinhae gunhang festival, korean air to resume busan to bangkok flights.

haeundae tourist information center

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haeundae tourist information center

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Busan's Top 8 Natural Hot Springs

 © Cimer Spa

The South Korean port city of Busan has long been associated with its mild climate, beautiful beaches, abundant seafood and its own international film festival, but with some 450 spas—the most of any metropolitan city on the peninsula—it is also a great place to ‘soak up’ the country’s jjimjilbang culture. So, if you’re looking for the perfect place to relax, look to one of Busan’s best spas, listed below.

1. spa land centum city.

Building, Park, Spa, Store

Located in Centum City, the world’s largest department store, Spa Land is Busan’s biggest and most famous spa. Although it was originally intended to be a water park, plans were changed when workers discovered the underground hot springs during the building’s construction. While Spa Land boasts over 20 spas fed by all-natural spring water, its differentiating factor is its vast array of themed rooms that each offer unique healing properties. The SEV Room, for example, emits electrons that are believed to promote health, while visitors can de-stress in the Wave Dream Room by watching undulating waves of water.

35, Centumnam-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea , +82-51-745-2900

2. Hurshimchung

Hurshimchung (also spelled Heosimcheong) is one of the oldest spas in Busan’s Dongnae district and, after several recent renovations, is also one of the largest, with a capacity of 3,000. With a name that literally translates to “cleaning one’s mind”, the facility aims to improve the health of visitors through the curative power of its hot spring baths. And with over 40 different baths to choose from, such as the Longevity Bath, the Cave Bath and the Outdoor Bath, there’s something for everyone.

23, Geumganggongwon-ro 20beon-gil, Dongnae-gu, Busan, South Korea , +82-51-550-2200

3. Haeundae Spa Center

people cheering on a mountain

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5. Cimer Spa

6. hotel aqua palace, 7. hill spa.

Bridge, Spa

Hill Spa (formerly Vesta Spa) has over the years become a popular spot with tourists looking for an affordable place to stay during the annual Busan International Film Festival . Of the jjimjilbang’s facilities, the most popular are its open-air spas that offer a panoramic view of Haeundae Beach and Gwangan Bridge. On a clear day, visitors can even see as far as Japan’s Tsushima Island .

17-7 Dalmaji-gil 117beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea , +82-51-743-5705

8. Haeundae Hot Spring Footbath

Need to rest your tired legs after a long day of sightseeing? There’s no better place to do it than at the public hot spring footbath situated near the Haeundae Beach Tourist Information Center. With seating capacity for up to 80 people, the footbath makes for a great spot to sit back and relax with friends while taking in the beautiful views of Busan’s most popular beach.

264, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea , +82-51-749-7622

landscape with balloons floating in the air


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Since you are here, we would like to share our vision for the future of travel - and the direction Culture Trip is moving in.

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haeundae tourist information center

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Five dishes from around the world you should try with culture trip.

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The Most Amazing Cooking Classes You Can Take With Culture Trip

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Guides & Tips

The ultimate guide to travel in korea.

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The Best Places to Travel in August with Culture Trip

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Top Culinary Trips to Take in 2023

haeundae tourist information center

The Solo Traveller’s Guide to South Korea

haeundae tourist information center

See & Do

A guide to outdoor adventures across korea.

haeundae tourist information center

Places to Stay

The best hotels to book in south korea for every traveller.

haeundae tourist information center

Health & Wellness

7 dreamy detox destinations in south korea.

haeundae tourist information center

How Going on a Korean Templestay Will Help You Find Your True Self

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Why Foodies Should Get to Know Korean Temple Cuisine

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Understanding the Bangs of South Korea

Winter sale offers on our trips, incredible savings.

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Is there any locker to store luggage? Thanks!

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  • Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach Questions & Answers

haeundae tourist information center

There are many luggage storages at the subway station (Haeundae st.), tourist information center and most of changing room on the beach as mentioned by the official from the Haeundae dictrict office.

haeundae tourist information center

Hi as I saw, there are no locker room at Haeundae beach. Facilities only Shower booth, changing room, drinking fountain, small beach library, summer police office, water rescue team

haeundae tourist information center

Don't count on the storage to be big, it's a beach after all...

haeundae tourist information center

There's locker storage at the tourist information centre at the beach.

haeundae tourist information center

I went by car so did not go to the station or bus depot but they should have lockers.

haeundae tourist information center

Me and my family drove and we didn't have luggage to carry around. There might be some at the airport at the train station.

haeundae tourist information center

As far as I remember, there are lockers at the metro station and also outside the tourist information center on the beach.

haeundae tourist information center

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글자크기 조절 아이콘

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Sending data., night views of both the river and sea from haeundae river cruise ship.

Written and Photographed by Travel Writer Mun Cheol-jin

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Haeundae River Cruise

A Sunset Panorama along the Suyeonggang River

Busan’s Night View on the Sea

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Busan yacht tour, offering an exciting experience in your life

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  1. The Landmarks of Haeundae, Old and New

    haeundae tourist information center

  2. 해운대 관광안내소 (Haeundae Tourist Information Center)

    haeundae tourist information center

  3. Haeundae Beach, Igidae Coastal Walk & Dongbaek Park : Busan

    haeundae tourist information center

  4. Visit Haeundae: Best of Haeundae, Busan Travel 2023

    haeundae tourist information center

  5. Haeundae Special Tourist Zone (해운대 관광특구)

    haeundae tourist information center

  6. 해운대 관광안내소 (Haeundae Tourist Information Center)

    haeundae tourist information center


  1. Haeundae Beach Vacation Travel Guide

  2. Busan City Walk

  3. Busan Vacation Travel Guide

  4. English Conversation at a Tourist Information Center

  5. Tourist Information Center hosted by Yogyakarta Tourism Authority

  6. The tourist information desk


  1. Tourist Information Center

    Haeundae Tourist Information Center. null 264, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan; Contact 051-749-5700; Operating Time 09:00 ~ 19:00; Haeundae Tourist Information Center is a place where you can receive a wide range of tourist information on the Haeundae area. In addition to the information on tourist attractions, must-visit restaurants ...

  2. Haeundae Beach

    Haeundae is such a beautiful place to travel! It has a rich Guilin landscape, stunning mountains and rivers, magnificent rolling cliffs and very lovely small town streets. ... (Haeundae st.), tourist information center and most of changing room on the beach as mentioned by the official from the Haeundae dictrict office. Read all replies.

  3. Busan/Haeundae

    The following listings are for traveler friendly hostel style accommodation: 35.1625 129.16528. 2 Haeundae With Guesthouse, 321, Haeundaehaebyun­ro (1398­7, Jung­ dong, Haeundae­gu), ☏ +821077436996, [email protected]. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00.

  4. Tourist Information Center

    Cheongsapo Tourist Information Center. 167, Cheongsapo-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan 051-749-5720.

  5. Tourist Attractions

    Traffic Information. Walk for 15 min from Exit 5 of Haeundae Station on Busan Metro Line 2 Get off Bus 139, 307 or 1003 at Haeundae Beach Busan City Tour Bus Busan Station (Red Line) → Get off at Haeundae Beach Parking: Haeundae Beach Parking Lot; Ramp; Accessible Parking Lot; Accessible bathroom

  6. Haeundae Beach

    Book your tickets online for Haeundae Beach, Busan: See 3,470 reviews, articles, and 3,482 photos of Haeundae Beach, ranked No.7 on Tripadvisor among 298 attractions in Busan. ... (Haeundae st.), tourist information center and most of changing room on the beach as mentioned by the official from the Haeundae dictrict office. Read all replies. Eva F.

  7. Haeundae Beach : Visit > Beaches

    Haeundae Beach is a wide sandy beach and the most popular and well-known beach in Korea. Related Articles. Haeundae Beach: The Busan representative ... Admission Free. Amenities tourist information center, restrooms, showers, changing rooms, paid parking and more. Directions Haeundae Station (Metro line 2), exit 3 or 5 → walk about 5 minutes ...

  8. Haeundae

    Haeundae is the country's most famous beach. During the peak August travel season, umbrellas mushroom across the 2km-long beach while frolickers fill the water with inner tubes rented from booths behind the beach. It's a fun family outing with 100,000 friends, though the marketing material portraying Haeundae as a world-class resort is bunkum.

  9. The Best Things to See and Do in Haeundae, Busan

    Head out of Haeundae's centre and up Dalmaji Hill.This is the 'artier' side of Haeundae, where cosy coffee shops rub shoulders with art galleries, and couples stroll along cherry tree-lined roads (in spring, Dalmaji-gil Road is one of the city's top spots to see cherry blossoms).Spend some time exploring, or head straight for an independent café — we recommend mermer, which has lots ...


    5. Busan Aquarium is one of the best things to do in Haeundae. Kids will be very happy with a trip to the Sealife Aquarium in Busan, located in Haeundae Beach. The site contains more than 35,000 marine animals. It spreads with 3 underground levels, each containing nearly 250 aquatic species.

  11. Haeundae Beach Busan

    July 16, 2023. Travel. Welcome to the sparkling jewel of South Korea's southern coastline, Haeundae Beach Busan. Renowned for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant nightlife, and cultural richness, Haeundae Beach is more than just a beach - it's a destination that offers an unforgettable blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion.

  12. Haeundae Beach, Busan

    8. Busan Sea-Life Aquarium. It isn't just the ocean at Haeundae Beach that has fish and aquatic life - Busan SeaLofe Aquarium has over 40 exhibits, which includes fish, penguins, otters, piranhas, turtles and a touch tank for a close up "hands on" experience (fairly sure piranhas won't be in the touch tank though!).

  13. Haeundae

    With Haeundae Beach at its center, Haeundae Special Tourist Zone offers diverse marine leisure activities and fresh seafood. The zone has transformed itself from a typical vacation spot into a destination where one can stay long-term while enjoying leisure activities and cultural events. Today, the zone attracts an increasing number of tourists ...

  14. Oryukdo & Igidae (Skywalk, Sunrise Park & Coastal Trail), BUSAN

    Opening hours 9:00 - 18:00, last admission 17:50, free, closed on snow/rain/strong winds. Oryukdo Skywalk, opened in October 2013 is the first skywalk in Busan. Compared to Songdo Cloud Trails (2015) at 365m long and Cheongsapo Daritdol Skywalk (2017) at 72.5m, Oryukdo Skywalk is relatively shorter at only 15m long.

  15. Haeundae Beach

    Haeundae is such a beautiful place to travel! It has a rich Guilin landscape, stunning mountains and rivers, magnificent rolling cliffs and very lovely small town streets. ... (Haeundae st.), tourist information center and most of changing room on the beach as mentioned by the official from the Haeundae dictrict office. Read all replies.

  16. Busan Destinations: Create a Precious Memory With "Panorama Haeundae

    The 'Panorama Haeundae Service', which takes pictures of landscapes and people at the same time as if they were taken with a drone, is being offered at Haeundae Beach. The Panorama service can be used by scanning the QR code with a smartphone at the photo zone on the sandy beach in front of the Haeundae Beach Tourist Information Center.

  17. Busan's Top 8 Natural Hot Springs

    And with over 40 different baths to choose from, such as the Longevity Bath, the Cave Bath and the Outdoor Bath, there's something for everyone. 23, Geumganggongwon-ro 20beon-gil, Dongnae-gu, Busan, South Korea, +82-51-550-2200. 3. Haeundae Spa Center. Spa.

  18. Haeundae Tourist Information Center Map

    Haeundae Tourist Information Center is in Haeundae, Busan, South Gyeongsang. Haeundae Tourist Information Center is situated nearby to the police station 중1치안센터 and the town hall 중1동 행정복지센터 .

  19. Tourist Attractions

    Before setting off on your expedition around the vast Haeundae Arboretum, I grab an information leaflet from the information center located at the entrance. Although guide maps are installed throughout the arboretum, this leaflet contains useful information to conveniently guide you around the arboretum.

  20. Tourist Information Center

    Haeundae Tourist Information Center. null 264, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan; Contact 051-749-5700; Operating Time 09:00 ~ 19:00; Haeundae Tourist Information Center is a place where you can receive a wide range of tourist information on the Haeundae area. In addition to the information on tourist attractions, must-visit restaurants ...

  21. Is there any locker to store luggage? Thanks!

    7 answers. Reviewed this attraction. ninestar. Busan, South Korea. 0. Votes. There are many luggage storages at the subway station (Haeundae st.), tourist information center and most of changing room on the beach as mentioned by the official from the Haeundae dictrict office. over a year ago. mchristie...

  22. Busan haeundae luggage storage : r/koreatravel

    Welcome to /r/Netherlands! Only English should be used for posts and comments. This rule is in place to ensure that an ample audience can freely discuss life in the Netherlands under a widely-spoken common tongue. Furthermore, content and discussions should concern topics concerning daily life in the Netherlands. See rules for more information.

  23. Experience

    A 6-minute walk from Exit 12 of Centum City Station (BEXCO/Shinsegae on Busan Metro Line 2 Parking: APEC Naru Park parking lot (4 hours free/limited parking space) Cinema Center (2 hours free parking/120, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan) Shinsegae Department Store Centum City (Paid / 35, Centumnam-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan)